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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  May 21, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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ect they are looking for and the search expanded in new york city. and new developments in the ray rice case why a judge dismissed the domestic violence charges. part of the area is seeing rain all right from our temple university sky 6 hd camera pretty gray out there david murphy is live outside with the details. >> the umbrella is up i had to dust this off. look at stormtracker 6 live double scan not exactly a drefrming rainfall just light nuisance rain maybe steadier in areas south of philadelphia southern newcastle county and salem and cumberland county new jersey. just enough to slow you down. if you are north of pennsylvania turnpike just a quick sprinkle
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but from areas south we are dealing with this and philadelphia will wind down after 3:00, 4:00, and down the shore the farther south the longer you'll have to wait for it to end, the temperatures are cool and notice it's milder north of us in new york city, and that is because they have not had as much rain there. and probably won't. it's that cool air being drown to the surface, and where the rain is heavier down south just 54 in washington, the rain is caused by a southern system south of richmond and we are close enough to catch just the northern edge of the precipitation, by 4:00 we are down to 58 spending a good portion of the day at 56. and that rain in parts of south jersey and tell wear and by
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8:00 54 and most of the area trying out then and sprinkles here and there at 11:00. and all eyes on the holiday weekend we'll have that when we come back. breaking news now, wilmington police have arrested a 25-year-old man matteo and another woman was shot and six blg street when gun fire rang out, and one was injured and his bail is eight at half a million dollars. we are following the major developments this noon on the deadly mansion fire in washington, d.c. the wealthy ceo and his wife and two others and is now a person of interest.
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more on the evidence that led them to a suspect. >> reporter: good afternoon overnight this story took a dramatic turn when police in washington issued an arrest warrant for darren wint, a suspect identified by a pizza crust left at the scene of the fire and murder and the police chief says that they have information that wint right now is in the brooklyn new york area, a dominoes pizza could be the break through that they are searching for they are looking for this man darrenwint. the suspect they believe killed a couple their son and housekeeper, the suspect was
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identified from dna, from a dominoes pizza crust and they searched his suburban maryland home overnight going through the trash and leaving with bags of evidence. a friend told abc he is troubled. >> arrogant and doesn't listen. >> police show that he made a flurry of phone calls one to his bank and accountant, a source told abc that an assistant dropped off 40,000 there's in cash in his house while the victims were held hostage inside. he got worried when she didn't come home and he when to the house and knocked on the door and rang the bell and then got a phone call from him. >> he said i'm sorry i didn't call you she has to stay with
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my wife. >> he told the house keepers husband that he could call him back so the man left and then hours later the fire erupted and soon everybody inside was discovered dead karen travers channel 6 "action news." >> police and atf agents are investigating a theft of more than a dozen firearms. the video shows two men smashing in the window of the gun shop at 4:30 this morning about a minute later the men come back with another man and push out the glass and climb through, they were in the store and took weapons and automatic guns. >> there is roughly 18 weapons on the street that were not on the street 24 hours ago.
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police say that the surveillance video captured the suspects getting away in two vehicles one in a gm sedan and one ifn this partial plate of yz. police say that a dog was trying to help an infant but instead injured her. it happened in the west tuckerton area of the city the mother went inside of the home and officials believe that the family's pit bull thought the girl was left unattended outside and the dog lifted her up and carried her into the house, the baby suffered a puncture wound to the chest and is in the hospital. the dog appears to be well behaved and animal control is investigating. we are looking to see what caused a deadly accident overnight in salem county we learned the identify of the
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victim john rivera is from vineland and slam nooded ed into a utility pole and died at the scene. california's governor doe declared a state of emergency because of a crude oil spill. candace gibson has more now on the cleanup. >> overnight the governor of california doe declaring a state of emergency in santa barbara. >> they are collecting hundreds of buckets of oil from the beach hardly making a dent. >> what is it like seeing this in your backyard. worst nightmare. >> the cause is still under
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investigation. they were sometimes due to mechanics issues and authorities saying that up to 105,000 gallons may have leaked out of the pipeline and we are working to make sure everything possible is being done to clean up the spill, there are three two mile long oil spills on the coastline and campers are forced to evacuate and officials are facing a 24/7 effort that could take weeks. domestic violence charges against former baltimore ravens player, ray rice, were dismissed the young in atlantic city dismissed the charmings following his pretrial intervention, he was charged with third degree aggravated assault, after this video surfaced showing him punching
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his now wife. the arrest remains on his record. a lawsuit is filed against st. joseph's after allegations of sexual harassment. she said she had suicidal thoughts after leaving the team. after years of complaints, crew could begin demolishing a home in philadelphia as early as today. neighbors were concerned with the partially collapsed home in west mt. airy, final notice stickers from license and inspections date back to july 2014 neighbors say the elderly
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home opener left sometime ago. >> we would be sleeping and we think about the house falling down and taking our house out. >> the call to action brought the city to the scone. and coming up tense moments on board of a whale watching boat. find out what went wrong.
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video shows this family of jewelry dealers being attacked. they were loading jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars into an suv when the suspects attacked using pepper spray. they got away in an suv. a mother's ran on facebook has gone viral and some say it
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when too far in shaming her daughter, the mother from colorado posted a video to embarrass her daughter for posting racy picture online and claiming to be 19 years old and her mother says it's the fourth time she caught her daughter creating a fake profile on facebook. >> this will go on her facebook page and she watches disney channel and has a bedtime. it has been viewed more than 10 million times. some students from new york are recovering after recovering from i whale watching trip. it sent 18 people to the hospital. >> reporter: overnight scary moments at sea off the massachusetts coast. >> i'm terrified i didn't think
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a wave could hit the boat a wave slamming into this 75 foot boat. >> nobody was holding on. >> the waves as high as 8 feet begined with winds creating conditions so rough some of the 112 on board passed out. ambulances meeting the post as it made its way back to the dock and eight rushed to the area hospital and this wave wreaked havoc, just weeks ago 30 foot waves struck this cruise ship. forcing the boat to wait in open seas for two days before docking at sydney harbor and this woman swept off the waves off the coast of ireland knocking her 40 feet down and incredibly she survived the fall. all students taken to the hospital in plymouth are released with cuts and bruises
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but thinking twice before going back to sea. >> i will never go on a whale watching again. >> still ahead on "action news." we have a behind the scenes look at the new larger than life attraction at the philadelphia zoo? meantime, a live look outside at the jersey shore sky 6 hd showing you atlantic city right now, david murphy says why not look ahead to the holiday weekend he'll have the latest from the shore when "action news" comes right back.
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you may want to head to the zoo for this holiday weekend 6 abc's live experience officially opens, a giant celebration in the year of the gorilla and all that is live at the zoo. here is a sneak peek of second nature, junk rethunk.
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>> i tried to make him majestic. >> she constructed her gorilla with the real life gorilla serving at her muse. >> she was hanging out there for two weeks it was inspirational. she was one of several artists that the zoo commissioned. everyone has their favorite from the polar bears made of spark plugs to the abstract sculpture made of plastic bottles to the full size crocodile made from chewing gum. the giant blue gorilla is the star of the show. >> it's 900 pounds and made of car doors. >> it's amazing and captures the he is eps of what it is and what the zoo is about.
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>> and join cecily tynan and me for the live experience at 7:00 and sunday at midnight. david is back with the accuweather forecast on this cool and rainy day. i can see out there. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows it to you and i want to take it in tighter on this, we are still looking at a steady rain in philadelphia out in places like millville and oxford and southern chester county you are starting to see breaks and i kind of hope they get here and it's suppressing temperatures for two and a half hours now. down south in wilmington and glassboro and cape may as we take a look outside. we have cloudy skies overhead and this was earlier on center city on the action cam, ahead of the rain it was looking gray and even if the rain lets up we are
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still dealing with a fair amount of cloud cover receding as we go from 3:00 until 6:00 as we zoom up the model there will be residual sprinkles popping through and cecily tynan here at 11:00 showing you anything in the region. the amounts out of this system do not look impressive. a little more than a trace in allentown and reading and .05 in wilmington but the idea is good
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it's not a lot of rain through philadelphia and north and farther south in south jersey that is where you have the better chance of an inch to third of an inch, we have so little rain will agree we'll see the forecast high, 63 in philadelphia we have another two two half hours to get there we have a chance to bump it up. 63 60 or 59 it's cool cloudy and damp down to 57 by 5:00 and 7:00, and gently easing our way down to 51 as an overnight low and tomorrow we have wins turning out of the west instead of the cold ocean and sun is coming back, your exclusive accuweather forecast, a mix of clouds and sun and 74 and for the holiday weekend a high of only 69 cool and up to 80 on
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sunday and turning warmer the philadelphia temperatures down the shore get up to 60 or so on saturday and 70 or so on sunday and memorial day monday we look at it to be more clouds and sun and 80 is your warm high, the chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm it looks fairly spotty and i would not cancel my plans and if there is back up the barbecue and get inside down the shore probably in the mid-70s. >> thank you david. former model janice dickinson is suing bill cosby of defamation, she accused cosby of sexual assault, and cosby's lawyers called that a lie. and dickinson says being publically called a liar hurt
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her personally and profession professionally professionally. >> a grammy winner rapper lazy bone or bone thugs in harmony was on his way to a concert when he saw drivers swerving in the road, and when he went to check on the driver he realized they were suffering from a diabetic shock, the man was taken to the hop and is expected to be okay.
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if you are looking for a little distraction this afternoon, check out this on residents in australia were treated to a light show over the
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weekend, billions of marine organisms created a phenomenon on the shore like, you can see more on that at our website >> one more check of the weather with david murphy. >> we have a shot at the low 60s and cloudy and cool and not a lot of wind and 61s up to 63s in the central portion of the region and light wins, down the shore we'll see the periods of rain continue, and low 60s not out of the question. >> thank you david. >> finally this noon, it's not exactly iron man but a sea turtle now has a titanium bite. the rescue turtle from turkey was given a new jaw. volunteer s volunteers contacted a company that makes 3-d titanium implans.
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one the turtle gets used to the new jaw they hope to release it back into the sea. he was a pennsylvania state trooper injured in the deadly barracks ambush in pike county we hear from alex douglas for the first time he was allegedly shot by eric frein what he said about the night it happened and how he is handling the recovery. >> don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00 5:00 and 6:00. >> for rick williams and david murphy and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist.
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