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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. in the man hunt for two escaped killers across state lines, and police now show up at a woman's home. the power tools, the plan crawling their way through pipes up through a manhole, and now investigators have interviewed this woman who worked at the prison. did they have help. and breaking now, the t.b. scare. a female patient with an extreme form of tuberculosis raced to the national institutes of health looking for hundreds who may have come in connect with her. excessive force? an officer throwing aa teenage girl to the ground and pulling out his gun. severe storms. from the d.c. area all the way up to new york the massive fire erupting at a chemical plant, families urged to stay indoors.
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good evening. it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. we begin with several breaking stories. first, that man hunt that began in upstate new york now stretching across state lines, across the u.s. border. two convicted murders, their brazen prison break over the weekend using those power tools, drilling through walls made of steel and brick. tonight abc news has learned authorities have interviewed this woman, a worker at the prison. the escaped convicts crawled through this pipe and tonight communities are on high alert, police going door to door searching school classrooms. as that worker is questioned many are asking did these convicted murders get inside help. abc's gio benitez is in upstate new york. reporter: tonight, the first convicts to break out of this maximum security prison, are on the run. two days and counting. convicted murderers david sweat and richard matt serving up to life sentences now gone without a trace. police now at this home but not wanting us near.
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>> you shouldn't hang out if they're not home. >> reporter: the woman who lives here, prison employee joyce mitchell. our sources telling abc news she's been interviewed by investigators about the weekend prison break. her neighbors frightened. >> me and her were scared. i wanted to find out what's going on. >> reporter: officials say the two men were last seen in their adjoining cells at 10:30 pm friday night for bed check and reported missing the following morning at 5:30 am leaving this note behind. their empty beds stuffed with clothes to make it look like someone was asleep. sweat and matt using power tools to drill through a wall, reinforced with steel, to a catwalk running alongside utility pipes. >> what is the most troubling fact is they needed power tools to do what they actually did. they were heard. they had to be heard. >> reporter: the prison, under renovation, but it's unclear how they got their hands on tools. they worked their way down four stories, then cut through a two foot thick brick wall and into a
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steel steam pipe, only 24 inches in diameter, shimmying until they got to a tunnel. after another several hundred feet, coming to a locked manhole they sawed open with their tools. escaping on the street about a block from prison walls. a neighbor coming home at 12:30 am saying he confronted two men in the backyard. they said, "oh sorry, we're going in the wrong direction," before taking off. new york governor andrew cuomo retracing their steps over the weekend. schools in the area now guarded by police. children staying indoors. so if those two men seen in the back yard were in fact the escapees it would mean they would have had a five-hour head start before anyone realized they were missing. that's why tonight police say they could be anywhere and, david, they are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. >> gio benitez leading us off from upstate new york. thank you. we are also following an urgent medical alert tonight.
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a patient with what they call an extreme form of t.b. dangerous, con taj russ immune to the most powerful drugs. tonight she's in isolation but she had traveled through some of the busiest airports in the country. here's abc's david kerley. reporter: a female patient is tonight in isolation at the nih clinical center, according to federal health officials here in washington dc. she is being treated for what is called extensively drug resistant tuberculosis. a rare but dangerous form of the disease that defies many of the medications used to treat t.b. the woman flew from india to the united states in april through chicago o'hare airport. then she spent time in missouri and tennessee, seven weeks in the u.s. before the diagnosis. so tonight the cdc and illinois department of health are now reaching out to hundreds who may have been in contact with her either on the ground or in the aircraft.
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>> david kerley who covers aviation for us david, how concerned are authorities tonight that this might have been spread at airports or on a plane perhaps? >> they're not too worried it may have been spread on an airplane but this is an expensive area to try to contact all these people. that flight was seven weeks ago. you're talking about travel into three different states. tonight the woman remains in isolation in stable condition. >> david, thank you. to those images out of texas seen by millions. a pool party erupting into chaos, a police officer tangling with a teenage girl later seen drawing his gun. 24 hours ago those images watched by 1 million people tonight, more than 5 million now, and the outrage growing by the hour. abc's steve osunsami with what the police department has already done. reporter: those fatal
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>> he was just aggressive for no reason at all. it was horrible. >> reporter: nearly a dozen police were responding to a fight on friday at a community pool between a handful of black teenagers and white residents. most of the officers were keeping it calm. >> don't take off running when the cops get here. >> reporter: but corporal casebolt trying to figure out who was who was pushing teenagers to the ground and putting them in handcuffs. >> sir, we just came to a birthday party, please. >> reporter: police say here is why they put him on leave. when he starts in on 15-year-old da jar wra becton wearing the neon bikini and pulls his gun on friends coming to help her, one of those arrested and then he goes back to the girl. >> he told me to keep walking and then i kept walking and then i'm guessing he thought we were staying rude stuff to him. then he shoved me in the grass and started pulling back on my
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braids. i was telling him to get off me. >> reporter: the hardest part to watch is when he sits on her back with his knees as she's screaming for her mother. >> i ask that all persons be patient and respect the investigative process. >> reporter: groups are protesting tonight, saying this all started after kids who were visiting here heard racial slurs at this pool but both black and white families tell us that police were justified because the kids were out of control. david? >> steve osunsami, tonight, thanks. now to that other confrontation with a cop that made national headlines walter scott shot and killed in south carolina. you'll remember the image, his car being followed by an officer, you see them interacting and then the whole country saw what came next that suspect running and then shot and killed. tonight a major development and that officer indicted. here's abc's pierre thomas. reporter: those fatal
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moments caught on tape. six shots striking walter scott multiple times in the back as he fled from officer michael slager. the video's release prompting national outrage and quick action by authorities. slager has maintained his innocence, supporters saying the shooting was justified. today walter scott's family appearing grateful. >> this morning the jury made the decision to indict mr. slager for murder. we're very happy and pleased about that. >> reporter: if kiktd convicted he faces a maximum of 30 to life with no possibility of parole. the death penalty is not on the table because south carolina law only allows it with aggravating circumstances. no trial date has been set but the prosecutor made clear today that she will rely on other evidence to make her case against slager not just the video. david? >> pierre thomas live in our washington d.c. bureau thank you. tonight a major development in that terror takedown in boston the suspect authorities say lunging at police with a
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military style knife authorities say inspired by isis and plotting to bye head on officer. new images of the moment he attacked, police then opening fire the suspect killed. to pennsylvania tonight, that inferno at a chemical warehouse smoldering at this hour the images lighting up the night eye. listen to this tonight, the explosions captures early on. families were told for a time to stay in place, officials saying it is safe now, but in a moment you will see the water coming out of those pipes you can decide for yourself. here's abc's david wright on the scene. reporter: tonight officials are investigating what they call a major hazmat incident. home video captured the early moments of this blaze. those popping sounds canisters of chemicals catching fire. the location miller chemicals, a pennsylvania fertilizer
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manufacturer two hours west of philadelphia. >> to hear the explosions, it was almost like being in a battle zone. >> reporter: homeowners within a one mile radius told to shelter in place. businesses ordered to close. it's not clear what chemicals are burning. but some downwind report a nasty smell and burning eyes. firefighters protecting themselves, rinsing possible chemicals off their suits. for hours today, firefighters actually shut off their hoses, worried that water mixed with the chemicals was creating a toxic stew. >> i wouldn't suggest drinking the water out of the tap anytime soon. >> reporter: tonight officials insist all of their readings indicate no health threat to the community, but until people know exactly what chemicals are in that smoke, a lot of them figure better safe than sorry. david? >> david wright on the scene thank you. now to the severe weather watch tonight, 27 million in the storm zone after a brutal week already. storm chasers capturing this unbelievable image out of colorado, a super cell
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thunderstorm. not one tornado but two spawned from that. those storms now marching eastward 12 states from arkansas all the way up to upstate new york under severe thunderstorm and tornado watches. let's get right back to rob marciano and this is incredible. still has strength. >> it is. those storm watches, tornado watches all the way to the northeast. if you live inside these boxes you need to be alert. look at the yellow northwest new jersey pennsylvania virginia, d.c. we have strong storms from kentucky through tennessee. chicago night two for sforms. this is a two-day event. tomorrow another stormy sticky day for the east coast. that cold front slow to clear. be alert tomorrow as well. out west blanca into baha california a weak storm thankfully but some rains into phoenix, new mexico southern california and las vegas. an usual event. >> rob, thanks. the president tonight at the g-7 summit in germany raising eyebrows seem to say america does not have a complete
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strategy for defeating isis. let's get to terry moran live tonight. terry, what did he say? what did the president mean? >> reporter: david, he did say that the u.s. does not yet have a complete strategy to defeat isis because it depends in part on the government getting its act together. he urged the iraqi prime minister to do that. it was an amazing admission from president obama. he said the same thing last august, we have no strategy. it's been ten months since he sent american forces back into action in iraq and today he says the same thing no strategy to win. >> terry moran lifeve thank you. there is another developing headline overseas tonight, the growing crises on the high seas. more than 6,000 refugees rescued this weekend. desperate families making the dangerous crossing from africa to europe. you can see alex on board one of those ships, possibly half a
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million waiting to make the trip. abc's alex marquardt tonight, the only american reporter to take us on board the rescue ship. >> reporter: early morning, a rescue boat launches. >> we're here to help you, you're all safe now. >> reporter: every square inch of this top deck filled with hundreds of people. they tell us there are 300 more down below. suddenly four more boats packed with people far more than the crew and their partners doctors without borders, can handle. they call for help. war ships from italy, ireland and germany arrive on the scene. in just the past two days almost 6,000 people were rescued. so far this year 90,000 people have taken this journey with hundreds of thousands more expected to do the same. they pack into the airless squalid holds below deck.
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we're told there are 250 people squeezed down here. they would have been crammed in here like cattle. absolutely miserable conditions. these are the lucky ones so many never make it this far. and they know it as italy comes into view the feeling of an old life ending is greeted with a celebration for the one to come. alex marquardt, abc news on the phoenix. >> thank you. back here at home tonight and to the new alert as we head into summer after a terrifying shark attack at a popular beach in florida. a little boy swimming in shallow waters where so many children play and what authorities are now pointing to the new surge in shark sightings on beaches in three states now. abc's matt gutman from florida.
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>> seems in distress. >> reporter: the chaos as good samaritans carried him from the beach. he was air lifted to a hospital where he's now recovering. a bull shark blamed in that attack but it's great whites that are being spotted from new york to california even cruising under water here in florida. but off the coast of the bahamas we recently learned that sharks don't consider humans food. even these 16-foot tiger sharks we swam with. wow. florida is a shark attack capital of the world. still there is only one fatal attack at the u.s. over the past two years. folks behind me say that if you are worried about shark attacks, stay close to lifeguard towers. it's their job to look out for them. david. >> always great advice. thanks. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the warning for families, the thieves out to take packages sitting on your front door while
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you're away. look at this tonight, the woman running after an accused thief. you will see and hear the confrontation after the break. why this is the season after the holidays for packages to be stolen from your front door. we have new surveillance a person of interest after that attack on real estate brokers, we'll have more on that coming in. did you see it over the weekend, millions the stake even after the big race but we wondered how much is that ticket really worth if you hold onto it for a while, post it on ebay, what it's already up to tonight. i bundled renter's with my car insurance through progressive for just six bucks more a month. word. there's looters running wild out there. covered for theft. okay. that's a tidal wave of fire. covered for fire. what, what? all right. fine. i'm gonna get something to eat. the boy's kind of a drama queen. just wait. where's my burrito? [ chuckles ] worst apocalypse ever. protecting you till the end. now, that's progressive.
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next tonight, to a warning we're used to hearing about during the holidays packages stolen from your doorstep. why thieves are now plotting to visit your home while your away this summer. aditi roy tonight with the confrontations. she's running! she has our stuff! >> reporter: tonight, the latest in a string of package thefts. >> we're chasing her! >> reporter: this suspected thief in pittsburgh coming face-to-face with the homeowner. >> why are you running away if you didn't do anything wrong?
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>> reporter: the woman got away. this brazen theft took place in washington d.c. and watch this crook in northern california grab a package and go. inside he found awnings obviously not something he wanted so he immediately put them for sale on craigslist and got caught by police. this is the beginning of the season where these kind of thefts spike second only to the christmas holidays because people go on vacation and so packages can pile up on the porch. jon landis and his wife were on their honeymoon in aruba when his home surveillance system alerted him. they could actually see this woman snatch their wedding gifts from their porch. >> i felt violated, angered. >> reporter: police say to keep your packages safe require a signature or have them sent to work. posting these crimes could lead
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and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. florida police arresting a suspect for attacks on two real estate agents. this surveillance video from a walmart of a person of interest unclear if he was the one arrested. two female realtors held at gunpoint in the last week. oscar pistorius convicted of killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp spent to five years behind bars. he could be released as early as august for good behavior. nashville putting new york city on notice over that famous fireworks display. nashville saying they will put on the biggest display in the country, more than 40,000 fireworks. stay tuned. when we come back here tonight, did you see the triple
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...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. finally here the race might be over but american farrow could soon be very busy. the sun about to shine on american pharoah. going for the triple crown, the first since 1978. >> they're off! >> reporter: three and a half years old, five and a half ahead of the nearest contender. >> here it is the 37-year wait is over! american pharoah is finally the one! american pharoah has won the triple crown!
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>> reporter: tonight here, the numbers. 90,000 in the stands at belmont park many holding one of these tickets. a $2 investment worth just $3.50 after all that. ticket holders hoping one day they'll fetch much more. tonight on ebay some tickets listed for as much as $100. his owners want him to keep racing hardly the norm. his stud fee, up to four a day. >> when you retire all you do is eat, play and have sex. >> could be worse, could be worse. >> dan harris, ever the diplomat.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants. a business specialist originally from brockville, ontario, cananada... an antiques dealer from los angeles, california... and our returning champion a visual information specialist originally from kansas city, missouri...


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