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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  May 19, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today to cast their vote for who will likely become the next mayor of philadelphia. >> we have a big problem on the roads this morning. good morning, 5:30 on this tuesday. let's go right to david and karen. >> all right, guys. let's starter you out with radar and we have some of those sprinkles and showers around in south jersey and southern delaware, we're still dealing with light to moderate rain. farther to the north there's not a lot of green on the map but low lying cloud cover and fog could be putting drizzle on your windshield. looks like chester county is still basically dry but there are some sprinkles to your west heading your way. reading continues to get wet allentown very close to the initial branch of that rain. in terms of the fog millville has under a half mile visibility as does wildwood so in through these areas highlighted in darker shades of gray in some cases the northern suburbs but definitely down toward the delaware bay you do have some areas where you're going to want to slow it down if that fog gets dense. hard to see school kids, deer and other animals when it comes to that fog. 61 degrees in philadelphia, not feeling all that bad out there with dewpoints down to just the bear minimum of humidity. 62 degrees in wilmington, 57
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in allentown, 62 in sea isle city. ah heading out the door to the bus stop looks like it will be fairly comfortable temperature-wise although some of you are dealing with that fog, drizzle and in some cases showers. temperatures in the low 60's cloudy and a little bit damp. warm later on today though as we're going to jack up that temperature and humid heading into the afternoon. 63 by 8 o'clock, by noon 73 and your high today is going to be that 84 at 3 o'clock. by 6 o'clock back down to 81. and later this afternoon karen there is another rounder of pop-up downpour producing showers and thunderstorms in at least a few neighborhoods. something to keep in mind. >> david two tractor-trailers an tour bus complied in woolwich township in gloucester county new jersey shutting down the northbound lanes of 295. this is all happening between exits two and exit one and exit two. exit two for 322. so this portion of the new jersey turnpike shut down right now. one of the tractor-trailers burst into flames. they extinguished the fire. it was carrying paint and auto parts. there were no passengers on the tour bus and so far police
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are saying there aren't any injuries as were reported just yet. fire activity blocking the left lane southbound on 295 and that is causing a problem as well so take 295 instead of the new jersey turnpike right now which is blocked northbound between exits one and exit two with in major accident scene. outside lie in northeast philadelphia this is woodhaven road at the boulevard. seal the fog certainly reduced visibility the weather's impacting the roads this morning so slow it down. no other problems itself on woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia. on the boulevard, though, here we are at bustleton avenue malfunctioning traffic traffic lights. no cross traffic allowed right now, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. and we're starting this morning with brand new information about a crash that killed an 11-year-old in the lehigh valley. a driver struck the girl and another child as they were walking home from school. this happened at sixth and chestnut streets in emmaus yesterday afternoon. both young victims were taken to the hospital. officials say abigail zukowski
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died a short time later and her friend is seriously hurt. the driver did stop at the scene. the students attended jefferson elementary in the east pep school district. a crisis management team will be available this morning to students staff and families. in fact they'll be there throughout the week and the crash remains under investigation. >> a conductor who was injured in last week's deadly train derailment is suing amtrak. lawyers plan to release more details today about the complaint which accuses amtrak of negligence and carelessness. it comes as amtrak's northeast corridor gets back up and running with an automatic speed control system now in place at the scene of last week's crash. fbi analysts continue to examine the engine at a secure location in delaware and they have determined the windshield was not hit by a bullet in the moments before the crash but late yesterday the ntsb tweeted it has not ruled out the windshield was struck by another object. lawyers hired by some of the crash victims believe all of this talk about projectiles is just a distraction.
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>> if a train engineer who is operating a train at twice the posted speed limit, i mean, imagine that for starters and then you have a system which could override him. >> investigators continue to focus on the train's engineer brandon bostian. the ntsb says it could take up to 12 months to determine a probable cause. >> ♪♪ >> it is primary day in pennsylvania. the polls open across the state at 7:00 this morning and here in philadelphia the most talked about race is among the democrats who want to be the city's next mayor. let's go on over to "action news" reporter katherine scott. she is live outside of city hall. good morning katherine. >> good morning tam. that's right, there are seven mayoral candidates that want to make city hall their new office, six of them are democrats. the republican candidate is running unopposed and they were out across the city last night urging voters to get out to the polls today. today is primary day and mayoral candidates were sure to squeeze in some last minute
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campaign stops. last night state senator anthony hardy williams was making the rounds at a block party in point breeze. former city councilman jim kenney spoke to a crowd in south philadelphia urging folks to head to the polls. in center city, former district attorney lynne abraham shook hands and posed for pictures by the clothes pin statue. former judge nelson diaz met with septa commuters at the spring garden stop on the broad street line. and former state senator milton street took to the microphone outside 52nd and market in west philadelphia. as for former pgw executive doug oliver, he was at harrison plaza in north philadelphia at a community gathering there. and there are other races for voters to weigh in on today. we will tell you more about them coming up at 6 o'clock. we're live at city hall, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> see you then, katherine. "action news" is your source for election results on the air and on high pressure. --line. follow us on twitter.
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results will be streaming live on 6abc. >> sunni isis militants still have a strong hold on ramadi but that is word that iraq shiite allies are preparing an attempt to try to retake the city. this is brand new video from ramadi. terrorists torched cars and buildings. streets are essentially bear. according to the un25000 people have fled the city. an estimated 500 people have been killed since friday. and isis is reportedly going door to door searching for policemen and pro government fighters. the united states continues to support iraqi forces through airstrikes and military advice. >> 5:36 now. a police official in waco, texas, says biker groups are now making threats against law enforcement. authorities are on alert for any retaliatory attacks following the deadly shootout between rival biker gangs on sunday. police say five gangs had gathered at a restaurant to settle differences. nine bikers were killed in the brawl, several more were injured and 170 bikers were charged with engaging in
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organized crime. their bail is set at $1 million each. the fbi is calling these outlaw biker groups a serious national threat. good morning america will continue our coverage of the deadly biker brawl. watch to hear from a man who infiltrated one of the can country's most infamous motorcycle gangs beginning at 7:00 a.m. >> all right, let's turn to dave murphy now find out what we can expect on this monday. >> storm tracker six live double scan says expect some showers in parts of the region. you can seal that the biggest area of green is down south. i'm actually going to give you that three dimensional view and you can see that up in reading, there is a band of showers popping through, allentown as expected now starting to get at least a little bit of wetness into the picture there and you can see that most of this is highlighted in moderate shades medium shades of green, so, it's the light to moderate rain nuisance variety stuff definitely fluff to show you down a little bit. when you add in the fact that there is also low lying cloud cover in south jersey and parts of the region and some
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fog, you also have some drizzle on your windshield even in areas where you don't have the active rain. so be careful out there if the roads are wet and if you encounter some fog. visibility a bit an issue this morning. stepping outside and we have sky six this morning and we are looking at some pretty cloudy conditions in center city. now keep in mind this camera is up at the top of a building so it probably isn't quite this cloudy down at the surface but it is an indication that we have those low clouds that could be putting drizzle down in philadelphia. 61 degrees currently in the city. temperatures not too bad right now. dewpoints a little below that 60-degree threshold for humid air so it feels fairly comfortable compared to yesterday morning and the winds only at seven. future tracker six shows you that for the rest of the morning rush hour we'll be dealing with showers but toward the end of the rush it should start to try out to some degree. the rest of the morning looks kind of cloudy. in the afternoon we transition to more avenue clouds and sun mix but by two or 3 o'clock we'll also be looking at some areas seeing some spotty showers and thunderstorms. some of these could produce drenching downpours partly because the temperatures are
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going to be rising and those of you watching with hd and that always on day planner that we brought on you can see how it's going to get back into the 80's later this afternoon. by 5 o'clock the evening rush hour mainly dry but some of you dealing with a heavy downpour coming through that will definitely slow you down and len later on in -- then later on all of that gets off the coast and we dry out as well. scattered thunderstorms today. the main issue would be downpours as i mentioned. lightning of course is always a problem whenever you get a thunderstorm but we're not looking at a whole lot of strong winds hail, no problems with tornadoes. the one difference with stronger wind gusts could be up north in the lehigh valley and the poconos. anything that pops there would be a little bit closer to the center of some support for stronger winds. generally speaking, it is starting out okay, in the 60's a little bit damp and then winding up very warm and humid this afternoon with a high of 84 probably right in there around 3 o'clock this afternoon. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, we are going for that high of 84 today warm and humid as you just saw, some spotty storms and
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then that all clears out tonight and behind it much more comfortable weather on the way. 72, breezy and cooler with sun on wednesday. 71 cool and pleasant on thursday and then back to 78 on friday. the holiday weekend starts out in fine shape, 74 on saturday, sunny and comfortable and then clouds increase on sunday, 78. we stay dry. it might feel a little more humid on sunday afternoon and then monday is the unsettled day of the three day holiday weekend with clouds and sun some thunderstorms, 81 and humid. >> okay. thank you, david. it's now 5:40 and developing this morning a mud sweeps through a mountainside overseas. >> two students. >> we're live on 422. you can see the fog at reducing visibility not causing a major problem. that's your eastbound traffic headed towards 202 but if you're trying to get around in new jersey we've got a major highway shut down because of a big accident. all the latest details coming up.
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>> the finalists are eyeing some mirrorball trophy. we'll have a preview of the "dancing with the stars" finale when we come back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here out across the airport. psych it's a rather foggy morning here on this tuesday. 5:43 60 degrees. >> big problem in south jersey, karen. what you got on it? >> that's right, we're talking you right to woolwich township to gloucester county, new jersey. we've got an accident
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involving two tractor-trailers, one caught on fire. it crashed with a tour bus. there were no passengers on the tour bus but causing big problems this morning so right now the new jersey turnpike northbound is shut down between exit one and exit two for 322. they've exting wished the fire that was out there the tractor-trailer that caught on fire was carrying paint and auto parts. they had been blocking the southbound lanes as well but now that they extinguished the fire that is clear. all southbound lanes opened but northbound if you're coming from south jersey you've got a problem right there. you could stick to 295. that's your best alternate to deal with that. we found people on the waze app talking about this as well with the portion of new jersey turnpike shut down calling it may jury accident which it certainly is and also found someone who -- passenger took a picture in the backlog and you can see people just stuck. they call it a complete stand still out there on the new jersey turnpike northbound with all traffic being blocked between exit one and exit two. so that one causing big
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problems this morning as you can see also on the waze app right there. we want to talk about some other issues. i think fog is an issue this morning and as you look at this picture you can see why. this is bucks county route one approaching the turnpike. no other problems on route one but the reduced visibility is affecting you this morning pulling in the visibility maps we can see .8 of a mile in ton ton but just .3 in atlantic city millville, wild what the. that's not too far from where the accident happened. perhaps foggy conditions weren't really helping the scene. 2.5-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. storm tracker six live double scan showing we have some showers so the roads are a little wet as well and you need to be careful as you're heading out there this morning, matt there karen thank you. developing right now search teams are scouring a tiny town in colombia looking for survivors of what has been a deadly mudslide. at least 58 people were killed
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when a mudslide spread through yesterday. authorities don't know how many people are unaccounted for. colombia's president has surveyed the devastation. he vows to help the estimated 500 victims of this natural disaster. >> new here on "action news" two female students are suing valencia college in florida for undergoing invasive procedures they say against their wishes. according to the lawsuit, they were forced to perform pelvic ultrasounds on each other for a sonography class. the women claim that when they refused to participate the school retaliated against them and reduced their grades. valencia college released a statement saying that the program was voluntary professional and supervised by experienced faculty members. >> also new on "action news," one of the nation's most wanted terrorists became the subject of a controversial college mural in wisconsin. an image of her covered the wall at marquette. known as joanne chesimard she was convicted of killing a new jersey state trooper in the
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1970's. she escaped to cuba where she was granted asylum. a professor noticed the mural and made maintenance paint over it. supporters of the mural claim chesimard is a noteworthy figure because she is the first woman on the fbi's most wanted terror list. a $2 million reward is being offered for her capture. >> 5:47. last dance, last chance. highlights from the final rounds of "dancing with the stars." >> a texas family welcomes rare identical triplets including two who are conjoined. david. >> i have a light jacket on the kids this morning for temperatures down around 60 degrees. some of you dealing with some showers and drizzle. this afternoon it's very spotty precip, maybe an umbrella just in case. we'll be back with your day planner forecast let you know how warm it's going to get later. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> just about 5:50. it is tuesday t the action cam has just arrived at the scene of a horrible crash on the new jersey turnpike. look at that truck. it is still smoking and they're trying to poke out some of those flames. two tractor-trailers ran into each other at 3:30 this morning. it's causing a huge backup and also quite a mess along the highway. >> horrible scene as we look live at that picture. if we can go back to, you can see the accident involving two tractor-trailers right on the new jersey turnpike shut down right now between exits one and exit two. exit two for 322. so they've extinguished the fire they've told us. now you see the crews out there still trying to deal with it this morning. the trouble is the tractor-trailer was carrying painter and auto parts. i mean, it is a mess. what you're seeing, the headlights coming towards you that's your southbound traffic is getting by at this point. i think. so what they're doing is allowing some of the stuck traffic that's in that area to get out of there.
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fire crews still on the scene. a mess of an accident this morning. and we can kind of see clear conditions here. elsewhere we've got really reduced visibility not that far from there. here you can take a look on 42 at creek road. very foggy out there and in some spots less than a half mile visibility, dave. >> all right, today karen, in addition to the fog and drizzle in some of the areas you don't see green there are also some active showers down if cape may county, dover delaware reading and berks county and parts of the lehigh valley. looks like there's a little bit more in maryland that my try and scoot in toward new castle county later on. temperatures right now are cool 58 degrees in pottstown 55 in quakertown, 58 in chester. across the river in south jersey also fairly comfortable although a few more 60's on the map the closer you go toward the ocean and 65 in smyrna and dover delaware. if you're running errands today, a little bit wet for now so maybe you hold off until after the rush hour. then we're going to get into a mainly cloudy with some sunny break, 73 degrees. later this morning it's humid and a high of 84 and the chance of a couple pop-up
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showers or drenching thunderstorms later this afternoon matt. >> thanks, david. coming up at 11:00 the woman who was brutally assaulted now fighting for change. here's a preview. >> i'm erin o'hearn. on new year's day 2015 the unthinkable happened to a young mother of two inside this garage in broad daylight. >> i almost in my head thought it was a joke. you know, like this can't be happening to me. >> reporter: would better security have prevent they had brutal assault? >> you're about to lose your life and that is the feeling that sticks with me. >> reporter: just how safe are philadelphia parking garages? that's coming up tonight only on "action news" at 11:00. >> tonight is the last dance for season 20 of "dancing with the stars." last night the judges nearly wore out those 10 paddles. riker lynch and rumer willis got sets of perfect 10's each. bruce willis had to wipe away the tears as the crowd gave his daughter a standing
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ovation. watch it all go down right here on 6abc at 9:00 tonight. and the bachelorette premiere event continues tonight and in a new twist two women, brett and kaitlyn are competing for the affection of twenty five men in order to stay on the show. tonight the men will decide which bachelorette will be the one competing. don't miss the bachelorette tonight at 8:00 right here on 6abc. >> 5:53. several lanes of the new jersey turnpike are shut down right now. it is a story "action news" will stay on top of all morning long. >> when we come back, more news you didn't see last night. hear how a local school is responding to a recent heroin crisis among its students. that's all new at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. we're keeping an eye on this. the action cam live on the scene here in woolwich township over the new jersey turnpike northbound between exit one and two. you're taking a look at a fire that they have been trying put out on this tractor-trailer. you had two tractor-trailers and a tour bus collide together. one of those buses having paint on it. that kicking off a fire. it's causing a lot of trouble when it comes to traffic in area but thankfully the word as of yet no injuries. >> happening today a preliminary hearing for the allentown mother accused of throwing her baby off a bridge. 19-year-old johnesha perry is charged with homicide. police say she threw her one-year-old son zymeir off the hamilton street bridge earlier this month. the boy fell more than 50 feet
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into the lehigh river. police were able to pull him out and revive him but the boy later died. the mother also jumped into the river but was able to make it to shore. >> rare identical triplets were born in texas. what makes the babies more extraordinary is that two are couldn't find at the pelvis. catalina ximena and scarlet were born at a corpus christi hospital on saturday night at about 34 weeks. each triplet weighs 4 pounds 11 ounces the conjoined girls ximena and scarlet were transferred to children's hospital there in good condition. the parents say they are ready for what will be a challenge ahead. >> god chose us for a reason to take care of them. he sent us these little angels for a reason. so it's a good -- it's a big lesson for us. >> doctors say it will be at least six months before the conjoined girls will be able to be separated. >> 5:57. next and all new officials taking new steps to stop a growing drug epidemic in a berks county school district. >> it is primary day in pennsylvania and one ballot is
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making a push to improve early childhood education. we'll give you the update when "action news" comes back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday may 19th and we're following breaking news. >> the action cam was on the scene of a fiery truck collision that is blocking part of the new jersey turnpike. it is still smoking and firefighters remain on the scene. >> it's quite a mess. let's go on over to karen rogers to give you the latest on what it means for your traffic and dave murphy has your accuweather. good morning. >> good morning. we're live in woolwich township in gloucester county. the action cam showing the scene, an accident, two tracto


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