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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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he went to police. the police say that phelps boarding school teacher grooms his teacher and showed them how to be with a woman. he arrested on the sprawling campus last night. many students are from around the world and they took place from 2013 to 2014. >> they took place on campus and a summer camp in new hampshire where the students attend. authorities say that the school is cooperating with police. >> he was a teacher at the
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phelps school for seven years and there is concern that there are other students victimized by him as well. the phelps school had no common. i'm live in westchester chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> hope we hear from the phelps school soon thank you. authorities announced one of the biggest drug busts in philadelphia history. this is some of the $3.3 million worth of heroin that they recovered on the 1800 block of bergan street. i hope that today's announcement sends a clear message to the citizens of philadelphia. shutting down drug houses like these to make our city safer. >> three men were arrested.
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all three are accused of manufacturing drugs and conspiracy. the ntsb unveiled brand new information today in the crash of amtrak 188, john rawlins is live now at the scene of the accident. he was not on the phone but they left over the door that the engineer may have been using the phone in some fashion. >> that is correct, the agency says that there is no evidence that the phone was connected to an outside system at the time of the crash. however, they have not been able to determine if the phone was switched off or on in what is known as the airplane mode. was amtrak engineer brandon bostian using his cell phone prior to the crash this is what the ntsb announced.
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the analysis does not reveal that texting or calls or data was going on at the time of the crash. before a senate committee this morning ntsb board member said this. >> yes we have this, there is no talking or texting or data usage involved however -- >> however the safety agency went out of its way to rule out that the phone was connected to wifi or a cellular system but could not determine if it was switched off or in airplane mode. it's looking at the system and 400,000 files. if someone was accessing stored data like emails audio or video. >> there are 400,000 pieces of data involved in the analysis and because of the extent of that things like use of an app
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or other use of the phone has not been determined. >> the big question is why did amtrak 188 speed up to 106 miles per hour in the frankford curve that had a 50 miles per hour speed limit it accelerated from 60 to 106 prior to the crash brandon bostian told investigators that he has no memory of that night after passing philadelphia station. >> eight people died in that mishap and some people still in rehabilitation in hospitals up and down the northeast corridor there are four people that are still in acute care hospitals in here in philadelphia two at hahnemann and two in temple. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john, has the latest on the ntsb's investigation as well as updates on the victims that are still hospitalized. we have a picture gallery
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featuring those that died in the amtrak derailment. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those families. >> a perfect ten out there today. >> yes cecily tynan is in for adam joseph standing outside, a nice place to be. >> i want to say here the rest of the afternoon we have loads of sunshine and comfortably warm temperatures and low humidity. satellite 6 along with action radar you can see a band of clouds moving off the coast and new york state a broken line of showers and that is another cold front, that will effect our weather tomorrow and pull winds in from the south and warm things up. 84 in philadelphia pittsburgh 86 and farther to the west in the midwest and plains there are a lot of 90s, st. louis 95 and wichita 95 and dallas 94 we are tapping into the heat as we
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tap into the day tomorrow and the humidity will be rising up this is the setup tomorrow, with winds out of the southwest it is going to be hot with near record heat and temperatures in the mid-90s and with the front to the north we have the opportunity for pop-up showers and thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon, the best chance of severe weather looks to be north of philadelphia this is what to expect the next three days, it gets hot and humid and near record highs with the potential for the first wave of the season, and afternoon thunderstorms. i'll run it all down for you coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you cecily. police in delaware have captured a prisoner that escaped from a work crew today thanks to a security guard at a nearby business. isiah thompson got away while working near governor prince boulevard in wilmington, a security guard at nearby first data reviewed surveillance tape
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and saw someone crawl through a back door there, he called 911 and they rearrested thompson and he is now facing more charges. amazon is hiring hundreds of workers in our area and the process officially kicked off today in delaware the company said it's adding 500 new jobs at its middletown center that will bring the number of employees up to 2500 at the facility. that is actually more than the total population in nearby towns and odessa begined. in a means heavy traffic in middletown only a two lane road, the town is trying to make maps for the employees in the hopes of showing everyone how to get to the facility without using main street but still it's a major part of the community. >> what it does for the economy locally for restaurants it's a
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godsend. amazon will have hired 1,000 for this facility alone. and anyone hired will get benefits immediately and is hiring at other facilities across the country including mercer and lehigh county. >> good news indeed. this is not a tractor trailer carrying 80000 pounds of apple juice flipped over and caused a sticky situation for drivers in new jersey. the crash itself happened at 4:45 this morning, can you see the mess it left on the road and that tied up traffic well into the morning rush the driver of the rig went to the hospital but is expected to be okay and there is no word what caused the accident. >> another wreck sent five people to the hospital and tied up traffic on the delaware memorial bridge 33-year-old nelson zepeta was drunk and
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speeding this morning and changed lanes and hit another car coming from delaware into new jersey all the victims are expected to be okay and several lanes were closed for two hours while crews cleaned up. that situation has been cleared but other problems to deal with today as we get a first check of the "action news" traffic report. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> happy hump day, once you get rid of one situation another one pops up. we are watching a crash along 95 by penn's landing in the northbound direction and more emergency crews are pulling up on the scene and the ambulance is just arriving and the ladder trucks just pulled up a couple of minutes ago and toward the walt whitman bridge and the vine in center city not a huge delay and hopefully it stays that way if are you headed northbound 476 this afternoon north of the lehigh valley interchange there is a crash and traffic is only
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squeezing by on the shoulder. also a wreck of an overturned vehicle that hit a tree in horsham along 611 along broadway avenue, and good on the turnpike passing willow grove but farther east a broken down tractor trailer by the easy pass only lane. and in delran a crash with a downed pole and wears taking out the right lane near chester avenue. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report one person using the waze app is talking about an accident on the delaware. >> hump day. thank you matt. still ahead president obama is sending more troops to iraq and we'll break down how many are going and what they are
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the united states is sending 400 more troops to iraq to train soldiers to fight isis. it's at one of the maybe fronts again isis right now the troops will train and advise the iraqi forces and there are 3,000 american service men and women in iraq right now. >> for the second time this month, there has been a terror attack at a historic lan mark in egypt. today a suicide bomber blew
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himself up at the luxor. and police say they shot and killed another terrorist this after the incident at giza. the two leaders had not even each other before the violence broke out in the ukraine, and they are encouraging the pope to condemn moscow's actions in ukraine and called on both parties to end the violence but never publically placed any blame on russia. it's day five for the man hundred for two dangerous criminals that escaped from prison in upstate new york. they have gone door-to-door and so far nothing, they are moving
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back toward the clint correctional facility where the men escaped this weekend. police and federal agents have been checking with the families of those two escaped prisoners. >> they broke out of prison and slipped out and left and they were on their way, we are waiting like everyone else i guess. >> again all of this as investigators continue to go door-to-door there are also 50 billboards up in states in the northeast with their mugshots hoping to get the two prisoners back. day five of this manhunt, a fever rich one. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is said to have overstepped his powers when he fired the director of public records. he fired dave arinson, the court
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agrees meaning that arinson has his job back and wolf is appealing means he still cannot show up to work. a string of developments have stocks soaring marriott partnershiped with netflix that means they can access their netflix in their rooms and is xpeked to be in 100 hotels by the end of the year. they have voted increase the share and that clears the way for the stock to split and the company did not say when the ratio will be or when the slit will happen. now the closing numbers, checking your 401(k) a big day on wall street the dow up 236 points and the nasdaq up 63 points and the s&p up 25 points on the day. millions of airline passengers may need to buy new carry-on
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luggage, they recommend slinking carry-on bags to free up space in the bins. and the contract is not binding and that varies from airline to airline and this raises the possibility that travelers will have to check their bags and that means an additional fee in most cases. some lucky local doctors got to work outside in this gorgeous weather, they teed off in marlton, new jersey, for a good cause, the virtual memorial golf classic brings together leaders and doctors and it raises money for brain cancer and helps patients stay close to home during treatments. my husband is a doc and he says government golf is work. >> lets go over to cecily tynan. >> hi nydia and brian what a perfect day to be golfing, i
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would be in the water the whole time trying to fish my ball out. we have loads of sunshine out there, with pretty comfortable temperatures and low humidity and i am tracking the front that will get closer tomorrow and that will have an impact on our weather with heat and with some instability. right now enjoy it if you can 83 in philadelphia and 80 in allentown un83 in reading and on the beaches temperatures are comfortable sea isle city and the boardwalk 73 degrees, dew points tell the story though when you have dew points below 60 degrees this time of year it's a dry air mass and very pleasant and most areas are showing that 57 degrees, the dew point in philadelphia, that is the dry air mass and the highest dew point in wildwood 65 degrees, but dew points will really be soaring especially on friday, tomorrow they will be increasing through the day and you'll notice it getting hotter but getting more humid but friday is when we'll have the
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tropical humidity before humidity begins to drop as we head through the weekend into next week, the wall from accuweather is partly cloudy and a warm night 65 in philadelphia and 64 in allentown and 65 in millville and 67 degrees in wilmington, future tracker showing by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon the heat is on and the high 95 degrees if we hit that we'll tie the record for the day like in 1986 and just as warm with more humidity on friday. in addition with the front to the north getting closer and washing out we have the possibility of severe weather, what this means late in the afternoon, pop-up showers and thunderstorms and mainly around philadelphia and areas up to the north north of philadelphia is where we have the best chance of a storm that could have damaging wind and hail, and it's not going to be widespread but any pop-up storm could be strong to severe.
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the four day at 4:00, the heat is on tomorrow a high up to 95 degrees and stoms are possible. friday 94 is the high but more humid on friday, so the heat index up into the upper 90s, on saturday, around 90 degrees if we get that, it will officially be our first heat wave of the year, and a cold front brings us showers and storms late in the day on saturday and behind that on sunday it's still warm and not as hot and not as humid with a high of 85 degrees, near record heat, 95 to make sure your air conditioning unit are working. >> and the pools are clean. >> mine is. come on over. >> we'll be there. >> thank you. as of today a popular center city eatery is drawing crowds for something other than food, the newest mural is unveiled at 20th and transom.
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the mural is called summer rendezvous and features a little boy passing an ice-cream cone to a little girl. shake shack's ceo was on hand along with mummers today. >> what a beautiful addition to our city. >> of course they are beautiful. a charity in the name of beau biden how the former attorney general's mission to protect kids is getting a big boost. >> get ready to pay more for your breakfast the price of eggs is going through the roof and we'll explain what is behind the shortage. and report cards for celebrity moms, launching a campaign to stop what they call parent shaming next.
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that's a hard question. (laughing) we are the fay family from chesapeake, virginia.
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williamsburg is just beautiful. because we have thrill seekers and not such thrill seekers, i try to find something that everybody likes. this is a very good spot to do that. the most exhilarating part about this vacation was being with the whole family. it was amazing. from our delaware newsroom
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one man is dead after he was hit by a car in mill creek police say that 39-year-old adolfo ramirez was trying to cross the highway but was hit by a man driving a mercedes medics rushed him to the hospital where he died and the driver did stop and the victim was not in the crosswalk and they do not plan to file charges. >> the money remaining in beau biden's political accounts will go for a new charity in his name. it's called the beau biden foundation for the protection of children it's already collected $250,000 in donations in its first week, biden's political committees reported $650,000 by the ends of last year. very nice still ahead united we
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feed, that is the battle cry from a montgomery county photographer the message behind her mommy movement ahead. and report card controversy, a frozen star is taking on a supermarket tabloid. plus -- >> cat lovers are up in arms after a private homeowner tells people feeding a group of cats they must be removed from the property. it helps people with copd breathe better for a full 24hours. anoro ellipta is the first fda-approved product containing two long-acting bronchodilators in one inhaler. anoro is not for asthma. anoro contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma.
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"action news" continues. >> 4:30 now and "action news" continues with a surprising new study about horoscopes and your health, what your birth month has to do with your risk of getting disease. and you can't be fat and gorgeous, that is the message one out spoken person wants this plus size model to hear and why this is down right dangerous. >> and trapped in their burning home for 38 minutes, an indiana couple were preparing to die that is after they made a third frantic call to 911 and got a life line in the process, details of their near death experience straight ahead. we begin in new jersey with a battle that could be called cats versus bats. right now dozens of feral
4:30 pm
felines live in an area of delaware townships. but that will change if the babe ruth leagues gets its way they want the cats off its property and those that care for the felines fear it's a death sentence. nora muchanic joins us with more. >> reporter: these are some of the feeding stations set up in the woods by the cat lovers at lunch and dinner time they come running but the babe ruth league has a problem with that, they are willing with the cat care takers but say that the felines have to go. every day at lunch time, irene enters the forest in hamilton to feed two colonies of feral cats, roughly 20 in all her and another group of feline loves have been doing it for years. >> i love animals and i am
4:31 pm
afraid they won't have anything to eat. >> but these woods are owned by the babe ruth league, they are concerned. they want the colonies moved. >> i am concerned that one of the cats might scratch or bite someone, it's just a safety liability issue. >> feral cats can't be moved they grow up here and this is their surroundings that is all they know. >> these cats are cared for by volunteers and take them to the vets for vaccinations and when they are sick and arrange for the cats to be trapped and neuters and returned and some have even been adopted. we don't want to move the colony we would like to move them furnish away from the buildings. >> so far the cat lovers have been given four separate ten day notices to remove them from the property. >> we want to work with the cat organizations to safely relocate these animals.
4:32 pm
>> cat lovers gathered well over 1,000 signatures to stop the removal of the cats and the babe ruth league says that they and their families are getting death threats on social media and they mean the cats no harm just want it off the property. >> by some accounts these colonies have been living in the woods for up to 18 years and the process is moving slowly but in the clash between cats and bats if you will babe ruth says they think they will win this one. >> live in hamilton township nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> we'll continue to follow that story thank you. >> philadelphia police are investigating yet normal hit and run in the city, this time in olney officers say a dark colored accura or honda slammed into a man just after 1:30 a.m., the 25-year-old victim was apparently walking across the
4:33 pm
crosswalk when he was hit and it left him with a broken pelvic and head injuries he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. a woman is recovering after a freak accident in center city, a jeep was stopped at a red light at 9:00 this morning, that is when a tractor trailer trying to make a turn hit the jeep sending it on to the sidewalk and that jeep hit a woman walking by at the time. police said she was transported to jefferson hospital in stable condition and that accident is still under investigation. a $1500 reward is offered for the person responsible for the neglect of a puppy in darby bureau. we introduced you to trooper last week, he was found wandering with a shackle embedded in his neck, they believe they put it around him when he was smaller and then it
4:34 pm
embedded itself into his flesh in addition to his painful neck injury, he is believed to be a great dane or masstive you can find out how to donate to his recovery and if you have any information on his abuser. a nice day to go outside. looking at the ben franklin bridge, 85 and the normal high is 81 so a little warm, the dew point 57 degrees, that is a dry air mass, winds out of the south-southwest at 11 miles per hour and pressure 29.87 inches atlantic city look at the people on the beaches enjoying the weather gorgeous 73 degrees and dew point higher closer to the ocean, 65 degrees with the wind
4:35 pm
out of the south-southeast just a slight sea breeze at 5 miles per hour. while we are in the comfort zone now at 84 degrees and we fly out across the plains and the midwest, you can see a solid area with temperatures in the 90s and that will be moving in tomorrow and really sticking around through you friday and into the weekend, could be our first heat wave of the season and i'll talk about the near record heat and track storms in the full accuweather forecast. things are changing dramatically. >> more than 30 people were injured in an accident that snarled traffic on one of new york's busiest routes it snarled traffic in the lincoln tunnel, a commuter bus rear ended a tour bus and stranded riders in inside for hours among those trapped was a pregnant woman who when into labor. >> they rendered aid and stayed
4:36 pm
with her until ems arrived and when the traffic cleared up a bit. they were able to transport the woman via ambulance to the hospital roosevelt hospital: both lanes of lincoln tunnel were opened in the afternoon. none of the injuries were considered life-threatening. condos will be auctioned off later this month and some buyers stand to get a good deal, rick williams is live with more. are you bidding rick? >> very to ask the wife, she is the boss. we got a look ib side of the bella condos on atlantic city avenue, 40 the 200 luxury units are put up for auction on june 28th the high rise offers great ocean views and high end finishes and a pool and spa and much more, coming up at 5:00 we are live with the expected price tags for the condos and how you
4:37 pm
can get in on the auction if are you interested. >> coming up at 5:00 on health check you'll meet a man whose blood that contains something uniques his blood donations have saved hundreds of lives. we'll he you later. >> thank you. rocky the baby duck is making his rounds in our area, the rubber duckling was at the shops at liberty place in center city today this is just his latest stop in his ongoing search to find his mom who happens to be the world's largest duck standing 61 feet tall the pair will be reunited on the delaware river for the tall ship celebration in camden. of course channel 6 is a big partner in a that celebration. a lot to look forward to. >> a great event. still to come, horoscope health
4:38 pm
risk, what your birth month has to do with certain diseases ahead. >> and is this plus size bikini model dangerous? a spokesperson says yes. why this is hurting, normal women. >> and she wants to start a mommy movement, how a photographer is trying to end the battle over bottle versus breast with a serries of beautiful pictures. >> and cecily tynan is back with the full accuweather forecast. coming up when "action news" at 4:00 continues after this.
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an indiana husband and wipe feared dead in their home are alive today because of the man that answered their call for help help. >> i'm not going to hang up on you. >> pam and tom rice were trapped in the fire for more than 30 minutes and firefighters had called off the dangerous rescue
4:41 pm
after so much time had passed but during their third and last call the prices reached nathan ledbetter a dispatcher that refused to give up and he contacted them and told them the couple was alive and this one was a success. >> i could hear them count one two, three as they were lifting her and her husband out. >> it's unheard of someone surviving more than 30 minutes in a fully engulfed structure fire. >> he remains humble and gives most of the credit to the firefighters. this is video you have to see, a police officer saving a tiny baby girl. and the entire rescue was caught on his lapel camera watch as albuquerque police officer smith lifts the baby toward his face
4:42 pm
and seconds later the baby's small fingers start to move on officer smith continually lightly taps her chest and finally he sees her eyes open and then a few minutes latering a rescue unit arrives and emt's take over. >> that is the good part of it. >> the baby is now doing just fine she was diagnosed with a sleeping disorder and is now on medication, so hopefully this doesn't happen again. >> the officer clearly touched by his actions there. on health check when you were born, can play a role in your health for a lifetime. scientists at columbia university looks at the birth months and medical history of 2 million people treated there people born in may had the least rise in serious disease and those born in october had the
4:43 pm
highest and march had raised disease rates and diet and exercise play a bigger role than dwlur birthday does in your health. here at the big board with the big talkers, you probably recognize this woman, tess holiday, the first size 22 super model to be signed to a fashion contract and she is called a trailblazer by millions and this man steve miller, the simon cowell of the slimming world saying quote you can't be gorgeous and fat her size sends a dangerous message about health saying she is glamorizing eating junk and obeseity and being fat can kill you. >> tess responded say i have been called fat my whole life
4:44 pm
and i am fat so it's silly to get upset about it. >> tab lights are not always looking to make friends with celebrities and some hollywood mommies are fired up over the latest star magazine but is ranking what it calls the best and worst celebrity moms. here is a look at the cover duchess kate an a minus and kim kardashian flunking with a d minus, it has to do with nannies and kids that throw tantrums actress kristin bell is outraged and calls this public shaming and she has been tweeting about it saying i hope no one responsible for this week's cover of star is not raising children of their own. and everyone should tell star magazine what they think about
4:45 pm
this cover. and that his opinion leads towards repugnant and they are angry about that. >> in an age of mommy wars in comparisons and competition a montgomery county photographer and mommy of two is getting to the heart of what it means to nourish our baby, caitlyn's photo seriess called united we feed and it show katss beautiful moms showcasing beautiful babies respect the north wales photographer says for some it's breast feeding and others it's pumping and bottle feeding and some use formula and some use tube feeding and everyone's journey is different and we are all humans with a unifying goal in mind to love our babies with all of our soul she hopes to host a gallery of these images in her studio and the picture is so beautiful no matter which you look at and there say lot of pressure being
4:46 pm
a parent in the first place. >> thank you alicia. >> lets get a check of the roads right now matt pellman in the traffic center with an update. >> united we sit parked in traffic on the schuylkill had-this afternoon so many afternoons we are trying to get home but a slow go on the westbound side of 76 just out of view, a crash that got pushed off to the side, both of the westbound lanes are reopen and coming away from bear avenue its extra slow on the schuylkill expressway have a downed tree and downed pole and downed wires along swarthmore avenue in swarthmore and state street closes in a few minutes and on the blue route normal afternoon delays but if you are continuing on 276 to the northeast extension it's slow approaching lanes dale because of a broken down vehicle that is now off the side. and that crash is get
4:47 pm
and street road still the broken down truck in the right lane and downed pole and wires from the crash in delran, where the 130 diner is on the southbound side, the restriction is northbound on 130 near chester avenue and market frankford line, between 40 and and 69th it's delayed for equipment issues. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, cecily tynan back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up n.
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any hanging out with fairmount park hanging out with the canada guys nice to be outside anywhere enjoying the weather and low humidity and sunshine and double scan live showing we are storm free this afternoon. this time tomorrow afternoon i'll likely be tracking pop-up storms west of philadelphia with the building heat and humidity and right now philadelphia is 84 degrees and allentown 81 and wilmington and trenton 82 and millville 80 and down the shore with winds off the ocean there is a bit of a sea breeze and sea isle city 82. it's pleasant we have dew points in the 60s or upper 50s that indicates a dry air mass but it will not be staying that way
4:51 pm
through the week, satellite 6 along with action radar lots of sunshine if you look up to the north you can see a cold front across new york state that sags in tomorrow and brings us wins from the southwest and helps to heat things up and cause instability. partly cloudy and a warm night 64 degrees in the suburbs and 69 for center city and it will be rain free, tomorrow the heat is on with this front just to the north, we have the winds out of the southwest, 95 degrees if we hit that in philadelphia, we'll tie the record high set in 1986 and with this front we'll could get a pop-up thunderstorms and the most severe storms would be north of philadelphia heading into friday not much change the front washes out and the high 94 degrees and friday the humidity will be even higher future tracker 6 showing tomorrow evening we are looking at dew points in the 60s and by friday,
4:52 pm
dew points across the board in the 70s, to put this in perspective. the dew point in new orleans right now is 69 degrees, if you have ever been down there this time of year it feels tropical it will feel worse here on friday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, near record heat tomorrow and 94 degrees and friday the temperature down 1 degree and friday is more oppressive than tomorrow and saturday 90 degrees and if we hit that that is a heat wave but the cold frop moves through be brings us a round of showers and thunderstorms and takes the edge off the heat and on monday we drop down to 84 and tuesday 84 with showers and thunderstorms and wane sun mixing with clouds with a high of 86 degrees, tomorrow is an air quality alert
4:53 pm
day that means that the ozone levels will be high for sensitive groups if you have respiratory problems limit your time outside. >> and allergies if they don't normally have them. >> it's been a tough season. what's the deal with the price of eggs coming up. well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you.
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jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. no. not possible. we're the settles! when we go on vacation, it's hard to find, like, those little activities that are kind of fun
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and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer. if omelettes are on your morning menu or in a household where eggs are a staple, the u.s. could be in a major egg shortage. the egg market a $10 billion industry is in danger because of the avian flu, thousands of chickens are put down to stop the disease's spread and that affects the eggs in your local
4:56 pm
supermarket, iowa alone supplied one of every five eggs you consume, also the cartons bought by company taz use eggs in their products and restaurants too. now some companies are cutting down on hour they serve eggs, and egg prices are skyrocketing as are foods that contain eggs like baked good and items you buy every day, it has led to rationing in one state and they are limiting the number of cartons you can buy at one time and it affects a lot of people. >> thanks alicia. finally at 4:00, if you grew up with siblings you'll probably recognize the scene in this video it begins with two golden retrievers battling it out for a tennis ball until another pup shows up to play
4:57 pm
peace maker she placed her head on the siblings but we are not sure if she successply defused the situation but we are sure she is the middle child. >> it shows no signs of letting up. >> now for nydia han cecily tynan and adam joseph, join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the so-called philadelphia 10 were acquitted on charges of disrupting a community meeting protesting the death of brandon tate brown but tempers still flared outside of courtroom. the big story on "action news" is the judge's decision made today and more questions surrounding surrounding the death. >> reporter: the defendants were all acquitted but their celebration outside of the
5:00 pm
courthouse here took an ugly turn it's clear that the death of brandon tate brown at the hands of police officers remains an emotional powder keg. >> the defends and their supporters cheered as they emerged from the courthouse, they were just found not guilty, 10 people were charged with disorderly conduct at this iraq us protest, and they held another protest after the trial today and it turns ugly when one of them turned her attention to a group of police officers. >> we are mothers, and we get birth to these people, and you have no right to take our lives. >> brandon tate brown was shot to death by police during a traffic stop last december the city has now released names of officers involved and the g


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