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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning, a thrilling victory. coach k and duke capturing another national championship and the fab freshmen leading the way. celebrations well into the night and then of course the agony of defeat on the other side. >> new this morning, the major announcement expected today from kentucky senator rand paul and another political headline this morning. it appears harry reid's eye injury did much worse than originally thought. unusual outbreak. canine flew said to be near epidemic levels. some dogs even dying from the illness. what vets say pet owners should be doing. epic release. a big announcement overnight involving "star wars." something the movie directors and creator are doing for fans.
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well good tuesday morning or a great morning for anyone who supports the duke blue devils. >> yes, the dukies are happy right now. their team the new champion, this i've been here before though but still the new champions right now, firing celebrations on duke's campus. a huge school-sanctioned bonfire i should say. on the other side you poor wisconsin fans. the results there of last night's game. you could see it all over their faces. they were all on state street madison, wisconsin, hoping for a celebration. >> disappointment for the badgers. alex perez was at the game last night in indianapolis and alex, good morning. >> hey, t.j. and reena, an exciting night in indianapolis. this game turing out exactly as predicted. a complete nail-biter. but in the end duke walking away with the championship now, both
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duke and wisconsin fighting it out point for point during that first half. they were tied at 31 come halftime. the second half of this game dramatic. wisconsin at one point leading by seven. but it was in those last few minutes of the game where duke rose to the occasion. two duke freshmen. grayson allen and tyus jones stepping up sealing the deal for duke. >> as soon as i stepped on campus you could feel the family atmosphere and it was just always positive energy. everyone caring for one another and could you tell this year would be special. >> reporter: that young freshman tyus jones winning most outstanding player of the game. this now the fifth national title for duke. t.j. reena. >> alex thank you very much. the blue deafs really like going to indianapolis. mike krzyzewski cutting down the net as you can see at lucas oil stadium. three of their five titles have been won in indianapolis.
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coach krzyzewski all five for duke. they spent the entire season in the ap top five and now will finish the season number one. >> so you just hang on to the net. >> yes, he has a lot of them now. >> in his trophy case. well other big story, start of deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. >> their goal was to keep him off death row. abc's susan saulny reports. >> reporter: this morning nearly two years after the boston marathon bombings jurors in the trial of suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev begin deliberations to decide whether he is guilty in the attack that killed three and injured hundreds. these are the moments prosecutors wanted the jury to remember in closing arguments, the gory chaos in the moments after the bombs explode, what they call tsarnaev's plan to punish america. coordinating with his older brother, tamerlan over a cell phone, never walking away from the plan even after seeing a family nearby.
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prosecutors said these children weren't innocent to him. they were american. the jury also saw this picture, dzhokhar tsarnaev in front of a jihadi flag prosecutors playing his so-called jihadi music. dzhokhar they said was a full partner in the plot pointing to his casual behavior buying milk moments after the attack and words inside the boat "stop killing our innocent people and we will stop" but the defense team led by judy clarke who kept the unabomber ted kaczynski off death row is hoping to spare tsarnaev and said he was a teenage follower not a terrorist and adding there is no excuse no one is trying to make one. planting bombs at the boston marathon was a senseless act. >> she made this point but for the older brother, this younger brother would not have been pulled into this enterprise and this never would have happened. >> reporter: susan saulny, abc news, washington. >> well another defendant has been added to the terrorism case
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of three brooklyn men accused of plotting to support isis. the fourth man is set to be arraigned tomorrow accused of raising money for the fourth to travel to syria and encouraged others to take part in jihad. major political headlines. senator rand paul announces later today he's running for president. the first term republican senator makes it official in his home state of kentucky. paul swept into office on a wave of tea party support. he's phone for his combative style. he tweeted about today's announcement that says we must take our country back. >> one of his potential rivals is making a public apology. he forgot he wasn't latino. he is apologizing because he yes, identified himself as hispanic on a voter form. now, his wife was born in mexico bush speaks fluent spanish but that doesn't necessarily qualify. now, his son tweeted out, come on dad.
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think you checked the wrong box, #honorarylatino. bush said it was a simple mistake. a major announcement from a leading democratic lawmaker. harry reid admitting for the first time he's blind in his right eye. reid has been wearing a patch or special glasses since an accident with an exercise band on new year's day. he says he will retire when his term ends next year. in chicago voters head to the polls to choose a mayor. rahm emanuel who holds the job failed to win an outright majority the first time around and faces a challenge from cook county commissioner jesus garcia one of the main campaign issues is the extensive use of red light cameras. his promise to get rid of the controversial cameras if elected. turning to california where they're getting much-needed rain thanks to a second storm this week. up to 2 inches of rain could
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fall. it moves from northern california into the l.a. area also getting 6 inches of mountain snow even more in the higher elevations but it's just a drop in the buck. not enough to ease the drought or lift those historic new water restrictions of course drought been going on for four years. days after becoming the world's oldest person. gertrude weaver has died in arkansas at the age of 116. her advice for a long taif she says use a lot of moisturizer, treat everyone nice love your neighbor and eat your own cooking. don't eat at fast food places. she is sur vied by her 94-year-old son, 115-year-old lady from michigan who now takes the title of world's oldest person. >> 94-year-old son. >> isn't that something? >> wow. >> survived by a 94-year-old but lived a long life. something worked. >> absolutely. president obama, he had his hands full at the annual white house easter egg roll. not for the reasons you might hi. >> he spent part of the event reading "where the wild things
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are" but interrupted by a bunch of bees. he tried to calm them down. more than 35,000 people attended which has grown to much more than just rolling eggs. >> republican bees. >> is that right? >> ruining the event. >> i think they put a statement out saying as much. they didn't folks. this morning, a warning to dog owners out there. you need to hear this. an outbreak of a rare canine flu. officer on trial. 15 shots fired through a windshield. an unarmed couple killed inside the car. the cop laying out his defense. an incredible scene as a crowd unites to save a passenger trapped between a train and subway platform.
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well the trial of a cleveland cop for shooting two unarmed suspects is now under way. his attorney says michael brelo feared for his life and that of his fellow officers but prosecutors say he is the only officer charged because he was the only one of the 13 involved in the firefight who reloaded. he is pleading not guilty to voluntary manslaughter. houston police arrested a known gang member for a road rage incident last month in which a woman was shot in the head while driving. the victim who at first didn't know she was shot identified the suspect and says he shot her after he cut her off on a freeway and she honked at him. police say they found a white suv they were looking for as well as a gun at the suspect's home. money news. starbucks wants to send its baristas to college. ceo howard schultz offering free tuition to anyone with a high
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school diploma and works through 20 hours a week through arizona state university. 49 online degree programs from nursing to software engineering. only a few companies offer free tuition. mostly tech companies. a long time ago in video stores far, far away "star wars" films were only available on physical media laser discs, dvds. vcrs. friday when you download all six manufactures which will be legal there will be extra content. the high def download available from a variety of outlets. big changes there. >> a lot of people laughing i already got it. >> oh, oh. when we come back surprise guest, a woman walks into her living room to find a large animal with a sweet tooth eating her easter candy. also saved by a stack of cash. a man is in line after getting shot. how a pile of money in his
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no man! new dannon oikos triple zero official yogurt of the nfl. mmm dannon. look here. millions of students on spring break but you wouldn't know in parts of wisconsin. that snow coming down in wausau the day after easter. >> a look at the morning road conditions now. slippery highways in parts of the northwest and northern california. slick at ties from the upper
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midwest into the ohio valley. roads will be drenched from new england down to d.c. if you're flying heavy rain could cause airport delays in d.c. philly new york, boston and san francisco. well it is a tragedy rocking maryland's eastern shore. a father and seven children found dead in their home. believed to be victims of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> the man didn't report to work. the children range in age from 6 to 16. five girls, two boys. town official says the family may have been trying to use a generator to provide electricity. power had been cut off to the home because of an unpaid bill. well there's a call for vaccinations in chicago area. vaccinations for dogs. more than a thousand cases of dog flu have been reported in the chicago area resulting in at least five deaths. disease is also spreading other parts of illinois wisconsin and indiana. one animal hospital says it's never seen an outbreak like in. they're urged to avoid dog parks and other dogs and ask your vet
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about a kay nye flu shot. residents in one south florida community are on the lookout for hungry bears. one so hungry it went straight into a house to get leftover easter candy and the homeowner took his cell phone, the picture, it's believed the bear was between 300 and 400 pounds. thankfully the bear left the house. no one injured. an extraordinary rescue operation you're seeing. quick thinking group of good samaritans on a russian subway station. dozens grabbed hold of the train itself after a woman's leg got stuck. there she is between the car and the platform. the passengers rocked it back and forth to loosen that thing up. give enough space for that 70-year-old woman get free. that is some great teamwork. very cool to see. well a houston man says his late mother quit literally saved his life.
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cashed an intear stanceheritance check. robbers demanding money and it likely saved his life. mom, she was watching him. >> mom. good old mom. >> saving the day. >> i know you were relieved because the championship game was done last night so maybe i would calm down. more tonight. it's ladies night. uconn, notre dame will decide the women's national championship. that's tonight in tampa. >> with more on duke's big victory last night and some opening day drama, here's our guys at espn. this is the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. stan's back after a week golfing. >> yep. and talking national championship. duke and wisconsin. a pair of one sees. all the marbles indianapolis, game tied at 31. duke trailed by nine in the second half. grayson allen brought them back and tyus jones made sure it stuck. he had 23 most outstand
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grayson allen 16 off the bench. frank kaminsky 21-12 for wisconsin. bronson koenig, jumper tipped by amile jefferson and duke wins it 68-63. fifth national title and fifth for mike krzyzewski. blue deafs do it again. opening day, major league baseball clayton kershaw. facing san diego. facing matt kemp the former dodger who got a nice ovation as he should. the padres scored three run, kemp had all three rbis. good on him. kershaw was pulled for a pinch hitter. went six innings, gave up three runs. oh yeah my name is jimmy. i'm the new guy in the infield. jimmy raw lens. the phillies went on the win the world series the last time he did that. the big kaminsky. >> played a great game. sam dekker struggled for
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wisconsin. >> you think so. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> all right. fellas, thank you very much. this from the nationals opener president george washington gets taken out. >> ow. >> by the easter bunny during the presidents' race that happens between innings. probably familiar with this. >> teddy roosevelt taken down. pro wrestling style. president howard taft was the big winner of the race there. >> mean easter bunny. >> was taft the heaviest president. >> it didn't look like he weighed a whole lot there. coming up in "the pulse," the sixth grader smarter than millions of college basketball fans. facebook first, how divorce papers could soon be sent through the site. is this a good thing, reena?
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♪ "the pulse." we have to start with a young man showing everybody else how to pick march madness brackets. >> 12-year-old sam holtz, sixth grader from the chicago area. his brack was the best among more than 11.5 million who filed on espn's bracket challenge. sam picked all the final four teams and he picked duke to win the national championship. >> good going little guy. >> beautiful familiar face. magazine covers looks different this morning. >> supermodel christie brinkley is sporting a black eye. she suffered it on vacation posting these pictures on instagram. the 61-year-old looking fabulous even with a shiner explained that she got it while trying to save a bird in the turks and caicos. >> had to be flown to miami for c.a.t. scans and returned to her vacation and finished it up. ♪ uptown girl you know i can't
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afford to buy her pearls ♪ >> i love that song. >> by all means. sing. >> i was not going to sing. lane bryant is taking on victoria secret's new lingerie ad focuses on being sexy at any size and features the # #i'mnoangel. >> positive reaction has been flooding social media. you'll hear more about that i'm sure. reading things on facebook that might cause a divorce but now they may help implement a divorce. a judge is allowing a new york woman to serve papers through facebook. unable to reach the husband in any other form or fashion. >> investigators can't find an address. he doesn't have a phone number. kind of tough. make sure they're online. it's a lot of coordinating. >> you see problems with this. >> i'm not sure this works. >> ah social media. you can do anything out there,
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. it is 4:27. tuesday, april 7th i'm matt o'donnell and we're tracking changes in the accuweather forecast. rain is moving in. you can see it on storm tracker six double scan radar. we have weather and track updates throughout the morning. and new on "action news," search is on for the gunman who fired shots in a california home striking the sleeping child in the head. a big perk for starbucks baristas. the company is expanding its free college tuition offer this morning and you will meet the illinois sixth grader whose ncaa bracket is nearly perfect. we'll have more on duke's big win. "action news" is next. "dancing with the stars" as the dancers recalled their most memorable years. >> but, of course we saw another celebrity voted off. kabc's george pennacchio takes
4:28 am
us backstage. >> michael and peta. >> reporter: football's michael sam got tackled by viewer votes and judges' scores and leaves saying he had a great time. >> i'm so thankful that "dancing with the stars" even offered me the opportunity to do this and very grateful to have a beautiful partner like peta and i'm going to carry these skills that she taught me to my wedding. >> reporter: nine teams now remain and this week 14-year-old willow shields and her partner mark ballas are at the top. their number scored a near perfect 39 out of 40 points. >> it was incredible. i mean being out there. i didn't know what scores we would get. i felt great about the dance but can you feel great and not get that great of scores so i was absolutely thrilled. >> reporter: also thrilled to are their one, nastia liukin and derek hough. rumer willis and val in third.
4:29 am
robert and kym were in fourth. noah galloway and sharna burgess saying no guts no glory. head judge len goodman called for a standing ovation after the performance. after the show we discussed sharna knocked out one of his teeth during a rehearsal. >> she's hard on me and i was afraid that if i didn't get up and keep dancing i'd lose another tooth. >> i'm out. >> reporter: at the bottom patti labelle suzanne somers and chris soules. with week four behind them the nine remaining cups are looking ahead to disney week. in los angeles, george pennacchio, abc news. >> a lot of soul last night. >> yeah i think they're on this morning. won't they be on "gma"? >> of course. >> all right. we'll see them shortly. >> that's what's making news in america. >> stay with us and welcome back to reena ninan. >> good to be back. >> been gone too long. >> thank you, partner.
4:30 am
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> we're working on several developing stories on this tuesday april 7th. gunfire erupts in delaware overnight. a man is fighting for his life and police are on a frantic hunt for the shooter. >> jurors begin deliberating in the boston marathon bombing trial. the pig question is whether the only surviving suspect will face the death penalty. >> duke wins on the court and in the elementary school student wins off the court proving doing your homework on your bracket pays off but not following the rules does not.


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