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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  May 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon, in the news this noon, fire erupts at a local car wash, we have new video of the flames earlier this morning. also new information about the military helicopter crash in hawaii, that killed a marine over the weekend. but the big story on "action news" is amtrak services resuming between philadelphia and new york, for the first time since the deadly derailment. the first train moved out of the 30th treat station just after 6:00 this morning and slowly passed through the crash site in port richmond. "action news" reporter catherine scott spoke to the passengers today and joins us live now from 30th street station. catherine? >> reporter: well, sarah an amtrak had hundreds of people out around the clock over the last few days to get services backup and running and this morning passengers lined upright over there at gate three, to board that first amtrak train from philadelphia to new york, with the new rail laid. amtrak train 110 left 30th street station for new york
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just after 6:00 a.m. 109 passengers were on board. >> i'm confident we're going to be safe. >> reporter: "action news" was on that train and overhead as 110 slowly passed the area of last tuesday's accident that claimed lives of eight people and injured more than 200. >> it is some what heroing to be on the first train backup there but everybody has been doing their job. >> i'm nervous. my family is more nervous but turf get back to new york. >> reporter: earlier this morning a sign was posted that amtrak service from philadelphia to new york was suspended. the student passengers started arriving many of whom regularly depend on the northeast corridor. >> amount of people that travel up and back every day on this kardon and dependent upon the transportation system is huge. >> wrist income driving, risk in flying, i don't see any difference with the train. >> reporter: investigation is still underway in the derailment and what caused the train to accelerate more than twice the speed limit approaching a curve. investigators are looking into reports that something may have struck windshield before the the crash but so far they
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have not found communication toss support that. on saturday federal regulators ordered amtrak to expand the use of their automatic train control system to northbound trains, to the crash site. that is now fully operational on the north bound track. it has long been in effect in the southbound stretch. >> what that will do is basically provide an a assurance that the train will come to a stop if there is a rulings of speed in the area. >> reporter: this morning the mayor stood at the gate greeting passengers and wanted to offer rhea hours on the commuters in a line he takes. >> i'm in philadelphia today but if i needed to go to new york today, i would be on this train. >> reporter: back here live at 30th street station where things are starting to get back to normal. that first train was behind schedule, it arrives at penn station about 30 minutes late and there have been trains that took off after that. amtrak says there are minor repairs that need to be done aren't that accident site but nothing to prevent trains from running. live at 30th treat station catherine scott channel six "action news" rick.
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funeral service is are being held for three of the victims of the last week derailment. rachel jacobs is being laid to rest in her native michigan. she was a ceo a philadelphia base the start up company. services for bob gildersleeve new jersey is happening in new jersey and funeral mask held for laura finamore in new york. she was riding in the train home when she was killed that evening. meantime new lawsuits from passengers involved in last week's deadly derailment were filed in federal court this morning. tom kline and robert, are representing four people, who survived the crash. attorneys say that they filed suit quickly so their clients could have access to as much preserved evidence, as possible. police feared that the threat of violence is not over after a shoot-out between rival motorcycle gangs in texas. nine people died in the gunfire, in a popular restaurant yesterday. abc news correspondent lana sap has the latest. >> reporter: police in waco, texas new trouble was brewing
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among rival biker gangs at twin weeks bar and restaurant. police said their officers were able to keep things, to a minimum. >> without a doubt those officers saved our citizens lives yesterday. >> reporter: just a few yards a away families were eating lunch while inside bathroom at twin peaks a fight started between at least five rival gang members. it spilled out into the parking lot escalating from fists to knives and guns. >> i just had a call from twin peaks, thought the they had a gunshot, looked and saw a lot have people running. >> reporter: an eight people were dead on the scene and another died at the hospital. >> it is a very gruesome, very violent crime scene. you could tell there were numerous round exchanged. so everything from pistol casings to rifle casings i saw knives, i saw a club. >> reporter: the word quickly spread to other bikers. >> bunch of dead bodies and people being arrested. i said okay. i started looking on my phone getting the text from my
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friend. >> reporter: police say all the fatalities were biker gang members. nearly 200 people have been arrested but police fear this than the is is the end of the violence. twin peaks restaurant will be closed for the next seven days police say due to the ongoing danger to the community. in new york, lana sap channel six "action news". president obama made a surprise announcement ahead of his visit to camden, new jersey. president will restrict the distribution of military style equipment to local police departments, including armored vehicles and camouflage uniforms. this follows criticism of the the police response to riots in ferguson, missouri last summer. the president is expected to talk about building trust between officers and civilians after i he tours the camden police headquarters this afternoon. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic will more details in a live report on "action news" at 12:30. candidates have one last day of campaigning before polls open. primary day is tomorrow. the the action cam found several candidates pushing
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for last minute votes over the weekend. the last week a poll put councilman jim kenny in the lead for democratic nomination. state senator anthony anthony hardy was a close second. also running former philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham, former city solicitor nelson diaz, former aid to mayor nutter doug oliver and former state senator milton street. stay with "action news" and six for complete coverage of the pennsylvania primary. we will have up to the minute returns on all of the major races tomorrow night legal of woman voters will be staffing a special hot line between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 o'clock tomorrow evening. number on your screen 877-940- 6222. first check of accu weather, a warm and humid monday afternoon out there sky 6hd looking live from our temple university camera back at city hall there. we have a mix of sun and cloud and chance for spotty storms, looking a little hazy out there right now. more on. that meteorologist david murphy over at the big board hi there david.
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>> we have been promising showers and drenching thunderstorms as we move in the afternoon and evening and to our west we are starting to see some of this. so in lancaster county and parts of the western maryland we are seeing these showers begin to develop. i don't have any lightening showing up yet but i can see that beginning to change over the next 30 to 60 minutes. is there one cell in northern montgomery county, mess of the this centered to the west of philadelphia, although in the city another heavy downpour. it does not last that long but it has popped up. as we look at temperatures too, it will be a day of changes specially in areas to the east of philadelphia. there is a wind coming off the ocean. while we are at 86 degrees in philadelphia right now those of you in trenton have fallen all the way down to 66. what a line of demar case we have. new york city has fallen to 64 degrees. humidity levels are dropping out here as well. however, in points from the about philadelphia to the west where we expect those numbers to stay warmer and that humidity to stay higher that is where that chance of thunderstorms is basically going to be the western half of the region.
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we'll most of what we will see today. taking a closer view at numbers you can see that change occurring with temperatures in the 60's to the east. still well in the 80's over the region. that dew point too remember anything over 60 is considered humid. when we get up close to 70 it can be oppressively humid. we are close in dover wilmington and lancaster. still humid in philadelphia even dew point is falling off in those areas where that maritime air is coming in and cooling things down. we have a high of 86 with that cooler air coming in. not the that it will drop us down quite as quickly as, it is happening in new york and trenton but in philadelphia, 86 for right now. then slowly falling in the 70's late this afternoon and then in the 60's later tonight. sixty-three is overnight low. both of these numbers well above average. when i come back we will take future tracker six view of the, rain for this afternoon and then tonight. we will also project tomorrow when that also looking to be a warm humid day. rick, is there a nice change in the accu weather seven day
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around mid week and we will have that for you too coming up in just minutes. >> all right looking forward to that thank you. in other news a school bus accident in northeast philadelphia sent two people to the hospital today. the crash sent the bus into a utility pole at intersection of byberry and thornton road. other vehicle had heavy front end damage. police say both drivers were hurt and taken to the hospital in stable condition. no students were on the bus at the time. interstate 295 is reopened in south jersey, after a deadly accident last night. police say a truck crashed and burst into flames near route 73 overpass in mount laurel. one person was kill, 295 was closed in both directions for several hours. all lanes reopened, early this morning. flames engulfed a delaware car wash earlier this morning in new castle county. an "action news" viewer sent us video of fire shooting through the roof of the american car wash off pulaski highway in bear. fire fighters from several different fire companies responded to the scene just before 4:00 a.m. nobody was hurt.
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the the business was heavily damaged. when we see breaking news and severe weather we want to you join the action. e-mail your photos and videos to join the action at six or use the hash tag six abc action on social media. it is how you can be part of "action news". all right. flyers general manager ron hextall has introduced the team's new head coach at this hour. "action news" is live the at the wells fargo center for the big announcement, new coach there on the left of the screen flyers hired dave hakstol, he has led the university of north dakota hockey team to the ncaa tournament, the the last 11 years. gm ron hex stall, seven of those years the team went to the frozen four, the flyers general manager ron hextall has called hakstol a proven winner hakstol has not coached in the nhl, however. >> that is not confusing at all. >> hextall hakstoly will go coach and gm. >> that is better. still to come, a child
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survives after being dragged by a school bus. how she got stuck a and how someone finally stop the driver. plus the teenager was accepted to every single will ivy league college but he just said no to all of them. why he turned down his elite acceptance letters and where he is going instead. plus meteorologist david murphy will be back with your seven day forecast when "action news" continues. i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors
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one marine is dead after a military aircraft crashed in hawaii. officials say that the mv22 osprey went up in flames yesterday after a hard landing outside of honolulu. marine say 21 others were on board at the time, all were taken to the hospital. according to officials the clash happened during routine training. we will have much more on the investigation, a full report from abc news coming up at 12:30. fbi is investigating an airline pass evening shore claimed he can hacked into commercial jets. cyber security consultant chris roberts says that he took control of the plane by overriding code and commanding the engine to climb. he has also told investigators he hack in the entertainment systems of planes at least 15 times over a three-year period. he was first questioned last month after he tweeted about manipulating a united airline flight. roberts says his only intention was to improve aircraft security. a man was able to save a
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seven year old girl being dragged down the street by a school bus. her backpack was caught in the door as she got off the bus on friday in kentucky. the driver kept going unaware what had happened as several witnesses tried to help. >> people, trying to hit the bus, and, bus just kept going. just chasing the bus. >> the man finally did catch up to the bus. he is there the in the red camaro. girl had deep cuts but she's expect to make a full recovery despite being drag a length of the football feel. so far no charges have been filed against the bus driver, but police are still investigating. and an inn he had cribble rescued unfolded in this burning apartment complex in alabama a1 police officers caught four people as they jumped from the complex near birmingham. everyone survived. five alarm blaze destroyed several units and much more than a dozen people, homeless. a high school grad in tennessee who was accepted to every i've i league school in the the country is making
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headlines again because he reject every single one of those offers. instead, 17 year-old ronald nelson accepted a full ride to attend the university of alabama. he says the scholarship will benefit him and his family. ivy league schools did not offer him some financial assistance but his parents would have been stretched to pay the rest of it n high school nelson was senior class president, had near perfect test scores, and conduct his school's marching ban. still ahead here on "action news" several popular aps could be bringing stranger into your home. warning for parents coming up in the next half an hour of "action news".
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airports could be more prouder than ever this summer, record number of travelers are expected to take to the skies. u.s. airlines will carry 222 million passengers between june and august, according to estimates from the an airline trade group. that tops previous record set in the summer of 2007 before the recession. airlines are quickly adding more seats to accommodate this increased demand. social media is changing the way some restaurant serve their food. chiles now delivers frenchfries in a tane less steel container instead of the plastic bucket because it looks better in instagram photos. dining chain is also sending 750 -- $750,000 on burger buns with a more visual appeal. chiles say instagram is an extension of marketing because customers like a photograph their food and share the
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pictures. well, the "action news" team is working on these stories tonight beginning at 4:00 o'clock. >> let's check with alycia vitarelli live in the news room. >> i'm one of those people posting food pictures on instagram. here's what is coming up at 4:00. we are keeping a close eye on the wells fargo center as flyers get ready to introduce their new head coach. sport director ducis rodgers will have the latest coming up at 4:00. also coming up in today's show the corporation behind brand like gucci and eves saint lauren so why are they suing one of the china's biggest web companies? we will explain. we will have more on president barack obama's visit to camden today coming up at 4:00. coming up next, you guys, we are dishing about the bachelorette, i will see you in the studio. not one but two. >> yes, double drama a. >> oh, yeah. >> thanks, a leash. your accu weather forecast is coming up when we come right back.
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you know, meteorologist david murphy is here now and we are climbing, climbing, climbing. >> we are, up in the 80's in the region. over toward east cooler. kind of a complicated forecast with different aspects to it but lets start with the straightforward portion and that is radar view. as expect, we are looking a at some spotty showers, starting to pop up, no lightening yet on storm extractor six live double scan but as we take a look, we are looking the at some of this. it has broken out around mays landing and another one to the north of hammington. couple heavy cells that are just forming and creeping along real slowly. these could develop some lightening eventually but not yet, of course. if you do happen to get underneath one of these obviously you are in the minority but you will get thumped with heavy rain. i want to give thaw wide view, too. a as out to the north and west of philadelphia, we're also picking up some of this. northern montgomery county around green lane has one. is there bunch out by lebanon to the west of reading that
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will creep south and probably misreading at least for now. more stuff up to the north could come in later. it looks like showers in southern chester county but most of the action further to the west. i will give thaw wide view. through the afternoon it will be western suburbs that will see most of the action. as we look outside, we have actually a nice shot from earlier in ocean city, new jersey on the action camas we have have, enjoyed a fair amount of sunshine so far today. and in most of the the area we have managed to get warm. 86 degrees right now in philadelphia. your dew point well above that 60-degree threshold for humid air. it is sticky, warm. we have pop up showers and thunderstorms beginning to develop. wind out of the east at seven and that is drawing in cooler area to areas north and east of philadelphia look at the difference between philadelphia and trenton right now. now this cool air is only slowly pushing east and then we will hold on to the 80's for another two or three hours before we are down in the 70's and then later tonight in the 60's in philadelphia we are seeing a drop though pretty
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precipitously over toward the east. the it is in these areas highlighted in orange where we have best chance of thunderstorms this have afternoon and this evening. or the at least drenching shower. there are wind coming from the east. again, they are tugging that cool air right across the region as we go through next several hours. future tracker six showing you between now and 3:00 o'clock, most of the action from philadelphia to the the west. couple drenching downpours are possible maybe thunderstorms. by 6:00 o'clock latest run wants to suppress this stuff farther west. we'll if it works out that way. by 11:00 o'clock a couple more showers for cecily to show you here on channel six. are lehigh valley forecast for today 81 degrees with temperatures dipping later in the day. there is a chance for spotty storm. at the shore we will go for a cooler high of 73, although some shore communities are already in the 60's and staying there for the rest of the the way today. are exclusive accu weather seven day forecast 86 is your high. that is where we are right now. we will probably start to see that number ease down over next several hours and then spotty then are storms in
12:27 pm
through this evening. tomorrow the warm air shoots back across the region as another warm, humid day with a high of 86 and another chance of shower or thunderstorm through first 23rd of the day later in the day cooler, dryer air will begin to work its way in from the west this time, a and that will shove all that heat and humidity off the coast with the thunderstorm chance. so wednesday thursday, behind all of this we will get really comfortable. temperatures in the 60's mess of the take with highs in the the lower 70's and holiday weekend will kick out on a good note or kick in on a good note upper 70's on friday, and then low 70's sat kay and upper or excuse me lower 80's on sunday a real nice pattern for weekend. we will see about monday. the it might be more humid. >> we're working monday, it doesn't matter. still much more to come in the "action news" in the next half an hour your privacy may be compromised without you even knowing bit. there are three apps making your personal life very public. details how it is done. plus an eagles player took a fan to the prom, find out
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how the teenager got him to go those stories and more next right here on "action news".
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i'm lynne abraham. when i became philadelphia's da, child victims had to face a judge ...a jury...the public... and testify eye to eye with their attackers. it wasn't right. so i got a constitutional amendment passed allowing children to testify remotely. i'm running for mayor for the same reason -- our children should come first. jim kenney and tony williams are fighting over public schools versus charters. i disagree. we have to improve education for all of our children. hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. we are live at philadelphia international airport awaiting the president's arrival, details in a live report, about what he is going to be doing in camden, new jersey this afternoon.
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plus services resumed a week after a deadly amtrak train derailment, passengers talk to us before they departed. abc as you exclusive interview with ill yan gonzales. hear what he has to say about the the united states a bitter custody battle between u.s. and cuba. now details on president obama a's upcoming visit to camden. air force one is expected to arrive in less than 20 minutes from now and then the president will head to camden where will speak this afternoon. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live in camden with a preview hi nora. >> reporter: hi there rick, lots of excitement in camden as everyone is waiting for the president to come here and talk about the success of community policing here in camden. the president obama is due to speak here at this community center around 3:00 this afternoon. in the meantime there is heavy security in the area and community members are starting to line up outside to try to get a glimpse of the action. everyone is excited about the positive light president


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