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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  April 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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was runed down in front of a philadelphia nightclub. phillies fans go through a full metal detection when he entered the philadelphia ballpark. the showers have moved out but as you can see the winds are making what would normally be a perfect saturday morning, a little interesting. hold on to your hats, here's meteorologist chris sowers. i'll tell you it is, it's a shame it's so windy otherwise i would give it a perfect ten. look at the camera, we're in atlantic city, you can see the puffy cumulus clouds they are leftover from the rain. you can see the camera shaking around as the winds pick up, funneling in cooler temperatures. mild for this time of the year. not as warm as yesterday. 51 degrees, windchills in time mid 40s because of the wind. all in all doesn't feel that balanced. allentown, 48.
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poconos 38. ten cooler. dover, 54. sea isle city, 53. winds out of the n25 to 35 miles per hour. atlantic city at the airport actually closing in on 40 miles per hour. trenton, # 2 philadelphia, 32. millville, 37-mile wind gusts. satellite and radar shows clearing conditions off to the west. from start to finish it will be a bright, sunny day. gusty breezes and not much in the way of clouds. we're looking at a nice day with the winds at 56 feels like the 40s. lots of sunshine start to finish. sun expected to set at 7:28 p.m. today is all right easter sunday looks all right except for this little guy 4:00 p.m. easter sunday looks like a couple of showers could be close enough to bring damp conditions to parts of the area. i'll be back in ten minutes and talk about this and i have an unsettled pattern to talk about in the seven-day forecast. alicia? >> all right chris, thank you.
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developing this morning philadelphia bliss are questioning a suspect -- police are questioning a suspect in a deadly hit-and-run. "action news" was on the scene in wissinoming where police found the vehicle. a female driver turned he fortunately, in nearby. police were searching for a suspect since someone hit and killed a 24-year-old man on north delaware avenue late last night. there are surveilsance cameras on the block, there is no word if there's video of the crime. a funeral begins in the next hour for darby police officer mark hudson. the service is from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 at saint joseph's church in collingdale. officer hudson was a volunteer firefighter in yeadon. he was shot inside his glenolden home. authorities say he was trying to break up with his girlfriend finch who allegedly shot and
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killed. finch faces charges first and third degree murder. one person was killed while walking along route 55 in want ma, gloucster county. state police closed a stretch of the road past woodbury road exit to investigate. the driver did stop at the scene. new overnight police asked confess outside the second street shooters mummers clubhouse in south philadelphia. 60 people spilled out from the party, some of the people allegedly assaulted 6 some people nearby. those people have all been taken to the hospital. at this point there are new arrests, nor is there any indication just what set this off. police say the second street shooters were not clubhouse they had rented out the space. pat-downs are a thing of the past at citizens bank park. phillies fans will have to go through metal detecters to get
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into the game. sharrie williams has more on what fans are saying about it. >> reporter: metal detecters are the newest addition to the lineup outside the citizens bank park. it calls for every fan to be screened. >> instead of pat-downs we have done before, we'll do a full metal detection on every fan that comes to the park. >> reporter: the metal detecters have been smalled at all the gates in the park which seats 40,000 people. fans will be asked to empty their cell phones an cameras and keys. it was the boston marathon bombing that prompted major baseball to make parks safer. fans we talked with seemed okay with that. >> i think it's okay.
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>> no problems or anything like that? >> it might get backside -- backed up. >> it's anoizing but necessary -- it's annoying, but necessary. >> reporter: these little fans are taking the change in stride. the metal detecters will be in play at the phillies games and all concerts and any other events that will be held here at citizens bank park. in south philadelphia, sharrie williams channel 6 "action news." >> the shuttered showboat casino in atlantic city could have a new owner. it's the same owner who bought revel. glen straub's effort to buy the stockton university and develop
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the atlantic city north side. we're learning about the woman accused of joining isis. keonna thomas had every intention of providing money and resources to the terror group. dann cuellar has more. >> reporter: american flags, the first thing you see of keonna thomas on north 10th street in spring garden. the 30-year-old had been proclaiming her loyalty to isis. she appeared in court wearing full muslim garb concealing her face. she gave yes no answers to the judge. the fbi raided the home after she bought a ticket to fly to spain. she investigated international routes into turkey and syria.
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she wrote in a posting if we only knew the reality we would be rushing to join our brothers in the front line. just yesterday two women from queens new york were in court on charges they intended to set off bombs in the u.s. >> we're seeing now really on a regular basis arrests last week and now upwards of 30 or so arrests ever individuals in the united states and what it means is that isis is having an impact. >> will you get off my porch please. >> reporter: thomas' mother had no comment to reporters. she is being held without bail until her next court appearance next wednesday. on wednesday we'll be back in court for a detention hearing and preliminary hearing. now, thomas is charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization. finishes convicted on all
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charges she could face up to 15 years in the federal prison. at the courthouse, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." pope francis took aim at isis in his good friday mass. he called to an end on attacks for christians world wild. he have asked for mercy from isis and other grooms targeting christians. millions worldwide are remembering jesus' resurrection and cruise -- crucifixion. jews are celebrating passover. the seder dinner took place last night. the celebration runs for 8 days. a casino floor turns into center stage for battle royale.
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a show in the sky a lunar eclipse, if you missed, we'll give you a better view. >> reporter: the weekend looks good, lots of sunshine today and tomorrow. prepare to be wind whipped we could see gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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devastating floods in kentucky are to blame for at least two deaths. the search continues for a mother and child who was swept away by an overflowing creek. rushing waters inundated a parking lot in in louisville. we'll have more on the severe weather system and how it impacted other parts of the country coming up in our next half-hour. time to take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's the holiday weekend with easter and passover, the rains moved out of here, we were like see ya this morning. >> reporter: it is rains moved out and the winds moved in. the skies are cleared and remain cleared for the holiday weekend. we could have a shower sneak in here northern areas in the late day. storm tracker 6 live looking at puffy cumulus clouds.
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51 degrees at the airport. winds sustained or constant out of the northwest at 21 miles per hour gusting to 30s that's putting the windchills in the 40s. that's atlantic city, you can see the camera jumping around. 53 degrees at the ac airport. winds out of the northwest at 26 miles per hour gusting closer to 35. everybody cooling down, when i first went on on the air this morning, a lot of aerials were in the 60s. millville, 53. 51 in philadelphia. 48 in allentown and ten cooler in the poconos and 16 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. 11 degrees cooler. we were sitting at 63. trenton, 10 degrees cooler. millville, 8. atlantic city 8 degrees cooler coming in off the gusty breeze out of the northwest. 37 in allentown him millville 37. atlantic city at the airport guss as high as 39-mile an hour. you'll see that all day long,
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gusty breezes out of the northwest. skies clear out this moisture will dissipate. we're looking at mainly shades of blue this afternoon. it will be anything but tranquil with the wind whipping around. in between storm systems today. this morning's ask him working out to sea -- system working out to sea. here comes this guy on sunday. it increases clouds across the north tomorrow. but the rpm shows it coming closer to the area and produce showers west of the turnpike. overnight tonight clear skies and in the 30s for just about everyone. easter sunday, chilly, breezy, clear and dry. here comes the clouds and showers, again this model takes the system and pushes it into
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the heart of the lehigh valley. most of the modeling takes it farther to the north, to the pennsylvania/new york state line. one thing for certain if it does sneak into parts of the area, most of the day is dry. if you see showers it will be hit or miss and late in the day for areas north of the pennsylvania turnpike. today, very windy 56 degrees is the forecasted high. overnight tonight 33 degrees outlying suburbs. 37 for center city. the early call for easter, lots of sunshine, a chilly start comfortable by afternoon 37 degrees by sunrise lunchtime, 52. by afternoon 62 degrees good boy there. maybe a little bit of a gusty breeze. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 70 degrees monday looks fabulous, sun to clouds for the phillies home opener. 70 degrees. tuesday, wednesday thursday, it is pattern starts to change
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again we'll see a stalled out frontal system sit over top of the mid atlantic and waves of low pressure ride along the frontal boundary. tuesday, wednesday thursday, cloudy skies and periods of rain and showers on thursday. cooler temperatures for tuesday wednesday and thursday and friday is mild high of 70. >> we have a nice weekend weather, and great opening day for the phillies. >> reporter: 3 good 1 bad 3 good. if you blinked you might have missed it. people organ the west coastal -- on the west coast saw the total lunar eclipse that lasted five minutes. there it is it's a beautiful sight. the battleship new jersey comes alive for those who served our county. this is the 5th annual vietnam
9:17 am
war living history day with artifacts ton display and chair of honor will be unveiled to remember military prisoners of war and troops missing in action. the first battleship new jersey served during world war i. we'll be right back.
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caring for you and your eyes... ... just got a little easier. pearle vision accepts flex accounts and most vision plans, including eye med. this is genuine eye care, right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. well, this chaos inside a new york casino led to three arrests. the brawl started because of a long line at a bar. people in the crowd could be seen throwing line dividerrers dividerrers -- dividers and chairs. people showed i happen for the grand opening of a faculty tuesday bar. a florida man sprang into action when a mobile home burst into flames. ross thompson was passing by
9:20 am
when he noticed a family stuck inside. >> i stop and ran across and ran up to the back windows and rescued mom exer daughter and the -- and her daughter, and got them out. they couldn't get out, they were trapped. >> lucky for them that he passed by, because nobody was seriously hurt. officials in kentucky are on the scene of a smoldering warehouse fire. it could be days before the flames are out. the sprawling manufacturing center employees thousand in louisville. the fire is contained to one building. no injuries were reported. officials are urging residents to stay inside. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. happening today gay rights activists and their supporters will recall at the final four in indianapolis. they are calling for a state law
9:21 am
that bans discrimination based on on sexual orientation or gender identity. it follows widespread controversy over an indiana law that protects religious liberties. national fallout had officials readvise the law. the story we broke thursday night on "action news" continues to play out the st. joe's team played a game yesterday at george mason university in fairfax, virginia. in the allegations approve to be true players will be responsible. camden county is buying campbells field. the county announced a deal to
9:22 am
by 6700 seat minor league ballpark along the camden waterfront for $3.5 million. the rutgers team and camden river sharks played there. the bank that held the loan sued the river sharks for $400 million in back rent. the money will help with improvements for the ballpark. the former phillies player that was stuck on a roarl coaster. -- rollercoaster. philadelphia police have a lot to say about this man who was stopped by philadelphia police. wendy saltzman has more on this man and his background and asks about a badge he pulled out during the stop.
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hurry! it's your last chance! offer ends april 18th! go to today. >> it is 9:24, you're taking a live look sky6 live hd over penns landing there you can see
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the camera kind of shaking around, the winds are certainly stirring up today. it's a nice day out nice and sunny, but the wind will be the one thing you'll have to contend with meteorologist chris sowers will have the full accuweather forecast coming up in just a few. now to sports the final four tonight duke, kentucky, michigan state and wisconsin are vying for a berth in monday's title game. the sixers and flyers play in north carolina and the phillies set their roster after their preseason finale at citizens bank park. ducis rogers has highlights of the game. >> reporter: good morning the make believe season is almost over, soon the games count. the phillies began a two-game exhibition serials with the pirates -- series with the pirates last night. cody ashy, 4-3 fims. game tied at 5. ben are a -- revere phillies
9:26 am
score 3 run also in the 9th -- three runs in the 9th inning. >> a walk off is a walk off. i like the way the guys battled back. monday cole hamels opens for phillies against boston. he expected to be pitching in the park, but didn't specify which team. hamles is waiting to see what happens just like the rest of us. >> i'm fortunate enough to be playing baseball. that's allic hope -- that's all i can hope for. >> reporter: tick tock the flyers season is drawing to a
9:27 am
close. they visit carolina, this is the last road game of the season. they have the fewest number of wins away from home among teams in their division. >> we mismanaged some games late in the games it was a tie and ended going to thevertime. we lack goal production for a lot of it. tiger woods says he'll play in the masters next week. he has been away from the game for nine weeks to regain his form. he has not won the masters since 2005. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a wonderful weekend. >> speaking of sports it's a big day for fishermen in the tri-state area. trowt season is underway --
9:28 am
trout season is underway in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. action cam was at white clay creek in delaware. fisherman over the age of 16 do need a license to be on the water. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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mething happening now on "action news," saturday morning at 9:00, a final farewell for a darby borough police officer mark should son is about -- mark hudson is about to get underway. philadelphia police have a lot of the to say about this man in a traffic stop that went viral. wendy saltzman asks him about a badge that gets pulled out at the stop. a former phillies technicals player was stuck on the rollercoaster he tweeted about it. eva is off i'm alicia vitarelli. chris sowers is outside with the accuweather forecast. nice and sunny and bright, but windier. >> reporter: feels like i am standing in fronts of an office fan. not like one you have in your bedroom. i'm talking about one that blows really, really hard. the prepare to believe wind whipped.
9:31 am
we'll see gusts as high as 40 miles per hour. it's making the temperatures that you see in front of you feel cooler. windchills are in the upper 30s right now. far northwestern suburbs places like fleetwood and slating town you have air temperatures of 43, but windchills around 37, 38. 53 in chester, center city. and 52 for glassboro and gandys beach. buena, 53. woodbine 54. hockessin 351. dover coming in at 55. here's a look at the wind gusts out of the northwest 25 to 35 miles per hour. atlantic city closing in on 40. poconos 43. reading, 33 and philadelphia, 32. the good news even though we'll see a gusty breeze today you'll see a lot of sunshine. clouds beginning to thin out yesterday's rain pulling away. we get into easter sunday we'll start out with sunshine and then a small little area of low
9:32 am
pressure quick moving system increases the clouds late in the day, there could be an isolated shower after 5 or 6:00 p.m. after the far northwestern suburbs in the lehigh valley. for today, sunny skies windy 56 degrees, that's the forecasted high. looking ahead gusty winds easter sunday, overall looks good, but boy the pattern looks miserable next week. very unsettled, three consecutive days of rain and wind and cooler temperatures. not a pretty forecast. i'll have the details for you when i see you in ten minutes. >> at the top of the hour, friends and family will gather for a final farewell to darby borough officer mark hudson. hudson's viewing is at 10:00 a.m. followinged by -- followed by the funeral mass at saint joseph's church. he was shot inside his home. authorities have charged his girlfriend with murder. hudson was trying to break up
9:33 am
with her when she pulled out a gun and opened fire. a couple escaped a fire in kensington section of philadelphia. the cause of the fire appears to be electrical, but a fire marshal investigates. philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who shot two men in tacony. it happened in the 6600 block of hagger mannor -- haggerman street. one man was shot in the back and the other in the shoulder. they are in the hospital in stable condition. local gun advocates used good friday to pray for peace. the group held a. police have warned about a
9:34 am
video that has gone viral. the police have i should a public warning saying that soto is a criminal who is bathing police to embarrass -- who is baiting police to embarrass them. wendy saltzman got the other side of the story. >> reporter: 1.3 million people have viewed soto's video saying police officers abused their power. this traffic stop tony soto recorded last week is getting mixed reviews. >> i support my police. i pay my taxes you work for knee. >> reporter: soto showed his license but not his
9:35 am
registration. they are concerned about his criminal past. >> it raises your suspicion when you have a prior felon that has interaction with the law. >> the traffic stop just brought to light an on going issue that is continual denied all over the nation that is taking place with being stopped and being racially profiled. >> you know these officers were black. >> no they were. >> they were african-american officers. >> reporter: the original reason for the stop. >> you're stopping for the tinted windows. i have a permit. >> reporter: he flashed an officer saying he has a medical exemption from penndot but didn't bring the letter to our meeting. >> it has to be colorless tint. >> but yours was dark tint. >> in your opinion from
9:36 am
watching the video tape no one knows what tint is on my vehicle whether it's colored or colorless although it may look dark. and then there's this. >> my drivers license is number one, all right? fire marshal identification that's number two and badge to go with it. >> reporter: soto held up a calendar an badge identifying himself to the officer as a fire marshal. >> your credibility has come into question let's face it. i'm asking you face out are you a fire marshal. >> the tape speaks for itself. it's not about tony soto. whose he? he is a fell sentenced 33 months in federal prison for straw purchases of firearms. multiple convictions for thefts and fleeing from police and impersonating a public servant
9:37 am
in 2005. >> you're saying you're a fell firefighters -- >> we're not going into that. >> reporter: policing cautioning the public not to use the video as an example of what to do during a traffic stop. while it is legal to record video, the pennsylvania vehicle code requires drivers to turnover their identification and their registration. in addition, the fop is asking authorities to pursue charges against soto for allegedly impersonating a public serve -- servant. wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." search teams have found survivors of the deadly kenya rampage two days after the attack. nearly 150 people were killed by al-shabaab gunman, the islamic militant group issued a statement today saying the attack was retallation for the
9:38 am
killing of their men by kenyan troops in somalia. a rollercoaster at disneyland got stuck with a former phillie on board. jamie moyer tweeted this picture. -- the riders were stuck for 30 minutes but everybody got off safely. the coaster resumed after an hour. what do you do when your stuck for 30 minutes? you tweet right? obviously. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. flash flooding tornados sirens going off millions caught in the cross hair of severe weather. i'm tamala edwards along with cowboy from the rescue
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>> it was a night of incredible water rescues after torrential rain triggered flash flooding, alex perez is in louisville
9:42 am
kentucky. >> reporter: overnight 30 million americans are dealing with a deadly string of storms. tornado warning sirens sounding the alarm as hail and torrential rain and winds up to 68 miles per hour battered tennessee causing power outages in thousands of homes and hail in georgia. in kentucky friday roads collapsing as rushing waters tear through neighborhoods. one woman dead after flood waters swept her car off the road. rescuers using inflatable raft to pull students and driver from the submerged school bus. the heavy rain is stranding drivers and trapping people in their homes. abc louisville brook harsh capturing the rescues live. >> reporter: these are firefighter rests -- rescuing
9:43 am
135 people. overnight in alabama up to five strikes hitting every minute. lighting up the skies. as they begin drying out in louisville there is good news sunshine is in the forecast for the weekend. alex perez abc news, louisville, kentucky. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: we were talking about this earlier we have not seen that much of the weather. winter was cold and dragged out but this is the time of year things get going i'm sure other the next couple of weeks we'll see more video like that. in the meantime, back here in the delaware valley. there's the shot of the trees whipping around. the palm trees wouldn't that be great. i'm thinking of my florida vacation coming up already. 51 degrees in philadelphia. with that wind whipping around
9:44 am
feels like the mid to upper 40s. there's the view in atlantic city, same thing a few puffy cumulus clouds up above. right now it's a windy day. 51 degrees in philadelphia. winds out of the northwest at 25 miles per hour. with the breeze feels like the milled to upper 40s throughout the area. 48 in allentown. 49 in reading. 53 for sea isle city and millville. winds gusting between 30 and 35 miles per hour. some areas are closer to 40 right now. atlantic city at the airport 39. dover, 23, reading, 33 in the poconos. 43 miles the winds will whip around all day long. prepare yourself you'll get wind whipped if you're out and about. trenton, 27. millville, 29. tomorrow morning easter morning you'll be dealing with a breeze out of the southwest that's a milder breeze. 15 to 25 miles per hour. godover, 30 miles per hour.
9:45 am
you get the idea it will be windy over the next 24 to 36 hours. thinks calm down as we get into monday in time for the phillies home opener. skies clear that will be the trend throughout the afternoon. sunny, breezy, 40 miles per hour we're in between two storm systems here. we get into easter sunday this guy drops down from the north could be close enough to trigger an isolated shower north and west late in the day probably after 5:00, 6:00 p.m. easter sunday. 54 degrees in philadelphia. clear conditions, overnight tonight, clear colder, temperatures dropping into the low 30s north ran west, mid to upper 30s points south and east. allentown, easter sunday, 34. poconos, 32. philadelphia, close to 40 and very late in the day maybe an isolated shower north of the pennsylvania turnpike. everybody else combination of sun and clouds and milder and temperatures in the low 60s.
9:46 am
for today 56 degrees for philadelphia not bad. very windy out there sunny. cape may 53. dover, 56. trenton and toms river 54. for your easter sunday, sunrise temperatures 37 degrees, bright, lots of sunshine out there clouds start to increase a little bit by midday, turning milder, 52. afternoon, sun and clouds, 62. isolated shower threat authority of the pennsylvania turnpike. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 62 degrees for sunday we'll call it breezy and warmer. sun and clouds monday, 70 degrees phillies home opener weather looks nice. tuesday, wednesday thursday, the pattern starts to change a little bit, we'll see a frontal boundary stall out over the mid atlantic and waves of low pressure will ride that front. we could see periods of rain for a good 72 hour stretch tuesday wednesday and thursday, cooler temperatures with highs in the 50s and friday we start to pull out aijts -- a little bit.
9:47 am
sun and clouds, 70 degrees. i do not see any more colder weather, the pattern has flipped time to move on. good thing we have nice weather for this weekend because there's fun for the holiday weekend. dress your pellets for the -- your pets for the pet fashion show on the ocean city boardwalk take your kids to the bunny play land add lindvilla orchards from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. there will be an easter egg hunt at the cherry hill assisted living community on marlton pike. the easter bunny will visit as residents and family and grandkids go take pictures with the easter bunny and free ice cream bar at 2:00 p.m.
9:48 am
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>> the cdc is warning about a highly contagious bacteria that has become resistant to cipro the an tee biotic -- antiby on thetic that knocks out the infection. it is not deadly but causes severe abdominal pain and diarrhea. the best prevention is proper hand washing. in theaters, woman in gold, the true story of maria atman who fought the government. austria for almost a decade to reclaim an iconic paintingful her aunt. director simon visited us in the studio with her real
9:51 am
lawyer. >> it's a moving story it presents the way the jewish community in vienna was shattered in 1938 when the nazis arrived. helen's character marie had to leave her family for good in her early 20s. woman in gold is rated pg13. it's time for feature the rescue group in the "shelter me rescue of the week" contest city of he would -- elderly love. >> a lot of animals come in they are not given too much time because of their age. just because they are older doesn't mean they are any less
9:52 am
deserving of a wonderful home. >> reporter: the rescue finds homes for seniors and provides hospice care for animals whose health issues make them unadoptable. >> we gave the animals a happy ending they deserve. >> reporter: with each adoption they are proving that pets don't have to be young to make excellent companion. >> you don't have the puppy or kitten like energy that would come along with the younger pellets. a lot of pellets are trained. >> reporter: tesla is a pitbull mix who gets along with everyone. >> she is a sweetheart. you can see she does get to where she wants to play. goldy is a one-eyed cat looking for a lap to lay on. >> she is a hidden gem. a very special girl.
9:53 am
>> reporter: she was hit by a car when she was astray now she is walking around and waiting for a family. this is cowboy an american pitbull mix, he is charming and would like to be part of the family. go to the city of elderly love website. add a rescue group to the list by going to the "action news" section of the facebook and add it, with cowboy, i'm tamala edwards channel 6 "action news." >> i think he likes tam stay with us, we'll be right back on this sunny but windy saturday morning.
9:54 am
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>> easter anticipate passover -- and passover this weekend, the weather is very nice. >> reporter: mother nature finally playing nice. very windy though, hold on to your hats, lots of sunshine. 56 degrees is the forecasted high. it will feel like the mid to upper 40s. not good for an easter egg hunt. >> reporter: sun and clouds, easter sunday, breezy, 62 degrees, overall it looks nice. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast here's where things will change alicia. monday looks good, sun and clouds 70 degrees. tuesday, wednesday thursday, have you ever been to seattle. rain every single day cool temperatures. >> looks miserable on the seven
9:57 am
day. three good ones and three balanced ones and one good one. >> after that one good one this is what i would like to see carrying on, a nice stretch of 7s. >> reporter: i think cruel get that the pattern is finally changing. jack hanna's "wild countdown is next. the philadelphia dance company is back in town and getting ready for its annual spring performance. we'll have a preview. plus before you plan that summer vacation, we have a warning. some people are booking hotel rooms online only to find out reservations were never made. we'll tell you what you need to know. now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team i'm alicia vitarelli have a great saturday and wonderful easter and passover, as well.
9:58 am
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." while some carnivores have to hunt for their meals, others are more resourceful. tom: they usually follow big cats to scavenge on the leftovers. jack: scavengers are the world's least picky eaters. whether it's in the mountains-- what if they both come at us from both ways? bam! friedman: yeah, well, that would be a problem, i think. jack: at the bottom of the sea-- stuart: if you do get bitten it'll--it might take your nerve a bit, but you'll be all right. jack: jeez. or even up a tree. i've waited all my life to see


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