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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  May 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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tracks in port richmond. ntsb agents are on the grown as we speak. conducting an investigation into how this happened. that train entered a sharp turn on the tracks and now they say it was traveling at a high rate of speed of 100 miles per hour in a 50 miles per hour zone. it has closed a busy corridor between new york and washington, the big story on "action news" is the latest on the deadly train derailment. lets go to chopper 6 hd over the scene now we are awaiting an update from the national transportation board the ntsb we'll bring it to you when the conference gets underway lets head out live to john rawlins near the scene of the crash in port richmond. you have the latest for us? >> reporter: well, yes it has been a hectic day here today
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there are revelations we are waiting for a briefing from the ntsb and the biggest revelation today occurred 90 minutes ago with the information from the ntsb that the train was traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour through a significant curve. at a news conference scheduled to start shortly, the head of the ntsb says the train was traveling at more than 100 miles per hour, that is more than twice the posted limit for the curve where the train jumped the tracks, today they discovered an additional victim bringing the death toll to seven. the city continues to struggling for the 240 plus that were suppose to be on the train at the time of the crash. >> we are still waiting to hear from folks someone that left the scene and who is doing well
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have them call to the amtrak 1-800-number that is 1-800-523-9101. again, 1-800-523-9101. >> back live now we are waiting for the ntsb news conference to begin. it looks like it will shortly. back to you all. >> thank you john. >> the train's engineer and his attorney spent hours inside of east detectives today but philadelphia police commissioner says that the 32-year-old engineer declined to give a formal statement about what happened last night. investigators are trying to determine why the train flipped off the tracks while rounding a sharp curve in fort richmond. it does indicate that the train was going double the speed limit there. lets go live to walter perez where a family resource center is set up for the victims.
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>> reporter: once again at least seven people have been killed among the injured is a former delaware valley congressman. but his injuries are minor. all as a search for a missing philadelphia ceo continues. rachel was named ceo of a science center two months ago, the 32-year-old mother of two is listed as among the missing and her colleagues are saying they are quite certain that jacobs was on board the train. >> she left at 8:46 to get on the 9:00. meanwhile, two of those killed have been identified. including 20-year-old justin zemner after finishing his sophomore year at the naval academy. >> a loving son, nephew and cousin and he was very community minded.
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>> also killed was james gaines that worked as a video architect for the associates press he leaves behind his wife and two children. in the midst of this travel we hear stories of survival including former congressman patrick murphy on his way home from a trip to washington he only suffered bumps and bruises it didn't take long to figure out how lucky he was. >> there was a lot of head injuries. >> we caught up with a passenger named jeff cutler who lives in brooklyn but grew up on west oak lane is he hurting today and is counting his blessing. >> it was enough they wanted to x-ray it i am mobile a slight limp and bump, but no break. >> a family resource center is set up at the convention center
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marriott and information is being updated on a regular basis, stay with channel 6 "action news" for the very latest. >> walter thank you. more than three dozen of 200 people injured remain hospitalized tonight. right after the crash hospitals went into emergency mode, holding staff over and calling more in. it spread from the far east university city west to montgomery county officials say it was the kind of emergency they practice for again and again and last night the practice paid off. well if you are looking for a loved one that may have been on the amtrak train a hot line is established to learn about their whereabouts. the number is 1-800-523-9101. >> the amtrak derailment closed a busy corridor between philadelphia and new york leaving travellers stranded and
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looking for other options. eva pilgram is live for us at the 30th street station. >> reporter: sharrie, it has been quiet here, at 30th street station here trains come in and out of here but train service between philadelphia and d.c. has been canceled at least for tonight and there are no trains going into new york or new jersey. >> the derailment screamed through 30th street station many came in after being released from the hospital. >> i remember a hit. and i just remembered i flew all over the place. >> screaming and black out and luggage falling over and people falling over. >> the red cross set up a station to help the passengers and many ended up on buss to new york. >> i have been very sad since last night thinking about the people. >> many traveling today are
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being rerouted because of closures, no trains are traveling to new york or new jersey out of 30th street and renal cars are all gone now. >> i went intortz be she said i have no cars but i said i have a reservation. >> they are going to atlantic city or new york. >> my heart goes out to the families. it's a terrible thing. >> new jersey transit will honor amtrak tickets, they set up a shuttle service to get them to their destinations. >> eva thank you. we have cleat coverage of the train derailment at we have been alerting you non-stop with the latest developments and find photos of the scene and videos of after money. find it all at
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>> as we said a train derailment is causing major travel troubles on the rails tonight. >> rick and monica this is nothing if not complicated. lets try and rundown all the cancellations, amtrak between here and new york city is not running whatsoever. other chunks of northeast corridor service and keystone service are running but on modified schedules as far as njt goes if you can get to trenton you can take a train from trenton to new york city and they will honor your amtrak ticket. njt not running between pen station pennsauken, patco will honor your rail tickets, and septa is running all local service, all trains make all stops because they are expecting
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extra volume with people getting around the amtrak. the trenton line is not running for the time being and no word when it will resume service and the west trenton line is providing extra cars and extra lanes depending where you need to go. rick and monica back over to you. >> back live to ntsb update, we are waiting for the latest news and they are coming out with the latest now. >> to determine the probable cause and issue safety recommendation to try and keep these accident from happening again. before i go further, i would like to offer our sincere condolences for the loss of lives and injuries that people have sustained and our thoughts are prayers are truly with them.
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ntsb investigators began arriving in philadelphia at 4:00 and 5:00 this morning and the majority of go team was in philadelphia at 9:30 this morning, we coordinated with the local officials and first responders and conducted a pretty thorough walk through of the accident site to be able to get an idea of what we are dealing with. sort of the lay of the land. at noon we held an organizational meeting were we established our investigative protocols. the investigator in charge is mike flannigan, mike has over 40 years of railroad experience, and he has more than 15 years of accident investigation experience with the ntsb. he is leading a multidisciplinary team of investigators looking into the
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tracks the signals and i'm talking about the train controlled signal system, the operations of the train the mechanical condition of the train, the brake system recorders survival factors and emergency response. in addition to our investigative team we have experts from the ntsb office of transportation disaster assist an they are here to help facilitate the needs of victims and their families. >> here is the factual information that we presently have. last evening, amtrak 188 an amtrak northeast regional train departed philadelphia's 30th street station at 9:10:00 p.m.
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bound for new york city's penn station. the train consisted of one locomotive and seven passenger cars. and according to amtrak there were 238 passengers and a crew of five for a total of 243 occupants of the train. at 9:21 p.m. while traveling through a left-hand turn the entire train derailed. just moments before the derailment the train was placed into engineer induced braking and this means that the engineer applied full emergency brake application.
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maximum authorized speed through this curve was 50 miles per hour. when the engineer induced brake application was applied. the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. 3 seconds later when the data from the recorders terminated the train speed was 102 miles per hour i'll indicate that these were preliminary figures of speed subject to further validation, but we are pretty close on that. that is our first look at it it's a complex thing you don't just press a button and it spits out a speed we have to measure the wheel speed and put it into a formula but we are confident they were traveling at those
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speeds within 1 or 2 miles per hour. it had forward facing video cameras and an event data recorder, both of these recorders are being sent to our headquarter for analysis in washington, d.c. we did get these initial speeds that we provided you with from an initial download of the event recorder. we released the track back to amtrak and they will begin rebuilding it very soon. the locomotive and all but two of the train passenger cars are currently being moved to a secure location where detailed examination and documentation can occur. throughout the next few days the investigators will work on scene to thoroughly document the accident site and gather factual information. we will be doing a more detailed
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documentation of the rail cars and the scene. we plan to interview the train crew and other personnel. we would like to interview passengers of the train. we will be conducting a site distance test. we'll be testing the signal system, the train controlled signals. we'll be testing the braking system and the detailed analysis instead of the cursory analysis i mentioned earlier, we'll do a detailed download of those recorders. our mission is to find out not only what happened but why it happened so we can prevent it from happening again that is what we are here for to learn from these things to prevent them from happening again. i suspect that our investigators will be here in philadelphia on
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scene for about a week. i want to emphasize that we are not here on scene to determine the cause of the accident while we are on scene, we are not going to speculate our purpose for being here, i like to describe it as we are here to collect perishable evidence which is that information that will go away with the passage of time. that is what we are here to do collect the information that will disappear with the passage of time. we can go back to the data but we need to capture that now. for just arriving on scene this morning, i feel like the preliminary information we have is robust but we still have a lot to get. i know that you have a lot of questions, we have a lot of questions, and our commitment to you is as we are discovering factual information we are releasing it i'm looking for a
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press conference from this time tomorrow to tell you what we learned tomorrow. that is the way it works the investigators are out in the field during the day and reporting back to me to report to you. i would encourage you to follow us on twitter, our twitter handle is at ntsb. as i wrap it up i would like to thank the first responders for all of their efforts, they are out here through the night and early morning and through the day trying to secure this area and we want to thank them for their hard efforts. i will call for questions, i'm going to call for questions, what i would like for you to do and raise your hand and i'll call on you, then please state your name and outlet. >> channel 11 in new york, have you had a chance to talk to the engineer, reports are out that he did not -- >> have we talked to the
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engineer? the answer to that is no but we plan to, this person has gone through a traumatic event and give him an opportunity to conval he is for a day or two but that say high priority for us. to interview the train crew. >> you talked about the 106 miles per hour on the speed how long did it take to get up to that. did he aggressively get faster and faster and was there any whistles or bells going off in the cab that he was speeding? >> so the question is at what point did the train reach 106 miles per hour, our initial examination of the data we have not gone back that far because it is a detailed analysis of reading that data, we want to
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find out the speed to report that to you we'll come up with the timeline that is one of the things we will do. but we don't have the exact figures at this point. any alarms in the cab of the locomotive? we'll discover that information we should through the event recorders. >> are you confident that all the fatalities are accounted for. you said most of the rail cars are removed, you said one is left? are there any more fatalities? >> the question is do i know if there is anymore fatalities i don't want to sound bureaucratic, we are here to investigate the accident and that is our lane, the release of the information on the injuries and fatalities, that is the domain of the philadelphia office of emergency management
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they have that information. that is the answer to that. >> [ inaudible ] >> the question is the engineer applied the train into emergency braking a few seconds before moments the before the derailment and the next three or four seconds and the speed only decreased to 102, it take a long time and distance to decelerate a train. >> how long would it take? >> to get the speed down to below the track speed of 50 miles per hour? well he was in the curve at that point, are you suppose to enter the curve at 50 miles per hour.
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lets take a question here. >> the black box [ inaudible ] -- >> the question is is the black box the event data recorder is that amtrak? >> we took the event recorder to amtrak's facilities because they have the equipment locally to download it and we took it there for the preliminary look. but now we are taking it to our own labs in washington d.c. question here. >> [ inaudible ]. >> how many event recorders are there? >> that is in the locomotive and there is a forward facing camera. >> was the train equipped with something that could slow the
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train equipped with any type of device that could have or should have slowed it down to keep it within its limits? >> amtrak throughout a good bit of the northeastern corridor has a system called advance civil speed enforcement. it's installed through most of the northeast corridor for amtrak however it is not installed for this area where the accident occurred. where the derailment occurred. that type of a system we call it a positive train control system, it's designed to enforce the civil speed to keep the train below its maximum speed. we have called for positive training control for many years it's on our most wanted list and congressman dated it be
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installed by the end of this year. based on what we know right now we feel that had such a system been installed on this section of track this accident would not have occurred. >> is there an emergency alert set up? a dead man switch? >> some trains have it and some don't, often times in place of dead man switch they have an alerter. in a certain period of time an auto will activate in the locomotive and then if the engineer makes a throttle movement it will deactivate it. >> we want to know what was in that car. let me call on you. >> when was the last time the rail wasinspected?
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>> a rail car went over the track yesterday and as far as our thorough examination of the track, you have to understand there is a lot of activity out there now cars have been piled up out there our real thorough examination of the track will begin after those cars are thoroughly removed. we'll be out there documenting it. a question right here. >> there were tanker trains here and were they -- [ inaudible ]. >> so in is some rail tank cars that were very close to the point of derailment, were they empty? i am told, i want to furnish verify this, i am told they were not full.
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>> do we know -- [ inaudible ]. >> do we know how long the engineer had operated this route and how long was he an engineer? >> i don't consider that perishable evidence that is something we can get to weeks from now this is something we can get out and measure everything that won't be here in two weeks, we don't know and i can't tell you. but that is information that we will get. we'll interview him and review his training record and his employment records, that is standard. question right here. >> when did the train start moving faster than the actual speed limit? >> we did not -- we have not gone back far enough in the data to see when that occurred. i want to point out that the
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speed limit through the curve is 50 miles per hour, however right before the curve the speed limit is 80 so 80 miles per hour speed limit to enter the curve the engineer is suppose to lower the train to 50. we'll enter the data and get the priorities. a question here. >> could the speed alone could have caused this crash? >> that is analysis that is exactly what we want to find out. >> in your initial investigation, was there any mechanical problems or anything [ inaudible ]. >> we have not, we just basically got here, a lot of the
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emergency responses have been going on sin 2:00, we have not been able to get that very thorough and up close and personal view of the track we'll do a brake test of the train and sight distance test and there is work to be done that will be done and we'll be letting you know periodically how we are going. look for another press briefing tomorrow. and that is it. i want to thank you for your time. we'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> okay you are listening to robert sumwalt with the ntsb, the first time we heard from him since he was introduced by the mayor, he arrived to start the investigate into the train derailment and speed was a factor in the train derailment.
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he wants to interview the engineer, who was hospitalized and released and left to go back to new york where he lived. we'll take a break and be right back. as teachers, we're on the front lines fighting to give every child the education they deserve. every child in every kind of school. jim kenney is the one we trust to be a mayor for all our kids. jim kenney. he's committed to providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia.
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it is 5:30 and the coverage of the deadly derailment in port richmond. more is coming out on the cause and the victims and the cleanup ahead. we know so far that seven people are dead and more than 200 injures and at this hour, several of those folks are unaccounted for that were on the train as officials try to match up the hospital log with the train manifest. federal investigators said it could have been going double the speed limit when it hit the curve in port richmond. we begin with the latest on the investigation itself. wendy saltzman is live with the details tonight. >> reporter: the ntsb just told us that that train was going 106
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miles per hour into that curve that is only rated for 50 miles per hour, now here is one of the interesting things that in advance of that curve they said that the speed is 80 miles per hour so he was at the time only going 20 miles above of what the posted speed limit was and he did depress the brakes. >> it is incredible that so many people walked away from the scene last night. all the cars and engine of this train came off the tracks after it left philadelphia on its way to new york. >> to see these cars, these huge metal vehicles turned upside down, one almost split in half you know this is a devastating situation. >> some cars flipped over and the wreckage a pile of mangled metal after the plane took a curve at is hundred miles per
5:32 pm
hour. >> it felt like we were flying seven people rare confirmed dead and three bodies were found under the wreckage. and and unknown amount of people are unaccounted for. we are searching every car every inch to find or locate individuals on the train. >> the black box is recovered and will tell investigators important information onthe moments leading up to the crash. maximum speed was 50 miles per hour. when the engineer induced brake application was applied the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles per hour. three seconds later when the
5:33 pm
datainated the train speed was 104 miles per hour. >> the ntsb is looking to speak to the engineer but have not spoken to him yesterday. they have cameras on the front of locomotive and what part of their investigation as well as the information from the black box amtrak was out here earlier and they are cooperating fully with the investigation. live in port richmond i'm wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> as more details come out about the crash we learn more about those that lost their lives, among the seven people killed. jim gaines of plainfield, middlesex county worked for the associated presses a software architect. and 20-year-old justin zemser
5:34 pm
was a midshipman on his way home to rockaway beach new york. if you are looking for a loved one and have not reported your whereabouts call the number we have been giving you all day long, it's 1-800-523-9101. 1-800-523-9101. >> of course the red cross is at the scene trying to provide whatever assistance they can to loved ones of the victims they have cared for people but that does not include people that traveled to new york city. the red cross officials are offering comfort kits as well as blankets and clothing and providing medical assistance. >> we provided blood to five hospitals that received victims from this event so we have been involved in a lot of ways but the reality is we'll be here as long as the community is needs
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us, that is our commitment. the red cross is part of the national response team and will coordinate in the coming days to determine the best ways to help. meantime, yesterday's derailment has affected the port richmond section, between the first responders and the media crush the neighborhood is turned upside down in the matter of hours. sara bloomquist continues now live in port richmond. >> reporter: that is right. we are here at jasper and pike and this is definitely a neighborhood transformed by yesterday's and last night's tragedy, people are trying to get on with their day to day lives, but this is a different day, you can see the long line of media trucks behind me leading up to the command post, people of port richmond trying to get on with their lives and they are exhausted and
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overwhelmed by this major disaster in their own neighborhood. an amtrak train derailed in their neighborhood and now the world is watching wondering how a disaster could have happened. helicopters are flying overhead. to residents it all seems surreal. when it happens at home you are like what do you do? it's a lot. row homes sit not far from the where the train went off the tracks and some heard the grind ing crash and some saw a fire ball go up into the sky. >> a big explosion. but it was too big and my house moved. chopper images showed them what was going on behind their homes and they saw the ambulances and paramedics treating the victims, some like army veteran timothy
5:37 pm
johnson rushed to the scene to see if they could help. >> this is the city of brotherly love, i'm proud of my city and port richmond. >> people were clear this is no sweat for them, their thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the derailment and with the family of those that lost their lives last night. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and just hours after this deadly and violent crash a congressional house panel rejected a bill to decrease funding for am trang and the boost was actually promoted check what the thebill would have increased the budget by more than a billion dollars with about half of that money going towards capital improvements to the railroad's
5:38 pm
northeast corridor, the site of the deadly train derailment. the committee is republican led and the vote was 31-30 and democrats complained about the shortage of funding especially in light of this recent tragedy. i would hope that ur friends on the probeappropriations committee are cognizant of the real world on what happened last night. and will not engage in a short sighted budget cutting. the gop rejected the funding and proposed a bill that could would promote pose money from the current budget. it's raising eyebrows as the house trance all right sharrie thank you. yesterday's crash brought amtrak
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traffic to a stand still along the i-95 corridor. the departures board was full of delays and cancellations of course. passengers told "action news" it was hard to get to their destinations. >> i don't know where to go. they said we have to go and we ask for more information and they say wait for the train and they will give us a ticket for the bus. >> the same uncertainty hit travelers in new jersey as well. >> this forced people to change their plans and find another way to make it up or down the east coast. nora muchanic has that part of the story. >> first an update, septa has briefed reporters and told us right now there is no specific timetable for resuming operations on the trenton regional rail line but will enhance service in west trenton to try and alleviate the traffic
5:40 pm
there. there are lots of people and they are coping and offering sympathy for those killed and injured. >> it's a tragedy and we were not involved in the tragedy and we are praying for the victims and getting where we need to go. >> travelers are counting their blessings. >> an absolute tragedy and everybody is trying to deal with it. because amtrak service is suspended between new york and philadelphia, some travellers are heading to the trenton station but getting south is another story. edward works in richmond virginia and shows up in trenton to change his ticket but is stuck for now. >> i'll take the day off and come
5:41 pm
they code you'lled me for tomorrow. so i'm hope ing toing to get back there tomorrow. joan wonders when her daughter will get back from washington to her home in new york. new jersey transit will pick up her ticket but how is she getting back? we don't know yet not only is amtrak service suspended but so is septa regional rail line: some are using the train station to go from fillphilly to new york. accept septa has people assisting for their next move. we drove here and if we couldn't we would drive to new york and we came here no problems. >> lucky people in that situation, septa is offering free shuttle bus service between the septa and trenton line and for customers with the regional line your best bet is to connect with septa at the transportation center to get in and out of city. live in trenton, i'm nora
5:42 pm
muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> now to matt pellman in the traffic center. he has the latest after yesterday's derailment. >> we can be flexible and patient. and that will be called upon over the next hours and days as amtrak service from here to nyc remains suspended. the other chunks of the northeast corridor all running but not on normal schedules it's all normal schedules across the northeast corridor. njt is running between trenton and new york and they are septembering your amtrak tickets, the ac rail line is not running between a.c. and pennsauken because it normally runs on the track where the derailment happened. and market frankford line is all local service, making all stops
5:43 pm
they expect people to use that instead of the trenton line and highways are extra busy as people take to the roads instead of the rail. >> it's a busy day and we are tracking the latest developments from port richmond after the deadly derailment all evening long, as we go to break we want to show you more shocking images from the tragedy.
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sported tonight, a former philadelphia eagle is adding fuel to the deflate-gate scandal. jaime apody has more on that. >> hello guy, tom brady has until tomorrow to appeal his four game suspension. and more accusations that he is doctoring those footballs for quite sometime. he saw him using broken in footballs during a game even though they had to use brand new footballs, now the rules are changed. >> i was on the sidelines and i noticed how the beat up ball was
5:47 pm
getting thrown in on our offense, but when we were on offense, a brand new ball was thrown in and i said something to the ball boy, and he gave me a smirk. in this case something to be done in 44 years in this case not so much. the phillies lost four in a row the worst start in 44 years. louis garcia gave up four runs in the seventh and now four games under .500, that puts them on pace to be 52-110. >> get behind and chip away and get close and then not be able to take the lead. >> phils and pirates at it again tonight and cole hamels on the hill and he will try to avoid the phillies going this way for
5:48 pm
a half century. and pitt against west virginia that is casey huff, of the mountaineers it's one of the catches he dreams of. that has to hurt too. >> still a great grab. jaime thanks. it's a must watch night on abc the night kicks off with the season finale for "the middle" it's graduation day for sue and she is worried the day will not go off without a hitch and axel is set off by pictures his girlfriend posted online and the goldbergs wrap up season two and barry gets a job at the school mascot and then at 10:00 -- >> as your label head and friend, i don't think going out on tour right now is a good
5:49 pm
idea. >> did he talk to you, did avery talk to you. >> a fight maybe? nashville is full of drama juliet's push to finish her album leads avery to make a life changing decision. of course stay tuned after prime time for "action news" at 11:00.
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now, to the accuweather
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forecast a shift from summer like temperatures to spring like weather today. adam joseph is here with accuweather. >> we went backwards last night and today temperatures tumbled a good 20 degrees where we topped off yesterday this is closer to normal than it has been. double scan radar showing it's quiet even though we had cloud cover throughout the day. 69 was the high temperature the low was 60 degrees and that number will fall back here and by tomorrow morning we'll be below the normal of 53 degrees, the winds continue to push out of the northwesterly direction and the same for lancaster and reading and at the shore close to that number and philadelphia the only spot above the 70 degree mark with the poconos at just 50 chilly degrees high pressure from the west squashing clouds from the ohio valley and down to the deep south and clouds bubbled up because of the
5:53 pm
colder air interacting and yet again all the wet weather and stormy weathers pulling in from the south to the midwest, lifting up into canada and we'll arc into our region, tonight it's clear and chilly and less wind than what we saw today and speeds of 30 miles per hour. and speeds 5 to 10 and 49 degrees in center city. double high pressure in control and much less in the way of cloud cover and pleasant and low humidity and normal high of 70 degrees the highs merge here on friday and the winds start to turn south-southwestly with the warm front passing through just high clouds passing through and not as bright as thursday and temperatures above average at 76 degrees, and the real heat and humidity comes south of that here for the upcoming weekend. the exclusive accuweather forecast 73 a spring beauty here tomorrow and sun and high clouds tomorrow and 76 and the muggies are back saturday into sunday
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and warm above average between 85 degrees and 84 on sunday both days there is a chance of a pop-up thunderstorms but far from a washout don't cancel the outdoor plans keep it going because the storms are just scattered, back to normal on sunday and 77 and we fall back to 73 by next wednesday a little hit of summer this coming weekend before we are around normal for most of the seven day. we need a soaking rain at this point. >> but unfortunate we won't get a full rain. >> you'll get the downpours. >> thank you adam.
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he spoke at the free library of philadelphia and talks about the rise of espn over the last 30 years the proceeds go to the v foundation for cancer research. next at 6:00, new information from the ntsb on the deadly train derailment and live coverage of the investigation and the victims and coordinated efforts by hospitals to treat the injured. now for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening. good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist
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cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is the day after and the light of the day has exposed the degree of devastation at frankford junction. this is video from the national transportation safety board investigators have a difficult job today amid the deadly tangled of derailed cars and they have uncovered crucial information, it's wednesday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest on the deadly amtrak derailment in the port richmond section of philadelphia, and this will have philadelphians shaking their heads authorities say that the train was traveling at at least 106 miles per hour as it entered the curve and that was more than twice the allowed speed limit. the death toll has grown to seven and officials say that as many as 200 of the 243 people on
6:00 pm
board were treated for injuries. the investigators recovered the black box and contains data that is central to the tax of finding out what happened and why. "action news" reporters have fanned out across the city to cover the important components ali gorman eva pilgram vernon odom and walter perez and john rawlins. >> and john rawlins live at the derailment scene. that scene was a rescue mission last night. what is the specific mission there tonight? >> well, now it's a recovery mission at this point they are looking for anymore bodies that may have been trapped in the wreckage or thrown from the wreckage, we heard from the ntsb a short time ago we learned that there is a safety device known as a possive train control that could have slowed this train


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