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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  May 14, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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since learning he is among the victims of the deadly amtrak derailment. >> had such a system been installed in this section of track this accident would not have occurred. >> a stunning admission from federal officials we have the latest information on the investigation into the railway disaster and what might have caused it. >> good morning everyone, 6:30 thursday, first up, weather and traffic. >> reporter: starting out chilly this morning, nice and bright with the sun up over the horizon. satellite we had cloud cover yesterday and overnight. high pressure is causing that to evaporate and go the way of of the wind. 50 degrees in philadelphia. most of the suburbs in the 40s allentown, 42. 43 in reading and lancaster. 47 in wilmington and trenton. low 50s down the shore. as we head through the day things turn for the better. 54 at 8:00 a.m.
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noon, 66. 3:00 p.m., 72 late day high of 73 striking around 4:00 p.m. still holding on to the low 70s by 6:00 p.m. the pollen count is not as bad as early in the week we're running medium high. keeping that in play the coming weekend we see a warmup and up tick in humidity saturday and programs a spotty weekend thunderstorm. karen you've had issues for commuters this morning. >> reporter: we have dave, we have a horrible accident scene in northeast philadelphia, head-on collision the action cam was on the scene with this all happening on welsh road you get a sense of the severity of accident by looking at the damage done by the vehicles. four people injured on the scene. welsh road is shut down between alburger and alton road, stick to bloomfield we need to give the emergency workers time to do the investigation.
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a building fire north broad and susquehanna avenue. stick to the numbered streets to get around north broad and the restrictions we see here. lots of problems with mass transit. of course, amtrak not running no service between new york city and philadelphia. modified between new york city and boston. harass -- harrisburg and philadelphia. atlantic city rail line is shuttle busing, patco is honoring the ac rail tickets and amtrak. market frankford trying to help out all local service making every stop. >> the brutal effort to remove the amtrak cars from the crash site while officials look at the mann who was in control when the
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train hit the curve at high speed. katherine scott is live near the scene in port richmond. >> matt you can see police barricades in the neighborhood. crews have been on the scene throughout the night. chopper 6hd is live overnight take a look you can see the massive crane is hoisting a remaining rail car. federal investigators have determined that the train is going twice the speed limit. what has happened to the engineer and the moments leading up to the crash are under investigation. we're learning more about the act -- amtrak engineer bostian was in control the train wag going 106 miles per hour as it approached the curve. >> moments before the derailment, the train was placed
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into engineer induced breaking. >> reporter: it only slowed down the train to 102. this surveillance footage captured the train speeding at the top right of the screen a few moments before the derailment. seconds later you see bright flashes of lithe as the power lines came down. borcht -- bostian has refused to talk to investigators. he was an engineer for five years and a conductor before that and worked at target. >> he was on speed restricted track and the next thing he recalls is waking you mean and looking fogger his cell phone. >> reporter: and these are photos coming in this morning photos of one of the destroyed rail cars from amtrak 188 being moved from the crash site overnight on a flat bed truck.
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ntsb said they will give bostian a day or two to recover from the traumatic ordeal and then they will interview him. >> seth williams spoke about the derailment saying federal investigators will have the city's full cooperation when it comes to whether or not criminal charges should be filed. >> we need to have probably cause and approve beyond a reasonable doubt. it's a higher standard to approve someone is criminally responsible for the loss of life. >> according to reports the families of several of the victims have attorneys looking into the possibility of a civil case. we know the ideas of the five of the search people. daric fith and abid gilani,
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and rachel jacobs. and justin zemser, and jim gains. >> it's a sad day for everybody, a lot of people use amtrak. the family of bob guildersleeve said the maryland native is unaccounted for. loved one were distributing his photo yesterday in the hopes he is still alive. ntsb says technology exists today that automatically slows down speeding train cars, it had not been installed in frankford junction yet. when it left 30th street station the speed limit was 80. when it arrived at frankford junction, the speed limit was 50. the train was trying to navigate
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this curve at 106 miles per hour. the hitech system would have determined the right speed ahead of time and made the correction. the system is installed throughout the northeast cord door for amtrak. the this section was due for the upgrade later this year. >> based on what we know right now, westerly that had such a system installed in this section of track this accident won't have occurred. >> other transportation officials suggests amtrak should consider seat belts. all this costs moan, the latest bill to boost funding failed before a house committee yesterday they want to wait to see the outcome of the investigation before they decide whether to change their votes. >> commuters trains are among the safest forms of travel. no one has been killed in a
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train accident in philadelphia up until twhreek on -- this week on tuesday, 35 people were hurt from 2006 to february of this year. 77 accidents the main cause a mechanical or welcome problem followed by something wrong with the tracks or human error was the third reason. our coverage will continue throughout the morning and later on on editions of "action news." you'll find photos and video on the website >> it's been a while since i heard you mention 40-degree temperatures. >> reporter: no kidding and most of the suburbs are right there even the low 40s in some cases. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry dry conditions accompanying the cool numbers. as we look outside pleasant of sunshine over the horizon, it's going a pretty day and once we get past the morning chill things improve.
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50 degrees in philadelphia. most suburbs in the 40s. the dewpoint nice and low. the winds 10 miles per hour on the light side. most areas have single-digit winds. we expect the winds to be less than yesterday notice they are dropping out of the north that's keeping the humidity low and drawing the dry out of canada. we have high pressure building in evaporating the cloud cover. as we roll through the day 54 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 64 by 11:00. a ten degree jump between 8 and 11:00 a.m. we'll see plenty of sunshine. 2:00 p.m., 71. the high 73 degrees, low humidity, less wind lots of sun a nice one ahead. as we take a look at high temperatures from north to south not a big difference away from the shore. 71 in allentown. 72 in reading, pretty much the same story from trenton through wilmington, along the coast we'll stay in the 60s.
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68 degrees on the beach in atlantic city. mostly sunny and pleasant. day baseball at citizens bank park it's game four with the four game set with the pirates. 69 degrees for the first pitch. advancevance worely takes to the mound. we'll get warmer tomorrow, 76 degrees high clouds filtering in during the day at night there could showers looks like they will be in the northern suburbs and not in philadelphia. a nice friday night for most of us. 73 is the high. tomorrow, 76. saturday, warm front to the north, cold front to the west, we'll feel the humidity build and it will get wammer, 85 degrees, there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm. it's no the a washout, have a plan to get indoors if you larry thunder. pretty much the same story on
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sunday, probably less of a chance of rainy overall. but there could be a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. don't cancel your plans. the front gets off the coast on sunday night and we're back to the low to mid 70s starting monday. >> very spring like. up next, more stories you didn't see last night dramatic 911 call captures the moment the massachusetts father realizes he is on the train while his toddler in his suv. state lawmakers want to ban an extreme form of caffeine. >> reporter: i've been warning you about sunlight, 30 bypass, 314. i'll help you get to, would when "action news" comes right back.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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>> chopper 6 is live over the amtrak derailment site in port richmond philadelphia. the crane has taken a damaged rail car off the area of the tracks and placed it into a flat bed. this is an on going process to clean the site. no estimates when the northeast corridor of amtrak will be reopened in this location. >> let's go over to karen rogers to find out the latest with commuting good morning. >> reporter: good morning, we have a serious accident we've been talking about here in northeast philadelphia. welsh road has just reopened a
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minute ago the action cam was on the scene of the this head-on collision, four people injured on the scene a horrible accident scene that had welsh road shut down for a while. emergency crews have left the scene and things are better here. chopper 6 was overhead of another problem in north philadelphia. north broad street look at the number of emergency crews on the scene with the apartment build fire. you can see the fire and smoke up there the number of crews on the scene that had portions of north broad blocked at this point. as well as portions of susquehanna avenue. use the nbled streets to get -- numbered streets to get around this. a chinese restaurant with apartments above. a lot of happening through the area. let's look at the big picture fairmont park we've been warning you that kelly drive will close 11:00 a.m. until saturday at 6:00 p.m. for the stotsberry
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regatta. slow speeds on i-95 12 at girard, 14 at cottman. you're down to the single tickets on the schuylkill expressway. let's take a live look right here, this is the schuylkill at montgomery drive eastbound traffic as you try to head toward center city. heavy from gulph mills to the curve and boulevard to girard. sun glare will be a factor today. no other weather-related problems. beautiful, 50 degrees in the city. just in the 40s in some of the suburbs, but a nice high in the low 70s. >> an nypd officer shot and wounded a masked man who was wanted for attacking several people in with a hammer in manhattan. witnesses say he swung at the female officer and swung at her several times. her partner shot him. the mask man is the same one who attacked four people on monday. >> new jersey is considering a
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ban on powdered caffeine. a bill is going before a state senate today. a tea spoon of the powder equals 25 cups of coffee. if the ban passes new jersey violators will face 500-dollar fine or jail time. massachusetts father called 911 from a commuter train trying to get police back to the parking lot to his child. >> i left my one-year-old baby in my suv this morning. >> the man was heading toward boston when he remembered i had left his young child lock in the suv. the father said he usually drops off one child first and then a second one before i jumps on the train. first responders located the child and she was unharmed. >> she was awake and smiling enjoying everything that was going on around here. >> the poor man was so
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frazzled. i think i was worse off than the baby, the baby was salutely perfect. >> no charges are pending. the father said it was one of the worst days of his life. >> 6:48. "good morning america" has been covering the deadly amtrak train derailment along with us, chopper 6 remains live over the cleanup underway. a live "g.m.a." preview is in effect.
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>> time for a preview of "good
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morning america." amy robach joins us with a look as what else coming on "action news." good morning amy. >> reporter: good morning, tam and matt, coming up on "g.m.a." we're following your coverage on the deadly train accident in philly. we know it was going 100 miles when it derailed. we are learning more details about the victims. the lawyer for the engineer speaking out in an abc exclusive. coming up on "g.m.a.," dangerous flooding in the south people in texas excavating there's been dozens of water rescues. rob marciano tracking it all overnight. we'll switch gears not to name drop but the one and only george clooney is joining us live in time square. your average thursday, guys, back to you. >> see you in 8 minutes,. >> 15 seconds. >> reporter: matt doing the math. we're seeing the effects of the
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derailment. they have added extra cars to the west trenton line we're expecting delays with the cherry hill west line and 20 minute delays with the single tracking on the airport line. flower town we have an accident this is bethlehem pike at wies avenue. in allentown 42 degrees, 50 in philadelphia. cool enough for a light jacket. but this afternoon we get an improvement. lots of sunshine and low humidity and shorts and ts on the way. so, here's what we're looking at today. 73 degrees is the high, that's on the average high. low humidity as good as it gets. 54 the overnight low which is right around average. if you're out running errands the mornings are great time, 66 degrees by noon. the afternoon not bad, high of 73 today that will come in about # 30:00 -- 3:30 or 4.
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withwe'll be back with the top stories. when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
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>> here top stories, chopper 6 hd is live oven the scene in port richmond where crews are removing the wrecked rail cars from the amtrak train derailment. investigators say the train was traveling at twice the speed limit when it went off the
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tracks. seven people confirmed dead and five identified and still a number of people unaccounted dozens are in the hospital this morning. >> reporter: and well still have no service on amtrak between philadelphia and new york city affecting a lot of people. an issue in north philadelphia, this building fire is blocking north broad at susquehanna avenue use the number nblgd streets to get -- numbered streets to get around that. avoid the area if you can. it's a jam up from academy to cottman and betsy ross bridge to girard. lots of sunshine. >> reporter: 50 degrees in philadelphia at the airport lots of the suburbs in the 40s but no fear, as we get to noon we're up to 66. this afternoon looks gorgeous, low 70s high of 73. no humidity, winds lighter than yesterday. no complaints. >> and no fear. >> reporter: none, matt. >> "good morning america" will
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continue our coverage of what's going on at the site of the amtrak train derailment and head to, facebook and twitter for updates when we're not on the screen. of for tamala edwards, david murphy, karen rogers, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great thursday!
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good morning, america. and tragedy on the tracks. the desperate search for passengers still unaccounted for in that deadly amtrak derailment. and the new evidence uncovered by investigators. >> the train was traveling at approximately 106 miles an hour. >> the train going more than twice the speed when it derailed. the abc news exclusive this morning. hat the engineer behind the controls of that high-speed train is now saying. dangerous flooding. the south soaked by torrential rain, cars swept away, dozens saved from raging waters, this sinkhole opens up. more severe storms on the way. frightened father. a panicked dad's 911 call after leaving his baby in the car on the way to work. >> i left my 1-year-old baby in my suv by accident this morning. >> the race to save th


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