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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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happening now, deadly tornado outbreak. twisters tearing through texas. one person killed, others missing. dozens of homes and businesses wrecked. at least 40 other reported tornados overnight. >> whoa! that was close. >> our rob marciano chasing the storms as tropical storm ana sets its sights on the carolinas. >> ana is a few miles offshore but the winds are intense. >> complete coverage of this double dose of trouble. breaking overnight, officers killed, two cops shot in the line of duty, gunned down during a traffic stop. two suspects making a getaway, the massive manhunt overnight. baby animal kidnapping.
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adorable little goats and a young kangaroo stolen from a wisconsin zoo. the young joey snatched right out of its mother's pouch. the search going on right now. it's a mother's day miracle, the conjoined twin separated from her sister and home from the hospital this morning, ready to celebrate the day at home with her mom and family. good morning. happy mother's day to all the moms out there and of course paula faris, mom of three. >> appreciate that. we have been getting pictures from moms all over america through our "gma" twitter and facebook pages. ladies, thanks for submitting those. 7 later this morning we have a huge surprise for a busy mother, 7 kids under the age of 11. >> 7 kids under the age of 11. she deserves whatever we're going to surprise her with. we're going to start with a
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mother's day mess on two fronts. 30 million americans in the threat zone this morning as the system carrying tornados, baseball-sized hail and torrential rain lumbers east through the heart of the country with some major american cities in the cross hairs. and then right off the carolina coast tropical storm ana just making land this morning weeks before the hurricane season again begins. >> let's kick it off with rob who's in tornado alley in oklahoma and has been doing storm chasing. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. yesterday was a day that was turbulent and at times frightening for millions of americans across the storm zone. dozens of tornados across five states, and for a second day in a row texas receiving the most devastating impact. a deadly night of tornados. at least one person killed in texas. three injured and many others unaccounted for. >> i've lived in cisco for over
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ten years now and haven't seen anything like this. >> dozens of homes and businesses damaged. >> the first thing i saw, the roof was off and on the truck and then all the tree damage. >> reporter: and the conditions proving difficult for authorities to begin recovery operations. this mother's day weekend no mercy from mother nature. >> look, there's another one on the left! >> reporter: at least 40 reports of tornados overnight. >> crossing the road right in front of us. >> reporter: in two days more than 30 million people threatened as severe storms raked the great plains. >> it's really getting stronger. >> look at that rotation! it's not showing up on the doppler but here in person it certainly is! >> reporter: we chased developing storms along the oklahoma/kansas border. >> that dark cloud has a little bit more rotation and has developed more of a wall cloud structure, so we may need to high tail it out of here.
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>> reporter: this cyclone and potential tornado spinning right overhead. whoa! all right, that was close. and getting too close for comfort. we may be ready to move! the storms unleashing twisters, in some cases two at a time. twins! relentless hail. and ferocious storms spawning 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts. in colorado, one of the states hardest hit, a silver lining as an unexpected rainbow sneaks up on a funnel cloud. >> reporter: colorado and in kansas the best place to tornado chase because it's wide open and not very populated. we rigged up this abc suv with not only tv equipment but also weather equipment. we'll show you that a little later in the broadcast. that storm we chased later on went on to be tornado warned. so it grew into something spectacular. no damage, thankfully, from that one. let's talk about the big system that ejected from the colorado rockies. by the way, we have a blizzard warning up for parts of south dakota but it is tapping
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moisture from the gulf of mexico. we're going to have another day of severe weather. this is now pushing into some populated areas. we have one severe thunderstorm watch for parts of central texas for the next few hours and more will pop up as we go through the afternoon. here's the area where we see the most significant threat. again, dallas is going to be in it and then up as far north really as the great lakes. parts of iowa will be in the enhanced area where we could see some very large hail and potentially tornados. then pushing into monday we get into the mid-mississippi river valley, the tennessee valley as well and the ohio river valley, even more populated areas so that's when things get more dangerous because it's not only difficult to chase but difficult to see these storms as they develop and they move overhead. we're coming to you live this morning from outside the national weather center here in norman, oklahoma. inside that building among other things they have the storm's prediction center which houses some of the brightest minds in
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the tornado forecasting business and you can bet, paula, they're going to be on task today. back to you. >> there were 45 reports of tornados overnight. one of those was deadly in the town of cisco, texas which is just outside of abilene. we want to bring in phillip truit, one of the city officials there in cisco. i know the heavy rainfall made it difficult for the search and rescue efforts. can you speak of the challenges that you faced overnight? >> yes, ma'am. lots of rain put up high water on some of our roadways and it made a lot of the pastures and fields muddy so it made it hard to get trucks in to check homes and just get to homes that were damaged and destroyed. >> i know there's a lot of relief from town officials there but you're waking up, you're just seeing the aftermath and the destruction of this tornado. can you describe what you're seeing right now in the town of cisco? >> right now we're getting a lot of heavy rainfall and some high, straight-line winds in the area. but the destruction, some of the homes are completely destroyed
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and some of them have their roofs missing and some damage in other homes. it's disruptive on several of the homes. >> can you give us -- can you expound on the destruction? you said homes are leveled. some people are waking up this morning and the place that they called home is no longer in existence. >> yes, ma'am. the houses are missing their roofs. there's cars put up on some of the debris that's been moved by the tornado. it's not a pretty scene on some of the homes. >> so many of those folks that are waking up without a home this morning, they're displaced. where are they right now? >> some of them are in the hospital. we had 30 people yesterday evening go to the hospital for injuries from the tornado. several of them are, i believe, with family and friends. >> a lot of thoughts and prayers to the town of cisco. phillip truit, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. we move to the other
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breaking weather story this morning. tropical storm ana making landfall along the coast of the carolinas. millions getting an early taste of the hurricane season. abc's bazi kanani is right there in the thick of it. bazi, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is definitely not an ideal start to mother's day along the carolina coast. tropical storm ana sweeping in right now wind gusts are up to 50 miles per hour in some places. you can see the dark skies behind me bringing in heavy rain on and off throughout the morning. up to six inches reported. some minor flooding already reported. ana is moving slowly which means more rain throughout the morning, more possible flooding. now, this is a pretty busy tourist weekend along the carolina coast and they are deeply disappointed about the early start to the hurricane season, but residents are here veterans of tropical storms and they will tell you ana has been relatively mild mannered, nudging them to start getting prepared as the rest of the
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hurricane season approaches. dan, paula? >> bazi kanani. thank you. >> i know there's just a lot of concern though because ana just made landfall this morning weeks before the hurricane season has even begun. >> sign of things to come. >> let's send it to ron claiborne for a look at all the other stories we're tracking. good morning, ron. >> good morning, everyone. >> we begin with two police officers shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in hattiesburg, mississippi. two suspects have just been arrested -- three suspects, actually. the shooting saturday sparked a state-wide manhunt for two killers. two brothers, curtis and marvin banks, and joanny calloway were arrested each charged with two counts of capital murder. officers benjamin dean and cory tate were killed in the shootings. the alleged gunman opened fire on the officers after they were pulled over. the two are the first hattiesburg officers filled in the line of duty in 30 years. in beverly hills police say
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road rage led to this deadly hit and run crash in a quiet residential neighborhood. a mercedes benz took off, speeding away from the scene and crashing into another car and a concrete wall. the back seat passenger was killed in that crash. police believe drugs and alcohol may have been a factor. a dramatic rescue off the coast of nantucket aboard the queen mary ii cruise liner. the coast guard was called in to medevac a man suffering from heart failure. he was taken to a nearby hospital. no word yet on his condition. and a formerly conjoined twin is back home this morning just in time for mother's day. little 1-year-old natalie hope matta has been released from the hospital. a team at texas children's hospital separated her sister during a 26-hour surgery. they had been in the pediatric intensive care unit since that surgery. each have had more operations since then but on friday doctors decided that natalie was strong enough finally to be released.
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mary lee, the shark, with her own twitter page and cult following, much like sara, is lurking off the new jersey coast, unlike sara -- >> you don't know. later this afternoon. >> the 3500 pound great white, they say she came within 200 yards of a surf spot and a public pier. most recently spotted in the waters off long beach island where the movie "jaws" took place. researchers say she's probably headed to cape cod to a known breeding ground for sharks. that's mary lee, not sara. >> thank you for clarifying. >> the numbers 4-5-4 might sound like a winning lottery combination but it's a major league baseball first. it happened between the cardinals and pirates. you see that. the second baseman snagging that line drive as he throws it to five.
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it goes to four, then to five, then to four for a triple play. >> a triple play? >> yes. the pirates turning the first 454 triple play in the history of baseball. they beat the cardinals. there have been about 200,000 baseball games since 1871, 700 triple plays. that's the first 454 triple play. >> love it. >> play that number. >> too much math early in the morning. >> pitcher is one, catcher is two. there's like nine positions. >> okay, fair enough. >> thank you. you were talking about baseball. it's time to talk about football. this morning there is a star nfl quarterback making headlines and it's not tom brady. we want to show you top draft pick and heisman winner, jameis wi plays. now he's firing back against the woman who accused him of rape back in 2012. abc's phillip menna is here with the story. >> jameis winston has spent much of his college career facing serious accusations. now heading into his first nfl
8:13 am
season, winston is firing back. number one nfl draft pick, jameis winston taking the practice field for the tampa bay buccaneers saturday. >> i'm happy to be with a team again and ready to be a buck. >> off the field winston on the legal offense, filing a counter suit against erika kinsman, the woman claiming the former heisman trophy winner sexually assaulted her in 2012. kinsman filed a civil suit against winston last month alleging rape, winston firing back in the counter suit saying kinsman has mounted a false and vicious media campaign to vilify mr. winston with the onto tif of getting him to pay her to go away. >> i kind of just want to know like, why me? >> reporter: erika kinsman, a then 19-year-old florida state student explaining her story in the documentary, "the hunting ground." now her attorney responding to winston's countersuit, writing,
8:14 am
the counterclaims will place all of his prior misconduct and history front and center in the case by alleging injury to his good reputation. >> the tampa bay buccaneers select jameis winston. >> reporter: the rookie nfl quarterback never charged with rape because prosecutors say there was insufficient evidence. winston the focus of months of public scrutiny, claiming the two had consensual sex. >> if she prevails, she can collect millions. if she loses and the jurors find he was defamed, he can collect a significant payday from her as well. >> reporter: and that figure upwards of $75,000. meanwhile, the counter suit said that she demanded $7 million from winston to drop that suit against him. so much to be settled before his very first nfl season. >> curious timing that countersuit. phillip, great to see you. >> high stakes for both of these young people. thank you. we move this morning to the military bases across the country on heightened alert
8:15 am
because of new fears over isis which has urged its followers to attack american service members. the fbi says isis may have hundreds of active members here in america. let's go to washington now and our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz. martha, does the fbi have enough capacity to keep up with the threat that apparently continue to expand? >> i think that's a key question with this changing threat. the fbi director was very alarming this week about saying hundreds if not thousands are following isis social media here in the u.s. that's a lot of people to keep track of and difficult to do both from a manpower point of view and a legal point of view. i think part of the urgency for the fbi right now is they realize that methods used to go after terrorists in the past who have a command and control structure are in need of change and the shooting in garland, texas opened their eyes to that. they know well how much damage those two shooters could have caused, and that's the problem. tracking these lone wolf types.
8:16 am
>> they're using old school methods. they have said they have more people under 24-hour surveillance for example, but isis is using new school methods like this social media marketing campaign that you referenced. what is the u.s. doing to fight back on a technological front? >> there are some programs, some counter narratives, but i think a lot of people look at those programs so far, dan, as ineffective. >> ineffective, not the word you want to hear given the sophistication of the isis outreach program. martha, thank you. martha is going to be hosting "this week" later on here on abc and will have an exclusive interview with homeland security secretary jeh johnson. she'll also be talking politics and the presidential campaign with the powerhouse political roundtable. if you have questions you want her to ask, you can tweet her @martharad at.
8:17 am
thanks again to martha. we move on to an entirely different kind of story, the case of stolen baby animals in wisconsin. >> a little kangaroo and four small goats were taken from a zoo, and the heartless thieves may not have known that these young animals need special care to survive. there's an all-out search right now, and sara is here thinking about joining that search. >> i would 100%. heartless is a good word. like any baby, these animals have special needs. they're very young and still developing. the return is not only hoped for but may be necessary for them to survive. >> why would a person want to do something like this? >> reporter: this morning the police on the hunt for a beastly ban dead who made off with four baby goats and a baby kangaroo, snatched from its mother's pouch. >> if there's some type of motive, we have not come up with it. there's still an open investigation. >> reporter: opening weekend for a wisconsin zoo dampened by news of the kidnapped kids and the hijacked joey.
8:18 am
>> the female's pouch was hanging out and it shouldn't be hanging out. >> reporter: the head caretaker at special memories zoo discovering the curious caper wednesday morning. the goats not in their pen and the joey missing from its mother's pouch when crews arrived to move the animals from their winter enclosure. >> i know somebody had to have taken them because there's no way they can get out from the building. >> reporter: now the zoo is calling for the thief to bring the cute critters home where they belong. >> whoever has them if you would just bring them back, we just want the babies back. >> reporter: at this point trying to figure out why or how it happened is purely speculation but as the owners mentioned, no questions asked, just bring them back so they can take care of them. these babies were brought on just to teach other human kids about the animals, so to see this happen right before opening day, it's sad. >> their concern is palpable. sara, thank you. let's check the weather and back to norman, oklahoma with rob marciano. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey dan, hey paula. i told you we would show you the inside of this storm chasing vehicle. we haven't come up with a good name.
8:19 am
maybe our viewers can help us with that. the most ridiculous one we have is storm seeker. we rigged this with all sorts of tv equipment, a laptop and of i've got a laptop abbey ipads that have the -- and i have ipads that have the best radar. we have a camera and microphone on top of the roof. i'm not sure you're seeing this switching there's the roof camera. the over the shoulder camera this is a high resolution computer model we can get text data in here as well. there's national weather service live chat that certain people have access to where we can see things reported to us as they happen. as these storms press to the east it gets more difficult to chase not only because of terrain, but it's more populated and dangerous for anybody involves. let's go over the maps as far as the national outlook is
8:20 am
concerned. we have a flash flood in effect for days across parts of oklahoma and north texas, as well. oklahoma city it's pushing to the east, we'll see several more inches of rainfall from dallas to the north. this whole storm which includes snow across parts of the rockies is pulling into the plains now. check out some of these picture also plowable snow over 6 inches of snow across denver area. higher amounts into the rockies yeah even bears getting by there. winter storm warnings up, blizzard warning up for parts of south dakota. locally two feet of snow. los angeles 72 degrees, 92 in orlando. happy mother's day. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning, everyone, happy mother's day and two feet of snow, certainly not making for a happy mother's day. we're doing all right here, we have patchy dense fog, at least
8:21 am
the radars are clear. that's the live shot. visibility is coming up. we were close to zero earlier on. the situation is starting to improve. 83 degrees later this this afternoon. early morning fog gives way to sunshine. maybe a hit or miss shower for some. 83, 858 tomorrow, 88 tuesday. >> the storm seeker, that's right. coming up on "gma," why was the popular owner of a caddy dealership shot dead in front of his texas home? plus it's a mother's day surprise. paula helping a mom of 7 organize her chaotic life. a fantastic family room makeover. and a sneak peek of prince's new song debuting tonight at a rally for peace concert tonight in baltimore. concert in baltimore. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was a doer.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. early morning gunfire in south philadelphia has sent three young people to the hospital. two teens were shot along the 700 block of south street. a 19-year-old man was wounded two hours from the first shooting. the victims are in stable condition. police are looking for suspects. it is 8:27 on this sunday
8:28 am
morning, i'm nydia han happy mother's day. let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. hi chris. >> reporter: good morning to you, nydia unfortunately it's not a pretty morning out here, we have cloud cover and patchy dense fog across the area especially south jersey and delaware where we have a dozens fog advisory for another half-hour. 83 degrees, combination of sun and clouds once the fog lifts there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm for some. >> chris, thank you,. that's it for "action news," we'll be back in a half-hour, i'm nydia han. stiewnld for more "good morning america."
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>> we have a look at some of the beautiful mothers and their families. we want to say happy mother's day to all the moms, the soon to be moms, the spiritual moms out there. thank you for sending us those priceless photos. dan, you did buy your wife, a new mom, a gift. i want to give you a pat on the back. good job. >> it's the little things. i thought of it in advance and somebody smart reminded me to do so. anyway, happy mother's day to my wife. we'll talk about that a little later. also coming up, a mother's day makeover, paula getting to work even though she's got three kids of her own. she should be treated today. but here she is, surprising a busy mom of 7 kids. helping her to get organized and spruce up a family room. we'll show you the results coming up. we want to start on a much more serious note.
8:31 am
this involves a murder mystery in texas, the owner of a car dealership gunned down outside of his home. >> joseph stewart sold fancy cadillacs but the people who worked for him say he was a down to earth guy with a heart of gold and now a search is on for his killers and kendis gibson is in our los angeles bureau with more on this story. >> reporter: joseph stewart owned that dealership since 2002 and was the kind of boss that anyone could ask for. by all accounts, stewart was well loved which makes his murder even more mysterious. this morning police in houston investigating two violent attacks on one man. beloved businessman joseph stewart gunned down in a home invasion just weeks after calling 911 about an attempted armed robbery. >> when you're shopping for a car you want three things. >> reporter: investigators say they don't know if it was the same attackers who shot the popular luxury car deepership owner several times in his
8:32 am
garage last thursday night, a neighbor hearing the gunshots and dialing 911. >> they heard gunshots and they saw a black male run across the street. >> we have blood on the driveway. >> reporter: police investigating whether stewart was twice targeted, confirming to abc news stewart reported a robbery in late april, claiming a jeep with three males pulled up behind him, the men armed with handguns attempted to rob him but he was able to escape. >> i'm terrified because it happened ten feet away from my bedroom. >> reporter: this morning the community in shock. stewart's cadillac dealership tweeting, we are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend, joe stewart. tributes pouring in on facebook, one employee writing, to a dear friend, you will always be with me. >> my heart is pounding. it doesn't feel real. it's like a movie. >> reporter: their grief deepened by the mystery surrounding his death. >> possibly could be a robbery that went bad. but at this point we don't want to speculate. >> reporter: that is a fairly wealthy neighborhood in the houston area. police say however there have been a string of robberies and
8:33 am
crimes lately on the rise, so perhaps it might have been related to that. a real mystery this morning, strange one there. paula, dan? >> thank you. >> we want to send it over to ron for another look at the morning's top stories. good morning, ron. >> hi again, paula and dan. sara, good morning, everyone. we begin with the big cleanup after a deadly night of at least 40 tornados reported overnight, several twisters touching down in northern texas. in cisco, one person is dead after the violent storms barrelled through that city. the taliban is claiming responsibility for shooting down a pakistani helicopter carrying two diplomats. they say they used a surface-to-air missile to bring down that chopper. in washington mothers whose children were allegedly killed by police officers held a rally called the million mom march, other demonstrations held in other parts of the country.
8:34 am
finally, a mayoral race mixup has spurred giggles the pig after a clerical error forced all to file as write-ins. they want to educate residents to demand more from their human officials. giggles appears to be picking up support. no word on how he plans to deal with pork barrel spending. >> giggles won't like paula. she's an avid eater of bacon. >> i do eat turkey bacon. >> consumed by paula. >> i want to know if rob is still in -- i know he's still in norman, oklahoma but i want to know if he's still in his weather mobile. sara has a name for it. she has a name for it. >> el coache fantastic-o.
8:35 am
>> all right! after that last story, maybe the giggle mobile. >> no. >> it could be fun in there and also a little bit scary. we come to you live from outside the national weather center a couple of lightning strikes it's starting to rain. national hurricane center busier than they shall be for this time of year with tropical storm ana which made landfall north of mirldz -- myrtle beach. we have tropical storm warnings for rough seas and wind and heavy rain. generally speaking it will roll through quickly. for the next 6 to 12 hours it will be dicey. for the most part it will miss the northeast. we'll crank the heat back up for
8:36 am
mother's day. 82 degrees in boston. this time of year all you need is an east wind off the ocean you'll get that in boston, you'll cool down to 67. everybody else will be in the 80s. 84 degrees in vegas that's cooler than it has been. 72 in los angeles it's a pleasant mother's day. that's a check of the national outlook here's what's shaking locally. >> reporter: thanks, rob, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. a pleasant mother's day around the delaware valley. dealing with patchy dense fog visibility coming up across south jersey and delaware. we'll improve throughout afternoon up to 83. g to like this but paula came up
8:37 am
with a name. she may be too shy to tell you. she thinks the vehicle should be called the nerd mobile. >> that's probably the most accurate one yet. >> i say that with reverence because you are extremely intelligent and scientific and i failed science. i'm jealous. >> keep shoveling there, ferris. >> exactly. i am what i am and that's a big geek. >> love you, rob. you're so smart. coming up here on "gma," a big mother's day surprise for a woman with seven children under the age of 11. there's paula faris working on that surprise, the results of the family room makeover coming up. and taylor swift dropping some big hints about her new music video and the stars playing big roles, up ahead in pop news. pop news.
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we're wishing all moms a happy mother's day. my wife didn't know i bought her a gift until paula said it on national television. this is our first mother's day together. >> she probably knew because you never drop the ball when it comes to gifts. i have to give you a lot of credit. >> i drop a lot of balls. >> well, a mother's work is never finished. with that in mind we set up to surprise one mom who has her
8:42 am
hands and home very full, giving her a mother's day makeover. >> reporter: meet the brasso brood, all nine of them. parents jane and bill have a whopping 7 kids so naturally, their family room looks like this, complete chaos. we're surprising jane with a mother's day room makeover so we called upon tlc's leslie to help. >> hello, are you jane? >> i am. >> we're here for the mother's day room makeover. >> reporter: jane takes us down to the disorganized family room. >> this is our family room, our everything room. >> i have to say i'm having a mild panic attack being down here right now. >> i feel that way every time i walk down the steps. >> how do you envision this room? >> it still has to be a
8:43 am
multi-function room. it still has to be a family room. >> we're going to send you to the spa for a day. >> no way! >> reporter: meantime, leslie gets shopping at ikea, looking for a storage unit with concealed shelving, an updated side table and decorative pillows for a pop of color. first up, we purge unwanted items. >> there's a little bit of everything in here. a little horsey, ney. he's going in the garbage. >> reporter: next we clear those overflowing shelves crammed with books, puzzles and random knickknacks. >> just in case you didn't brush your teeth this morning, here's a toothbrush. >> i was looking for this. >> reporter: with the big items gone, it's time for a fresh coat of paint. meantime, jane is getting the royal treatment at tangle salon, but back home we're still hard at work. we're going to get rid of this old dated piece and replace it with this clean furniture. >> reporter: and finally --
8:44 am
>> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay, look. >> oh, my gosh. this looks -- i mean, this isn't my house. >> reporter: jane is totally overwhelmed. >> i love the color. i love everything. i am blown away. like, my heart is like -- i'm blown away. >> reporter: the old wooden bookshelves replaced with modernized storage units and a new work space for mom in between. across the room we added a reading nook, plus an updated console under the tv holding customized boxes for each child. add in colorful throw pillows and a whimsical area rug, and for a special touch, a wall dedicated to the kids' artwork. >> what do you think? >> this is such an amazing treat for not just me but for my entire family. >> i love that. >> you did a great job. >> she is my new hero. >> and reasonably inexpensive. >> we did it in six hours and for roughly $1,000. i cannot say enough about jane
8:45 am
and all the moms out there. >> i have a room around the house that -- could you? >> do you want me to paint? i'm not for hire. >> sara could not pay attention to that piece because she was like, it's the paula faris gun show. >> paula, you looked amazing, but what a sweet story to watch one mom help another mom. you were really getting in there. >> i want to paint my own home now. >> and dan's home. for mother's day's. >> dan will babysit and i'll paint. >> it's a deal. coming up on "good morning america" prince debuting his new song at a big rally for peace tonight and we have a sneak peek, actually sara has the sneak peek straight ahead in pop news. >> a little sneaker peeker. has the sneak peek straight ahead in pop news. >> a little sneaker peeker.
8:46 am
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♪ it's time for pop news. >> it's mother's day and a little theme here. first of all, happy mother's day's mom. she'll hold that against me if i don't do it. we're going to start you off on a musical note. take a listen to this. ♪ if there ain't no justice, then there ain't no peace ♪ >> in just a few hours from now, prince will be taking the stage in baltimore for his special rally for peace event. the rocker will unveil his protest song named after the city but ahead of that here's a little more. you can hear it again. ♪ ♪ you can't get enough of prince. he combines an upbeat melody with lyrics about freddie gray. the concert will stream its audio live on jay-z's title service. any time we get prince -- it's been a while. >> it has been a while. >> deejay haines.
8:50 am
>> kind of. whatever. taylor swift loves to keep us guessing. look how she's building the biz ahead of the world premier of her new video, bad blood. her latest tweet shows ellie goulding as well as gigi hadid, haley williams as the crimson curse, zendaya, lilly aldridge, and taylor herself as catastrophe. that's usually my role. the bad blood video premieres next sunday night at 8:00 p.m. during the billboard music awards right here on abc. >> sara, you're not a catastrophe. >> some days i am. i love how she teases everything with social media and releases it. whether you're a fan or not it's like a treasure hunt, right, ron? >> i love it. this morning we're celebrating mother's day and our sponsor samsung is reminding us all to call our moms with an ad
8:51 am
campaign that showcases some classic awkward texts from parents. take a look. my favorite is this one where she starts shouting. >> i gave my podiatrist your new -- >> look at that text. wait, there's one where she says why are you screaming. i'm not but can you hear me? >> i love it. my mom is still figuring out how to text. i love her. >> i love it because if you want to get ice cream, those emoticons don't exactly scream ice cream. >> what were they? >> chocolate ice cream with faces. it was a steaming pile of chocolate ice cream. >> i think now would be a good time to take a break. we'll be right back with more "gma." >> happy mother's day! we'll be right back with more "gma." >> happy mother's day! meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's number one
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it's a money maker. i mean, i just feel like our children are paying the price for these high stakes tests and their teachers are stressed out about it. so, teachers aren't benefiting. they're not getting information from these tests that are helpful for teaching. kids aren't benefiting because they don't even know what they got right or wrong. they just know that they feel really bad about it. parents aren't benefitting because i don't get any more information about my child. so the only people that could possibly be benefitting from this are corporations who are making the tests and selling the tests.
8:56 am
thanks for joining us this weekend. once again, happy mother's day, especially paula faris. >> no, especially to all the moms out there. we love you. here. we love you. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along where eva pilgrim coming up on "action news" sunday morning. two teenagers are in the hospital after gun violence breaks out on south street overnight. >> a bucks county home is damaged after a fire is sparked this morning. >> reporter: the fog is rolling out, but now the humidity is rolling in along with the hottest temperatures of the year so far. i'll have the latest in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
8:57 am
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>> good morning, and happy mother's day it's 9:00 a.m. on this sunday may 10. in the news a violent night in south philadelphia. three people are shot includinged two teenager on a crowded south street. a bucks county family
9:00 am
escapes their burning home thanks to the help of a smoke detecter. >> mother nature is giving mom the gift of warm, humid weather on this mother's day. that's a gift i would like to give away. >> reporter: also we have patchy fog out there it's no the a pretty morning around the delaware valley. we'll get you back outside the images are improving we were socked in in several places around the delaware valley. we have live sky 6s. we're doing better. 6 degrees in philadelphia. it's a muggy 68 in millville. 70 in trenton and allentown. 71 in reading. 66 in wilmington, the poconos coming in at 67 degrees. ten miles that's the visibility north and west, there's no issues up here. philadelphia sitting at 5. 1.7 in wilmington, 6 in millville and wildwood. all of these


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