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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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school bus in camden, but it's an arrest of a man in levittown, this is the scene when john sarrina arrived in court. police say he burned a church and vandalized a school and shot a pellet gun. and slashes tired. nora muchanic is live now. police must be grateful to get this guy off the streets. >> the neighbors are grateful too for the last couple of months this neighborhood has endured one incident after the other and he has confessed to all of it and this one man crime spree is over. he had nothing to say about his arrest after a two month terror of neighborhood vandalism, including spray painting a school and pool and slashing 30
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tire its and fire bombing the restoration church around the corper from his house. >> i say hi to him every day, and i walk past his house and i can't believe it's him that was doing all of this. >> he was picked up overnight by tully town police for shooting a bb gun at a pedestrian. >> i am happy is he caught and this money came out of the people's pockets. >> a paroly that spent time for taking to juveniles at gun point. he claimed he tried to extinguish the fire. >> nothing happened and now he is out of jail for a sex offend and all of this is going on and here he is acting like walking amongst us and waiving. >> we suspected him all along. >> the immediate neighbors do
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not seem all that surprised and even though the fire at the church cost $65,000, the pastor says he will try to visit john in jail. >> there is forgiveness in this world and we as a church body forgive him for what he has done even though it's a human headache. >> 52 victims are involved in this crime spree to the paperwork is click ated, is he charged with the church arson and other charges will follow. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a 13-year-old boy is in stable condition tonight after being struck by a school bus in camden this afternoon. the accident happeneded just after 3:00 in the 2900 block of alabama road. investigators remain on the scene trying to sort out exactly what happened. the teenager was taken to cooper medical center fortreme and again he is in stable condition. padge winslow also known as the
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black madam was sentenced to prison today and a judge ordered winslow to spend 10 to 20 years behind bars, winslow was convicted of third degree murder and aggravated assault and she injected industrial grade silicone into a woman's buttocks in 2011 and the woman died after the illegal procedure. and from audubon, new jersey comes word that a volunteer fire chief is arrested on charges of distributing child pornography. live at the station is chad pradelli. >> authorities arrested him at the firehouse last night saying he used that facility and other public equipment to traffic child porn. that volunteer company chief distributed and possess child pornography on the fire company
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computer the director of the criminal justice department called the use of a public facility and his position as fire chief to commit the crimes, heart breaking and disturbing. >> any case of child pornography is egregious and in this case there was extra factors, we recovered over 1,000 images of child pornography they recovered thumb drives and laptops and hard drives from his marlton home that sits next to an elementary school. >> parents learned the news when they picked up their children from school. >> i am shocked and disgusted i don't know what to say. >> a peak inside of his work van outside you can see what appears to be pornographic videos between the front seats. >> nobody spoke from the fire company and residents are outraged. >> it's sad to hear, it's close
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to me, my granddaughter every day we go through there. >> chad pradelli is reporting from voorhees, house speaker, was in the house today making his proposal against the governor for gas drilling, he says that governor wolf's plan would threaten jobs at the same time he was holding his news conference and governor wolf was at central bucks high school and he is for the tax and the tax could race a billion dollars for schools across the state. the new jersey realtors held a ceremonial ground breaking for the new headquarters in trenton, the 24 square foot building will rise on this lot in the heart of trenton's redevelopment district once complete next year the realtors will occupy
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the space on growns one two and three. it's breezy and just a little hazy and hot and humid. and it could end up being the first day of the season's first heat wave. lets go live to "action news" reporter sara bloomquist at sister cities parka cross the street from the cathedral of saints peter and paul. >> good evening jim a steamy night, people don't seem to mind enjoying these summer like temperatures this evening, the kids are out and the fountain got busier and busier as the temperature went up through the afternoon, sisters is the perfect place to be. >> the heat is here and families calm out for fun at sisters city park in center city. >> my daughter's favorite place to visit. >> what does she love? >> everything, the fountain and the whole place. >> early afternoon it wasn't so
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bad with a nice breeze so some spread out a blanket and enjoyed lunch in the shade under the trees and trying to get out of the sun others sought out the sun. >> we were looking for a pool and we went to one in new jersey and it was closed so this is the next best thing. >> this hot weather is not fun for everyone and construct workers will be sweating it out for the months ahead. some are looking for exercise and go fine water ice and prepare yourself the heat is here. >> i'm ready for it the guys think it's too hot and for me i love it i think it's great. >> a great night here at sisters city. they are enjoying live music and the found an can't get the kids out of the fountain hope it tires them out. live in center city i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news."
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jim? >> early quiet bedtime tonight? cecily tynan has the accuweather forecast in just minutes and remember we want to you join the action, email your weather photos to or use #6abcaction on social media. a young man that is graduating from bartram high school, is getting a $1000 scholarship for his academic success, the award was given by the men of bartram. it was a day long celebration of diversity at the universal crate and charter school in the crescentville section of philadelphia today. they demonstrated their knowledge of different cultures through art dance and food. these talented young people performed excerpts from
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bollywood and lion king and readings from shakes spear. coming up airport workers scored a victory that will see a boost in their paycheck. and the offensive lineman that has yet to show up for offseason practices. >> we hit 90 degrees in philadelphia for the second time this year, it's more hot and humid tomorrow a good place to be and melissa magee is in sea isle city. >> hi cecily whatever you hear you have to smile that is the slogan at sea isle city, we are at make's seafood and we'll have more on the hot happenings in just a bit. >> thank you melissa. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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there is a high flying dispute at philadelphia airport, they say they are fighting for dignity that translates in more money, john rawlins has the story. >> these airport workers calling for a union fighting to be covered by the living wage of is it an hour as well as certain labor protections. >> as a showdown allies on council refused to resign a multibillion dollars lease until a peace agreement was struck. >> you would think everyone here works for the government or the airlines that is not the case, 2,000 workers like sky caps and
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baggage handlers work for other companies. their working conditions are poor and efforts to speak out often result in being fired working a deadline that could scuttle the new airport lease was struck with the airlines, starting july 1, workers will receive $12 per hour and they would send a strong message to their contractors and they will not oppose union organizing we will not determinate a contract if the employees elect to organize, that is a commitment that the airlines are making. >> finally to at least have their legal rights respected and make at least $12 an hour and that is a great first step. >> this is an important first
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win leading some workers to break out in song. >> burlington county community college now has a new name and the school will now be known as rowan college at burlington county. it reflects the new partnership with rowan university. those that complete their associate degrees will be accepted automatically to rowan and rowan classes will be taught on burlington county campus. and a jump start on flag day today. the betsy ross flag was raised over city hall this morning and city hall is the birth place of the stars and stripes, flag day is on sun june 14th with events at the betsy ross house every day for national flag week.
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more off the field intrigue for the eagles they lose an all
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pro. >> nine starters from last year's team gone now. nine guys, evan mathis wants a new contract and he will have to get one elsewhere. he skipped offseason workouts in an effort to get more money. he had $11 million left on his contract and was unhappy with the deal and was seeking a trade, on his facebook page he wrote thanks for the memories philly, well see how this move impacts the eagles running game virtually a brand new back field. and now demarco murray and matthews are expected to carry the load, don't forget about matthews, he went to the pro bowl in 2011 and rushes for over 1,000 yards twice in his career. >> it's not about me or him but what i can contribute to the
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team and how well i can help. that is the main thing we all have the same common goal, and that is to hold the trophy up at the ends of year. lebron james is two wins away from holding a trophy up for the first time in the cavaliers history. lebron is thinking championship he scored the most points in nba history in three games in the finals. how can they catch up with him. mckee also has given advice as well. >> when you look at this series is this one you say that cleveland has this thing? >> you would like to think so when you have a player such as lebron james, there are things that golden state can do to change the course of the series i think they are allowing lebron
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james to have such a huge impact on the game,a has the tough job of covering lebron james, what is your advice? >> tackle him. >> when he comes outs of the locker room just go tackle him. you have to mix it up a little bit, he is really the only play maker they have the on team and take it out of his hands and have someone else make a play and you have to live and die with that. >> who do you like the rest of way starting with game four? >> i would say golden state will have to make a change for the better and i think they'll come out and get this next game and i think they'll go on and win the series. >> tackle lebron i don't think that will work. game four here on 6 abc tonight at 9:00. when things are not going so well it's best to take a break and that is exactly what the
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phillies get tonight and the best team in baseball is off until tomorrow night. the phils in the the only player frustrated. tory tory y hunter loses his cool and tosses every piece of equipment and then more gloves and then the jersey there it goes, huntser running out of equipment to throw what does he have left. >> what was it about? >> balls and strikes. >> always a problem. cecily tynan has the forecast.
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one-third of the way toward our first heat wave. >> that is right saturday will be close if we hit 90 it's a heat wave and if we hit 89 it's not. but it's hot. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing it's rain free and there is a cluster of thunderstorms right now moving into berks county, north of lebanon and near hamburg and this has lightning strikes and downpours with it elsewhere we are rain free, a great night for drone 6 to fly high above sea isle city. a gorgeous looking shot, down the shore temperatures in the 70s, a great place to go to beat the heat and meteorologist, melissa magee is there and will have our forecast for the shore in a few moments. philadelphia 91 degrees and allentown 88 and wilmington 88
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and millville 88 and you can see with the winds off the ocean the ocean temperature is 65 degrees on the beaches temperatures in the low 70s, add the humidity the heat index the way it feels 94 in philadelphia and trenton and 92 in wilmington and dover 96 degrees and the heat will be higher tomorrow and the humidity will be higher as well. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are not getting a lot of relieve in the form of showers, one isolated one with this fronts and we have to wait for one from the west on saturday and that will bring us relief from the heat, the next 12 hours warm and humid and a stray evening thunderstorm north of philadelphia, 67 degrees and 73 for center city a warm night and tomorrow the heat is on a heat advisory is posted along the i-95 corridor from noon until 8:00, this is where the heat index the way it feels is soaring up into the upper 90s you need to take it
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easy, we have not experienced this type of heat since last summer. it will tie the record set in 1947, the heat index saturday is not as brutal. a high near 90 and showers and thunderstorms with this cold front and behind that front, temperatures drop down into the mid-80s for sunday. so if you are heading to the mountains, the poconos spotty shorms tomorrow and 84 degrees a humid day and sunday looking nice sun and clouds and 78 and melissa magee is in sea isle city enjoying the sunshine and seafood she has the forecast for your weekend. >> yes, cecily it is just absolutely gorgeous here in sea isle city, we are hanging out on the back bays and mike's seafood is behind us and it feels better along the coast now, we have the shore forecast covered for you
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tomorrow breezy and humid with a high of 78 degrees it will be a partly sunny day however on saturday it gets warmer with a high of 86 degrees and watching out for a pop-up shower and thunderstorm with so much warmth and humidity building and look agent 77 degrees with a nice mixture of sunshine and clouds hopefully you make it down the shore this weekend. >> thank you melissa, so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 95 degrees tomorrow and the heat index in the upper 90s and on saturday 90 with showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and behind that on sunday we cool off to 86 degrees still a warm day, but not in a heat wave and tuesday warmer and more humid and 88 and showers and thunderstorms and behind the front temperatures take a drop on wednesday 84 degrees and thursday a mixture of sun and clouds and 83 degrees, and tomorrow is an air quality alert day if you have
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respiratory problems definitely stay inside if you can. finally tonight students set sail on their maiden voyage and the delaware river students in wissahickon hand crafted this row boat and tested its sea worthiness and they passed with plying colors. abc world news is next on channel 6, and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17. and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel 6. for cecily tynan jeff skversky ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, are they closing in? an entire town now sealed off. the hunt for two escaped killers. the major highway shut down. police believe they spotted the place where the fugitives were sleeping. bloodhounds picking up their scent. tonight, the woman who worked at the prison, and her panic attack. breaking news in the case of the young boy shot dead in that park. the judge's ruling just in tonight involving two police officers. severe weather hitting now. 20 million at risk tonight, from the middle of the country, east. the tornado now confirmed in new york. late word of a new shark attack. another beach. this time a young girl. the third attack this season. and the deadly mers outbreak. the so-called superspreader. and the concern now here in the u.s. dr. besser is standing by.


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