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tv   Action News Weekend 6P  ABC  May 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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o get the ball into. >> mike: second straight game going down to the final seconds. so it's dellavedova smith, james, jones, james jones, lebron james and kyrie irving. noah will guard the inbounds. do you try to at least try to get a steal or a turnover before you commit the foul? >> jeff: no doubt. i think noah just told the referee in front, they are not fouling. >> mark: the way they are defending, they are fine with james jones throwing the ball to dellavedova in the back court, which i believe is the right play. >> mike: the veteran james jones will inbound. looking. finds j.r. smith. trying to double smith and smith calls time-out. he saw the double-team coming so now the cavs are down to one time-out left. >> jeff: mike i would have
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fouled j.r. smith. historically he is not a great free throw shooter. >> mike: smith saw it. didn't want to take a chance. and calls a time-out. 74% for his career. he hasn't been to the line recently. he has only taken two free throws in the playoffs. they will try it again on the inbounds. the cavs by the way, do not have a foul to give. should chicago get possession. again, the bulls out of time-outs. cleveland has one left. and you can throw it in the back court if you're cleveland. jones looking, and they have to burn their final time-out.
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client ball bail out and now the cavs are out. >> mark: you need guys that are not afraid of the moment and go get the basketball and create. >> mike: going back to what jeff said having a guy like jones and instead of panicking, they could use that final time-out. doesn't sound like a big deal. but it's important. >> jeff: mike, you also have to have an inbounder who can put it on the money. so many times, it's tight. j.r. smith. it's open and the pass to lebron james. >> mark: who is going to get it? i don't see one guy go to get the basketball. >> jeff: you with justcan just throw it over the top of dellavedova. >> mark: if i'm dellavedova, i say give me the basketball. i want to go to the line right
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now. >> mike: looking, looking, crosscourt to james. rose on james, trying to double-team him. holding it offensive foul! they call offensive foul on james and the bulls get it back with 14.3 remaining. what a double-team from chicago and dunleavy. >> mark: it's the right call. it's the right call. we talk about chicago and not fouling and you look at the replay. there's contact there. it's the right call. >> mike: great double-team from mike dunleavy. james picks up his fourth and now chicago with a chance to tie or go for the win. they do not have a time-outs remaining. rose on the cross over. ties lay up. it's good tie game with 8.4 left. cavs don't have time-outs left. >> jeff: lebron james, get a head of steam going. >> mike: james drives down on
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butler. james, knocked away. out of bounds. and it's still cleveland ball with .8 remaining. dave blatt tried to call a time-out and his assistants told him they don't have anything. james can catch and shoot. >> jeff: similar situation. noah fouled, mozgov in the first half. >> mark: to me that is contact on lebron james. lebron james should be shooting two. >> mike: noah came up to bump him. >> jeff: i don't like this mike, how can you give a team a free time-out when you review -- there has to be an adjustment, the guys have to stay on the floor. >> mark: you're 100% correct on that. >> jeff: this is a poor rule.
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it just really is. i don't flowknow if the ball went out of bounds in the initial hit. >> mark: you can't overemphasize enough. this has to change. i can't agree with you. more they have an opportunity to huddle up and design a play. and this is a foul on noah. that's a foul to me. >> mike: yeah, i agree. mirotic, meanwhile, knocks it out of bounds. >> jeff: if that ball hits out of bounds the ball stops at a different time than goes out of bounds. >> mike: that is huge between .8 seconds or 1.2. watch here. should give us a good angle. no, can't see if it went out there. that is 1.3. and then it bounces and goes out. so now they are putting time, 1.5. >> jeff: which, again, you can get a dribble and a shot.
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the ball is taken out, though a little further than it normally is underneath the basket. so you have gibson pressuring dellavedova. >> mark: if i'm noah i'm helping lebron james. >> mike: 1.5 remaining. james, for the win. it's good! lebron james at the buzzer! stuns the chicago bulls and the series is tied at two games apiece. what a finish here in the united center for the second straight game. a buzzer beater! james, who has struggled with his jump shot throughout the playoffs, nails it from the corner. and no question getting it off in time.
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friday night, the bulls with a buzzer beater. and here sunday afternoon, james with the road win. and they'll head back to cleveland all even at two games a piece. >> jeff: and mike they get to set a play with the free time-out. they get extra time. put on. this game was decided in large part at the end by the replay advantage that cleveland got. >> mike: and skbrams v james right now with lisa salters. >> lisa: thank you, mike. who drew the last play? >> first of all, i don't put ourselves in a position to get down. but the game presents different challenges and you have to be overto overcome it. i told della, give me the ball. i'm going to win the game for us. >> lisa: like you said you were in fact the position in the first place. what happened on the inbound?
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>> i tried to split a double-team. i thought dunleavy took a dive on the floor. and the refs called it. you know and i can't put myself or our team or the referees in a position to call it. but i was able to make it for it for my teammates. >> lisa: you knew you could not go down 3-1. what did you say to your guys before the play? >> we continue lose this game. it's a hard-fought game and i made mistake after mistake after mistake and i can't let my teammates down. the man above, you know granted me one, and i was happy i was able to make that play for my teammates. >> lisa: you got banged up in the game. how is your ankle? >> i got time to recover. i wasn't going to sit out. my teammates need me. this series needs me. and i was happy i was able to make a few plays. >> lisa: status for game five?
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>> active. >> lisa: congratulations, mike? >> mike: all right, lisa. the cavs down 11 with 43 seconds to go in the third. a fantastic fourth quarter. chicago, though came back tied it up and james with the high drama at the buzzer for the second straight game. and now, it's all tied at 2-2. another game tonight coming up on tnt. with houston and l.a. as lebron james, 25 points 14 rebounds eight assists. and another game winner at the buzzer. what a weekend of nba playoff basketball here in chicago. the final score, the cavaliers, 86 and the bulls, 84. abc "world news" or your local news is coming up on most of these stations except the west coast. for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, lisa salters the producer and director mike breen saying thank you for watching abc, home of the nba finals.
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>> sunday night a small southern community is mourning death of two police officers gunned down during a routine traffic stop. >> and truly disturbing mother's day from a woman from delaware county who found her mother's grave site in complete disrepair. >> we begin with developing news from wynnefield section where a 25-year-old man has been shot to death in broad dailt death in broad daylight. it happened hazelehurst street. they rushed the man to the hospital and he was dead. >> also, philadelphia police are investigating two separate shootings that injured three teenagers on south street saturday night. shootings happened within an hour and a half of each other a block apart. >> a violence in i crowded
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neighborhood has local businesses on edge as investigators continue to piece together exactly what happened. "action news" reporter david henery has details. >> party atmosphere on south street came to an end last night with not one but two shooting incidents. right here on the 80 0 block where two teens were shot and at the corner of 8 and baynebridge another was gund down. >> terrible. i feel all full for their families. >> they were unnerved when they found out this morning. bullet casings littered the sidewalk. two boys ages 16 and 17 were both shot around 1:15 and teens cold police they saw a group of other young men arguing in the street when one pulled a gun and started shooting. >> both victims were transported by police by jefferson hospital they're suffering from gunshot wounds to the leg. >> as police were investigating
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they heard more gun shots this time a 19-year-old was shot in the leg around the corner 8 and baynebridge. at this point it's not clear ft. shootings are related. south street was packed with teenagers and adults as bullets started plying. some nearby residents avoided it and most feel generally safe here. >> it's more of a tragedy. it's not anything i'm worried about. >> people say that type of thing is done between people who know each other. i don't feel like that means i am suddenly in a dangerous area police believe the shootings may be carried from bad beloved and so far they don't have any suspects on south street, david himry, "channel 6 action news" philadelphia police want to know who pulled the trigger in port richmond 1200 block at laptic
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street. officers heard gun shots and rushed to the scene. they spot aid man running away. the victim was found lying outside a vehicle and passenger side of that vehicle with a gun shot wound to the head was taken to temple and pronounced dead. >> from the delaware newsroom tonight a house fire in kent county ended with one person killed and five others injured 10:30 this morning reynolds flowed fred wreaky. crews arrived to find people who escaped the flames and suffered various injuries. there was one person trapped inside and no word how it startd in southwest philadelphia two had to jump from third story window to escape from a fire in a home 5700 block of gray's avenue. fire broke out 10:30 this morning. both victims were taken to presbyterian hospital. no word on their conditions or how the fire started. >> and in gloucester county officials say it was a smoke detector that saved lives of
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three people inside a burning home in glass xwo row. it was on the 200 block of west high street. people who lived there were able to escape uninjured. no word on the cause this fire either. >> app update to a story we brought you last night. the death of a 65-year-old man near the rehab facility where he was living is not suspicious. the man fell into a rav seen. the staff in west deptford noticed a man missing from his room. a short time later his body was found and he was allowed to walk the grounds and this appears to have been an accident. >> it ways difficult mother's day and went to his mother's grave in delaware county and found a site in disrepair. chad pradelli is live in shar open hill with the full details chad. >> hey, we're here in point lawn cemetery.
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and look behind me. you see the trash right here. real appalling thing is right out. there look at the tall grass. you wouldn't know it by looking out there. this a dozen burial sites. you can see the flowers way back there. that was laid by a family we spoke to earlier this afternoon and they're disgusted by the conditions here. >> form son walks along the cemetery and doesn't like what she sees. >> it's mother's day they didn't do nixingt you walk here and fall in holes and people out here with their own lawn mowers cleaning off the graves and everybody is complying and nothing is getting done. >> her grandmother is buried here you would not know it without the flower laid hereby the family. mount lawn has neglect the site for years and she had enough. >> what are they telling you. >> nothing they don't have the money. they can't afford to hire anyone right now. the only landscapeers they get
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don't have insurance and they can't afford them. it's a run arounds all the time. >> neighbor len bowman lives along the cemetery and dime meet us this afternoon. the cemetery is embarrassment to those passed. >> i'm sorry everybody deserves better than this no matter where you're buried in this world. >> and no one was in the office here at mount lawn cemetery. we did leave repeated voicemails for the company here. they have not been returned. i'm live in sharon hill, pa, chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, chad pradelli. moving on to accuweather forecast, checking out the scene from sky6. this was shot a few hours ago. the sun is bright but you can barely make out the beach below that heavy fog. melissa magee joins us with a check of the accuweather forecast. >> that was an issue for a good portion of the day. we had early fog that did not lift until late this afternoon. temperatures with the sun
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overhead responded nice on this mother's day. currently in philadelphia coming in at 78, 82 trenton. cooler along the coast at the boardwalk, 67. same thing in sea isle city and 79 north and west. up in the poconos here is the big difference today. you noticed humidity, dew point temperatures are currently in the upper 60s and in fact 72 degrees, dew point in dover. that gives you an indication that we definitely have eye humid air mass overhead with that south owe to southwesterly wind. we have you covered. if are you out in the town for your evening planners, 7 p.m. that temperature 78 degrees. sunny. 8:00. 76 degrees. partly cloudy 9:00 and 73 at 10:00. satellite 6 and action radar looking southwest tropical depression ana winds sustained 30 miles an hour it will make a move north and east.
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that gives us flow off atlantic. dense fog advisory over coastal new jersey and right through delaware e coming up guys the fog will lift for start of workweek on monday and talk about threat of thunderstorms in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> melissa, thank you. well, today was a mother's day to remember for montgomery county grand mother. like many 340er7b8s and grandmothers she spend the day surrounded by large and loving family. >> when we say large we mean large. kenneth moton explains. >> every mother's day is a celebration for margarita theresa kohler going by peggy. always surround bid so many loved ones because the 92-year-old blue bell woman has 11 children. >> i figured i wanted 12. after i had them i was not sure wanted that money sgl many. >> if that sense of humor and love of family helped her raise the family ages 49 to 68. in 19 40s she met william kohler
6:21 pm
of manayunk. she almost didn't marry him because she wanted to be a none. >> a plied when a was a junior in high school. but, he talked me out of it. >> after world war ii the couple had their first child. more kids followed. and you can believe it? peggy was an only child. >> i wanted to have a big family. i think it's difficult being an only child. it's lonely. >> she got her big family, 11 children. 56 grandchildren and 64 great grand children with two more on the way. four generations and most of them are still living in the philadelphia area. lawyers, educators, real estate developers. one of peggy's sons even took over the family business that well-known kohler funeral home in roxboro. >> i always hoped for a doctor and didn't get one. >> peggy never miss as i baptism, graduation or birthday party.
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it's more than 100 descendents keeping her active and feeling blessed every holiday and family gathering. >> she's an inspiration. so to be the age she is and still going about it every day it's unbelievable. >> peggy's husband william died in 2008 leaving wife behind and definitely not alone. when she looks back at her incredible life and what has been created every day is mother's day. >> it worked out beautifully. >> kenneth moton "channel 6 action news". >> great story. >> what a legacy. >> no kidding. >> more to come on "action news" tonight, former president jimmy carter is forced to cut short an overseas trip because of a healthcare. we have the full details. >> the only thing about this scene is it didn't happen anywhere around here. which state is getting slammed with a spring blizzard. >> and philly's fan maingz amazing catch in the stands today while holding a baby. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back. >> these make me
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>> four people are in custody in mississippi khoorminged with killing two police officers after a traffic stop. bep gentleman min dean pulled over a car on suspicion of speeding and called for backup and both were shot and killed. they're first officers to die in the line of duty in hadessburg in three decades. >> this is a time in our community that we all need to pull together. this say wonderful community. i want to tell you all that. this community is one that has not had this kind of incident to happen to us in 30 years. three suspects were captured overnight. a fourth was arrested today. >> former president jimmy carter left giana where he was election observer for health reasons. officials say carter said the 90-year-old was returning to atlanta and did not give details on the illness only that he was not staying well.
6:26 pm
they're staying in giana to observe the vote. it would have been the 39th strip to personally observe an ipt national election. >> one of the historic churchs in delaware valley marked a major milestone today. st. david's in wayne celebrated 300th anniversary by rededicating the church. members create aid time capsule with messages for parishioners in 22 century and it was established by welsh immigrants and anthony wayne war general. >> st. peters and paul hosted a mother's day concert this afternoon ♪ the adults and children's choirs of the cathedral present aid program honoring the policed virgin mary. our own annie mccormick is a member of the choir. the concert was also dedicated to dedicated toes throughout the archdiocese.
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>> okay. jeff skversky has a check on sports. phillies struggling. it continues. it continues. so what do you get mom for mother's day. hey, phillies, how about giving all the mom's out there a series win over the new york mets. it would be special considering they have not won a series against them since last mother's day. before the finale jerome williams lost his mother to breast cancer honors breast cancer survivor. how about darin ruf giving mom a kiss. and then worst run is support in the baseball and chad bill belichickingsly taking matters in his first hands. first home run by a -- the first of the season and he tries to get going here. utley average up for .099 to utley average up for .099 to
6:30 pm
.116 the last few days. and size more in the last. up around third. utley scores, phils back up one. it does not last long. billingsly. >> it can do damage. grounds out. phils 7-4 11-2 1-6r7b8g starting 18 years utley is among the guys struggling. >> not your every day left fielder. >> personally, i have seen better days. but, i can't really change it. trying to move forward and make adjustments. and i'm not one to make excuses. and i feel better are than any numbers indicate. i definitely have not swung a bat as well as i can. >> one family has unforgettable mother's day at the


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