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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  May 28, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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>> developing now on "action news," a fast-moving fire in philadelphia send one person to the hospital. >> hundreds head for higher ground as the threat for severe weather continues in texas. >> a mother threatens to sue a pennsylvania school district because it is telling girls to watch their sausage rolls when they dress for graduation. >> good morning 6:30, may 28, david murphy is off, karen rogers has weather and matt pellman has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, sticky out here this morning once again. i want to show you satellite arena radar. we have lots of cloud cover. we'll see sunshine breaking through. we have a shower near reading it's trying to fall apart right now. the rest of us are dry.
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68 in quakertown. it's warm. # 0 in pottstown -- 70 in pottstown. a soupy 67 in browns mills. 68 in hammonton. dewpoints in the upper 60s very humid throughout the day today. that changes later on tonight. as you're heading to the school commute. it's sticky. 8:00 a.m., 76 degrees, lots of clouds and peeks of sunshine. noon # -- 84. 3:00 p.m., 87. 6:00 p.m., 86 degrees, we'll see a thunderstorm today we need the rain, just a little bit more coming our way today. we'll talk about the weekend call because we have wet weather on the way. details in just a minute. >> reporter: it's not the soup we like. i like a nice corn chowder. this, not so much. looking good on 42 belmawr
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camden county. no major delays at this point. if you're heading southbound toward the black horse pike portion of 42 our "action news" photographer terry gilmore driving through the area said you can get by the early accident scene now things are reopened along 42 the black horse pike. we have a crash hamilton township, an accident at 7a. blocking the inner drive and delays are nonexist ant. we have normal morning stuff on i-95 betsy ross bridge. trouble with the traffic lights in grays ferry. they are not dark like they were on tuesday, they are flashing this morning, but it could give you an issue. no major delays on the schuylkill expressway. in franconia, watch out for a crash at quincy drive at church
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road. no issues, on the northeast extension. >> a house fire in philadelphia sent a person to the hospital. the action cam was on the scene west nedro avenue. crews norkd -- knocked down the flames. someone was overcome by smoke. it is unclear why the house caught fire. police released a surveillance video of a man they are looking for in the rape of a south philadelphia home. the man broke into the residence at 5:30 a.m. monday, he stood over her bed and put his hand over her mouth and raped her. the same man may have attempted a sex assault back in march. in that case, the woman fought back a and the man fled. more cdc wants four lab
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workers to get preventive treatment for anthrax. if it is inhaled live anthrax is 85% fatal. >> this is a big deal. and not because anyone has gotten sick, but the potential was there you're allowed to ship anthrax through commercial means like this, but when you do the precautions are very different. if one package burst open in transit could have been deadly. >> there are no suspected or confirmed cases and the cdc does not believe there was any risk to the general public. >> scoorlts -- scooters and motorcycles are the hot new target for thieves in south philadelphia. bandits have again away with 21 vehicles since last month. in most cases the stolen bikes
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had been locked, but not securely. best advice buy a heavy duty lock and learn how to use it. >> people in north philadelphia are waking up torched -- to find their street blocked off at nicholas street. crews are making repairs. while the clean up begins for some storm victims in texas others are being ordered to vac it with a. five hundred are heading to higher ground due to the rising rivers. in canadian, texas a tornado touched down. it is responsible for three serious injuries. dams near dallas are in danger of breaking. the death toll has topped 20 people. the national guard has joined search teams that continue to be out there looking for the missing. a local member of the american red cross is on the way to the texas flood zone.
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the action cam caught up with the communications director who is going to take part in the relief movement in houston. >> roads are impacted. more than 200 people spent their memorial day in shelters. we're lending support anyway that we can. >> he is joining 7 other people from the philadelphia chapter of the red cross who are helping victims in texas and oklahoma. >> i talked to my parents, they said everybody is wear -- wary. they don't know what to do. >> reporter: the last thing they had need is more rain, for us we're talking about scattered storms around, a different story here. storm tracker 6 live doubling scan around the region we're
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dry. we had a shower up they're reading, dissipating at this point and not a big deal. most of the showers will be spotty and happy later in the day today. let's go outside i want to start this thursday, because we only have one more day left after this. sky6 live hd looking live over the ben franklin bridge. visibility is down in spots north ran west, but low clouds around this morning. 71 degrees, the current temperature, it's warm and humid, 67 bringing in our always on day planner to help you through the day. winds out of the south the breeze 5 miles per hour. the barometer is holding steady. as we look ahead 8:00 a.m. 76. 11:00 a.m. 81 degrees, 2:00 p.m., 86 with a couple of spots starting to see a shower. 5:00 p.m. shower or thunderstorm in one or two spots. 86. the temperatures ten degrees above average. satellite and radar showing we
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have cloud cover there's a sprinkle that was working through the area. we'll be stuck with clouds and peeks of sunshine here and there. future tracker 6 showing at 3:30 maybe a couple of showers popping up in the region. the best chance is south and east of i-95. 10:00 p.m. that's when they are more enhanced and you could get a thunderstorm moving through or a better downpour. i know we need the rain, we'll not get a whole lot of it, just spotty storms coming through. they will usher in a nice change. today, warm and humid scattered thunderstorm around, when the front comes through, high pressure settles in tomorrow. it's not a dramatic difference, but a bit less humid partly sunny, so a little bit nicer for your friday. let's look at at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. the it's warm today, a few storms around later on today and tonight.
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# # degrees for the high -- 88 degrees for the high. tomorrow, 85. saturday, warm and breezy, 88 degrees. sunday is the wetter of the two days saturday, warmer, sunday, wetter. showers and thunderstorms around maybe a sustained period of rain and that holds the temperature down to 78. look at the dramatic change on monday, behind the front we have a canadian high pressure you're feeling the difference, 65 is the high, much cooler. tuesday, partly sunny staying below average 70. wednesday starting to turn warmer 76 degrees, it's warm, it's sticky out there, kind of stays that way through half the weekend and then a big drop. >> it's 6:39 we're following a developing story an extreme heat wave in india has killed more than 1,000 people. a little relief just short-lived, but it's in sight. >> a parent threatens to sue a
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pennsylvania school saying it went too far on telling girls what to wear to graduation. >> reporter: we had a crash that just cleared in a couple of minutes. doesn't look like it's there to me we'll check other issues and delays after the break. a local family gets a swift response they were hoping for when a pop star reaches occupant to them in a time of need. that's next on "action news."
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it's broad-spectrum protection kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. >> 6:42, watching the airport here, at times the low cloud
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cover is causing problems with flights. 71 degrees, 88 is the high today. look out for the chance of more storms. >> let's head over to matt pellman and see what it looks like if you're heading out for your commute. >> reporter: we're not dealing with a lot of the sun glare. that's the glass half full approach. delays i-95 southbound from academy to cottman the betsy ross bridge through this point at girard avenue and are you ready for a new traffic pattern? i hope you are. it's coming this weekend to the northbound lanes. this traffic moving here right now is going to be shifted to the center of the roadway. they will work that change over the weekend. sum monday morning things will look different in fishtown along i-95. the crash on the northbound side approach the girard point bridge did clear out. it's getting back to normal at this point. not normal with the traffic lights along 34th street at
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grays ferry avenue. they are flashing, you could see delays there. delays have formed on the schuylkill expressway, 11 miles per hour westbound close to belmont. we have a crash in franconia quincy drive no issues on the northeast extension to contend with at this point this morning. don't forget they are doing the paving along the 11-mile stretch of 611. byberry roads closes from 5 to 3:00 p.m. county line or thom lynn son gets you around that. unbearable heat wave in india has led to 1400 deaths. the high temperature yesterday reached above 116 degrees. people in the sub continent say it feels like they are walking
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around in a if you. light rain is expected later this week. but unfortunately another hot spell is expected to follow. a parent is threatening to sue a pennsylvania central school district for sexual harassment over a letter about graduation. the letter addressed the dress code for the event. it offend the high school senior and her mother. >> choose modest attire. keep the girls covered and supported, and says they don't want to be looking at our and you say sausage roll and as you get dressed you can't put ten pounds of mud in a five pound back. >> the boy's section doesn't contain any slang terms. the mother is threatening legal action. the school said the issue is being addressed. >> this is dash cam of a deputy rescue in wisconsin. the officer ran up to a fiery
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wreck and pulled the man out of the flames. the man was dead weight and dragged from the burn car. he -- burning car he was taken to the hospital and checked out and arrested for driving under the influence. we have a fantastic update from a social media campaign, a bouquet of flowers was sent by taylor swift along with a personalized note. their daughter abbey was killed in a crash in emmaus last week. it was asked that she remember abbey because she was such a big fan. >> mvd most valuable daughter a hoops star daughter steals the show once again. >> reporter: i love that little
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girl. approximate you're dressing the kids put them in shorts and ts it's warm and sticky out there. details coming right up.
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>> time for a preview of "g.m.a." >> let's get a preview from amy robach at the "g.m.a." studios in nyc. amy. >> reporter: hey, matt and tam great to see you this thursday morning. the pentagon admits it accidently ships live anthrax to
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several states. they are investigating the labs to see how the material was handled and if anyone was exposed. a pilot was arrested after crashing his small plane while under the influence with his son aboard. we have george's exclusive interview with rick williams -- with rick santorum. >> enwe have deals and steals, with up to 76% off. >> those deals get me in trouble, karen. >> reporter: hi known we would have checked the schuylkill expressway, just normal delays on 76. we'll check the 30 bypass in chester county. not as bad as normal here. eastbound sluggish between 322
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and 113. not too bad. we have a crash in mercer county new jersey turnpike northbound blocking one lane, speeds in the 60s. in pleasantville don't forget delilah road closes at 8:00 a.m. leeds avenue or reading avenue better bets. >> reporter: 70 in philadelphia. 70 in millville. we have a warm and humid day high well above average 88 degrees, we're watching for a few storms around, spotty in nature later today and tonight. tomorrow less humid behind the front that comes through more comfortable and # -- 85 degrees is the high. saturday, 88. sunday, a wet day sustained periods of rain and that will hold the temperatures in the upper 70s. 65 monday, much cooler. matt and tam.
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>> nfl lineman ray mcdonald has been arrested for the second time this week. the former san francisco defensive end violated a restraining order after his arrest on monday on charges of domestic violence and child endangerment. the chicago bears released him 6 hours after the first arrest. curry helped the warriors clinch the finals. and once again his daughter riley stole the show. he likes to bring the 2-year-old to the podium. riley got a little tired and decided to lay her head down and blessings by big sean. he told her to sit down, but instead, riley began playing a little hide and seek with the curtain. see her there with dad?
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>> an argument between three men in philadelphia's mayfair section ended with one shot in the arm. the 20-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital in stable condition. boston suspects ran off. firefighters battled a blaze in the logan section early
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this morning. one person was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. police are investigating a rash of scooter and motorcycle thefts in south philadelphia and center city. thieves have gotten away with 21 vehicles in the last month. it's slow on 422 approaching oaks to 23. we have a new crash 38 eastbound at the new jersey turnpike. we have a race weekend down in dover watch out for extra traffic along highway 1 and route 13. karen. >> reporter: mostly cloudy skies, but dry through the area. satellite and radar showing breaks of sunshine. lots of clouds and spotty storms around. 9:00 a.m., 77 degrees, noon, 84. peeks of sunshine. warming up today 87. the high today. 86 at 6:00 p.m. a few storms south and east of
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the city. when we're not on the air head for and facebook feed and twitter for updates. for david murphy, tamala edwards, karen rogers, matt pellman i'm matt o'donnell. good morning is next. we'll see you in a little bit.
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good morning, america. new this morning. anthrax scare. the pentagon accidentally ships the deadly biological agent to labs in nine states and overseas. nearly two dozen servicemembers possibly exposed. the investigation right now. happening now. raging water. >> oh, no! >> take a look at this. breathtaking video, showing the wall of water and that river disaster. taking with it all those homes. flash flood warnings spread as new storms targets the south. and the water still rising. evacuations underway right now. grounded. a drunk pilot crashes his small plane at a florida airport. >> turn your engines off, sir. kill your engines. >> his young son on board. how was he allowed to


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