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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 21, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, we have breaking news at this hour. the manhunt across saifl states a major break in the case. that horrific fire the young family bound inside their home. tonight, the major new clue. the domino's pizza ordered while the family was tied up. the dna from the pizza. now authorities knocking on doors, 200 miles away. the state of emergency tonight, right here in california. the major oil spill. horrific images. oil-soaked birds. whales swimming right through it. and tonight, the beaches closed. the alert for drivers this evening. investigating a possible serial shooter along a stretch of american highway. a woman hit, a bicyclist shot too. the fbi now called in. the holiday event canceled. and your chance to fly into space? tonight, our trip deep into the mo mojave desert. the rocket set to take everyday
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americans for a joy ride. good evening from california. and we're on the scene of that major oil spill here. but we begin tonight with that breaking news. the urgent search. a suspect in the case of the family murdered. their home set on fire in washington, d.c. he is considered armed and dangerous. the young family a mother and father their son and their housekeeper, all killed. authorities say tied up in their home. their mansion then set on fire just blocks from the vice president's home. and tonight, authorities now asking for your help finding this man. this wanted poster now being circulated. authorities revealing a major break in the case. the evidence dna on a pizza crust. a pizza ordered to the home as this was all playing out. abc's ryan smith leading us off from the crime scene tonight. >> reporter: tonight, a frantic interstate manhunt underway for this man, charged with first degree murder in that quadruple homicide at this d.c.
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mansion, killing this family of three. savvas savapoulos, his wife amy, son phillip and their housekeeper. >> all of us are focused on finding the perpetrator in this act of evil. >> reporter: authorities say daron dylon wint was inside the mansion. new evidence linking him to what happened the night before the house went up in flames. the family's ordeal began last wednesday evening. an employee receives a voicemail from is a savvas is a vap louse, instructing her not to come into work the next day. he says his wife is sick, and housekeeper vera figueroa is staying over to care for her. later that night, two domino's pizzas are ordered and left on the doorstep of the home. the next morning starting at 7:00 a.m., police reports on stained by "the washington post," reveal savopoulos made a furry of phone calls, including some to his bank and accountant. later that morning, an assistant of savapoulos drops $40,000 off at the house. then just a fuhr hours later, the house is up in flames.
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the three adults found dead in the home stabbed and doused with gasoline. and the child found burned in his bedroom. authorities now believe wint was the man seen running near the family's burned out porsche in this surveillance video. he's an angry, troubled man, relatives say. >> he's very hostile, he's arrogant. he doesn't listen. >> reporter: wint has a long rap sheet, including arrests for assault and domestic violence. that criminal history led to his identification. abc news obtaining exclusive defails from this lab that tracked him down from dna left on that crust of that pizza ordered that fateful night. >> we were able to get a hit on a dna match. >> reporter: it's not known whether he acted alone, but today, we learned wint was no strange earl to the savopoulos family and their business. this is american ire works. savvasceo.
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believe police wint worked for the company. employees still in a state of shock. >> how is the company holding up? >> not good. >> reporter: not good? this d.c. community on edge from this terrifying crime. tonight, the family's mapgs behind me is still a crime scene. but the atf, also involved in the investigation, telling us the best of the best in the country are out there looking for this guy. david? >> ryan smith, live in washington tonight. ryan thank you. and as ryan reported there, the manhunt now, and investigators questions a girlfriend more than 200 miles away in new york city. the suspect considered armed and dangerous, as i mentioned. abc's gio benitez on the ground in brooklyn where authorities have been conducting key interviews tonight. gio? >> reporter: david, police are scouring surveillance video to see if daron wint was ever here in brooklyn to visit his girlfriend. police interviewed that woman earlier today, describing her as cooperative. sources say she told detectives she thought wint might turn
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himself into washington, d.c. police. he is not believed to be in new york at this time but right now, this city is a big part of this investigation. david? >> all right, gio, thank you. now, to breaking developments here. the police custody death that ignited protests in baltimore. a grand jury tonight indicting six officers in the death of freddie gray. the video showing him dragged into that police van. prosecutors saying his spine was nearly severed. charges against the officers include reckless endangerment and manslaughter. all six scheduled to be arraigned in july. now, to that major oil spill right here in california. 95 miles north of here in santa barbara. a state of emergency. the race against time now to clean up the oil. 105,000 gallons, nine miles of coastline now. the images coming in a pelican covered in oil. whales swimming right through it. and drone footage tonight. those oil slicks from above. our station here kabc on the scene all day today, and so is our kendis gibson tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new images from the air of the expanding
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oil spill off the coast of california. in some places, creeping toward the shore. this pelican rescued on the beach, heading to a specialized cleaning facility. this sea lion covered in oil. the region known for its diverse wildlife. >> oil has a very big impact on the wildlife here. >> reporter: on board a noaa vessel today surveying the growing impact, we noticed the unmistakable sight and smell of oil for several miles on the pacific. we're right near the spill right now, and there's a sheen of oil visible right there. and off in the distance see that california sea lion, swimming around. officials say at least 7,000 gallons of oily mixture removed so far. these yellow booms meant to capture the oil, now blackened. we're about two days out from this oil spill and take a look. look at the amount of oil that's still in the water. we're just offshore. the oil slick moving toward more populous areas, even impacting brad and angelina's beach front
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property. >> have you done all you can do in the past to prevent problems like this? >> reporter: an executive with plains all american which operates the pipeline grilled by reporters over the company's safety history. recording indicating 175 safety and maintenance incidents in the last nine years. >> we are striving to improve our performance. >> reporter: plenty of cleanup workers here. but this popular state park becomes the second one closed through the holiday weekend. david? >> kendis gibson here in california with me. kendis thank you. now, to the threat of severe weather for millions as we head into this holiday weekend. several states in north carolina reported tornado today. warnings and watching this afternoon. and flash flood watches in texas, arcoklahoma tonight. look at this. a dangerous commute in wichita falls, texas. while in ft. worth tonight, a school bus there, swept away. no one injured. a potentially glesz memorial day weekend on the way for millions and meteorologist rob marciano tonight at the weather wall. rob? >> reporter: david, the rain
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across the central plains just doesn't seem to want to end. so far this year dallas has seen more rain to date than all of last year. and wichita falls going from a drought emergency to those evacuations because of the flooding and there's more rain expected over the next several days. flash flood watches already posted. in the same areas that have received that heavy rain. you could see four to five inches of rainfall especially saturday through monday. that's going to be the core of the wetness as we go towards the holiday weekend. east coast looks to be dry and so does the west coast for the holiday, including l.a. david? >> rob marciano tonight. rob, thank you. now, to the other forecast the price of gas. experts say about to go up and quickly. 37.2 million americans expected to travel this holiday weekend. the average price of gas, now $2.74 a gallon. up five cents in just one week. and tonight, experts suggesting if you haven't filled up yet, do it tonight, after the news. abc's linzie day vils at a gas station in new jersey tonight. linsey? >> reporter: if you are one of those 37 million people hitting
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the road this weekend, you might want to fill up today. prices are only expected to rise as we get closer to the weekend, with the exception of california, where they are expected to go down. los angeles has the highest gas prices in the country at $3.99 a gallon. take a look at the variation across the country. the highest prices in red and the lowest prices in green. according to gas buddy, the lowest prices in the country -- $2.35 a gallon in greenville, south carolina. while gas prices are expected to rise tomorrow they are still considerably lower than this time last year. david? >> all right, thank you, linsey. overseas tonight and a major new concern with isis. first, we saw the iraqi soldiers leaving. tonight, from syria, a troubling development. isis now seizing the ancient city of palmyra. will isis destroy it? we've seen what has happened
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before. isis destroying antiquities in mohsle. iraqi forces air lifted out. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight with the new concern. >> reporter: tonight, fears that this will happen again -- isis fighters toppling ancient statues in northern iraq. now, isis seizing control of the historic syrian city of palmyra, with its spectacular ruins. the new concern -- those irreplaceable treasures will be destroyed, or artifacts sold off to fund the isis war chest. one more win for isis in what has been a terrible week. estimates that half of syrian territory -- mostly desert -- now under its control, and the key iraqi city of ramadi, where some 30 vehicle bombs leveled entire blocks and sent iraqi forces into retreat. david, we were with those iraqi forces in the same province as
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ramadi a few months ago and they vowed to defeat the isis terrorists. but today, even president obama acknowledged they need more help. david? >> martha raddatz live in washington. martha thank you. now, to the race for 2016. hillary clinton facing new questions about those 55,000 pages of e-mails, sent by the former secretary from her home server. word tonight, the first batch coming soon including hundreds from the single most controversial chapter from her time at the state department benghazi. so what do they reveal? abc's seececilia vega tonight. >> reporter: david good evening. these are the e-mails that clinton and her team reviewed and handed over to the state department and now we finally get to see what some of them say. >> i have said repeatedly i want those e-mails out. >> reporter: and now the state department will release the first batch, some 850 pages. "the new york times" reporting that e-mails sent in the days after the benghazi attacks from clinton's personal account and home server do not disclose
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classified information. but do include intelligence marked "sensitive," like the location and travel plans of state department officials in libya. the trove also revealing the secretary of state received back channel briefings from her longtime confidante, sidney blumenthal, a controversial former bill clinton aide. blumenthal's memos then passed onto senior state department staffers. it is just the first batch of many to come. clinton saying, she's ready. >> nobody has a bigger interest in getting them released than i do. >> reporter: and clinton now looking to turn a page. late today, she announced her first big campaign rally. it will be in june. david, we expect to hear more about the policies that she'll be running on. david? >> cecilia, thank you. now, to new word tonight from the president of the boy scouts of america. robert gates making an impassioned plea to end the ban of gay troop leaders. gates saying quote, we must deal with the world as it is not as we might wish it to be warning the current bab cannot
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be sustained. tonight, a major consumer alert here for anyone using an atm machine. the free-standing ones even the ones inside your bank. you're about to see the surveillance tonight. a suspect installing a skimmer, to steal your card number and your password. mara schiavocampo tonight and the real money team getting answers. >> reporter: tonight, new information about atms becoming automated theft machines. data thefts at atms inside banks up 174% so far this year. at freestanding non-bank atms, up a whopping 317%, making atm use riskier than it's been in two decades. >> there are a number of extremely successful hacking gangs all over the world that have been really stepping up their efforts and the reason is because it works. >> reporter: take a look this surveillance video showing a man installing a skimmer, one of the most common ways to steal data. the device is placed into the
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machine's card reader to lift information from the magnetic strip, all while hidden cameras record the user's pin. the whole thing takes him just a minute and a half. experts say you can protect yourself by covering your hand while entering your pin number. keeping an eye out for machines that look like they've been tampered with. and notifying your bank immediately of any suspicious transactions. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> great advise mara thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight," word of a possible serial shooter on a stretch of american highway. and now, a memorial day weekend event has been canceled. thorpts say a driver a woman was shot while behind the wheel. a bicycleist shot too. the fbi joining the search tonight. we're on the scene coming up. also tonight, the popular home improvement company. the allegations of chemicals in the flooring. tonight, facing a new crisis. a major headline coming your way. and this question. would you fly into space? the made in america rocket tonight that could soon take every day americans on a joy ride. and we are climbing in. how does this all work?
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weekend appointments are available here at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at appointments available now. next this evening, the fbi now called in tonight for a possible serial shooter along a stretch of colorado highway. a woman, a driver shot in the neck. and then a bicyclist shot too. here's abc's clanton sandell. >> reporter: everybody in windsor, colorado, seemed to know john jacoby. tonight, they want to know who killed him. >> john was known by many people loved by all. >> reporter: the 48-year-old was riding his bicycle monday when he was shot twice. he was gunned down on this rural stretch of road. it was the first homicide here in eight years. now, investigators in this small town have asked the fbi for help, concerned jacoby's murder may be connected to another shooting. >> i'm just really -- i'm just scared. >> reporter: 20-year-old cori romero was driving home on a nearby interstate last month
6:48 pm
when someone shot her in the neck. >> you don't really think that something like that would happen to you. >> reporter: in the last month several other cars have had windows blown out. it's not clear if gunfire is to blame, but even the possibility of a serial shooter has people on edge. a triathlon scheduled here for this weekend, now canceled. >> people are going to be concerned when they hear of something like this. >> reporter: in all of these mysterious cases, investigators say they have no suspects. clayton sandell, abc news windsor, colorado. when we come back here tonight, the major headline involving that home improvement company. alleged concerns over chemicals in the flooring. now, tonight, the new development. and david letterman's final bow. and one hilarious top ten list from some famous faces.
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and in rare cases may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto® watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle-related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve, or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto® tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® has been prescribed more than 11 million times in the u.s. and that number's growing. like your guys' scores. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. to the indeck tonight. lumber liquidators, the ceo resigning. they recently suspended the sale of laminated flooring made in china after allegations it contained high levels of
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chemicals. they say their products are, in fact, safe. to "mad men." the series creator revealing it is true what many thought. don draper meditating in that final scene, that hint of a smile, that ad saying don does go back to new york to create that coke ad. and to david letterman tonight. look at the images tonight. more than 13 million tuning in. his wife and son there. his famous friends with the final top ten. >> i'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy. >> thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale. >> thanks for finally proving men can be funny. >> i'll never have the money i owe you. >> that will one day take every day americans into space. you've got to see this, right after the break.
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finally tonight here, made in america. every day americans could be headed to space, but how? take a look. our drive deep into the mojave desert. because we hear, that past the trains there's about to be a new mode of transportation. one that will take us to space. that blue sky waiting. and so were they. the team at xcor. hang hangar 61. >> hi, david. how are you? >> reporter: a former nasa commander there, and the team developing a spaceship. and this isn't the distant future -- they say possibly a year from now. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: their animation of the lynx -- a rocket ship with wings -- that they say will take americans into space. a suborbital trip. once it gets there, four to five minutes of weightlessness, 200,000 feet up. a half hour trip into space.
6:57 pm
>> save the pennies and you get the opportunity to go. >> reporter: a lot of pennies, though. $100,000 for a trip. not cheap. but they say that cost will one day come down. but we came armed with another question. how much of this is made in america? >> virtually all of it. >> reporter: parts from utah, california, every corner of the country. and what will drive that rocket up? the lynx propulsion system. >> we're testing this on its own. >> reporter: they're testing everything here. they show us the nose gear. the wheel that has to come up in one second. in one second. >> yes. >> reporter: i love it. we give it a shot. >> pull the button. >> was that a second? >> reporter: ultimately, these former astronauts want americans to see what they saw. >> what a view. >> reporter: and how do you describe it when you get home? it's almost impossible to describe isn't it? >> it's impossible to find fully the right words for it. >> reporter: and before we leave, they walk me out to that hangar. their families know they still have a mission. >> the kids have all grown up -- >> dad's still playing. inside, the mockup. how quickly does this get me back to new york?
6:58 pm
the lynx seats two. >> there's actually a little more leg room for the passenger here. and the commander shows me where this will take off. >> and that's mojave. >> reporter: you'll be able to glide back here. and one last thing, on their first trip they promise to take something up from us. >> made in america! >> ready to take our made in america banner right up with them. we have our drone with us here in los angeles. as we say good night, we hope to see you right back here tomorrow for "world news tonight." from all of us here at abc news good night. we'll see you tomorrow.
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