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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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scene with more. >> reporter: operation violence reduction targeted seven cities including camden the goal is to get rid of the criminals on the streets including killers and sex offenders and here in camden only "action news" was along for the ride. >> mr. folks is definitely in the game for a while. cooper is our number one place to go for trauma any questions? >> they are the men and women of the u.s. marshal service their mission was operation violence reduction or vr 7 -- >> this is the police we are going to take your door! >> they were searching for jackson, a prison escapee. >> we are talking about going for the worst of the worst and the baddest of the bad. >> one of 94 marshals appointed by the president nationwide, on
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this date his deputies were looking for three fugitives they found him in an apartment with children inside hiding in a closet just a block from an elementary school. they are the unsung heroes of law enforcement. >> like the military slogan says these folks do more by 9:00 a.m. than most do all day. >> the u.s. marshals arrested 7200 fugitives and violent offenders during the month long operation, more than 200 in the state of new jersey and 20 in camden. it but the a dent in the crime in camden and it ended april 107b8g, but these deputies continue to take back the streets. >> by taking these dangerous individuals off the street and seizing illegal narcotics and currency and weapons, we put an immediate end to their unlawful activities. >> while authorities say this
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operation was a huge success we would be remiss if we did not mention josie wells the deputy marshall killed in the line of duty in baton rouge louisiana. the reward is now $20,000 tonight for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in a hit and run accident that killed a little boy. david was pronounced dead at a philadelphia hospital. he and his mother were struck by a car in west kensington his mother tried to shield him from the car, police believe the car is a 2006 to 2008 white infinity m serieses. the stories hurt in a crash in gloucester, new jersey are expected to be okay. the bus had 39 students on board and sideswiped a passing vehicle while turning, the students
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suffered back and neck pain but none of the injuries were serious the accident remains under investigation. a licensed counselor in montgomery county accused of inappropriately touching a teenage client goes to trial. for 73-year-old bernard revis the 14-year-old alleged victim says she secretly recorded two incidents in his office in gwinnett township. in pittsburgh, two armed and dangerous bank robbers are on it's run and investigators think they are well trained officers on the other side of the law. marcy gonzales has the latest on the manhunt tonight. >> almost as chilling as their tactics is who investigators think may be behind a recent string of bank robberies. >> the fbi says the two men that targeted two pittsburgh banks since january may be former or
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current military or current law enforcement officers these videos hint they are well trained. >> the trigger finger is off the trigger guard when are you handling a weapon safely that is what you intend to do before you shoot. >> they are also basing their concern that it may be officers that turned against the law on their use of gun holstered and the layers they are wearing possibly hiding body armor. >> if they are former law enforcement they will have the right gear and weapons, an entrance route and escape route. >> and now the fbi is more concerned because the criminals are getting more violent. in the most recent robbery they pointed a gun at an employee's head. >> they would engage law enforcement if they were pursued. the fbi is looking for this gray toyota corolla and there say
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reward leading to an arrest. and there will be much more on the robbery investigation coming up on world news tonight with david muir at 6:30 right after "action news" at 6:00. turning to the forecast another nice day out there lots of sunshine and things chain tonight and we end the work week with rain. cecily tynan is outside enjoying the weather while it lasts. >> what a week this has been, three out of the past four days temperatures in philadelphia have hit the 70 degree mark, remember monday, that was 75 degrees tying the warm of the day of the year, tuesday we had clouds and showers and dropped down to 63 but yesterday and today philadelphia international airport reporting a temperature of 70 that is 6 degrees above normal. center city it's even warmer at 72 degrees and quakertown slightly cooler but very nice, 67 and coatesville 67.
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and saint davids 67 degrees, hammonton 68, and cinnaminson 72 and hockessin 67 degrees but at the beach the ocean temperature has a big impact. 53 in sea isle city and atlantic city 55 degrees. if you are headed to the playground comfortable with a mix of sun and clouds and mild at 6:00, 68 degrees by 7:00, 65 and all good things must come to an end the high pressure is keeping us dry and easing to the east and the showers in the western half of the pennsylvania are rolling in overnight. this is what to expect the clouds are thickening with a round of showers tomorrow and the good news is the weekend is looking spectacular but early next week on monday i am tracking a soaking rain on the way and i'll have all the details in the accuweather forecast.
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>> thank you we'll check back in later thank you. >> the people that connect philadelphia police officers to emergencies were honored for their work today. the 16th annual dispatcher of the year awards were held in center city. keesha mcgriff and angela mays were chosen for their exceptional service. the families were there as well. and philadelphia fire department dispatcher was honored with the annual award roper works with the communication since 2008 was choke enforce her work ethic and service. now matt pellman is in the traffic center, how are we looking on the way home tonight matt? >> who doesn't want to be out on a day like this, there are a couple of spots you do not want to be. the 30 bypass in chester county westbound side, now a parking
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lot past 202 to this point at 340 the thorndale exit thanks to this crash. emergency crews are on the scene and blocking the right lane and almost completely blocking the off ramp to 340 and it's along crawl. stick with the pennsylvania turnpike instead. a downed industry in buck county blocking allentown road and 309 gets you around that. and the northeast extension past landsdale a broken down vehicle taking out the right lane and slower on the northbound side and slow on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike and the crash approaching fort washington has cleared but the delays spill back to the blue route, 476 from the schuylkill to mid county. we'll check it again in next half hour. >> much more to come on "action news" at 5:00 s. new information tonight from an ongoing study trying to determine if women that take hormone replacements
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are at a greater risk for breast cancer. >> hear the 911 calls made by an airport worker that fell asleep in the cargo hold of an airplane. plus cecily tynan is back with the accuweather forecast. i already like the weekend when we come right back.
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the postal worker accused of landing a gyro copter on the capitol was charged and released. doug hughes was sent home to house arrest. hughes said he only wanted to deliver letters to congress detailing his concerns about corruption in politics he is charged with violating national defense air space and operating an unregistered aircraft. marines got an unexpected beach break in california, they were flying when their helicopter had a mechanical problem and the pilots were forced to make an emergency land and the problem turned out to be an oil leak and it was fixed but
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the helicopter was able to fly back to the base, fortunately nobody was hurt. >> the delaware port authority agreed to a loan to keep the battleship open to tourists. now they will help the home port alliance get a better financing deal and the loan must be paid off in the next ten-years. doctors now have more information about hormone replacement them and does it increase a woman's risk for breast cancer? >> it's an update to an ongoing study, in 2002 estrogen andpro progetenn shows that combination increases the risk but dropped for three years after treatment was stopped. still a slightly higher risk overall remains for these women.
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>> it protects the uterus does increase the risk of breast cancer diagnosis to some small degree but overall death rates are still lower. >> but for women taking estrogen only the risk for breast can't went down and stayed lower for several years it doesn't show that the hormone causes breast cancer and everyone is different that is why it's best to talk to your provider for what is best for you. >> and the measles outbreak that started in disneyland is almost under control, it will be declared over in california if there are no new cases. the health workers spent months stopping the disease that spread to several states. and of course we are also seeing beautiful spring weather this week it's not too hot outside but don't be fooled you can still get burned by the sun
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during the spring the sun gets higher in the sky and the suns ray become more intense to avoid sound damage use an spf 30 and because it's not too hot wear longer sleeves and a hat is helpful to cover exposed skin, i know a lot of people got sun burned this past weekend, keep this in mind, make sure you protect yourself and protect your family. back over to you. >> thanks ali. president obama is congratulating a local day care operator for helping to change the future. she went to the white house to accept the award with other champions of change winners, that are helping middle class families, she has run the places for spaces here in winfield for 17 years now, big hats off to her. wilmington is celebrating upgrades at memorial park a historical state marker was
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unveiled today and the city installed the wrought iron arch way behind the dug outs to get ready for play. they honored johnson for one of the great players in the negro league and this is to coincide with his induction into the national baseball hall-of-fame. "action news" continues next, a reminder if you see breaking news or weather join our team in action. email your videos and photos to or use the #6abcaction on social media.
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target is paying mastercard issues banks as much as $19 million to reimburse for the losses related to the 2013 data breach it affected nearly 4 million accounts this is costs for when they had to reissue debit and credit cards and target settled a class action lawsuit for individual card holders for $10 million. and in philadelphia they
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connected job seekers with employers, mayor michael nutter and others were at the career link center, the center provides workforce services including job training and improvement on education and more. a former super model turns super successful entrepreneur was the guest speaker today at the purdue academy as part of their sixth annual women achieve achievement program. she spoke about her own marketing company that makes $3 billion in annual sales. wawa is making investments in businesses that are giving to charities. it's part of a fundraising effort founded on wawa's birthday last year. >> it's a way for our associated to say thank you for their best
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customers that come in every day and are like family that is part of the wawa secret than is why we are special. wawa gave away free coffee in all of its locations and celebrated at broad and walnut it's expected to open officially this fall. coming up we'll check the forecast from accuweather moon time we'll look at sky 6 hd at our new temple university camera, you have to love this weather. a nice day to play. meteorologist, cecily tynan has the details from accuweather.
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resorts casino in atlantic city is breaking new gambling ground the new i gaming lounge is the only one in the world dedicated to the online gaming experience and folks can get the touch screen tablets and give them a test run today. lets go over to the "action news" big board and cecily tynan with a look at the wonderful forecast. >> rick is running today. he is busy. i want video of that. >> okay. >> today is the day you want to get outside and go running or sit outs side and enjoy the
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weather, live on sky 6 hd philadelphia international airport the planes are taxiing and we are getting the filtered sunshine and good amount of sunshine through high, thin clouds up there and temperatures are mild again and april so far has been relatively warm and dry. temperatures running a little more than a degree and a half above normal and rainfall 1.38 inches below normal and more than a month since we have got more than an inch of rain in a single storm and that is changing though on monday monday looks very wet but this evening it's dry, 69 degrees in philadelphia, we touch 70 this afternoon and allentown and reading also 69 and wilmington 66 and trenton 68 and the wins out of the southeast off the ocean which is cold in the 40s this time of year dropping temperatures along the beaches only in the low to mid-50s, double scan live showing that we are not going to keep the sunshine tomorrow the high pressure that is really pro tebtsing us is working to the
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east and what this will do is let this line of showers work in as we head into the overnight hours, it's pretty comfortable out there now and the clouds will be increasing and showers developing overnight and temperatures with the cloud cover will be relatively mild, 54 in philadelphia and millville and allentown and cape may 50 and wilmington dropping down to 52 degrees, future tracker for the morning commute, it's a wet one with a band of showers over us as we head through the day we'll see a few spotty showers here or there around lunch time, a lot of cloud cover into the afternoon and we'll likely see peeks of sunshine and temperatures around 70 and instability in the atmosphere, some convictive act lift, and some pop-up showers and a rumble of thunder it's not widespread and spotty in the afternoon here is what to expect. steadiest is in the morning and generally a .10 to 1 inch of
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rain with a few peeks of sunshine late in the day the five-day at 5:00, mostly cloudy and showers and still mild with a high of 70 and saturday a taste of summer, plenty of sunshine warm and 78 degrees the warmest day so far this year, cold front moves through saturday night with clouds and behind that, winds shift out of the northwest still nice and 64 degrees and monday don't forget the umbrella a soaking rain and 63 and tuesday the sunshine returns and 71 degrees, is more rain expected late next week. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. the weekend is looking beautiful. >> thank you cecily, more to come in our next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. officials release the 911 call made by an airport worker who fell asleep in the belly of an airplane and went on a terrifying ride. a montgomery businessman is in trouble with the law in a corruption scheme involving penndot we'll explain.
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we'll have that and more when okay comes right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph
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jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. the crazy gyro stunt at the capital is sparking delate about security. and a temple student is brutally attacked at a convenience store near campus and police need help catching the suspect. and the profiles of philadelphia's mayor candidates continue with liz abraham. and now the man faced a judge for the first time this afternoon. mostal worker doug hughes flew into d.c. air space undetebted and he says he was out to make a political statement but in doing so he exposed major security issues. karen travers live now with more. >> reporter: good evening monica, doug hughes did not answer any questions after he
5:31 pm
left his court appearance here in washington, he just smiled as he walked away with his attorney the secret service said they had no advanced notice that doug hughes planned to fly the gyro copter up to the u.s. capitol. >> he is charged with violating restricted air space and flying an unregistered aircraft. he appeared in court in washington as questions are mounting and how he could get his copter around the no-fly zone around the nation's capital. they say it was too small too slow and too quiet to be detected. hughes told friends and family he wanted to deliver letters to lawmakers to demand changes in
5:32 pm
campaign laws. he told secret service agents a year ago. >> the secret service says they received a call at 1:00 p.m. yesterday from a reporter from the tampa time his if they were aware of a permit for hughes to fly and land on the capital grounds, the secret service was unaware of the question and they referred him to the capitol police, he never alerted to the fact that hughes was in route. >> it may provide an opportunity for law enforcement to review their procedures and get some useful lessons from it. >> reporter: doug hughes was released from custody but is now placed on house arrest in florida, he was told to stay away from aircraft and is due back in d.c. for a court appearance on may 8th. reporting live from washington, karen travers, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you.
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this is 23-year-old muhammad accused of training alongside terrorists in syria and returning to the u.s. allegedly with the intent of carrying out an attack. he wanted to carry out deaths execution-style. officials have release the the 911 calls from the seattle airport worker that fell asleep in the cargo hold of an alaska airline flight. and when for a frightening ride. >> i am stuck in the plane i am in in this plane. >> once the man realized he started banging on the ceiling and luckily passengers and crew members heard him and made an emergency landing. >> i'm in the plane -- >> i am inside the plane alaska
5:34 pm
plane flight 448. >> a few seconds later the worker was shouting something and then the call drops, the plane was in the air for 14 minutes before it was able to land and free the worker, the worker was not injured. world news tonight will have more on the airport workers wild ride and the capitol lawn landing and how it sparks serious concerns about security. that is following "action news" at 6:00. temple university student is recovering tonight after being viciously attacked at a 7-eleven near campus it happened on march 22nd on cecil b. moore avenue, the 19-year-old was making a purchase at the counter and the man charged up and started punching him and when he tried to get away he attacked him again the motive is unknown and anyone with information is asked to call police. when breaking news or weather happens in your
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neighborhood, we invite you to join the action you can email us your photos and videos to also become part of the "action news" team use #6abcaction on social media. turning to politics tonight we are a little more than a month away from philadelphia's mayoral primary the six candidates are running in high gear, tonight we continue the profiles of the candidates, to hear their vision for the city's future vernon odom has more on candidate lynn abraham. >> i love you too guys. >> lynn abraham in center city mid-day responding to passing motorists -- her profile and name recognition are sky high after decades of district attorney. that factor is fueling her run for mayor. her opponents have started attacking her like her use of the death penalty. >> they must be scared any time
5:36 pm
youly on your record and attack someone else's that means are you frighteninged. >> the state has an obligation to fund schools, they have robbed philadelphia. on job contracts she says improve the schools and businesses will be able to pay higher taxes and a stronger job market will follow. >> job creation along with schooling you have great education you'll have jobs, workforce development is the most important thing. abraham promises wholesale tax reform. >> all the parties sitting at the table on how to reform the business taxes and wage taxes and use and occupancy taxes and everything else. charles ramsey stays as police commissioner if he wants to but the stop and frisk policies must
5:37 pm
go. >> it hits all the wrong people for the wrong reasons, little has been accomplished by stop and frisk except to make people angry and hostile and it affects the minority communities of philadelphia. >> lynn abraham's recent fainting spell is now in the rear view mirror and her health is not raised as an issue. >> the question is there enough support, or will her rivals get enough momentum to overtake her in the stretch? vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> so once again we are profiling all six candidates running for the democratic nomination the mayoral primary is tuesday may 19th this note tomorrow morning all seven mayoral candidates will talk about the city's booming travel and tourism industry at a forum.
5:38 pm
you can watch that on our website at it started at 8:30 tomorrow morning. the head of a montgomery county engineering company is accused of securing more than a million dollars in profits with illegal contracts with penndot. he surrendered orncharges of theft and bid rigging and said he worked with a penndot official who had the power to award the contracts. all right time now for an update on the highways and by ways on a thursday night. lets see what matt pellman has in store for us. >> it's national stress awareness day if the ride fits the bill. we have several new accidents including this one blocking the ramp from the southbound side of 95 to cotman avenue a heavily used ramp in the afternoon use the ramp at academy instead and
5:39 pm
you'll miss most of the day dei lay as well. it was open for a northbound ship and that means it's an opening at the burlington bristol bridge at 6:15 this evening, on the big picture a crash on the boulevard just past the schuylkill taking out the left lane, slow there and on the schuylkill as well. look at this parking lot from montgomery to the blue route because the blue route northbound is jam and the pennsylvania turnpike is jammed because of an earlier crash at fort washington. and the 30 bypass still a mess from 202 to 340 and another crash just up ahead. yes it's stressful. back to you. >> thank you matt. more to come on "action news" on thursday night. a senate committee hearing is interrupted by a ringing cell phone, the person that answered it simply said let it go. and wizes are gearing up for
5:40 pm
a big competition. >> hi monica another beautiful day. we have details when the rain arrives and what it means for your accuweather forecast. >> jaime apody has sixers and phillies and union news in sports tonight.
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protecting children from online predators was the focus this morning, "action news" was at the kubt day school in bryn mawr where they told students about the i-guardian program, they told students about the dangers online and how to spot the warning signs. the sixers season is mercifully in the books. jaime apody is live with more. >> tell me how you really feel rick. brett brown told me quote i'm glad the season is over, so do many of us after all watching this team struggle to 18 wins after a season with only 19 is
5:44 pm
excruciating at times the coach says he saw plenty of progress on their defense and in fact they led the league in steals. he will have the team back on may 18th to start working on next year but will they be any better and brown can't answer that. >> the pain of losing is real and the pain of arebuild is real and the city's patience versus tolerance is real. to qualify when is it all going to happen? that is the most consistent frequent that i get. and the timeline of when all of that happens i'm not sure but i feel like we are moving in the direction that we said we would. >> you have to think things can only get better with these guys nerlins noel says some positives came out of the season.
5:45 pm
>> we see progress each and every individual player we saw a growth in and we consistently had new pieces, we did a great job of playing together and it's been a learning experience for everybody and you know it's an accomplishment for how much we have learned. >> my how the mighty have fallen in a move that is long overdue, ryan howard has been dropped to seventh, in the phillies batting orderer, they begin' series fence the washington nationals. last night they were swept by the mets, because jerome williams gave up five runs in five innings, the two biggest ones homers. phillies bats not nearly as fruitful they stranded 11 runners on base and have a team batting average near the bottom of the baseball. one of top running backs in
5:46 pm
football will be back, the nfl has reinstated star, adrian peterson he was accused of beating his son with a stick and pled no contest. he said he wants to play elsewhere not with the vikings the vikings said they have no plans to trade him. and the philadelphia union look to make it two in a row tonight and they will try to do it at yankee stadium. in order to avoid striking out playing soccer at a ballpark they practiced the dimensions yankee stadium is the smallest field in the u.s. >> that is the hand they were dealt and the tight configuration with the out field and the walls being where they are, if they could make it bigger i'm sure they would. but it's the reality of the situation and we have to prepare for playing on a tight field. >> soccer in yankee stadium
5:47 pm
should be fun to watch. back to you. >> thank you. local high school students are gearing up to compete in a national robot building contest next week, members of robot lancers here were showing off their creation to mayor nutter today and the students head to st. louis to compete in a national robotics design championship, he told the kids he was proud of their creative and hard work and they raised thousands of dollars to build their robot thanks to a lack of school funding.
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♪♪ ♪♪ just let it go mr. -- >> what a twice interrupt a senate committee hearing, senator pat robinson's phone went off and it was the bald from frozen. it provided some humor during foreign policy i had let it go on my phone for a bit and then my 13-year-old son said please change it. >> daddy you are embarrassing. >> exactly. >> a picture perfect day for april. >> the weekend is going to be nice but rain is on the way. the weekend say sunshine
5:51 pm
sandwich. >> like that. >> anything about food. stormtracker 6 live double scan whenever i am talking about food he will listen we have dry conditions out there and a line of showers west of harrisburg, that is moving our way in the overnight hours the action cam today out and about in old city showing the blue skies some high thin clouds here and there, and all in all mostly sunny skies and this is a sign of the times, james posted this on my facebook page opening up their pool today. the water is going to be cold, this is a sign that the warmer weather is just around the corner and even right now it's mild, we touched 7 degrees today and third time this week in the 70s and allentown 69 and millville 68 and right along the coast the winds are off the ocean and 58 degrees.
5:52 pm
satellite 6 along with action radar showing high clouds moving in and that will allow showers from western pennsylvania to move in overnight. tonight it's comfortable for the evening and then it clouds up overnight and showers developing and lows in the 50s, and relatively mild and at midnight the clouds are in place and a few spotty showers north and west of philadelphia, the wettest time period is in the morning future tracker showing a good band of showers over us at 7:00, the morning commute likely will be wet and then the showers will taper off through the day 1:00, some clouds and spotty showers and a few breaks in the clouds and the afternoon we see sunshine and when you get sunshine with the instability by 5:30 some convective activity and maybe a rumble of a
5:53 pm
thunderstorm and by friday night everything is clearing out and saturday though, a taste of summer, high pressure this bubble of high pressure is moving in and that allows plenty of sunshine ahead of this cold front it will be warm temperatures 13 degrees above average, 78 degrees and behind that front we'll cool back down into the 60s on sunday but loads of sunshine so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and showers tomorrow and the wettest time period is in the morning, still mild and 70 degrees saturday sunny and warm and 78 degrees sunday a bright day but cooler 64 degrees and monday don't forget the umbrellas, a soaking rain 1 to 2 inches of rain likely 63 degrees and we dry things out, on tuesday turning sunny and 71 degrees wednesday sun and clouds and thursday mostly cloudy with a high of 64 degrees, the only downside to a day like today.
5:54 pm
allergies. i'm losing my voice and my nose is running. >> that is attractive. >> that is what happens you take the good with the bad. >> "time" magazine released 2015 time 100 and four of the honorees call our area their home. bradley cooper was one of the most influencetial people in the world and lee daniels made the list and so did kevin hart. the issue hits news stands on friday.
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a wilmington teenager has received a national honor he has been awarded the disney friends for change grant, that means volunteers are teaching low income children how to play chess and means will donate the
5:57 pm
money back to the center to buy new chest boards, disney is the parent company of 6 abc. delaware governor jack markell is on hand as they open the doors on the new technology facility. the governor helped to cut the ribbon in newark, they offer solar energy for homes and businesses and the company is expanding in delaware and now employees 100 people. now "action news" is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. a tragic outcome in the hit and run case in kensington, a little 2-year-old victim has died. and police are stepping up their efforts to fine the driver. and a good samaritan who helped a man that fell off the septa platform. >> now for the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams have a nice evening. good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night and a worker dies after an electrical accident at the king of prussia mall. and they catch dozens of fugitives in camden as part of a tragic development in the west kensington section of philadelphia. a 2-year-old died at saint christophers hospital. he and his mother were hit at
6:00 pm
lehigh and masher on monday. that is the vehicle and police are trying to track down the driver but so far to no avail. david henry is live at the scene. >> reporter: a mother and her baby son rundown and left for dead in front of their home here the toddler has now died and you can see behind me grieving family members have gathered struggle to come to terms with their loss. >> he is never going to be here again -- >> 2-year-old david died at the hospital this morning. his mother 19-year-old josephine rivera was released from the hospital this afternoon and briefly greeted well wishers david had been clinging to life for three days after he and his mother were rundown by a hit and run driver they were getting out of a car at her grandmother's home. >> he was taken from


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