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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  May 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> we have breaking news from montgomery county, the action cam on the scene of a massive warehouse fire. ment fire broke out at 3:40 a.m. at the warehouse that houses floor materials for the philadelphia floor company. the fire quickly went to three three-alarms, several walls have collapsed. there are no reports of injuries. good morning 6:00 a.m. sunday may 17. we're watching showers moving toward the area this morning. it's been a busy weekend
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following showers and a few storms last night and more may pop up today. our storms nothing like this. more tornados marching across the america's heartland and more severe weather is not out of the question today. >> here at home. you want to keep the umbrella handy we're tracking showers and possible storm heading our way. rain moved through the area late yesterday. the action cam got wet not far from our studios. the rain was needed and we told you would it not be a washout and it wasn't. >> it pretty much stopped. >> reporter: it went according to plan. today will be similar to yesterday, maybe more in the way of cloud cover, high, thin clouds but there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon it will be warm and sticky, very summer like today. there's the shot of center city you can see the clouds rolling in.
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temperatures wise, it's a muggy start, 69 degrees, trenton 65. allentown, fog developing 64. reading seeing low visibility, 64. poconos 61 and dover 70 degrees, double scan live showers and rumbles of thunder across western pennsylvania some of the activity will march east over the next 1 hours or so. therefore we're expecting showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. morning hours cloudy, warm and sticky, 72. lunchtime close to 80 degrees. some of the storms that develop they will be scattered. gusty winds small hail i'll have the details and i will have the timing for you when i see you again in ten minutes. >> take a look at this new video, the tornado raying across southwest oklahoma. it's one of several twisters to
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touchdown in america's mid section. in oklahoma some homes and businesses and powers lines were severely damaged. that is hail scattering a car's windshield in oklahoma. the hail and rain is now moving east. still ahead changes in the weather by checking the storm tracker 6 live app live radar forecast and severe weather alerts, plus you can report what you're seeing your area, it's a free download for the mobile device. turning now to the investigation of the amtrak 188 crash. the federal railroad administration is ordering amtrak to expand use of the speed control immediately. >> federal investigators try to
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determine if information the train was hit by the projectile before the deadly crash. for the firms we're hearing the frantic calls made by transit police about another incident that same night. dann cuellar has more. >> object reject hit train. >> reporter: "action news" has obtained call of train 769 hit by an unknown object. >> they are saying that train was shot at. >> reporter: ntsb at the time of the incident, the engineer was talking to the engineer of amtrak 188 she was saying his train was struck this according to a deducter interviewed by the agency. it was captured on tape and turned over to ntsb. the septa train was not shot at,
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but instead hit by an unknown object. the southbound acela train was struck at the same time in the same time frame. meanwhile, they are examining the windshield of the domed train to determine if they are -- doomed train to determine if they are bullet holes. the engineer county remember what happened. >> musical callinan worked for amtrak in connecticut but used to work on amtrak 188 traveling the same year, and he believes some outside force was the cause for the engineer to kick the train up to 100 miles per hour. >> all kind of stuff happens in baltimore we had children stoning the train throwing rocks
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at the rain. that area of in philadelphia is a bad area. amtrak must expand it's use of speed restrictions system where the traib -- train reached 106 miles per hour. amtrak will abide with the emergency order. that's the latest, port richmond, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> more passengers killed on amtrak 18le have been laid to rest memorial was held for rachel jacobs. two days a week she traveled to philadelphia to return -- to run her business. her friends talked about her legacy. >> they was beautiful inside and outside, she was smart lovely friendly and very giving. >> the world went into a net deficit today because this woman
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was a giver not a taker we're all at a loss. >> jacobs leaves behind a son husband, and 2-year-old son. her family is considering starting a scholarship in her memorial at columbia university. accounting firm director was remembered at a wake yesterday. "good morning america" weekend will pick up the coverage of the tragedy, "g.m.a." will have more on the tornados touching down overnight. we're in the final weekend of campaigning for the primary rails for mayor of philadelphia. voters head to the polls on tuesday. democratic candidates are crisscrossing the city this weekend to get out their support. the race is competitive and i felt voters have not made up their mind. inside story starts at 11:30.
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>> a multi-alarm inferno is gutting warehouse in montgomery county. we're working to get you more information. >> a senior isis leader is dead taken out by american commandos. drone users on the rise. we'll tell you what type of problems the new trend is posing. >> reporter: here's a look at the headlines this morning it's warm and sticky, more thunderstorms will fire up later this afternoon and just like yesterday one or two could be on the stronger side. i'll have the details after the break.
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>> welcome back on this sunday, 6:11 69 degrees, sky6 live hd looking live at philadelphia international airport. expect a repeat of yesterday keep your umbrellas handy. >> reporter: most of the day should be already -- all right but one or two storms may fire up. if you have an outdoor barbecue or your son or daughter have a t-ballgame, otherwise we should be already. looks at atlantic city, the clouds are above notice the haze for may standards this is
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high. later this afternoon we'll see storms flare up again. do youdewpoint 66. air temperature closing in an 70. millville, 68. on the boardwalk 62. you had a nice sea breeze quick in on the water. you'll see that this afternoon. look at how high the numbers are across the heart of the viewing area. dover, 70. millville, 66. anything above 6 starts to feel humid. you get into the mid 60 to upper 60-degree range that's very humid. it gets worse first thing tomorrow morning dewpoints closing in on 70.
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if not higher, on tuesday we get a canadian cold front from the west, it will sweep all the muggy air out to sea. the showers and storms to the west, some of those pull in later this afternoon. future tracker 6 showing mainly cloudy skies peeks of sunshine, limited sun, later on we'll see thunderstorms firing up, they won't be as numerous as what we saw yesterday evening we're not expecting them to be as strong as yesterday evening but one or two could be on the stronger side. right up until sunset once we lose the sun we'll lose the thunderstorms. monday, starting out with clouds, and by afternoon pop-up showers and thunderstorms start to develop and one or two of those could be on the stronger side. all you need ton they will be spotty in nature, yesterday we figured they would develop after
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4:00 p.m. this time around they will develop at any time. you're fair game at any time point in time. gusty winds small hail could develop. look at how low it dropped the pollen count medium category, maple birch the main categories, but this is easier to handle. 86 degrees in philadelphia. should be 84. trenton, 84. the some sunshine expected. thunderstorms firing up during the afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows pretty much the same thing for monday, cooler 82 degrees. tuesday, 82, smooth sailing wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday cooler temperatures, highs in the mid 70s.
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the fraternity order of police held their annual survivor's benefit yesterday. money raised benefit the families of off and on -- fallen philadelphia police officers. a fallen philadelphia firefighter was honored. [bell toll]. this is the traditional return to quarters tribute remembering joys craig the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty when she responded to a fire in west oak lane. officials unveiled the memorial canvas to engine 64 where she served. >> the members of engine 64 have done a great job with trying to keep her memory going we want to honor her family by the memorial.
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>> joyce craig left behind a teenage son and 3-year-old daughter. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together.
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>> 70-college-bound students from our area received scholarships to help pay their way through school. this black tie event was hosted by the urban league of philadelphia. big crowds line the schuylkill river for the stots
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stotsbury cup regatta. they will be again today, watch out for them around boathouse row. two sisters who were adopted, they met in the most unusual way. 35-year-old and 34 met at columbia university on the first day of their creative writing class. they introduced themselves and knew there was good morning strange meeting are to the first time. >> i'm like, i don't know your sister, i think i am nor sister. >> when she said i am nor sister, i was like wait. >> both woman were adopted by
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different families and grew up thousands of miles apart. >> what are the odds of that. >> both at columbia. >> we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: welcome back, everyone, 6:23 sunday morning, i wouldn't i wouldn't looking at double scan live. we're checking showers and thunderstorms developing this afternoon. not as intense as yesterday or as widespread in coverage, bus there's the possibility of a a couple of thunderstorms. warm front has pushed to the north. we'll see a frontal systems sweep through over the next couple of days. two cold fronts will sweep through. this front will come in off the water tomorrow, that will fire up thunderstorms monday afternoon, this guy right here, that's the canadian front that will sweep through on tuesday that could bring showers and thunderstorms tuesday. we have that risk of showers arena thunderstorms at any time. these are only short term
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impacts, but they have considered this area abnormally dry. we could use the rain out there looks like we could see several chances over the next several days. the phillies taking on the diamondback, 82 degrees, warm and sticky, 9th inning temperature, 85. >> sports, don't look now but the phillies have won four straight games. they wrap up their home stand against the arizona diamondbacks. jeff skeverski has more on last night's win. >> reporter: who are these guys? they were the worst team in baseball they looked lifeless, what a difference a few days can make. the phillies win four straight games for the first time since last august. ryan sandberg and the fims -- phils showing designs of live. second inning.
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phils take a 1-0 lead. ryan howard, deep to right rbi double, phils score 3 times in the third. they get three more in the 5th. how about chase utley, down the the right field line, trucking around the third, under the circumstancesly drives into two gets two hits, utley's average up to 138. phils win 7-5. they have a won a season high four in a row. >> well i like what i am seeing, you know it's coming from different guys, it's more consistent up and down the lineup, i don't know warmer weather, having so many bats under the belt, the timing is good right now with certain guys getting hot and others joining in.
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it's snowballed with momentum on the positive side of things. will american pharoah become a legend like smarty jones. a mile a couple and a half away, it's the preakness, the it starts pouring before the race, this horse like the slop. his father was a mudder, his mother was a mudder. listener. american pharoah! >> american pharoah dominants to win the preakness. he could become the horse to win the triple crown in 37 years. undefeated soul try to keep
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it that way in jacksonville. joe hill look alike for jacksonville score. final seconds down 8. 4th and 3 out of time, seoul lose their first game, 65-47 they fall 7-1. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski, have a good day! many donned the fancy hats and bow ties in northern liberties. this is the preakness at the piazza. it included mint jewel iips and the brown eyed susan. they got a close up of the hats. i got to be a judge for this colorful occasion. i got to choose the best dressed
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female. really hard. >> you were the best dressed female. we have more in connection with just ahead. we'll be right back.
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>> here's more on the breaking
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news from montgomery county. firefighters continue to battle a three-alarm blaze at a warehouse here. the fire strarted at 3:40 a.m. in the philadelphia floor store. this is coldwell lane. the fire went to three-alarms, there are no reports of injuries. switching from are a live look from the action cam you can see smoke billowing out of the buildings. flames spread through the roof of the buildings. parts of the roof and walls collapsed. stay with "action news" for updates on this breaking news story. investigators are combing through the wreckage of the amtrak train to determine what precisely went wrong. >> chris sowers is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: just like june out
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there. the ben franklin bridge, we have the cloud cover up above, that will give way to sunshine this afternoon which will help trigger the showers and storms, two, you see the haze and that's kind of indicative of the moisture out there. it feels almost like the deep south with dew points in the mid 60s and upper 60s. pottstown, 64. quakertown 63. saint davids 64. chester and center city, 68. you know we're going way up from this point. gandys beach 67. smyrna, 67. dover and buena 678. we have visibility issues across the lehigh valley, far western suburbs, 2 1/2 miles in lancaster, if you're driving out here and this way. .3 in the poconos.
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socked in pretty good in the poconos. if you're heading to ppl park the union taking on dc you nighted. there will thunderstorms around, they will close by, we'll see how this plays out. start time temperature, 79 by the 90th minute, 76 degrees. guys? >> fire ripped through a trenton home leaving a woman in critical condition and ten people in trenton without a place to live. this is new video of firefighters on the call on the 700 block of center street early this morning. flames starting pointed on the first floor of one home spread up on the second floor into a lot of the and then a neighboring home. a woman escaped the home where the fire started she was overcome by smoke. she is hospitalized in critical condition. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> new a new investigation into the deadly amtrak derailment in
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port richmond. federal officials said they must expand the speed restrictions system where the train crashed. the federal railroad dismrgs plans to issue an -- commission plans to issue an emergency order to notify the engineer that the train is going too fast. meanwhile, the fbi is looking into whether a projectile struck the train before the derailed. listen to the call from transit police moments afterwards. >> unknown object with the contact with the train shattering the winds shield. we do not have an update on the injuries, because we don't have communication with the engineer while he is still on the rail. but the train that had an foreign or unknown object shattered the windshield. >> the ntsb is interviewing the
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septa engineer that struck the window. more than 8 people and 200 injured when train 188 jumped the track. you can follow the ntsb investigation and see pictures and read more on the tragedy at overseas now u.s. commandos landed deep inside syria and killed a senior isis leader just before dawn in a dramatic fire fight terry moran has more. >> reporter: the daring raid held during the night heading deep into syria. their mission capture and
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interrogate abu sayyaf, the top money man in charge of the benjamin franklin parkway market oil and gas sale. >> this is not just another person. >> reporter: a counter terrorism official said abu sayyaf is suspected to be the isis leader who had given miller killed in syria a forced bride or slave on the ground a series fire fight isis used women and children as human shields. at times the combat was so close it was hand to hand fighting. abu sayyaf killed in the fire fight ray long with dozen isis fighters. his wife held captive or questioning. all american personnel returned safely after snatching up laptops that could be a huge win fall. >> it should have an impact on
6:37 am
isis that we can go do raise and take out their leaders anytime we wanted to it. >> reporter: isis made gains on the battlefield in syria but it won't reverse the gains but it may make isis leaders salim a little less -- sleep a little less at night. >> the unofficial summer business at the shore. take a look at the new video of frames shooting from the 7th street surf shoch. nobody was injured we don't know what caused the blaze. we're hearing from the gambler robbed after leaving the sugarhouse casino. he is talking about the face-to-face encounter. vernon odem talked to him. >> reporter: the south philadelphia man took a taxi home from the sugarhouse casino
6:38 am
with his overnight earnings which police say totaled $1,000. the moment he was dropped off a masked gunman appeared. >> put on the ground or i will kill you. >> i put my hands up and i laid in my neighbor's, he said pull the pot over high head or i will put a bullet over yore head. i called the cops i had 50 cents in my pocket. >> reporter: the victim called the cops, they chased the robber back to the casino where they were sure one of the crooks spotted the winner and followed him home. one of the suspects abandoned the nissan and fled on foot before being caught in the mens room. >> they caught him at the
6:39 am
casino we want back and i.d. him. >> reporter: two suspects held by police in connection with an armed robbery plat that unfolded at the casino and ironically ended up here their capture by police several hours later. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> pope francis has canonized 219th century nuns who lived in palestine. the ceremony took place in st. peter's square at the vatican. mahmoud abbas and two thousand christian pilgrims were at the vatican. the ceremony comes a few days after the vatican formally recognized palestinian state hood in the treaty. annual 11-year-old girl wrote to president obama and his words inspired him and got her a
6:40 am
face-to-face meeting with the approximated president. >> a tribute to jazz plaster charlie -- jazz master charlie park he were. the girls and boy's club gets a makeover. >> chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast that's next. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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d whether time for accuweather
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it's going -- time now for accuweather it's going to be a dreary day. >> reporter: it's going to be soupy out there and there could a thunderstorm. sky 6, there is complans -- chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. 69 degrees in center city. dewpoint 66, a lot of weight to the air it's soupy the winds are officially calm. atlantic city looks nice, although, look at the haze settling in, that's all the moisture in the air. 66 degrees on the boards, winds are calm, water temperature 57. numbers to the south are starting to climb quickly. dover 70 degrees, millville, 68 this is close to the normal high for this time of year. lancaster, 65 and sea isle city, 61 degrees, the iris soupy. get ready -- the air is soupy get ready for that. the it's going to be another
6:44 am
steam bath out there, as well. this is the energy we're watching in the afternoon. yesterday during evening hours we had widespread showers or thunderstorms. they erupted across the area. today they are different we're not expecting storms to be widespread in coverage, they could hit at any time point in time. the big thing to note, not everybody will see them, they will be spotty. satellite and radar showing a hefty line of showers and thunderstorms across the heartland of the nation, just like this part of the county they will see rough weather this afternoon, numerous tornados flaring up across the front range and into the high plains. they will see the exact same thing today. they will shiftment -- the area to the east into the great lakes that will swing through here tuesday that brings the chance of severe weather tuesday afternoon. future tracker 6 1:00 p.m.
6:45 am
86 degrees. 12 degrees above average. lots of clouds, limited sun one or two showers or thunderstorms developing at that point. nothing too terribly heavy. at 4:30 we'll see heavier thunderstorms. that advances east, 7:00 p.m. the young playing rat ppl park there will be thunderstorms around be mindful of that and keep that in mind as you go boo your evening plans and more firing up across south jersey, and that's the same thing for monday, as a back door cold front slips through. as they swing through they don't last thing. the threat with the storms, you'll see cloud to ground lightning strikes high probability of downpours and gusty winds and large hail and
6:46 am
strong winds. 86 degrees, muggy out there winds out of the west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight expect an evening thunderstorm, warm and humid, 63 degrees outlying suburbs, 67 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast forecast for monday, more showers and thunderstorms possible, 82 degrees, still rather sticky out there. limited sunshine, tuesday the canadian front comes in here, good bet you'll see showers and thunderstorms with that, 8 # degrees ahead of the front. that clears everything out. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday look picture perfect a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the 70s. >> elbow grease paint and a lot of heart has breathed new life into a local boys and girl's club. >> reporter: ment bridesburg
6:47 am
boys and girl club is getting a new life. they are painting gyms, classrooms and exteriors. the walls warn because of kids. it hadn't been pointed in a while. it's a great opportunity to freshen up the place. >> reporter: her win williams have teamed up across the country for national painting week. it's a special place for several volunteers. >> myself, tina, we both grew up in bridesburg its great to give back to the community. >> reporter: an under taking like this would have costed thousands of dollars, but the time paint and supplies are free it will freshen up the club to provide a place for local children to work and play. >> fresh coat of paint goes a long way. 150 children come through here
6:48 am
each day. >> so to have someplace that's a little bit brighter and prettier and nicer just makes it more welcoming to the kids. >> reporter: in bridesburg, katherine scott channel 6 "action news."
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>> secretary of state john kerry has just arrived in south korea to discuss security issues in the wake of fresh concerns about the stability of north
6:51 am
korea. kerry met with officials in beijing. the meeting comes a week after kim jong il ordered his defense secretary executed. the cost of a trip to yellowstone national park is about to go up. starting june 1, every vehicle will be charged $30. it's up $5. it will generate $3 million more than the current fee the money will fund park project also. also -- projects. an11-year-old girl said she was disappointed that the president hadn't visited her state. >> it started out that probe
6:52 am
president obama had not visited south dakota. i'm 11 years old and i want to know why you haven't been to south dakota we're the warmest of the dakotas police visit us. i thought i was going to get a letter saying thanks for writing, please don't write again. >> i write ten letters everyday and that happened to be one of them. isms so happy i got blacked out. she had simply drawn a whole heart saying thank you for coming to south dakota my heart is mended.
6:53 am
i am amazed he comes right up after shaking everybody's hand, he asked me questions thanks for writing the letter. >> she presented him with a second letter he signed it for her and returned it back, that was wonderful. >> it's an incredible feeling likeungie jumping off a cliff. it was amazing. >> incredible. >> the picture of that broken heart that did the president in. an 11-year-old so well-spoken. >> we'll be right back.
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>> it's called philadelphia's biggest block party this is the annual italian market festival in south philadelphia along with the best food on earth. there were live bands and fun for the kids. the festival continues today and a car show happens as well, as wells the procession of saints. tonight it's the 2015 billboard music awards in las vegas. you'll hear this year's hottest musical acts and the musical stars, the billboard will be hosted by ludicrous. see it tonight on 6abc beginning at 8:00 p.m. a programming reminder, the finals of "dancing with the stars" are tomorrow night at
6:57 am
8:00 p.m. on 6abc. see who goes home with the mirror ball trophy of the show's 20th season. billy mills received his high school diploma he was shy of getting it when he was drafted. the daughter contacted the school district saying his dad wants his diploma but uncle sam had come calling. he got it after filling out the paperwork. >> we're following breaking news massive flames devour warehouse in montgomery county. >> plus, we'll have a complete update from chris sowers and accuweather. a lot of changes and he is tracking more showers we'll be right back.
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interest the building is on the 1,000 block of coldwell lane.
7:00 am
the fire went to three-alarms. several walls collapsed there are no reports of any injuries. switching now to the action cam, a the smoke is billowing out of the buildings. the fire shot through the roof of the buildings and parts of the roof has collapsed. stick with "action news" for updates on this breaking story. 7:00 a.m., may 17. >> we're watching showers through the area. storm tracker 6 live double scan live. it's a busy weekend, we had showers last night there may be more today. our storms are nothing like this tornados marching across the heartland and more severe weather not out of the question today. >> here at tomorrow you'll want to keep an umbrella handy showers and thunderstorms moved our way. the action cam got wet not far from the studios.


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