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tv   Action News  ABC  May 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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aring to-er isp a no connection with a death of a newborn baby. we're live at the scene, next pass pass >> friday night the big story is the tragic mystery surrounding the death avenue newborn. somebody brought the dead baby to a hospital today in a duffle bag. "action news" reporter annie
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mccormick is live on the 5800 block of norfolk street in west philadelphia where the baby was born yesterday annie. >> and jim it's still a mystery what happened inside that home behind me. it's also still a mystery about who brought the baby to the hospital. but what we know now is that baby was pronounced dead today at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. take a look that video we got within the half hour. detectives just arrived to the home in the 5800 block of norfolk where authorities believed the baby boy was born yesterday. those detectives did a quick scan and they're expected back very soon to process the search warrant. police say today someone brought the baby boy in a duffle bag tots hospital of the university of pennsylvania where he was pronounced dead. family friends say the 22-year-old mother who was possibly 5 to 6 months along lives here with several family members and lives here at the hospital with police. it's not clear what she's being
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treated for. family members in the home were taken to s vuxt for questioning this evening. a family friend waiting for those family members to return has been in contact with them by phone. they have given her few details so far. >> i'm scared. >> what are you most concerned about right now. >> her and the baby. her life. the baby's life. >> reporter: and it's also not clear at this point if there was any trauma to the baby. an autopsy is expected. now, those detectives from svu just here left and they say they will return to process a search warrant. they're also returning with a crime screen unit. for now live in west philadelphia, anneia annie mccormick, "action news". >> thank you annie. a suitcase was dumbed in a weeded area on the side of the road and he was 30-year-old
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scott berneyesle of philadelphia. they don't know what led to his death and are asking anyone with information to call them. a man found the body yesterday when he smelled a strong odor. >> a community is pulling for a 4-year-old girl that fell from a second floor window. medics rushed her by air nroons lehigh valley hospital after a fall on the home 1600 block of lincoln dmort muhlenberg township. authorities are not disclosing the extent of her injuries. the youngster's brother says there's normally a fan in the window. but it had been removed. person of interest raheem felder is in custody tonight. he was wanted in connection with a sexual assault and attempted sexual assault in south philadelphia. "action news" reporter dann cuellar is live at the police department special victim's unit. dann, police say they have physical evidence linking felt p felder to the crimes.
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>> reporter: well, they say they do. they're waiting for dna evidence results. test troults see if they can direct sli link to the crimes. in the meantime he's lawyered up sean not talking. >> it was a 10,000 reward and subsequently tip sisters that led police to 32-year-old raheem felder. late yesterday u.s. marshals and police raided his mother's home in the 1300 block of chad wick few blocks from where the assault took place. felder was in the process of packing bags and fled before lawmen could get there. >> how do you feel about it he's being sought for. >> not too thrilled. >> is it hard for you to believe. >> i'm still shock. >> investigators had searched several locations and sources say they did find gloves, sneakers and clothing that appeared to match those worn in one or both attacks and rain and robbery of a woman monday in the 1800 block of rose wood and attempted sexual assault of a 30-year-old woman in the 1700
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block of chad wick back in march. >> now, according to court records and his mother, raheem felder was released from prison after serving 12 years in prison for attempted murder. police are waiting for results of dna to see if he can be linked to these crimes. at the special victim's unit dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> thank you ux dann. paern in the -- parents aupset they're just learning of alleged rain at dieruff high school and they were notified not by the district but learned about it in other ways. they actually found out about the sex assault on social media. school officials are not giving out any details skopt say it happened sometime may. we learned a 15-year-old boy was arrested for raping allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl in the school's base sglment the vatican official charged with organizing the world meeting of families in philadelphia, is now
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under investigation in italy. archbishop palia dime philadelphia a number of times to meet with local officials and catholic school students. world came today he is one of ten people under investigation over the sale of castle in former dioceses of rny. yesterday's indictment against former house speaker dennis hester talks about banking fraud. today anonymous source familiar with allegations told ap this is about sexual molest station. hester allegedly agreed to pay an individual 3.5 million to keep quiet about " prior misconduct about that person" and alleged molest station happened when master was a teacher and wrestling coach. he worked twe school between
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1965 and 1982. texas once again is ground zero tonight for heavy rain causing mandatory evacuations and the death toll has risen to 26. and 10 million americans are at risk for violent weather over the weekend. sharee williams is live at the satellite center. sharee texas oklahoma and four other states have flood watches now in effect. >> jim, those storm ravaged areas almost certain to get more rain lieu the weekend. rainfall total has broken a record there. and there's two days left in the movement the south under siege again. >> i never stheen much rain in my sgliv more heavy rain pounding oklahoma and texas with flood water crippling dallas. this drone video gives an overhead view of how much water saturated the area. roads, and entire golf courses are underwater as kayakers tour
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the damage. >> there's an 18-wheeler under here. >> this also flooded looking rick a parking lot and angry drivers here stranded for hours. >> i'm pretty much stuck on the freaking freeway with five feet of water. >> guess i'm not getting work today. >> and the danger though not stopping some from attempting to cross. this officer flapped his suv had to be airlifted out of the deep water. this driver in dallas climbed on top of his vehicle as emergency crews worked to rescue him. >> that is rising water coming very fast, very hard and there's nothing that we can do to stop that other than stay out of its way. >> flooding is now being blamed for this massive sinkhole that opened up northwest of houston in the town of liberty. as families across the loan star state living near rising waters pack up belongings before it's too late. >> river has not crested yet and there's rain coming and it don't look good for us.
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>> thousands of homes and businesses are without power and it's search and rescue mode for those still missing. sharee williams, "channel 6 action news." >> all right. sharee. let's switch live toy meteorologist cecily tynan at the "action news" big board. cecily the rain seems never-ending in texas and it's got to end sometime. >> once we get through the weekend the weather pattern will chink and this wail lou texas and oklahoma to dry out. it certainly needs to. if you look at the graphic this shows 30 day rainfall totals, 10 to 0" of rain across a large section of texas and most of oklahoma. and if you look that white area that's where most than 20" of rain has fallen. so with two days to go, this is already the wettest month ever recorded in the history of the state of texas. 35 frillon gallons of rain has fallen and to understand that magnitude that much water could
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cover the entire state of texas with 8" of rain. so that is tremendous amount. and double scan live showing there's another area of rain hoof moving through texas as we head over the weekend. i also want to show you this cold front that's moving in to the great lakes. that's what will bring us strong storms by end of weekend. i'm talk more about the timing on that coming up in the full accuweather forecast, jim. >> all right. cecily the battle for the backyard is on this summer. camden county mosquito commission deployed trucks tonight top spray in the fight against pesky insects and it's more than annoying bites. they're worried about spread of disease. county freeholders say homeowners can take part in the campaign and contribute to it in an important way. just get ridding standing water on your property. >> philly beer week is underway tonight. >> the opening tap took place at 7:00 tonight in center city and
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the night is culmination of day-long tour around time for celebration symbol of hammer of glory. philly beer week is largest beer celebration of its kind in the country and features hundreds of festivals, dinners and meet the brewer night. >> taken was ruckus rumbling arrival for a south jersey soldier stationed in the middle east for a last year. the town of blackwood came out to give a hero's welcome to 8-year-old u.s. army specialist john cook his wife amber and their kids were decked out in red, white and blue happy to see dad again. he's a graduate of -- regional high school and joined the army in 2008 and recently reenlisted for another six years. and took cold the crowd how much she and other soldiers appreciate their support. >> still to come on "action news" tonight the food you might be eating every morning that could protect you from diabetes and plus, moment of impact,
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video captures the intense volcanic eruption half a world away forcing evacuations. >> and view from the top. new york's resilience on display as the one world trade center observation deck opens to tourists more than 13 years after 9/11 cecily. >> it felt like summer tem as to turz tracking more, warm, humid air over the weekend. details in the accuweather forecast. >> and the prom parade you have to see to believe and ducis rogers with the phillies almost no-hit parade when "action news" continues tonight
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>> the obama administration today formally took cuba off
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list of state-sponsored terrorism. that to be taken before u.s. and cube ab could normalize relations it was criticized by john pain whor said the obama administration had handed castro regime of political win in return for nothing. fifa president has won reelection. this will be bladder's fifth term. bladder was declared victor over prince ali bin hassain of jordan he withdrew during the first round. balloting. it comes two days after a u.s. indictment was announced alleging top executives bribed fifa officials for tringts national tournaments and broadcast. local and federal law enforcement officials are launching investigation into latest report of lasers being aimed at air planes. five commercial pilots reported that green lasers were pointed at their planes as they flew over new york and new jersey last nightch the fear is that a
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pilot's eyesight could be damaged putting the flight at risk. the founder of the online black market called the silk road was sentenced today to life in prison. the secret under ground web site was a bizarre for illegal, a place where those in the know could buy and sell drugs. prosecutors say 31-year-old ross oldbrick of san francisco collected commissions on $183 million worth of drug deals and they connected five overdoses to drugs bought on the site. he is also accused of arranging hits on five people. more video coming into the newsroom tonight at a spectacular volcanic eruption in japan. it shows mount shindoki spewing clouds of ash five miles into the sky and 133 people on the small island were evacuated and hand pull of people were injured. the town is now blanketing with volcanic debris.
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>> on "healthcheck" at 11 tonight we all heard about foods that increase risk of developing diabetes. now there is evidence of food that could lower your risk. you don't have to search further than your cereal bowl. european researchers studied 27,000 people offer a decade. those with high levels of fiber intake had an 18% lower chance of type 2 diabetes and the most protective effect was found in whole brain. seeds and brand and this you need to remember heavy sugared breakfast cereals with make things worse. >> on a clear day you can see forever. actuality you can see 50 miles. the three story observatory opened today at new york's one world trade center. but even though today was something less than a clear day there was plenty of oohhs and ahhhs as the public got their first look. the observatory is on 10 owe, 1
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and 201 floors and speedily elevators got as much anesthesia rx as the view did. you good get to 102 floor just 47 seconds. >> wow. >> when someone says going up you have to gate hold of yourself. >> quickly. >> quick. >> i like amusement park ride. weekend, weather? >> yes. >> you like summertime warmth? >> i do, and you know that. >> through go the you got it this weekend. stormtracker 6 double scan showing we're starting off the weekend without any rain. however, we'll be ending it with showers and thunderstorms. right now it certainly does feel like summer. 73 in philadelphia. 76 in allentown and wilmington 71 and with window the ocean cooler on the beaches sea isle city 64 and millville currently 68. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you can see a plume of moisture across the mid west. that's associated with a cold front moving through. and it's a very strong system.
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but it's very slow moving. so we will get most of the weekend in without the storm. it's at the end of the weekend when we have the best chance of storms. so saturday, sun and clouds. notably more humid than today. today's high 87. and tomorrow up to 88 degrees. but it will feel a lot less comfortable with buildup of the humidity could have popup thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon main lay cross the poconos. sunday ahead of the front warm and humid, 88. start the day with sun and building clouds with gusty thunderstorms moving through and late in the day and in the evening and they are going to be advancing from north and west. future tracker showing 3:00 in the afternoon this is when we see thunderstorms developing across the poconos. northern lehigh valley, berks county and this is where we need most of the rain. they're in moderate drought up there and it will slowly sink down to the south by 9:00 near philadelphia and i would not be surprised if this is one of the systems by the time it gets
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across south jersey and delaware it really week weakens, heaviest storms will be norm of philadelphia. good news, for race weekend in dover, is that by the time the storms get there, the sprintd cup will be over sunday. tomorrow sunny and muggy 85 on sunday. another very warm day. another very humid day. 85 degrees and those storms will not move in until sunday night f you're down the shore the ocean temperature 57. that will cool you off. don't forget the suncreen. lots of sunshine tomorrow. breezy day. high of 74 and sunday, hazy sunshine. storms moving in late sunday night with a high of 77. so on the beaches during the day looks like it will be okay. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, breezy, more humid tomorrow, 88 degrees. really the same on sunday with storms moving in sunday night. monday, periods of rain. we bumped high up to 75 degrees. it's real close call and temperatures depends on where the cold front tracks.
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north of the front, temperatures in the 60s right along the front it in 7 0s and south of the front temperatures will be in the 80s. tuesday showers linger and gradual clearing cool 70 and then by wednesday springtime is back. sunny, low humidity. beautiful day. 76 degrees. thursday also very nice, 80 and friday, beginning to feel like summer again with a high of 87 degrees. so steamy, most of the weekend and ending stormy. looks like the storms could be strong to severe on sunday night. >> all right. cecily. >> a fun and unique tradition continued tonight for one chester county prom. coatsville prom parade shows off all the creative ways the students get themselves to the dance. from floats to construction vehicles even on horseback the teens will use anything for transportation and the whole community turns out to witness this annual spectical and it looks like this one did not
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disappoint. >> and sixt mbad appeared at the covenant church of mt. airy part of the all in the family tour and along with comedic material simbad showed off musical talents tonight and played bongos with band members and even played the trumpet.
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>> nascar fans desending on dover, delaware and the big race this weekend. racing is primarily dominate the by men of course, and we found a couple of women as part of pit crews tonight liz snyder is specialist for tommy baldwin racing being the only female is awkward at first and she says she is just one of the guys. fill lids wanted to get off to a good start against colorado for the weekend series. >> they never started or ended and it was bad all the way around. no team in baseball scored fewer run than phillies. today the rocky scoring runs not the only problem. getting a hit is too. troy tilwitski reports more hits by himself than the phillies do. this one in third inning makes it 2-0 rockies and phillys are
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no hit for much of the game. cody ashe called up to play left field. he adds chad pradelli's no hit by beating the shift. phillies only record two hits on the night. later in the inning, two on for darin ruf and that is called the strike to end the inning. and rough does not agree and ryne sanberg is stunned and aranado ruled a check swing. sandberg wants the umpire to check their eyes because a couple of magic words and he's ejected and phillies lose 4-1. >> in my opinion the umpire down the lines has a better view and home late umpire to make the calls just seemed both of them went against us. >> eagles have the weekend off before they on another round of ota on monday. demarco murry is one of those key new pieces chip kelly brought in and former cowboys running back has not been here long. he already has a favorable impression of his new teammates. >> this is a good team.
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young team. and we definitely had a great first week. and we have a long way to go. this is only first week of many and we have to build a foundation. we started that and a couple weeks or months agog with the workouts and we're building on that now. >> still ahead one half of the stanley cup final is set and ending to a basketball game i frankly had never seen before. trust me it will give you goose bumps.
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>> there are few things more nerve wraking than the series in the constantly cup finals. trip to the finals at stake. who would win the popularity conference. back handier and lightning win 2-0 they now await the winner of
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chicago anaheim series in the stanley cup finals. nba finals thursday night at 9. catch calves and warriors on 6abc. >> capturing the bowl at dover. it's third career poll for monster pile. ocean county new jersey native martin drix junior had six top five finishes this season. >> and finally a pickup basketball game has one of a kind ending. two former college players going one-on-one former nc state guard alex johnson seems to be getting better of ray doorset of greensboro and johnson goes down what apoorz a serious injury moments later gets up to a neerks just one knee and what does he have in his hand. breenl breenl breathe breathe
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and she says yes and they're getting married. >> you're right. thank you, ducis rogers finally temple of performing arts was filled with literary arts, music and soul tonight. the lifetime achieve amount ward ceremony and show is culmination of this year's celebration of black writing. among award hes philadelphia kin drid family soul who received excellence song writing and celebration of black writing. "jimmy kimmel live" on channel 6 hoeinged by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5 a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner have a good night and great weekend
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♪ dicky: from hollywood, it's “jimmy kimmel live”! tonight -- ryan seacrest. from “pitch perfect 2”, brittany snow. and mash up monday with imagine reo speedragons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, all of a sudden, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you.


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