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tv   Action News  ABC  April 12, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> mcw will face the sixers since traded in january.
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joel embiid hanging there at haverford college. come summer league. nerlens know sell not expected to play tomorrow. sixers hang out with kids today. >> ron jaworksi fired up for arena football. soul owner grabbing player from jacksonville during brouhaha and gentlemans jawing with the ref. >> eight touchdowns. 63-52 soul wins. best team in town. you have to love ron jaworksi fired up. >> goes bizer. >> here you see a father knocked over with joy. they thought they were dropping the puck at yesterday's arizona coyote game. what they didn't know their son u.s. army sergant was right behind him. you can see him run out with dad
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running to greet them. the ice was slippery but not enough to break up the embrace. >> nobody was injured in the fall. >> can't get enough of that. always nice. >> next half hour. "action news" final push to get taxes done. if you need to call irs with a question be prepared sit on hold. we have tips to make the process a little less taxing. >> also young musicians from the delaware valley get a chance of lifetime on stage at the kimle center with well known duo. those story and more when "action news" comes right
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why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together. it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten... and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs.
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>> sunday night here's what's happening 11:30. hillary rodham clinton hits the road. the former secretary of state wastes no time hustling to states. >> was it a waste of american dollars. how few people were treated for u.s. officials responding to ebola in west africa. >> amazing accomplishment. aest cher county woman finishes big in a 24 hour race and how many miles she ran. >> now details this afternoon. hillary rodham clinton lost along awaited precedential bid
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with a message on social media. within a few hours she hit the road and is on route new york to iowa. former secretary of state and first lady expected to atliv tomorrow evening. abc karen travelers has details about the big announcement. >> every day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> hillary rodham clinton made it official. >> i'm running for sglez she's launched second bid for white house on youtube and twitter and with number one trending topic worldwide. >> her precedential run seemed inevitable as she repeatedly dodged questions. >> i'm think about it but i'm going to continue to think about it. >> but as she played coye in public former secretary of state, senator and first lady has been building up a campaign apparatus for months. leasing space in brooklyn and hiring staffers and laying groundwork to hit the road in early voting states. >> team clinton is hoping second time is a charm. >> they're promising a much
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different hillary rodham clinton this time around nor accessible, engaging talking to sot rz more. >> looming over the campaign is ongoing controversy surrounding 2012 attack in benghazi. today republicans pounce. >> hillary rodham clinton represents the worst of washington machine. >> point is if we stick to the fact and that's where we want to be we are able to admit to the american people she has a product not worth mining. >> but a new poll found 2% of democrats and independence say it would be a good thing if they face aid challenger. >> it heads to iowa for a series of maul erie vent. her first big rally will happen anyone may. reporting from washington, karen trevers, "channel 6 action news". >> as she mentioned clip ton's announcement lit up the internet. in the first few hours there were more than 420,000 tweetsw
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menging clinton and part time the #hillary 201 was number one global trend. >> marco ruko is expected to launch his run tomorrowch the 43-year-old first termed senator to florida is -- he is son of cuban immigrants. he's inviteding how they tried to start a new life in u.s.. described ellis island of the south that tower once hoeing aid cuban assistance center and thousands and thounss couldn't get there. >> and robert menendez of new jersey refuting corruption charge 24-z month. on a talk show this morning menendez says he's innocent. >> and what all the facts are known, of course, prosecutors
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take out snippets of story to make their case, we will have an opportunity in court make the entire case are -- i know i. >> he stands accused of accepting 1 million worth of gifts and travel from long timing friend in skaiching for little views and continues to say he will fight for himself and people of new jersey. >> a woman seriously injured in a stabbing in chester, delaware county police called to an alley upland street 6:00 this morning and the woman was beaten and stabbed and take to crozer chestner serious condition. no arrests in the case. >> an overnight stabbing in ridge ton new jersey claimed a life of man that left another jersey. it happened washington and cohansy streelingts. stabbing was result afight and no arrests are made. >> a woman critically injured
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after her early morning sdhent morning. investigators say feed was a factor during the crash on columbus boulevard in south philadelphia. they tell "action news" the chevy malibu headed south at high rate of speed and struck a northbound car. neeminger driver was injured but the woman in the passenger seat at the malibu is in critical sgln president dpepts of several montgomery county communities were left high and dry for hours today. part of hatboro and upper lor manned walked to no water. >> main was located in the unit block of east moreland avenue. i seen you go through more in the area to make repairs. the water was back on by late afternoon. >> mixed dogs on their way to a better life. they believe from lap caster county spca east erie avenue. 19 in all will surrendered by a
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woman in phoenix living in unsanitary tnz. spc aevl said 6 dogs open same property. >> students from rowan university took narcotic back to the borough campaign. more than a thousand abdomen were involved in projects all over glassboro. they helped needs put up the yard and use welch as well. most of it was individual homeowners who needed extra hands around the house. >> it was perfect day to put your car out spin. especially if broad engler of the other. >> it doubles as fundraiser for the same called rick cancer foup found daition. >> there was certainly a lot to see even if it's a few more wheels before you're allowed behind the wheel young man. >> this is amazing accomplishment from a local runner big thumbs up west chester mag didn't guteraa half
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finishing running world championships in italy this morning. she has gr reason to smile. she placed nourj world. usa teammates and. >> maggie logged 146 miles we figured that's five and a half mar thonz. u.s. men had a greet race fourth place finish con sgratlations to team usa. >> i can't drive that distance without getting tired. it's incredible. >> tax deadline is still away but if you somewhere some questions the irs may not be a place to call. budget cut backs are resulting in for we have tips to help you get the answers you neat. >> thanks to collaboration with award winning folk duo. >> we have a partly cloudy sky overhead and comfortable
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>> the philadelphia youth orchestra shared the stage at kimle center with grammy award whipping indigo girls. this is first for them working with orchestra. they've been making music together since elementary school. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee and wonderful weekend dove tailing into a lovely monday.
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>> you're going to like monday. it will be nice. >> i thought you said you're really nice. >> that too. >> stormtracker 6 doubling scan radar showing you it's dry and quiet. no issues with precipitation. we've got good looking day today. that's what we had overhead. looks good start of workweek. however we're tracking rain that moves in tuesday. talking more about that in a moment. in the near term we'll show you pictures outside. action cam was outside earlier tonight. beautiful shot. nice and picturesque with showers and you see we have the building in the distance and underneath mostly clear sky and partly cloudy through the overnight hours. high temperatures today in city upper 60s. right now coming in north and west of town at 51 quaker up to and 51 lateing ton and center city 49. kennett square and oxford 46. down across south juries jury 47 it at the boardwalk.
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53 as you head inland in browns mills. 47 hockessin and smyrna and as you look at sustained wind they're not speed pretty wayet and eight mails sustained wind in sea isle city. direction coming in from the south. that will help usher in milder air for the start of the workweek. here's satellite 6 and action radar. there's a warm front going to lift to the north. with that warm front you see showers why developing across the great lakes and ohio valley. this words east word as we get into monday night and into tuesday. here's the setup tomorrow future tracker 6 post shots in upper 30s and 30s. of course delaware and lehigh valley and afternoon hours tomorrow wol mavrm out in lowest 70s and high 60s.
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the city was back in april april 6. 7:00 in the morning on tuesday clouds start to build and thickening. we track the cold front that will continue to work east ward. it will be slow going and wet for commute on tuesday morning. and now the models are allowing for this precipitation to continue throughout the day on tuesday. by that time we can find anywhere from quarter inch to half inch of rainfall on the way. so slow-going, pack patience for tuesday and tomorrow i thinking:00 in the morning and because 7 and 711 we were bust the about and we louis it. >> high temperature in at 7. it's wet for commute tuesday morning when high temperature in at 68. behind that wednesday and thursday lie pressure returns. no mostly cloudy with showers
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around high of 69 and friday will be tracking a cut off load that kind of that, showers and rain possible for start of next weekend. high of 60, 61 surprised guys. enjoy warmth on the way. it will feel nice tomorrow. >> in hel edge check u.s. may have wasted bill glonz response to ebola outbreak. after deploying 3,000 groups those centers only treated a total of 8 people and nine centers had no by the time it opened last december ebola cases dropped dram ateicily that under develop health system. >> the clock is ticking to the wednesday deadline. if you try to reach out to irs for help you may wait.
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abc's chief economics correspondent rebecca jar receive tells us and how you can tell yourself. >> tonight the clock ticking three days until tax deadline, when so many call irs with last minute question. >> rk to the internal revenue service. >> but, this year, help may not be a quick callawayment sporting to irs john kos kip is. >> more than people here could not reach their sister that's unacceptable. >> it says upet and i called irs friday morning with what i thought was refund question. >> 44 minutes then 63. jeep per norman instagraming time waiting. >> it ended up being on hold about an hour and 127 minutes before i talked to somebody. >> long fwhaits person too. this line outside dallas irs
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office in march. even irs's own taxpayer advocates service that americans could face best level of service since 001. how you can make it less taxing. first use irs web site nor answers to most common questions. now. >> people are i'mer not claiming deductions for which they qualify or not using credits that are available to them. >> and finally watch those typos. using direct deposit gets you your refund factser but only if your bank routing and account numbers are correct. >> back at jarvis, news, new
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>> the phillies may have taken the siris with washington. but they have not taken advantage of runners on base. phils left 2 guys granded on base the last two days and they were 4 for 24 scoreers for running position. >> ryan howard stakes out old today with hunter anticipates tread heers. howard booe de cloudy. all he said was all i can say tough gim. that's all i've got tonight. >> chase ultimately off to the wavrt start of his career. not in lineup but pinch-hitter. flies out. ultimately in longest home runless shot. >> logish start again. off to the worst starts of this year while it's lerl i only
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tharz getting 128, no homers they start a siris in new york against the mets tomorrow. >> flyers will kline out the walkers tomorrow and sun perhaps for the final time. if extra will be cleaning out of his averages with wait. >> for the third time in last 0 years there's not going to playoffs for ruby. we set road record as biggest issue. it's hard to awring u. flyers ten wins away from home. brewedy believe they had regular pieces of par. >> we have trael good players khan tries players the opponents are true. they have to improve for sure. you know we have to evaluate and proof and in certain areas. >> ledge gairy stan hawkman was
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arrested today. ed rendell and among thoseing a haw come it pass away age 36 and was a sport cancer in the 9 18 shows. willies and philadelphia sports stand will be nised. guys lets go back to the at the stuz station. >> if heating cis crispy treats of university of heaven. students at the university of wisconsin and coos planes were shutting for report books creating world's largest rice crispy street. families, children, and random volunteers all joined in to help out and they did. it the serial and march concoction. >> do you have more than 11,000 pounds. >> and. >> in yi philly is next on kaenl 6. >> "action news" continues with
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matt o'donnell, david dave ex karen rogers. for walter perez, melissa magee jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great night and a great week ahead. good. >> good
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> from fashion to food and cocktails, it's an explosion of flower power. >> we take a tasting tour of africa. >> and take a trip to the main line where city restaurant have opened suburban outposts. >> we try our 'foot' at a popular new sport. >> and jewelry designed for smart, successful women. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the residences at the ritz carlton in center city. >> this is their new designer model. >> it's one of 270 luxury units here. >> and did we mention it comes with valet parking?! >> and some pretty stunning views of city hall and the philly skyline. >> as the weather turns warm and flowers get ready to bloom, it's time to flaunt


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