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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 4, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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here are the stories we are following now. saying good-bye the buyiden family welcomes people to the service center in dover delaware where their son is lying in honor. we are live with details on what may have happen. >> and the search by police for a man that left behind a little boy and loaded gun in a car. thousands are expected in delaware's capital city to pay respects to beau biden. >> the former delaware attorney general and son of vice president, joe biden is lying in honor in dover delaware. the hearse carrying the body left for dover and a motorcade with his father and stepmother jill and the rest of the family
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followed. they are saying good-bye to their son, father and brother. john rawlins live with more on the services. >> this is legislative hall where there is expected once the funeral procession gets here it is expected that there is a short presentation of medals and then a viewing from 1:00 until 5:00 for the public and then you can see at least 100 people that have lined up so far. >> this morning barricades went up on streets near legislative hall and members of the military and law enforcement arrived to set up here in dover when the casket arrives, it will be carried inside by military personnel, beau biden, was also a major in the national guard. the public is invited to the viewing from 1:00 until 5:00
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sharp objects, liquids and signs will not be allowed. we caught up with workers from a nearby office watching this setup. jenny hopes to return to pay her respects during her lunch hour. >> beau biden particularly is a great family man and the national guard and compassionate. >> your heart breaks for the family and the news was sort of sudden for the public and heart breaking for the family. >> here is a look at the line of folks that lines up for the viewing and there is a second day of a viewing for tomorrow friday in wilmington from 1:00 until 4:00 in 6:00 until 9:00 and then the funeral is saturday morning and president obama will be there to give the eulogy then for beau biden. >> john thank you. >> and our coverage of the final
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farewell continues at you can find the details of the funeral plans and a link to the foundation set up in his name to continue the fight against child abuse in his name. a search is underway for anthony raspo was killed early saturday morning when his cruiser struck a dear on i-195 in monmouth county governor chris christie is attending the private funeral in somerset and ordered all flags in new jersey to be lowered to half staff in honor of the officer. an unusual crash involving a police car and a man on a bicycle, the man collided after a collision following a chase.
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"action news" reporter david helpry ryry henry is outside now of the police department. >> the chester police have turned the investigation over to the delaware county district attorney's office and that is normal procedure in any case involving a police fatality but the victim's family wants answers now, it happened around 8:30 last night at keystone and west 13th street sheriff's deputies were in the area when they heard an alert for an armed robbery and saw a man matching the description on a bicycle and when they tried to stop him they saw he had a gun chester police officers joined the chase and then the suspect ran into a police car and died at the hospital a short time later they found the gun at the scene. his family has identified him as 24-year-old sherman byrd and
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lives in south carolina and was here to attend his sister's high school graduation and that he left a family gathering just 15 minutes before the police chase tempers flared at the hospital and police say file charges against byrd's father for allegedly assaulting a police officer. >> the family has hired a lawyer and they are gathering information and may have more to say, the case is under activity investigation and they will issue a report when they have all the facts. live in chester, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. >> the search continues for a man that police say fled a traffic stop leaving behind a 3-year-old child and a gun in a car. it started at locust in philadelphia. the driver took off on a chase that ended in upper darby when
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the police spotted the car the driver took off on foot. >> a gun ready for war, 11 rounds in it ready to go by a bum that runs and flees when police tries to stop them but god forbid something happens to that child picking up that gun. turning to the weather now still a bit cloudy and cool out there, as we look live from sky 6 hd at the ben franklin bridge and parts of i-95 in penn's landing, the clouds just want to stick around but they will give way to sunshine this weekend, things are improving just in time for tomorrow meteorologist, david murphy is outside now with a look at the accuweather forecast and hopefully a sunnier weekend david? >> it looks milder and brighter over the weekend and right now we are dealing with a fair amount of cloud cover and as you check out satellite we have cloud cover in place and every now and then a break coming
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through and then radar with showers we had during the rush hour this morning, not a lot. and now on the lookout for more showers perhaps coming in off the ocean and coming through south jersey, and something may hit philadelphia but anything you see is not too bad. most of the immediate region is actually a little bit cooler, down the coast we are only at 63, just 60 in new york city, that is 68 in philadelphia the winds are continuing to drop down out of the northeast today and a lot of spots in the teens 16 miles per hour wind in sea isle city and 13 in philadelphia and 13 in allentown be as we roll through the roast of the day, we could hit a high of 69 at 2:00 and probably settle back to 68 at 4:00 and by 6:00, 66 degrees dropping down closer to the 50s by 10:00 tonight. we are looking at an improving
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situation for tomorrow. 60 at 6:00 in the morning, but early afternoon we expect most of the region to be back in the low 70s and warmer conditions for the weekend, i'll have details on that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> now not a bad day for a walk but need a jacket. two businesses in bethlehem downtown are shut down by the city leaving the owners scrambling on what to do next. water from a leaking roof caused damage at the hello burrito and the lululemon stores on broad street. the chief code official says the damage is significant and they ordered them closed to keep people safe. now a man is accusing jerry sandusky of sexual abuse. anthony spin ely says he was molested by the former football coach when he was a teenager prosecutors said they could not argue they could not file a
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complaint and penn state has settled with at least 26 sandusky accusers and victims. there is new details about the knife-wielding terror suspect shot and killed in boston earlier this week. they say he was plotting to kill police officers in a particularly brutal way. >> overnight abc news learning that 26-year-old terror suspect, rahim, killed in the deadly confrontation with officers initially wanted to go to new york to behead conservative activist, pamela gellar the woman that sponsored the muhammad cartoon drawing contest in texas but rahim seen here in his high school yearbook changes and wants to behead uniformed police officers in massachusetts. >> when they confronted him in this cvs parking lot rahim
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allegedly lunged at them with this knife. and they have arrested his nephew david wright for conspiring in the attacks, he told wright about the knife in a cell phone conversation saying i got myself a little tool, good for carving. they say that tuesday just before he died, rahim called wright and said he was about to go after the boys in blue calling them the easiest target. >> is there anything you want people to know about your brother. local muslim leaders that knew rahim says he was not radical. >> i have no comment. >> were you surprised when you heard that? >> there is surveillance video from this parking lot from that deadly encounter, but local leaders say that rahim was not on a cell phone or shot on the
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back like one of his brothers claimed on social media. >> back here the funding crisis in philadelphia schools is front and center in city hall and powell elementary school and principals gave a message to city hall, principals also testified against a city council bill to spend $60,000 on a new prison when the district faces an $80 million deficit. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30 a devastating scene in ghana where dozens of people were seeking shelter from flooding were killed in an explosion. and a hiker was plucked off an arizona trail after going days without food and water.
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ghana after fuel carried into a neighborhood from flooding and caused an explosion. at least 73 people were killed and blocks of buildings when up into flame people were looking for cover at the station to escape torrential rains. and now police are investigating after a transgender woman was shoved on to train tracks in new york city. the video catches the man before he shoved the woman. the man approached the 28-year-old woman and said what are you looking at and then grabbed a plastic bottle from a garbage bin and threw it at her and pushed her on to the tracks another rider helped the victim to get on the platform saving her life. police in washington d.c. says that dna on a pizza crust and blood from a victim linked a man to the murders of a family
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and her house keeper darren wint is charged with the death of the family and their house keeper they matched blood on a shoe to one of the victims and they apparently found wint's dna on a piece of pizza crust in the home and they found a boot print where someone tried to kick in a door to the house. baltimore's police chief wants to make changes to police transport vans, this comes after the death of freddie gray who suffered fatal injuries in the back of a van and was left unsecure by a seatbelt and six officers are charged in his death and the commissioner wants to update the fleet with side
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doors and cameras. and all police officers have been retrained since the freddie gray incident and they are considering adding gps tracking to the vans. and a hiker in arizona was missing for four days without water and food. on the tenth day he texted his wife to say he had been out of water for days and then heard nothing more from him and she called 911, when the rescue helicopter found him the man was too weak to walk. he is recovering in the hospital. still ahead, meteorologist, david murphy will let us know when we see the sunnier warmer days ahead and. gma's robin roberts takes part in bringing the special olympic torch to new york.
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>> we invite you to join a special one hour live chat today from doctors from penn medicine
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the doctors will talk about heart health and athleticism you can submit your questions at and they will answer them between 4:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. children join first lady, michelle obama today to help harvest vegetables from the white house garden it's a program that michelle obama started to teach children about health and exercise they picked some of the 500 varieties out of her garden. they then prepared a meal and enjoyed the fruits of their labors. >> david is here now we are stuck in the murk. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us though that we are mainly dry showers are melting off the map in harrisburg but that is about it we have cloud cover over the airport and every now and then a sunny brecht and
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the clouds are the dominant feature and we are looking at a spotty shower today and tonight and most of that down into south jersey and delaware, the dew point on the low side, the temperature isful 68 degrees. jacket weather if are you headed out. east-northeast win in philadelphia at 13 miles per hour and that is typical as to what everybody is seeing across the region. future tracker 6 showing you the rest of the progression 6:00 a break here and there and mainly cloudy overall and showers are possible off the ocean and perhaps making it to philadelphia and most of this stuff will have a tendency to fall apart before it heads too much farther past the i-95 corridor in reading and trenton 69 in philadelphia
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would not be surprised to see spots hit 70 and 67 in millville and 66 in cape may new jersey the way with we are going the rest of the way, 69 degrees by 3:00 and fairly comfortable by 7:00 sunny breaks here or there not out of the question and 62 under mainly cloudy dipping down to 58 at the ballpark expect mainly cloudy skies and 65 for the first pitch not that that bothered the phillies at all and we'll see if we can sweep the reds tonight. there is a possibility of a sprinkle or shower this afternoon. you may see more sunshine tomorrow afternoon but the big return is on saturday and then through sun. hope you are not headed to cabo
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san lucas on the western side of mexico, hurricane blanco has weakened to 110 miles per hour and that put its into category 2 range and that strengthens in a couple of days. and this will occur over the weekend especially during the day on sunday and into early monday morning and conditions go south so if you have plans for the baja peninsula keep an eye on it. lingering clouds tomorrow and sunny breaks and saturday it turns sunny and by the afternoon 82 and mainly brightening conditions with sun and clouds and a partly sunny and nice afternoon with a high of 78 we are back in the 80s with choppy showers and thunderstorms and another frontal boundary in the neighborhood. wednesday back into the mid-80s under the sun it feels like summer and summer officially
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arrives on the 21st. we are getting there. before we go to break we want to go live to greenfield, delaware where vice president joe biden and his family are there. they are going to enter legislative hall where his son beau biden is lie first degree honor there for the three days. and he will have his funeral on saturday, we are looking at the vice president and his wife jill and beau biden's family entering legislative hall for funeral commemorations. >> that is beau's wife haley there, and there is a short memorial service to begin at 1:00, the governor of the state of delaware will be delivering believe remarks and a viewing will be happening there at
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legislative hall this afternoon where the public can view beau biden there and pay their respects to his family again this is a three day farewell to beau biden the former attorney general of the state. >> you see the governor there jack markell, president obama is expected to give the eulogy and more on the services on "action news" throughout the day.
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good morning american cohost, robin roberts had the honor of carrying the olympic flame of hope, it it began in athens greece and will
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ultimately arrive in los angeles where the games will be played. >> i think it arrives in philadelphia tomorrow. >> a fair amount of cloud cover mostly cloudy and cool and dry with temperatures getling up into the mid-60s in spots. mainly dry in and around the i-95 corridor with showers in south jersey and delaware and clipping philadelphia later tonight and down the shore lower temperatures low to mid-60s down the coast with a chance of spotty showers closer to the ocean. >> thanks again david. >> don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for rick williams and the entire "action news" team, have a great afternoon.
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