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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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responsible for the ex execution-style murder. >> it was at point blank range. >> he was getting an early start for a delivery to new york and investigators say he was approached by someone outside of his truck for an attempted robbery. >> a senseless situation, i don't even think he had any money on him. we don't understand it it was a senseless murder. he says his drivers don't carry cash and he says that tom was a family man with a proud worth edgic. >> worked hard and very loyal and showeded up here early in the morning and got his own deliveries ready. and veryconshown shus
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individual. he sped off and called police, when he came back he found childs laying next to his truck he was shot twice in the head at close range and his wallet was in his pocket. police have released this composite sketch of the suspect, described as a young black man wearing a gray hoody at the time. >> the suspect appears to have fled on foot and the police have promising leads they say but no sign of him yet. david henry channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that report. police say they arrested an norristown man for a bank robbery in plymouth meeting this after surveillance video was released of the holdup. the man fired one shot at the
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teller's window it. sara bloomquist will have more in a live report at 5:00. >> it's a warm and humid day but unlike yesterday we are avoiding most of the storms, one thing we won't escape is the heat. >> i don't know if i want to escape it. i like it. >> the heat. >> yes i do. after this winter. yes, i am being positive adam. >> i like your positivity. >> we have no way to complain after the winter we had even when we get back to the low 90s. as we look at double scan live radar, all is quiet and a mix of sun and clouds and all the severe weather with the cold front and a good jet stream to really get the dynamics going and excited in southern and northern new england where they have watch boxes and storms moving between hartford and vermont and monreal, canada. 85 in philadelphia and 87 in
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washington but look at the north and west. 59 in buffalo and 73 in pittsburgh behind the front and we are starting to drop the humidity the dew points which this morning and yesterday were between 65 and 70 that is when the atmosphere is extremely soupy and has a heavy weight to it, we are down to 57 in philadelphia and 56 in pittsburgh and that drier air is coming in with that westerly wind here this evening. at 7:00, 80 degrees and 78 at 8:00 and dropping into the middle 70s at 8:00 but as we look ahead to the accuweather forecast, we talk about the 80s and a comfortable midweek with low humidity but the muggies return midweek along with the 90s and the possibility of our first heat wave of the year. we'll tell you when and how hot and muggy it will get in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. >> police are looking for the driver that hit a man on market
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street in philadelphia overnight and kept ongoing, today we learned the victim is a local actor who now has serious injuries. vernon odom is live in center city where the crash happened you have the details here. >> reporter: police say it was overnight at 1:00 a.m. this morning as a matter of fact when police say it happened out here on market east, the victim remains hospitalized in critical condition, this is veteran stage actor, michael toner well known in local theaters where there is great concern about him today. later on on market street he was the victim of a hit and run driver who remains at large, he was crossing market and was run over by a vehicle, and his injuries so severe doctor his to amputate his left leg. >> there was no physical evidence left behind and no
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parts of the car was left behind and we had nothing like that. we don't always get a piece of the car left behind this time nothing left behind as far as physical evidence. >> toner a vietnam veteran performed on stage. michael toner at this point is in no condition to help police with their investigation and police sources tell me and they have no video of anything that wept on here last night that helps them so if there are any witnesses out here at success in the morning or any merchants on market east that may have surveillance video that could help police they are asking to call police right away. vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. one person went to the hospital today after a crash that shut down part of i-95. chopper 6 hd was over the scene between academy and woodhaven
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roads, police say that an suv flipped over in the northbound lanes, they have not told us the driver's name but the person is expected to survive and all lanes in the area are back open this afternoon and we'll have a full check of this situation coming up in traffic in two minutes. >> this is the destructive blaze that damaged 20 homes in hamilton township new jersey a dozen people are forced out of their homes after a massive fire destroyed the entire 1700 block of east state street today mercer county investigators encountered the source of the blaze saying it was a blow torch by roofers doing work on a home there and deemed this an accident. many residents escaped with just the clothes on their back. one man upset to leave behind his wedding ring it was in one of the hardest homes hit.
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>> i want my wedding ring back. >> two pieces of good news there, jose got his ring back and you may remember this little girl last night, she was devastated that her pet fish was inside of her home and today they went in reunited it with the little girl. >> today the fire chief and american red cross met with residents to let them know what resources were available to them as they try to piece things together there. nora muchanic will have the latest tonight on "action news" at 5:00. a lot of devastation and bright spots as well. >> thank you alicia. it's a slow go on part of the northeast extension, where a pretty big sinkhole shut down one side of that highway, chopper 6 hd live over the southbound lanes of montgomery county, that is where the sink hole opened up in a construction zone. the effort to repair the hole means southbound drivers are
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forced to exit at landsdale and causing delays that stretch back for miles and not expected to open until after the evening rush this is the pain all evening long. lets get over to autumn marisa in for matt pellman. >> we are at the northeast extension on our map you are detouring right now at landsdale, taking 63 east to 309 south, this will bring you out at the fort washington interests change i will warn you that 309 south is backed un63 east is backed up and long delayed on the southbound lanes of the northeast extension we'll have to bear it out it will be out there until at least 6:00. it is causing problems on mass transit the landsdale doylestown line has major delays on the inbound trains. switching gears heading out to
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95, this is northbound right at the betsy ross bridge an accident on the right hand side causing big delays there and 30 minutes to go from the vine to woodhaven right now moving right along the teens are rolling 15 miles per hour on the schuylkill expressway and 16 on the blue route and 16 on the northbound lanes of 95 a low go all over the place this tuesday afternoon. looking at the vine street expressway end to end the schuylkill to 95 are you sitting in traffic that looks just like this, moving along and showing the area bridges looking nice and clear and that is one piece of good news, we'll bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thanks autumn. the former speaker of the house makes his first appearance in court for charges of the coverup of a sex scandal. and the two killers that
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escaped from the maximum security prison in new york, two friends say they came face-to-face with the funl fugitives. and a scare of tuberculosis an opinion is treated for a strain that is resistant to drugs.
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are the search continues for two convicted killers that escaped from upstate new york and today they are focusing on people that may have helped him. david sweat was accused of killing a sheriff's deputy and matt killed his boss and dismembered him. they want to know how they got the power tools to cut their way out. investigators questioned at least one prison employee, she is in charge of handing out work assignments. they say that the missners took
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off running but that police should be considered dangerous. >> they are in the way, in other words they want your car and stay in your house they want you to transport them someplace, they will harm you unless you do what they tell you to do. >> hundreds of officers are moving through the forest and following hundreds of leads. members of the naacp in texas want a white police officer fired for pushing a black teen to the ground as they responded to calls of a fight at a pool party. this is the video showing the officer pointing his gun at other teens and this is causing quite an uproar. >> i'm too infuriated and it went from anger to discuss. >> this father's reaction in north texas showing this white
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police officer hitting a black teenage girl to the ground while pulling a gun at a weekend pool party. one the girls that tried to help the girl on the ground says the office now on administrative leave struck her on the arm and face but an apology is not enough. >> he hit me in the face win i tried to help the girl and when two more guys tried to help the girl he pulled his firearm out. >> down on the ground! >> her father believes this was fueled by racial tension. >> i believe because they were black. >> this has nothing to do with race this has to deal with just a group of teens getting together and having a good time. >> neighbors that support the officers say they are getting death threats, but they are standing by them. >> he was not out of line and i
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completely support him drawing the weapon or taser because he was being attacked from behind. >> in the meantime the fraternal order of the police say this was not a racial motivated incident. and that officer is on leave. former house speaker, dennis hastert pleaded not guilty to all charges in a hush money case, they had had to push through a crowd to get in court for an arraignment in after none he agreed to give someone $3.5 million for past misconduct, to cover up claims he sexually abused someone decades ago. campbell soup says they are buying a michigan firm that makes salsa and hummus, they are scooping it up for $31 million, it's the latest step to campbell
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trying to grow into faster category of fresher foods. fresh gourmet made their first bucket, it had net sales of $100 million. not a bad turn on your investment. a live look at closing numbers, the dow off 2.5 points and nasdaq down just about 8 and the s&p up just a smidge on the day. less than a point. in the meantime the hsbc bank says they will cut 50,000 jobs hsbc will also shrink its investment bank by a third. it is still though europe's largest bank by assets and hurt by compliance costs and fines and low interest rates. alice cooper gave us an enof
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the school anthem in 1972, and kids have been singing "schools out for summer" every june since them but today in delaware it was the teachers that were belting out a different iconic beat. ♪♪ ♪♪ good-bye! >> talk about a tough year, teachers here at byron middle school were just as excited for the summer vacation as their students if not more math and history were replaced by single and clapping and dancing they had their last day of school for nearly 1700 students. >> those teachers look like they won the lottery. it must have been a tough year. lets get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph i see you there. >> i was wondering what they look like when they come back to school, i want to see that video
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as well. it's perfect timing for them because the summer heat and humidity is cranking here, and we look live at sky 6 hd southbound towards ventnor and margate, the puffy cumulous clouds upstairs sharing the sky with a decent amount of blue as drier air is moving in. the temperatures are warm at the shore at 83 degrees, ahead of a cold front slicing through the region not much of a sea breeze, 85 in millville and look to the west lower 80s now from lancaster reading to the lehigh valley and in conjunction with the cooler temperatures the dew points are dropping into the middle to upper 50s where as wildwood and dover between 64 to 6 67, that is where the drier air will filter in. we look at the due points 50s
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is pleasant and 60s humid and 70s oppressive feeling so we are looking good for tomorrow and then we spike thursday friday into saturday where it will feel very humid out before we drop off the second half of the weekend on sunday when fresh high pressure comes in and gives us the weekend winner for the second half of the weekend. all the weather is concentrated in southern and northern new england with all the energy that passed through here in the afternoon and evening hours for us we are drying out at the ( present time. 58 in toms river and millville 59. and turning very comfy overnight and looking good for tomorrow morning 65 in reading and 71 philadelphia and dover 72 degrees and continued low humidity in the afternoon despite temperatures well above
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average and middle 80s across the board and even at the shore tomorrow, no sea breeze temperature its between 80 and 84, as we look at your four day at 4:00, sunny and warm and 86 and the heat and humidity they run right back in here on thursday up to 92 degrees, a scattered afternoon thunderstorm on thursday and friday. and hazy hot and humid on friday and 90 degrees, if we hit 90 degrees three days in a row or better, we'll have the possibility of heat wave number one of the year, could be a thunderstorm or a better chance saturday afternoon compared to thursday or friday as the front pulls through and that brings a nice end to the weekend on sunday, we'll show that you forecast coming you up with the seven day in the next half hour. timing is perfect for the kids. 92 and humidity. >> that is why they were cheering. >> all right thank you. well the donations were plentiful and much needs today
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student from will bowdine high school got a truckful of supplies from the nonprofit students helping students that helps with furnishing and supplies for students they delivered printers and filing cabinets. it's so great to see because teachers spend their own money buying supplies. a scare of tuberculosis, a patient came down with a case resistant to most drugs and now doctors are trying to figure out who may have come in contact with her. when it comes to buying a barbecue grill we put them to the test to see which one is the best buy. and a cat in a crocheted crop top. that is coming up in big
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>> doctors in maryland are treating a patient with a rare case of tuberculosis. and trying to identify anyone that may have come in contact she flew through chicago and is now in quarantine in maryland. police are looking for the person that robbed a convenience store in philadelphia's may fair section this morning, it happened at the 7-eleven a suspect walked into the store and demanded money the person took about $300 and ran off.
4:27 pm
police are looking at surveillance video of the crime. one pastor is dead and another is seriously hurt in buck county well have a live report on how the couple's church is dealing with the tragedy coming up. and a disabled woman is suing american airlines over what he made her do while boarding a flight, why their mistake left her humiliated. i'm nydia han grilling season is well underway if are you in the market for a grill i have great news consumer reports has found winners.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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"action news" continues. >> "action news" continues with the creative way with one way the mother used the family cat to convince her daughter that her top was just too small. >> and mrs. zoe saldana what sparked controversy about taking her name. despite what people may think. and a senior citizen shot in the head on his front step in kensington. we begin in berks county where members of a reading area church are relying on their faith to see them through an overwhelming tragedy. their motorcycle collided with an suv in brain township.
4:30 pm
chad pradelli spoke to heart broken parishioners today and is live with the story. >> reporter: erin, the family is saddened by this tragedy. if you look at the sign on van reed road, it says the lord is close to the broken heart the and rescued those whose spirits are crushed. today church parishioners made their way to pray for brian and lynn koch. brian remains in krit can condition with an amputated leg and critical injures. >> it's a shame but such a good person and such a good family. no question this is the most difficult thing. brian is a pastor for most of
4:31 pm
his life. the gt community is several thousand strong. and brian is on the stage preaching to thousands and lynn is in an office helping one person learn how to read. the couple was driving along grange road on sunday night when an suv struck them. earlier that day the church had a special service for first sponsors earlier that night people would try to help the injured couple. >> it seems unthinkable that something like this would occur and the hearts of our church and people are bleeding right now. >> and burn township police tell me that the investigation into the accidents continues and no charges are filed yet. there is a special service that will be held here tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. i'm live in reading, chad
4:32 pm
pradelli channel 6 "action news." >> such a sad story thank you. an allentown grandmother dealing with unimaginable loss is thanks her community for their support. she stood outside of her apartment building hugging person after person on friday her two granddaughters accidentally fell from a fourth floor window in the same complex. her 5-year-old granddaughter survived and her 3-year-old granddaughter did not. it's hitting them hard because her daughter moved here from north carolina to start a new life for her daughters. >> i never thought i would be doing this at my granddaughter's funeral. >> you grab them and hold them tight and tell them how much you love them because you never know. >> it's heart breaking to hear from them. she went on to tell her supporters to tell them she would not cope without them.
4:33 pm
delaware state police are dealing an an unusual situation, two people were stabbed but they cannot find one of victims, they were called to mansion park in newcastle for reports of a double stabbing they founds one person with a cut to the neck but couldn't find the second victim, the incident appears to be domestic related . a 75-year-old man is recovering after police say he was injured by a stray bullet on the front step of his home in west kensington, at the 400 block of indiana avenue one bullet grazed the man's head and he is expected to survive, investigator dozen not believe he was the intended tar get. they are looking for a black vehicle that drove past the house around the time of the shooting. delaware police are working with the fbi to find a woman
4:34 pm
abducted one year ago, nefertiti trader was seen on june 30th of last year, someone forced her into a car and the silver accura has never been found. they have announce they had are increasing the reward and putting up new electronic billboards with her photo john rawlins will have more coming up on "action news" at 5:30. a 42-year-old mother accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy reached a plea deal in a norristown courtroom today. iris gibany agreed to five years probation. the boy told investigators that he met her when she volunteers at a pottsgrove high school football game. police in mount laurel spend
4:35 pm
the time at the middle school after a bomb scare threat was called in there it was one of many called in across the state bomb sniffing dogs searched the school and nothing was found and class resumed as normal with an added police presence. what a pain. >> it depends where you were you saw the storms i saw them, they were nasty at my house. >> they were nom nus looking and some areas of 60 miles per hour winds. but today it's quiet out there, lets look at double scan live radar, all the action is mainly in southern and northern new england with severe storms in montreal and all is quiet here, and storms continue to race their way into northern new england and far from the delaware valley in fact sun and clouds and 85 warm degrees and the dew point is dropping and
4:36 pm
the at atmosphere is trying out and you condition get the thunderstorms to pop with the dry air coming in with the westerly wind at 18 miles per hour and high temperatures so far 86 in philadelphia and matching the number in raleigh, and looking at the nation's heartland wichita 95 and omaha 96 and we'll head into the 90s and could have our first heat wave of the year, we'll chat about the numbers and how long it might last. coming up. >> thank you adam. >> remember if you see any severe weather, remember to join the action send storm photos to or use #6abcaction on social media. the federal drug administration is considering a new cholesterol lowering drug and doctors say it's the biggest development they have seen in a long time.
4:37 pm
anchor sharrie williams joins us in the studio. >> high cholesterol is linked to death and high blood pressure and this is what the fda is thinking about approving a drug that could significantly lower cholesterol ali gorman has more on why it's different than other medications and we know that soda may not be the best for us but officials in one city is trying to share the health message in as many ways as possible. >> sharrie thank you. a delaware county teenager is down playing his act of heroism on the baseball field last night. michael was on second base last night after hitting a double. that is when the umpire went into ard yack arrest and collapsed there at home plate he volunteers for the darby fire company and recently learned cpr
4:38 pm
and jumped in to stabilize that man until paramedics arrived. >> i was nervous but kind of went right into the zone, that is what i was trained to do so i feel it's my job, walter perez will have more from this young hero and an update on the umpire's condition coming up tonight at 6:00. >> still ahead consumer reports is putting gas grills to the test which models are hot and which are not. and a decision sparking online debate why actress, zoe saldana took her last name and why she tried to talk him out of it. and why this mother showed her daughter this top is just too small how she used the family's cat to illustrate the point. adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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drops his complaint but for walker it's too little too late. >> called me bad names like i'm a hoodlum like a delinquent or something. >> the principal says he was trying to protect the rights of the class of 2015. and a doctor unveiled the
4:42 pm
first ever prosthetic leg that can feel, it has wire sensors in the sole that are wired to the ground and sends information on pressure and the rolling motion of the foot to the brain through nefb endings on the patient's leg stump wolfgang the first person to wear the foot says he can feel if he is walking on stones or pavement, and he can run or cycle and go cloiming with barely a limp. and american airlines is accused of making a woman crawl on to a plane. >> when she arrived at the gate, they said it was too late to set up a ramp so she crawled on to the plane. >> it was embarrassing to have
4:43 pm
50 something people watch you crawl into a plane. >> she received an apology from the airline but that is not enough. she is suing for $75,000 along with some punitive damages. this is actress zoe saldana there and her husband marco, as he is legally known as marco saldana the decision to take her name is causing quite a buzz. >> she told him if you take my name you'll be emasculated by your community of artists and the latin community of men, and his answer i don't give a bleep, the whole family using the name soldan a, what do you think? a good conversation going on right now on my facebook page. and in an attempt to explain to her 16-year-old daughter why this crocheted top is too
4:44 pm
revealing, the mother was looking for someone really small to model and show her how small it is it. and bingo, enter the family cat modeling the shirt mom posted the picture on amazon in the comment section, i couldn't post a picture legally but so you can see, here is a picture of our cat wearing it it covers the cats unmentionables but in summary do not buy this even for your cat. >> is it kind of a good fit. >> even snug on the cat. >> like a mini sweater. thank you alicia. >> lets get another check of the roads, autumn marisa is live in the traffic center a lot going on behind you there. >> totally switching gears here on the schuylkill expressway we have a major accident in the westbound lanes at the boulevard, an overturned vehicle
4:45 pm
behind the sign here you can't really see it we saw the doors sticking up in the air and it is on its side and they are trying to upright it and the cars are on the shoulder and the three lanes are merging down to one and quite a big delay on the westbound lanes, keep that in mine our sensors you see are not doing well on the westbound lanes, and again it's a slow go down on the blue route 26 miles per hour and 95 we have an accident on the northbound lanes of the betsy ross bridge and northeast extension we have the detour out here, when you exit off at landsdale, you'll want to take route 63 east to route 69 south there is no choice out there, they did shut down the on ramp at quakertown, they don't want anybody getting on the turnpike to then having to exit at lanes dale. keep that in mind. emergency road work is out there
4:46 pm
until 6:00 this evening and the off ramp to 555 is closed because of an oil spill. >> thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph is standing by with your exclusive accuweather forecast.
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4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph is joining us now. >> we are in the stability left now and we'll stay there for the next 36 hours or so until we see pop-ups but nothing compared to yesterday as we look at the action cam at logan's square, the kids were running around the swan memorial fountain and getting cool when the wind is blowing to you, never want to go
4:49 pm
into the fountain because there is no chlorine and some electricity flowing through that fountain looking at double scan live radar across the region all is quiet and any real pop-ups are in southern new england near new york state and they are heading north and east and we are beginning the drying out process and the cold front is slipping through philadelphia but ahead of that cold front with the southwesterly winds you get a spike in temperature prior to a front coming through and we are at 86 and millville and dover and even at the shore, mid-80s, and. >> sea breeze with the southwesterly winds and they are moving in the west to northwesterly direction and the number is cooler in mount pocono, the windses are sustained to sustained to 15 to 18 miles per
4:50 pm
hour. and buffalo and binghamton and we have the bow echo radar looks like the bowen you stretch it and those are the winds in new england with severe storms but all is dry to the west and that is the way it will remain overnight tonight. so really just patchy clouds and turning comfy overnight and 55 in the suburbs and 65 in center city. and we wedge a full day of sunshine in here and low humidity 86 degrees, staying on the warm side, and then the high starts to fade and the frontal boundary is trying to slip through here tomorrow afternoon on thursday. but prior no that front it won't make it that far south so we are in the summer soup on thursday and 92 degrees, hot and humid as well and we'll repeat that process on friday and again on saturday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, the pick of the week is really tomorrow, 86
4:51 pm
degrees and hot and humid on thursday and especially friday between 90 and 92 degrees, an isolated shot of a thunderstorm or downpour in the afternoon but it's the pop-ups that are random. and then on saturday if we hit 90 for three days consecutively could be the first heat wave of the year and then sunday afternoon a chance of widespread thunderstorms and that drops through lowers the humidity on sunday and we stay at 87 degrees, and monday and tuesday not too bad middle 80s for highs and sun and clouds the seven-day forecast showing a test of what is july like in here for thursday friday and saturday and then we go back to near normal a week from now guys. >> wednesday is the day to play hooky. >> you want to do that? >> i feel it in my throat. consumer reports puts gas grills to the test.
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if your looking for a new grill for the summer consumer reports is checking out the deal with gas grills here is consumer reports nydia han. >> they have a number of great ones to recommend. >> looking to add more sizzle to your style? consumer reports puts well over 100 gas grills through the paces therma couple measures temperatures to see if the grill has hot or cold spots to see how evenly two burgers cook on different sides of grill. we found good options on medium grills they typically hold about two dozen burgers, this
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$600 webber spirit is the top mid size grill but kenmore from sears offers solid construction built-in lights and a side burner for $950, and consumer reports recommends this $375 better homes and garden grill from wal-mart. >> you get a lot of features the stainless steel grates and it comes with the rotisserie and the sliding gas tank. >> plus the side burner and excellent performer in cooking tests. that means you are off to a good start even on a budget. >> the one thing that consumer reports cautions about is the burner warranty it's the most replaced part. and the kenmorey leat has a generous some year burner
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warranty, you can get more advice on grill buying at >> and finally on "action news" at 4:00, there is little down that this little girl from raleigh has definitely got it. take a look. ♪♪ ♪♪ that is sassy this video from the 6-year-old diana cologne has gone viral can you see why she is described as feisty and bubbly. and cologne owns the routine, set to arenal nklin's respect. the performance is viewing more than 20 million times can you watch the full video by head to our website at
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modest she is not. >> yes, she has a future. but i wouldn't want to be the parent arguing with her telling her to go to bed now. not going to happen. for 4:00 i'm brian taff, i hope you'll join us tonight for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. see you tonight.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. a norristown man is being questioned tonight for a recent bank robbery in plymouth meeting a man was seen firing a shot in the bank and leaving with cash and police believe they know the man that did it. the big story is the arrest in the bank of america robbery back on june 3rd. the detectived released video of the the suspect yesterday and shortly after that tipped began to pour in. sara bloomquist is live outside with the very latest.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: well, that is right, we are not naming this suspect until he has been formerly charged, which is likely to happen later on tonight, is he here at plymouth township police he was arrested this afternoon while at home with his wife who is 9 months pregnant. plymouth township police put out this surveillance video of the suspect yesterday and immediately tips came in with the suspect's name, it was last wednesday just before hurricane katrina p.m. when the man bran dished the weapon and demanded cash, as he was leaving he fired a single shot back in the direction of the tellers, fortunately nobody was injured. this afternoon police moved in on the suspect, and at first he refused to come out and then through the window he saw the police presence and


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