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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  April 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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engines, the plane landed safely and all 75 passengers on board were evacuated. fire departments met the plane and used foam to put out possible flames and no injuries were reported. >> just moments ago that plane was towed off the runway as you can see they had one runway closed and you can expect delays if you are waiting for arriving or departing nights. >> there is no excuse for the kind of violence we saw yesterday. >> meantime president barack obama addressed the unrest in baltimore and there are signs of peace a group gathered to pray in a circle on the street that was filled with chaos tonight, the curfew started at 10:00 and they hope to avoid a repeat of last night 144 vehicles in all were set on fire, and 20 police
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officers were injured and president obama addressed the looting and those involved should be treated as criminals they are not protesting, they are not making a statement they are stealing. well, we have team coverage tonight, dann cuellar is live where state troopers are deploying to baltimore, but first lets go live to kenneth moton live with the latest in baltimore. >> reporter: we know during the riots, businesses were hit hard because the acts of violence moved into the overnight hours one look at cvs and can you see for yourself. as so much gather in the baltimore interests section but violence is not the way. the destruction was on so many corners of baltimore, firefighters still responding to smoldering businesses and rocks and bricks thrown through store
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fronts. >> this is where we shop and shops where my student goes to and to see them destroyed by people that are voiceless, it's unfortunate that is the route they are taking. >> law enforcement and others like this check cashing business prosz he issing the scene. >> 42 years at this place. >> the owner. j mark wig could only stare at her looted store. >> we are just scared about it now. they want to come again too. the police are downtown and nobody over here. >> that won't be the case soon, the national guard is deployed and officers are taking their posts. maryland state troopers lined up here at west north and pennsylvania avenues and the number of officers in this city will increase as we move into
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the night at the mondone mall, they -- >> so much distrust they saw a man walk into a truck alive and then come out with a broken expanded. and three weeks later they don't have them. >> reverend jesse jackson and the lawyer for freddie gray's family was on the streets today. the curfew for the city goes into affect tonight and more officers are expected to move in this evening, kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. lets switch live now to dann cuellar, is he live at hamilton new jersey tonight where state troopers will head to baltimore on ordered from governor christie.
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dan? >> "action news" learned that 150 new jersey state troopers are expected to deploy here within the hour to head to maryland to assist in maintaining law and order in that city. troopers will gather here at the state police station in hamilton, new jersey and convoy to the state of maryland 100 troorps will provide operational support to baltimore city and the rest will be used for investigate of and logistical support, they will be deployed for 72 hours in the stye of baltimore. again 150 new jersey state troopers will gather here to leave to assist baltimore. i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. of course has the latest for you on the baltimore riot you can read reports and see photos from the scene at now to that devastation left behind by the earthquake in
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nepal, the death toll is climbing as the international community rushes in to help. 4700 people are confirmed dead and officials say it could reach up to 10000 and nep ala loan 8 million people are affected by the earthquake and fallout and landslides. and rescuers are rushing to reach as many villages as possible and they are worried that bad weather will hamper efforts sflooz two men are behind bars after leading police on a chase. they tried to pull over mason yesterday because he was wanted by authorities mason took off and crashed into several vehicles before coming to a stop. brian wilbur was in the front seat and tried to run on foot,
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both men are facing multiple charges. 12 homes and one school were evacuated this moning because of a hostage situation in west philadelphia. a man was holding to family members captive. katherine scott explains how it came to an end. >> they said it was a hostage situation and we had to evacuate and leave the premises. >> 28-year-old rob are the thompson claimed to have an automatic weapon and held his mother and grandmother hostage. just before 6:00 a.m. a 911 call came in reporting a person screaming on the 4700 block of melon street. >> a male came to the window and told the officer to get off his property and that he was in possession of an ak-47. >> students were first told to sheltner place and then to evacuate. >> some parents got calls from
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their children. >> they said we are being evacuated and i said i'm coming. >> a hostage negotiator spoke with thompson for an hour before thompson surrendered without incident. thompson's brother rushed to the scene when he heard and said his brother suffers from mental illness and doesn't own guns. >> he is a good person he did graduate from st. joes university and is just going through a lot of problems rights now. >> kenneth believes he would never hurt his mother and grandmother, who are disabilityleddisabled. >> what you saw here was a cry for help and it got emotional. >> i did speak with the school district they said that the students that evacuated this morning were bused back to school to complete the rest of their day. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." officials in montgomery county said a road shut down after a deadly crash will reopen tomorrow morning at the
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earliest. chopper 6 hd flew over the scene in audubon this morning there is still plenty to be cleaned up and the spill happened yesterday morning after a tanker truck and a semi crashed and a powder commonly used in cosmetics spilled on the roadway and caused a slick sticky street. meantime, the caution of crash re mines under investigation. time for a check of our "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is here with the latest. >> south park avenue as you said still shut down at eagleville and falcon road. maybe trooper road or sunny side avenue, and hopefully by tomorrow's rush it will be back up and running.
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and we still have the broken down vehicle on the schuylkill westbound at university avenue taking out the left lane, you are getting the slow speeds as you come west of passyunk, slowing on the eastbound side as well. the vine remains heavy eastbound to 95 and the crash at girard has speeds of 12 miles per hour coming down from the walt whitman bridge. and delays on njt's river line 10 minutes. and trenton's septa regional rail line, 25 minute delays because of switching problems. i hope you are being special to monica because it's her special day. >> i am always nice to monica. >> one hour on tv. >> you have 20 minutes left. coming up tonight. >> running versus walking, ali
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gorman looks at a new study to find out which is better for your health. >> great day for a walk or run and it gets warmer tomorrow and i am tracking late week changes in the accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily those stories and much more when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back.
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same sex marriage was the topic of debate at the supreme court today arguments in front of the high court senter on whether some states can be forced to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. justice kennedy is expected to be the swing vote his pointed questions left the door open for a decision that could go other way. the childrens hospital of philadelphia celebrated their new state of the art specialty care center in new jersey they cut the ribbon in plainsboro new jersey, they can handle therapy and diagnostic testing the center is opened since january. and children with autism
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enjoyed the scavenger hunt at the zoo today. they got a chance to meet animals, the autism speaks campaign is called light it up blue. >> we have heard a lot about reducing salt in our diets but there is one age group that salt may not cause preliminaries. ali gorman is at the big board. >> parents that worry about how much salt their kids are getting there is new evidence that it may not effect them as much as thought. for teenage girls the high sodium diet did not raise their blood pressure but a diet in
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>> a 55-year-old woman died and others have confirmed cases of botulism, it is caused by rare bacteria and linked to home canned foods but boiling the foods will kill the bacteria, if you are a runner or running the blue cross broad street run, be prepared. some people feel if they walk during the long run, they lose the health benefits, but experts say that is not true they split into two groups one ran the entire way and others periodically walked for a minute or so and they got the same heart health benefit. but the run-walk group finished
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with less muscle discomfortable. >> where you run and then walk for maybe 30 seconds to a minute. that is fine. >> the run-walk group did not lose much time either they were only 7 minutes slower than the group that ran the whole way and this is good advice for someone that is starting to run, you don't have to run 3 miles at once, you can take the short breaks. >> have you to listen to your body and when your body says sit down for a week you should. >> thank you ali coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00, a federal investigation is putting the spotlight on a local doctor accused of overbill hundreds of people and even medicare. wendy saltzman heard from patients that say they are being harassed for cold heart cash and now they are accused of billing taxpayers over $10 million, that
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special report tonight on "action news" at 11:00.
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tyson foods says it wants to stop using human antibiotics in
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its chick and houses and will do so in its beef and pork processes. and there is wide concern that human antibiotics can reduce immunities. the new chemical plan is bringing jobs to delaware and kroda broke ground to make emulsions that mix oil and water together to make dozens of products, it will be finished in 2017 and create 30 full-time permanent jobs. and mayor line dean when to celebrate a new honor today. she was an dick --
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inconductee and was recognized for her works. and now a major league workout for its younger fans, this was phillies fitness day in dillworth park in center city. mostly fourth grades took part in in warm-ups with fitness trainers from the phillies organization and the idea was to teach kids about nutrition and have fun at the same time. coming up n we'll check the forecast. looking outside from sky 6 hd from the jersey shore meteorologist, cecily tynan has the details from accuweather when we come right back.
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why are dwight evans, marian tasco and so many other leaders backing jim kenney for mayor? because jim kenney's the one they trust. jim kenney's the one with a real record of standing up for public schools and he'll bring philadelphia together. it's kenney who will expand pre-kindergarten... and partner with businesses, community colleges and universities to create jobs. so join leaders we trust in supporting jim kenney the block by block mayor philadelphia needs.
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time now for accuweather now at the "action news" big board. we have nice temperatures now. temperatures in the 60s. ha, ha, ha. no 40s, no 30s! >> we are live on sky 6 hd at our temple university cam remarks for monica's birthday loads of sunshine and fair cumulous clouds up there and
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pottstown 31 and wrightstown 31 and millville a peak wind gust of 21 miles per hour. with the breeze not feeling as mild as the actual temperatures, 69 in philadelphia, allentown 69 and allentown 6 and sea isle city 53 degrees. all in all very nice. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this low pressure that is me andering since last week high pressure is building in and as it builds in the winds are diminishing and it's a pleasant night and stars are out there and gradually easing winds and the low, the normal low for this time of year, 50 in philadelphia and millville 44 and wilmington 46 and trenton 47 degrees, future tracker showing you like today? you'll like tomorrow.
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plenty of sunshine even by 4:00 most of our viewing area up in the 70s, a nice midweek warm-up and then on thursday an upper level disturbance moves to our west, and what this will do is bring us increasing clouds not a lot of rain but scattered showers west of philadelphia temperatures in the 60s, that upper low will form a coastal storm, intensify the coastal storm and bring us a flow on friday, and bring temperatures and a lot of clouds and showers. probably the nicest day of the work week, plenty of sunshine on thursday more in the way of clouds early sunshine and a few afternoon showers and 69 degrees and friday is the cloudy cool day with the coastal low just to the south and east, the steady rain is offshore and a few showers with the easterly flow and 60 degrees, right in time for the weekend the low is out
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of here and high pressure is building in and sunny on saturday and warmer with a high of 70 degrees, great weather for the union game, and sunday morning for the broad street run, race time in the upper 50s, and low 70s by the afternoon and 76 degrees, if you like it warmer than that, adam joseph has good news next week it will feel summer coming up in the seven-day forecast. a reading berks county man is behind bars for stealing from a local grocery store and you won't believe his method for getting away with it. >> say hello to sprinkles a new jersey feline that gives new meaning to the word fat cat. what folks are doing to take care of her and get her fit again. >> poor baby. >> those stories and more when
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"action news" comes right back.
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hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night, a battle is brewing inside and outside chambers over same-sex marriages we are live with more on this historic case, more peace than protest in baltimore following the violent clashes between police and agitators and a burglar in buck county targets those that have the least to give. now, the details, is same-sex marriage a constitutional right that is what the u.s. supreme court is trying to decide. members started hearing arguments on the hot button issue, outside of the high court in washington d.c., it could legalize gay marriage in every state. >> reporter: good evening monica, all may come down to one justice's opinion after a day of arguments in this case, the court again appears to be split down the middle with the power
5:31 pm
likely in justice kennedy's hands. >> a show of solidity at the justice supreme court. >> we'll be considered equal under the law. >> inside the justices appeared split on whether the contusion guarantees the right to gay couples to marry. with the deciding vote likely coming from justice kennedy. >> this has been with us for a millenia and it's hard for the court to say we know better. gay marriage is legal in 37 states and washington, d.c. and this will make gay marriage to be recognized from other states. >> when it takes it away from
5:32 pm
the people it cuts off debate. >> it's an ideal to give kids their best shot. >> and households are only considered to have one parent something they hope to change. >> hopefully we are on the right side of history and our kids will have equal protection. thank you. this historic decision is expected by the end of the june. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you brandy. switching gears now to the riots happening in baltimore after a day of violence today started off relatively calm with members of clergy calling for peace following the night of terror the state of emergency remains in affect. the burned out cvs gave way to a few squirmishes where police were forced to use pepper spray
5:33 pm
and then community activists formed barriers between officers in riot gear and rioters. and now they announced 235 arrests and 34 of those were juveniles and 20 officers received minor injuries and 144 car fires and numerous structural fires, one person was critically injured. authorities are on their way to investigate, baltimore authorities again reminded people that the city wide curfew will take place tonight at 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and will stay in place until next week, city leaders here in philadelphia are reflecting on tactics that help reduce violence when there are confrontations with protesters
5:34 pm
and police, mayor michael nutter spoke about this. >> all mayors are concerned about this kind of incidents. >> mayor nutter says it starts with a line of communication with police and protest leaders. they need to know where and when they plan to march ahead of time and the city and police have developed a working relationship with community activists to protect their right to peacefully protest. >> you want to protest, you have a right to protest, here in the city we respect that right and work with the protesters and the police officers march with them even as they are being taunted and hollered at. >> there were demonstrations when the d.a. decided they acted properly when they shot and killed brandon tate brown at a traffic stop. two were arrested when they
5:35 pm
confronted seth williams at a commune meeting but police stopped it from escalating into something bigger and the city is ready to act quickly if there is violence. >> we monitor social media as we should on a regular basis and try to mobilize our folks. >> when word spread on social media that gangs would target police in baltimore and elsewhere. >> the information came to us that the lead was credible we pushed it out here even though there was a local threat you can't take the chance you push it out and make sure your members are safe and aware. >> city others here is a they are as prepared as they can be. they are not second guessing baltimore's leadership but taking lessons from what happened there. david henry channel 6 "action news." the man accused in the deadly stabbing of nicki minaj's
5:36 pm
road crew will stand trial for murder. the judge determined there is another evidence against pierce boykin the confrontation outside of the mt. airy bar led to his death. eric parker was critically injure nood from our delaware newsroom we know the name of the woman whose body was found on a newcastle roadway, lisa mccrosson was found lying on the side of route 9, police say she was the victim of a homicide but they are not saying how she died. no arrests have been made. officials in buck county need your help, finding a burglary suspect who targeted a church. at the nativity of our lord church in war min sister the thief opened up poor boxes and
5:37 pm
took money from parishioners if you have any information call warminster township police. a reading man is behind bars after trying to steal two packages of ground beef they say that he stole the beef from redners on north street they said that officers saw him doing and it he started to fight with the officer and police say he is a known heroin addict and is facing retail theft and other charges. lets get a check of the highways with matt pellman. >> i thought would i get monica a nice ride home. >> how is that working out? >> not good. eastbound side of the schuylkill as we head towards center city we are in the red, 33 minutes from the blue route to the vine it's heavy due in part to the really heavy delays on the vine and 95 and we are
5:38 pm
kind of getting back to normal now that the crash is gone still in the teens as you travel through the work zone there a work zone accident at the schuylkill expressway. and a crash near william penn inn, in glassboro a crash involving a vehicle into a building along delsy drive and bristol near the smash burger and millville a water main break blocking the west side of 49 stick with pine street to get around that. river line has delays because of a disabled vehicle and the trenton line inbound 20 minute delays because of switching problems. back over to you. >> thank you. still to come on "action news" tuesday night they are breathing new life into a delaware property shuttered for to years. and the bomb unit undertook a special assignment today. and it's a sunny warm,
5:39 pm
breezy afternoon wind gusts 15 to 21 miles per hour. and we are tracking summer-like warmth somewhere in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks, a feline is making headlines from south jersey we'll have more on how rescuer are trying to get sprinkles, right here, back into shape. vx
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play for fun. cash for life.
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tonight on a special 20/20 we'll hear from two of the three women that escaped a cleveland house of horrors, robin roberts sits down to talk about their ten years of captivity. she spent countless hours in a tiny room and she wrote down her thoughts on hundreds of pieces of paper anything she could get her hands on. >> what would do you with it? >> scissors because it is cleaner -- >> he only gave you the dug kind of children's sis ars like kindergarten couldn't do much with it but it cut paper. >> can you see more of her interview the a story of hope and survival here on 6 abc.
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from our delaware newsroom tonight, plans are finalized to clean up the steel site in claymont it has been abandoned since 1013. well, slow cooking was on the agenda today for the montgomery county bomb disposal unit. 1000 pounds was burned here and a canadian company brought in the machine. time for jaime apody here with sports now and excitement for eagles fans. >> how about that. it's exciting regardless we have no idea what would happen. the most anticipation we feel and people are speculating draft day two days away and who will
5:44 pm
the eagles choose and i have no idea. this is chip kelly's first draft with complete player control and is he looking for a certain kind of talent, former eagles player tray thomas pay add visit to our sports center today. >> desean on the way out saying that chip likes his type of guys, his type of players, what does that mean? >> i think coach kelly is trying to build a college-type atmosphere and bringing guys that he is familiar with and guys that are just going to come in and do exactly what is being said to do and don't question it. >> you played in college and that college mentality works in the national football league?
5:45 pm
>> i don't know you have to get everybody to buy into the system and we'll see right now i think that this year is really going to be a deciding factor for coach kelly because is he being given the keys to this organization and given every opportunity to build the team he wants to build this is a deciding year for him to see if this is really going to work. >> we'll have you covered the first two nights of the draft join the draft break down, i'll be there and so will ducis and jeff. after "action news" at 11:00. a scary situation in baltimore, tonight's orioled game against the white sox is once again postponed and it will be played in a unique way, it will be played at 2:05, that is right a baseball game with no fans. >> don brown is healthy enough to play for the phils but he
5:46 pm
started the season with achilles tendonitis, he'll get time in with the iron pigs. cole hamels got the first win of the season and great defense behind him and even run support. ben revere drove in two runs in a ground-rule double in the seventh. cole hamels had nine strikeouts and tonight is severino on the mound. now here is something you have to see from the kansas jayhawks look at 27 taking the pitch, that is brian speary an 89-year-old world war ii vet and member of the kansas orange bowl team in 1997. he heard the jayhawks were having a scrimmage and thought that would be fun he dpnt know
5:47 pm
if he could run he weaves his way through the defense and barry has still got it. >> they are blocking for him too. >> i could not do that. >> i could do that but i would need a nap afterwards. >> very cool. >> sharrie? >> rick, you are hilarious, marine time a south jersey cat named sprinkles gained a noticeable amounts of fame because of her sizeable figure. a tale on how she became so big nora muchanic has the story from sea isle city. >> the fattest cat he has ever seen the domestic short hair that weighs in at an incredible 33 pounds she is now in the hands of the nonprofit group so 16789 sea isle city cats.
5:48 pm
this cat was too big for the local animal shelter. >> one of our members has a 22-year-old son and he worked locally and he carried her up the stairs. >> she was a mess, terrible fleas and ear mites and she is overweight. >> her little feet should be together and they are growsly wide apart and for hardly being able to stand she can waddle a bid. >> sprinkles should weigh in at 10 pounds but she weighs a human equivalent of weighing in at 600 to 700 pounds. >> huge, it's a big cat, it's sea isle city's top cat. >> she may have been used to eating table scraps because she is not interested in cat food. >> she would like a big mac. >> right now she is on a diet of
5:49 pm
four cans of cat food a day. >> it will take a year to year and a half to get her back to where she should be. >> one day soon sprinkles will be a glamour puss. in sea isle city i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news."
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they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
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meteorologist adam joseph is here now. and tomorrow will be each better than today. >> it drops off at the end of the week. >> for the broad street. >> yes perfect, you'll run it with me? >> yeah. >> i'll have a rope like the kindergarten kids and drag you along. double scan live radar we had a decent amount of clouds at times this afternoon but despite the cloud cover it was a nice day and a breeze out of the northwest and that helped to push the temperatures above the norm 71 this afternoon and 68 degrees is the normal high and the first time we have had high temperature that is above normal, we have quite a cool stretch 51 degrees, center city temperatures in the upper 60s for center city itself and northeast philadelphia and city
5:53 pm
avenue 69 degrees, as we widen out most of area we widen out, with the exception of the shore sea breeze it keepling the temperatures in the 50s. high pressure is in control giving us a pleasant day today and again tomorrow and energy is building in the northern planes and low pressure is to the south and the to of them will meet in the virginias and carolinas later this week as a coastal system develops and pushes off the coast tonight plenty of sisters and they diminish and are gusty and lows of 43 and 50 degrees and a beautiful midweek tomorrow and a quick warm up 54 degrees at 8:00 in the morning and 11:00 temperature is 64 with a decent amount of sunshine and just a few clouds and 71 in early afternoon and temperatures right around 73 degrees, we'll watch the southern storm and energy is
5:54 pm
pulling in from the northern plains in the great lakes and we'll catch up with a coastal low and that develops but develops as it looks now on every model too late to bring us significant rain and weakens offshore and moves to the open waters of the atlantic friday and saturday. sunny and pleasant tomorrow and 74 and a lot of clouds build on thursday as the energy drops through and a couple of showers and 69 cloudy and cool with numerous showers around especially south of philadelphia, 60 degrees, if anyone was to see a brush of rain or any kind of wind it would be the shore communities in delaware with the coastal system right now inland locations looks cloudy and cold and over the weekend cloudy and warmer and the sun is returning and the broad street run and 70s in the afternoon and sunshine, and getting towards 80 a pretty good looking
5:55 pm
seven-day forecast. with clouds thursday and friday.
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the action cam was in northeast philadelphia this is frank sigh bold, we introduced you to him on sunday his family watched "action news" as long as they can remember he turned 100 years old and is a world war ii veteran, happy birthday frank and thank you for your service. >> we share a birthday frank. >> that is right. now jim gardner is standing by with these stories at 6:00. tensions are high in baltimore after looting and violence. kenneth moton is live with the latest on the situation. >> and engine trouble forces a plan to make an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport. >> high schoolstein you'res from chester earned aestigious
5:58 pm
college scholarship. i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. tuesday night and plans are announced to boost economic development in camden and a home being demolished in north philadelphia comes down too soon, but the big story on "action news" tonight is the vow by the governor of maryland governor larry hogan in
6:00 pm
baltimore, we are not going have a repeat of what happened last night. there was a dozen arrests today and police had to use pepper spray to keep back a crowd but the city was comparatively calm in the aftermath of last night. there were 15 building fires 235 arrests and 144 vehicle fires and throughout it all there was only one critical injury and no fatalities, now the national guard has taken up positions to reenforce baltimore police and the governor said this today. >> criminal activity will not be tolerated, we are going to insure and bring whatever resources are necessary, whatever assets are necessary and manpower is necessary to let the citizens of baltimore know their neighborhoods will be safe and not in danger and their proper


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