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tv   Action News  ABC  June 4, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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just as you said, mark steve kerr calls that time-out. >> jeff: well steph curry loses j.r. smith. pull-up jumper. a thing of beauty. ♪ me and you, ♪ ♪ and you and me. ♪ ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ ♪ and you for me. ♪ ♪ so happy together! ♪ now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to rewards there's plenti together. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mike: well, we thought this had the potential to be a dream match-up. so far, so good here in game
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one. as the numbers so identical. the key number exactly the same. it's 98 apiece with 31.9 seconds remaining. and after mozgov hits those two clutch free throws golden state will have it now. warriors still have two 20-second time-outs, as do the cavs. and now cleveland with the foul to give. >> mark: give steve kerr credit. very good coming out of time-outs. forcing miscommunication setting backscreens, or screens with curry and thompson involved where it puts so much pressure on your defense. >> jeff: when curry sets screens, people are reluctant to help off him, which leaves people wild opende open. but if you are cleveland, you don't want to use the foul to give as irving is back in the game you don't want to use the foul to give because that gives warriors, then, the last shot. >> mike: draymond green back in
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again. small ball for golden state. >> mark: it's the great decision. now you have live weapons all around the floor. >> jeff: and tristan thompson guarding iguodala. >> mike: irving. back in the game on curry. curry drives to the basket. lays -- no he missed it! irving may have gotten a piece of it. and the cavs call time-out. >> jeff: he blocked it mike. unbelievable recovery. >> mike: curry had a clear path to the rim, it looked like an easy two. and the recovery from kyrie irving. his second block of the game. cleveland now with the ball tied up with 24 seconds to go.
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>> mike: 98 apiece with 24.1 remaining. the mvp had a clear path to the basket until kyrie irving recovered to make an incredible block. >> mark: this is an incredible play like you said by kyrie irving. steph curry goes by him, but he does not give up on the play. pay attention, young fellas. don't quit on the play. kyrie irving with a game-saving blocked shot. >> mike: just the fingertips able to knock that ball a little further than where curry wanted it. >> mark: last year lebron james knocked down a three at the buzzer to beat us in this very same building. i expect him to have the
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basketball and he has the wisdom to make sure he takes the last shot. >> mike: little over a second difference between shot clock and game clock. james drives. falling away -- misses -- rebound -- shum put puts it back up at the buzzer won't go. and we'll go to overtime. a frantic finish to regulation and here in game one of the finals five more minutes up on the clock. >> jeff: iguodala defended that last shot exceptionally well. makes him catch it far out on the court. makes him take a step back. that's beautiful defense by iguodala. >> mike: shumpert had a decent look at it. obviously had to rush it. but that would have counted. he released it prior to the time running out. and this of course such a key
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she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪ right now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. (yeah, 10 gigantic gigs.) for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed. call. data. and reliability. so you never have to settle. now also get $300 or more when you trade-in your smartphone and buy a new one. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon. >> mike: back at oracle arena. overtime here in game one of the 2015 nba finals. cavs and warriors tied up at 98
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apiece. lebron james with 42 points. hasn't happened in 14 years, where the finals had overtime in game one. that's the year the sixers won game one and then lost four in a row. >> jeff: mike if you remember cleveland assistant coach tyronn lue had a big impact on that series against allen iverson. >> mike: lue now a valued assistant on the cavalier bench. we put five minutes up on the clock. >> jeff: festus ezeli coming in at the start of overtime. >> mike: each team gets three time-outs in the overtime. you shoot on the fourth team foul. five to shoot. iguodala does an excellent job keeping james in front of him. james misses. rebound tipped and taken by thompson.
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curry, bad pass. stolen by irving. they thought green was going to cut to the basket. boy, irving's had two key blocks four steals in addition to 23 points. thompson to j.r. smith from that left corner. misses badly. smith hasn't scored since the first half. >> jeff: i'm not sure i wouldn't get kyrie irving back into some pick and rolls, as well. >> mike: smith on curry on the switch. green has it knocked away by thompson. green drives. running lay-up -- won't go. mozgov. irving's played 41 minutes. drives. reverse lay-up shot missed. rebound, ezeli. thompson tristan, that is,
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mistimed his jump. curry trying to find some room. >> jeff: i don't like this. for cleveland. >> mike: curry crossover. steps back -- draws the foul on a two-point attempt. and steph curry will shoot his first free throws of the game. >> jeff: tristan thompson's excellent with his lateral quickness but to me it's just such a tough cover against a guy like steph curry. you're always going to be lunging forward, trying to contest. curry does a great job of drawing the contact. >> mike: curry led the nba in free throw percentage during the regular season. he hasn't shot it as well in the postseason at 92%82%, but knocks that one down. >> mark: i disagree. i think tristan thompson is different than what we saw in the last series with dwight howard terence smith, he made a mistake of not being the second
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jumper. but the warriors are going completely small with draymond green at the five. harrison barnes defending timofey mozgov. >> mike: barnes picks up james on the screen. james drives to the rim. passes back out, j. ripdr. smith. the runner won't go. draymond green, ahead to curry. curry to thompson. corner three -- >> jeff: to me lebron james, when he drives got to know there's no shot blocking. get it up on the rim. >> mike: pass deflected, finds its way to mozgov who can't connect. steve kerr saying push. curry trying to draw the foul -- almost goes in and he got hit. did he get inside the line? i believe it's two free throws. as curry wants the crowd to get
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fired up. jimmy capers says i've got a two-point attempt. and they're going to go look at it. just to make sure. curry goes back to the free-throw line. sal din shahid. know no question there. >> jeff: i think cleveland right now has a major decision. with golden state downsized all the way with green playing at the center do you stay big with both thompson and mozgov? or do you bring in james jones or shumpert to try to give more floor spacing so james has more room to work? >> mark: it's a tough decision. if i'm david blatt, i'm bringing in james jones. it stretches the floor and it gives lebron james exactly more room to work. if you help you got a knockdown shooter. >> mike: meanwhile, knocking down free throws so often, especially in the playoffs it
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means the difference between a victory or a loss. golden state, 15 of 16 from the free-throw line. >> jeff: why does everybody go silent when a free throw is shot at home? it doesn't matter to these guys. >> mike: certainly doesn't matter to this guy, as james jones comes in. >> mark: i rather you keep on screaming. >> jeff: doesn't matter. i love when they -- they wave their hands down like it's going to distract steph curry. >> mike: i think they believe it's the right thing to do. curry. rattled that one in. and it's a four-point lead. irving falls down. hangs on. gets it to smith. can't hit the three. green with another rebound. and irving is hurt. limping up the floor. >> jeff: you have to get james
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jones off him by trapping. >> mike: iguodala. out to barnes. barnes for three -- bang!
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>> mike: kyrie irving hurting himself on this play as obviously landing awkwardly. he was grabbing his knee and limping as he went up the floor. again, it's the left knee that's been causing him problems during the course of the playoffs. also has the right foot. and off that play andre iguodala penetrating and finding the open man. and harrison barnes, not afraid of the playoff moment showing it time and time again. gives golden state their largest
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lead of the night. >> mark: another outstanding read bill andre iguodala. and give credit to draymond green. sets the screen to create the space for harrison barnes' three-pointer in the corner. >> mike: we've played nearly three minute us as irving is going to go back to the cavalier locker room obviously not a good sight for the cleveland cavs as irving limping walking off the floor. boy, he had played so well 23 points seven boards six assists, four steals. curry knocks it away from james. iguodala outraces jones, who fouls him. andre iguodala with a play and now you see irving now that he's off the court, showing how much pain he's in. and what a terrible sight to see right now. you hope that it's not that
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serious serious. he worked so hard, had the rest to get back. under two minutes left. barnes fakes. barnes drives -- kicks it out in the corner. iguodala to the basket -- scoop lay-up, won't go. and a blocking foul called on jones. >> jeff: but mike, the warriors in this playoff run have had an incredible -- i don't know if you want to say luck, but they they -- from the first series, they have faced injured point guards. it's uncanny. >> mike: jrue holiday in the first round, mike conley in the second round.beverley who wasn't playing at all in the third round. iguodala misses the free throw. holiday wasn't right after coming back from a leg injury. conley was all banged up. >> jeff: and mike to me cleveland didn't have enough --
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i didn't think, with irving. without him, i mean, too much -- they just don't have enough offensive weapons unless j.r. smith is going to play and shoot a lot better than he did here tonight. >> mike: smith throws it into james. coming up on a minute and a half remaining. eight-point lead. >> mark: a lot of credit to the warriors and their depth. >> mike: james, off. green battling. rebound again from tristan thompson. his 15th of the game. smith tied up. >> jeff: they haven't scored yet in overtime. >> mike: james. another miss. green, the rebound. they've now missed their last 12 shots. and oracle arena has erupted. >> mark: but mike go back to the depth of this warrior team. they throw so many guys at you.
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multiple positions. the energy and the effort off the bench. and for the cavs to have a chance j.r. smith has got to be better. he's got to be better than he was in game one. >> mike: green adds to the lead, now nine. jipd r. smith j.r. smith, he started hot. he had nine points in that first half. six of them in the first quarter. and he hasn't scored in the second half or overtime. time-out, cavaliers. ten-point golden state lead. what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther
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quicker and yeah even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you. >> mike: aerial coverage provided by goodyear. everything good year has learned making tires for game-changing traction inspires what they roll into yours. goodyear, more driven. 1:16 remaining in overtime and
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now a double figure lead for golden state. cavs not only down by ten, but obviously so concerned with kyrie irving who battled back from the knee injury and played so well tonight in game one, but after this move and the awkward landing, limped off the floor and then left the court, limped badly off back to the locker room. when he got out of the way of the fans you could see how much pain he was in and obviously upset. his first nba finals game and he was just terrific. but now a knee injury to worry about. and the cavs still without a point in overtime. james jones, stripped and stolen by draymond green. curry splits the defense.
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back out to green. seven to shoot. curry -- all the time. can't get it to go and james, the rebound. james behind the back. thompson couldn't handle the pass. picked up by thompson. klay, that is. and the celebration under way here in game one. curry whips it out to green. back to barnes. three pointer -- james, the rebound. golden state will take game one. as they finally score in overtime. and steph curry will dribble it out. game one goes to the warriors.
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lebron james with 42 -- make that 44 points but not enough for the cavaliers, who could not find the range in the extra period. and despite another magnificent performance performance. cleveland loses on the road and their seven-game playoff winning streak comes to an end. steph curry, 26 points eight assists. he's with doris. >> doris: steph, let's begin with the overtime and the small lineup. what made that group so effective? >> we were able to scrap on the defensive end and gang rebound, forced them into tough shots. offensive end, you can spread everybody out. i was able to get to the free-throw line a couple of times, the ball would move. we got some open shots, the big
11:53 pm
rebound. a big three-pointer in the corner to open the game up and, they scored two points in overtime. that's huge. >> doris: a vintage lebron james performance. how do you stay mentally tough and what made the difference to survive that? >> we just have to stick to the game plan. we know what he's about. what he's capable of. but you can't let everybody else get involved and get into a rhythm. five guys guarded him all night. going to make it tough on him. going to be a long series. >> doris: we expect you and klay to perform, but what dind of growth have you seen from harrison barnes? you just mentioned the threes he made. >> he's ready for the moment. every playoff run we've had, he's shown up so he's growing up right in front of our eyes and making huge plays on both ends of the floor and that's why we are where we are. everybody contributes. great to see him develop the way he has and be ready for the final series. >> doris: well done, thank you, steph.
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mike? >> mike: thank you, doris so now we look ahead to game two, which will be sunday back on abc. and right back here at oracle arena. coverage begins a little earlier. 7:30 eastern with n"nba countdown." and then tipoff shortly after 8:00 p.m. they're so explosive and so entertaining offensively, yet a terrific defensive team that made some huge plays down the stretch. and despite 44 from lebron james, golden state takes game one of the 2015 nba finals here in overtime. the final score, warriors 108, and the cavaliers, 100. so for jeff van gundy, mark jackson, doris burke, producer tim corrigan director jimmy moore and our entire crew here at abc, mike breen saying thanks for watching here on abc, home of the nba finals.
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we'll see you here in oakland for game two of the nba finals sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc. tt2wat)!@j4 bt@q5tt tt2wat)!@j4 "a@q%x0 tt2wat)!@j4 bm@q.s< tt4wat)!@j4 " dztq ,)@ tt4wat)!@j4 " entq é- tt4wat)!@j4 " gzt& eáx tt4wat)!@j4 " hnt& u$4 tt4wat)!@j4 " iztq ?ml tt4wat)!@j4 " jntq -=, tt4wat)!@j4 " lzt& 5pp [ electronic dance music playing ] feel like a kid again with dunkin's new oreo and chips ahoy! flavored iced coffees. classic cookie flavor in every sip. america runs on dunkin'.
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you can take anywhere, xfinity is perfect for people on the road. it happened, on april 4th a woman was abduct from the parking garage in the 700 block of chestnut street in philadelphia, and then she endured an absolutely horrific ordeal. one suspect was a arrested nine days later, tonight police after rested one more, and they are now in custody. thursday night and the the big story on "action news" tonight is two more arrests in the kidnapping and torture of a woman who worked on jewel era's row. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has the full story. >> atf agents and philadelphia police detectives have both men under surveillance and they were able to move in and arrest both men.
11:59 pm
>> reporter: two men are said to be accomplices to khiry gay arrested in after the kidnapping and abduction. they are basil buoy, of northeast philadelphia and pennsylvania year-old salahudin shaheed of south philadelphia. it was back on april 4th that the men were said to have abduct female employee leaving her job at the national watch and diamond exchange on eighth street. authority say that they beat and taserd her repeatedly demanding to know code numbers for the jewelry store safe. >> rick tim suffered but survived a brutal, horrific a assault. she was stunned repeatedly with a taser and then beaten, and thrown out of the abduct era's van. >> reporter: victim was ultimately dumped at mount laurel cemetery in darby somehow she untied herself is and found her way to the roadway to get help. other information on the men was sealed under criminal complaint and could not be released but they are said to be well men to the criminal court system. >> atf along with its partner the philadelphia police
12:00 am
department continues this commitment, to pursue aggressively and vigorously those who pose the greatest threat to our community here in philadelphia. >> reporter: two men are in atf custody and will be released to u.s. marshals tomorrow for their federal court hearing at 1:30 in the afternoon. then we will learn a lot more about these two men alleged role in this crime. in center city i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". private jet made an emergency landing tonight at philadelphia international airport minus nose gear. beach craft 4,000 was on its way from karls back, new mexico to farmingdale, new jersey when the pilot discovered a problem with the landing gear. jet flew by the control to you tore confirm the problem and then came back, around, to land. >> there will be an airport vehicle and emergency vehicle following you down runway 911. >> all right roger that, we will be doing the search.
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>> the plane skid todd a stop and the five people on board were unhurt. it appears that the hackers based in china have broken in to the u.s. government computer networks gaining access to information of four in million federal workers. the department of home land security, and the interior department, say that data from the office of personnel management, and the interior department, has been compromised. the data a would apparently identify workers with varying levels of security clearances. it is one of the most anticipated yearly retail events in the area. the lily pulitzer warehouse sale at the expo center in oaks montgomery county but nobody anticipated what happened tonight. they shut the the doors early and a lot of shoppers were outrage. a "action news" reporter sharrie williams has the story. >> i have never had a problem getting in, the first day of the sale. >> reporter: upset shoppers attending the annual lily pull
12:02 am
either warehouse sale wanted answers when they were told that the doors were closing early. >> all these people have been, in back of me or before me, they have not gotten in at all. >> reporter: it is a one of the kind event for designer clothes that hardly ever go on sale. it attracts people from all over the country like ann carol who drove ten hours from charlotte, north carolina and waited in line with three children but didn't get in. >> it is extremely frustrating. i have three children pond out here with me. they were not allowed to go to the bathroom. they closed the doors. wouldn't let anyone in. >> video taping us right now thinking it is funny which it is not. >> reporter: no one could get answers. a note on the door said they were close to go restock but when our cameras showed up, so did the the bullies. >> unfortunately they will in the let anybody else in for the the rest of the evening. >> reporter: customers asked the officer to please get a spokesperson and he did. >> is there anything i can do, a absolutely will. >> reporter: lily pulitzer
12:03 am
gave out coupons and those waiting for hours and still present could come back the following shopping date without any waiting. >> we have been supporting. we're here with lily all the time. for us to be cut off and not allowed in is ridiculous. >> reporter: customers upset but they did get some answers but take a look, people are already camping out tonight because in the morning at 7:00 a.m. is day two of this sale. they want to be sure they get in bright and early in the morning. difficult speak with the spokesperson and e-mail and they did apologize to the customers for any inconvenience. they say safety is a priority and they didn't want people to continue to wait outside and lily pulitzer is headquartered and based in king of prussia but if you missed tonight, you have two more days of shopping. we're in oaks, montgomery county sharrie williams for channel six "action news". police are investigating a shooting that happened inside an apartment in the ogontz section of philadelphia tonight. the shooting happened at 5:20 on the 1400 block of clear
12:04 am
view street. police say that the victim believed to be in his late 30's was shot in the stomach. he was then taken to einstein medical center for treatment. police haven't made an arrest nor do they have a motive for the shooting. law men are questioning two teenagers in connection with the rash of gunpoint robberies, near temple university. investigators believed that the 16 and 17 year-olds are behind at least six armed hold ups in north philadelphia. the robbers stole wallets and cell phones, the teenagers have not yet been charge. search is on tonight for person who was responsible for the horrific neglect of a puppy found in darby bureau. this is trooper an eight to ten month-old great dane. he was found wandering a honk a street with the something embedded in his neck and he weighed half of what he should. that shackle may have been put around his neck when he was small and because he was neglect it became embedded in his flesh as he grew. >> we think maybe he had a
12:05 am
fighting spirit and found his way out of the yard where he was being tied up or perhaps someone just let him go, lot of times when we see emaciated dogs the people are just looking to get rid of the dogs. >> trooper had emergency surgery at delco spca today and is doing well but because he is so under weight, he faces a long road to recovery. several thousand people came to the state capitol in dover today to pay their respects to beau biden. but before the the public came in biden's family, including his dad vice-president joe biden, followed beau's casket into legislative hall. the biden family greeted well wishers with hugs, tears and even smiles. beau's two children sought comfort of their mother allie a and their grand mom jill. beau biden -- joe biden may be vice-president but in delaware he is still joe and greeted mourners and friend with


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