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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  April 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning 6:00 a.m. saturday april 25th, here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," we're following breaking news out of nepal. we're beginning to learn about casualties following a powerful earthquake at katmandu. a man is hurt after being by a car in a parking lot of a south jersey you don't sayry -- grocery store. it's spring, it doesn't feel like it, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6. some of the areas look like we would see toward the end of february or the beginning of march. that's how cold it is in parts of the region. there's the view of the
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philadelphia international airport. high pressure is overhead. we have clear skies and calm wind and that's allowed the temperatures to drop of a cliff. we have freeze warning in effect for most of the area with a frost advisory for the state of delaware and delaware counties. everybody else with a freeze warning and other areas frost advisory. that's because temperatures have dropped below freezing, look at millville. 27 degrees. allentown, 30. lancaster, 32. wilmington sitting at the freezing mark of 32. the poconos down to 28 degrees. mostly clear conditions exoacted out there -- expected out there this morning. the day planner looks tranquil, just chilly for this time of the year. the normal high is 67. 55 degrees by lunchtime. 3:00 p.m., 60. that's the forecasted high, the sun will set around 7:49 this evening. storm tracker 6 live double scan
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showing a band of showers and wet snow flying across portions of western pennsylvania from state college through pittsburgh. this will march east, the weather will moderate a little bit. this will be in the form of rain showers that move in overnight tonight. when i come back we'll talk about that and when we warm up in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, chris. new video on our breaking news deaths are being reported after a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake rocked nepal. 71 people with died according to the country's home ministry. bangladesh ministry is reporting casualties. people are trapped in temples and homes. sphere destruction in katmandu, the capitol of nepal. 7,000 people live in katmandu. the quake was felt always way as new dehli india. this is the worst tremor to hit
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the himalayan nation in 80 years. a man was hit by a car in a shopping center parking lot. he was hit in lawn side. this happened on the 100 block of the north white horse pike. the victim was taken to cooper university hospital in serious condition. the driver stopped police are investigating. philadelphia police are searching for a violent thief who attacked a woman in south philadelphia. "action news" reporter, dann cuellar has the details on the vicious attack. >> reporter: police say this was a vicious attack on a woman. she was walking home from the gym when suddenly her attacker comes up from behind and clocks her in the face knocking her unconscious. police are hoping someone may recognize him from the surveillance footage. this is the man police are looking for near the area of the attack. police are asking viewers to take a look at the design of his jacket and laces on sneakers. >> bright red or orange laces
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in his sneakers and the back of his hood on the jacket appears to be camouflage. >> reporter: the woman was walking home from the gym on east passyunk she was on the 900 block of south 8th when she was punched in the face and knocked out cold. punch was so loud it caught the attention of a witness who looked out the window and saw the aftermath. i seems after the incident he went through her pockets and assisted her to stairs nearby before he left the scene. >> reporter: but she was clearly unconscious. >> reporter: the victim suffered a fractured jaw and broken tooth and remembers little about the assault. witnesses say the assailant was a black male in his 30s and
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t-shirt and black hoodie. the surveillance video is at, anyone with information is being asked to call (215)866-3013. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> the case of the police corruption trial in center city, the prosecution rested in the case against 6 former officers accused of beating down dealers for drugs and cash and lying in court to win unjust convictions. jeffrey walker one of the former colleagues pleaded guilty that implicated them. a judge has sentenced a former head master of an elite prep school to 50 years. wheeler was the head master at the tower hill school. he will be registered as a sex
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offender and undergo mental valuation. protesters say they will shut down the city of baltimore protesting the death of freddie gray. yesterday, baltimore police admitted in the strongest terms yet that mistakes were made. >> we know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times. >> reporter: the police chief said for the first time that if any of his officers harmed freddie gray that will be prosecuted. gray who was unarmed was arrested afters quote made eye contact and ran. good morning weekend will have more on the planned marches through baltimore. "good morning america" is next immediately following this
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broadcast at 8:00 a.m. we're 150 days away from the visit of pope francis during the world meeting of families. a massive security effort is already underway to insure the pontiff and the more than million pilgrims whole visit will be safe. vernon odem has more. >> reporter: italian authorities have locked up in a nationwide sweep of suspects who plan to launch attacks on the vatican. through wiretap evidence the plan was being hatched in 2010 when a possible suicide bomber from afghanistan entered the country. two of the suspects served as body guards for the late terror master bin laden. some of the suspects were involved in the o9 bombing of a park taken market where more than 100 were killed. with the pope's visit in september, the unprecedented security is underway.
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the secret service is in charge with the philadelphia police fully engaged and watching developments all across the globe. >> you better believe we're paying close attention to what's happening and making the necessary adjustments obviously i can't go into a lot of details. >> reporter: the week long world meeting of family will be the pope celebrating mass on the benjamin franklin parkway. on the planning board a complete shut down of traffic from center city to old city. also engaged in the planning and coordination, the region's hospitals, more than 60 of them getting ready with supplies and staffing for any possible situation. >> we're able to care for the routine emergency to unfortunately a cat strorveg -- catastrophic event that could tames. well get cooperation from all around the area from a lot of
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people, because it may require that. >> a jury has reached a guilty verdict in the hazing death of a drum major. three former members of the band was convicted of manslaughter and hazing. they required band members to endure pain. the defendants face up to 20 years in prison. 15 suspects were originally charged. university of florida has suspended a fraternity whose members are accused of spitting at military veterans. they expelled the three students involved. they are vacationing in florida where the conventioner were meeting. the students are accused of hurling drubbing you drunken insults at the vets and stealing their flags. it was a second chance at
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the old time street in center city. dozens of formerly homeless man were honored for maintaining jobs and sobriety. it's due to the help and support of the organization, ready willing and able. who is happy and who isn't when it comes to airline satisfaction? we'll tell you when a burlington county bridge is being closed. >> reporter: it's the end of april and it's snowing in western pennsylvania from pittsburgh to johns town. all this is moving east, cold air in place we'll have showers overnight tonight and i'll let unwhen things warm up in the seven day when i see you in a few minutes.
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shades of white. that's light snow flying around the gettysburg area. southwest toward pittsburgh and johns town, pennsylvania. they are seeing flakes flying out there this morning. 40 degrees. dewpoint 21. winds out of the northwest at 9. you can see how tranquil it is this morning. not too much of a breeze, you can see the camera is not even dancing around for you. the dewpoint is 30, the winds are calm at the atlantic city airport are calm. if you're a fisherman that's why the strierp season is off to a -- striper season is off to a slow start we have to get the water temperatures up there and with the air temperatures up there, it's not helping. oxford 29. new hole holland 32. look at the outlying suburbs in south jersey, 27 in buena.
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hammonton, 27. cinnaminson, 38. freezing in smyrna. hockessin, 35 and 28 in woodbine. when you factor in the winds with temperatures this cold, the slightest breeze adds to it. feels like 27 in lancaster. 26 in wilmington, 27 degrees in millville. satellite and radar, a couple of systems that we're watching they are very weak and unorganized. they are moving from west to east encountering the cold air overhead. it's changing the rain over to light snow in western pennsylvania, pittsburgh reporting light to moderate snow. johnstown is reporting light snow. as this marches east it will moderate. we'll have temperatures close to 60 degrees. if we get any moisture overnight tonight it's in the form of rain. again, it's impressive to see the snow flying so late in the month of april.
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sunny, high pressure in control. a few high, thin clouds work into the region late as the area of low pressure approaches from the southwest. the bulk of the moisture will actually stay to the south. it will move across the virginia capes and the carolinas. we'll be brushed by this. there could showers after midnight tonight around the mason dixon line, delaware, extreme southern portions of cape may and cumberland counties. tomorrow morning brief showers early, otherwise it's clouds breaking for sunshine. clear conditions, early, high thin clouds roll in later on this afternoon. overnight tonight we cloud up. everybody going mostly cloudy. there could showers in this part of the viewing area very late tonight into tomorrow morning. these clouds give way to sunshine during the course of the day. sunny is to tart increasing high clouds in the afternoon.
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philadelphia 60 degrees, millville, 58, trenton 60 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and sun for sunday, 63. breezy monday, chilly, 60. the normal high 67. there could showers around during the afternoon. we dry out nicely for tuesday sunny and windy 65. partly sunny wednesday, 69. thursday, not too bad 66 degrees, but lots of clouds, rain and drizzle friday, mostly sunny skies and high of 63. it's cold out there this morning, but we'll moderate later this afternoon and temperatures get back on track later next week. a delaware county couple opened up there home to raise money for breast cancer vaccine. dann cuellar was on hand for the 8th annual shower of hope in media. of the it raises money for a clinical trial for vaccine.
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>> rise and shine on this saturday morning, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us over cape may, new jersey. 42 degrees, 6:20 right now. google has unveiled it's long-awaited cell phone service. the basic phone service costs $20 a month. each gigabyte of data is $10 a
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month. you can sign up for 3 and get back ten dollars if you use only one gig. coke said their soda is fizzling. coak zero which is a -- coke zero which is a diet beverage sells lowest in volume. when it comes to airlines, jet blue takes top spot. they received a score of 81 a slight increase from last year. spirit airline was the lowest ranking carrier with a score of 54. customer satisfaction with the airline century overall increased. and passenger seafertion -- satisfaction is at the highest level in 21 years.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:24 saturday morning, waking up to freezing temperatures in parts of the area. as a matter of fact temperature-wise we're starting to pick up a hard freeze across the pine barrens in south jersey. the freezing warning is in effect until 8:00 a.m. this purple color that's a frost advisory that's in effect until 8:00 a.m. to add salt to the wounds it's snowing in western pennsylvania from pittsburgh to johnstown. as this pushes east later this afternoon into the overnight temperatures will climb above freezing. we don't have to worry about
6:25 am
light snow in the delaware valley. here we are it's almost the start of may and we're talking cold temperatures and snow across portions of keystone state. penn relays, windchills, 30s close to 40 degrees. this afternoon we'll see temperatures close to 60 and high, thin clouds. eagles take to batting practice before draft night. >> reporter: good morning, three state games of scoring just a single run. it would be easy to slam the phillies offense. they eeked out a victory over atlanta with that lone run. listener to this stat line, 8 innings, two hits, no runs, 6 strikeouts.
6:26 am
era, 6.97. fredy galvis scores the winning run, phillies take it. >> we needed this big time, it freddie played a great game. it was a great team win all around. >> the phils added extra players taking batting practicer, they were not phillies at all. they invited the eagles over to the park. as for the football side of things sanchez is getting reacquainted with tim tebow. doesn't sound like sanchez is too worried about losing his job to tebow mania. >> he's another guy to throw while sam is recovering. that's kind of the reason there. that's the way it was explained to me. >> it's been nearly a week since chip kelly made a
6:27 am
polarizing move. what gives of if you're confused about the master plan sanchez says take a chill pill. >> don't worry, we have something going i have faith in coach like we all do. let you know he is doing everything to set us up for success. careful it's just april. >> reporter: we'll have eagles covered on draft night. we'll have draft breakdown thursday and friday night at 11:30 on 6abc. the eagles have recinded their tender offer to running back chris polk. he will will not be back next season. i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a terrific weekend. >> we have more coming up on "action news" saturday morning stay with us. we'll be right back.
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breaking news, a powerful earthquake has hit nepal killing people in the himalayan nation. new overnight a teenager is dead now the search is on for a murder suspect in camden. plus, it's freezing, the winters coat is a must grab as you head out this morning.
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chris sowers here. >> mother nature has been a funny lady this year. >> reporter: we're in the doghouse again. wait until you the temperatures out there. it's cold and quiet there's not much to speak of, we have high thin clouds to the west, believe it or not it's snowing in western portions of pennsylvania. the normal low which occurs around 7:00 a.m. is 47 degrees we're in the 20s in parts of the area. millville, 27. harold freeze taking place in the pine barrens in south jersey. trenton, 35. 28 in the poconos. allentown showing 30. reading, 36. lancaster, # 2. philadelphia -- lancaster, 32 philadelphia 40 degrees. dover, 37 degrees, all weekend long pollen count is high, maple juniper and popular are the main
6:31 am
culprits. allergy sufferers keep that in the back of your mind. clouds increase during the course of the day. otherwise it's fairly comfortable. we're below average but warmer than yesterday. 10:00 a.m. mostly sunny 50 degrees lunchtime 55. that's when we see the high, thin clouds roll in. overnight tonight the clouds lower and thicken. if you're heading to the citizens bank park, first pitch temperature, 55. by the 9th inning, temperatures close to 50 degrees. thanks, chris. breaking news, a massive earthquake has collapsed temples and homes in nepal. see people have been reported killed. some are buried in the ruins in the capitol of catman -- katmandu. it triggered avalanches on mount
6:32 am
everest. it shook cities in pakistan and bangladesh. this is the strongest tremor to hit nepal in 80 years. several aftershocks have hit the area making it unsettling during rescue operations. back here at home, an 18-year-old died on the operating table after being shot by someone in the back. he was gunned down before 1:00 a.m. he died at cooper university hospital. camden county police have not released his name or said what the motive is. there are still unanswered questions for them. philadelphia police are investigating an overnight shooting in juniata. officers found shells and blood behind a home on caster avenue. police we want to talk to a man who showed up at the hospital with a gun shot wound to the hand. so far no articles. police are questioning two people after a military veteran
6:33 am
and his girlfriend were abducted and victimized. >> reporter: southwest detectives are make a lot of progress in the bizarre scheme they say a trio of woman kidnapped an 86-year-old man and his girlfriend all so they can rent a car and open a bank account in his name. two people were taken into i couldn't have the after they were found in the rental car near belmont mansion and montgomery. [inaudible]. >> reporter: 55-year-old priscilla jones does not know the trio of women with a small child who allegedly abducted her and her boyfriend george saunders.
6:34 am
they were on a walk thursday morning when a gray town and country pulled up next to them. >> the driver of the car said do they need a ride. they said no. the driver gets out and tells them to get in with the insistence with another female in the car. >> reporter: this one took her into td bank and said he was her father who wanted to open a credit card. she puts in $600 of her own money and heads to the henlt -- rental company to rent a car. >> instead the woman driving in separate cars at high speeds. they go to this rent a car company and rent a truck in
6:35 am
saunders aides name. >> you put them in an 86-year-old person's name they would probably want to use them for criminal activity. >> i would tell anybody the first policeman you see tell them. >> reporter: the other rental car was found in cranbury new jersey. the people in the car were charged with receiving stolen property. there are a lot of pieces in the case we need your help especially with identifying the woman in the picture in the td bank if you have any information contact 215-546-tips propertying reporting outside southwest detective's, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> chopper 6hd was above the mohawk trail in medford lakes.
6:36 am
flames shot from the roof of a home as firefighters doused the flames. the two-alarm fire started in the kitchen. the person was able to get out safely. a police officer shot in the line of duty was released from penn presbyterian hospital with his wounded arm in the sling. couldcoulddaniel kostic was shot by an alleged drug dealer who was shot and in stable condition at hanheman. he has a lengthy arrest record with 13 priors. daniel kostic returned tomorrow to excel vertibrate his son's birthday today. today -- to celebrate his son's birthday today. funeral services for ryan gillyard are being held at saint dennis' church at 11:00 a.m. he collapsed during football drills.
6:37 am
he had no previous medical problems and playing football since the third grade. bruce jenner has broken his silence in a highly anticipated interview with diane sawyer. the olympic champion salt down for -- sat down for a one-on-one interview. >> come into my house. >> reporter: bruce jenner emerging from the shadows. >> for all entities and purposes i am a woman. i was not born that way. >> reporter: the announcement comes after months of intense speculation. the hounding of the paparazzi almost broke him. >> wouldn't the easiest thing to do go into a room and get a gun and boom. i can't do something like that, i want to know how this story ends. >> reporter: he first thought
6:38 am
about transitioning to be a woman in the 1980s but concerns about his children caused him to lose his nerve. ever all his children kim has been the most accepting after kanye told him this. i could be married to the most beautiful woman in the world and have the most beautiful daughter in the world but i'm nothing if i can't be me. >> reporter: what does he want his legacy to be. >> you're okay, you won the decathlon and was true to himself. and that's the rest of the story. >> reporter: bruce jenner intends to drop out of public view as he begins to transition to be a woman. abc news new york. >> you can see much more of interview at the presidents of france
6:39 am
and russia were among the leaders taking part in the armenian ceremonies yesterday. armenians have been urging leaders to call the killings during world war i a genocide. australian new zealand and other allied troops take part in the i will fated landing -- ill fated landing the idea was to take ottoman out of the world. the largest track and field event takes place place tow at the penn penn relays. it starts at 7:00 a.m. this
6:40 am
morning. russell crowe's new move is coming out we take a look. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, let me warn you it's cold outside right now. "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> imagine building your dream home only to have this happen. this million dollar home that sits on a lake in cherokee
6:43 am
county texas is starting to buck as the bank slowly erodes. neighbors say the last major landslide was back in 2006. not cool at all. >> reporter: imagine april 27th and it is snowing. that's what's going on in western pennsylvania. >> technically that's cool. just kidding. >> reporter: oh, boy. there's the camden waterfront you're looking at the battleship new jersey. it's a tranquil morning around the delaware valley, but it's cold. some of the outlying suburbs are in the 20s. dewpoint 21. winds out of the northwest at 9 miles per hour. that's putting windchills in the cities in the low 30s the barometer is holding steady. 35 in trenton. 30 in allentown. windchills in the 20s # 2 in lancaster. 32 in wilmington. hard freeze for the pine barrens in south jersey.
6:44 am
millville, 27 degrees. sea isle city and on the boardwalk in atlantic city. 38. there's the snows aflying in western pennsylvania this morning. some pictures are being sent in to me right now. it's accumulating on the ground. grassy surfaces are seeing a light coating out of out of this this morning. it will march east it will evaporate. it's impressive to see snow flying so close to home this late in april getting close to may. state college western pennsylvania, light snow out there this morning. rain across the shannondoah valley. washington, d.c. metro area seeing light rain this morning. if you're traveling to the southeast. this is where the severe weather threat this afternoon. 60-mile an hour gusts expected in this part of the country includes kentucky and tennessee. hail is possible in this part of the county. there's the slightest chance of
6:45 am
tornados in the dixie south. atlanta, jacksonville and pensacola florida. here's future tracker 6 this is the wired view we have two areas of low pressure one here, the upper level low back across the western portions of the ohio valley. all this travels east over the next 24, 48 hours just brushing our southern zones where we could see showers overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. otherwise this is basically a nonevent for us. we're seeing mostly sunny skies a few high, thin clouds increase this afternoon. everybody clouds up overnight tonight and we get into tomorrow morning, even though this model is bullish on the idea we'll kick things on out of here quickly. there could showers holding on in southern portions of south jersey and state of delaware. sunday afternoon, pop up showers for the lehigh valley and the poconos, otherwise it's clouds and sunshine. a nice easy forecast this
6:46 am
weekend. sunny skies today increasing high clouds, 60 degrees that's the forecasted high. normally we should be around 66, 67, a good seven degrees below average. overnight tonight there could showers late after midnight. and south of the city. 37 degrees north and west, 45 for center city. temperatures this time tomorrow will be much milder than what we're dealing with this morning. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. not too bad out there this afternoon. 60 degrees mile an milder than yesterday. clouds and sun sunday, 63 after a morning shower south of the city. monday, clouding up, there could showers 60 degrees, tuesday sunny, windier and milder, 65. wednesday, 69 degrees, thursday, periods of rain, and patchy drizzle, 66. friday, 63. only one day in the seven-day forecast is above average.
6:47 am
i promise you things will get better, i just don't know when. >> it's not too bad when you look at the high of 60, that's not some designers from designer college showed off their designs last night. it's a great chance for the designers to enter the professional fashion world. some of the students last year were invited to take part in atlantic city fashion week.
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at theaters, timeless beauty a man who goes in search of his son and con man who tries to stay out of prison by committing another crime. >> reporter: silence your cell phone ringers the age of adeline stars blake lively and helen burst ton. >> where are you off to? >> someplace with better food, my apartment. yourself? >> back to the party. >> i just wanted to spend 27 floors with you. >> reporter: it is a timeless romance, she stops aging after a near fatal accident and attempts to lead an isolated ice. her fear of losing her lover to time until she meets a man named i will list. he is the son of a man who crossed paths with adeline in
6:51 am
the past. >> i won't let go. >> good girl. >> reporter: john travolta return also to the big scene -- returns to the big screen in a thriller called the forger. >> it's either yes you go back to prison. >> reporter: he is the best art forger released from prison. he struck a deal to pull off an impossible heist forge a painting by claude monet and steal it from a museum and replacing it with a replica that no one will notice. he needs the help of his father and son to pull of the heist of their lives. the direct to recall debut of russell crowe and based on on
6:52 am
the book of the same name, the water diviner. he is joshua connor who goes in search of his three missing sons. he was last seen fighting in battle. he comes across many who knew his sons who suffered losses of their own. paul mccartney will return to the wells fargo center july 21. the tour has him singing beetle classic songs. it follows a june performance at the firefly musikfest val in delaware.
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 6:55 saturday morning time for the travel forecast. we have a lot weather out there this morning including annual upper level low across the high plains and tornados watch boxes in mississippi and alabama. atlanta there's thunderstorms off to the west. we have a good jet stream that's roaring out of the southwest like this. if you're traveling and flying toward the southwest and get to cruising attitude there could bumpy patches. it's the mid atlantic and the northeast is feeling the icy grips from old man winter. we have temperatures around freezing in parts of the area. dallas 58. new orleans 77.
6:56 am
jacksonville, 65 degrees, as we look at the major hubs most are on time of we have rough weather near atlanta. 40 degrees in philadelphia. logan and boston, 36. chicago and midway and o'hare, all flights on time. good thunderstorms right now near atlanta. temperature-wise it's mild with temperatures near 60. >> due like the look of wallpaper, but intimidated by the process and the price the designers from live well network show you a super easy alternative that's easy on the wallet. >> reporter: an accent wall is a great way to amp the design in any room. wallpaper can be pricey, about 100 bucks a roll. check out how i change this ordinary wall into an extraordinary wall by using this simple technique.
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we have another hour of "action news" coming up. children's toys are cruised to create a beautiful colorful garden. a new test for breast cancer, how they are trying to make this test accessible to everyone. those stories and more in just a moment.
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., saturday, april 25. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news," we'll have the latest on our breaking news, the cawrkts -- casualties are growing in nepal after a powerful earthquake. we have frost on the grass this morning first let's head outside to chris sowers with a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast chris? [no audio] >> we'll have the latest on breaking news, a powerful earthquake has hit nepal's capitol leaving the himalayan nation in ruins.


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