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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  May 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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the cookie bundles. now, you're gonna have two bundles of joy! i'm not pregnant. i'm gonna go. [ tapping, cash register dings ] there you go. [ buzzing ] bundle bee coming! it was worth it! saving you a bundle when you bundle -- now, that's progressive. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's i've familiar on this wednesday may six. here's what's happening. >> detectives release two important clues to help find the kidnapper who grabbed and sexually assaulted a woman in fishtown. >> a septa bus takes a wrong turn and ends up stuck on the tracks as a train approaches. >> the democratic candidates for mayor of philadelphia face off at 6abc in their final
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broadcast debate before the primary. >> we'll get to that in a moment but let's see what's going on with accuweather and dave murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> a fair amount of clouds this morning and there have been overnight sprinkles. right now the closest we have is in the poconos. the ing tiff rain from overnight has gone off to the east. wide view on satellite shows you it's kind of a clouds and sun mix with more clouds off to the north and clear skies down to the south. that's as we get past sunrise and then we'll be watching these showers which will try and pop through in the morning hours. 66 degrees in philadelphia starting out mild. in fact we're all the way up to 67 in both trenton and in allentown, 63 in wilmington and reading, 62 in millville and mid 60's down on the boardwalks. heading out the door to catch the school bus over the next couple hours we're looking at comfortable conditions. 63 by 6 o'clock, 66 by 8 o'clock. i'm going to call it partly cloudy although in some
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neighborhoods you'll have a little more sun and in others a little bit more cloud cover kind of a bounce around mix. 69 degrees by 9 o'clock. and we are going to be warm this afternoon but not as toasty as the last couple of days. 75 by noon, 75 by 3 o'clock and 70 by six clock that high of 76 probably at 2 o'clock. pollen count still on the medium high range today. a word to the wise. we'll be back up into the high zone starting tomorrow and staying that way into the weekend. karen what do roads look like early on. >> i just watched the construction crews leave the scene here in center city so the vine street expressway we had the two left lanes blocked and now we can see all lanes opened looking pretty good so no problems here on the vine westbound here near broad street. some of the roads a little bit damp. not causing too much of a problem and a touch of fog in areas as well. downed wires are an issue in middletown township. elwyn road closed between new middletown road and baltimore pike. stick to rose tree road as an
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alternate alternate. reports of a cabinet right in the middle of the road in doylestown bucks county. 611 southbound approaching state street. we see everything around here. we've got another problem here. police are kind of pacing traffic at times here on the new jersey turnpike southbound between exit six and exit five so at times you're getting a little slowing and this is likely because of the construction southbound approaching exit five. not wanting anyone to hit into that they're paving the traffic at times. we have the report of an accident right now blocking the right lane and the center lane. this is right on 42 southbound approaching to 95. this one just coming in to us right now in bellmawr camden county. you know 42 would be a busy area little bit later on in the morning commute so we'll have to see how that affects traffic, tam. >> thank you karen. the search is on this morning for the man who kidnapped and sexually assaulted a woman at gun point. philadelphia police have released a sketch of this suspect. let's go on over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she's live outside special victims unit with the latest details. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam. and detectives here at the special victims unit are
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hoping someone recognizes the man you're about to see in this sketch. they say he's behind a sex assault that took place in fishtown last week. let's get straight to that sketch. the man police are looking for in connection to this case, investigators believe he's between 21 and 25 and years old, he's about five-seven to five-10 and 160 pounds. he has brown hair and a narrow strip of hair on his chin. the attack took place friday morning around 5:30 in fishtown. the 22-year-old victim was walking along the 2000 block of east york street when he approached her. he had a black handgun according to police and forced her into his minivan. police say he then drove her to an unknown location and sexually assaulted her at gun point later dropping her off at almond and boston. the suspect's early 90's dodge or chrysler minivan was caught on surveillance video. >> what's unique is she said inside the ming knee van the rear seats the rear seats had been removed.
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and she was able to describe the inside of the minivan because she spent some time inside of that minivan at least an hour. >> reporter: anyone with any information is urged to call the police. we posted a tip line for you on we're live in hunting park, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you. a car hit and killed a pedestrian in wilmington delaware overnight. this happened along the southbound lanes of i-95 near sixth street just before 1:00 in the morning. investigators say the man was walking along the interstate when he was hit. the driver did stop nearby. ly. >> a freight train managed to stop just short of hitting a septa bus that had been stuck on the tracks. csx train had been blocking crossover traffic on columbus boulevard in philadelphia last night. witnesses say the driver of the route 29 bus turned onto their tracks to try to detour around the train and got stuck. the train started moving slowly toward it but managed to stop right in time. the bus driver and two bus
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passengers were treated at the hospital. they're expecting to be okay. septa is investigating the driver's actions. the six democratic candidates for philadelphia mayor took part in their final broadcast debate right here on 6abc before the may 19th primary. they mostly talked about education and the relationship between police and the community. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the debate break down. erin. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the hot topic certainly was leadership in the philadelphia police department and practices used by officers which is also at the forefront of a national discussion as well. all six candidates said they would put an end to the department's stop and frisk policy. as for the candidate's thought on the current leadership of the police department by commissioner charles ramsey. >> commissioner ramsey is out of here. we would hire somebody from within. >> i like him. i would keep him. the question is would he stay. >> if he stays or if he goes the new commissioner my administration will be within the police department.
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>> person uses the stop and frisk the most the current commissioner would be changed. >> reporter: the other big issue, schools. a viewer by the name of laura submitted a question asking how each candidate if elected would solve the school funding crisis. kenny and abraham said the real responsibility is on harrisburg but both touched on raising funds through taxes. anthony williams said he would not raise taxes insisting the answer is in managing the city's assets more efficiently. nelson diaz claimed school fund sag matter of shift hog gets taxed while doug oliver raised his concerns over the debate over public and charter schools. >> we tax the wrong people in the wrong place. we should be taxing the commercial real estate taxes we should be reducing our wage taxes. >> i think the conversation about charter schools versus district schools is the wrong argument. i think it needlessly divides us. i think a better conversation is high performing schools versus under performing schools. >> now we've profiled each of the candidates and you can find those videos on
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and as matt said the primary mayoral election is tuesday, may 19th. tam back to you. >> erin i will be moderating another mayoral candidate's forum tonight in philadelphia's mount airy neighborhood that will take place at the lutheran theological seminary on germantown avenue starting at 7:00 tonight. also happening today a hiring our heroes job fair takes place for veterans and their spouses. dozens of employees will be on hand at the susquehanna national bank center in camden from 10:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon. workshops begin at 8:30 this morning. >> 5:08 now. let's check the accuweather with mr. dave murphy. little bit of rain but now it's dry pretty much. >> yeah, we had some moisture overnight that i think is probably left some road surfaces a little damp. storm tracker six live double scan right now shows you that the main precipitation is up in the poconos. we have a little bit out by lancaster and recent lightning strike i'm starting to pick up on the other side of harrisburg. as we go a little later into the morning a couple of showers and maybe an odd thunderstorm not out of the
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question. but dry for now. stepping outside we have cloud cover over center city philadelphia. and in some cases there are some stars breaking through and we'll probably see some sun later on as we move through the day. temperatures currently aren't that bad. 66 degrees in philadelphia, 67 in trenton, 67 in allentown 63 in wilmington. and a pair of 64's in both sea isle and up the boardwalk in atlantic city. future tracker six showing us how there is a little bit of clearing down to the south this morning but as we go later into the -- toward the ends of the rush hour, 8, 9 o'clock on the western suburbs there's a chance of a line of showers popping through and maybe even a thunderstorm embedded in. doesn't look like it's severe this morning but the possibility of some precipitation toward the end of the rush hour exists. lunchtime a couple more lighter spottier sprinkles or showers are possible. rest of the afternoon looks dry. maybe something down south. you can see how there's that clouds and sun mix this afternoon. up in allentown today we're going to go with clouds and some sun.
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a spotty shower can't be ruled out especially in the morning and a cooler high of 69 degrees. down the shore today we're also looking at a clouds and sun mix a spotty shower at times, 67 degrees is the high, mainly dry today and obviously cooler than it was yesterday when you were in the 70's down the shore. in philadelphia we will get to the 70's. we'll go for a-76 which is still a little bit above average its not as warm as the last couple of days. clouds mixing with some sun at times and a spotty shower can't be ruled out. the best chance in the morning. there were your winds out of the northeast later on at seven to 14 miles an hour. 66 by 8 o'clock, 74 by 11 o'clock and 76 by 2 o'clock under mainly cloudy skies not as warm as yesterday but not bad. tomorrow we get up to 81 degrees because high pressure sets up off the coast and gives us a milder southwesterly wind. we also tomorrow will be on the lookout for the development of a low pressure center down the coast which could develop into the season's first tropical system. if it does it would be named anna but looks like it's ana
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actually but looks like it's going to be pushing off to sea and do nothing more for us than produce clouds toward the end of the weekend. your seven day, 76 today clouds some sun a spotty shower particularly this morning. warmer and nice again tomorrow with a high of 81. for the dad vail regatta going for the mid 80's on friday and saturday. lots of sun both days. bring along the sunscreen if you're either rowing or observing the rowing. and then on mother's day sunday 87 degrees. in the afternoon a shower or thunderstorm is possible. looks a little choppy early next week, too. >> okay. thank you david. 5:11 now and we have new video showing a school bus driver holding students inside a locked bus while parents stand by helpless. >> a woman helps possibly herself and her children by ordering a pizza. >> you can see how roads are pretty dry after a shower moves through overnight. not looking too bad there. how about lionville chester county, we'll take you there coming up. >> a tv news employee quits
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his job in the see evident way possible. we'll explain what he did a little bit later in the morning buzz.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look down the shore into atlantic city. little windy out there. you see the camera jumping but other than that nice and clear now. 5:14, 68 degrees. >> let's go for a ride karen. >> let's go. buckle up 'cause we're going to speed just a little bit. we're looking live right here in lionville chester county, this is route 100 at 113. light volume. road conditions pretty dry. damp in some spots.
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not causing a big problem at this point but just something to watch for. pennsylvania turnpike and route 30 bypass looking between those two areas looking pretty good. we do have a little bit of an issue. we have an accident here and this is in bedminster route 313 dublin pike is the s an accident involving a deer. reports of a cabinet in the middle of the roadway. doylestown 611 southbound approaching straight street. an accident blocking two lanes in a bad spot. 42 southbound blocking the center lane and the right lane here on 295 here. southbound approaching 295 it's also blocking the ramp to market street. that's going the create some slowing in that area. that accident just happened about 10 minutes ago. looking at the commuter traffic report people talking about fog here, coles mill road in franklin township. danny's pots telling us about that one. we can check outer loop visibility report. 7-mile visibility at philadelphia international
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airport. no problem. down to 1.7-mile visibility in millville and .3 in wilmington and lancaster matt. >> all right, thanks karen. the white house is still investigating whether isis was behind the shooting outside a prophet mohammed cartoon contest in texas. two gunmen opened fire outside the event on sunday night. an officer killed both of them. abc news has obtained messages between one of those attackers and mohammed hassan, an fbi fugitive believed to be an isis recruiter. the messages indicate hassan called for the texas attack. hassan an american from minnesota has been wanted by the fbi since 2008. >> a school district in arizona is investigating the actions of a school bus driver who recently locked the students in the bus. surveillance video from the bus last week shows the students screaming and crying. parents are trying pry the door opened. the driver refused to let the students off because of bad behavior. just last night that driver resigned from the job. parents are now pushing for criminal charges.
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a florida woman held hostage in her home saved herself and her three kids by ordering a pizza. her boyfriend was holding them hostage inside the home for most of the day while sharpening a large hunting knife. using pizza hut's cell phone app the victim orders a pizza and puts in a special request. it read 911 hostage help. pizza hut workers called police and they rescued the family. the boyfriend is in jail. >> startling chase utley is expected to get a second straight day off as the phillies wrap up their series against the braves tonight. the braves beat the phillies nine to nothing last night. the loss spoiled pitcher chad billingsly's first start in two years. >> new research offers hope for treating a potentially deadly infection even in those for whom other treatments haven't worked. >> there will soon be more ways for americans to get to a caribbean island that was once forbidden to visit.
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david. >> wow. we have shorts and t's on the kids. we're in the mid 60's in most neighborhoods this morning. not as warm as yesterday this afternoon but still warm enough to dress this way. we'll have your day planner forecast let you know how those temperatures are going to go and we'll get you to the airport if you're traveling.
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>> lab tests confirm the presence of a cancerous tumor on the mouth of a fish caught in the susquehanna river late last year. the boat commission says it observed sores and lesions on many small mouth bass but this is the first confirmed case of cancer in a fish. ruse catch and release rules are in place in the river where the fish was caught. >> let's take a look at an accident causing a problem in the area, east falls abbott avenue near fox street off of the boulevard northbound. you can kind of see the flashing lights. the accident itself off to the side. roads in some spots a little bit damp as you can tell from this shot and a touch of fog as well so just be careful with an early morning accident out there right now in east
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falls. carneys point 295 both ways north of the turnpike construction blocks the left lane for about another 40 minutes dave. >> all right. a few damp roads overnight as karen mentioned from some showers late last night and in the early overnight period. we're in the 60's across most of the region right now going to 69 by 9 o'clock and occasionally especially during the morning another shower may mop up, maybe even a rumble of thunder generally speaking the big story today is how we're not quite as warm as yesterday. 75 by 3 o'clock. we'll get a high of 76 degrees probably around 2 o'clock. a couple of sprinkles and showers during the day. but certainly by no means a washout. looking live across the region you see a line of showers and thunderstorms in the central portion of the country and that's going to be our issue today for possible severe storms maybe even a couple of tornadoes from omaha down through wichita in through central oklahoma including oklahoma city and areas just to the west of dallas all the way down to san antonio. on the big board at the airport locally no major delays all green aircraft. looks like fog reported in chicago and karen mentioned a little bit of that light fog around the immediate region
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but not at the airport right now. tam. >> there could be new help for people with hepatitis c. it combines three drugs to treat people who have an advanced level of the disease who also have sir roses a condition in which the liver is scarred. taking this drug cocktail eliminated the virus in 90 percent of the patients in the trial. succeeding even where previous treatment had failed. the drugs though still need fda approval. a new government report finds among hispanic groups in the u.s. puerto ricans appear to have the worst health. researchers found puerto ricans have high are rates of cancer and heart disease than other hispanic groups and puerto ricans have higher death rates from homicide and five other leading causes. the analysis focused on hispanics living in all 50 statements did it not include residents of puerto rico which is a toker to. >> a country that the u.s. forbid almost all of to us visit is getting daily flights from new york city. >> topping america's money cuba just a flight or a ferry weigh.
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>> for the first time in 40 years the u.s. has approved a ferry service between florida and cuba for authorized travelers and jetblue they have a charter from new york city to havana starts in july. >> an investigation is under way to find if recalled suv's made by chrysler were properly fixed. >> 900,000 of these jeep grandeur keys and dodge durangos were recalled last july because wires in the sung visors could catch fire. well now there are reports that several fires have broken out after being repaired. also pizza hut testing a delivery service that starts next month. >> yes. going to be tested at 75 locations in dallas fort worth area. customers will be able to track their pizzas from the time they're ordered until the driver is on their streets so you'll know if your pizza makes a detour. >> pizza uber. that's it for america's money. >> 5:23. we're following several developing stories right now. >> and the action cam is lie on the scene of one of them where the front of a vacant home collapsed in south philadelphia overnight. updates at 5:30 a.m.
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>> from our delaware news room lawmakers have advance add bill to ban using e-cigarettes in indoor public places like restaurants bars stores and movie theaters. smoking cigarettes is already prohibited. the house passed the bill 29 to 11 and now goes to the delaware senate. new jersey and philadelphia already have indoor vaping bans. >> in the morning buzz, how to quit your job especially if you're actually liked, people want you to stick around.
5:27 am
a news director in tucson arizona at a station called kold decided to have his resignation letter printed up on a cake. he says not only because nobody can be mad or sad at a cake because he's a bit of a joker and a cake resignation that's pretty hilarious. he sent in a white cake with strawberry filling and whipped cream frosting letting them know he's headed out the door. at least they let them eat cake i guess you could say as he says goodbye. >> amazing what they can do with cake these days. >> yes. >> 5:27. new details emerge overnight about the germanwings copilot suspected of deliberately crashing a plane in the french alps. >> an eight-year-old girl faces brain surgery this morning. philadelphia police say she's the innocent victim of a likely case of road rage. an update on the search for the driver when "action news" comes right back.
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>> breaking on "action news" a shootout in north philadelphia leaves one man dead and two others injured. >> the search intensifies for an armed man who kidnapped and
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assaulted a woman he snatched off the street. >> developing overnight a new bombshell about the co-pilot who investigators believe crashed a german airliner into the alps on purpose purpose. >> good morning, five:30 on this wednesday may six. let's head to david and karen to look at your weather and traffic. good morning. >> good morning. we're mainly dry despite overnight rain. out to the west of us in lancaster county getting close to chester county there are a couple of light scattered sprinkles and showers and this guy out here no lightning right now but about 15 minutes ago i did catch a lightning bolt out of that one. not out of the question that a few showers roll in later in the rush hour and maybe even a thunderstorm. it will be a little bit more cloud cover around today as we have a mix of clouds and sun ahead. right now it looks like some clear skies down south more collides up north and eventually some of these showers pop through. as we take a look at temperatures we're starting out in pretty good shape. 66 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in allentown and trenton. low 60's in wilmington, millville and down at the shore but pretty comfortable overall with light


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