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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  May 19, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> and dozen more injured. >> good morning, it is 4:30 on this tuesday. we also have some rain out there and some fog. let's get details from david and karen. >> we'll get the showers right now for you on storm tracker six live double scan. no lightning included with any of this but we have a line of
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showers pushing into reading from the west and south jersey is seeing a bit of this as well. parts of areas close to philadelphia might have slightly damp road conditions and a damp feel to things with drizzle on the windshield but the active showers to the south and to the west currently and as you can see there's more instability out in central pennsylvania and it does look like the morning we'll see some off and on showers, then another batch could develop later in the afternoon. temperatures right now aren't too bad. 61 degrees in philadelphia. notice how winds are still managing to come in off the ocean a little bit. that happened during the afternoon yesterday and lowered the humidity as well as the temperatures after a very muggy start. today it's the reverse. doesn't feel quite as humid out there this morning but it will feel more humid as winds come out of the southwest and it will get warmer later on this afternoon. heading out the door to the bus stop some of you might want an umbrella considering that there are some showers in some neighborhoods. it's kind of cloudy and damp otherwise we temperatures holding in the low 60's between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock. as we roll through the day, 63 by 8 o'clock. some of you will probably
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still be seeing showers there fairly cloudy by noon 73 and then 3 o'clock 84 degrees, that's your high today. it will be warm and muggy and again through the afternoon another spotty shower but i think that's going to taper off pretty quickly in the evening and then karen we transition to lower humidity and much cooler temperatures for tomorrow. details coming up in that seven-day forecast. >> all right dave we have a big accident and tractor-trailer fire that's blocking a major highway in new jersey. this is new jersey turnpike. it's northbound here approaching exit two. that's the exit for 322 looking in woolwich township gloucester county, an accident involving a tractor-trailer then caught fire blocking all lanes you got to avoid the area altogether. 295 basically runs parallel to stick to 295 if you're heading northbound instead of the new jersey turnpike near exit two for 322 where all lanes currently blocked. looking outside live other ben franklin bridge david mentioned the fog, some of the damp conditions. you can see that as we look live. traffic moving okay. we got ongoing construction blocking the right lane but
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it's a foggy commute causing problems this morning, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. >> ♪♪ it is primary day in pennsylvania. >> the most talked about race in philadelphia is of course the battle for the democratic nomination for mayor. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside city hall she's got the details. good morning a katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the republican candidate for mayor is running unopposed but there are six democrats vying for a spot on that ticket hoping eventually that their office will be here at city hall. today is primary day and mayoral candidates were sure to squeeze in some last minute campaign stops. last night state senator anthony hardy williams was making the rounds at a block party in point breeze. former city councilman jim kenney spoke to a crowd in south philadelphia urging folks to head to the polls. in center city, former district attorney lynne abraham shook hands and posed for pictures by the clothes pin statue. former judge nelson diaz met
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with septa commuters at the spring garden stop on the broad street line and former state senator milton street took to the microphone outside 52nd and market in west philadelphia. as for former pgw executive doug oliver, he was at harrison plaza in north philadelphia at a community gathering there. and there are some other race that is voters are going to weigh in on as they head to the polls. more about them at 5 o'clock. live at city hall, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> see you then katherine. if you suspect voter fraud in today's primary elect the league of women voters have set up a special hotline to report problems. volunteers will be at 6abc all day long taking your calls the number a (877)940-6222. join "action news" at 11:00 for a wrapup of the primary election results. we'll be streaming the big races live on as well and sending out updates on the 6abc "action news" twitter
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feed. >> now to brand new information about a crash that killed an 11-year-old in the lehigh valley. a driver struck the girl and another child as they were walking home from school. this happened at sixth and chestnut streets in emmaus yesterday afternoon. both young victims went to the hospital. officials say abigail zukowski died a short time later. her friend is seriously hurt. these students attended jefferson elementary. a crisis management team will be available now top students staff and families throughout the week and the crash is still under investigation. >> happening today a preliminary hearing for the allentown mother accused of throwing her baby off a bridge. 19-year-old johnesha perry is charged with homicide. police say she threw her one-year-old son zymeir off the hamilton street bridge earlier this month. the boy fell more than 50 feet into the river. police were able to pull him out and revive him but the boy later died. the mother also jumped into the river but was able to make to it shore.
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>> a conductor injured in last week's deadly train derailment is now suing amtrak. today lawyers are expected to release mr. details about this suit. it accuses of amtrak of negligence and carelessness. it comes as amtrak's northeast corridor gets back up and running now with an automatic speed control system. fbi analysts continue to go over the engine at a secure location in delaware. they've now ruled that the windshield was not hit by a bullet in the moments before the crash. but late yesterday the ntsb tweet they had it has not ruled out that the windshield was struck by another object. lawyers hired by some of the victims called the report that the train was hit by a projectile a red her ring. >> if a train engineer who is operating a train at twice the posted speed limit, i mean, imagine that for starters and then you have a system which could override him. >> federal investigators continue to focus on the train's engineer. the ntsb says it could take up to 12 months to determine a
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probable cause. >> ♪♪ >> developing now, the iraqi army is regrouping right now after losing the battle for a key city to isis extremists. the militants are now celebrating in the streets of rim mad deem abc's boughs see see -- bazi kuehne hos more. >> reporter: fighters strolling pass the city in the city hoisting there black fag. >> notice what they've done. they've destroyed they've sent in huge number of vehicle borne ied's big trucks, massive amounts of explosions and they destroyed the place. >> reporter: the iraqi city 70 miles west of baghdad is the capitol of iraq's largest
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province long been an area of resistance against american forces. for months iraq's army has been trying to hold onto rammed but over the weekend truckloads of iraqi troops fled the isis advance. some 500 people killed in the weekend assault on the city. thousands more families force ed to flee. this morning the u.s. vows continued support of iraq's struggling army ton keep fighting isis extremists wherever they are. the white house admits the loss is a setback but says the fight against isis was always expected to be a long one and insists that iraqi forces will recapture the city t bazi kanani abc news, washington. >> a police official in waco texas says biker groups have been making threats against law enforcement and police are on alert for any retaliatory attacks after a deadly shootout between rival biker gangs on sunday. rival groups gathered to settle up differences but a
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fight broke out and blew up into an all out brawl. 170 bikers have been charged with engaging in organized crime. their bail is at at a million dollars each. the fbi is calling these outlaw biker groups a serious national threat. >> police in south philadelphia are searching for the brazen bandit who has broken into several businesses. surveillance video shows the thief hit the store on washington avenue on may first making off with several cell phones he struck again the next morning at a pizza shop then days later police believe the same guy bust need sarcone's bakery and walked away empty handed. police need your information. >> a mural of one of america's most wanted criminals with new jersey ties is drawing some unwanted attention at a wisconsin university. >> google's doodle team is looking for a new member. if you could do good art it
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could be you. >> some kids may want an umbrella because there's rain in some neighborhoods. back in a second with a closer look at radar. this afternoon most stay dry but maybe you keep an umbrella handy just in case they get caught. warm later. all your details in the accuweather 7-day forecast including a nice turn around in temperatures coming up. >> ♪♪
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>> 4:43 now. it is tuesday and david we have a little bit of rain out there. >> we do. storm tracker six live double scan shows you it's not everywhere but where it is falling it's making roads a little bit wet. we'll go in on the main action and that is in south jersey in delaware where you see from smyrna south through dover extending across the delaware bay into cape may county a little bit of rain popping through. parts of south jersey with smaller showers and if we go out to the west there's also some additional stuff getting close to reading pennsylvania, it's already crossing into western berks county and again a couple sprinkles here or there. i'll leave you with a wide view. even in some areas where you don't see green there are clouds where it's well enough and putting drill on your windshield and you should be careful of fog popping up here or there this morning. damp conditions at the airport, cloud deal. you can see a little bit of that fog in the lights there so visibility not great. and temperatures not bad.
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61 degrees right now in philadelphia. your dewpoint is officially below that 60-degree threshold where we would consider the air humid but we're getting close and with the east winds changing to the southwest later on today we are going to raise that humidity as we go into the day. yesterday humidity kind of dropped during the day. today we're turn it around and bringing it back. as we take a look at future tracker six between now through the end of the rush hour looks like that current batch of shower activity that we have out there is mainly pushing off toward the east and the rest of the morning is fairly cloudy. by 2, 3 o'clock we'll be on the lookout for the redevelopment of some scattered showers. obviously not everybody sees this stuff this afternoon and for the evening rush hour it's mainly dry but again some of you might get thumped with a couple of these. then later on in the evening hours not only does the rain go away, we start to clear out and cooler, drier air comes in. it's going to be a very comfortable overnight. in terms risk as assessment for these storms, lightning we have a moderate chance for
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that. and it's moderate because thunderstorms will be scattered. if a storm goes your way chance of lightning goes up so take cover. downpours could be a and issue. up north in the lehigh valley, up toward the northern suburbs there might be a little better chance of something producing stronger winds later on but that's a very low risk at this point. as we go through the day cloudy skies a little damp. by 8 o'clock 63 degrees, by 11 o'clock, 69 degrees and then by would clock, 82 with a high of 84 probably around 3:00 this afternoon. again some spotty stuff possible during the afternoon hours but of you stay dry and your high temperatures later will climb back on up there. a humid 83 in allentown, 84 in philadelphia, down the shore the mid to upper 70's. those storms very spotty today. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 84 is today's high. warm and humid but that is it. tonight the humidity gets kicked off the coast and both wednesday and thursday look great with highs in the low 70's very refreshing weather tomorrow with a cool breeze. and then by friday, back up to 78 degrees and we are fairly
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sunny. your holiday weekend starting out on a great note, sunny and comfortable on saturday, 74. increasing clouds on sunday, dry, 78 and monday as i mentioned yesterday does look to be the unsettled day with high are humidity and perhaps spotty storms. >> thanks, david. controversy at marquette university over the discovery of a mural on campus that features one of the fbi's most wanted terrorists. it shows joanne chesimard. she was convicted of killing a new jersey state troop inter1973. chesimard then broke out of prison and fled to cuba where she has been living freely for several decades. new jersey governor chris christie has been working to bring her back to the u.s. it is still unclear exactly who decided to put the mural continue marquette campus in milwaukee. the mural has already been removed. also new two female students are suing valencia college in florida claiming they were required to do intrusive procedures on each
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other. according to the lawsuit they were forced to perform pelvic ultrasound on each other for a sonography class. the women claim that when they refused to participate the school retaliated against them and reduced their grades. valencia college released a statement saying the program was voluntary professional and supervised by experienced faculty members. >> coming now to the big board for the first look at business, of course it's graduation season. how do you get a leg up if you're looking for a job you're a new graduate? here's one idea travel. michael nova princeton grad and a billionaire hedge fund owner. he says the resumes look too much the same. he looks for people who took a year off or what's called a gap year to travel before they went to college. he thinks these are the people who bring something more to banking and when i look back, the one thing i wish i'd done is a gap year, it's worth thinking about. under armor apologizing for this t-shirt that invokes a deadly world war ii battle. the $25 shirt was named band
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of ballers. it shows players raising a hoop the very same way americans lifted the american flag in that iconic picture from the battle of iwo jima 75 years ago. let's take a look at wall street. the dow and s & p both hit record highs on monday. right now futures look like they're pointing to a higher open. people love that google doodle that opens up when you hit the home page and google is looking to hire a new doodler. the graphic designer would pitch and create the images that you see on google's home page. the ideal candidate is someone with experience in illustration graphic design and character animation and i think that might be the coolest job ever. >> as long as you're a good digital doodler. coming up on "action news" the two babies conjoined at the hip were born as part of identical triplets. >> after six years in the white house the commander-in-chief has joined the twitter universe but his twitter handle may be short lived. we'll explain when "action
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meet one today. visit adopt. >> ♪♪ >> we're getting more details about a big accident causing problems in woolwich in that gloucester county, new jersey, right on the new jersey turnpike northbound. it is blocked now between exit one and exit two for 322. we're hearing it's involving two tractor-trailers and a
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tour bus. the tour bus wasn't carrying any passengers. one of the tractor-trailers we understand was carrying paint and auto parts so a messy scene right here an tractor-trailer caught on fire in the trailer of the truck with the paint and the auto parts so what a messy situation right here. heavy duty tow trucks are trying to make their way to the scene through the backlog and the closures right now. it all happened just after 3:30 this morning so not that long ago. southbound past exit two fire activity blocks the left lane but it's northbound that all traffic is blocked. 295 runs parallel. you can hop on 295 to avoid the problem right there. outside live in another area this is radnor township delaware county, we see a little bit of fog roads in some parts are the damp. no other problems on the blue route between route 30 and the schuylkill expressway, matt. >> thank you karen. rare identical triplets were born in texas and what makes the babies even more extraordinary is the fact that two of them are conjoined at the pelvis.
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catalina ximena and scarlet were born at a corpus christi hospital on saturday night. all weighed 4 pounds 11 ounces. ximena and scarlet the conjoined girls are still in intensive care. doctors say it will be six months a year before they can look into separating the girls. the chance of having identical girl triplets with two conjoined is a one in 150 million chance. >> president obama has joined twitter and he already has over a million followers. his first tweet said hello twitter, it's barack obama really. six years in they're finally giving me my own account. the white house says all tweets from at potus will come from the president. former president send this post welcome to twitter. does that user name stay with the office. #asking for a friend. president obama tweeted good question at bill clinton. the handle comes with the
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house no, sir anyone interested with at potus. >> all new in the next half hour of "action news" a overnight homicide in philadelphia with police finding an array of evidence at the scene. >> and taylor swift is really having a great week. we'll tell you why when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪♪
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the odds of this boy achieving his dream in fashion? 1 in 23 million. the odds of having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 68. i am tommy hilfiger. learn more at >> new video here on "action news." rescue crews pulled a tennessee man out of a storm drain after he had been stuck there nearly four days. a passerby heard the victim
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calling out for help on sunday. firefighters found him trapped in a 12 to 14-inch concrete pipe. that is a tight fit. crews used shovels sledge hammers and other hand tools to dig into the ground and break the pipe and free that man. no one knows why the man crawled into that storm drain in the first place. fortunately he was not seriously injured. >> taylor swift is topping maxim's annual hot 100 list. fresh off her wins at the billboard music awards, the berks county native says it is an incredible compliment. maxim is known for picking sexy models for the cover and a lot of people sure think taylor swift a sexy. the magazine says it is redefining hot to not just mean beauty but relevance. in addition to her eight billboard awards, she kicked off her world tore this month. >> tonight is the last dance for season 20 of "dancing with the stars." last night the judges nearly wore out those 10 paddles.
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bruce willis had to wipe away the tears as the crowd gave his daughter rumor a standing ovation. tonight the finalists perform for the final judges scores to determine the winner of the mirrorball trophy. watch it all go down here on 6abc at 9 p.m. i'm going say it's rumer. i think people have fallen in love with her this season. >> 4a58. there is relief in a philadelphia community this morning. police track down a suspected sexual predator. >> also president obama praises the ongoing efforts to make camden, new jersey, a much safer city. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday may 19th. here's what's happening. >> voters in pennsylvania head to the polls on this primary day. we will break down the key race that is will help shape this election season. >> philadelphia police track down a predator wanted for a brutal attack on a woman. >> accuweather is tracking fog and some more unsettled


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