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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  May 7, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> hey everyone, it is 6:00 a.m., thursday, may 7. breaking this morning. dramatic new video shows an out-of-control car flipping over and slamming into several parked cars we're live on the scene. >> breaking video of the tornados that ripped through the nation's heartland and the destruction they left behind. >> there's a manhunt underway right now for a prison inmate. we'll tell you how he made his escape. >> it's muggy out there let's go to david and karen for weather and traffic. >> reporter: it's a little cool, we'll have sun and clouds mix today. 59 degrees in philadelphia. 355 in allentown. 60 in wilmington and 54 in sea
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isle city. as we roll through the day 60 degrees by 8:00 a.m. warm this afternoon, 73 by noon. 80 is the high at 3:00 p.m. still holding close to that at 6:00 p.m. as we look ahead through mother's day sunday pollen gets worse and worse. allergy sufferers will want the medicines handy over the next couple of days. we have a ozone alert so people with asthma may want to limit their activities during the afternoon heating. when i come back we'll look at if we're getting any rain. karen what are roads looking like? >> reporter: we have southbound buildings here at girard and cottman. no x-ray delays at this point. looking good. in northeast philadelphia fire activity on front street has cleared, no problem now at
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calvert. we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle at mayfair and charles street stick to mcgee avenue to ray void a problem there. roads clear and dry. southwest philadelphia 58th and woodland, an accident involving a police cruiser brought down a light pole. they fixed it. 58th looking good. tacony-palmyra coming back down from an opening so traffic a little bit slow, but not too bad. middlesex county i want to warn you about an accident that has a fuel spill blocking the left lane route 1 at new road that's causing slowing there. >> a rude awakening ahead for a philadelphia neighborhood they are about to realize that their vehicles are smashed part of an unwanted demolition derby. katherine scott is live at the scene and has video showing this
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happening. >> reporter: that's right, matt, i've been speaking be with with the neighbors, as well. it was a rude awakening. the car flipped over, three parked cars damaged. the 22-year-old driver is in stable condition. neighbors tell us there was a passenger who took off, they know this was a passenger because this was caught on surveillance footage. i want to show you what happened. the honda accord is flipped on its roof. there are pieces of car all over the street and broken glass. a tow truck is sitting nearby. let's go to the surveillance footage, honda accord coming down the street. the driver lost control and slammed into the impala, the honda flipped over hipght the pick up truck -- hitting the pick up truck. you can see the passenger collect something and take off. the driver remained at the scene, he was taken to the hospital in stable condition with injuries to his neck, head and back. i spoke to the owner of the
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impala who is assessing the damage to the vehicle. tells us about your car. >> first of all it wasn't parked there the guy when he hit it pushed it forward and up on the pavement. it's completely damaged. and back here live, you can take a look at the honda accord still on its roof you want to avoid this area if you're heading out this morning until they are ain't to clear up the mess. there are tow trucks nearby, but police remain on the scene. there's no word is to what caused the 22-year-old driver to loss control of the vehicle. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thanks, cath -- katherine. breaking this morning tornado alley endures the worst hit this season. >> no deaths were reported, but a dozen people from a trailer
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park were taken to local hospitals with injuries. one tornado hit a zoo in gradey county oklahoma. flash flood warning in effect for parts of central oklahoma. a prison escaped in southwest philadelphia he is still on the loose morning. singletary is wanted for three gunpoint robberies. today is his 17th birthday. he was arrested out of state and transported from philadelphia international airport last night by private subcontractors. they put him in the back of a white kia but they never turned on the child locks he was able to jump out while in handcuffs. he was last seen near 56th and osage avenue. detectives thinks he might be trying to get back to his mantua neighborhood. this new on "action news" a police officer in pennsylvania coal country faces charges for a deadly high-speed chase. investigators say the officer
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struck anne killed a 69-year-old driver last year, the officer was clocked at 113 miles per hour. he was pursuing another vehicle for a traffic violation in the carbon county town. prosecutors are seeking a conviction on homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. now whole foods has the nickname whole paycheck for its high end healthy goods but they are trying to get younger customers, maribel aber has more on that. >> reporter: good morning, tam whole foods launched a lower cost change aimed at younger shoppers. it will be hip coofl -- cool and technology oriented. they will have more details by early september. faa may expand the use of drones. the they are looking at how businesses can benefit from drone use.
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cnn is testing one and burlington roads is looking at drones for rail lines. stocks lower the federal reserve chairman rattled investors saying stock investmentses were too high. mcdonald's has reintroduced the character who tries to steal burgers from ronldz mcdonald. -- ronald mcdonald. the new version of the character has slimmed down. the new ham burglar is getting a lot of buzz from social media. i like that's wearing his gloves so he doesn't leave fingerprints on the bun. >> reporter: he'll have to take his coat off around here, because it's going to be a warm one. storm tracker 6 live double scan yesterday's shower
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activity is gone. we haven't turp out in the -- venture out in the great outdoors, it will be pretty great. we have sunshine up over the horizon, we have light winds and keeping them in the single digits. 59 degrees in philadelphia. 60 in wilmington, currently. still 55 in allentown and 52 in trenton mid 50s down the shore. a little cooler than yesterday morning, but have no fear, things will turn around in a hurry today. we've got some clouds mixing with sun and that will probably be the case for most of the day. allentown, partly sunny skies overall. warmer than yesterday. yesterday you were stuck in the upper 60 in many areas close to the lehigh valley. today up to 80. a nice upswing for you. down the shore 71 degrees which is milder than yesterday in atlantic city. farther down the coast toward cape may upper 60s. 80 is the high in philadelphia partly sunny warmer, well above
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average, there are the winds running 4 to 8 miles per hour on average today. the numbers will climb 8:00 a.m., 60. 68 by 11:00. we sit close to 80 in the majority of the afternoon. the high of 80 hits around 3:00 p.m. partly sunny and warm. tomorrow, high pressure positioning itself in such a way we draw warmer air in the region we get up to 85. down the shore next to the cool ocean water you're closer to 70. we're keeping our eyes on the area of low pressure that is forming today down off the carolina coastline. this could potentially become the first named storm. season. if it gets an a, it will be a-n-a that's not a typo. 80 degrees is the forecasted high, partly sunny a nice one around here, tomorrow, 85, sunny
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and warm, maybe more humid late in the day. and saturday, partly sunny. there's a chance off spotty shower most of the day is dry and a lot of neighborhoods are completely dry. mother's day day warm, 87 partly sunny overall and nice for mom assuming you got ac on in the car. next week chopping thunderstorms possible on monday, a heavy storm not all of the question in a couple of neighborhoods tuesday afternoon or evening. >> 6:10, up next, more stories you didn't see last night. including the truth about tinder. half of its users are already taken. >> lesean mccoy blasts chip kelly making serious claims about the eagles coach. >> reporter: we're dry on the blue route, we have light volume. we're at risk of the traffic
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getting boring. >> jaguar unleashes the power of the jeddi. you can use the windshield wipers by doing this. >> reporter: no way. >> it's in tech bytes next.
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>> welcome back, you're taking a live look out across center city a deep blue sky out there over the center city skyline. it is 6:14, 59 degrees, cool yesterday, but getting warm again today. >> moving right along here, karen. >> reporter: yeah, the traffic is starting to bore me. i can't believe it. you know we're in philadelphia, we're expecting jams and accidents not a good point on the schuylkill expressway don't worry it will happen. this is the schuylkill expressway near girard, eastbound traffic heading toward center city. no issues. fairmont park kelly drive closes until 11:00 a.m. this will close until 6:00 p.m. saturday for the dad vail regatta. stick to the schuylkill expressway. we have an accident involving an overturned vehicle i've got an update in the mayfair section. they have shut down urue avenue.
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cruise mcgee avenue instead. it's an issue this morning. 36 miles per hour i-95 southbound near girard. the schuylkill expressway is in good shape. 40s and 50s it takes longer to see it, first you see a jam on i-95 and then the schuylkill expressway. south brunswick middlesex county accident and fuel spill that's causing slowing on route 1 and new road. 59 degrees, feeling comfortable a nice warm day ahead. no weather-related problems, 80 degrees for the high under partly sunny skies. happening today voters in britain cast their vote in the national election. the polls opened a few hours ago. prime minister david cameron is conservative against the labor yiewns.
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government. a state of emergency is no longer in effect in baltimore. state police and national guard were called in to help local officers enforce a citywide curfew. loretta lynch is considering a request for a federal probe of the city's police department and whether or not officers have discriminated using excessive force. >> in tech bytes, self driving 18 wheeler finally here. >> reporter: diamler truck just unveiled it's model. it's okay to use public roads after expensive testing. it will save time and money. the driver will have to be present in case things go wrong.
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jaguar working on something a little bit smaller but might cut down on accidents. >> reporter: it's a rear window wiper operated by your eyes. tinder a study finds 40% of tinder users are in a relationship. 30% of them married. boy, those are your tech bytes. >> 6:17 hailed as heros. two police officers risk their lives to save a family stuck inside a burning home. >> reporter: shorts and ts on the kids this afternoon. i'll be back with the aplanner forecast and check out possible delays at the airport and where severe weather is likely in your travel destinations.
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>> the american company space x successfully tested an emergency escape system for the first time it's part fortunate testing for the dragon capsule. parachute slowed the escape and there went the dummy. they hope to launch manned missions within two years. >> let's sign david up. want to try that? let's take a look outside looking southwest philadelphia the platt bridge, we're clear and dry traffic moving nicely toward the airport. the area bridges looking good. the ben franklin bridge no problems coming into the city. construction blocks the right lane, but it's not causing a delay. don't forget if yew taking mass transit, patco is running it's thursday track work schedule. >> reporter: in the 50s and
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9:00 a.m., low 60s, this afternoon we'll get toasty high of 80 and we sit close to that for three or four hours this afternoon. the thunderstorm watch near dallas has spider, but later in the day we're looking -- conspired, he --e'll looking at heavy thunderstorms in parts of texas and minneapolis and oklahoma. >> coming up on "action news" this afternoon picking up milk for the family used to be simple. white whole milk was the only choice. that's not the case any more. ali gorman sorts out all the new options. >> reporter: head down the milk aisle at the local grocery store the options are endless.
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which is the healthiest? i talk to an expert about what's best for you find out on "action news" today starting at 4:00. the eagles have signed three of their draft picks eric row and randal evans and brian mahalic. former eagles lesean mccoy who was traded to buffalo said chip kelly makes trades based on on race. he got rid of the black players the fastest. kelly parted ways with mccoy and brought in demarko murray and jordon matthews allle whom are black players. the braves beat the
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phillies in atlanta at that. the phillies finish their road trip 3-7. they have today off and launch a ten game home stand with the mets tomorrow night. >> next up, new video of a dramatic fire rescue coming up katherine scott has demolition derby video that was not planned. >> reporter: we have a car that flipped over and hit parked cars and we're live with the video at 6:30.
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>> water gushed like a geyser from a resident at street in cheltenham yesterday. the water main break cut off pressure to ten homes for hours. crews spent the evening making repairs, water service has been restored. two police officers helped save the lives of several residents in arlington texas. the officers arrived on the scene and started banging on doors. one ran into a pitch black smoke filled apartment and led a mother and her two children outside. this officer rescued twins. the officers were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a man was charged with
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murdering a college student. taylor clark was trying to sell his nissan, his body was found around the property of a truck driver training company. a 24-year-old employee of the company killed the college student during his lunch break. he tried to hide the body and went back to work. the employee is charged with first degree murder. we're following several breaks stories including a destructive tornado outbreak in the heartland. a car flips over and crashes into parked cars on a philadelphia street. see this dramatic video next.
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>> breaking now caught on camera, an out-of-control driver leaves behind a path of destruction on a philadelphia street. >> a sedan slams into a police
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suv in southwest philadelphia. the officer is hurt. >> and there's more breaking news from the nation's heartland where a tornado outbreak has destroyed buildings and injured a dozen people. >> a soldier refuses to quit a grueling 12-mile test at fort dix. see her dramatickic push to the finish line with her comrads right by her side. >> let's go over to dave and karen with weather and traffic. good morning, we're off to a nice starting point we have sun and early cloud cover take a look at satellite, you can see the clouds are there but they are thin enough where sunshine is breaking through. overall we expect sun to be in play most of the day. 59 degrees in philadelphia. a little cooler this time of the morning than yesterday but wind are light and overall it's comfortable. it will be warmer he this afternoon. 59 degrees on the storm tracker 6 live app right now, by the time you get off the bus, 60 and 73 by


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