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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 13, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning we're on early on this wednesday may 13th. we've got some breaking overnight developments on this disaster right here in philadelphia. an amtrak commuter train that completely derailed. >> rescue crews have been on the scene all night looking through mangled metal. >> this is a nightmare and it can't be happening. >> i heard like a big bang. it was a big bang. >> basically the trains train's tilted over and rolled. >> a lot of people people, a lost passengers coming out really badly hurt. >> horrible scene there. the "action news" team is spread across the area with the latest on the death toll, the
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survivors and the investigation. let's go over to david. >> all right, guys, it's a cooler morning this morning with temperatures in the 50's and 60's. sunshine today but windy and we'll have the latest from accuweather on a fire watch in effect across parts of the region that's all ahead. >> thanks, david. here's the late he have on the amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. several cars went off the tracks and tipped over in the port richmond section of the city last night. at least five people are dead, dozens more injured. the amtrak train 188 head fred d.c. to new york city when it crashed along a curve. mayor michael nutter described the scene as horrific. >> now let's take a look at a map of the train's outbound route where it was going. as the tracks travel between west glenwood and west sedgley a officials say the front of the train was getting trod make a big curve when it started to shake before coming the to a sudden stop. >> the "action news" team is live at the scene of the
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derailment, the hospital and the 30th street station. let's begin with an update on mass transit with karen rogers. >> here's what we know about the problems that we're seeing related to the train derailment. we're starting in port richmond where frankford avenue remains closed between torresdale and caster. we'll see portions of pike, sedgley butler street all blocked because of emergency crews on the scene. stick to frankford avenue, aramingo avenue or richmond street to i-95 instead right now. frankford avenue is closed a number of the streets around the area continue to be blocked. as we look at mass transit you are going to see impacts obviously through the area. septa regional rails, trenton line will not run likely throughout the entire day possibly throughout the remainder of the week. chestnut hill west line will not run as well. that's where you're seeing this septa issues with that. with amtrak northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york we have no service. between washington and philadelphia, between
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harrisburg and philadelphia and new york and boston, we're seeing modified schedules so in many areas trains simply not running in this area. in other parts we're seeing modified schedule. big impact on the roads and on the rails matt and tam. >> thank you, karen and of course we'll keep checking back in with you a little bit later. >> we continue our coverage with "action news" reporter chad prad today. he's live in port richmond at a scene that officials describe as a disastrous mess. >> reporter: matt still very much an active scene. a devastating tragedy last night. we're about 200 yards from the wreckage. i just spoke with police a short time ago they tell me two of the deceased have been taken from the wreckage. right now recovery crews are trying to have a crane brought in to get to the other dead. as we move forward obviously it's going to be a time to mourn those who died in this wreckage and also find out what caused this derailment. passengers with blood dripping from their gaping wounds said
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it all. this was a mass casualty event. just moments earlier passenger train 188 from washington d.c. to new york derailed in port richmond. passengers say the typical calm of the tracks was interrupted by the derailment. for a second there was silence, then chaos. one passenger said it sounded like shopping carts crashing into one another. was there any warning at all before this happened? >> no. it happened in seconds so i don't know what happened. i have no idea but i'm okay and praying everyone else is. >> reporter: 65 of the 243 aboard the train were transported to area hospitals. triage centers were set up for the influx of passengers. >> 65 transports. still six considered critical. and unfortunately a confirmed five individuals deceased.
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>> the incident has been placed under control. we're starting the family reunification process we're working with amtrak, our hospitals, all of our human services agencies. >> reporter: so far the cause of the derailment is still under investigation. the department of homeland security is on scene and the national transportation safety board will lead the investigation. governor tom wolf arrived from harrisburg and said the state is ready to assist. >> anything the state can do to help, we stand trod do that. the state police are here to help. >> reporter: and it's unclear how many of the dead and injured are from the philadelphia area. mayor michael nutter tells us that it's like that will most are from washington d.c. or new york. and those people who are looking for loved ones and haven't been able to get in touch with them should call amtrak. i'm live in port richmond, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> thank you so much, chad. >> all right. you just heard the mayor talk about the number of people
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taken to the hospital. at least 143 people have taken that trip to be evaluated or treated. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at hahnemann in center city with the latest there. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. dozens of people were taken here to hahnemann alone. 140 people at least were taken to area hospitals to be treated or evaluated. we do know that six people are in critical condition of the people aboard that train last night. five people have died. >> basically the train's tilted over and rolled. >> reporter: 243 people were on board the amtrak northeast regional train 188 heading to new york when it derailed around nine:30 last night in port richmond. >> there were so many people worse off than me right now. >> reporter: this was declared a level three mass casualty incident. the fire department says 18 medic units were brought scene. last night six people were taken to the hospital in critical condition. those with less serious injuries could be seen climbing out of police wagons or exiting septa buses.
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some were still carrying their luggage. nearby residents rushed to the tracks to see what they could do to help. >> as soon as we walked on to the tracks there were already ambulance crews on the scene. >> reporter: the train originated in washington d.c. and 30th street station prior to the crash. some were able to walk on their own but were limping and appeared unsteady. as you can seep people's injuries varied in severity so some people have already gone home, others are still being treated at these four area hospitals. live in center city, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. we will have continuing coverage of this accident right here live on "action news" plus on and our 6abc mobile apps. stay tuned for more updates from the scene on what may have caused this crash and on the casualty toll. >> we know it's going to be a busy morning out there for first responders, people trying to do the investigation. what will the conditions be
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like. >> well it's going to be sunny but kind of windy. i don't know that that necessarily hinders any of the operation but that will be the one weather issue to look out for. we're dry taking a look outside we have sky six this morning and clear skies overhead. every now and then today cameras will be bouncing as we'll see those winds pick up after sunrise. in fact they're already a little blustery. 63 degrees currently in philadelphia, the winds out of the northwest at 17 miles per hour and that will be a factor in your weather all day long. you can see that there's a little bit of cloud cover left over right now but it's thinning out fairly quickly and we expect to transition to mostly sunny skies through most of the day. it's also going to be cooler and windier than yesterday. 58 degrees by 8 o'clock 67 degrees by 2 o'clock with a high of 69 around 3 o'clock this afternoon and back to about 67 by 5 o'clock. high temperatures north to south, 66 in allentown, 69 in philadelphia and 67 down the shore. not much difference everywhere you go across the region today. your exclusive seven day shows
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that high of 69 today. tomorrow the winds ease back and it's sunny and nice with high of 72. humidity still very low. on friday partly sunny and 76 degrees. there could be a shower around later at night and then saturday mainly cloudy skies a high of seventy nine it will be warm and there is the chance of a scattered showers but it's not going to be a washout on saturday. you'll want to keep your storm tracker six app handy in case something comes your way during the day. sunday mainly dry, slight chance of a spotty shower and a high back up to 80. and then we get into monday and looks like a dry day with a high of 80. on tuesday little more unsettled with sun and clouds, a high of 80 degrees and in the afternoon a shower or a thunderstorm is possible. >> okay, thank you david. coming up of course we'll have more on this deadly derailment and disaster. let's go over to chopper 6hd live with the which is over the scene in port richmond. , see the mess, the mangled wreckage. now we are told that ntsb investigators are on their way there. we know five people are dead
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and dozens more hurt after this derailment. more live coverage coming up. karen. >> we're live right now in port richmond on i-95 southbound traffic headed towards center city 6789 we're going to have updates on the implications of this train derailment as you try to head to work. details on that when "action news" comes right back.
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weeks early can have breathing, feeding, and learning problems. if your pregnancy is healthy wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait. >> welcome back. chopper 6hd is live and above the scene here in port richmond. the curve where an amtrak train derailed around 9:30 last night. this was amtrak 188 making its way from d.c. up to new york city about 243 people on board. people describing a shaking and then a tipping a rolling and then just a scene of chaos. people especially in the front of the train having a difficult time while people towards the back doing everything they could, people trying to get out of doors out of windows. what we know right now, five people have died, 65 people
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are at the hospital. we've got six people who are in critical condition and a lot of questions this morning what happened here on this regular route. the ntsb will be at the scene this morning and of course we'll continue our coverage. >> karen rogers following the mass transit angle and also what's going on on the roads. >> yeah, as you're in that area in port richmond we have just a number of closures as you can imagine with emergency workers on the scene and no telling at this point how long the roads will be closed. frankford avenue shut down between torresdale and caster. also seeing portions of pike buckius sedgley butler corral all set down through this area. watch out for this. you can use frankford avenue, aramingo avenue or richmond street to i-95. all options right now to get around the closures centered all around the port richmond area and what about the rails? how is this affecting first septa? the trenton line is not running today and it is possible it may not even run the rest of the week. we'll have to continue to watch this. if you take that you'll need
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to find another way. chestnut hill west line will also not run but chestnut hill east line is expected to run but with possible scheduling effects with that so you may see other problems with that right now so watch for that. let's take a look at the amtrak northeast corridor at this point. amtrak northeast corridor not running between philadelphia and new york city but running with a modified schedule between d.c. in philadelphia new york city and boston and new jersey transit honoring amtrak tickets. so, we have that cross honoring program in effect. this will affect a lot of people throughout the port richmond area and certainly if you're taking mass transit. weather-wise we're looking at 63 degrees waking up this morning, no weather related problems impacting people out there in the rescue area as well as when you're traveling with lots of sun and a high of 69. matt and tam. >> annie mccormick continues our live team coverage of the derailment disaster joins us live where from 30th street station. annie no northeast corridor
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tickets issued today. >> reporter: matt that's right a lost changes today but also a number of those people that you were talking about that were at the hospital that are now able to leave many of them are going to head here to 30th street station. first they'll meet with the red cross. there they will check in with the red -- so the red cross can take down their names so that they can be accounted for. from there the red cross with other groups with amtrak will be able to assist them so that they can head home by an alternate route, possibly by train so that they can get to where they need to be. now, we caught up with the red cross today to tell us what those passengers can expect when they get here. >> we're working with amtrak and with the office of emergency management to move a portion of that reception center here to 30th street so that those that are looking for transportation home can come here and they can get them some emotional support and counseling they need here, to provide them with warm
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blankets and comfort food but just kind of put them a little bit at ease. >> reporter: and also at this hour inside 30th street station a number of people who had trains after that fateful train who were also sitting here at amtrak waiting to find out what to do, a number of them are now boarding buses also heading to their final destination. now, there is a modified amtrak schedule today. service provided between washington and philly, harrisburg and philly and also new york and boston but there is no service between new york and philadelphia. however, new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets between new york and trenton. for now we're live at 30th street station annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you for all those details. it's now 4:16. still ahead a couple can of local politicians were on train 188 when it derailed late last night. we'll hear from them when "action news" comes right back. >> we'll update what turned out to be an extremely dangerous accident call where philadelphia police say a driver involved tried to use
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his car as a weapon. david. >> cooler air has arrived. dressing the can kids in jackets and long pants. they might want the hood up because it's not only cool but windy. we'll have your afternoon call and your day planner forecast coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. we are continuing our coverage of the deadly derailment in the port richmond section of philadelphia. ntsb officials are heading to the scene right now and here's what we know at this moment. at least five people are dead, dozens more injured. philadelphia mayor michael nutter called the scene horrific. as of now it seems many people on that train have still not been accounted for. more than 140 people went to hospitals to be evaluated or treated. six of them are critical. at this moment what kicked all of this, what caused this derailment that's the big question and it still does not have an answer. >> we want to talk but implications for people trying to take mass transit too. let's show you what's running and what's not running right
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now. amtrak's northeast corridor between philadelphia and new york will not run. no service running. between washington and philadelphia harrisburg and philadelphia, new york and boston amtrak will run on a modified schedule. and new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets between new york city and trenton so you can use new jersey transit instead. septa regional rails the trenton line will not run and they're saying likely not run through the day, possibly it might not even run the rest of the week. chestnut hill west line will not run as well. east line, chestnut hill east line will run and that could be a possible alternate for you, david. >> all right, karen. this morning we are starting out cool and a little bit breezy. 54 degrees in fleetwood, berks county, 56 in quakertown, 61 in both chester and center city. and across the river in south jersey 63 in buena, 61 in hammonton, 60 in cinnaminson mid 60's down the shore low 60's for the most part in new castle county delaware. if you're running errands today take a jacket this
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morning certainly. 59 degrees by 9 o'clock. lots of sunshine so you'll need the shades. today's high is going to be 69 at 3 o'clock some urban centers might even hit 70 degrees. by the way there's also an enhanced danger of brush fires beginning and spreading today. if you see anything smoldering out there get on the phone and call 911 right away. matt. >> you got it david. thank you. former bucks county congressman patrick murphy was on the train from washington when it crashed last night he tweeted out these pictures. murphy was planning to get off at the trenton stop and head home to bucks county. he says he was on the middle of the taken when he heard a bang. then the train started wobbling and tipped over. "action news" spoke to murphy on the phone last night. >> obviously a lot of mayhem. people were pretty banged up and a lot of blood a lot of bleeding. i pulled myself up. the guy kind of landed on, he was okay. the guy next to him was completely passed out knocked unconscious so i grabbed him
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i said buddy, bad dee and he came to. >> murphy says senator tom carper of delaware was also on the same train but had gotten off safely in wilmington before the crash. stay with "action news" on the air as we bring you more information and pictures from the scene. plus we will post any breaking developments on and our 6abc news apps. >> four philadelphia police officers are out of the hospital hit by a fleeing suspect who may have had a medical condition. police say 46-year-old rudolph pike drove into officers yesterday in olney and then took off. he then hit a police cruiser and more officers in west oak lane. officers shot him in the chest but you somehow matched managed to take off again. he finally collapsed at his home in west oak lane. he's in critical condition. his girlfriend says he thinks a medical condition, perhaps a heart attack may have caused the violent encounter. jurors in the federal
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police corruption trial will be back today for a fourth day of deliberations. yesterday they told the judge that they were deadlocked against six philadelphia. the judge instructed the jury to keep trying to reach a reverend verdict dick on the 26 count indictment. the men are accused of planting evidence, making false arrests and stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from drug suspects over six years. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. continuing to follow the catastrophe in port richmond. the ntsb is gathering information about that derailment. they're launching an investigative team that will arrive later this morning. the area where this derailment occurred is known as frankford junction. it has a big curve. five people haven'ty have been confirmed dead six critically injured an lot more in the hospital right now. the u.s. oil industry filed a court challenge to new rules over so-called bomb trains. they say regulations are unproven or would be too
4:26 am
costly then need more time. the government issued the safety rules to reduce the risk of catastrophic explosions when crude oil trains derail. >> fire crews in chester county battled a two alarm blaze at a strip mall. firefighters were called to north park plaza on wallace avenue in downingtown yesterday evening. flames were shooting out of a florist shop and quickly spread to four other businesses and then a roof collapsed. no one was hurt. there was delayed response because nearby fire crews were already out on a call. no word yet on what started the fire. >> 4:26 now and still ahead more on the deadly derailment in the port richmond section of philadelphia. >> at least five people died when the amtrak train headed to new york city derailed and tipped over. chopper six is live over that scene. the wreckage is still there. we'll have full coverage when "action news" comes back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> it is an absolute disastrous mess. never seen anything like this in my life. >> a chilling description by mayor michael nutter in the wake of last night's deadly amtrak disaster. >> this is a view of the aftermath live from chopper 6hd rail cars are flipped over, others torn apart. right now we know at least five people are dead, dozens more are injured.
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the ntsb will arrive at the scene this morning to begin its investigation into the deadly amtrak train derailment. we have live team coverage coming up. david. >> all right, guys, we are looking at some cloud cover this morning. it's going to quickly disburse. we have a fire weather watch in south jersey and i wouldn't be surprised if red flag warnings going up later on across the entire region. dry forest fields and enhanced chance of brush fires starting or spreading. report something if you see it smolders. 63 in philadelphia. breezy across the region maybe a hood with the kids on the way to school. a windy wednesday and it's going to be cooler than yesterday. you can see by 8 o'clock we're at 58, 65 by noon and your high today is going to be about 69 with some areas perhaps creeping up to 70 degrees later this afternoon around 3 o'clock. we have a gradual increase in temperatures over the next several days. karen i'll have details coming up in the accuweather 7-day. >> we'll take it from here. thanks david. >> all right. and hundreds of firefighters
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and police officials are still there will on the scene of that amtrak derailment right at this moment. and federal officials will be arriving later this morning to start their investigation asking what caused this crash. >> here's what we know so far. at least five people are dead. 65 passengers were taken to numerous hospitals in philadelphia. six of those patients are in critical condition. >> now this is train 188. it was headed from washington d.c. up to new york city, a regular route. it derailed in the port richmond section around 9:30 last night. six cars and the engine all off the tracks. amtrak has closed the northeast corridor service between philadelphia and new york. karen will have that full traffic update for you in just a few minutes but for now let's turn to chad pradelli live in port richmond. good morning, chad. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the chaotic hustle from late last night has been replaced by the


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