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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  June 10, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. >> ♪♪ >> we are updating several breaking stories for you on "action news." a hit and run driver seriously injures a man along the roosevelt boulevard. >> an innocent shooting victim was caught in the crossfire. >> a big mess on i-295 in south jersey. a truck overturned sending a load of apple juice all over the pavement. good morning everyone, 6:30 on this wednesday. tam is off erin o'hearn joins us along with david and karen. good morning. >> good morning. chopper six live on the scene in burlington county new jersey. look at this mess. it is literally a mess on 295 northbound. here is what's going on right at route 541.
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you can see they've got two heavy duty tow trucks on the scene. they're trying to upright the cab portion of this tractor-trailer. look at what police are doing. they're out there sweeping the highway because there was a fuel spill. they put down sand on the roadway. 80,000 pounds of apple juice boxes just strewn all over the highway. now they're allowing some traffic to get by and if chopper kind of pans back you can see we're backed up for miles. police tell me that they're blocking offer the exit ramps onto 295 northbound at route 541 as well as exit number 45 to try to eliminate some of the backup that just keeps growing at this point while they intermittently block all lanes many people just stuck in this traffic. it is a mess in burlington county, new jersey. chopper six looking live at the scene and they've got a ways to go while they clean up that accident. let's go to the maps and we'll show you how to get around it. stick to the new jersey turnpike, stick to 130 both good options instead of 295 northbound at 541. now here we're looking live southbound route one at rockhill road.
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police activity. we had a lot of crews out here. some have left the scene. we have at least one officer on the scene now off to the right side right now but partially blocking that ramp from rockhill road to route one southbound here in bucks county. here's another live look, i-95 southbound that's your building volume here at cottman. so not a big problem on i-95, just a slow go and the roads are dry but sunny out there dave. >> i can see that in some of your shots there karen. sun glare becoming an issue. we have a lack of cloud cover across the region on satellite this morning and they'll their will probably be fair weather cumulus developing especially during the afternoon it's certainly a bright start. also comfortable. 68 degrees in philadelphia, 57 degrees in allentown this morning, 59 in reading, 63 in trenton, 62 in wilmington and 63 for your early morning stroll on the boardwalk in sea isle see city and atlantic city. going to be a nice wednesday. it will be warm and this afternoon if you're outside getting stuff done you probably wants to keep some cool drinks handy but the humidity is a lot lower this
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morning and stays that way today. 68 by 8 o'clock, 82 by noon. 87 is your high today by 3 o'clock, less humid than the last couple of days. as we take a look at your pollen count looks like we're going to inch our way back up into the medium high range today and kind of fluctuate back and forth between that and medium levels between now and saturday. heat and humidity return tomorrow and your accuweather 7-day forecast i'll have details on that coming up in a few minutes. matt and erin. >> thank you david. breaking news here. police say gunfire struck an innocent bystander in north philadelphia. it happened at north front street and lippincott street at 4 a.m. police say a gunman tried to shoot another man but missed and that bullet hit a 53-year-old who was just sitting on his front steps a few doors away, struck him in the calf. he is in stable condition. the the gunman fled the scene. the man police believe was the target is being held for questioning. more breaking news. the search is on for a driver who slammed into a man along the the roosevelt boulevard and kept on going. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live near the soon in olney with what we
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know about that striking vehicle. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the victim is 25 years old. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and we're told he is expected to survive. and now the search is on for that driver. and this is where it happened. it happened in the inner lanes of roosevelt boulevard at front street in the northbound lanes. it happened around 1:30 this morning here in olney. multiple 911 calls came in. officers found that 25-year-old man lying in the road. police say the impact knocked him out of his shoes. he had head trauma, injuries to his legs and torso. the driver took off continuing northbound on the boulevard. accident investigators were here earlier gathering evidence and they believe the victim was crossing at the crosswalk but other details remain under investigation. >> at this time we don't know if the pedestrian, the victim, had the green light or if the striking vehicle had the green light. we're not sure at this time.
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however, after striking the 25-year-old victim, the striking vehicle did not remain on the scene. >> reporter: and back here live where you can see roosevelt boulevard is opened. to traffic. accident investigators cleared the scene overnight. the vehicle police are looking for is described as either an acura or a honda, dark or black in color probably does have some damage. there are several businesses here nearby with surveillance cameras on them, so police are hoping there's some footage that can help in this investigation as they continue to search for the driver. call police were any tips. in olney, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks for the update. a developing story. police say they're getting conflicting information on what happened on this block in the city's kensington section. one person shot three times in the leg either inside or near a home on the 1900 block of east first street around 1:00 a.m. the victim is in stable condition. police took one person into custody but it was on an
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unrelated charge. detectives are trying to figure out if this was part of a home invasion or if it was something else. of course we will keep you posted. police in delaware county say they're following several leads in the search for a killer thief. this is a sketch of the suspect. he's wanted for murdering 63-year-old tom childs. investigators recovered childs' stolen cell phone in lansdowne cemetery late yesterday. the truck driver was getting ready for work when someone gunned him down at a warehouse in yeadon. >> we believe he got less than $30 in cash and took this gentleman's life and killed him for that amount of money. >> childs' family released a statement saying "he was a hard working man. he was also a loving husband father grandfather, brother and friend who was loved by all who came in contact with him ." >> several businesses in south jersey have no cooling systems with a potential heat wave approaching. cam as are in turnsville cap can heard two crooks stealing
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air conditioners from a shopping mall on route 42 early yesterday morning. they were seen piling up and strapping down four compressor units which practically overloaded the back of a pickup truck. business owners say thieves have struck before but police aren't saying if the cases are connected. >> don't want to be without your air conditioner later in the week. >> no, definitely don't. weaver looking at a potential heat wave starting tomorrow and the heat indexes are going to be up to the mid 90's, probably the up are 90's at times. storm tracker six live double scan this morning though shows i was dry low humidity morning, real comfortable as you step outside. taking a look outdoors, lots of sunshine. get those shades ready as you climb aboard your chevy or chrysler or whatever it is you're driving this morning, it's going to be bright. temperature right now 68 degrees. dewpoint is down there below that 60-degree threshold for humidity so it really doesn't feel all that humid out there and winds are light real comfortable morning as you step outside. satellite and radar showing you a lack of significant cloud cover this morning so it will be shades weather for the morning commute. we may get some fair weather
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cumulus popping in during the afternoon but generally speaking looks pretty bright from start to finish its going to be warm. 80 degrees as soon as 11 o'clock. your high today we'll get to 87 degrees around 3 o'clock but with lower humidity it will be a lot more comfortable out there than it has been the last couple of days. generally speaking you should be able to get things done pretty well. 85 degrees in allentown, 84 trenton, 86 wilmington, upper 70's in atlantic city and cape may, new jersey, today. and a closer look at the shore, 77 degrees in surf city and beach haven looks like about 78 on the beach in atlantic city and ocean city. ocean water temperatures up into the 60's. down in delaware upper 70's this afternoon. as we take a look at tomorrow here's where things change. a front starts to come down and below it we're going to see some hot and more humid air circulate up from the south. tomorrow's high 94 degrees. and it looks like we are in for several days where the heat indexes will begin to be a problem. we'll see highs in the 90's
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thursday through saturday in all likelihood, the heat index at least 95, maybe higher and we want you to plan ahead keep some cool drinks handy and take breaks in the shade over the next several days. sunny and nice today 87, lower humidity. tomorrow gradually more humid during the day with a high of 94 and a spotty late thunderstorm can't be ruled out. hot and even stickier on friday with a high of 94 degrees. and there's the chance of a nighttime thunderstorm there. and then saturday still sticky. if we manage to reach that high of 90, not a sure thing but if we get it that will likely be three straight days of 90 or better and that will be the season's first heat wave. couple of spotty thunderstorms on saturday. sunday back into the 80's, another shower or thunderstorm here or there, not a washout this weekend and back into the mid 80's, more comfortable starting monday. >> fair enough. >> thanks, david. >> 6:39 now. up next more stories you didn't see last night including a split decision for the lapd officers responsible for the deadly shooting of an unarmed man last year. >> up later a woman defends her decision to go after a
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fellow wal-mart shopper in the middle of the store. karen. >> it's a slow go on the schuylkill expressway. that's your westbound traffic. pretty heavy from passyunk to the vine. we're going to take you into new jersey, talk about a big problem on 295 as well as a new fire location. all that coming up. >> and a service dog has wagging rights. he saved his owner's life. hear how it happened next.
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. taking a live look at the beach at atlantic city, new jersey. 68 degrees on city avenue and dry. >> looks nice there.
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what doesn't look so nice is 295 this morning. >> in burlington county, we still have this overturned tractor-trailer right at route 541 and chopper six showed us the scene. it involved 80,000 pounds of apple juice, bottles all over -- boxes all over the highway. traffic just kind of squeezing by this point on 295 northbound so avoid the delay right here 'cause you're backed up for miles as you approach exit number 47 for 541. they blocked off traffic so you can't get onto 295 from those exit points. exit 47, exit 45. so try to eliminate the backup that's been going on for miles here. instead of that you can take the new jersey turnpike, you can take 130. both good alternates to deal with the problem on 295 northbound in burlington county. now here in new jersey on 42, northbound traffic right here just your normal morning volume, it's not too bad out there. creek road you're looking at a 17 minute ride from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge. we do have a new fire location in whitemarsh township so i would watch for this. fire police on hand directing traffic on the scene at militia hill road.
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they blocked it off at joshua road so watch for that one. and we've been tweeting all the traffic as well with the #6abc traffic so a good way to figure out exactly what's going on. on the 30 bypass it's sun glare adding to your delay. eastbound traffic pretty heavy from 340 to 113 and we're going to keep that sunshine through the day but it's more comfortable today, 68 degrees right now in philadelphia, just in the upper 50's as you look in allentown and millville. in fact temperatures about 12 degrees cool cooler in some spots than yesterday. >> thanks karen. a mixed ruling for two officers involved in the deadly shooting of a man. ezell ford's family and friends were on hand for the decision. the 25-year-old was shot to death last year because police say he grabbed for an officer's gun. critics accused police of going too far. ford was homeless and mentally ill. the commission cleared a senior officer last night but said the second officer violated policy. however, the panel did not go into detail on why.
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>> testimony is expected to resume today in the colorado movie shooting trial. a judge dismissed three jurors yesterday. they violated orders about watching on the are reading media coverage of the case. james holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to opening fire in a crowded theater in 2012. three alternates have been chosen as replacements. >> a service dog in upstate new york is being hailed a hero. figo the golden retriever threw himself in front of a bus in brewster to protect his blind owner both of them were hurt. witnesses say figo remained by his owner's side and didn't even whimper despite his own injuries. his owner has a couple of broken bones. figo had to have surgery on his leg. the owner hopes to be reunited with the brave pet soon. >> and i'm sure they're anxious to both see each other. 6:45a live preview of "good morning america" is next. >> show down in the shampoo aisle. hear why this woman says she waled on another inside a wal-mart in the midwest.
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david. >> such a nice day, just too nice for stuff like. that we've got shorts and t's on the kids this morning and this afternoon. humidity is lower today. your day planner forecast coming up next. ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do.? -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers.
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>> i'll take it. >> on the ben franklin bridge not looking too bad yet. westbound traffic coming into the city okay. they did just set up construction eastbound blocking the right lane so that will slow you down a bit dave. >> blame me for the sun glare but not the storms, right? i'll take it. all right we have a nice morning on tap. lots of sun out there. get the shades ready. temperatures in the upper 50's a couple spots touching 60 at this point. across the river in south jersey a lost upper 50's, some upper 60's down the shore. as we head through the day it's going to be a warm one. 74 degrees by 9 o'clock, 82 by noon. your high today is going to be 87 degrees and it will be warm. you'll still need drinks and what have you out there if you're going to be working. there could be a couple of fair weather cumulus clouds developing as well but the good news today the humidity is down low. so it will be warm but lower humidity today and if you want to do errands i would get them done today, matt, because tomorrow the heat and humidity will build back in. today will be a better day to get out and about. >> got you david. thanks. a woman caught fighting in this viral video taken at a
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wal-mart in indiana is defending what she d the woman named amber told a local radio station she went after someone who uttered a racist remark to an employee. the brawl unfolded in front of the woman's six-year-old son who threw at least one jab of his own. wal-mart has banned the ladies from the store. police are still considering whether to file charges. >> david said it best too nice today for that kind of thing. time now for a preview of good morning america. >> paula ferris joins us live with a lou look at what's coming up. >> reporter: hi philadelphia matt and erin. coming up on "gma" a new lead in the manhunt for 22 escaped killers. police swarm a small town about 40 miles from the prison where an eyewitness claims to have seen suspicious men. abcs geo benitez will have the latest from the scene for us. the dangerous severe storms coming in overnight from the midwest all the way to the northeast. and one 11-year-old boy struck by lightning on a florida beach.
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ginger zee has been tracking it all. police reportedly investigating the theft of el james' newest novel gray which is an adaptation of her hit series "fifty shades of grey." will that stolen manuscript hit the e black-market before its highly anticipated release date. it was an exciting game last night in the nba finals. the cavaliers returning home to cleveland and beating the golden state warriors thanks to the king, lebron james and his new side kick. jessie palmer is here with all of those highlights. but what a fantastic finals it's turning outer to be, guys. >> wish they would play those games in the afternoon so people like us could see them. [laughter] >> reporter: honestly you have to stay up until midnight. you have a point there. maybe next year. >> thanks paula. >> reporter: see you soon. >> thanks paula. devon still and his daughter leah presented children's hospital of philadelphia with a huge check. still posted a picture of it on instagram. the stills helped raise
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$141,000 during a pledge it campaign in the last football season. the funds will help families suffering financial strains from a relative's illness. leah store has been fighting pediatric cancer. she and her dad will be honored at the espy awards next month. looks like dancing pro tony. the 41-year-old expressed to the network he feels he's more than qualified for the position. julian hoff was a pro on the show before making the jump to the judge's table two seasoning a. he's been with the competition since season two making him the longest running pro in show history. we'll be right back
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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>> top stores at 6:55. breaking here a driver struck a pedestrian along the roosevelt boulevard this morning and then took off. it happened near front street in olney. the 25-year-old victim suffered head trauma but is expected to survive. police say gunfire struck an innocent bystander in north philadelphia this morning. a bullet hit the 53-year-old victim in the calf as he sat on his porch. the gunman fled the scene. the national transportation safety board is expected to release its
6:56 am
findings did on last month's deadly train derailment including whether the engineer of the amtrak train was using his cell phone when it crashed. >> new jersey dot now saying there's a good 25 minute delay on 295 northbound because we've got about 80,000 pounds of apple juice all over the highway. this is at route 541, 295 northbound just crawling along. it's really jammed and they blocked off the off-ramp to get onto 295 northbound in this area in burlington county to try to avoid adding more people to the delay right there. i want to go right now outside and show you a different shot. this is the schuylkill westbound at city avenue. you can see sunshine out there, roads are dry but you know we're still jammed david. >> i don't like apple juice much. i'm an orange juice guy. >> unless you're on 295. >> like it less this morning yes. 74 degrees and sunny bye 9:00 a.m., 82 by noon. you could use cool drinks like juice perhaps. not as humid as yesterday. a one day break. tomorrow hotter and more humid. if you have stuff to get done,
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today is the day to do it. >> you got it david. >> yeah. >> "good morning america" is next. when we're not on the air make sure you go to, facebook and twitter. for karen rogers, dave murphy erin o'hearn, tamala edwards i'm matt o'donnell. see you later. >> ♪♪ binge eating disorder, or b.e.d., isn't just overeating.
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good morning, america. and new this morning, closing in. hundreds of police descending on one small town after another sighting of those two escaped killers. as a focus of the investigation turns to that prison worker. her mysterious visit to the hospital at the same moment the prisoners broke free and what her son is saying now. breaking overnight, deadly storms up from colorado to new york. near hurricane-force gusts knocking down trees, damaging homes. a young boy in serious condition after being struck by lightning. average and "fifty shades of stolen." the new "fifty shades of grey" gone. police investigating the missing manuscript. will this hurt the release of the most anticipated book of the summer? ♪ and surprise star. the


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