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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  April 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., on this thursday, april 23. we're following a developing story. an off-duty philadelphia police officer opens fire during an attempted robbery. an afterschool brawl caught on camera has septa stepping up patrols. and police are looking for who took part. >> we have a chilly change stretching into the weekend. matt pellman is in for karen rogers and david murphy has weather. >> reporter: out to the west you can see snow showers north of
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pittsburgh and state college so an indication that cooler air has arrived. by the time any of those sprinkles work toward the east we'll see rain showers here or there, mostly just sprinkles. not a lot of rain today. 44 degrees, as you step outside. winds coming in somewhat gently from the west. 37 in lancaster close to the 30s in trenton and 43 in millville, new jersey. as we head out the door to get the bus we're looking at temperatures in the low 40s between 6 and 8:00 a.m. a little bit of a chilly breeze may build. it stays cool, high of 55 degrees, i can see that hitting at 3:00 p.m. and lingering until 4:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. we're looking at a similar number of 53 degrees, a couple of issues overnight tonight and overnight friday night into saturday. we are expecting temperatures at
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30. it's a warning in the lehigh valley and northern bucks and montco. of course the pollen report showing things have easilied back a little bit after the rain that came through but we're going back up into the medium high range tomorrow. we'll have more on the sprinkles and showers and we'll let you know when we improve temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> reporter: might have to do running today to stay warm, it's good that the penn relayses in town, i guess. we expect traffic on the schuylkill expressway and vine street expressway because of the relays university city and franklin field. right now all the highways look fine. construction is cleared on the westbound vine. delco, they reopened 291 eastbound which means the ramps connecting it to i-95 has been reopened. there's work going on on the
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pennsylvania turnpike by fort washington and mid county. northeast extension between mid county and lansdale, the right lane is out of commission. if you ride septa boarding at conshohocken you're boarding all trains from the out-bound platforms and delays are possible. an off duty philadelphia police officer who was out walking his dog turned the tables on a would-be robber overnight. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is live near the scene in overbrook to explain what happened. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the police officer is a five year veteran of the philadelphia police department right that he was on upper darby's force for two years, he had just finished his shift, he with as home walking his -- he was home, wawrking -- walking his dog.
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he what is not injured. it happened around 11:40 on the 5800 block of malvern in overbrook. there were not too many people outside when it happened. the suspect came up behind the officer while he was walking his dog. the off duty officer saw the gun in the suspect's hand and drew his weapon. he fired 8 shots the suspect took cover behind a car and fled on foot. one neighbor said he was asleep when he heard the shots. >> i don't know how many it was, it sounded like it was right inside my house. i woke up, it was like it sounded it was inside my house. >> reporter: the k-9 unit was out here, the chopper was over head to check the back alleys, if you have any tips, southwest detectives want to hear from you. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. it is 5:04. developing this morning, a person was stabbed inside a home
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in delaware city overnight. it happened on the 100 block of healy court at 12:30. police found the victim stabbed in the chest on the second floor of the house. new castle county police have not released the victim's condition or motive that led to his stabbing. police are trying to identify all the students involved at a massive after-school brawl on the spring garden platform on the broad street line. police have identified two of the victims that attend ben franklin high school. coming up in the next half-hour we'll hear from school officials about what the suspects will face. >> the parents of michael brown plan to file a civil lawsuit against the city of ferguson, missouri. the 18-year-old was shot and killed by a white police officer last year.
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the justice department declined to prosecute the officer but they released a scathing report citing profiling. police arrested freddie gray earlier this month one week later he was dead from spinal injuries that lawyers say were suffered in the police van. demonstrators took to the streets of baltimore yesterday demanding justice. the justice department civil rights division has opened an investigation into gray's death. >> it's going to take a while for crews to clean up the mess from last night's storm. the wind brought down a popular tree on west olive street. a neighbor captured tree coming down. >> i watched it, it was almost in amazing, i was like, wow you
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got to be kidding me. the homeowner was not home at the time, friends helped her carry out a number of pets after the city said it wasn't safe for her to stay in the home. >> reporter: one gust at philadelphia international airport, was 71 miles per hour. is one of the highest they have seen at the airport in many many years and perhaps all time. that's what the early information is looking at. it is very high for this time. year. the pictures of the trees in-houses that's why we tell you to get indoors to the lower floors because the trees do more damage to the second floor than they do on the first. the winds have fallen back a little bit, it will get blustery as we go past sunrise partly cloudy skies good looking morning, the cameras are looking
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rock solid across the region right now. the wind have not picked up yet. 44 degrees in philadelphia. the big story is how chilly it feels, 39 in allentown. 39 in reading, 40 in trenton. 46 in sea isle city, as we take a look at sky cover today partly sunny skies overnight there's a slight chance of a passing sprinkle most of us it will be later this afternoon. we think it will be centered north of philadelphia. future tracker is bringing it farther south to the region. this is light nuisance stuff but you have a chance of that today. allentown, a partly sunny skies chilly wind, can't rule out a passing sprinkle or shower, 52. sownlt shore windy and -- down the shore chilly and windy
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58 degrees. in philadelphia, 55 degrees, at times the winds are out of the northwest gusting from 30 to 35 miles per hour. here's the how the numbers proceed, 44 degrees by 8:00, high of 55 around 3:00 p.m. right in there here is where you'll see the high. we have afternoon baseball as the phillies try to win the series against the marlins. 54 for the first pitch. 55 in the 9th inning. breezy and chilly. bundle up a little bit. yoamp -- over the next couple of days we have below average temperatures, this is a pattern we'll be dealing with for a while. toanlt and again on friday night and saturday morning, we have a freeze watch in effect across many suburbs we'll be showing the map to show you where that
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is. cover up those potted plants for bring them in. windy and chilly today, 55. a passing sprinkle can't be ruled out but just nuisance stuff. chilly and wind on friday, 56. saturday, sunny and breezy, 60. sunday, afternoon high of 62. phillies get the day baseball in and we're back in the mid 60s by wednesday's workweek and there could rain. >> a prisoner who escaped down south four decades ago is finally back in police custody. find out why he decided to surrender. >> mosquitoes are a pesky and painful part of summer, if you think they always come for me, you may be right. >> reporter: traffic doesn't by
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the this afternoon we'll cross the state line and talk construction coming up after the break. >> good one mr. pellman. financial troubles are beginning to take a toll on a fast food giant. more details when "action news" comes right back.
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hey everyone, all barricades up for the penn relays. the action cam is live at franklin field they will starting point this morning. i have to thinkment runners like this chilly weather, you don't sweat so much you don't overheat
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when you you're racing around that track. >> reporter: that's an area if you have to do so over there you have to allow yourself time. >> reporter: a lot of people off to the races literally as we head to the penn relayses. vine street expressway, ben franklin bridge heading toward the vine. each year we see delays on this morning and the friday morning for the relace. let's head to the burbs. if you're heading to the dekalb pike things are nice and dry and looking good. welsh road will be shut down between tennis avenue and 152 lime kiln pike. at that point instead of welsh road stay or norristown road as an alternate around the construction. overnight work going on in haddon township. the ramp from 130 southbound to the black horse pike southbound is closed.
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168 itself there is restrictions both ways near route 650. ac expressway, westbound winslow, there's work in the right lane. northern delaware, twaddell mill road is closed. elsewhere in delaware, down in wilmington, not a lot cook be this morning just reports of a vehicle stopped on the shoulder 295 as you head toward the delaware memorial bridge. an elderly man has turned himself into the police 40 years after he escaped from prison. he is very sick and has no social security. he had been behind bars in north carolina on larceny knee charges. the price he where he was held
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os shut down in -- was shut down 2002. a pilot tried to make a nose dive after three passengers lost consciousness. they thought the plane was losing pressure, that wasn't the case all passengers are fine. domestic charges were dropped against him in north carolina. the nfl said he violated the league's personal conduct policy. hardy can appeal the suspension which begins september 5. marlins took advantage of the phillies slopy -- sloppy
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play last night. they dropped 5-10 on the season. they finish the series this afternoon reliever, dust continue mcgowen will start a bullpen by committee game for the phillies. >> a chocolate bar with no less than 7 fillings. >> reporter: we're dressing the kids in the sweatshirts with temperatures in time 40s, some of the northern suburbs in the 30s, this afternoon on the windy and cool side unfortunately, i'll have the day planner forecast and we'll get you to the airport next.
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>> tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. an exclusive undercover investigation exposing theft at a local food pantry. , i'm investigative reporter wendy saltzman the man was
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supposed to feed the needy instead he was feeding himself. he stocked his truck with boxes of foods and canned goods and other supplies, see what happens when we catch him red handed. >> why don't you show me what's in that bag. find out what the charity has to say about his grocery grab. my investigation up on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: by the way, very nice to see catherine back from maternity leave. this is king of prussia schuylkill expressway at 202. everything is moving along just swimmingly this morning, no rain, so we're not swimming. manayunk boarding trains from the out bound platform if you use the spring hill or
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conshohocken station. we have delays because of problems with poles down from the strong winds. >> reporter: 45 by 9:00 a.m. in time 50s the rest of the way of the gusts up as high as 35 miles per hour. there's a chance of sprinkles but nuisance stuff. florida is looking overcast and strong thunderstorms in texas and the southern gulf coast and hail there, as well. most commonly traveled destinations, we have all green aircraft. rain reported in atlanta we showed you that, but everybody else is dry. funk you're the target for mosquitoes they always find you at the table you may be right. pregnancy and alcohol and bigger
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mass can make you a target for the bug. there's no evidence that old house wives tale eat garlic take vitamins will repel them, don't forget your insect repellant. when was the last time you saw a mcdonald's in your neighborhood close? here's abc's america's money. >> reporter: the company that is known for super sizing is downsizing. >> closing 400 locations here in jam and -- in japan and united states. >> reporter: apple says it will be delivering watch models ahead of schedule. if you're order will be arriving early, most models sold out until june. cadbury showing off the first ever chocolate bar with 7
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different fillings. carmel nut fruit turkish delight and nut crunch and almond butter. >> only 50 will be made as part of a twitter give way. >> that's america's money. 5:23, up next, deadly high, detail on the dangerous designer drug blame for several deaths in the area. >> a would-be robber tried to hold up an off-duty cop and met with gunfire. we'll get an update at 5:30 a.m. ♪ and once you find your card, you can switch it right on again.'re back! [touch tone] freeze it, only from discover. get it at
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>> authorities inner lehigh county are warning of a public health emergency since the start of the months. doctors have treated dozens of patients who overdosed on synthetic marijuana. there were 8 deaths in the county. there's kidney failure and muscle breakdown. the drug is a leafy substance sprayed with chemicals packaged to look like >> a segue is battery powered
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and goes between 9 -- 5 and 789 miles per hour. you can by one at golf 6500 bucks. check your golf course to make sure they a allow these things to zip along the greens. >> would you use one? >> no i like to walk. >> we're following a developing story, a robbery attempt overnight with an off-duty police officer firing his weapon. >> septa is promising to take action following a huge brawl on the broad street line. we'll update the efforts to track down the students involved when "action news" continues.
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>> developing now on "action news," a would be thief ends up dodging gunfire himself when he tries to rob an off-duty policeman. >> septa stems up patrol after
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an all outbrawl that was hush hush before now. >> a home is in danger of collapsing into the delaware river. >> some of the northern suburbs dipped into the 30s overnight. good morning 5:30, karen is off, let's head over to david murphy with accuweather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: we talked about how it was going to be chillier today. what does that look like near pittsburgh or state college. every time i say that, matt pellman is over there growning. as that precipitation pushes toward the east. it will be a sprinkle, rain around here not snow. 44 in wilmington, 39 in allentown and reading. there's a little bit of a breeze coming in from the west. not too bad just yet. once the sun comes up over the horizon, we could seep the breezes picking u


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