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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this attack at a local park. >> police are looking at video and working to identify everyone involved. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic joins us live at greg grant park with more. >> sharrie police tell me they have identified two of the suspects from the video and they expect to identify more in what was an ugly attack that included mothers and daughters and some males ganging up on the teenage sisters. >> she ripped my earring out and her mom threw a rock at my ear. >> she is recovering from a beating that she and her 16-year-old sister destiny took on east state street on monday. that is when a mob of teens and several adults went after them in a violent attack. >> they punched me in the head, and if i got up i would have gotten hit again destiny has a
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bald spot where her hair was pulled out. >> any animals that put their hands on a kid like that, is wrong. >> the girl's mother laronda cook is outraged, that people posted it on social media and egged the fight on. >> i got the best video. >> this is wrong and going on and they keep video recording kids getting beat by adults -- >> trenton police confirm that the cooks are working to identify the juveniles and adults seen in the video that are seen beating and kicking the girl and larhonda wants them prosecuted. >> the men i consider that sexual assault. >> we could have died with them stepping on our head and we were
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out there by ourselves. >> why did the mob attack the sisters and why did no one stop it and who are the people pinching and kicking the cooks that is what police are trying to find out. so far there are no arrests but cops say that people who are identified in that video hitting the girls could face charges. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> okay nora thank you. a chester county photographer and dj faces hundreds of charges after being accused of sexual assault. >> they found a human size cage in the basement and investigators are worried there could be more victims. anybody with information is asked to call pennsylvania state police. dzhokhar tsarnaev has been
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convicted on all 30 counts on the 2013 boston marathon bombing, three people were killed and 260 hurt in the bombing, they will decide if the 21-year-old should be sentenced to death or get life in prison. we'll have a live report from boston coming up in the next half hour. >> to south carolina now where a north charleston police officer is charged with shooting an unarmed man to death. >> this shows the officer firing eight times at walter scott after he ran away from a traffic stop. katherine scott is here with more. >> reporter: good evening monica and shory. the lessons of ferguson missouri, were seen in every aspect of this story the mayor and police of north charleston condemned the shooting and the
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officer was quickly fired. the community is grieving and demanding answers. >> monica and sharrie, the mayor of north charleston said that the city will order 250 body cam trooz make sure every single person on their police force is equipped. karen traverers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there will be more on the deadly police shooting coming up on world news tonight with david muir at 6:30 after "action news" at 6:00. a community is mourning a bus driver after she was crushed by her car. bonnie jean novak wrapped up work, and she had trouble starting her car and her coworkers say that was an
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ongoing issue she left the car in neutral and went out to inexpect it. she slipped trying to stop it getting caught between her car and another vehicle. >> it's a tragedy that impacted somebody that devoted herself to our students and community and was an extremely hard worker. >> today school started on a two hour delay so drivers could grief and speak to counselors. >> a high rise in philadelphia had to be evacuated because of a fire this is the scene on north 11th street, smoke can be seen on the top floor of the building fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident. turning to the weather it has been a dreary day, cooler temperatures and wind and some rain too lets look live at sky 6 hd a gray scene in atlantic city, it doesn't feel at all like spring, meteorologist, cecily tynan is at the big
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board. >> hi monica feels more like february than april. our wind analysis shows what is going on we see the winds converging and that is low pressure offshore, we have the winds out of the northeast, 41 in philadelphia and there is a stationary front and south and west of the front you get the winds out of the southwest roanoke virginia it's 79 and that air mass is heading our way on friday, but until then get used to this, a lot cooler than yesterday. 26 degrees cool under philadelphia, and we have clouds and occasional drizzle and tomorrow is a repeat performance. live double scan not showing a lot of rain but pockets of light rain and drizzle but the pockets are on and off through tonight and if you are headed to the phillies game, i don't think the rain will be heavy enough to cancel the game and it's damp and chilly and raw first pitch 41 degrees and by the ninth
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inning, temperatures really holding steady this evening. we have another case of the drearies tomorrow more clouds and scattered showers and drizzle and temperatures will begun be on the cool side stuck in the 40s. friday we have a lot of different weather problems the morning commute, dense fog causes a lot of problems and it's a warm day and an approaching cold front brings the possibilities of late day thunderstorms and gusty winds and behind that system a big change that i think you'll like for the weekend, i'll have details on that in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. video reports from our team of meteorologists will keep you updated on the damp weather at, can you also check out street level forecast with our live storm tracker 6 radar. >> the evening commute is well under way and time to get a check of the traffic report. >> it's definitely underway but not going very quickly, as we
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look live at the schuylkill expressway as we look at this wet wednesday afternoon it's not wild but slow, this is the scene approaching gulph mills starking up from 202 the 19 minute ride should be five minutes. 95 southbound by academy we still have the crash on the shoulder but that is not where the delay ends, it's slow approaching the work don't at cotman, if you are headed to the phils or sixers game it's a slow go on 95. in limerick a crash to avoid at swamp road and hatfield one to steer around at county line, and one along cow path. and a crash in burlington, southbound side of 130 approaching federal street and one in magnolia along the white horse pike at warwick road. and a crash to avoid in west
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depford along red bank avenue. lots of things to steer around, we'll deep you updated in the next half hour. >> never a dull moment. coming up a new study shows a popular weight loss and workout substance could contain a supplement that could pose health dangers. and the tall of the building in the u.s. will soon be open to the public the observatory at the top of one world trade center.
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we want to return to a story we tried to bring you moments ago and there are new video from an incident in south carolina an officer has been charged with murder. karen traver has the stories. >> the police chief did not mince words. >> i was sickened by what i saw. >> he is talking about the cell phone video talking about the final seconds of the video, with michael flagler and 50-year-old
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walter scott. >> it started with a traffic stop for a broken taillight. until the video came to light the north charleston police said he opened fire because he felt threatened. and that he grabbed his stun gun. >> the fbi is investigating the shooting but flagler already lost his job and the police chief and mayor met with walter scott's family. >> this is a horrible tragedy within our community. >> scott's devastated mother said she almost couldn't watch the video. >> it just tore my heart to pieces i pray this never happens to another person this has got to stop. >> the message is loud and clear from north charleston, a familiar sight after other police involved shootings. >> that was car and travers
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reporting. airlines have canceled hundreds of flights in and out of france because of an air traffic controller strike it's part of an ongoing dispute overworking conditions and plans to raise the retirement age from 57 to 59 and this is a to day strike and they warn they will do it again in the coming weeks. tickets are on sale for the highest view in the country, it sits on top of one world trade center 100, 101 and 102 are the floors it spans. special elevators get you to the observatory in less than one minute. it opens on may 29th. president obama is talking about climate change, how the warming of our planet affects our health.
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registered nurse and reporter ali gorman is live at the big board. >> it's a new way to talk about climate change linking it to health that is what president obama did today he joined the surgeon general and the epa for a round table discuss at howard university. they saw more health problems related to the environment, such as allergies and asthma and the president spoke from person experience on how the environment affected him i weren't to college in 1979 in los angeles, if you went out side for a run you would feel your lungs burning in five minutes. because the smog and pollution was so bad. >> he did recognize improvements have been made there since that time and told abc news medical editor dr. richard besser that malia's asthma attacks brought home the issue of climate change
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and health. many public health efforts say that the fda is not doing enough to protect consumers the supplements contain a chemical calls biema it's almost identical to methamphetamines, and it has been pulled from shelves in canada even though the fda found the chemical in nine supplements it never gave the specific names of the products and now the researchers of harvard medical school has the products names and many are still on the market. so we have the product names on interestingly none of them in the ingredients list that bepma some of them do have this plant
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ingredient, so it's a red flag you want to be on the lookout for. as with any supplement talk to your health care provider before starting to take one. >> thank you ali pennsylvania governor tom wolf is allowing state police to car why a drug to reverse the affects of drug overdoses and delaware county is touting their success with a similar program already. they have saved 32 lives since december using the alox zone, they received the life a 22-year-old girl that od's. get ready to gas up and go we'll have the detailed next. go to facebook and like the 6 abc "action news" facebook page, it has all the top stories we are following and weather updates and breaking news, and the best and current viral videos.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. the energy department says that drivers will see the lowest gasoline prices this sum under
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years, the national average price is forecasted to fall from 32% from a year ago drivers should expect to pay $2.45 a gal from april to september that is when americans do the most of their driving, the gas price would mark tractor trailer lowest in the summer since 2009. meantime camden is looking cleaner and more beautiful tonight thanks to volunteers, residents and counsel members gathered at whitman square park for the whitman clean campaign. residents can get free exterior paint to spruce up their homes. montgomery county officials kicked off phase two of a major road project and crews are working to connect norristown and lafayette street the project started 18 months ago and the next phase completes the link as well as widens ridge
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board cecily tynan is joining us so it's back to umbrellas and heavy coats. >> what a change from monday 75 and sunny and you want to get outside and go running and enjoy
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the weather, today is good for napping, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing pockets of light drizzle, no heavy, steady rain but we are stuck in the clouds and drizzle and we are stuck in this cool air temperatures right now with the winds out of the northeast philadelphia only 41 degrees and 42 in wilmington and allentown 43 and trenton 39 and sea isle city 39. we are talking about windchill when you factor in the winds the windchills are in the low to mid-30s, like sharrie says you don't just need the umbrella you need your winter coat. a live view on double scan live, a stationary warm front and sigh the boxes the yellow are severe thunderstorm watch boxes and the read is severe thunderstorm warnings. that could cause a severe weather outbreak today and tonight from the ohio valley to the plain states, the
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possibility of wind gusts of 60 miles per hour and a good chance of hail, more than 2 inches of diameter for oklahoma city to st. louis and there is also a moderate risk of tornadoes it could by stronger an ef 2 tornadoes, that cold front is moving through here on friday afternoon than could bring us some gusty thunderstorms. tonight just a very drizzly and damp cool night. 40 degrees is the low in philadelphia, allentown 47 and wilmington 40 degrees, as we head through the day at midnight actually we'll see showers working up from the south currently over western pennsylvania through the day tom, we won't see a lot of rain but we'll have plenty of clouds and the mist and again temperatures stuck in the 40s. the five-day at 5:00 showing tomorrow almost a carbon copy of today. another day stuck in the dearies with the misting and cold air a
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high of 46 degrees, tomorrow morning fog could be a problem for the commute and then a warm day 75 degrees and the cold front brings us afternoon storms with gusty thunderstorms possible. the good news is all of this is out of here in time for the weekend saturday on the breezy side and tuesday 66 and sun and clouds with a high of 62. the weekend is looking great. >> we are looking forward to that. more to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00, a woman swipes a backpack from a philadelphia restaurant but what was inside has police asking for your help tonight. drivers were stopped their tracks in montgomery county and a boat gets into a sticky situation at the jersey shore. we'll have those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again rick is off tonight and sharrie williams joins us 11 hours that is how long it took a jury to convict the boston marathon bombing on
5:30 pm
all counts. a man is shot in the back while driving on the schuylkill expressway tonight his son is facing criminal charges and philadelphia firefighters responding to a call stumble on a sad situation in mantua more than a dozen horses crowded in a barn. now the details, accused boston bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is found guilty on all counts and now that jury will decide if he gets life in prison or the death penalty. marcy gonzales is live now with more. what jurors must now consider against this 21-year-old man. >> reporter: this is an emotional day for so much people across boston inside of the courtroom, some victim's family members and even one of the jurors wiped away tears as the verdict was read. >> guilty on all 30 counts boston marathon bomber dzhokhar
5:31 pm
tsarnaev slumps after learning he could face the death penalty. they deliberated for 11 hours over two days coming with a conviction. finding him guilty of three people as well as the violence that followed including the murder of mit police officer, sean collier survivors responding jeff baumann who lost both of his legs in the attack tweeting today's verdict will never replace the lives lost but it is a relief. and someone step closer to closure. the defense team led by joanie clark will try to keep dzhokhar tsarnaev off death row. >> they knew he would be convicted the question for them is could they save his life. >> the other -- is life in
5:32 pm
prison. if they can convince the jury that he was influenced by his older brother. >> i don't think he was driven to that by any means. >> the sentencing phase could start as soon as monand is expected to last several weeks his attorneys have not yet said if he will take the stand. >> back to you. >> thank you marcy. world news tonight with david muir will have more on today's boston bombing verdict including the next phase of the trial, watch that following "action news" at 6:00. can you fine the latest on the boston marathon bombing verdict at see a timeline as well as photos from the boston marathon scene. we are learning more tonight about the final tragic moments of a massachusetts plane crash that kills lewis katz.
5:33 pm
we learn words from the cockpit recorder, one said the lock is on and then i can't stop it and oh, no no. as the plane charged down the runway, it crashed and burst into flames. they reported a possible problem with the gust lock system that protects the plane from wind damage and the tail flaps were still locked that suggests that the pilot did not perform a pre-flight check. and now the schuylkill expressway shooting a 21-year-old man is facing charges for shooting his own father driving the family car. john rawlins live near the family home in south philadelphia with more. >>. >> reporter: monica there must have been a lot of tension inside of that car as it headed to a drug and alcohol rehab center, there was an argument and a gunshot at close range.
5:34 pm
>> at his arrangement the 22-year-old defendant denied he had a role in the shooting of his father. >> did you shoot your father? >> no. >> state troopers called to this seen last night the bleeding driver in the white buick 22-year-old eldwin corbett was shot and police say that told them that he shot her and she ran for her life. they were driving him to the drug and alcohol rehab center and there was an argument over the older man's role in the younger man's life when the younger man produced the gun and then he first denied being involved at all and saying he shot himself and then later recanted but that the gun discharged when his father went to grab it. the 22-year-old seemed polite
5:35 pm
and alert asking the judge about bail and appeared shaken when he heard it was set at $500,000 cash. >> reporter: corbin faces a number of charges including aggravated assault he failed to make the bail at $500,000 cash is he in the montgomery county prison and his father remains in the surgical icu trauma unit, but he is expected to recover. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia east detectives are searching for the woman that stole a backpack containing a gun from a kensington restaurant this is surveillance video from outside of the restaurant on the 900 block of north second street the suspect outside walked into the restaurant and grabbed the red backpack off the chair and then returned to her table as if nothing happened. inside was a loaded semi
5:36 pm
automatic handgun a knife keys and glasses. if you recognize the woman call police and we post aid video on our website at the voorhees police department are asking the public to help locate the man in these surveillance pictures they believe he is responsible for several car backins witnesses told authorities he is driving an early 2000 model jeep cherokee tan in color. and has led head lamps. remember that when you see breaking news or unusual weather happening, join the action become part of "action news" team by emailing your photos and videos to you can also use the #6abcaction on official media. a surprise for firefighters responding to a fire at the mantua section. they discovered about a dozen horses and ponies behind the
5:37 pm
home. crews were able to quickly able to contain the blaze, no word if any of the animaled were injured and now animal control is called to investigate. a fishing boat is still stuck on the shore in ocean county after it ran aground early this morning it happened at 5:00 a.m. near point pleasant beach, three people were on board at the time and nobody was hurt, sources tell "action news" that officials plan to keep the boat anchored in high tide tonight. when a barge will try to pull it out to sea. valley forge casino officials were called in front of the pennsylvania gaming official board today. the license supfor renewal for the first time, and since then the casino is fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for several violations including not following the terms of its license, they laid out their vision for the future of the
5:38 pm
casino. police in montgomery county handed out dozens of tickets on a crack down of aggressive driving, on the dannehower bridge heading into king of prussia, in all 20 drivers were ticketed. this is part of a statewide attempt to stop aggressive driving. lets head over to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> speaking of stopping we have plenty of drivers doing that on the highways with dense traffic and a few accidents. one new one on southbound 1 approaching academy, the left lane is blocked and extra heavy and a 40 minute ride, should be 14 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. south philadelphia, speeds are really slow with double games tonight in south philadelphia both the phils and the sixers.
5:39 pm
still the gas main break in pennsauken approaching the 38 split and the left lane is out and we expect that to be the case the next few hours and a crash along clifton avenue and a crash at the blue route southbound to 95 southbound and this truck is involved as well address north vehicle. the left lane is blocked on the southbound side of the blue route and extra crowded on 422 westbound because of a crash near 29. good luck getting home. still to come on "action news," an nba player and his wife are attacked by a knife-wielding stranger outside of a nightclub. and rap mogul suge knight is wheeled into the courtroom on a stretcher what he asked a judge. we are dealing with windchills in the 30s and we are watching a batch of steadier showers moving in from the west
5:40 pm
and the time of that coming up. >> also, the phillies trying to make up for monday's disappointing season opener.
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a woman who was convicted of killing her 5-year-old son by poisoning him with salt is sentenced to 20 years in prison. lacey spears could have gotten 20 years to life but the judge says it's clear that she suffers from a mental illness. the illness makes a person crave attention for a child's illness. indiana pacers forward, chris copeland and his wife are recovering after leaving a new york nightclub. >> video obtained showed copeland sitting on the ground investigators say he and his wife were arguing when an unknown man tried to interfere 22-year-old suspect allegedly pulled a knife and attacked the couple, he was later arrested
5:44 pm
and atlanta hawks players were also at the crime scene and they were arrested on obstruction charges after police said they blocked officers from starting their investigation. switching to sports the phillies are hoping for a much better outing at citizens bank park, that would be nice. >> jeff skversky is live now. >> lets forget about the opener the worst opening day shutout loss the phillies look to put it behind them and pick up their first win and first run of the young season as their series resumes again the red sox. jaime apody is live at the ballpark. hopefully this is easier to watch. >> i'll tell you this much, it will be harder to watch at least from the ballpark that is because it's like 30 degrees colder what happened to that opening day sunshine it's freezing, ben revere says he is going to play in the ski hat even if he gets fined he is kidding of course.
5:45 pm
it's october weather in april. it may be the only taste of october they ever get, well you never know. >> i think you bounce back the way you bounce back any time, whether it's opening day or june 20th flush it when you leave the park and come back fresh and new pitcher and new situation and flush it and get better and go play. >> i was upset on monday but today is a new day and i'm feeling good and definitely focused on you know the main thing, my nickname was firecrackers, because when i get going the alcoholwhole show is going to happen. i hope that happens tonight. >> ryan sandberg says he could be a spark plug. >> they have changes in the lineup darren rough starts in
5:46 pm
left, and carlos ruiz is at the bat. jeff back to you. find me some gloves now please. >> we have to get her a hat. >> four more games left in the sixers season against the wizards, they are trying not to lose seven straight. if you turned off the flyers game after their big lead, same finish islanders come back to tie it with 28 seconds left, steve mason thinking we are going to overtime but here comes the flyers 3 seconds left, brayden schenn shoots a terrible shot and it goes in flyer win and that kept new york from clinching the playoff spot. >> day before the masters and tiger woods big return he is on the course for the par 3 contest with his kids and
5:47 pm
girlfriend lindsay vaughn. how about the putt in there and there you go a big hug from daddy. the shot of the day doesn't come from the shortest on the course jack nicholas at 4:00 on the t shot. this is 140 yard as way, how about the bounce back? get in the hole! look where it is going -- got it. the 75-year-old nicholas is the six time -- phillies fans are used to getting popcorn thrown at them by the phanatic and a fan catches the foul ball in the tub. i hope he knows that guy by the way. buying a baseball guys may be cheaper than the popcorn there. >> those tubs are expensive. >> thank you jeff. former rap mogul suge knight was in the courtroom tonight, he was she'lled in and
5:48 pm
chained to the wheel chair he said could walk but he was put in the wheelchair to humiliate him. he was arraigned on robbery and criminal threat charges after accusations that he stole a paparazzi's camera, and he is accused of running over two men back in january and he told the judge he wanted to fire his current lawyer and that request was granted.
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oh, yes, breaking news into our newsroom, philadelphia police investing an abduction with a 1-year-old child the vehicle that was used to take the child was tracked here to the 3700 block of north 16th street the 14-year-old girl believed to have been taken the 1-year-old and the child is at philadelphia's hospital to be evaluated and the teen was taken into custody, it started at 5:00 at the east section of clementon street. this is where it started and this is where it ended. there was a man at the home where the teenager and 1-year-old was found no word if he play aid role in the incident. to our forecast now adam is joining us i think we are in a
5:52 pm
bit of shock right now. >> unfortunately it unfolded the way we expected. windchills in the 30s and on and off drizzle and one more day and then we bump the temperatures up. not everyone is seeing the rain and it's patchy and drizzling and all locations we take a closer look, it's solid or concentrated and it's pushing northern and east of the northeast extension towards quakertown and 611, making an aim towards new hope and trenton, that lifts away and not much behind it another round of showers, moving towards the midnight hour. its brutal out there for april standards. 38 in trenton and 39 in beach haven and 31 in philadelphia and 43 in dover you factor in the wind between 10 and 20 miles per hour and we've dealt with a huge
5:53 pm
change from yesterday, when we had a more southerly wind we are 20 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. same thing for millville and dover and at the shore 18 degrees colder from cape may to beach haven as well as areas along long beach island. there is a gap here a lull, and then another batch of showers that brought severe weather, you can see the bow echo that brought severe storms through west virginia it will weak and and pull showers in here during the latter part of the weekend hours and the night hours. the severe storms are nothing but a batch of showers at the midnight hour, temperatures are not dropping all that much tonight, pretty much staying steady to where they are right now upper 30s to around 40 42 degrees and millville, patchy
5:54 pm
light showers for the morning and areas of drizzle and that continues into thursday afternoon, it's not a washout and dreary with the raw northeastly wind and windchills again much of the day only in the 30s and then the front lifts to the north as the high pressure that brings the cool air pushes out over the open water of the atlantic and we get a southerly wind here on friday, temperatures soar into the mid-70s, early morning fog and showers and some breaks of sun early friday afternoon and then a cold front arrives late in the day and it could bring downpours and gusty severe storms in a couple of spots the exclusive accuweather forecast, another case of the drearies here on thursday, 46 degrees and cooler with the wind and morning fog breaking for afternoon and sunshine on friday. the storms are set to arrive with downpours at 4:00 and 6:00. this is the snapshot of future
5:55 pm
tracker it's close to philadelphia and trenton and everything pushes off the coast in time for the weekend, it's windy saturday and sunny and clouds and much cooler but average for this time of year, 62. and we go back above normal on sunday, full sunshine and 66 degrees with less wind and a stretch of 70s, monday tuesday and wednesday and it looks like a great day, clouds building for wednesday with 72 degrees, we go from 70s earlier this week to 40s and back to 70s. all over the board. >> a roller coaster thank you. more "action news" coming your way after the break.
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mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life state farm is there. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a photographer and dj is facing charges of sexual assault and child pornography.
5:58 pm
those stories and more coming up next. for rick williams, adam joseph jaime apody sharrie williams i'm monica malpass have a great night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night a lehigh valley bus driver is killed by her own car and a reward is offered to find the suspects in the abduction and suspects in the assault of a worker. and the big story is the verdict of guilty 30 times over,
6:00 pm
a jury found dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty of all charges in the boston marathon bombing. one after the other they came -- all guilty verdicts including counts of conspiracy and deadly use of a weapon of mass destruction. 17 of the 30 counts are punishable by the death penalty. three people were killed and 264 were injured when two bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon in 2013. a survivor had this reaction. >> we are obviously grateful for the outcome today not a happy occasion but it's something we can put one more step behind us it's difficult but we have got and through it with each other. >> there is no specific word when the penalty phase will begin but word is it could be as early as next week, dzhokhar tsarnaev will get life in jail or death.


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