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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  May 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning here's what's happening on this memorial day monday may 25, a tornado touches down in houston and an apartment building caught up in the if you are -- fury. drag racing caused the death of a man and woman in millville. wednesday wednesday -- wendy saltzman is on the scene. one thing that would drive people to a shore resort is a
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beautiful day and matt pellman is in for karen, good morning. >> reporter: we're looking at a beautiful end to a nice holiday weekend. some clouds philadelphia north overall we are expecting the sun to break through temperatures this morning, not bad 65 degrees, 59 in allentown. the winds fairly light so far coming out of the south. they will get on the breezy side as the day goes on. 65 on the your storm tracker 6 live app. 67 by 8:00. noon, 81. by 3:00 p.m., 8 # degrees in philadelphia. down the shore closer to 80. a really nice afternoon ahead. maybe getting a little bit more humid as the day goes on, but generally speaking not too shabby. one thing about the day and the next several is pollen count we're starting to see it in the medium high range today and tomorrow and higher on wednesday. we're changing the irritants to include mull -- owe mullberry
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and grasses. matt pellman we'll talk about the heat wave coming. >> reporter: traffic volume very light, david, we expect it to stay light until sometime this afternoon when everyone returns from their weekend destinations. for now nice arena clear along the market frankford line. in the burbs and in the neighborhoods we have a city of parades, one in bridesburg at juniata, go out and remember and honor our veterans on this
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memorial day 2015. the devon horse show will attract traffic to route 30 lancaster avenue. on the board we're on a holiday schedule on this monday morning. this was developing overnight, philadelphia homicide detective's are looking for a killer somebody shot a man twice he died at 41st and aspen in west philadelphia. there's no indication on his name or who shot him and what led up to the event. two drivers died overnight one a young mother, her car with two children inside was crashed in millville new jersey. police want to know if drag racing played a part in it. >> reporter: two cars were drag racing when a male driver lost control and skidded into a mother and two kids stopped at this stop sign. the mother died, both children
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were taken to area hospitals. >> i witnessed two cars coming by going very fast like drag racing. one guy swerved i guess to go around the other guy and he clipped the front of the one car which is not here and he lost control and plowed into the woods. >> reporter: resident john agenda was one of the first -- gandy, was one of the first people on the scene. he said it looked like it was going 90 miles per hour. >> he passed. >> reporter: the force of the accident so violent it lifted the silver car and the black car was pinned underneath it. >> i had to turn my head, air bags everybody so cluster you couldn't see. >> reporter: they are investigating if drag racing played a role and interviewing witnesses. >> this is the worst i've ever
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seen. >> little kids and the gentleman that passed on a day like today. >> reporter: i'm salads salz channel 6 "action -- wendy saltzman, channel 6 "action news." >> deadly storms an tornado passed through houston over the weekend. >> powerful winds lifted off the roofs of many units many buildings could wind up being condemned. several people were rescued from as an -- san mash can you say texas -- marcus texas. a woman in tulsa died in a traffic related crash. more rain is in the forecast for today. developing another scare at
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the u.s. capitol a bomb squad detonated a pressure cooker found in the vehicle nearby the capitol. the authorities have arrested the owner of the car they found the pressure cooker and detected an odor of gasoline. the bomb squad was called in and the device was blown up. the owner, a virginia man was operating after revocation, it's unclear why the devices were in the car. pressure cookers were used in the explosion in the boston marathon bombing 2013. president obama trarchtion trarchtion -- travels to arlington national cemetary, the president will deliver remarks at the cemetary after that, president william henry chrisman
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was the first interred in arlington. many people will fulfill the dream of becoming an american citizen. there will be a wreath laying on the big jay which was built in philadelphia and launch in 1942. atlantic city is focused on reinvention. john rawlins went to ac to sample the unofficial kickoff of summer business. >> reporter: something new in the night sky think time square meets boardwalk. the sound and light show part of the 50 million-dollar upgrade at the tropicana. anything that brings children out that children can enjoy. >> reporter: the boardwalk getting new focus as ac temperatures to reinvent itself from a strictly gambling resort
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that means attracting more families, the draw for this family? >> people are nice. >> reporter: the low peps family. northeast not gamblers they come for the restaurants. >> i would like to see some more pools,. >> beach party type of restaurants, things like that. >> do you think atlantic city can turn the corner it had a rough a couple of years. >> reporter: le family who ownsment steel pier thinks it can investing $14 million in new year round attractions including an observation wheel. >> it's changing. >> reporter: make no mistake atlantic city has seen huge job losses over the last year, year 1/2 but the sense is
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there's a plans to get to a better future. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> next up on 4:30, a famous locally syncing police officer is on a mission. >> it has taylor swift in mind on behalf of a special young lady. >> the national constitution has an offer for you it's a tough one to turn down. >> reporter: 87 degrees is the high today a full ten degrees above average. look for hot and humid conditions to build back into the region tomorrow, i'll have that story and immediate thunderstorm in the region that's coming up.
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>> welcome back, you're taking a live look down the shore into atlantic city on storm tracker 6 live not storm tracker 6 live 6 sky 6, hopefully there's nothing on storm tracker 6 live 6 don't trust me, let's talk to the expert. >> reporter: it's staying dry today and this afternoon. we said we'll have a spotty thunderstorm, don't cancel your plans, now we look at them and
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they will be north of the poconos today. as we look outside we have mostly clear skies, there will be a little bit of cloud cover early on in philadelphia and up to the north. there's sky 6 temple university camera. as we go through the morning most of the area will clear and overall we're looking at sunshine. the temperature stepping out the door is 65 degrees, the dewpoint down below 60, so feeling failure comfortable this morning. winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. they are coming up out of the south, that's where the humid air resides, it will get stickier as the day goes on. there's the clouds we talked about, they are trying to clear to the south, looks like most of us will see sunshine today. if you're out to memorial day ceremonies, look for mainly sunny skies overall. it may turn more humid later in the day. 67 degrees by 8:00. noon 81 degrees, 4:00 p.m., 85
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coming down from a high high of 87. we'll hit that at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, a nice day for memorial day ceremonies or anything else you're doing today. looks like we'll be up 87 in allentown, 88 in reading, 85 in wilmington, 86 in trenton. even down there shor it will be a nice, warm day with high temperatures in time 8 old degrees mark. in the poconos 80s chance of pup up shower or thunderstorm. down the shore, 62 in the ocean water. 80 on the beach in atlantic city. upper 70s the farther south you go, mostly sunny skies at the shore today. tomorrow, looks like the humidity rising up from the south will definitely be in play. we'll get a sun and clouds mix. most of the shower or thunderstorm activity will be up in the poconos you will feel the humidity on the rise and we might hit a hot high high of 90 tomorrow.
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the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 87 today sunny and warm. tomorrow, hot and humid 90. sun and clouds. hot and humid wednesday, 90 there. there's a chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon on wednesday. thursday, with a front coming in we're looking at an unsettled day 86 degrees is the high, it will be humid and warm, a shower or thunderstorm, it's a more likely as the front comes through. hopefully the front clears out 86 degrees, mix of clouds and sun, we're hoping for dry conditions there. the coming week, 89 degrees still on the warm side saturday, partly sunny skies sundays clouds and sun, 83 is the high there there could be a thunderstorm around in a couple of spots next sunday. thank you, david. >> and the dover police officer who lip sync'd it off shake it off will hopefully put that song
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to good use. we all remember this, don't we? that video has 34 million views on youtube. afterwards they heard from victoria marsh the delaware teen is undergoing chemo therapy and she can't go to swift's concert next month. so the department has created a new video and hopes swift will meet this special fan in person. if you combine the mega million and the powerball jackpots, the meg do a millions has ballooned to 213 million. you can see the drawing on tuesday night after 11:00 p.m. 154 million is on the line in the powerball. you can see that on "action news" at 1
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>> princeton university's john nash is gone, his story of adversity ending in tragedy next. firefighters had to rescue riders on rollercoasters those stories when "action news" comes right back.
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>> reporter: well, howdy i hope you had a nice weekend. 42 is light people will be heading back later today, this morning there's hardly anybody out and about. you can ahead -- head out to your neighborhood to honor and thank our veterans and remember those who perished in service to our country. kings highway and chestnut street proceeds to haddonfield memorial high school. main street and bud town road. to pemberton road. and a parade in glassboro starting at lehigh road and university boulevard down to university and high street and at the borough hall. quakertown, bucks county they
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will be marching at 9:00 a.m. at park avenue. on the mass transit front septa trolley routes 10, 11, 13, 34, 36 being diverted to 40th and market. that will end at 5:00 a.m. happening today protesters arrested in cleveland are scheduled to be arraigned. 71 people were taken in during classes that broke out over a not guilty verdict of a city police officer. the pro -- patrolman cried when he was acquitted. it is unarmed couple was killed after a high speed police chase. john nash, who inspired a beautiful mind is dead. the 86-year-old nash and his wife died in a one vehicle crash.
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they were not wearing seat belts. the cab crashed into a guardrail as it tried to crash another car in monroe township. >> it's sad to his a man who has struggled so much who finally found wonderful recognition and was in good health. >> nash was a mathematical genius. a protective tool about human behavior and went beyond math that has been used in business to foreign policy. he was sideline with schizophrenia and found his equal will i be abraham and found his home at princeton. he made up a game called nash
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>> and this is new video of a rollercoaster rescue in cincinnati ohio, 6 people got stuck when the car lost power. two of the young riders who were rescued said they were scared and nervous but being saved by firefighters was quote awesome. >> now for a first look at business, wall street is closed
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today for memorial day. markets were down by the closing bell on friday. the s&p 500 gained ground for the week. inflation is rising slightly perhaps setting the stage for the fed to ray raise the short term rate. the national retail federation said we spent almost 5 billion on gifts this year and most of us gave cash. at the box office, loran expected take, making $35 million. the george clooney be flick about a fantastical journey, is produced by our parent company disney. philadelphia city council will hear testimony tomorrow on the school budget from src and district officials. the school reform commission is scheduled to vote on the
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spending plan. it calls for $84.7 million in additional funding to prencht program cuts. mayor nutter and the roots will unveil the line up for the wawa america celebration. the lineup is tomorrow, we're told big name grammy winners have signed on for the free 4th of july event. you can see the concert and fireworks live on 6abc. >> developing overnight from bad to worse deadly floods swamp the central plains over the weekend and the rain keeps coming we'll have the latest. hundreds of spectators were watching after a skydiver plummeted to the ground after getting tangled up in power lines. we'll have that next on "action news."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want it ♪ ♪ go out and get it ♪ >> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, may 25, matt is off, i'm here with eva pilgrim.
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>> traffic tragedy a holiday weekend crash claimsment lives of a man and -- the lives of a man and woman and injured two people in new jersey. >> deadly storms ripped through parts of texas and oklahoma. >> people around the tri-state area will unite for a patriotic remembrance. >> reporter: let's go over to david and matt pellman who has traffic. >> reporter: we told you there might be a late-day thunderstorm, we told you not to cancel your plans the rain will wind up near new york state and the poconos. the cloud cover should thin out we're looking at sunshine. 59 in millville. 59 in allentown and notice how temperatures fairly comfortable it's feeling fairly good out there, not all that humid the winds are coming up from the south today. they will start to build as the day goes on. this afternoon it might feel more humid than yesterday and


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