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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  May 17, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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the fire went to three-alarms. several walls collapsed there are no reports of any injuries. switching now to the action cam, a the smoke is billowing out of the buildings. the fire shot through the roof of the buildings and parts of the roof has collapsed. stick with "action news" for updates on this breaking story. 7:00 a.m., may 17. >> we're watching showers through the area. storm tracker 6 live double scan live. it's a busy weekend, we had showers last night there may be more today. our storms are nothing like this tornados marching across the heartland and more severe weather not out of the question today. >> here at tomorrow you'll want to keep an umbrella handy showers and thunderstorms moved our way. the action cam got wet not far from the studios. the rain was sorely needed.
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we told you it would not be a washout, and it wasn't. >> reporter: that was desperately rain -- needed rain. it does help a little, not everybody saw it, we could use some more. pottstown, 65 degrees, chester 67. center city, 68. gandys beach 68. woodbine 66. the air is thick it almost feels tropical, that will lead to showers and thunderstorms. it will trigger and fire it up. you can see showers and storms in time center part of the screen over western pennsylvania, that activity will slide east over the next hour or
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so. we're not see any thunderstorms these are just showers and downpours, as they march east they will encounter warm, soupy air and get going. accuweather says for today, warm and sticky, 8 # degrees is the forecasted high. normally we should be around 74. we're 12 degrees above average. that's close to the warmest average high temperature that we ever see around here in philadelphia which curse in july. these -- occur also in july. these temperatures are way ahead of schedule. stays muggy over the next several days. we have storm chances in the forecast right through tuesday. it doesn't mean it's a wash through tuesday, but we have the risk of thunderstorms, and one are two of them could be on the gusty side, i'll talk about how
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strong some of the storms could be and when we clear everything out in the seven day. i'll see you again in the seven day. >> take a look at the video of a tornado racing across southwest oklahoma. it was one of several twisters that touched down. authorities in oklahoma say some homes, businesses and power lines are severely damaged. yeah that is hail shattering a car's windshield in oklahoma. strong storms build across several states overnight. hail and rain are eating east stay with "action news" by checking the live rail the car forecasts and severe weather alerts, it's a free download for your mobile device. turning to the investigation now into the amtrak 188 crash the federal
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railroad administration is ordering amtrak to expand use of the speed control system immediately. amtrak agrees with the order which is designed to prevent similar tragedies. meanwhile, federal investigates are trying to determine if the train was hit by a projectile. we're hearing the frantic call from another train. >> reporter: "action news" has obtained septa police karen traffic the night of the tragedy. in it, they they are reporting 769 was hit by an unknown object. >> they are saying that train was shot at, use caution. >> reporter: the ntsb said at the time of the incident, the engineer was talking to the engineer of amtrak 188 who was saying his train had been struck.
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this according to a conductor interviewed by the agency. the conversation was captured on tape and turned over to ntsb. police investigators would later determine that the septa train had not been shot at, but hit by an unknown object. a southbound acela train was hit by an unknown object at the same time in the same area. meanwhile, they are focusing on the 188 train to determine if the windshield was hit by bullet holes. the engineer said he could not remember anything before the crash. >> my take on the whole thing there had to be an impact on the window to get that kind of damage. he used to work organ amtrak 188 -- work on amtrak 188 and some outside force caused engineer to kick the speed to
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over 100 miles per hour. >> we have had our train stoned. all kinds of stuff happens on the northeast corner, in baltimore, they have children stoning the train. that area in north philadelphia is a bad area. >> reporter: federal officials announced it must expand the use of a speed restriction system organ the northbound rails where the speeding train reached 106 miles per hour. amtrak said it will abide with the emergency order. that is the very latest. in port richmond, dann cuellar. a memorial was held in new york for rachel jacobs the ceo of apernet in university industry. university city. two days a week she went to philadelphia to run the business. mourners talked about her. >> her friends and family spoke and painted the most beautiful
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picture. >> she was beautiful inside and outside and smart and friendly and very giving. >> the world went into a net deficit today because this woman was a giver not a taker. >> jacobs leaves behind a husband and 2-year-old son. her family is considering starting a scholarship in her memory at columbia. accounting firm director was remembered at a wake yesterday. her funeral is scheduled later today. "good morning america" will pick up our coverage of the amtrak tragedy and "g.m.a." will have more on the tornados touching down overnight. >> in the final weekend of campaigning for the primary race for mayor of philadelphia. voters will head to the polls on tuesday, the 6 candidates for the democratic nomination are
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crisscrossing the city to gain support. the race is very excessive and many have not made up their minds. inside story will have more on the mayor's race in philadelphia we'll dig into the latest poll inside story starts at 11:30 before "action news" at noon. "action news" is staying on top of breaking news this sunday morning. >> a multi-alarm fire is destroying warehouse in montgomery county. residents near the scene are being asked to stay inside away from the smoke. >> a senior isis leader is dead taken out by american commandos. amateur drone use is on the way. we'll tell you what kind of problems the new trend is posing. >> reporter: nydia it's muggy around the delaware valley. things will get more active this afternoon. that means more showers and thunderstorms, i'll have the timing for you in the seven-day
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forecast right after this.
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welcome back on this sunday we're looking at city hall from our camera, it's soupy out there and it will be all day. >> reporter: look at this, this
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guy has the right idea. he is doing strierp -- striper fishing. he reeled one in a few minutes ago. the ocean temperatures were so cold for so long, lately it started to pick up, not only on the ocean front but the bay front. storm tracker 6 live showing we're clear although we have moisture approaching from the southwest. this is actually heading toward the south/southeast. i don't anticipate any of that moving into our neck of the woods. dewpoint is way up, 67, very soupy this morning. winds out of the south southwest at 5 miles per hour. barometer holding steady.
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wildwood 62. look at these dewpoints. this is the way we measure how sticky it is out there. you start getting into the mid 60s, closing in on 70 that feels awful. that's where we'll stay today. of monday, it's higher, with the dewpoints climbing into the # -- 70s earlier and pulling back, tuesday, a canadian front sweeps through it will be a breath of fresh air. wednesday, thursday, friday, it's almost off the chart hang in there, if you don't like the humidity we have better days ahead. satellite and radar some activity to the west, that moves east over the next 1 hours that's our moisture later this afternoon. future tracker 6 1:30, couple of showers pop up, a couple of
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linger 4:30:82, and then you start to see reds and yellows. cloud to ground lightning strikes. union taking on dc you nighted. there will be thunderstorms around. things couple dawn once we lose the heating of the sun we look the activity. monday morning, warm and sticky, 75:00 a.m. trenton 74. up to 85, 86 tomorrow, showers arena thunderstorms are possible. here's what to expect later this afternoon, unlike yesterday yesterday we were anticipating the storms to hold off until after 4:00. today it's fair game. they will be spotty in nature, not as numerous, downpours and gusty winds 40 to 50 miles per hour. millville, 84, the shorepoints cooler thanks to a sea breeze,
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76 in sea isle city and 75 in atlantic city. 82 degrees monday, you saw the forecast model. the model says it's going to be warmer than that. either way it's going to be uncomfortable again tomorrow, a couple of thunderstorms around, tuesday we'll see thunderstorms during the afternoon as the canadian front comes in. look at how nice it gets wednesday, 74. thursday, smooth sailing, friday looks good, and saturday looks good. the next weekend, memorial day weekend everybody will be happy lots of sunshine and 70s. let's hope it stays that way. >> fingers crossed. big crowds lined the schuylkill river for the world's largest high school regatta. it's been a tradition since 1927. watch out for detours on kelly drive and around boathouse row.
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drones were once the hitech toy of the future. now these eyes in the sky are accessible to anyone. many of are take -- many of us are taking advance be that includes us at channel 6. drone 6 can get close-up airline
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airline -- aerial footage complimenting chopper 6 hd. >> reporter: matt started his company philly by air what you might call a side job. >> we do high-end aerial froafer and video productions. >> it's an incredible experience with when you fly one up there. >> reporter: the ffa is putting rules for commercial drone flight. they have i should strict guidelines for those who want to use them. he is neither of those but does mind the parameters. >> we only fly during daytime hours, we don't go any higher than 3 to 400 feet. we maintain a line of sight. >> you have these drones flying
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around and peering into places where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. >> reporter: like new new technology there would be a steep learning curve. if you're thinking getting into the drone game, remember this. the. >> it should be used safely and it should be used with other people's rights in mind. >> i would encourage people to start small and practice before you go outside. >> reporter: brian taff channel 6 "action news." >> there are a lot of controversial issues surrounding drone use but we'll be using it responsibly, you can count on that right? 7:20, we'll be right back. a part of what standardized tests don't measure, very frankly
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they don't measure the diligence, the potential passion of a student. so it's really a measure of how adept you are to working out a problem quickly. but what if you're brilliant and it might take you twenty minutes, but you can figure out something if you were just given time to do it and show real brilliance. is that a real measure of ability and intelligence? what you can do in one minute on a problem? get out of here.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 7:23 sunday morning looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan, just like yesterday we have chance of showers and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon. the warm front punched through yesterday after. i'm sure you felt it yesterday afternoon. this will return in the form of a back door cold front. tomorrow it gets cooler, buts the front comes through it triggers more showers and thunderstorms. warm and soupy air mass that will fire up storms, this comes in tomorrow, that will fire up storms. we get into tuesday and the canadian front comes through and that will fire up storms. that's good news because we are under that dry condition now from the u.s. drought monitor this is the drought right now in california it's way up there on the scale it's in the extreme and exceptional category, we're nowhere near that, we're in the
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abnormal dry category, it's in the first step of the process of getting closer to a drought. we need more rain around here, looks like we'll have several chances in the next couple of days. >> in sports, don't look now the phillies have won four straight games. they wrap up their home stand this afternoon against the arizona diamondbacks. jeff skeverski has more on last night's win. >> reporter: who are these guys? they were the worst team in baseball they looked lifeless, what a difference a few days make. they win their 4th straight game. ryan sandberg and the phils showing signs of life. second inning, frenchy the solo homer. phils take the 1-0 lead. ryan howard swinging a hot bat since the end of april.
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double fred galvis come on down. they get 3 more in the if 5th. under all the circumstancesly drives in -- utley drives in two, his average up to 138 the highest he's had in a month. they have won 4 in a row. >> i like what i am seeing it's coming from different guys, it's more consistent up and down the line up, warmer weather the timing seems to be good with certain guys getting hot and others joining in. it's snowballed with momentum on the offensive side of things. will american pharoah become an american legend?
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a mile and a half away from ending the longest drought in horse racing history. it's a party at the preakness. it's pouring before the race, but this horse likes the slop. his father was a mudder, his mother was a mudder. >> else coming to the water american pharoah they have won preakness. >> reporter: american pharoah dominants to win the preakness. next up, the belmont stakes in 3 weeks. arena football undefeated soul trying to keep it that way in jacksonville. jacksonville scores, final
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seconds down 8 4th and 3 out of time, soul lose their first game 55-47 they fall 7-#. 7-1 that's sports i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day. >> it was a fun day for youngsters from norristown. they got to take part in the horseback riding and feeding the animals, the zoo host the the event to show helping out and being kind can can be lots of fun.
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no. not possible. we're the settles! when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer.
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>> here's more on the breaking news from plymouth township, montgomery county. firefighters continue to battle a flee alarm blaze at a warehouse. the fire started in the buildings that contains floor materials for the philadelphia
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floor store. the fire went to three-alarms. there are no reports of injuries. the people who live in the area are being asked to stay indoors away from the smoke. taking a live look from the action cam, you can see the smoke coming out of the buildings. officials say films spread through the roof. parts of the roof and parts of the walls have collapsed. firefighters are trying to keep the flames from reaching nearby buildings. residents are asked to stay indoors away from the smoke. federal investigators are combing through the wreckage of the derailed amtrak train looking for clues. we'll have more on "action news" sunday morning. >> 7:30 let's begin outside with meteorologist chris sowers and accuweather. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, it feels very tropical, the air is thick the birds are chirping. i almost feel like i am in a
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junkle. we jungle, we have huge oaks, and everything is in full bloom the birds are chirping it feels like a jungle. if you don't like the humidity, you won't like how it feels out there this morning. wilmington, 69. dover, 70 degrees and 63 is the number for sea isle and on the boards in atlantic city. satellite and radar, if you look towards the top of the screen you see where buffalo and binghamton is, that's where the warm front is sitting. it's up into upstate new york. it will eventually collapse as we get into monday and return in the form of a back door cold front. that will cool things down as we start of the workweek. today promises to be sticky because the front is so far so the north. phillies go for 5 in a row gains
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the diamondbacks. 82 bye-bye -- by the first pitch. 89 by the 9th inning. the poppen count has dropped -- pollen count has dropped into the moderate category. tuesday it starpts climbing and wednesday -- starts climbing again, but wednesday it's way up there. i know my car is white and looking green with all the pollen consume laict on -- accumulating on it. tomorrow we'll talk about the thunderstorm chance and cooler innocence in the forecast. >> a fire rips through a trenton home and leaves one woman in critical condition. the firefighters on the call of center street early this morning. flames starting pointed on the
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first floor of one home and spread to want second floor into a lot of the and then a neighboring home. a woman escaped the home, one of the -- when the fire started she was overcome by smoke. the cause is under investigation. a truck crashed into lower moreland high school in montgomery county. the driver of hunting valley died. the truck plowed into the january at at -- janitor's office. school officials say parents will be notified today. ment cause is under investigation. now to the latest on the investigation into the deadly amtrak derailment in port richmond. federal officials announced amtrak must expand its use of speed restriction where train 188 flew off the tracks and
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crashed. the federal railroad plans to issue an memoricy order for the automatic train control system. it notifies an engineer if a train is going too fast and automatically applies the brakes if the train doesn't respond. meanwhile, facebook is -- meanwhile, fbi is looking into a call made to septa before the amtrak 188 crashed. >> an object hit the window. we do not have any contact with the engineer while he is still on the rail. there was a foreign or unknown object shattering the windshield. >> meantime, 8 people died and 200 people were injured on tuesday when amtrak 188 jumped the track.
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our coverage of the derailment continues at you can follow the latest on the ntsb's investigation, you can see pictures and read more on the victims. tragedy. national transportation board member will be a guest on this week with george stephanopoulos that's at 10:30 on 6abc. overseas now u.s. commandos landed deep inside syria and killed a senior isis leader before dawn in a dramatic fire fight. terry moran has more. >> reporter: the daring raid happened overnight elite delta air force troops taking off from iraq heading deep into syria. their mission capture and interrogate abu sayyaf, the top money man in charge of isis black market oil and gas sale. >> this is not just another person. the revenue streams are important for their survival.
7:36 am
a counterterrorism official said abu sayyaf is the isis leader kayla miller killed in syria in february as forced bride or slave. a fierce fire fight isis using women and children as human shields. delta force commanders pushing forward at times the combat was so close it was hands to hand fighting. abu sayyaf killed in the fire fight along with a dozen isis fighters. his wife captured and held for questioning. they snatched up laptops and other information which would be a huge win fall for the u.s. isis has been making gains on the battle fields in iraq and syria in recent weeks the raise
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won't reverse the gains but might make isis leaders sleep a little less easy at night. terry moran abc news london. here at home, fire has damaged a business on the ocean city boardwalk a week before memorial day. take a look at the video of flames and smoke shooting from the 7th street surf shop. crews managed to get it under control in a half-hour. nobody was injured. we don't know what caused the blaze. we're hearing from the gamblers robbed after leaving the sugarhouse casino. he is talking about the face-to-face encounter he had with the gunman. vernon odem talked to the gamblers whose luck almost ran out. >> reporter: the south philadelphia man took a taxi home from the sugarhouse casino with his earnings which totaled almost $12,000. the moment he was dropped off a
7:38 am
masked gunman appeared from nowhere. >> reporter: you complied. >> i put my hands up and laid in my neighbor's yard. he reached in both my pockets and took everything i had. i got up and called the cops i had 50 cents left in my pocket. >> >> reporter: the gunman fled by car. they chased the robbers through south philadelphia back to the casino where they were sure one of the crook was spotting the big winner and followed him home. one of the suspects abandoned the car and fled on foot into a casino before he was caught in the men's room. >> we caught him at the casino, we went back and i.d.'d him. we >> reporter: a robbery plot
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unfolded at the south philadelphia casino and ironically ended up here when they were caught by police some ours later. >> oprah philadelphia has a milestone tribute to jazz master charlie parker. >> looking live at atlantic city, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. o providing pre-k in philadelphia and he'll work with communities and parents to turn around poor-performing schools. i trust jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. jim kenney. he'll be a mayor for all of philadelphia. dunkin's new vanilla coffee creamer really tastes like it has more vanilla flavor. how is that even possible?
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boom! [ laughter ] oh, it's possible. introducing dunkin's new coffee creamer. extra vanilla flavor you can really taste.
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i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
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>> if you are just waking up "action news" was there as an inferno destroyed a business in montgomery county. the philadelphia floor store is gone. these flames were knocked down, but the concern about smoke remains due to to the shifting winds. anyone living near there is asked to stay inside for now. >> 7:43, not a nice day out there. >> reporter: you know when it feels like, if you've ever been to a zoo in the amphibian and reptile house it's clammy out there. the winds are out of the south southwest at 5 miles per hour. the dewpoint is up there. 70 degrees is the present temperature reading. atlantic city looks nice, a lot of haze, though, patchy fog, as
7:43 am
well. 70 degrees in ac. ocean temperature 57 degrees, we have patchy drizzle showing up across new castle and kent county in delaware. working over the delaware bay region, bay side and gandys beach. you'll see rain drops in the next couple of hours. this afternoon it's combination of clouds and sun and hit or miss storm developing. allentown, 66. reading, 67 degrees. dover, coming in at 70. satellite and radar showing moisture out to the wetter this will swing in later this afternoon. yesterday we had showers and thunderstorms pull through. this won't be as widespread in coverage or as intense as yesterday, but if you have outdoor plans keep an umbrella
7:44 am
handy and eye to the sky. should things turn threatening head indoors. the wider view showing a hefty squall line in the heartland of the nation. this is under the gun for numerous showers and storms, winds gusts 60 miles per hour and we had 70 and 80-mile an hour straight line winds west of wichita. you had the risk of hail across the western great lake states and the ohio valley and possibility of tornados. it continues to be active across the heartland of the country. that cold front which is triggering the severe weather that will slide east and push into our neck of the woods come tuesday. it will weaken, but it will clear all the humidity out and kick it out to sea. wednesday, looks fantastic. 84 degrees by lunchtime. lots of clouds, note the
7:45 am
coverage not as impressive as yesterday. do not cancel plans, if you do pick up a rump or two of thunder, head indoors. 5:00 p.m., the model has us up to 88 degrees. accuweather has us 86 degrees, either way you slice it, it will be warm and sticky. monday, the back door cold front swings through, as that encounters the warm, soupy air we have showers and thunderstorms. over the next 48 to 7 # hours if you pick up a shower or thunderstorm, the main threat is downpours and strong gusty winds, hail and tornados the chance of seek that is very very low. 86 degrees today. 63 to 67 overnight tonight an evening thunderstorm. otherwise it stays warm and soupy. 8 # degrees tomorrow -- 82 degrees tomorrow.
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chance of a storm another 82. once that front crosses the area the atmosphere is unstable. the pattern relaxes wednesday thursday the early call for the memorial day weekend comfortable, 70s we'll take it. >> now many parents think they are doing the right thing when they give their kids vitamins or supplements. in kids' health matters, erin o'hern finds outs who she would be taking the pills. >> reporter: to hear the classic commercial tell it -- every child needs a multivitamin. >> we have that daily mullable mullable -- multiple vitamin next to our plate. >> everybody is trying to to be healthy. >> reporter: but the clinical
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manager at children's hospital pharmacy say most kids don't need supplements. >> healthy the children eating a well-balanced diet don't need to be supplemented. >> reporter: some medical conditions keep kids from absorbing nutrients well, so they need extra vitamins, those in vegetarian families may need more iron. >> you can overdo it in children. >> reporter: supplements have high doses even for adults. it's not uncommon for children to get too much copper, sink and selenium and a and d. they must approve to the fda they are saved and work. supplements don't needed to that. and nobody is watching how they are made. some products may say quality
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guaranteed only labels insure supplements are examined bly a third party. any parent considering giving their children supplements should consult with their pediatricians or pharmacists first. erin o'hern which i will dhl. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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imported chicken's been in the news a lot lately. for chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean look for perdue. we're the first company to have the usda verify that our chickens are raised in the usa. to bring your family a fresh-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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>> tonight it's it is 2015 billboard music awards live from the grand rather arena in las vegas. you'll see music acts abbey stars, catch taylor swift's bad blood. see it tonight on 6abc beginning at 8:00 p.m. followed by "action news" at 11:00 p.m. philadelphia closes up it's 40th anniversary season with one of the original leaders of bebop. charlie parker's yard birds marks the world premier. this was created specifically for american tenor. he had a tough upbringing
7:52 am
alcoholism and heroin was the reason forehis early death at 34. >> he comes back and relives his life. >> reporter: he was from the south, but called new york his home. he developed a style and honed his skills working alongz some of -- alongside some of the iconic jazz players. >> she is playing her mother, i tell everyone she is too young to play my mother. >> reporter: with this being opera philadelphia's final show of the season. everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy this final event. >> by charlie parker being one
7:53 am
of the founders of bebop and taking jazz to where it is today it's very relevant and the jazz they will love. >> reporter: the charlie parker's yard bird runs at the philadelphia theaters. go to loves the arts for more and this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers.
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>> nicer weather is coming, but it will be a while. you have to be patient. today and tomorrow, someone tweeted me saying should i cancerle out door plans, i said no because if you get a
7:56 am
thunderstorm, it will move quickly. chance of a pop up, 86 degrees, monday clouds, same thing, 82 thunderstorm around. you should not cancel outdoor plans. >> 7:56 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, coming up on "g.m.a.," severe storms sweeping through the centerline plains overnight. more than 25 reported tornados up you go -- touching down. winds up to 80 degrees, rob marciano is tracking all this for us. iran credible cell phone video a police officer is catching people in his arms they leap out of a burning apartment buildings. why he said he just just following his instincts. displrnlings. we're heading into one of music's biggest night music billboard awards. rachel smith on the red carpet will have a sneak peek of all
7:57 am
the behind the scene actions we look forward to seeing you on a busy sunday morning take care. >> thank you dan. "action news" continues later this morning. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you a three ray alarm story at a montgomery county fire at a warehouse. we're live on the scene. a bill in new jersey could have you pumping job own fuel. for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll see you at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. happening now -- tornado terror. over two dozen reported twisters tearing through the heartland. destroying homes. >> rain-wrapped tornado heading northeast. keep going. >> twisters forming right before our eyes and pounding homes. our rob marciano in the worst of it and there's lots more to come. also this morning, incredible new video, fire rescue. look at this, the police officer jumping into action, catching people in his arms as they leap from a burning apartment building. escaping the intense flames. what this humble hero is saying this morning. caught on camera. this mysterious figure, does he hold "the chew" to the grisly mansion murders in d.c. just


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