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tv   Action News 11 PM  ABC  April 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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and why. death toll in nepal continues to rise in the wake of that devastating earthquake, next up on "action news". international help is now on the way for the hundreds of thousands of people impacted by a
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devastating earthquake in nepal. tonight, american military relief teams have left dover air force base, hoping to help ease the pain of the catastrophe, in anyway that they can. sunday night and the big story on "action news" is mounting death toll and frantic search for survivors after the devastation. >> it is now morning in nepal with the sunrising revealing the sheer magnitude of the disaster. at least 1700 people have been killed thousands injured and relief efforts have been hampered by series of powerful after shocks. a "action news" reporter annie mccormack is live from the satellite center with the very latest. the. >> reporter: walter and czar tonight we spoke to the woman in montgomery count hoy moved from nepal more than a decade ago. she says she's watching closely because her family members are there she's also very close with our local nepal community to try to figure on you what they can do to help our loved ones. images of temples and building in ruins across nepal has montgomery county resident
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bandita, beside herself. >> right now the the distance is killing me. i'm conducting my normal life but everything is crazy around there. it is just, helpless. >> reporter: preparing, sister and extended family, live around katmandu and slept in tents following 7.8 earthquake fearing their homes would collapse on them during after shocks. >> i don't know what the difference would i make if i was there but just thought if i was there doing the the same thing that they are doing sleeping in the tent, i think i would be together. >> reporter: at least three americans on mount everest are confirmed dead as death toll rises, including google executive dann freedenberg documentary film maker tom kaplan and the base camp doctor eve a new jersey native. this video posted on you tube showed hikers on base camp running for their lives. many are still trapped in camps higher up. subsequent avalanchees fell throughout the day. medical helicopter were able to get some of the most critical out.
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four students abroad, from allentown, muhlenburg college including allie elliott are save. heil posted on facebook his patties block but he is staying in the village nearby. elliott's a mother tell us her daughter skirt one of the worst hit area have of nepal by just a few hours. >> she had done her research. she was finish. she wanted to go back to katmandu. we said go. she won't up going back to her home state family and she told us this morning that she heard that the lodge where she is staying near the national park, and the village there was totally destroyed. the so she got out, just in time. >> reporter: and good news for those muhlenburg college students. we have learn from their parents that the school program they are with down there is working on an evacuation plan but it could still take days. a as for bandita, she does tell us they are putting together some sort of fundraiser or vigil they hope
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to have friday night. we will have details for it once they put it together on the web site at six reporting live from the satellite center, annie mccormack for channel six "action news". >> thank you. red cross is mounting an international response to the earthquake. the organization is committed an initial $300,000. if you would like to donate just log on to red and click on donate now. back here at home four young children were rescued from the basement of their home in kensington after police say their mother lock them down there as punishment. they were trapped since yesterday and only able to escape after using a cell even if to call for help. "action news" reporter kenneth moton joins us live from the special victims unit in hunting park with the full story, kenneth? >> reporter: walter, the mother was brought to svu for questioning. tonight her children are the in the hand of the authorities. they did not have have any visible injuries, after police say that they were locked in that basement for more than 12 hours. detectives with the special
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victims unit were on the scene in kensington sunday evening investigating the mother they say lock her four children in the basement of their home as punishment. >> i was really surprised and shocked that she would do, make such a bad judgment like that. >> reporter: police got the call around 1:30 on the 1900 block of east atlantic street from one of the trapped children begging for help. investigators say the mother put the the kid in the basement saturday night, no food, no bathroom. fire fighters climbed through a bedroom to open door for police who got in the basement. they discovered a 13 year-old boy, his sisters age 12 and ten and their nine year-old brother. neighbors say they were hungry and frightened when they left the house for st. christopher's hospital. svu track down their mother. she was questioned. >> she's quiet. the kids come out and play all the time. you know, never did i ever see her disciplining her kid in front of anybody. >> it is a shame. you know i love kid. i have two of mize own. you never imagine your kid
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being in this situation regardless, you know so it breaks my heart. >> reporter: friend of the victims says she saw the mom and daughter arguing outside saturday afternoon. >> i started crying like i was like what type of person does this to their kids. that is not even a type of punishment that you do. >> reporter: friend and neighbor victoria sykes says the single mother is a good mom and these alleged actions are out of character. >> fit is is true i feel like she made a mistake and she just need to probably get some counseling. >> reporter: so has this happened before? svu says that is under investigation. the mother is facing a number of charges including child neglect and endangering the the welfare of the child. woman's name has not been released sarah. reporting live from svu in hunting park tonight kenneth moton for channel six "action news". >> kenneth, thank you. turning to accu weather now after a witt of the cold start it felt more like spring around here today. we are hoping it sticks around. the meteorologist melissa
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magee is live with with the first check of the forecast, melissa. >> yes, we definitely have something to look forward to pressing in the workweek ahead but as you mentioned feeling like spring across much of the delaware and lehigh val toys day, outside tonight temperatures are currently in the 50's in philadelphia. 52 degrees. forty-seven in allentown lehigh valley. forty-two in the poconos a long with the coast in sea isle city, 48. fifty in beach haven. the satellite six with action radar showing you we have got a mostly cloudy skies across the region. part of the reason is we're tracking this disturbance. it is an area of low pressure sitting and spinning in canada for the weekend. you can see some popping up across areas in northern new england. so this moisture will continue to retro grade or move back to the west throughout the overnight hours and for start of the workweek on monday w that said there could be a few showers popping up, from time to time, especially by tomorrow afternoon. so we will talk about what is a head, cloudy but quiet
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tonight. we are track ago this stray shower as we get into monday afternoon. temperatures will be moderating this week, in fact, there is two days this week that i think you'll look forward to. temperatures in the upper 60's to near 70. we will talk about details with the accu weather forecast. new back over to you walter. >> looking forward to it already, thanks, melissa. police are searching for five men in connection with the shooting in the frankford section that ended with a man hospitalized in critical condition. the victim was discover lying in the 4700 block of d a ra street late last night. he suffered several gunshot wound to the chin, neck and back. victim was taken to temple university hospital no word on the victim's identity or a possible motive. two young women were killed and three injured in the crash on i295 in gloucester county. it happened just before 8:30 near mile post 17 in east greenwich township. the deceased have been identified as driver, 22-year old jos man gonzales of pennsauken and her passenger
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a 22-year old of berlin, new jersey. it is not yet men how the crash happened or the conditions of those who were injured. police are now investigating. a man was seriously injured in the the car crash just a few hours ago on martin luther king drive. it happened around 9:00 p.m. near sweet briar. the man lost control of his truck and then hit a pole in the tree. emergency crews rescued him from his overturn vehicle which police say is owned by the city of philadelphia he was transported to penn presbyterian hospital with unstable vital signs. in word what caused the crash. in tallyville, delaware this morning a collision caused a driver to slam into a wall in front of ai du pont children's hospital. the initial accident happened at the intersection of route 141 and children's drive. the driver of this white car was forced to the intersection striking bushes and traffic signs, and finally coming to a stop against the concrete wall. he was flown to christiana hospital. in word yet on his condition.
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local church remembered a long time neighborhood friend today who was latest casualty to senseless violence. >> ♪♪ >> africans church in saint thomas in overbrook held a special service for james stohlman. stohlman who lived in that neighborhood was shot to death while walking his dog. investigators say it was a botched robbery. three teenagers have been since arrested and now are facing charges link to that killing. a dog that was a victim of the hit and run is back home with his family tonight thanks to a team of ted kateed volunteers. two-year old sammy suffered devastating injuries when a car ran him over. the family took sammy to the act philadelphia shelter where they would have to put him down because they could not after his medical care. but a group called tiny paws rescue stepped in. helping to save sammy's life. they got him back home where he belonged. that was great news to little dwayne blackman who was always by sammy's side. >> always together, all they do is play with each other.
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the it is like they are best friend. they even play video games to go. >> sammy needed surgery to help him walk again but tonight he is expect to be just fine. coming up at 11:30 find out why sammy is so special to this family and how they teamed up to save his life. much more to come tonight a sailing event turns tragic when stormy conditions quickly popped up in alabama. we will show you the view from one of the both, and those powerful wind that kicked up. plus officials say this maintenance worker at jfk airport was really cleaning up but not in the way she was hired to. stunning number of mini liquor bottles discovered when they search her home. phillies fanatic gets the only birthday present he ever really wanted. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back.
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the coastguard is still searching, mobile bay in alabama for five people missing after some sail boat capsized during a regatta. two people have been found dead. driving rain and wind up to 60 miles an hour hit just moments after the regatta started flipping boats leaving dozens stranded in the water. freddie gray will be laid to rest in baltimore tomorrow a week after he died of injuries he endured while in police custody. his wake was held today there was a solemn ceremony in contrast to yesterday's angry protests. some rioters smashed storefronts and burned cars. twenty-three people were arrested.
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protesters were demanding answer about gray's death. an autopsy revealed that he suffered a severe spinal injury but police have not yet said how exactly it all happened. opening statements are set for tomorrow in the long awaited trial of the james holmes, who is accused of mass murder in a colorado movie theater. holmes attorneys acknowledged he killed 12 people and wounded 70 others in 2012 when he opened fire in the in midnight premiere but they say he was in the middle of the psychotic episode. holmes pled not guilty by reason of insanity. if a jury says he was sane, he could get the the death penalty. the the trial is expect to last four months. on tuesday the supreme court will begin hearing arguments that could determine the future of same sex marriage. they will consider the the question of whether gay couples have a constitutional right, to marry. justices will face a question of whether states can legally ban same sex marriage and whether states have to recognize lawful marriages in other states. thirty-seven states and
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washington d.c. now recognize same sex marriage. a woman whose job it was to clean the inside of the jetliners at jfk airport in new york city is accused of grand larceny. officials a say she stole more than 15 you this dollars worth of items from those planes including american 1400 mini liquor bottles. investigators say juannet call um swiped lap tops, kind also and tiny bottles of alcohol. all of those items have been recovered from inside her apartment in brooklyn. she has been since fired and arrested. still to come here on "action news" tonight they were pedaling for a great cause in montgomery county today. these people spent this sunday morning, spinning. meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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ey were getting fit and making a difference at soul beats studio in montgomery county. these will folks combined spinning class with the fund raise tore fight als commonly referred to as lou gehrig's disease. special was dedicated to the father-in-law of the soul beat instructor who lost his life to als. organizers raffled off ticket to the philadelphia union game as extra incentive. lets check that accu weather forecast. bright sunshine all weekend. the little chilly saturday but we improved today. >> it wasn't bad week ahead isn't bad either. we have a stray shower popping up tomorrow have afternoon. not a big deal. rest of the week looks nice with milder temperatures on
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the way. storm tracker six double scan radar showing you it is dry, quiet. no issues with precipitation but earlier this morning we did have some very light rain across south jersey and delaware thanks to the disturbance that has already pushed off shore. so we're dry for the rest of tonight. we will show you the picture outside, action cam outside earlier tonight in center city at dilworth park and you can see we have got fountain going and water on the ground. we will be dealing with some precipitation from mother nature as early as tomorrow, afternoon. so temperatures outside tonight are in the 50's, and 40's, it is 52 in philadelphia, 47 in allentown. forty-two in the poconos along the coast in beach haven 49. chilly 41 in millville. forty-five in lancaster. fifty in wilmington. here's satellite six with action radar, we had plenty of sunshine earlier today but few more cloud trickling into the delaware and lehigh valleys. looking to the north and east you can sea the reason y we
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have been tracking this area of low pressure that has been stuck over canada both yesterday and today. we have april area have low pressure over canada and spotty showers over northern sections of new england. throughout the start of the workweek on monday this area of low pressure will retro grade back to the west meaning we will have a shot of precipitation as this area sags to the south affecting the delaware and lehigh valleys in the afternoon hours. we will time out precipitation for you and you cab see future tracker six showing you at 6:00 in the morning mostly clear as a dry start to the day. as we go throughout the the 11:00 a.m. hour you cane cloud will start to build up and thicken up across the region. by the afternoon you might need a pocket sized umbrellas because we will be dealing with the brief shower or two depending on your location with the the area of low pressure and that counterclockwise rotation. by the evening hours that moisture will depart and in the wake of that, tuesday and wednesday we will tap in the
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westerly win and these numbers will sore in the upper 60's, lower 70's across the the region. the morning in philadelphia tomorrow sunshine and cloud dry start at 51. 11:00 a.m. 57 degrees. breezy though turning that by the afternoon and pop up shower is likely. 2:00 in the afternoon 61. 5:00 o'clock that temperature in a at 58. cool day especially with that moisture and low level moisture moving in by the afternoon. monday the accu weather forecast showing breezy with a brief shower high of 61. after that it is sunny and warm by tuesday, up to 69. pick of the week goes to wednesday, nice and mild in at 3789 on thursday we're tracking the possibility of some showers, high of 64. area of low pressure wants to move to the north and depending on how far north it goes it could be a wet day by then. otherwise we will hold up at 64. sixty-six on friday. much better next week even, guys. temperatures saturday and sunday in the 70's. the not a bad week up ahead.
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>> thanks, melissa. tomorrow on "action news" at 11:00 it was once necessary for to you submit a fingerprint and dna to perform bio metric screening. >> that is no longer the the case. now you are giving up something just as valuable and you may not even know it. here's a preview. >> reporter: inn's brian taft, facial recognition technology is out there right now and collecting data from sources you may not even know about. >> that creates a very, very powerful database. >> reporter: so where is this being used, and where is this technology going? why you need to be aware of it, that is tomorrow only on channel six "action news" at 11:00.
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well okay, jeff skversky has a check on sports and phillies showing signs of life. >> phillies fanatic, loves it. he is simple. he loves to throw popcorn on people and loves to win. we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for that big hit the phillies have been worst hitting team in the league. the big piece a big reason
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why. but ryan howard finally is heating up with three home runs in the last five games. phillies fanatic birthday party. thanks for the invite, come on enough of that. big green guy not the only big hit today ryan howard with the phillies down two to nothing in the first, to the braves gone, three run shot, howard heating up and second in as many days. phillies take a three-two lead. ben reveer trying to get going, down the the right field line, freddie galvis scores. reveer on his giddy up in the third. it will backup one. the to the seventh phillies tack on a crucial insurance run with herrera with the soft ground tore first. should be the even of the inning. they boot it. a run in. phillies up two. and then ninth inning gets dicey. jonathan papelbon in for the the save. um-hmm. he gives up the home run to alberto. the atlanta within one. the later in the ninth braves with two on, kelly johnson oh no, deep to left field.
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wow, ben reveer makes the catch with no room to spare. phillies win five- 46789 they take two of three from atlanta a. >> a little scary there at the ending up against the the pad but he got the job done. >> it is good for us to come right back after they got those two. i mean, things have in the gone the the way we necessarily wanted it to go but it could have gone bad but to be able to answer back and have jerome settle in and do what he did it was big. >> fanatic's birthday cake was not enough food how about his friend iggy, eating the umpire today. doesn't look too good. howard head back to st. louis his home town. next up on the schedule st. louis, tomorrow with cole hamels on the mound, hoist still, looking for his first win. perhaps cardinals will be watching cole very closely now after their ace adam waynewright went down with an achilles injury. waynewright is said to be lost
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to the season. he injured himself the same way howard did to end the 201 divisional series with the cardinals. marcus mariota an eagle? we will soon find out. draft is four days a away. the the current eagles are back to work tomorrow for conditioning. the the driving force this off season, that collapse at the end of the 2014. >> we knew last year that the end result was not acceptable in our eyes. the as players not coaches not making the playoffs after being zero-six and not beating teams we need todd beat, we needed to make some changes. changing the landscape of our team offensively and defensively. guys we brought in are competitors and will make our team better in the long run. >> and more changes coming, thursday what in the world is chip kelly and eagles up to? what will he do in the draft. find out in our "action news" sports special draft break down thursday and friday at 11:30. we are right back with more sports after this.
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