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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  May 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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of may one of warmest days of the year so far and look at the wind coming in off the ocean just 68 degrees and on the boardwalk in sea isle city, free air conditioning off the shore. we are running 5 or more above the normal and this could possibly become the top warm of the mays in philadelphia history and running on the dry side, only a little more than a half inch of rain and running two and a half inches below normal. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan no threat of rain in the imminent future for the evening but as we look at low pressure west of chicago we have energy near cincinnati and chicago and that will pull in tomorrow they spike here tomorrow and a little on thursday and then it drops or friday and saturday before we bump back up with another chance of rain on sun we'll time the rain tomorrow and nydia we'll
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look at the step down in temperatures in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. the hot day combined with the concern dry conditions means we are at a risk for forest fire work have seen fires burn hundreds of acres in new jersey and one overnight. >> reporter: hi there this is serious conditions it's such that an amber from a fire or a tossed cigarette could spark a much bigger fire right now, crews are in jackson township setting small backfires and mopping up after a suspicious blaze lit up in the wildlife man manor, they warn that it poses an extreme fire danger. >> the heat is up and the winds have gone up and it all continues to spread the fire. >> forest fire service section
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says that dry hot wind is a recipe for forest fire. >> it spreads out and starts to burn down deeper with the turf and tough. and that dry grown cover is fuel for the fire. >> it's comprised of dry leaves and when the fire starts on the surface it continues underneath as well. the fire service is staffing all of its 25 tower searches around the state and bob moore scans the tree tops looking for smoke and fire, after 45 years of he can quickly notify the source of a blaze. >> i get a reading and two springs cross that is it we can get them within a mile. whether it's a small fire in jackson or the other fire this
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month that burned over 100 acres fire trucks are rolling buns it's spotted. >> everybody needs to be careful, it's very dry conditions. >> use extreme care in wooded areas because the danger is real. i'm nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police in north philadelphia are trying to fine the suspect who has been robbing people at gun point and the victims are temple university students the robbers have struck six times now and all the crimes happened between may 19th and they were captured on surveillance camera they are demanding cell phones and wallets and running away, so far nobody has been hurt. philadelphia police are searching for a sexual predator and think he is responsible for attacks on two women, including one where he waited for the victim inside of her own home.
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police are trying to track him down before he strikes again and chad pradelli is live now where we just an update. investigators are connecting the crimes and they happened in the same neighborhood and happened in the early morning hours inside of a home and the suspect demanded money and more importantly the victim describes the suspect of wearing red or orange gloves. we are pursuing this as though we have a single offender. a woman woke up to a man standing over her bed in her home on rosewood. he puts his hand over her mouth to quiet her and he demands money, after taking money he raped her and took her i.d. and warned her not to call police and fled in her car that was recovered a few blocks away, it pa peers that the suspect gained
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entry by an unlocked door and his footprints were found in the shower and they think he waited there for hours until he was certain that the victim was is a sleep. >> a mask and dark clothing and zip up jacket or sweatshirt. the rosewood victim could not make out the suspect but a victim in march gave this composite sketch. she doesn't speak english but says the suspect gained access and took money and tried to sexually assault her while her children were in the house and she and a son fought back and he fled. >> he grabbed me by the hair and throat and i thought he was going to kill me. >> police tell me that the roommate did not hear a thing and she was not harmed.
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police believe that the suspect lived in the point breeze or south philadelphia neighborhood. they want women in that area to be on alert. i'm live in hunting park, chad pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. from our delaware newsroom a delaware man is accused of raping a teenage relative bobby harrell is facing charges of rape and incest. police say that harrell was suppose to be watching the relative, he is still in jail because he could not pay $64,000 bond. a man killed in a rec center shooting, nickar reddick was shot twice last night investigators say he went there with the intense of shooting someone else but his gun jammed and he died earlier this morning at the hospital and detectives recovered a resolver and cash and a cell phone from the scene. amtrak says they will
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install video cameras inside of their cabs of their trains. this comes after the crash earlier this month that killed eight people and they are looking for clues as to what the engineer was doing before the crash, brandon bostian says he cannot remember they know that the train was going double the speed limit before the crash and they still don't know why. >> here at the big board now in philadelphia the birth place of america knows how to celebrate america. and it was reveal when would perform at the wawa welcome america, mayor nutter made the announcement and rocking the ben franklin parkway is r&b star miguel and sugarland's jennifer nettles and the roots will be the house band for the concert and wawa welcome america will feature the annual parade that steps off at fifth and chestnut the morning of july
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4th with participants of nine states and miss america will be here this year and a concert by the philly pops and movies and hoagie day and penn's landing concerts and the party on the parkway and a big block party on july 3rd on 5th and 6 and streets at market and chestnut. all of these events lead to the biggest and best outdoor concert in america, we own the 4th of july, this is your concert lineup, exciting with roots and miguel and jennifer nettles. and 6 abc is proud to be the media partner and you can catch it all right here as with you make plans for the july 4th holiday, visit and we posted the full schedule of events for the events leading to the show. one of my favorite days of year.
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>> my favorite week of the year. >> thanks. time now for the "action news" traffic report lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center and this tuesday is a tough monday matt. >> a lot of people heading back to work and we are in summer now i guess. and how exciting is that, we have the summertime volume and not a lot of people taking on work yet and it's still heavy for the ride home a broken down vehicle by south street and extra crowded at girard avenue and at the off ramp a fender bender and it's off to the side. speaking of westbound schuylkill they are closing it tonight just a short chunk from 30th to the vine street, and starting tonight that short chunk will be blocked. a couple of buck county crashes, one a motorcycle in richland township near independence place and one in ben salem to avoid at
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lynnbrook drive and the ramp is closed at 30 and and haddon after few. >> one of our friends using the waze app is talking about a crash if delaware on newcastle county in wilmington look for slowing associated with that. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. still ahead a new offensive against isis, what president obama is saying about america's role in the latest round of fighting. and a terrifying moment on the beach where a bounce house went flying inside. >> is it the delaware valley or ancient rome, they go back in time for a unique lesson. >> drone 6 is flying live above
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belmont plateau, sunny conditions, and adam joseph will be back with more. >> and a special web chat we are hosting and the topic is sports injuries a doctor from the rothman institute is taking your questions.
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iraqi troops are preparing for a major military offensive to try to retake parts of anbar province they lost earlier this month they were criticized for running without a fight and now they are trying to run isis out with shiite help. now they are asking if the u.s. is using its forces effectively. the cleveland police department is looking at sweeping changes after the department found a pattern of
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abuse by its officers after a patrolman killed two unarmed black suspects last year. the acquittal charges sparked protests across cleveland. a 18 month review found a pattern of excessive force today's settlement calls for training and bias free training and use of force guidelines. >> some memorial day fun in the sun in ft. lauderdale when a bounce house went airborne a waterspout from the ocean came ashore tossing that over sending the children flying, it soared 20 feet in the air and flipped four times before the kids were ejected. >> the bounce house it did, the bounce head flew up and i fell
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in the dirt. >> she is one of to children inside who broke their arms but all of those three kids are doing okay. waterspouts are common off the florida coast and bounce house accidents are on the rise with roughly 11000 injuries every year a child goes to an emergency room every 45 minutes because of a bounce house injury. the industry says if the structures are installed correctly they are safe but there are increased calls for greater potentials especially after incidents like this one. scary moments for the parents. >> it makes you think twice. >> two of b.b. king's family members says that he was poisoned by his closest aids. doctors determined that the 24 medical attention he received was appropriate and king's lawyer says the alligation is
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ridiculous. and kings daughters say that family members were not allowed to visit him. the company that owns the pipeline that leaks oil along the california coast was hoping to remove the broken section today. the company planes all american is revising the amount of oil that spilled in the ocean about 101,000 gallons leaked a little less than ridgely thought. they are still cleaning up from the spill that they say killed see lions and fish and birds there. it was a rough day back for investors that worried about a rate hike from the fed the dow is down 190 points to close at 18,432 and it's nasdaq off 37 points. malaysia airlines about to layoff a third of its workers as part of a drastic restructuring
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plan, the company was expected to lay off 6,000 of its 20000 employees but the real number could be closer to 8,000 the company is fighting to survive after a pair of tragedies last year you'll recall the disexperience of flight 370 and the shooting down of a plane in ukraine. and charter communications is buying up time warner for $55 billion, comcast was trying to buy time warner but regulator did not approve the deal and they withdraw it it will create the second largest cable company in america. some montgomery county students transformed their school yard in ancient rome today and gladiators and resident philosophers took over montessori children 2 through 8 had a chance to play different roles during the fair and the
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school's hands on learn ago approach. >> they had a blast with those swords. it's time now for the accuweather forecast on a stunning and hot day it. lets go to adam joseph. >> reporter: if you don't like it hot head to the shore numbers only in the 60s right now, at the immediate shore from cape may right through the southern part of long beach island because of the winds coming off the 50 plus degree ocean temperature. really influencing the air, the wins out of the south once you get far enough inland it kind of warms so to speak and 87 in philadelphia and the furnish to the north and west, in berks county we are on the verge of 90 degrees. yesterday the humidity was not all that bad with dew points below 60 degrees but this afternoon the dew points came up to 60 to 65 degrees so it does feel slightly humid out there and those dew points will jump up again between 65 and 70
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tomorrow, tomorrow will feel more soupy than today. as we look at satellite 6 along with action radar, we are missing out on showers in the middle part of the state as they are going through binghamton and mainly clear skies to the south and east, overnight partly cloudy and warm and humid and 67 allentown and 70 in philadelphia, and millville he degrees and again at the shore a little bit better with overnight lows of 61. we are watching finally a system to the west that has some energy with it near cincinnati and down towards nashville this is energy that will push to the north and east and give us an opportunity of some widespread downpours and a few thunderstorms tomorrow the good thing here, we get a threat of rain and any severe potential is low to our north and west and right at the brink of the lehigh valley with the possibility of severe storms as they pass through we'll time them on
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future tracker and sun and clouds and a hazy warm start to the day and we start to see pop-ups to the west, and the evening hours from 6:00, 6:30 that is when the line passes through and that is downpours with a few rumbles of thunder and it it could be a win-win situation here without rain or the severe. >> humid and afternoon downpours and thoms at 89 degrees and a few left over scattered storms especially east in new jersey here thursday at 86 degrees drying to the north and west and as we get into the end of the week we get a break from the humidity on friday, warm at 85 and then the muggy weather returns on saturday as the temperatures go well above average at 88 degrees and a few more changes for the second half of the weekend on sunday. we'll talk about that in the next half hour. we are in it. >> summer really is here. thank you. the university of delaware
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is getting rid of the old to make room for the new. rodney and dickerson halls are shutting down for the week, the freshman dorms are around for 50 years, officials say they need to many repairs and they need more in the academy complex with an attached dining hall with gluten and vegan choices. still ahead someone's entire lawn ended up sprawled across the local highway and dangerous weather down south the latest on the severe storms that brought major flooding to parts of texas. >> and we'll tell you why the pope has he has not watched tv in more than two decades. and how he gets his news and go to facebook and like the 6 abc "action news" facebook page, that gives you access to all the top stories, weather updates and breaking news and you can communicate with members of
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a tractor trailer flipped over in salem county leaving a highway ramp covered in sod chopper 6 hd was over the ramp at the new jersey turnpike in carnies point leaving sod all over the roadway, they loaded the sod on to another flat bed and cleaned up diesel fuel that spilled on the road but nobody was seriously hurt here. police are asking for your help to find someone that stole batteries from a used car lot, at max's auto, back on may 17th a few suspects checked cars to see if they were locked and then
4:27 pm
got under the hoods and stole several batteries. police want information from anyone that has some. coming up the death toll is rising after flash floods in texas and dozens of people are still missing rg we'll have the latest next. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number... don't miss the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology.
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sleepiq tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq. ends sunday! know better sleep with sleep number. "action news" continues.
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hello again i'm brian taff along with nydia han today it's 4:30 and "action news" continues with a guilty plea from the man accused of killing his wife in pennypack park. >> and gun fire rings out in north dakota, two people are dead. >> and soon parents will be able to buy baby formula without medical altered ingredients and first deadly floods in texas. two people were unaccounted for and among the missing were to people whose vacation home was swept down a rushing river. >> reporter: houston, the nation's fourth largest city is under water in many areas. torrential rains triggered flash flooding on the city streets. >> i declared an emergency situation here in houston. >> forecasters say that almost a
4:30 pm
foot of rain pouring down in just a matter of hours. >> probably like six foot deep on the beltway on i-10. the deluge sent cars down the water. people waited in deep water to be rescued. >> we have normally 24 calls and this morning we responded to 968, last night flooding claimed at least three more lives and houston schools are closed today and city leaders are urging people to stay indoors. >> if you can stay home please stay home. heavy rain in other parts of texas last weekend brought more flooding to the already saturated state the governor declaring 37 counties disaster areas, so far the storms left at least nine dead and many more missing near san antonio, among those rescuers are searching for laura mccomb and her two
4:31 pm
children. >> she said help i'm floating down the river. >> and fema is on the ground cordordinateing with first responders. >> meanwhile here at home today we are dealing with warm, humid temperatures and it looks like the human part will stick around. adam joseph is here with more. i kind of like it. >> you do? it's too early we have a long summer ahead. lets look at the rainfall totals in the deep south they say shut off the water and we are saying turn it on here up to 450% of average oklahoma city where you see the white matches, 20 plus inches if the last 30 days including dallas and even now houston and the pink area 10 inches above normal it's just unbelievable in the deep south and another storm is cutting
4:32 pm
from the deep south to minneapolis over the great lakes but there is extra energy with this and that sinks down towards cincinnati and nashville and that should hold together as it passes through here tomorrow afternoon finally manufacture us will see a break in the form of much needed rain tomorrow afternoon. until then the heat and humidity is on 87 from philadelphia and upper 80s to savannah georgia the bermuda high is moving the winds east northwest, and we'll talk about how the heat and humidity is sticking around and the timing of the storms tomorrow. >> thank you adam. >> there is more humid air moving in along with a chance of stormy weather and check in early and often with storm tracker radar. allentown's police chief is under trial for pulling a gun in an apparent case of road rain,
4:33 pm
christopher fitzgerald is said to have pulled the gun and fitzgerald fitzgerald's attorney says he was worried that people were following him. the man accused of killing his wife in pennypack park last summer has pledded guilty to third degree murder charges, christopher murray admitted to killing his wife, connie he broke down as he apologized to his wife's family and his now teenage daughters. the two got into a confrontation over texts that murray got from a female friend, he strangled his wife and left her in the wood he reported her missing and later failed a lie detector test. >> he made it seem like it was a sexual assault, murder in fact it was he who rearrangered
4:34 pm
body. early this morning on the 2100 block of tyson avenue in northeast philadelphia, officers arrived just as the men were heading out the front door and the three turned around and took off in the back and so far no aarrests were made and the victim was not seriously hurt. this is new video that could help catch a bicycle riding robber in port richmond the thief wiped out as he swiped a woman's cell phone last week on the 1900 block of allegheny avenue and she was able to catch up and pushed her away and ran south on jasper street. he was wearing a dark green cap and mountain bike with the letters wr on the front. investigators are looking into a dog attack that happened at w 30 this morning on the 500
4:35 pm
block. several dogs were said to have attacked the woman and she suffered bites to her hands and legs and no word on her condition. >> a new jersey man is dead after he contracted a virus in the u.s. "action news" anchor melissa magee is live with more. >> it's lasso fever and there is no threat to the general population so they want to know who he came in contact with before he died. tonight on health check ali gorman takes you through the timeline plus robbers in north philadelphia made off with big bucks after a smash and grab outside of a fwroesry store. we'll have those stories on "action news" at 5:00 tonight we'll see you then. two people are dead after a shooting at a wal-mart super accepter in north dakota it happened in grand forks and the
4:36 pm
shooter was the only person with a gun and he is among the dead. they said there was an air man involved we don't foe if he was the shooter or one of the victims. one other person was taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and that person is expected to survive. friends and family gathered today to say good-bye to a fallen nebraska police officer and new mother hundreds of people attended carrie orozco's funeral. orozco was just 29 years old and she leaves behind a husband, two step children and a baby girl. orozco was set to go on maternity leave her daughter was premature and she delayed her leave until she was ready to go home. a journalist is now on trial in iraq, for espionage and propaganda against the iranian
4:37 pm
republic. he and his wife were detained in iran they released everyone except -- they repeatedly called for his release here. is that some girls in utah are making history on the football field and is your cell phone bill costing you more than it should. probably. we have tips to help save big in what's the deal today. and the picture making hearts melt a marine and his bride to be share a really sweet moment before the ceremony. and meteorologist, adam joseph is back with the accuweather forecast. when "action news" continues on this warm and humid tuesday afternoon.
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speak out again crime and social injustice, members of several different faith communities demonstrating their unit against the problems that
4:40 pm
plague the city and the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to improving the social conditions for black and impoverished conditions and achieving peace in peaceful way. >> we need to take over our community and build our economy back up. >> members of the naacp also spoke at today's demonstration. at health check at 4:00, it may not be just the fat sugar be calories that make food so bad, it's the lack of diversity of the ingredients, 80% of processed food is made of just four ingredients, corn, wheat soy and wheat. that created bacteria that attributes to diabetes and cancers. they say eat a varied diet with fresh fruit and vegetables. >> people in taco bell say they are getting rid of artificial
4:41 pm
colors and flavors, that includes black pepper flavor, they will use real black pep toward flavor its beef and remove dyes with high fructose corn syrup. taco bell says they will take them out by the end of year. the top baby formula in the country is set to become the first formula made without genetically altered ingredients, they will offer a none gmo version of the. here at the big board with the big talkers, a beautiful moment between a bride and groom is going viral. this is u.s. marine caleb holding the hand of his soon to be wife, maggie. they are saying prayers before their marriage they are on opposite sides of a doorway in ashford north carolina so as
4:42 pm
not to break the tradition of the groom seeing the bride before they get to the alter they wanted to capture the moving moment that people are sharing around the globe. >> this is vick clayman he has been a regular, more than a regular on the jack rabbit at kennywood near pittsburgh. and there he goes. today at 82 years old he reached a record number of rides 5,000 on the fifth oldest coaster in the world he celebrated the jack rabbits 95th birthday get this with 95 consecutive rides to get to the even 5,000 and counting. he is like norm from cheers.
4:43 pm
and pope francis is not glued to the bachelorette or "dancing with the stars." why? he is not a tv guy he has not watched it in 25 years that is one of the fun facts he shared with an interview with an arrange teenan newspaper, he vowed to give up television on july 15th 1990 and he never uses the internet so how does he get his news, he asks the swisz guard to find out if his home town soccer team won or lost. >> we think maybe in september we can get him to watch "action news" at 4:00 for a few minutes? maybe? >> it would be the smart thing to do. >> lets get another check of the roads. matt pellman is standing by with an update. >> he is a disciplined guy to say the least. >> we have a situation, a few
4:44 pm
hours into the warm weather season and we have our first road buckle of the season and guess where it is? 422 of course. very prone to warm road buckles, it happened east of the oaks inchange and you see the road has buckled and the graph gravel coming up from the pavement and traffic is getting by on the right shoulder the big bump in the roadway, 422 eastbound past the oaks interchange but it's westbound where we have most of our volume in the afternoon and that is stacked solid from 202 to route 29 and limerick a crash and a wreck in royersford at main street by anna marie's place and north coventry, a crash at park drive. and a crash in willow grove by the grub burger bar at 611 and
4:45 pm
york road and a new 11 mile paving project starts along 611 in montgomery county. it works out to cheltenham avenue and then northbound the next few months. and heavy along 95 and the schuylkill, ed sheeran at theman music center and the burlington bristol bridge getting ready for a southbound ship. head for the connecter bridge instead. we'll check it again in the next half hour. we want to go to the concert matt. stepping outside right now, sky 6 hd is looking live at center city, hot out there meteorologist, adam joseph has the exclusive accuweather forecast. we are hosting a special web chat about spring sports injuries, we all suffer from them. a doctor is from the rothman
4:46 pm
institute is taking your questions and is the official team orthopedic for the eagles join in the conversation at
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all right meteorologist, adam joseph, is joining us now and the heat is on and you said it would be here and tomorrow we get a chance of rain and the humidity and heat and rain doesn't bust here and have you to wait until the end of the weekend and next week we get a break with cooler temperatures, lets go live now to the belmont plateau with drone 6 ahead you get a look at the belmont mansion, you see a lot of green but the grass desperately needing rain and the trees swaying back and forth we have the strong wind from the south
4:49 pm
south east bringing back the heat and humidity. stormtracker 6 live double scan not showing any precipitation, you have to go north of pottsville and the poconos to see any sort of showers but this time tomorrow should be more colorful on double scan live radar, as we look at temperatures summer like to the north and west we call it very warm in the upper 80s, 89 in reading and philadelphia and millville 83 degrees and you hit the shore and with the winds coming off the ocean at 58 degrees it's only in the upper 60s, a little chilly if are you sitting on the sand with the wind off the atlantic. partly cloudy skies and warm and humid and lows not ranging all what much, between 67 and 69 degrees with the light southerly wind and satellite and radar all the showers to the north remain to the north overnight tonight and we have to wait until the system off to the west can break
4:50 pm
away and push in our direction and this low that is moving north and east of omaha and minneapolis and cutting north of chicago, that is the main weather track over the last month or two that supplied all the torrential rain in the deep south and a piece of energy will hold together and that will aim in our direction and give us the shot of again the much needed rain tomorrow. we start off dry with the cloud cover breaking with sunshine in the morning and by 4:00 we start to cook up the downpours and a few embedded thunderstorms and the main system pulls through wilmington and trenton between 5:00 and 7:00 and sinking into southern new jersey at 7:30, as we look at the risk assessment tomorrow of what to expect with the downpours or thunderstorms, a moderate risk of lightning and a high risk of downpours and the atmosphere is so humid it will supply heavy rain and if you are looking for wind and a tornado,
4:51 pm
thankfully a win win without getting severe weather, and thursday the future track will stall and another opportunity will happen tuesday afternoon for pop-ups and downpours and a few thunderstorms, the exclusive accuweather forecast 89 tomorrow and humid with some of the aafternoon pop-ups and on thursday, the same thing scattered thunderstorms around at 86 degrees and a break from the humidity on friday and still warm at 85 and we'll have the combo again of heat and humidity and dry and 88 degrees it looks like sunday will be rather wet in the afternoon of 81 degrees and cooler with rain lingering on monday, at 73 and 75 a week from now, we'll get rain the second half of the weekend saturday is fine. >> we had a nice old day weekend. >> a perfect one. move over boys the first tackle football league just for girls is here, a utah dad
4:52 pm
created the league it's made up of four teams of fifth and sixth graders. >> it's super great that we are doing an all girl tackle football lead. >> i thought it wasn't fair when only the guys could may football. >> tough and articulate the league's president says most people are on board with the idea because they don't want to put their daughters on an all boy's team.
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iphone 6 check impact smoke item. that fancy language for an iphone case and keep up with the latest promotion even if are you the latest customer. >> it's available to you, but they never come out and say 40,000 subscribers this is better for you. >> they found a new offer for them. >> $724 savings. >> they got that back this their pocket and they were able to get phones for their two kids you know that this had to be popular at their house. finally at 4:00 a shark encounter caught on camera in california you got to see this, paddle border danny lee was out at huntington beach he saw the shark swimming nearby him and some swam right under his board like this one, he calls it exciting and yet frightening at
4:57 pm
the same time. >> i would opt towards the frightening. >> i don't know if frightening was the word i would use. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for nydia han and adam joseph i'm brian taff, we hope you join us at 10:00 for a full hour of "action news" on phl 17. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, a rash of armed robberies in north philadelphia the men that police are looking for after several people were held up at temple university. >> and new developments in the attempts to open the former revel casino why the owner says it looks like the casino will stay closed through the summer. >> and a star studded lineup for wawa welcome america celebration the stars will that rock the ben franklin parkway this summer.
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yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪ "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. ? the search is on for suspects after a spree of arms robberies just blocks from temple university. many of the victims are
5:00 pm
students the big story on "action news" is the series of holdups at gun point in north philadelphia now police want your help tracking down the men responsible and sara bloomquist is live at one of the scenes of the arm robberies with the details. >> reporter: these two suspects are definitely targeting temple students some of them sitting on their front steps some of them late at night like the victims of this block are doing the cameras are installed everywhere and these young men look like college students themselves were caught again and again on video these are the men police want to identify on the prowl on the streets of philadelphia, one ran up and robbed a group of young people they struck six times between may 14th west of temple campus the victims were students that had cell phones


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