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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  May 11, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," severe weather. tornadoes reported overnight. a texas down looking like a war zone, as floods call for rescues from above. helicopters lifting those trapped by the waters. where the storm system heads next. wild encounter. a family of bears gets too close for comfort, as they give chase to a group of national park tourists. the mother and the cubs looking to escape just as much as the human onlookers. this whole scene, as you can see, caught on camera. graduation outrage. a school principal's anger boiling over at a graduation ceremony. her racist remarks causing the students to walk out on their big day. what the principal had to say for herself and the reason she said what she did. and a serenade to baltimore.
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a tribute to freddie grey, as prince packed the house last night, playing to a crowd of thousands, at his rally for peace concert, to help the city recover from days of protest. it's in "the skinny" on may 11th. good morning to you all on this monday. i'm t.j. holmes. >> i'm marci gonzalez, in for reena ninan. >> good to have you back with us. >> thank you. >> wasn't too long ago. we were worried. didn't know if you would come back. >> i debated. after the treatment. >> it wasn't me. it was others who treated you poorly. >> you know what? we're on television. we can talk about this privately. i have issues. i'm just kidding. you are great. >> we're airing our dirty laundry like this. let's not do that. >> forget that people are watching. >> but it's good to have you back. >> thank you. beautiful to be here. first up this morning, more than 50 million people from texas to the great lakes, are starting this workweek under the threat of severe weather.
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it follows an especially wild weekend. >> late last night, one of two reported tornadoes. this one in van, texas, destroyed a home there. the family that lived in this house survived by hiding in the bathroom. more homes in the small town east of dallas have been destroyed, as well. north of dallas, blackhawk helicopters rescued people when flash floods trapped them in their homes and cars. rob marciano has more for us. >> reporter: rain, snow, and tornadoes and tropical weather. >> sirens are going off. >> reporter: more tornados in texas. the damage seen from the air. >> see any rotation? i do. oh, my god. >> reporter: and there's reason for concern. twisters turn deadly in the town of cisco, where an ef-3 tornado broke trees like matchsticks and busted brick homes into pieces. further north, double-trouble. tornadoes and snow. reports and pictures of twisters on the ground in south dakota. the damage in some places, total.
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but in other parts of the state, record snowfall. 13 1/2 inches. the second-most ever measured in may. >> i've never really seen snow in may. >> reporter: the same for colorado. funnel cloud after funnel cloud. but in denver, snow. heavy. it brought down trees. on the other side of the country, tropical storm ana made landfall, bringing wind, rough surf and heavy rain. >> a little bit of erosion right now. really supersmall. but actually, we fared pretty good. >> reporter: even that wasn't enough to keep people off this beach, doing whatever they can to enjoy this holiday weekend. rob marciano, abc news, denton, texas. ana, not done with this thing. >> it's the center of the country that will face the most danger from severe weather today. accuweather meteorologist paul williams joins with us the details. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you, too,
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marci and t.j. no matter what part of the ohio valley region you're in, you're going to need an umbrella. and it's kind of like joe louis' old phrase, you can run but you can't hide. those thunderstorms are going to rumble throughout indiana, michigan, illinois, and to the lower mississippi valley region. if that rain doesn't catch you, we have ana, causing problems and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening hours. now, the good news is, ana is going to stay primarily along the north carolina coast. now, that may not seem like good news to folks in north carolina. but the catch to it is this. she will continue to weaken. monday, going into tuesday. and then, flatten out, like a bread without yeast, flatten out and lose all of her gusto. marci, t.j.? >> paul, thank you so much. four people are due in a mississippi courtroom, charged in the connection of the fatal shooting of two police officers. hattiesburg officers benjamin deen and liquori tate
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were gunned down sunday night. police picked up four suspects including a man and woman, charged with capital murder. these were the first officers to die in the line of duty in hattiesburg in 30 years. former president jimmy carter returned early from a foreign trip after not feeling well. mr. carter had been in the south american country of guyana to observe today's elections. there were no other details released about his health. mr. carter is 90 years old. cleanup is underway in new york's hudson river after an oil spill. thousands of gallons of oil leaked into the river after a transformer fire at the indian point nuclear plant. this is just north of new york city. the head of the state department of environmental protection said measures were taken to keep the oil from spreading. >> they may put absorbent materials in the boom area to soak up the oil. they will remove that. they will skim it off and dispose of it. >> it could be weeks before the nuclear reactor is back online after that fire. americans will be heading out in droves for the long memorial day weekend.
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aaa is expecting more than 37 million people to venture out 50 miles or more. that's 4.7% spike from last year and the highest number in ten years. most of the travelers will be going by car, thanks to lower gas prices. a full dollar below the national average last memorial day. as we look forward to the summer vacation season, a cautionary tale from one of the most visited national parks, yellowstone park. a group of tourists, getting up close and personal with nature. that's what you want to do, right? not this close when it comes to bears. abc's kendis gibson reports. >> reporter: a trip to iconic yellowstone national park, taking a terrifying turn. >> go, go. >> reporter: a black bear and her three cubs, unexpectedly, appearing on a bridge, lined with sightseers, sending them running. watch as the mother bear, seemingly equally terrified, charges one family, as they scramble for their car. >> watch out, little girl. >> reporter: this group of photographers, clicking away as
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one of the young bears seems to explore an escape route. picking up the pace once the mother joins the cub. the bears and the humans part ways without any attacks or aggression. but officials say this run-in is a perfect example of the dangers in the national park, which draws 3.5 million visitors a year. >> a momma bear with cubs is not something you want to try and get too near to at all. >> reporter: spring may the park's peak tourist season. but in addition to bringing out more visitors, this warmer weather brings out more bears. >> the bears wake up with warmer weather. they're thirsty and hungry. and they come out. and this is their time of year. >> reporter: the best defense is to keep your distance. yellowstone regulations require visitors to stay at least 100 yards away from bears at all times. >> it's a beautiful animal we can all enjoy. it's their home. treat them with respect and film them at a distance. that's all. >> reporter: kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> film them at a distance. thanks for that, jack. >> great tip. >> of course, you're supposed to do that.
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maybe that's advice we should give florida teenagers. we're going to show you them now. >> they were fishing over the weekend when they spotted a whale shark. instead of keeping their distance, which most of us would do. they decided to jump in, go swimming with it. this video shows one of the guys grabbing the shark's dorsal fin and being pulled through the water. what? >> we said teenagers, right? >> yeah. >> we all do silly stuff. don't we? >> this goes beyond that. >> they got some video for all-time, i guess. >> that's true. >> it seems like fun. but it's not a good idea. experts say this could be harmful, actually, to the animal, not to mention your health. just don't do it, folks. but these kids, it turned out all right for them. they got video of a lifetime. let's move on. coming up in "the skinny," a peek at celebrity backyards. who has lush lawns during california's historic drought? also, thousands turned out in baltimore last night. not a protest. but it is a time to heal. coming together for prince's
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that's it. whoa! what are you guys doing? we're making sure nothing sticks. otherwise we gotta scrub all this stuff off. dish issues? improved cascade platinum... powers through... your toughest, starchy messes... as if your dishes were non-stick. cascade. now that's clean. all right. welcome back. look at this mess we have in texas right now. first, you have the mess of rain. so much rain fell, it opened up a sinkhole over the weekend. this sinkhole opened up in this parking lot. and it turned into a landslide. okay. the mess isn't done yet. as the road fell away, it severed sewer and water lines.
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spilling raw sewage into a nearby lake. okay. that's where the mess, i think, stops at least. the officials are trying to find out if the road is done crumbling. or if this is going to get worse. they estimate this mess is going to cost $500,000 to try to clean up. >> my goodness. further east, digging a hole of her own, a high school principal in georgia is under fire over comments she made at the end of her high school's graduation ceremony. >> it's too bad that a graduation is going to be remembered for the comments she made which many say, no doubt, racially insensitive. she has apologized. but the controversy heating up. here, now, abc's david wright. >> y'all owe this young man an apology. especially that goober that was coming through with his little thing. >> reporter: in dekalb county, georgia, pomp and circumstance overshadowed by an angry principal. >> where are you you little coward? >> reporter: the principal accidentally skipped the valedictorian speech and now, trying to regain the audience's attention.
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>> people are being so rude to not listen to this speech. >> reporter: gordeuk visibly upset as she watches people leave. >> look who is leaving. all of the black people. >> reporter: did you hear that? the principal lashing out in what many describe as a racist outburst. listen again. >> look who is leaving. all of the black people. >> reporter: the crowd now outraged. >> she named only black people. she didn't say look at the caucasians leaving. she didn't say, look at the indians leaving. she said blacks. >> reporter: the principal has apologized, insisting she was just angry people were not paying proper attention. >> it was not a statement of racism. it was just my frustration. and you know, when i said it, i told my husband, it felt like the devil was in the house. it didn't even sound like me. >> reporter: the principal has e-mailed an apology to all parents, insisting she was expressing frustration, not racism. and many in the community aren't buying it, saying maybe it's time she found another line of work.
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david wright, abc news, new york. >> blaming it on the devil? or what was -- >> the devil. the devil works in mysterious ways, too, right? i mean, what do you do? the woman had a very bad moment. i listened to the interview when she said she looked up and made an observation. she looked up and saw black people leaving. and that came out of her mouth. how that comes out of her mouth, i do not know. but some people were recording this. and you can hear them talking, this lady is off her rocker. she was very upset before she made the comment. >> called someone a goober. >> she messed up and skipped over the kid's speech in the first place. it was all a mess. >> whatever the reason, there's -- i don't know. >> yeah. >> don't think there's much of explanation. >> that story is not going away. my goodness. high school graduation, a special time. >> ruined. >> ruined. we're going to come back. we have a different message. a message of peace from prince. and coming up, why the grass really is greener, if you're a rich celebrity. "the skinny's" coming up next.
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ all right. we start with a message of peace from prince in this "skinny." >> now thousanded turned out in baltimore for prince's rally for peace concert, helping the city heal from the terror of the
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rioting and the protests there. the audience was a diverse group of ages and backgrounds. prince's general following. >> he showcased his newest song, entitled baltimore, dedicated to freddie grey. he was fatally injured while in police custody. ♪ people are dying let's take all of the guns away ♪ >> some people are a little upset about ticket prices to this event. some $200. prince pledged a portion of the proceeds will be going to baltimore-based youth charities. next, proof that it is never too late to go to comic-con. >> you gone to one of these things yet? >> not yet. you have? >> it seems like a bucket thing you have to do one at least once. that's what burt reynolds armed wanted to do. 79 years old. looking a little frail here. more frail than in recent years.
3:49 am
walking with a cane. his first-ever appearance. did it as the wizard world comic-con at philadelphia. >> we're learning there's more than one. who knew? >> we have options. reynolds has been in poor health. went to rehab in 2009 and undergoing bypass surgery a year later. >> he talked to fans at length about his second memoir. "but enough about me." it's due out this november. he says he's going to set the record straight about his many loves, including sally fields, loni anderson, to name a few. >> okay. setting the record straight. >> did you want the record to be set straight? >> i've been waiting for years. >> november. november. >> can't wait. next up, the grass is greener, folks. yes. it's greener on the other side of the fence, if on the other side is a rich celebrity. >> california is into the fourth year of its worst drought in history. but you would never know it if you take a look at some of the aerial shots over celebrities' homes. photographer john chapel went up in a helicopter and snapped this
3:50 am
shot. that's the home of kim kardashian and kanye west. parked in a sea of emerald green, surrounded by the parched lawns of neighbors nearby. a neighbor is quoted by "the new york post" calls it disgusting. >> this is a sprawling compound. this is j. lo's house, surround by all of that green. one of the neighbors told "the post," in a j. lo has been dismissive about the water conservation order in place out there. four years, now, of drought. extreme drought. they're taking extreme measures to try to save water. but some of the fines out there for folks if you violate, only about 100 bucks. that's not a lot. >> and we're not hearing the celebrity side of the story. >> who knows? is it real grass? maybe it's fake stuff. >> maybe. we'll go with that. >> yeah. next up, to some celebrity tributes to mom on mother's day. >> yeah. a few celebs on social media, honoring their mother, including justin bieber, posting a photo of his mom on instagram. she's a canadian author and film
3:51 am
producer. he says, if it wasn't for this woman, let's just say it would have -- i would have had a way longer stupid phase. >> does that mean the stupid phase is over? >> have you not seen? he is a new man. >> okay. all right. also posting on instagram, kris jenner showing the world what daughters kendall and kylie surprised her with. a giant balloon sculpture in the foyer of their mansion. women are accused of being obsessed with shoes. let's introduce you to the carrie bradshaw of the nfl. >> wonder if he appreciates that. we're talking about quarterback collin kaepernick. he is obsessed with kicks. a lot of guys are when you can afford it. he's run out of room in his closets. he's turned his garage into a mind man cave closet for shoes. >> man. he is now said to have at least 500 pairs of sneakers. his favorite pair, air jordan
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new venus® swirl™ ♪ you know, across the country, it's been a weekend of high school and college graduation ceremonies. >> none quite like this one we're about to show you. it involves a story of a young man.
3:56 am
a touching story, as he walked to the stage to accept his college degree all the way from skid row. here's kendis gibson. >> kenneth chancey. >> reporter: it took only minutes of kenneth chancey to go across the stage and get his degree. culmination of a longer and at times seemingly impossible journey. >> this was it. this was home for two years. >> reporter: at 15 years old, this is where chancey called home. a tiny 200-square-foot room in a shelter he shared with his father and sister. the shelter in the heart of l.a.'s skid row. his walk to high school meant navigating through a sea of urban grime. >> we saw people urinating. usage of drugs. >> even fights in the morning. >> reporter: this was a step up. before that, chancey and his family living on the streets and forced to sleep on city buss. >> that was my lowest point. not having anywhere to go and sleeping on the bus. >> reporter: despite the environment, chancey maintained a 4.5 grade point average while living at the mission. even joining varsity track,
3:57 am
football and swim teams. earning a scholarship from local businessmen and the respect of many. now, chancey, crossing that stage to pick up his political science degree. >> yes. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: celebrating, completing four years in school and overcoming a life long struggle. >> i climbed here bare-handed. it's harder than most people given resources, parental support. but it's not impossible. >> reporter: the 23-year-old now planning to use his story to change perceptions of what homeless people can achieve. kendis gibson, abc news, los angeles. >> what an incredible young man. >> love it. >> and he has a bunch of job offers lined up. but before he takes any of them, he's going to work at an intercity arts camp for the summer. >> this is -- >> what an awesome guy. >> harder than most, maybe. but still, not impossible. great story. kendis, we appreciate you bringing that to us. you can find our updates on facebook anytime at
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making news in america this morning -- a severe weather outbreak casting a wide net overnight. tornadoes toppling homes. damaging schools. dozens injured. swollen rivers overflowing their banks. a mid may blizzard. a trip cut short for former president jimmy carter. the health concern that forced the 90-year-old to quickly come home. and a show scare. the stage collapses. the performers descending out of sight. and a multitasking dad becoming a fan favorite because of this catch. his baby right there along for the ride.


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