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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon we begin with breaking news this afternoon, federal investigators have arrived in philadelphia at the site of the deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond six are confirmed dead and more than 200 hurt. and some are unaccounted for and hearing dramatic stories from those that survived and a section of the nation's busiest railway is closed as teams comb the railways for possible victims. >> the accident happened last night bound for new york city, we have learned that the black box is recovered and the train's engineer is being questioned. we have live team coverage for the investigation from the victims to the survivors. lets begin with john rawlins live at the scene. >> reporter: we heard from mayor nutter, he cautioned that much of the information is preliminary and subject to
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change this is a mass casualty situation and there is also confusion, the death toll does standard at six at this time, that is the confirmed authorized death toll and there are many many people that are very sick and hurt in the hospital there is not a real clear picture of how many people are missing or unaccounted for at this time. the mayor suggests that some people may have missed the train, as for survivors they describe what was a routine train ride that became suddenly chaotic. >> you feel the car tipping over and then it was just blackness of flipping in the dark, not sure where i would end up by being hit by seats and things. >> passenger beth davis describing the violent derailment. as of this morning four bodies
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were removed from the train and one is still inside and one died in the temple university hospital. it's unclear how many people are missing, the people do not sync up with the medical personal. we have not matched up the manifest we received from amtrak with the patient or hospital information. >> the event recorder has been recovered and is expected to be analyzed today and the ntsb says the technology on board the train will give them information on the speed power train. >> we have a forward facing camera on the front end of the train and we'll be looking at that and the event recorders themselves can give you the information about the speed of the train and any brake applications or throttle applications that the engineer could have made. >> well, the first of the ntsb
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investigation team got here at 5:00 this morning and they are waiting for the search and rescue effort concludes before they do more than just a cursory examination of the site and mayor nutter is in contact with president obama to discuss the situation here in philadelphia at this deadly train crash. live in port richmond, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> just a short time ago we learned that the train's engineer is being interviewed by police, vernon odom has details, he joins us live from east detectives. >> at this hour, the engineer of amtrak train 188 remains inside the east detective division here, it's unclear whether or not he is cooperating with this investigation and answering the detective's questions the investigators from amtrak and the ntsb arrived here and entered the building as well.
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after being treated for minor injuries, the 32-year-old engineer of amtrak train 188 was brought here to the east detective division for questioning. he refused to make a statement before his lawyer arrived. now police say they have nothing to hold him on but it's early in the investigation. >> the conductor was injured to some extent and received medical attention and either has or is giving a statement or report to the philadelphia police department, i have no further information about the conductor or any other personnel. >> the man referred to as the hot seat, he refers to the engineer, and they are requesting him at this hour. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have learned new information about one of the
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victims in last night's train derailment family members confirm that a midshipman died in the accident we are told he was on leave and heading home when the accident happened. >> our team coverage continues with "action news" reporter katherine scott live at temple university hospital where the most seriously injured victims are still being treated. >> reporter: sara, the hospital triaged patients here last night, the most severely hurt got treated first and some went straight to the operating room. there are 11 people across area hospitals in critical condition and eight of them are here at temple. we know that one person died overnight at temple university hospital and we don't know their identity but that had massive chest injuries. >> we attempted to resuscitate
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the victim but could not be revised. >> the accident sent 200 people to local hospitals. >> the train tilted over and rolled. victims started to arrive at 10:00 p.m. and 55 were taken here in all and extra surgeons and nurses were called in the patients that were awake and talking were mainly sitting in the last two cars, they said it was chaotic and difficult and the folks i talked to were injured because people fell on them or things fell on them in the train. >> those with lesser injuries could be seen climbing out of police wagons and some were carrying their luggage some were on stretchers but some were walking on their own but were limping or appeared unsteady.
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>> reporter: most of the injuries here through temple university hospital were fractures to the arms, legs and limbs, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> as we mentioned the nation's busiest corridor is at a stand still this afternoon because of the derailment. annie mccormick is live at 30 and street station with more on the impact for commuters today. >> reporter: sara and rick there are no train going from philadelphia to new york at this time however all the amtrak tickets will be honored by new jersey transit, today at 30th street station, red cross set up a station for victims to come to and they have been here since 7:30 this morning, one woman came here after a desperate search for her friend. >> we are trying to get help.
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at a steady stream victim as rived at 30th street station, they are bandaged and some with broken bones and some were traumatized. >> i remembered like a hit and i just remembered that i flew all over the place. >> screaming and blocking out and luggage falling out. >> 15 of cheng's relatives were on the train and they are okay. >> she got hit by flying luggage and her daughter broke her leg. she tells us in spanish and portuguese her family was spread apart across the train and is thankful she found them. emily foot is looking for her boss and best friend. >> we had a work meeting and she left at 8:46 to get on the 9:00 and her husband was told she had gotten on the train.
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>> and the mom of a 2-year-old last spoke to her husband, they checked every hospital and continue to call the 800 number for family and friends. >> we are not thinking of the worst case scenario right now. >> there is a slim chance she could have gotten on to a bus to new york, but 30th street station is it not at a stand still, it's active, all the regular rootutes going ahead. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> annie thank you. >> the coverage of the derailment will continue throughout the day can you find photos and videos from the scene at along with the latest on the investigation. >> all right coming up in our next half our we'll go live to the trenton train station and
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nora muchanic has impact for travelers in new jersey at this hour. photos from inside of the derailed train cars and reaction from a former congressman that survived the accident. >> dry but windy conditions across the region and that triggers a red flag warning and an enhanced chance of fires a warm-up is in the accuweather seven day. >> all right david thank you those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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we are back with an update on the train derailment in philadelphia. six people are dead, associated press employee jim gaines from plainsboro, new jersey is among the dead. the black box is recovered and more than 200 people were taken for treatment and federal investigators have arrived in port richmond at the crash site. amtrak service remains suspended between philadelphia and new york city. he snapped these photos from inside of the derailed car last night, he had to push through the window and help other passengers to climb out.
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murphy told us last night he was lucky to be alive and what happened when the plane crashed. >> i felt this violent vibration and the next thing i know, we went suddenly to the left and then banked right. everyone on the left side of the train where i was just through to the other side. murphy also thanked the first responders many of them jumped over the live wires to reach those that were injured. passengers on a septa train had a scare of their on an "action news" viewer send us this photo of a cracked window something hit the front window of a septa train and the engineer was not injured. 70 people had to be unloaded from the train and put on a bus. they say there is nothing to link this with the deadly amtrak
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derailment. they are looking for hot spots after a lehigh county landmark when up in flames. you can see flames shooting from every window on the second floor, the tavern dates back to 1735 and no one was hurt and it's unclear what started the fire and the damage left behind. in philadelphia the jury deliberations starts today in the case of jason smith accused of strangling a pediatrician in her home in 2013. smith confessed to the crime but later recanted his story. still ahead on "action news," hundreds of years of history destroyed. what we know about the fire that consumed a landmark restaurant.
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>> breaking news from chopper 6 hd this is the first time we have been allowed to fly over the amtrak derailment site in port richmond. we know that six people are confirmed dead and we continue coverage at 12:30 coming up. the attorneys in the boston marathon bombing trial are presenting their final arguments in the sentencing of dzhokhar tsarnaev. he was found guilty on all counts against him. three people died and 260 were
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injured when two bombs exploded at the finish line. u.s. officials are searching for a marine helicopter that was reported missing yesterday while delivering earthquake disaster aid to nepal. it was carrying six marines and two nepal soldiers. kim jong un had his leader executed for falling asleep at a meeting, he had the defense chief put to dental a shooting range last month. north korea has not confirmed the story. in wisconsin people gathered to march outside of a home where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed biracial man in march after a prosecutor announced he would not charge
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the madison police officers involved in shooting tony robinson. the young gifted black coalition called on people to walk out of work and school this morning and have called for and non-violent protests since robinson's death. nearly 5 million vehicles worldwide are added to the airbag recall including the ford suv and pickup. they can deploy abnormally and to date toyota has recalled 8 million vehicles because of problems with the takata airbags. coming up live coverage on the port richmond amtrak
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derailment. we'll have people that have escaped the tragedy. hear what happened at the moment of impact and how he used his cell phone to help people get to safety. so many stories that are coming out of this deadly derailment coming up at 4:00 and take us with you on the go if you have not downloaded our news app, can you take us with you on the go. >> your accuweather forecast is coming up when we come right back.
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david is back with a check of the accuweather forecast. cooler today. >> cooler and windy stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we are dry as we take a look outside. we do have some cloud cover
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mixing with the sun and you can see the camera bouncing because the winds have gotten blustery through the morning and now into the afternoon. 67 degrees right now in philadelphia, yesterday we were already past 80 at this point and winds from the north northern west and sustained winds 16 miles per hour and the gusts are higher than that right now. 66 in trenton and 64 in allentown and mid-60s down the shore as well. here are the late tist gusts we had them up over 30 in spots and the latest recordings at the various airports show 24 miles per hour gusts at philadelphia-but they may build again as we head later into the afternoon. we see the cloud cover after the sunny start overtakes us and it's a sun and clouds mix and that is what we'll see today. allentown cooler and high of 66 degrees and windy and obviously cool down the shore about 10
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degrees shaving off the high from yesterday only 68 today windy and cool with the clouds and sun mix. in philadelphia we'll go for a high of 69 degrees, some places like center city could go to 71. and gusts as high as 30 miles per hour at times. tonight the winds ease back down to 5 to 10 and clearing and cool, the cool overnight low is 51 degreeses, cool conditions and gradually dropping temperatures. and by 4:00 we feed off the high of 69 and by 7:00 tonight 65 degrees if you are headed tonight to the phillies to see cole hamels play against the pirates 65 for the first pitch and breezy at the start and at the ninth inning we may dip into the upper 50s so chilly. high pressure is in control
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tomorrow and should bring the sun back strong bone dry tomorrow and the heat and humidity is suppressed to the south. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, windy and cooler and 69 is the high today. we hit a high of 88 yesterday and tomorrow sunny and nice and 74 and humidity remains low and friday looks like a nice day with a high of 76 degrees and partly sunny skies there and then saturday this is by no mean a washout, most of the day clouds mixing with sunny breaks and a warmer high of 82 degrees, in particular into the afternoon a chance of a pop-up shower here or there. i would not cancel my plans but i'd have an out plan, make sure you have enough room to get everybody inside. on sunday a high of 80 and a slight chance of a shower and i think the best chance is late in the day or even but that is a mainly dry day on sunday and i
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would not trade in my tickets to the phillies or anything like that. looks dry on monday and tuesday and still rather warm. >> thank you david. quick break and we'll be back with the second half hour of "action news" at noon. stay with us.
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we continue to follow our breaking news at 12:30 chopper 6 hd is over the scene of the wreckage of the deadly amtrak train derailment in fort
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richmond, investigators continue to comb through the wreckage for the cause of last night's crash. six people are confirmed dead and an unknown amount of people are unaccounted for. over 200 people are injured. they have recovered the all important black box and that is being evaluated at this hour. and more on what caused seven cars to derail as the regional train 188 was heading from washington, d.c. to new york, not far from the site of one of the deadliest train accidents in history more than 70 years ago. >> we are learning more about the victims that lost their lives among them a naval academy midshipman, abc news confirmed that one of the victims is 20-year-old justice zemzer from


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