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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  May 18, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> we are working on several developing stories on this monday, may 18 train service is about to resume for amtrak and septa along the rail line damaged in last week's deadly derailmentment we'll have a live report. >> it's the most gruesome crime scene. police in waco texas have sneen decades. they're working to figure out what led to a biker brawl that led to nine deaths. >> a girl gets cought on a bus
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door and gets dragged down the street. we have more on the story. nydia han joins us. we have weather and traffic with david and karen good morning. >> we're off to a somewhat muggy start. that humidity you saw yesterday still out. there there's clouds, couple sprinkles west of philadelphia and generally speaking a mix of clouds and sun through the morning. this afternoon additional instability. will probably pop a couple thunderstorms. 73 in 23-8d 63 allentown and 68 in sea isle city. humid side. mild temperatures as you head out the door and philadelphia as we catch that school bus this morning looks like 68 at 6:00 and as soon as 8 a.m. we can already be up to mid 70s. humid, partly cloudy skies this morning. as we roll through the day. mix of clouds and sun overall. 74 by 8:00 and zooming to 84 by noon. 83 by 3bg. we'll see a high of 85 by 2bg and down to 79 through 6:00.
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a popup or shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. into the medium range today. a shot at being low for a change tuesday and wednesday before a spike later in the week. big changes in the accuweather 7-day forecast karen we'll have it for you coming up. >> the big news with mass transit, amtrak between philadelphia and new york city service will resume this morning the first train leaving philadelphia at 5:53 this morning. that's big news. late last week they said it maybe by monday or tuesday. starting in time for morning commute. 5:53 this morning amtrak resuming service and trenton line resuming service. expect delays. there will be no trains stopping at the north philadelphia station and outbound trains will also not stop at bridesburg and tacony. we want to expect delays. trends will run with the trenton line and delays on chestnut hill east line because a lot of trains stop at chestnut hill
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east. a big accident in mount laurel, burlington county, 25 northbound at 73. they're doing accident cleanup block twoing left lanes. at this time traffic can get by, matt tam. >> full service on its northeast corridor will be restored in over an hour. one day earlier than expected. while ntsb searches for the reason why train 188 crashed killing eight people and injuring dozens of others. katherine scott is live at 30th street station with the details. >> it is pretty quiet but it won't be for long. if you look at the boards here you can see amtrak train 10 will depart for new york city 5:53 this morning. late sunday afternoon local state and federal leaders gathered for a service at the site where eight lost their loves and 200 were injured. the investigation continues into derailment and what caused train
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to accelerate to more than twice the speed limit as it approached the curve. an object may have struck the whipped shield before the crash. they had hundreds orking this weekend to get the corridor up and running. on saturday federal regulators ordered amtrak to expand use of automatic speed control system to northbound trains near the crash site. they does that. safeguards are in place. >> i think everyone probably a little bit has trepidation but i think, you know, any kind of travel has risks with it. >> amtrak is safe to ride. it's a safe railroad. we're making whatever changes we need to make. we are doing the safe thing. and back here live you can see there's still a sign that service from philadelphia to new york has been suspended and amtrak train 110 leaves 30th
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street station 5 53 and train 111 will depart philadelphia in an hour from now. live at 30th street station. katherine scott "channel 6 action news." >> good news there, thank you. funerals are scheduled today for two of the eight people that died in the amtrak crash. services for bob gildersleeve junior will be held in monmouth, new jersey. family and friends afaent tended a wake for him yesterday. >> rachel jacobs will be laid to rest in you been urban detroit. jacobs friends and family in new york gathered for a mem roll orial avs. >> laura sin moore were also remembered this past week. finamore's services were held yesterday. >> a crash happened along route 73 green tree road eavesham township late last night. two cars were stopped at a relate when a third vehicle rear ended them. two people had to be flown to a
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nearby hospital. an ambulance transported the other two. route 73 is back open this morning. >> another developing story here. a fist fight turned into a gun battle at a popular restaurant in central texas. >> rival motorcycle gangs gathered to discuss turf and recruitment when gunfire erupted leaving nine people dead. >> the latest from washington. >> this waco restaurant was packed with 200 bikers members of five rival gangs trying to work out a turf dispute and something ignited a fight. >> one of the officers here said it was absolute complete chaos when they pulled up on the scene. >> i just got a call from passerby, they were going by twin peaks thought they heard a gun shot and looked over and saw people running. >> knifes, chains and guns on the fight and police on the scene opening fire on armed bikers. >> it was really, really scary. i crawled back towards the
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freezers with a lot of the waitresses and other people there. >> the deadly brawl spilling into the parking lot of between peaks restaurant just after noon as families gathered for lunch at another restaurant next door. >> i saw bullet holes nel cars and windows shattered out of cars and police officers cars hit. it's amazing that innocent silliveians were not injured here. >> incredibly all of the nine people killed and 18 injured were members of the biker gangs. officers and bystanders escaping shaken and unscathed. >> police detained more than 100 people for questioning and made several arrests. this morning they have increased security around waco concerned about the possibility of another violent outbreak among criminal biker gangs. "abc news," washington. >> happening today, president obama will visit camden, new jersey. the president will stop by headquarters for camden county
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police and expected to congratulate the police force on success in implementing a innovative community policing initiative. >> for far too long all the news in the city has been bad. finally, the city will be reflected in a light more positive and the city on the move moving in the right sgrex because of the residents of the city. franklin roosevelt was last sitting president to visit cam again for a non-campaign related event. philadelphia's democratic candidates for mayor are making their final push ahead of tomorrow's primary elections. a recent poll plays former city councilman at large jim kenny in the lead. yesterday he checked in with poll workers in north philadelphia and that same poll took williams in close second. he was at shoprite and hunting pawrk the. lynn abraham reiterated her message to the media of
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banishing city quo. nelson diaz made calls personally to voters and doug oliver was out reaching philadelphians not in the daily political hold and mill strong street we reached out to but were unable to get a dmrent his team yesterday. we encourage you to turn to "action news" and for complete coverage ever the pennsylvania primary. up to the minute returns on all major rice races and league of women voter's will establish a hat loin here on 6abc. call 877-940-6222 if you have problems voting between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. >> 4:39 is the time. stories you didn't see last night. a bus dangling off a bridge. >> nokz kentucky neighborhood shaken up after a little girl was dragged on the street caught by the door of her school bus.
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>> warm and humid. tee shirts all around. route for the phillies and union. both winners in recent contest. umbrella would not be bad this afternoon. there's a chance of spotty shower and thunderstorm. changes in the accuweather forecast 7 day and changes for the good. we'll talk about that coming
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right.
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so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children.
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>> 4:42. it's monday. and it's a little soupy out there. >> yeah, still a little soupy out there and unsettled too. as you look at double scan now most of the area dry. if you go in tight to chester county there's a couple of areas, chester county, new castle county, delaware and lancaster county we're seeing a couple sprinkles and showers. that stuff in the upper right hand portion of the screen that's ground clutter. that's a wide shower from chester county towards wilmington and chester now. something to keep in mind. it won't last long. as we look outside partly cloudy skies over most of the region. there's a pretty picture on sky6hd at the shore and all kinds of bright lights happening down there along the beach. won't be too much longer before the official summer season
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begins at the shore and this morning it all most feels like it's here already. 70 right now. dew point way over 67. anything over 60 we consider humid. 70 on dew point feels oppressive. we're not that bad yesterday. 5 you mile an hour wind out of the west, southwest this morning. as we look at future tracker 6 there's a chance of couple spotty showers mainly in the afternoon hours. some this could pop up later this morning in western suburbs. by 3:00 this afternoon again not everybody seeing this but a couple downpours here or there. humid air mass possible. you see numbers in the 80s. 6:00, still more action. and later on by 11:00 adam and cecily may be tracking one more line of this coming through later on tonight. as we look at temperatures today, it will be on the warm and humid side. 74 degrees by 8:00, 82 as soon as 11 and 85 the high today we'll hit that early in the afternoon of changing direction
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on the winds over the ocean will bring that number down a bit later in the day down to 81 by 5:00 on the humid side and again a chance of spotty thunderstorm this afternoon and this evening. high temperatures across the region up in allentown only up to 80. 78 trenton and easterly flow holding temperature later this afternoon and 7 0s. 81 reading and 84 wilmington looks like mid 7 0s down the shore today. future tracker shows you clouds with sunny breaks during the morning hours and possibility of popup showers here or there during the afternoon and evening hours tomorrow as well. it doesn't look that active. it's another day where i think we have to watch the skies. your exclusive accuweather 7-day two warm and humid days coming up high of 85 with spotty showers and thunderstorms and 86 tomorrow and another round of spotty showers or thunderstorms can't be ruled out and wednesday, much cooler, front gets over the coast and we're down to 72 for a high. thursday pleasant.
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71. below average temperatures those two days. warmer on friday, still nice enough with high of 78. for the weekend saturday, 74. low humidity and warmer on sunday. probably getting back to low 80s. there a really nice 7 day forecast if we can get through the next two muggy days. >> great for the holiday weekend. >> thanks, david. >> new eye popping video this morning. driver of casino bus was rescued from a dangling vehicle after the bus went off a bridge in northwest indiana and no passengers were on board. fire crews managed to get the driver out without sending the bus tumbling over and it's not clear how the accident happened. >> new disturbing sure vailsence shows a bus driver in louisville dragging a young girl after the backpack got stuck in the door. the bus drove the child 100 feet and neighbors say the distance was a football field. passing driver got the bus to stop. jefferson county school officials launched investigation. the little girl was scraped up
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and not seriously hurt. >> time for a look at business at the big board. airplanes packed this summer. airlines for america released summer travel forecast overnight and predicts a record 222 million people will take to the skies between june 1 and august 31 the study points to rebounding economy for much of the region. >> consumer reports out with the list of best smart phones. samsung galaxy s 5 took top spot beating s 6 and lgg 3 ranked two. where was iphone. it was number three. iphone 6 that is tied with galaxy s 6. >> turning to wall street. stocks mixed friday following rally on thursday and futures point to lower open today. chilis is getting savvy on social media. they plan to serve on stainless steel plates. why? because they make the food look more photo getic for instagram
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and facebook. >> more news still ahead. some residents in this apartment building escaped a massive blaze by jumping out a window and it was all caught on camera. >> a hacker claims he made an airliner fly sideways when he was on it. we'll be right
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>> the big news today. amtrak service is restored today starting 5:53 this morning the first traipz will run between philadelphia and new york city. septa trenton line will resume service as well and trains not stopping at the north philadelphia station and outbound trains here will not stop at bridesburg and tacony. we expect delays those will spill out on chestnut hills east lane. we have a big accident in new jersey that had been causing jersey that had been cause causing problems. a truck fire caused problems in the overnight hours. all lanes reopened at this point and accident investigation is cleared as well. let's look outside i-95 girard. this point we're dry i-95 and
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seeing northbound traffic up there heading to allegheny with no problems this morning. nydia. >> karen thank you. fbi is investigating a frightening possibility that someone hacked into more than a dozen flights across the country. a computer security expert claims he took control of several air planes by hacking into in-flight entertainment systems. chris roberts claims once he caused a plane to fly sideways. fbi said it did find finds of tampering on one flight he took but won't say whether he took control of the plane. >> happening today, commuters weigh in on the proposed fare hike one of nine public hearings tonight at 5:30, atlantic city rail terminal and into the camden tomorrow night and trenton thursday night. the agency wants to raise rates on trains, buses and light rail cars by nearly 9% and plug the flowing budget gap. >> school will be back in session at lower moreland high
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school. construction crews spent most of yesterday making repairs to a building hit by out-of-control driver. the driver a 32-year-old man from huntingdon valley was killed. no one else was injured. police are still trying to figure out why the driver drove directly into the wall at high speed. >> 4:53 now coming up in the next half hour of "action news." military training mission turns deadly in hawaii. we'll have the detail. >> taylor swift had a huge night at the billboard awards, that's at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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at perdue, we know fresh chicken. well, not that kind of fresh. but we do take extra steps in our farms, trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between... ... to bring you a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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>> six people are recovering from mine tore to serious injuries after this raging five alarm blaze tore through this building last weekend and tore through the roof. displaced residents are working to get their lives in order and no clues yet to what caused the blaze. >> 31 years chinks, lionel pick ins was shot six times yesterday morning. he first entererd public eye as french montana coke boy group. he played at a show in brooklyn hours before being gunned down while in his car. a passenger also shot, is expected to survive. berks county native taylor swift had a big night at the billboard music awards, starting
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with world premiere of video bad blood. the star-studded video has cameo from cindy crawford and other ledger clad starlettes. she is top female artist and tomb top male artist was sam smith. he is recovering from vocal surgery. >> tonight begins two night finale for season 206 dancing with the stores. mirror trophy is up for grabs and final three couples will take the floor. they'll do one routine from earlier before going to free styles. "dancing with the stars" airs tonight 8 p.m. and tomorrow 9 p.m. here on 6abc. >> 4:57 he was once at center of international custody battle. now elion gonzalez has message for american people in abc sklus every. >> and tourist definition gives new meaning to the phrase dive bar. "action news" continues.
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>> thousands of commuters who depend on northeast corridor service will once again be able to board a train before getting to their destination. >> president obama will visit camden and discuss how police are working together to build trust in the community. >> let's talk about that with david murphy and traffic with karen rogers. >> it's still warm and humid. that humidity you felt build in during the weekend was still. there sprinkles and showers in chester county. minor. overall mix of clouds and sun today and during the afternoon and evening. some showers and thunderstorms possible. visibility is a possible issue out there. in fact we were thinking it might get foggy down the shore this morning. so far everybody is looking at fairly decent visibility. out in lancaster county and out towards area close to berks county you have some fog out


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