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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  June 12, 2015 12:05am-1:08am EDT

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cheering neighbors. noah and justin came from the bahamas thanks to the mack a wish found daition and aim's father will want to make sure the his son retrieved is not forgoten. >> mar trees is a young man that lost a ballle and his heart is inside my so. that's the family i feel for them and pray for them. we've had a tough road. the road we had is worse than --sh the road they had is worse than what we had. i'm praying for the whole family. >> they worked with make and wish and made a happy come hoping. >> still to come a judge rules in the shooting where police gunfire took a 12-year-old's boy life. >> a and military shoung it coasting u.s. ev day against isis. >> harvard researchers suggest the simplest solution for a tired, cranky child and it would cost you literally nothing.
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cecily. >> stoord up to 5 today and tone above normal. i'm tracking hotter air tomorrow and over the weekend details in the accuweather forecast. >> and eagles release another all pro starter jeff skversky tells me we'll fill his operates. tells me we'll fill his operates. "action news" continues
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>> in new york state blood houpd on the trail of two escaped insmraits pickedp a strong cent got far prison gone which the men escaped. investigators are now hoping they're closing in on david sweat and richard matt and the town of danamora is squared entered off. residents are being allowed in even out more than 500 officers
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are involved in the manhunt and they have received more than 600 leads. >> a judge in cleveland amouseeded enough evidence existed to charge two police officers in the deadly shooting of tam here rice. however that judge does not have the power to order arrests. rice was holding a pellet gun shot and killed in november. the case against the officers is now in the hands of county prosecutor who says he is still reviewing the case. >> the cost of the military fight against islamic state is approaching 3 billion dollars. pentagon says it's averaging more than 9 million a day. aerial bombardment started and the air force has born a majority of the cost and secret special operations missions have tallied more than 200 million dollars. >> a government worker un orsays massive attack that targeted computers compromised personal data and social security numbers
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of every receive sill yain employee. retiree and up to a million former federal employees. officials sai said for security reasons they would not discussion spengz of who or how much information was hacked. >> and he played a vampire, boneville an, wizards and world greatest detective now hollywood is earning death of christopher lee. older called yepss knew him from "dracula " and some knew him as saramon from "count lord of the rings " or from "star wars". he played theville an in man with the golden gun and hero in several sherlock holmes films the familiarityly said he sdied sunday and did not give details. he was 93. >> hel edgeth check at 11 may be easy cure for moody child. water. a new study out of harvard says
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most kids are dehydrated. the levels were low enough that thinking, mood and alertness may be affected. nearly 1 in 4 youngsters surveyed drank no plain water at all. children ages 6 to 11 were most at risk for dehigh drition. which bring us to the heat and humid till we'll have tomorrow. please drink watter. >> timely story temperatures in the 90s and with kids you have to force the water on them and reminding them to drivrming the water at gatorade stay died stromtracker showing speaking of water the storms we had across the lehigh valley and berks country have left the region wuts not before creating views like this. shawn posted this on my facebook page just a spectacular photo of the clouds to ground lightning
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strikes of lake ontalane norm ever reading i counted six ground and cluster of thunderstorms across berks countsy and lehigh valley. now, really the big story is the heat. 81 in philadelphia. still warm out there. wilmington. allentown 74 and millville 76. satellite 6 and action radar you can see cluster of thunderstorms blowing up and displated that. that's a front up north and staying there. we'll vl to wait for cold front to afriv west to provide some relief from the heat and that won't happen until late in the day saturday. bus stop forecast muggy and sunshine at 6:00. 73 by 8:00 and 79 and you add humidity in the way it feels tomorrow afternoon up close tos 100 degrees. so near record heat. if we hit 95 degrees we'll tie the record high in 1947. saturday it's still hot not
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quite as oppressive and high near 90. that front will drop temperatures down top mid 80s sunday. could bring us scattered showers and thunderstorms and doesn't looking to have a lot of moisture. if headed to the poconos tomorrow nothing more than spotty thunderstorm. 84. saturday, couple more showers and thunderstorms with the front. 78. and sunday maivrming with clouds 78. if you head to the shore the ocean temperature 64 refreshing and tomorrow, 78 degrees on the humid side and saturday few eeming thunderstorms 86 and sunday looking nice and sun mitching with clouds 77 degrees. so the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast, 95 degrees tomorrow. the heat index in the upper 90 s near 10 0. take it easy with heat advice any effect. saturday, showers, humid, thunderstorms late in the day. 90 degrees. behind that system on sunday, we cool things off to 86 degrees. still on the warm side. not as oppressive as the next couple days on monday 86.
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tuesday we bump up to 8 w8 around of showers and thunderstorms with a cold front and that drops them down to 84 on wednesday and now thursday, for clouds high of 8. tomorrow will likely be the hottest day this year. definitely take it klo. >> and drink water. >> exactly. >> more than 2,000 students were honored as union teachers and modeled under the nba draft as each student's name was called they were presented with a philadelphia 76ers jersey and so it was no surprise that brett brown was not on happened and help him cheer on the students. >> at the kimle september are another group of future leaders received their degrees. pierce colleges 150 commencement ceremony. this year's class includes pierce's ivrt ever recipient of master degrees. philadelphia school you seweller was keynote for the "camelot"
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schools grawingz ceremony temple last night. more than 00 student received their high school diploma taken represents a second chance for these students most of whom were turned, to school, after dropping out. >> and it was a celebration of life in norm philadelphia tonight. dozens of people turned out for one day at a time's annual hiv, aids victim ill. in addition to raising awareness, organizers say in event serves as a way to promote healthy, positive lifestyles. >> "jimmy kimmel live" coming up after "action news" with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks, hello philadelphia, hoordz a sneak peek. >> we took your last name did you make him do that. >> no, oh, my god why does it mean a woman has to hold a gun you're going to beat saldana mean a woman has to hold a gun you're going to beat saldana [ laughter ]
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>> step is fans had a dhoops rub elbows with billy jane king tonight in king of prussia. king was at macy's signing autografts and taking picture with the fans and it was part of promotion by the philadelphia freedom tennis team which is owned by one billy jean king. >> if eagles fans had concerns about the offensive line well those concerns have reached a new level tonight. >> yeah of course, they got the rid of todd herremans and now efrain and protecting the knee is crucial. you have to wonder about the line. chip kelly dumped nine starters
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and three pro bowlers evan the latest to the source the out. eagles released all pro guard. he was upset from his contract for quite sometime. an effort to get more money, mathis gets voluntary off season workouts and was exploreing a trade. it didn't work. allen bashry is expected to fill the void. lebron james has been king of nba finals scoring most points in history through three games so how do you stop anymore many game four. former sixer aaron mckie said the only way to stop himle him. therapy started going head first house because lebron james could cut his head and walk away are a headache. he's a warrior. station in the game and gets a kiss from mind and here you go 3rd quarter fighting through the
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cookies and lebron finishes with the 20s. golden state goes on fire 4th quarter steph curry mvp for three war jurors up 4. coors a playoff high 2 cold ep states silences crowds in chief kland leaving between 01, 82, and we need to go up against everything. >> it's hard to keep up with us. we'll try to keep it going. >> iggie and war jurors go back to oak land for game five sunday night here on 6abc at 8:00. the war jurors only team in nba this season that has not lost three in a row. still to come in sports are phillies closing in on a deal for closer. phillies closing in on a deal for closer. we'll be right
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>> the phillies may be off tonight and general manager reuben amaro junior is still working phones trying to rebull the worst team in baseball and they could be closer to trading jonathan papelbon. the phillys are making a harder push to move the all time leader according to espn. phils have called contending teams with a need at closeren including tore on toe and nothing imminent at this time and they're willing to eat salary this could be difficult to fwlaw. it is a 13 million option. >> i don't think he's going anywhere any time soon he can veto trades and so he has a tricky investigating option and he also would not go somewhere and pitch 8th signing lot of complications with this guy.
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>> how about this things get heated in atlanta. san diego, you cannot throw the bag. bench is clear. jordan baker doesn't talk. actually he z tosses him to the ground. take another look and do you ever see an empair taking down a player. >> finally tonight the future is looking bright for some of philadelphia's outstanding students. the recipients of the philadelphia scholar award were honored at a reception at the franklin institute tonight and our own will whim was master of ceremony. the students are all headed to college with scholarships thank to the scholars program which helps low income students with their tuition and congratulation each and every one of them. jimmy's guest tonight joey
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saldana. music from tyler the creator. "action news" continues at 4:30. now for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. now for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. good night >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- zoe saldana, tyler the creator, "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from r5. with cleto and the cletones, and now, more likely than not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. professional basketball, earlier tonight, cleveland, ohio, game four of the nba final between the warriors and the cavaliers. it's been an exciting series and a tough ticket to get. ticket prices in cleveland shot up after game three to an average price of $1,600 per seat. that's the average price. . we know tickets to the game are expensive, we expect that. this is a photograph someone posted at the menu board at oracle arena where the warriors play.
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a hot dog and beer, combo number 1, $25.50. $25 isn't enough, they had to fak on the extra 50 cents. i guess they figure if you're paying $1,600 or $1,800 for your seat you can no longer comprehend what amounts of money things are worth anymore. ten bucks for a anyone kin? okay. most of the talk this series has been about lebron james and rightly so. you have to believe that, i was thinking about this today, if you showed highlights of lebron james playing to dr. james naismith, the guy who invented basketball in the late 1800s, showed him those clips, he would wet his pants and run away screaming. lebron is a here re in cleveland. worshipped by all who live there. but it wasn't always that way. and we thought it would be fun tonight did take a look back at when he wasn't. a look back at those who said farewell, lebron, and why not, it is "throwback thursday," after all. >> for him to go on there and
12:31 am
drag us through the mud for seven years and stab us in the heart? he deserves everything he gets. i hope he never wins anything. >> this is terrible, this is the worst thing that could ever happen to cleveland since taking the browns away, bottom line. >> i just want to way i'm a big lebron fan. and this is the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. >> i hope the franchise moves. i hope there's no more basketball in cleveland. >> i hope he never w riddance. we don't need lebron. >> lebron sucks! >> that was a different time, i guess. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: king james had them all beheaded. this is why i write all my angry feelings in a diary. lebron seems to be working hard not to let success go to his head. they asked him if he watched
12:32 am
highlights of his 40-point performance in game three and he said, no, he was busy watching "chopped" on the food network. for real. this whole cavaliers team is really into food. did you hear the head coach, david blatt, talking to them during a time-out? play that audio. >> david blatt wired up. >> then you put the whole leg in the oven at 425 degrees and roast it till it's brown on the outside. then you've got to use the meat thermometer. if the internal temperature is over 135 it's overcooked. all right? come on, now. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know what they say, there's no "i" in meat. you probably noticed a lot of today's nba players have tattoos. but kyrie irving, who's the star guard for the cavaliers, is out with another injury, has a tattoo. i've never seen not only on an nba player but on another person before. this is kyrie irving, you see there, he's got the "friends" logo on his forearm. ironically, that's the kind of tattoo you get when you don't have friends to stop you from
12:33 am
making terrible decisions like that. by the way, if you're a real fan of "friends," if you want a real "friends" tattoo, 53 yare mow, show them what a real "friends" tattoo looks like. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what a friends logo is. who is that, guillermo? >> guillermo: joey. >> jimmy: okay, all right. i'm impressed. do you know the actor's name who plays joey? >> guillermo: yeah, matt leblon. >> jimmy: close enough. up in canada all eye on this the women's world cup. there has been much soccer action today. we went through all of it to find the best of the best. and that comes courtesy of today's tight game between norway and germany. this is our "world cup play of the day."
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>> jimmy: that's what you call high octane. this is kind of crazy. in south carolina, two men were arrested for sending threatening emojis. posting threatening emojis on facebook. that's something you wouldn't have seen on the police blotter in 1982. it's allegedly the men attempted to assault an unnamed male at his home in may. but this is what put it over the top. this is real. this is really what they posted. fist, the finger pointing at an ambulance. if i was one of the guys posting i'd say, i was going to fist
12:35 am
pump him then point him toward the ice cream truck. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: there are paid people drawing pictures on the walls. instead of telling someone they're dead meat we text them a picture of a ghost and a steak. the men responsible have been charged with stalking. if convicted they could face up to five years in prison where they will have a great deal of explaining to do. using words. yeah. guys do dumb things and it's not limited to america. boredom has apparently set in in a big way in thailand where some young men did what any reasonable group of kids would do. one of them stripped down to his underwear and let the other guys fill his shorts with fire ants. ♪ >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]!
12:36 am
[ screaming in foreign language ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that definitely beats the ice bucket challenge. you want to know the weird thing? after they cleared off all the ants, ought bite marks on his body, do you know what they formed the shape of? the low go from "friends." this is something you might have heard about. in colorado where recreational marijuana is as legal as apple pie they're opening a new vacation destination, canna-camp. a cannabis-friendly camp for adults of course at which you can smoke pot. finally people can smoke pot at camp. never happened before. [ cheers and applause ]
12:37 am
they have all sorts of camp-type activities, special meals for those who are smoking pot, and you can earn merit badges for things like bong carving. bird staring. fridge exploration. telling whoever you're with you should hang out more. considering hiking. forgetting you're in a canoe. and this is just keeping it together. so canna-camp. maybe we'll send the band. better than band camp. i don't want to bring you down but sad news out of hollywood this week. you probably heard matt damon has a new movie coming out. i know. it doesn't make any sense to me either. but it's a movie from director ridley scott about an astronaut who gets left behind on mars and has to find a way to survive. this would be the second movie where matt damon plays a guy stranded in space. ben affleck goes into space, he's blowing up a meteor to preserve the human race.
12:38 am
matt damon goes up there, he gets lost and has to be saved. anyway, move they comes out october 2nd. they released a trailer for it this week and i have to admit i am intrigued. >> for astronaut mark watney, six was a crowd. life was on auto pilot. and his love life was going nowhere fast. until he lined the walls with plastic. and did some deep space exploration of his own. because sometimes the greatest love of all is under the zipper of your space suit. matt damon is "the machlt astronaut." the mission to mars. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: 44 years he spent with himself researching that role. before we march on, it's thursday night which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week whether they need it or not.
12:39 am
it is "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> on behalf of all new yorkers, racing fans, everybody who [ bleep ] horses, this is for you! >> the next nominee for best musical features [ bleep ], [ bleep ] choreography. >> hey, i'm a big guy. i like [ bleep ] things. >> a story of some dogs [ bleep ] on long island. >> an ohio father is talking about how he [ bleep ] a black bear that was [ bleep ] his son in the [ bleep ]. >> i'm looking forward to [ bleep ] our fans and i can't wait to [ bleep ] our fans. >> what's for dinner? >> another piping hot platter of [ bleep ]. >> those are some great [ bleep ]. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> i can say this, upstate new yorkers were clearly [ bleep ] by their governor. >> oh!
12:40 am
>> tonight we're [ bleep ] your ass. >> everybody, on three. [ bleep ] your -- one, two, three! >> [ bleep ]! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our community activists jeff and becky go to oakland to try to convince warriors fans to change their team name to something less violent. how will they react? negatively. that's next so stay up. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ d portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by gillette and old spice. get dad what he really wants this father's day. visit your nearest rite aid today or go to hey, can i help you? yeah, we're interested in the iphone. we promised one to beth for her birthday. you know mobile share value plans now include rollover data, so the data you don't use this month rolls over to the next month.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: still to come, zoe saldana, tyler the creator, and music from r5. there's been controversy in reasons years when it comes to the names of professional sports teams. the washington bullets are now the washington the wizards because bullets are a weird thing to root for. but fans can be very passionate about their traditions and very stubborn. so we decided to have some fun with that. we sent a pair of community activists named jack and becky to oracle arena in oakland before game two. jack and becky have lobbied for some very important sports-related causes in the past. they went to the world series last year to try to get fans to sign a petition to remove the line "buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks" from "take me out to the ball game" because their son landon has a peanut allergy. that didn't work. jack and becky are undeterred. they sent them to convince fans
12:46 am
of the golden state warriors to change their team name to something less violent and here's how that went over. >> make love not warriors! make love not warriors! make love not warriors! >> hi, how you doing today? >> oh, can't get any better than this. >> good, good. my name's becky, this is jack my husband. we were wondering if you'd be willing to sign our petition. we want to change the name warriors to something less violent. how do you feel about that? >> i -- i couldn't disagree more. >> why? >> this is a sporting team. i'm sorry. it's a sporting team. it's a metaphor. >> it's for war? >> metaphor, not for war. >> the name ain't hurting nobody. >> the name is hurting us. it's hurting our son landon. >> okay, landon, i'm sorry. >> our son plays for the junior
12:47 am
warriors, a nearby basketball league, and he gets beat up by the other players. >> because the other players are like, we're the warriors! they push him. >> they push him? >> they push him. >> he plays for the young warriors? >> yes, yes, he does. he gets punched and hit by people all the time. >> we love war. >> we know it's because of the name the warriors. >> you've been punched? >> totally. >> what i want to know is why you're supporting the death of millions on the battlefield. >> okay, i'm sorry that you believe that i'm supporting the death of millions -- because i am not. i'm sorry you believe i believe that -- >> it's actually true. >> are you done? >> we want to talk about it -- >> my son landon, okay -- >> it's basketball, period. >> my son landon gets rocks thrown at him because your team is called the warriors -- >> you're acting like the kids that are on his team. you're acting like the kids on his team.
12:48 am
>> you're the warriors right now. >> sport in general is violent. >> i think that's another problem with the sport in general, to be honest. >> well, now you're trying to end a sport that's -- >> i'm not trying to end any sport. that's a two steps down the line kind of thing. right now we're talking to mark stern about changing the name. >> who else loves warriors as much as you do? adolf hitler. >> yeah. the nazis. >> if you have to talk about hitler you have no point. >> are you guys thinking about hitler right now? you're thinking about basketball? >> you're yelling hitler everywhere. >> you guys are getting violent right now. you guys are -- you are acting like warriors. we have not harmed you. >> my son asked me last night if the warriors won would he die? >> he wants to know if he's going to die if the warriors win. ♪ kumbaya ♪ kumbaya my lord
12:49 am
>> namaste! >> we're about peace here. >> you can't be for peace and war. unless you're tolstoy. >> namaste. >> what's that mean? >> nasty? >> namaste. >> make love not warriors! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: on the show music from r5, tyler the creator is here. we'll be right back with zoe saldana so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by gillette and old spice. get dad what really wants this father's day. visit your nearest riteaid today or go to never settle for verizon's overpriced gimmicks.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. a multi-talented individual who has many interesting things to say, tyler the creator is here with us. then later, from right here in the city of los angeles, their new album comes out july 10th, it's called "sometime last night." r5 from the at&t stage. by the way, they're on tour starting july -- what is it, july 7th in orange park, florida. sorry, i'll flustered. on sunday night we are back with another "game night" special in primetime with channing tatum and the cast of "magic mike xxl." that's before the game at 7:00 eastern and after the game on the west coast. our first ghost is a very gifted
12:55 am
actress who's forced to spend more time at comic-con than with her own family. you know her from "star trek," "guardians of the galaxy," "avatar." she's on earth alongside marc ruffalo in the new movie "infinitely polar bear." >> seconds, anyone? >> thank you, ken, for this delicious dinner. >> could be like this every night. >> yes. that would be nice. to be a husband and a wife. >> i'd hike to be a husband but my wife won't let me. >> it would be possible if he could just be a wife. >> he wants her to be a wife but she insists on being a husband who makes me be his wife. >> "infinitely polar bear" opens in theaters june 19th. please say hello to zoe saldana! [ cheers and applause ]
12:56 am
>> jimmy: you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> jimmy: congratulations. how long has it been since you had your twin boys? >> six and a half months. >> jimmy: six and a half months. we have a baby at home. >> congratulations by the way. >> jimmy: thank you very much. >> sweet lady. >> jimmy: i can't even imagine having two of them simultaneously. >> don't, don't. it's great, it's a blessing. we know because we keep -- people keep telling us. no we're very, very happy. it's just like, whatever you do, you know, if you change a diaper and you put one down, it's like you have to do it all over again. and that's when they're having, you know -- when they're in a good mood. when they're having like a little tantrum, it's at the same time. then like you put one to sleep because we're sleep training right now. >> jimmy: oh, yeah, that's terrible. >> sleep training twins is no joke. >> jimmy: yeah, how do you do that? >> you put one to sleep, you lay him down. the other one has been asleep but then that one wakes up and
12:57 am
the other one wakes up so everybody's crying and my husband and i are crying. >> jimmy: people don't know what sleep training is, and i didn't realize this, you just let them cry. what is it, you have to wait 15 minutes? let them cry. >> it's overwhelming because there's so many different methods. just the other day my sister, who has a 9-month-old, she brought the piece of paper and grabbed us both with a bottle of vodka. >> jimmy: she gives the babies vodka? >> no, she grabbed the vodka. she goes, that's how her and her husband did it. the moment you hear your child cry it's like it drips the guts out of you. >> jimmy: it's terrible. >> we have two so it's crazy. there was a bottle of skinny girl. and we have the monitor with the volume all the way high. and we have this little note thing that you have to -- like this log that you have to be logging in all the time. we put them down, mommy and daddy love you, in italian and
12:58 am
spanish. then we walk out and they're having a meltdown. you have to time it. then you go in. my sister was just like -- i'm like, can we go in? she's like, go in now. we go in. what do we do? just say mommy and daddy loves you, italian and spanish, and she will come and pull us out. by the third time, i mean, it had been 45 minutes already. we were kind of buzzed. it's heart-wrenching. my husband doesn't drink and he was like, give me that bottle! we go in and we just finally like abort, abort mission, we take our kids, i take one, he takes the other. and we're both crying. the boys, their bodies are weeping. when they do that -- you go, oh my god, he's never going to forgive me for this. and then michael and i are talking in the room going, this is not for us, it's too archaic, there has to be a more gentle method, we cannot -- they did it because they're insensitive, they don't care about their children. my sister's outside with the monitor at full volume. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> and our best friend.
12:59 am
we were just like, oh. they're like, we get it. >> jimmy: they didn't get mad? >> no, no. are you kidding me? >> jimmy: you've not to be careful with baby monitors. >> all sorts of things. >> jimmy: the babies should be in separate rooms. >> no. >> jimmy: they wake each other up. >> they do, they wake each other up. it's just -- they were born together. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it's unnatural to separate them. in my mind it makes sense. >> jimmy: you want one of them to speak spanish and one italian? >> we're talking to them in english, italian and spanish. what's confusing is my mom would like to be called a certain way as a grandmother in spanish, mama. so i'm mommy. and then his mother is lanona. i'm like, how are they going to do this? lanona, mama, mommy? >> jimmy: they're not. >> italian, spanish, english. i have a feeling they're going to tell us their first words, "english, english, this is
1:00 am
ameri america!" >> jimmy: there's no question that is going to happen, they'll roll their eyes, english. that's what i did. >> jimmy: groty. do babies say that? my daughter says dada and that's how i'd like it to stay. this movie has no polar bears in it at all. >> no. no. >> jimmy: no. tell us a little bit about the movie. >> well, the whole thing about infinitely polar bear, i don't know if it was maya or china. they didn't know at the time when their father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, they were too little to understand. too little to even say the whole phrase. so they said "polar bear." my dad's polar bear. that's why the film is called -- >> jimmy: these are the characters in the movie -- >> i play maggie, who is -- actually, first of all, start from scratch. the director's maya forbes who
1:01 am
used to write for larry sander's show. she wrote this film about her life experience growing up with a dad that was affected by -- with suffering from bipolar disorder. and how her mom had to go and leave them with their dad in care of their dad to go get a career so that she can also provide so that the girls can have a really good education. and it's just about life growing up with a dad that's bipolar, but he's always there and he cares so much. what i love the most about this movie is that it is dealing with a very heavy subject. but maya wanted to really share the fact that it was a love song to her parents. that even though that was a situation that they had as a family, they still had all the love in the world, they were still happy every day, and they made it work. so that was why -- i think, you know, mark and i fell in love with the script. >> jimmy: well, that's a very sweet -- speaking of love, your husband, i read this in the news. and i presume it to be true.
1:02 am
took your last name. >> nobody laughs. men don't laugh in the room. >> jimmy: he took your last name. >> yes. >> jimmy: did you make him do that? >> no, oh my god, why does it mean a woman has to hold a gun? you're going to be saldana! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i don't know, it's a weird thing. >> no, but i took his. why doesn't that make it in the news. >> jimmy: you took his? >> of course. >> jimmy: you traded last names? >> no, i'm saldana, we hyphened. i was a gentleman and i allowed the boys to be saldana, like, your name needs to go first. it was his decision. >> jimmy: you have a very confusing house, i don't know what's going on in that house. it sounds good, marco saldana. >> it's like, whatever you want. it's so funny. i was telling him today, who's the guest with you? and i'm like, who's the musical guest? it's tyler the creator.
1:03 am
i showed him some clips. he goes, oh, i love, i love eep-hop. he can't pronounce the "h." >> jimmy: foreigners are adorable. look at this guy over there we can't get enough of that. zoe saldana. thank you very much, zoe. we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by at&t. mobilizing your world.
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