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tv   Action News 430 AM  ABC  June 5, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning we've got breaking news on this friday, january 5. a pair of robbers get a lot more than they bargained for when they tried to make an off-duty officer their mark. >> a florida man spontaneous dance on top of a police cruiser you see him there was encouraged by super natural beings we'll explain.
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>> that's what he is saying. good morning everyone, friday, david is here along with matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning, we have drizzle in spots and active showers if you get caught under one of these it will last five or ten minutes five minutes there might be another one coming down the pike. the stuff is flowing in off the ocean the way it did the last couple of mornings. we do see breaks in the clouds, it starts out cloudy an damp. by the time weapon get into the afternoon there's a chance we see sunny breaks return. 58 degrees in philadelphia. 56 in trenton. 57 in sea isle city. the area of low pressure trying to shift past us we have a breeze coming out of the northeast keeping us cool this morning. heading to the bus stop for one of the final days of school year, 57 degrees by 8:00 a.m.
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cloudy skies and a shower i just showed you. as we roll in the afternoon 57 by 8:00. 67 by noon, 3:00 p.m., 74 that's the high today. 6:00 p.m., 71. there's a chance of thunderstorms over the weekend i'll have where that action curse, i'll have that when we come back. >> reporter: it's wet on the roads for the friday morning drive, at least it's friday. we have construction as we look live on the vine street expressway by the schuylkill expressway. it remains closed between this point of 76 and broad street. you can see the flashing lights reflecting off the barrier. no traffic is getting by, we'll keep you posted when things reopen. in fishtown there's overnight work that's in the process of
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clearing the lanes are mostly open by the girard avenue interchange. no problems on the schuylkill expressway or the boulevard. there's construction on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound near willow grove right lane out of commission, eastbound by fort washington, the left lane and center lane is closed. in wilmington we have a number of closures because of the viewing and funeral of beau biden happening today and tomorrow. these closures take effect at 6:00 a.m. we'll be talking about them and more as the morning progresses. breaking overnight an armed robbery attempt leads to a shootout at a restaurant in philadelphia. the man targeted was an off-duty police officer. >> katherine scott has the developing details. >> reporter: good morning, tam that's right that detective was off duty the only customer inside the store, he had just ordered food when this
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happenedment this block remains closed off for the investigation there are officers inside the store. the front window of the shop is shattered from the shootout that happened. it happened before 11:30 two men went into rising sun pizza. one was armed with a gun. police say they put the gun to the head of the off duty detective and took $20 out of his harched and forced -- hand and forced him to lie on the floor. they turned around to the counter, at that point the detective identified himself and pulled out his gun. one of the suspect fired two shots at the detective but missed. the detective fired back, two suspects took off running but one collapsed in the parking lot and died. the other got away. >> we know that at least two shots were fired from the suspect at pointblank range at the officer. the officer is extremely lucky that he was not shot.
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he is extremely lucky he was not killed. >> reporter: and back here live investigators remain on the scene there is surveillance video of the entire incident. police say it's lucky that the detective wasn't injured neither was the owner nor the employee inside the store. the off duty detective was transported for interview for special affairs which is protocol when police discharged their weapon. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. new this morning a judge has sealed parts of surveillance video of a deadly ambush shooting, the video was the shown at a preliminary hearing for eric frein. authorities are seeking the death penalty for the september attack that killed brian dixon and wounded alex douglass. the judge sided with prosecutors to say the video should be sealed to prevent traumatizing
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the victim and their families. two men on the run are behind bars and face a federal judge today. they were arrested in northeast philadelphia and south philadelphia last night. they are accused of being accomplices to gay who was taken into custody days after the april 4th attack. the police say they kidnapped the woman and beat her when she didn't know the codes for the store safe. >> the victim suffered but survived a brutal horrific assault. she was stunned repeatedly with a taser and beaten and thrown out of the abductors' van. the gang dumped the victim at mount laurel cemetary in darby borough where she got help. the search goes on for the person guilty of horrible neglect and abuse of a puppy.
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he was found with a shackle in his neck and waying half of what he should. it became embedded in his flesh as he grew. trooper had emergency surgery yesterday. and faces a long recovery. a demolition project came crashing down on 22nd and market on this day 2013. 6 people were killed, 14 others injured. a memorial park is being built at the site to honor the victims. the contractor and the equipment operator face third degree murder charges. developing this morning a massive cyber attack. this targeted the u.s. government personnel office. this is the work of chinese hackers and it could affect
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thousands of workers. >> reporter: the hackers have access to the sensitive personal information of four million current and former government employees which analyst also say could be used for financial fraud or worse espionage. it is believed the hackers work for china. the massive breach was discovered in april by the security experts at the government command center. they targeted the computer system of personnel management which develops backgrounds checks of federal employees. it is the latest attack on the government. president obama convened a summit with the top tech executive signing an executive order where private companies can work together on cyber
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security threats. this morning it is not known how long the hackers had access to the personnel files but it appears to be a second attempt the same agency targeted by chinese hackers one year ago. the millions of government employees personal information being compromised are being offered credit monitoring and insurance. >> more on that is coming up on "good morning america." our own brian taff will run with the special flame of hope it is on the cross country tour, there was a celebration in south philadelphia last night. the action cam will be live when the unified relay resumes at 6:30 from the art museum steps. >> more news you didn't see last night. a spon spontaneous dance party lands
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4:43. it is friday. we have a spotty shower in some neighborhoods. >> reporter: we are expecting showers today, storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing we're dry we're dealing a couple of nuisance showers as you're driving around this morning, you might encounter wet roads and, of course, we're looking at drizzle where you don't see the green of the some of the stuff is popping through norristown, some of it close to philadelphia. you can see how it is riding up out of the south an area of low pressure down to the south. again the roads are wet. it won't last long. a lot of area without the active shower activity. as we look outside we have cloud
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skies across the region, that includes center city. live from north broad street temple university recently installed sky 6 camera. it does look gloomy today. 58 degrees currently in philadelphia. dewpoint, 52. winds out of the northeast at 8 miles per hour, that system down to our south is continuing to turn today and continuing to give us cloudy and somewhat damp conditions this morning. future tracker 6 will take us from now until noon. it will be cloudy through the morning and there will be sprinkles and showers around. as we get into the afternoon the clouds thin out between noon and 6:00 p.m. 3:00 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 p.m. we'll see the return of sunshine. it will get warmer today too. later on this evening, if you have plans to be out and about no big problems maybe a spritz here and there maybe it's basically changing over to
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partly cloudy skies 11:00. in the 60s 2:00 p.m. 72. looks like the high of 74 hits around 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. we're at 72 degrees, high temperatures across the region today 74 in allentown. 75 in reading, in the 70s in most spots in the mid to upper 60s as you creep down the coastal areas. for the phillies this evening, a new series against the giants, maybe they can win this, too partly cloudy and milder tonight. 71 degrees for the first pitch and down to 67 in the 9th inning. for the weekend high pressure builds in. while there could be a lingering shower or perhaps a thunderstorm in south jersey or delaware, generally speaking we're looking for a transition to afternoon sun, 82 degrees the high on saturday. down the shore, 59 in the water. on the the beach for the next several days, 66 today, 75 with sun returning on saturday, perhaps a shower around or maybe a thunderstorm particularly in parts of south jersey and
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delaware but generally speaking a pretty nice day and 70 on the beach only sunday, sun and clouds there. high of 74 in philadelphia today. 82 tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun, most of the precipitation saturday very spotty and down to the south of philadelphia. pleasant on sunday, high of 78. back to the mid 80s on monday, afternoon showers and thunderstorms. it now looks like there's going to be clearing in time for tuesday. tuesday, clouds and sun, 84 and pretty nice and summer-like on wednesday and thursday. >> we'll look forward to that. thank you david. new on "action news," a chicago hospital patient stole an ambulance an took it on to a wild ride into was wisconsin. he slams into a semi and slams into a ditch. when a passer by stopped to help him. he stole that vehicle and took off again. he attacked three officers. buck in her was being taken from
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one hospital to another when he escaped from his restraints. this florida man had some dance moves to show off but tweapt a good idea to do it there, on top of a police car. the man was up there for 6 minutes before he slid down on the windshield and ripped off one of the wipers. the man said he was being threatened by vample -- vampires and needed help from the sheriff of noting ham. good news for the philadelphia job market. a new report said the unemployment rate dropped from 6.5% in april. that means 4300 jobs were added between march and april. debt from overseas led to a decline on wall street. but futures are pointing to a higher open. game one, it was the warsers for the win in overtime.
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one fan gave $36,833. subway has announced its plan to drop artificial ingredients from the menu. this is part of a trend other major chains like pizza hut and taco bell have announced similar plans, people say they want it fresh. >> they get what we want. parents of this kentucky boy are planning his funeral because they say he swallowed too much cinnamon powered powder. the author claims ainy moment was drunk. details coming up. when we come right back.
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>> >> reporter: you're searching for a reason to like today. here's one, it is national donut day, go out and grab one or a couple. if you're heading to the vine street expressway, they have opened the westbound lane, the eastbound not as lucky although i think as we are watching they are reopening the ramp from the
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westbound side of the schuylkill to the eastbound side of the vine. we're in the process of reopening in center city. having a broken down vehicle in cheltenham along lime kiln pike and green avenue. northeast extension they are working southbound in the right lane approaching quakertown the right lane is blocked. people head to the poconos forays weekend the gates open at 8:00 a.m. it's raining what a shock, i know, here in norristown at markley street. really coming down at the moment. traffic is stopped for a light in willingboro by holiday ice cream watch out for a downed pole on 130 southbound at bridge borough street. tam. >> okay, thank you matt. new this morning a common kitchen spice is to blame for a tragic accident in kentucky it killed a 4-year-old boy.
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the boy climbed on top of the home and reached for the cinnamon. he died at the hospital an hour and half later. doctors warn that cinnamon can cause you to suffocate if you enhail it. there was a recent cinnamon challenge trend especially among teens to swallow a spoonful in under 60 seconds. we're learning about the infamous practice rant by alan iverson. >> we talking about practice, man, what are we talking about practice? >> a new boom claims that the basketball star was -- a new book claims that the basketball star was drunk. not a game, the incredible rise and unthinkable fall of alan iverson. years later iverson told reporters he was struggling with the death of his best friend at the time and admitted he should not have taken the mic.
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with his guitar. doctors kept him awake and talking during the surgery trying to monitor his motor functions and speech as they took out the tumor. >> you will not be hearing certain songs by justin bieber and celine deon. they decided to drop the artist to boost workersale. another change a raise to $10 an hour. a delay at laguardia prompted a sing off from two power house shows. performers with disney's the lion king and aladdin were stuck in the terminal they swanning. they were both winners as their
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flight took off. disney is the parent company of 6abc. >> that's making most of the time. 4:58. surveillance cameras captured two arsonists at work in south jersey. more when "action news" comes right back. well, sir. after some serious consideration
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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this friday, june 5, and developing this morning. >> a robbery attempt at a philadelphia pizza shop ends quickly when the victim turns out to be an off-duty police officer. >> a corporate jet crash lands at philadelphia international airport without all the landing gear. >> retail rage, hundreds of bargain hunters find themselves on the outside looking in. >> first up, let's get weather with david murphy and matt pellman has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys we are off to a cooler morning we have sprinkles and showers


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