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tv   Action News  ABC  May 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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train 188. now a homeless family says they were had by a local charity that's next. specializing in custom cakes? right! and opening your own bakery? how'd you know? you've got the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah! king of cash with top prizes of $100,000. [male announcer] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> we want you to look at windshield of amtrak 188. that's what the nts sbxt doing. on the driver's left, your right, there's a circle shaped
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fracture. this is what investigators want to know. did some kind of object hit the train before the train accelerated and sped out of control? it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is a whole new line of investigation and the fbi is now open the case. agents will no doubt be looking at this surveillance video as well. this is the first night we have seen this. it was taken from a nearby towing company and shows the flash from the actual crash and derailment. fbi, ntsb and amtrak are trying answer the question, how did this happen and why? let's get the latest on the investigation from "action news" reporter dann cuellar at the frankford junction. dann. >> reporter: jim the fbi is on the case following the bomb shell revelation that the train may have been struck in the moments before a car crash. we learned two other trains were struck by objects in the same
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area during the same period.. tonight, fbi was examining the windshield of amtrak train 188 now located in a secure area in delaware. the windshield was damaged during the crash. but there are a couple of round fractures the fbi was asked to focus sglon the windshield was shattered but there's particular damage there we want them to look at for us. >> this development comes after conductor on the train reports hearing engineer talking on radio to engineer of septa trenton line train number 769 that was struck by object and it to make emergency stop. no yours. that was 9:10. five minute earlier another train was struck by object in same area as well. the kun duct tore on board 188 tells investigators this. >> she believes she heard her engineer say something about his training struck by something. >> surveillance video obtained by "action news" shows train speeding by and a few moments later 9:21 flashes of light when the train derailed.
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the engineer brandon bostian talked with ntsb investigators today. >> we found him to be extremely cooperative. >> reporter: the engineer was asked if he recalled having a conversation with septa engineer about being hit by projectiles. >> he did not recall anything of that sort. there again, he does not -- he reported he does not have any recollection of anything past north philadelphia. >> reporter: the fbi today was fanning outlook for surveillance that might prove helpful to the investigation. meanwhile with the wreckage removed amtrak is moving full speed ahead to restore service between new york and philadelphia hoping to do so by tuesday. live in port richmond i'm dann cuellar, "channel 6 action news." >> thank you dann. midshipmen from the naval academy gathered in hughlet new york to say goodbye to their friendious tin zemser. he was on his way home for
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break. they could not control their grief here today. >> we urge you to stay with "action news" throughout the weekend for developments in the amtrak train derailment investigation and, of course, you can get the latest information on and our social media outlets. it took 14 hours of deliberations but a federal jury in boston has sentenced boston marathon bomber to death. dzhokhar tsarnaev showed little emotion when he heard the jury say he should die by lethal injection. they swept aside that he was just a kid falling under spell of tam plan. a crowd gathered outside the courthouse to hear a sentence that brought relief and grim satisfaction to many in the city. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live in the satellite center tonight. annie you've been keying on reaction to the death sentence. >> victims families, survivors and many that ran in that
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marathon that day agree with jurors. but family members of convicted bomber say they will now fight for his life and begin appeal process. >> relief. i was relieved. >> the bombs went off after carroll wilson huntingdon daily resident crossed the finish line in her first boston marathon her family a block away. every year since she returned to run. today's verdict brought her back to that terrifying day. >> when somebody commits a crime they need to be held accountable and pay full price and in this case because so many people were hurt and people died that this was justice. >> three people were killed that day including 8-year-old boy and another 250 were injured when tsarnaev and older brother tamerlan detonated devices at the fin ib of marathon and days later murdered mit police officer shawn coleyeah and. >> i wanted to justice for my
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family and i felt that the ultimate justice was death penalty. >> video of tsarnaev planting bombs near children and unremorseful behavior hurt his case. defense tried to say he was manipulated by his older brother. federal prosecutors justified their decision to seek death early on. >> today the jury has spoken and dzhokhar tsarnaev will pay for his life with his crimes. >> they still have to schedule a sentencing date. there the victims can give their impact statements and maybe a long time he will remain on death row as he goes through the appeal process. for now reporting live from the satellite center, annie mccormick, "channel 6 action news." jim. >> annie thank you. police continue to investigate the claims of a witness that a man tossed a baby off the railroad bridge 68 and kingsessing in southwest philadelphia. the search has been suspended for the night. surveillance video shows a man and woman walking away from the bridge at the same time the
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witness reported seeing a man kiss the baby and then throw it over the bridge. despite searches miles of track below police have found no trace of the baby. >> investigators still don't know what caused 14 foam get sick at the postal facility at 435 route 130 hamilton township. hazmat crews came in to take tests. there's no word what caused super sweet odor. one person passed out. while 1 others were treated at the scene. officials say there was no trace of any spills, powders or liquid residue. >> philadelphia homicide detectives wants to identify a killer tonight. while they don't yet know the identity of his victim. he's a john doe in late 20s early 30s. gunned down pointblank range on 2200 block of north front street in kensington. at 7:00 tonight. police found hill on the sidewalk and rushed him to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead.
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>> workers at the iron hill brewery and restaurant in voorhees, new jersey, have been vaccinated against hepatitis a because a co-worker tested positive. and health department officials say the server has not returned to work since the diagnosis and there is tloyl no troyvrk public health. >> a main line bank bandit on the loose tonight and tonight lower merion police released these surveillance photos of him in action at 2:00 yesterday afternoon. he told the tellers to put the money in a black and yellow backpack. this happened at the wells fargo right next to the bryn mawr train station. police don't know how he got away after he left the building. >> the men and women who served our nation will now be remembered every day by people passing by hatboro horsham high school. teachers and local vets and students unveiled a memorial today dedicate totd american shoulders. the school community and local residents raised the 17,000
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needed to build the monument. still to come on "action news" tonight a tragic discovery in search for missing american marines involved in an napal quake relief. and lending a helping paw. it's not only humans who's can give blood and the need for dog donations is important. and we promise we won't drone on about. it but we'll show you debut of newest video gathering tool at channel 6. cecily. >> our temperatures soaring this weekend feeling like summer with heat and humidity and tracking showers and thunderstorms on the way. we'll have the latest often what to expect in the accuweather forecast. >> investigative report ertz wendy saltzman is here looking into a local charity accused of not making good on a home giveaway. >> jim "action news" was there in december of 201 when a charity announced they were giving a homeless woman and her daughter a house for free and 17 months later the home is unliveable. we approach the organize to find out what happened to the
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donation and now the attorney general's office is investigating. >> and ducis rodgers with a phillies winning streak. that and more when "action news" continues tonight
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>> it looks like worst fears about helicopter dmrash napal has been realized. they found three bodies near a u.s. marine helicopter. this say picture of the chopper before the relief mission. the helicopter was found in pieces. there's no word of nationalitys of the bodies found by helicopter which was carrying six marines and two napaly soldiers. >> some try states residents will head to napal. they were back up supplies in
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wilmington. they will depart from the independent international tomorrow on route to quake-ravaged weekend for a week's time. they're the third group of volunteers from this group. >> a unique campaign to raise awareness of need for blood for pets. norm star vets in robinsville energy until, hosted a blood drive for dogs. organizers say animals that suffer trauma or have internal bleeding often need transfusions. roughly 200 dogs regularly donate blood at this facility and more is always needed. >> well imagine getting a newlyly refurbished home for free that's what a delaware charity promised one local homeless family but weeks and months have passed and there's still no liveable home. the recipient tells "action news" she feels she and her family were exploited for publicity. investigative reporter wendy saltzman is on the case and here with the sdlusive story. >> jim, the program was called home for the holidays.
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the news release invited "action news" to watch them put the finishing touches on a house as organizers drew a winners name from a list of 200 applicant and now the house is still not complete and arguably in worse shape than it was when the gift was announced to a needy family 17 months ago. >> oh, my god. >> medina brown and her three daughters cried tears of joy when they were told they would move out of a shelter and into this newly refurbished four bed room home. >> what they wanted to do was honorable. everybody would want to help. >> and the donations seemed to roll in. this go fund me web site shows 28,699 but the months, year, and more have passed since announcement and house is still vacant. >> they said 30 days. they said the house will number living condition within 30 days. >> instead the windows are now boarded up and the roof
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partially removed and there's water damage and damage from fires squatters seted in. >> you come here and think we're not going to finish this and -- my dad worked in this house with lung cancer do you understand? >> the organizers kimberly and shaveet spoke with us and said she wanted to do their part to help end homelessness. >> i don't want people to look at this as wow they let the community down. we let each other down. >> they're pointing fingers at the community and say many pledges never came in and people never stepped up to give them money. >> small businesses don't go around buying houses. and giving them away. we're a small business. we're not one of the big times. >> powder room. >> medina brown says that's what she was promiseed in front of
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crowd and media. >> they exploited me and my family. my daughters are like when will we move into the house mommy can't give them nothing. >> we said we would buy the house. >> broomer and hunter tell "action news" they purchased the house for $17,000 using $5,000 out of their own pockets and $12,000 from anonymous donor it's unclear how much money they have raised but they estimate this is a $130,000 project. >> maybe the lord will get your heart and you yourself will help us out personally. >> and somehow they say they plan to complete the house for brown's family although they say they never said a deadline when it would be done. >> do you think it's acceptable to wait a year and a half. >> for a free house yeah, you wait for i free house you wait 2 to 5 years however long it takes. >> brown filed a complaint with delaware attorney general's office. they're reviewing this case for potential charitable misrepresentation. broomer and hunter tell me they
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recently received some corporate donations for supplies for roof. roofing work and electrical work and they are hoping, jim, to start this project again soon. >> but at the very least was this a case of over promising. >> it may have been over-promising there's no evidence they miss appropriated the money we don't know at this point how much they have taken in or what happened with the money. >> we'll follow it up right? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> wendy saltzman. >> music fans are mourning the man that was considered the king of the blues. ♪that was b.b. king signature song played on guitar he named lucille. king was born into pover any mississippi and went on to win 15 grammys and also received a precedential medal of freedom. he performed for pope john paul ii and he inspired countless musicians, b.b. king was 89 the iconic fao swarz show in new
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york is shutting down for good. the store's parent company toys "r"us says it's too expensive to operate that that location that's the most expensive real estate in the world. the store will close its doors july 15. this is not the end of fao is swarz they railroad looking for a less expensive location to reopen. >> it was four meats function at philadelphia under arrest east falls the students showed off most creative innovations the exhibit features 250 projects and architecture, engineering and design. all these works were created by graduating seniors. among the designs a new and improved protective suit for medical professionals treating ebola. >> we're excited about a new technology here at channel 6 getting a lot of buzz. perhaps we should say causing a lot of buzz. yes, we debuted don't 6 live opt air during "action news" at 4:00
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today. it will allow us to literally give you a new perspective on stories during the news gathering process. it can hover at lower altitudes to get close up aerial footage that complements chopper6hd. there's guidelines set by faa about use of drones and we here at 6abc have chosen to operate with even stricter standards to be safer, to be responsible and to respect privacy. except for cecily tynan's drone 6 will hover over your backyard sunday. >>fy get a forecast wrong. watching. >> oh my. >> weekend forecast. >> get it right. >> hope hullly i'll get it right. warm, feeling like summer and unsettled. stormtracker 6 liver double scan showing we have a few light showers around. little bit of a spritsing. this is with a warm front moving in. this is what is the leading edge of that warmer air. but, really, a nice friday night
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to be out and about. the action cam looking at rit ep house square. fantastic evening for a stroll. we're coming off three days of very comfortable weather. wednesday and thursday, 72 degrees. today, 76. average high for this time of year is 74. so right around average low humidity, but all that will be changing tomorrow and sunday. right now still mild. 64 degrees in philadelphia. 61 in millville. 63 wilmington and 65 allentown and close to shore with winds off the ocean a little cooler temperatures in the upper 50s. satellite 6 along with action radar showing what's moving through now again that's a warm front. this lifts up north and gets us in warm sector of the system. in the meantime, all eyes are on the plain states where a cold front will be rolling in and this likely will bring another round of damaging tornadoes to the heartland but we're just going to be dealing with a few sprinkles in the morning and
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some thunderstorms by the afternoon. future tracker showing 8:30 in the morning you can see these are not widespread. most of the region will be rain free with cloud cover. then we see breaks of sunshine right around lunchtime. nice early afternoon. late in the afternoon with buildup of heat and humidity we'll see popup showers and thunderstorms across the northwest suburbs 4:00. any of these could have brief, heavy downpours and then moving through philadelphia around 8:30 in the evening and then on sunday morning we'll wake up again with sprinkles and sunday afternoon we'll do this all over again with popup showers and thunderstorms. future tracker saying good-bye to 70s for the weekend. 85 by 4:00 saturday and back to 80s sunday. reaching upper 80s late sunday afternoon and it's not just the heat it's the humidity. the dew point in mid to upper 60s. so you will feel that moisture in the air and exception though, at the shore. yes the shore. will be nice. mixture of sun and clouds.
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seabreeze high of 73 you if you get a jumpstart open summer seasonch the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. 85 tomorrow. 88 sunday. both days afternoon showers and thunderstorms. certainly not a washout of weekend. monday, warm front returns to cold front and that brings us cooler air. 75 degrees. lots of clouds. limited sunshine. tuesday cold front moving through. showers and thunderstorms 76. broad area of high pressure builds in on wednesday. bringing return of comfortable spring weather. 72 wednesday, thursday, 74 and friday up to 78. warm and humid scattered showers and thunderstorms. but again not widespread rain all weekend long xing we need rain anyhow. >> today was a celebration of rich history in society hill tonight. the powell house to mark the 250th anniversary. this is the home of philadelphia's last colonial
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mayor samuel powell. powell has built in 1765 and saved from demolition in 1931. ♪and that's the philly pops at the kimle center performing rolling stones tonight. it was all part of season finale concert which combined styles of rock country, broadway and opera. all of tonight's selections were from classic hits that topped the
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>> celebrated rookie starting his career with the phillies tonight. >> he will remember this day and hopes to for get day. franco is a beacon of hope. he's been tearing it up in aaa. .355 batting ankle and today called up to the big leagues for what he and phils hope for g phils and d backs franco has a decent move as well. makes a nice play to throw out duffy gochwitch and tie in the 7th inning. paul goldschmidt deep to center. two run double. phillies fall behind 2-1. still a good sign answer with
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three nrunz bottom half. two run single to tie the game at jeff frankor comes up next. phillies win 4 34eu6. three games in a row they win for the first time this season. >> that's key for these wins bousing back and regaining lead. that's good to see those at bats and some come middle game, late in game with pledge hitting. that's good for us. >> what a night for villanova standout and new jersey cincinnatiive matt ceasar. it's not far. but that's a walk off hit and he'll take it. three rbi for ceasar. cubs win 11-10. >> still ahead, a hole in one worth 288. and incredible shot at buzzer in nba playoff. or is
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nba playoffs lebron james and cavs await winner of this series. wizards down three in closing moment they call paul pierce truth and sends game to over time. but wait it's under le view. take a closer look. ball is not out of his hands in time. basket waved off. hawks win 94-91 to take siris in six. they're on to eastern conference finals. finally miguel jimenez golfer is a man that likes cigars and whiskey. i hope the golfer likes beer as well. 8th home at the open espanza. get it close that's the plan. scratch that plan. jimenez gets a hole in one. second this season. he wins 12 indications of beer. that's 288 bottles.
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i, too would moon walk to that ! >> 288 bottles. >> that's a chichi rodriguez move. >> there you go. >> some of the region's top athletes were honored at a banquet in penns landing and rick williams and cecily tynan were on hand to emcee this event columbus boulevard. tonight a chance to pay tribute to members of the international student athlete academy which uses sports to help students learn good decision-making and right decisions in athletics and in life. that's exactly right. "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". jimmy's guest paul jimati and science bone fullfelder. for "action news" i'm jim gardner, good night, have a great weekend. "action news" continues at
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>> dickey: from hollywood it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight, paul giamatti “science bob” pflugfelder and this week in unnecessary censorship with cleto and the cletones. and now, for the most part here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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