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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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storms. this is the way it looks at the shore line in atlantic city, cells loaded with rain and electricity, the skies are ominous. >> lets get the latest from cecily tynan. >> these are isolated most of our area is rain free, but eastern ocean county is getting hit very hard and a flash flood warning remain effect from toms river to forked river and seaside heights and normandy beach, this is where 3 inches have fallen since 3:00 this afternoon, we have reports of numerous water rescues this is what you shouldn't do when they are flooded. route 37 is under water right now and a lot of cars have been stranded there with water up to their windows and the good news is though that the flooding will
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be subsiding because the storm is pushing to the south double scan live shows up to 4 inches of rain in toms river and seaside heights when you get near the garden state parkway only an inch of rain has fallen but that storm again as we switch to radar mode, it's pushing down to the south and east and it is diminishing across the garden state parkway. in dover i'm tracking one storm and this is diminishing and earlier this is what it's doing jennifer senthis, that is not snow, that is hail. reports of hail and we'll talk about the changes this system will bring in the full accuweather forecast. >> cecily thank you, you can stay ahead of changes in the weather by checking you can find live storm tracker weather and the seven-day forecast. there are indications that the
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philadelphia police are getting closer to apprehending the suspect in the south rosewood street rape. chad pradelli is live what is the very latest here? >> reporter: jim, police and u.s. marshals are conducting a search warn in the point breeze neighborhood where these assaults occurred. we aired new video of the suspect and they received several tips and leads and they are following up on their leads and believe an arrest is imminent imminent. police served a search warrant on chad wick wick . >> i don't think my brother would do something like this, he just got out of jail, 12 years.
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this is a picture of a man that assaulted a woman monday morning he is brazen and calculated. they created a timeline and believe he first burglarized the victim's home and stole her car and parked it ai few blocks away and came back and sexual assaulted the victim when she slept. >> it goes to the boldness he felt he could enter the property not once but twice and get away with that. >> we are looking at possible forced entry or an open window or door. >> they believe he is responsible for a crime on chad wick street in march.
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a person of interest is not released and his mother is telling our colleagues to held her son turn yourself in. a freshman at newark high school is in police custody tonight after a school resource officer discovered a semi automatic handgun in his backpack this afternoon. the officer was talking to the 15-year-old about an unrelated incident when he noticed the loaded weapon he was arrested and taken to newark police. chris christie is backing away from his support of common
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core school starns and the governor says the system just isn't working, he made announcement today and five years ago new jersey game one of the first states to adopt common core national starns that outline what children should be learning every year, but he announced that new jersey will look to adopt its own standards. >> i want new jersey parents and teachers to be the driving force behind the establishment of standards in our state. >> christie joins several other potential republican presidential candidates to reject common core and the majority of conservatives are opposed to the standards. the upcoming visit to philadelphia by pope francis has countless ramifications in the city and beyond. security say major concern and that includes keeping kids safe in and out of school. david henry attended the safe
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school summit in aston county. >> school administrators and staff are here to learn about security for their students and staff members for the pope's visit in september. >> the large crowds and what to anticipate as far as transportation or if something should happen. >> it's estimated that upwards of 2 million people will pack the parkway to celebrate mass with the pope. it's in philadelphia but the ripple effect is felt in surrounding counties. >> we are ready to assist philadelphia there say five county regional effort going on now. >> school administrators here today were briefed on how to keep chirp safe in large crowds and how authorities are preparing for a possible terror attack. >> i am still a little cautious
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but if you give in to fear then the terrorists win. >> it's not just the terror threat there is extreme weather and medical emergencies to worry about as well. most of the throng headed to the parkway will use public transit but they are expecting massive traffic jams and working on logistics to make sure emergency crews can get around quickly. >> this will probably be the big of the event we are facing from a five county regional aspect in our lifetime. >> the hope is that none of this will be necessary the clock is ticking and they have to make sure they have all the bases covered in september. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> the work is underway to commemorate the work of pope francis in philadelphia the mural arts program unveiled plans for a new you mural.
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the sacred now, features the pontiff it will be installed on the mission school in north philadelphia. coming up philadelphia city council is taking action to increase security at parking garages in the city. jeff skversky is live at the nova care center. >> jim chip kelly responds to the allegations made by lesean mccoy when he said he got rid of black players faster than white players. coming up in sports. for the third day in a row 89 degrees, a human cool down, next week and weekend rain. all the details in the accuweather forecast. those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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last week on "action news" at 11:00 you saw erin o'hearn that was beaten and assaulted in a parking garage it happened in broad daylight. since then they came forward and demanded better security in parking garages, erin is live at the big board tonight. the fact that they have the attention of city council members is a step in the right direction but just a step. >> there is determination to see real change implemented. the city council president says to create automated pay kiosks
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made for less security and that is a public safety concern there should be additional surveillance or individuals on the scene we hope that something like this never happens again. >> conditions the victim believes allowed the attacker to violently assault her for 20 minutes. and she managed to escape and jump in front of a car passing by. >> nobody came out to help me and if those people didn't drive up when they did, i would not be here talking to you. >> jane is suing the company that build the garage and the company that manages it claiming there was no staff in the morning of the attack. >> they refuted that saying the staffing complies with city
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ordinance ordinances. >> clark says that many privately owned garages is putting savings ahead of security as it implemented self pay technology. >> there is a way to do things less expensively and that is eliminating employees. >> the safety guidelines document shows that cameras monitored and connected to a community center they are pushing for legislation requiring privately owned garages to install similar system, jones says we have the technology to link it to the philadelphia police department. >> we can multiply the safety factor for everybody. >> in addition jones is looking to expand the safe camp program in philadelphia that reimbursed
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certain businesses for safety cameras garages operated by the city have much stricter security guidelines the city will see better security and technology in private places and he contacted us after seeing the report. >> thank you erin. this may look like an ordinary train arrival but this is the first of 100 new cars being rolled out by patco, the concern fleet is in service for nearly 50 years the update costs $194 million and $15 million is coming from the federal government, the rest will be in place by the end of 2016.
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philadelphia eagles chip kelly so much to talk about tonight. if you have been been yourself the past few months because there is no football chip kelly be the eagles are here to help
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and the start of ota's gives us a glimpse of what the 2015 birds look like. this runs through saturday and chip has the tunes blaring and we hear from him since the nfl draft ended earlier this month. jeff skversky joins us from nova care with what chip had to say today. >> ducis there are so many changes, but head coach chip kelly, says that race does not play a factor in who stays and who goes. he is defending himself for the first time sin the harsh comments from lesean mccoy. when mccoy says he got rid of the black players faster than the white player zplz i have great respect for lesean, but if that case he is wrong we put a
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lot into the decisions and factors and color is not one of them. >> the new look offense will likely surround sam bradford he works his way back from two torn acl's in his left knee and mark shan chavez is taking first team reps and he is confident he can bound back. >> is there any doubt at all you'll be able to come back and be the guy that was the number one overall pick once upon a time. >> no it feels great and the staff here has done a great job i would say in the past six to eight weeks things kind of turned a corner and made a lot of progress and what is the plan they put together, as long as we trend in the right direction i'll be fine. >> there is another new face in town that loves our 6 abc camera, here is tim tebow up
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close today he is trying to resurrect his career after being out of work the last to years for now the fourth string quarterback, he has worked on his mechanics and arm after being rated the worst qb in football since 2010. >> you go out and compete and try to earn wherever you can and it's about competing and getting better every day and that is the goal. >> he will likely compete with matt barkley for the starting quarterback job we are live tonight jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> thank you so much. the phillies are off tonight and tomorrow they host the rockies. steph curry and the warriors are on their way to the nba finals. curry scored 29 points this will be the warriors first trip to the finals in 40 years and the post session featured the return of curry's daughter reilly.
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>> that is our goal. >> da da help me. >> we have to be locked in and everybody has to be -- you know determined to do whatever comes our way and fight through it. >> the way she fought through the curtain. >> game one with the cavs and warriors comes a week from today june 4th on 6 abc. >> dillon and devon would do that kind of thing. >> if they were here you'd never get through the newscast. >> coming up on "action news," cecily tynan with accuweather forecast.
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there is still nasty controls in burlington and ocean county. >> there are localized places in toms river and ocean county where 4 inches fell and other places where less than an inch fell. it depends on location. we have a flair-up of a concentration of thunderstorms right now near washington burlington county, lower bank, that is drifting to the south and east towards ocean county and garden state parkway dealing with showers. 13 lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes, we have the flash flood warning in affect for eastern ocean county and toms river and forked river and seaside heights, we have reports of water rescues and a lot of rain in a short period of time. that is all with this unstable warm air mass, 84 in
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philadelphia reached a high of 89 three days in a row, allentown 86 and trend 86 and boardwalk in atlantic city 65 and wilmington 80 degrees satellite 6 along with action radar showing a cold front pressing in over new jersey and delaware, what this front will do is bring us slightly drier, slightly cooler air tomorrow it's not a big difference but a subtle difference the next several hours a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms, parts of south jersey and delaware partly cloudy and a warm night 58 in the suburbs, tomorrow 85 degrees, and very warm however slightly less humid with the mixture of clouds and sunshine a little more comfortable tomorrow on saturday ahead of the cold front winds from the southwest, that provides the heat pumpp and more humid and
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this moves through on sunday brings showers and thunderstorms and that develops on monday and brings us cool and cloudy and wet weather, in the meantime it's race weekend in dover and the forecast is looking really nice for tomorrow and truck races 81 degrees and qualifiers on saturday and 84 degrees the sprint cup series on sunday and looking good early and a high of 83 degrees, if you want to cool off today the place to be with adam joseph at the top of the cape may lighthouse, he is freezing, it's cool and windy adam give us the forecast please. >> i'm trying to stay warm and keeping the back to the wind, when are you 157 up on the cape may lighthouse, the wind is 15 miles per hour and the ocean is only 53 degrees, free air conditioning here. and tomorrow temperatures 72 and
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mostly sunny and saturday temperatures 74 degrees and partly supy and beautiful the next few days and sunday some afternoon downpours and thunderstorms are likely as another cold front arrives with a temperature of 77 degrees and the ocean is moving from 53 to 56 degrees over the weekend, cecily you need to run up the steps to get warm before you reach the top. >> i'm heading back down. >> i like his air like that. be careful on your way back down. >> the exclusive accuweather forecast, sun and clouds and less humid and 85 degrees, and saturday bump it up to 85 degrees and look at monday it's cloudy and showery and the high only 65 degrees, and a chilly day as we kick off june, tuesday a transition day and 69 degrees on wednesday and thursday turning warmer and 82 degrees, everyone is complaining about
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the heat and humidity and you'll enjoy mon 65 degrees. the philadelphia music alliance announced the locally grown musicians that are hoppered with plaques along the avenue of arts, making the list hip hop band the roots and rocker cinderella and broadway star, andrea mccardle and jazz singer billy holiday who would have turned 100 this year. please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan ducis rogers the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, multiple tornadoes just touching down. severe storms hitting from texas up to new york and boston. millions in the threat zone at this hour. and look at this. the floods crashing through the front door of this home. and we'll show you what happens in just 20 seconds. the family inside terrified. the deadly anthrax. the pentagon mistake. and we ask, was it sent through fedex with everyday packages? the urgent testing in several states tonight and the anti biotics now being given. the mystery. the balls of oil washing up on several popular beaches, shutting down miles of america's coastline. the air scare. the drunk pilot about to take off and you will hear the air traffic controllers tonight. and, the imposter. the well-known children's hospital. authorities say a man posing as a doctor in patient's rooms.


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