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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  April 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the breaking developments. the officer charged with murder. this evening, what we've learned about his past after that stunning video. shooting a man who was running away after a routine traffic stop. new questions about the stun gun, was it dropped beside the victim after it was all over? did anyone perform cpr? tonight, the officer behind bars as we learn of two other investigations involving the same cop. also breaking tonight, from boston dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all counts. will those same jurors now sentence him to death? the severe storms hitting tomorrow. the tornado watch. the super cell spotted in the last 24 hours. and tonight, the school bus overturned children inside. ginger zee is right here. the heist. dropping down into an elevator shaft to steal hundreds of millions in jewels.
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and the new controversy tonight involving rob lowe. those ads pulled and the actor now responding tonight. good evening. and we begin with two major stories tonight. the verdict in the case of accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. guilty on all counts. more on what comes next in a moment here. but first, the growing outcry tonight after that stunning video we showed you last night here. a routine traffic stop that turned deadly captured by a witness in south carolina. we again warn you, it is difficult to watch. a father apparently unarmed, shot in the back as he ran from this flifr. he did not survive. tonight, that cop, charged with murder murder behind bars. he's been fired by the police force. protesters tonight, the video igniting a fierce debate. and questions about what would have happened had there been no video. tonight, the fbi is now
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investigating amid new details about the officer's past. two other cases investigated before. abc's steve osunsami in south carolina tonight. >> reporter: to so many tonight, what happened in this kill ging of another unarmed black man is only coming to light because someone in the bushes was recording with a camera. >> dispatch, shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my taser. >> reporter: north charleston patrolman michael slager is charged with murder, trading his uniform for jail stripes. he told his bosses that 50-year-old walter lamar scott had grabbed his stun gun after an argument over a traffic stop. but in the revealing video, the unarmed father of four is running away after apparently being hit by the stun gun and the cords of the weapon are still attached. and although the police report says they administered cpr, there's no evidence of that in the nearly four minutes of video. >> not every officer is cpr sert fifed. >> reporter: there's now the issue of looking at slager's past police work.
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he was cleared in the only serious charge for excessive force. black demonstrators here are marching in the streets. they took their anger into a police press conference where authorities tried to explain. they're ordering more than 250 police body cameras, enough for every officer. walter scott's family says that's good, but they're still suing the city in civil court. on "good morning america," saying their son was treated worse than an animal in the street. >> when i looked at that tape, that was the most horrible thing i've ever seen. to see my son running, defenseless. being shot. it just tore my heart to pieces. >> reporter: scott did have an outstanding warrant for unpaid child support, but she says no reason for him to die. >> i want them to know from a
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child, he has been raised in the church. from day one, he sang on the choir, he played the drums, he would call his mom every single day. >> reporter: scott and slager had something in common. they were both in the coast guard. slager's wife is now eight months pregnant. the city has agreed to keep her health insurance going, even though slager has been fired. >> there have been two families that have been harmed greatly by what occurred. >> reporter: if slager is convicted, he could be sentenced to the death penalty. but a conviction alone would be astounding. police in south carolina have fired their weapons at more than 200 people over the past few years and every officer was cleared. david? >> all right, steve osunsami leading us off again tonight. steve, thank you. let's get right to abc's dan abrams tonight. back to the question i asked at the top, which is a question so many are asking. what would have happened if there had not been a witness with a phone? >> reporter: wouldn't have been a charge that quickly, that's
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for sure. this process would have taken longer there would have been a debate about exactly what happened. but as the investigation proceeded and it became clear that the victim was shot multiple times in the back that would fundamentally change everything. there's a sort of benefit of the doubt we tend to give police officers when there's an incident. that benefit goes away when you're talking about shots in the back and the police officer would immediately have some serious explaining to do. i think there still would have been charges here but the case would have been a lot harder. >> all right, dan, thank you. now, to the verdict in the case of accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. tonight, guilty on all 30 counts. tsarnaev now eligible for the death penalty. the seven women and five men deliberating for just 11 hours. jurors wiping away tears. tsarnaev stoic, emotionless as the verdict was read. that courtroom, packed with the families of his victims. his lawyers declaring on day one it was him, but then arguing during the trial that images like these prove he was under his older brother's influence,
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following him. now, those same jurors must decide whether he should die. abc's tom yam matsllamas in boston tonight. >> reporter: nearly two years to the day after dzhokar tsarnaev and his brother committed the worst terror attack in the united states since 9/11, the 21-year-old, now facing death row. in court today, victims and their family members, there to watch. like liz norden. her sons standing right next to dzhokhar tsarnaev on marathon monday when he planted his bomb. >> they both lost a leg below the knee. i really don't know too much. it's jo overwhelming. it's like a nightmare. >> reporter: outside court today, she made it clear -- she wants tsarnaev to die. >> for myself, i want to see the death penalty. >> reporter: tsarnaev, like he has throughout the trial, showed no emotion, angering some of his victims. >> he's been to use my word arrogant walking in and out of the courtroom. and completely disinterested. >> reporter: in court, the parents of 8-year-old martin richard held each other,
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fighting back tears. i asked mike ward, a firefighter who tried to save little martin's life, if tsarnaev deserves to die. >> ultimate judgement will come to him. >> reporter: this same jury, selected from a pool of nearly 1,400 people will decide if dzhokhar lives or dies. seven women and five men, including a student, a former nurse and a coast guard air traffic controller. they heard testimony from 11 of the marathon bombing victims. including 27-year-old rebekah gregory, seen here moments after the first blast took her leg. today, saying she's willing to take the stand again during sentencing. >> he should be held accountable for his actions and i'm very thankful for each of the jury members that are making him do that. >> reporter: tonight in boston, this image. white roses on the street. this trial, a marathon of pain for victims. it's not over, but tonight, they can see the finish line. >> this has been such a difficult time for boston. the families the victims.
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and tom llamas live with us tonight. the sentencing phase now begins as early as monday? >> reporter: that's right. the prosecution starts then the defense picks up. it's unclear if tsarnaev will take the stand. he may want to now fight for his life. after that the jury will decide if he lives or dies. david? >> tom llamas thank you. to the severe weather hitting tonight. 35 million americans bracing for powerful thunderstorms, flash flooding hail possible. this time lapse video of a super cell over kansas. part of the severe weather reported in the last 24 hours. in tulsa, oklahoma welt slippery roads blamed for this. a school bus sliding off the highway. four of the children on board taken to the hospital. and tonight, the new threat of tornadoes. abc's ryan owens with the images. >> reporter: millions of americans across the middle of this country are bracing for severe weather tonight. a few spots have already seen it. in hamilton ohio, 70 70-mile-an-hour winds ripping roofs off homes and flipping trailers. >> massive hailstorm right now.
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>> reporter: heavy rains and hail blinding drivers. some of it the size of baseballs. in indiana, flash floods ss stranding cars. in missouri those rains closed several roads. here in tulsa, oklahoma police think slick roads caused this school bus to crash. four kids end up at the hospital. of course the ultimate worry here in oklahoma is always tornadoes. just two weeks ago, a twister devastated this gymnastics studio near tulsa. firefighters rescuing more than 50 kids. and tonight, that is what this gym looks like. as you can see, they haven't had a chance to clean up a thing, and already, they have to have their eyes right back on the sky. david? >> that is for sure ryan. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking this all. what should we be watching? >> reporter: huge swath of this nation now under tornado watch. and that means all of the ingredients are coming together. more than 100 severe storm reports from oklahoma to virginia. so david, the storms have
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already had this power. now we have to be careful and see, in the areas in yellow that's tornado watch. severe thunderstorm watch in pink. you are seeing from texas up to indiana, major areas in this nation for the next five to six hours have to look out. what i'm most concerned about is right there through central oklahoma where you see that moderate risk in southeastern kansas western missouri that's going to be a problem tonight. and then tomorrow it expands. chicago to cleveland, indianapolis back to even dallas strong to severe storms. >> all right, ginger thank you. we want to turn to the images out of california that inferno in l.a. overnight. a massive commercial building engulfed in flames. a couple trapped inside for a time calling 911, struggling to breathe. firefighters rescuing them. a time later. there were no sprinkler systems in that building. it was built before they were required. no one was hurt. just remarkable. around the world tonight, and to afghanistan now, and a deadly ambush. one u.s. soldier killed. seven wounded. a so-called green on blue attack. the gunman dressed in an afghan
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military uniform, the first u.s. military death since combat operations were declared over in december. abc's chief global asquares correspondent martha raddatz now on the moment the afghan soldier turned on the americans. >> reporter: since the official end of its come bat role in afghanistan, u.s. troops really travel outside the security of american bases, but these u.s. soldiers were in jalalabad protecting an american diplomat meeting with a local governor. it was after the diplomat departed the meeting by helicopter when his security detail traveling in a military convoy was attacked. the shooter dressed in an afghan military uniform, opening fire at close range from a mounted automatic weapon. u.s. forces quick little returned fire killing the shooter, but not before one american lay dead and seven others wounded. >> and martha is with us now. the gunman reportedly wearing an afghan army uniform.
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you've seen this before? >> reporter: certainly. there have been 159 coalition forces killed since 2007 and in january, three american civilian contractors were killed while they were waiting at the military side of the kabul airport. it is an ongoing problem, david. >> martha raddatz, great to have you in new york. we move to new orleans tonight, and millionaire murder suspect robert durst, back in the news this evening. that unforgettable image, durst smiling from the backseat of that police car. tonight, word durst has been indicted now on gun and drug charges, right there in new orleans. which could delay how quickly he can be extradited back to los angeles, where he is also facing a murder charge in connection to the mysterious death of a long-time friend. durst will be arraigned tomorrow in a new orleans courtroom. tonight, an investigation is under way into that brazen heist, a gang of thieves in london outsmarting a sophisticated alarm system breaking through metal doors, making off with a staggering amount of diamonds and jewels rappelling down an elevator shaft. abc's hamish mackacdonald tonight
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with how they pulled this off. >> reporter: worthy of "ocean's 11," this heist is breathtaking in its audacity. hundreds of millions of dollars worth of high value goods are stored on this one street alone. potentially making this one of the largest heists in recent history. reports suggest the thieves entered this building, coming in through an elevator shaft, dropping down to the basement, where they used heavy-cutting machinery to break through the 18-inch reinforced metal door to the vault, breaking into between 60 to 70 deposit boxes. james riley has been inside the vault where the goods were taken. >> i am sure whoever has planned it has planned exactly what they were going to steal. >> reporter: it could be straight out of the film "the bank job," where london robbers dig a tunnel to reach their loot. through these doors down some stairs is where the vault is. whoever did this knew the location intimately. this woman arrives to check on her prized possessions.
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how much? >> maybe 100,000? more than that? >> reporter: tonight, a slow and pain staking investigation is under way, but it's thought this was a highly professional operation and that whatever they took has already been shipped out of the uk. david? >> all right, hamish macdonald in london. thank you. and it is now official tonight. sarah thomas making history right here in this country. hired at the first full-time female referee in the nfl. the mother of three will serve as a line judge. the 42-year-old says she is honored to be considered a trail blazer but she says her focus is on being the best official she can be. we'll be watching for her on the sidelines. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the accused phony navy s.e.a.l. the trab top to catch him right here. real s.e.a.l.s going through this training. but tonight, the man who lied about his service and how they got him. also at this hour the controversy involving actor rob lowe the ads pulled off tv. he's responding at this house. and we already knew he was a
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pm for a better am. next tonight here the manhunt that stretched from texas to puerto rico. authorities chasing down a man accused of impersonating a navy s.e.a.l., right down to his purple heart. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: police say carlos luna-gonzalez told fake war stories, but his arrest is quite real. luna-gonzalez was busted for impersonating the best of the best. a navy s.e.a.l. he allegedly wore this s.e.a.l. uniform, even claiming he'd earned a purple heart, but his story didn't check out with a texas sheriff, a veteran himself. he set up a sting, allegedly catching luna-gonzalez accepting a rifle as a gift for his so-called service. he's now facing extradition from puerto rico. he hasn't entered a plea. >> he couldn't even shine the s.e.a.l.s' boots, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: stolen valor cases are common.
6:48 pm
this man recently claimed to be an army ranger. >> why don't you just admit you're a phony? >> reporter: and was confronted by a real veteran, who noticed his uniform wasn't quite right. >> why is your flag so low on your shoulder? it should be up here. >> you got me on that one bud. >> reporter: this man wasn't charged, but the federal stolen valor act makes it a crime to benefit from pretending to be the real thing. doug sterner helped pass it. >> stolen valor is not a harmless crime. it's a lie. it's a deception. >> reporter: and david, you would think that something as special as a real purple heart would be very hard to get. but i just bought this one at a military surplus store here in colorado springs. it is authentic and it only cost me 40 bucks. david? >> all right, clayton sandell tonight from colorado. clayton, thank you. and when we come back here the correspondent involving rob lowe tonight. and jack nicklaus and the incredible moment today. the golden bear and the golden moment he predicted would happen. my constipation and belly pain feel like a raging storm.
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to the index tonight. and rob lowe making headlines. >> hi i'm rob lowe. and i have directv. >> the high school version there. well those directv yanked after a competitor claimed they weren't truthful. and lowe tweeting tonight, quote, recent events have underlined my belief that for something to be truly original funny and subversive there must also be fallout. take a look at this picture tonight. president obama, right here and two seats down in the white polo shirt is a guy named lance. his company sent him to the meeting, thinking he would be sitting in the audience of some big presidential event. instead, he was part of a tiny group with the president. lance telling us this afternoon, he felt underdressed but that the whole thing was wonderful. can you imagine? six-time masters ss champ jack nicklaus proving hi still got it. >> maybe a hole in one. how is that? >> the folks would love that.
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who doesn't remember searching for fossils as a kid, hoping you'd find something. but a dinosaur? could it be true? >> hi david! >> reporter: 5-year-old wiley brice, reporting in tonight from mansfield, texas. it turns out, a group of scientists is convinced he's made quite a discovery. >> this is where we found the first dinosaur bone. >> reporter: you heard him. that's where he found the dinosaur he said. and that's dad, tim, right there with him today. they've been at this for months now. it all started with a trip outside near the local shopping center. wileley looking around with his dad for bones, circling and circling until it seems he made a real discovery. and his dad would know. he's a zoo keeper at the dallas zoo. >> basically my son and i were out collecting fossils one day, near our house in some land that had been exposed. and he walked up ahead of me and came become a big chunk of bone. >> reporter: so dad, with his connections at the zoo, teaming up with scientists at southern methodist university. researchers say they've determined they were boned from
6:58 pm
a rare dinosaur they believe lived about 100 million years ago. >> the more we excavated it we realized it was a dinosaur.dinosaur. >> reporter: a plant eater about the size of a horse. and how does wiley feel about this? >> happy. >> reporter: and why so happy? >> because i never found dinosaur bone before. >> reporter: fuel of us have. wiley holding onto his toy dinosaur tonight while an entire community wonders, has he found a real one? way to go wiley. our thanks 0 the dallas morning news tonight. thank you for watching on a wednesday. i'm david muir. we'll see you tomorrow. good night.
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