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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  June 12, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning every, it is 5:00 a.m., friday, june 1, tam is off, erin o'hern joins us, here's what's happening. >> david murphy says the oppressive heat will make it feel like 100 degrees today. >> firefighters battle an apartment fire and mother nature, there are 80 residents out of their home. >> reporter: police offer information on the police shooting of brandon at a time -- tate brown. david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: satellite showing pop-up thunderstorm in the suburbs. we have heat advisory that kicks in at noon today doesn't end until 8:00 p.m. heat indexes during this time could make it feel like the upper 90s and 100 at times
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this afternoon. dewpoints will be up over 70. that's as high as we've got on our chart. that means it will feel oppressive standing or walking around the in sun today. code orange oh zone action -- zone action day for sensitive groups. 74 in wilmington. 67 in sea isle city and allentown and reading the upper 60s. outside we go to catch the school bus for what could be the last time this year, but some of you on twitter have told me you have in days next week, as well. 91 by noon, 94 by 3:00 p.m. high of 95 sliding in at 3:30 or 4. we're challenge a record high in several places including philadelphia. things get better over the weekend. >> reporter: another pool party
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day. god bless you the ramp is reopened on the schuylkill expressway construction is cleared, westbound ramp is reopened too crews have left the scene we're looking good there, we have issues in bucks county downed tree in plumstead township closing river road and old ferry road and point pleasant pike. in wrights town getting reports of a railroad gate stuck in the down position at railroad road at township line road. watch for that it will take extra time. lots of construction crews they are working hard in new jersey, this is in camden county, up to two lanes blocked on 295 northbound 42 and route 30. they have shut down the ramp 295 northbound to 168. that will be blocked until 6:00. construction blocked in the center lane 168 northbound at 295. they are working hard this morning before it heats up later today.
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>> breaking this morning a 34-year-old man is recovering from multiple stab wounds in philadelphia this happened at # 30:00 a.m. the victim is in stable condition. they caught the suspect nearby they are questioning him now. residents of a delaware county apartment complex are preparing to pick up the pieces from a multi-alarm fire. katherine scott is live on the scene in landsdown. >> reporter: matt, last night the red cross set up a shelter to house 80 people displaced by the fire. two people were taken to the hospital. when fire crews arrived they were met with flames and smoke coming out of two basement windows. today the cleanup continues. >> within two minutes there were flames on the bottom coming out of the basement. >> reporter: and soon resident katie nelson said the flames reached the first floor and she
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grabbed her cat ands smoke filled the stairwell. >> i grabbed her like a football and ran out. >> reporter: the fire started around 7:00 p.m. on the unit block of north landsdown avenue. 911 calls and smoke detection system alerted the fire department. two residents were rushed to the hospital. animal control officers revived pets that were injured. crews had to cool down and stop to rehydrate. >> that's why they are working in tandem, the heat is so bad outside and inside. and back here live in the stafford court apartments, windows are boarded up, there's charred debris on the lawn outside, the cause remains under investigation. today residents will be picking up the pieces. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> our thoughts are with them, thank you. in the turn around from the
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original story charles ramsey said there's no evidence that a north philadelphia man was reaching for a gun when he was shot and killed by police. the commissioner said yesterday the department rushed to provide the public details on an officer-involved shooting was to blame for a false narrative of the shooting of brandon tate brown. there was a gun in the car which an officer saw and then the struggle ensued. the district attorney has cleared officers of any wrong doing, tate-brown's mother has filed a civil rights lawsuit gains the city. >> it's a victory in terms of bringing the truth to light and show he was not reaching for a gun at the time he was shot, but it's a tragedy, as well, because this victory and no victory can bring brandon tate-brownback to life. the allentown housing authority battling a bedbug
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problem in the highrise. they are treating 8 units at gross towers that have become infested. 47 units have been treated for bedbugs in the last year. jim kenny has a plan for ppa officers. kenny wants the philadelphia parking authority to hand out citations for littering and dumpster violations. he calculation the ppa officers valuable 0 boots on the ground. residents packed a meeting concerned that their property tax will rise. the old school needs significant repairs. it will be located on factor avenue no word when the construction will gin. >> the sun is not up yet and
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it's not 80 degrees. >> reporter: i've got twitter followers you were right about people with asthma, it was tough yesterday and it will be worse today. storm tracker 6 live showing we're dry, sky6 live hd showing we're foggy down the shore. hazy sunshine will be building down the shore real soupy down the shore and elsewhere across the region. 76 in philadelphia. 74 in wilmington. 68 in allentown, 73 in trenton. 67 along the boards. if you want to get a stroll in early along the boardwalk. the earlier the better because it's going to be warm later on. later at the shore we'll do better than we will inland. exercising inland early as the sun is coming up it's a good idea. through the morning hours into the first part of the afternoon we'll be dry hazy sunshine out there, just like yesterday late in the afternoon showers are possible and thunderstorm in northern areas like the lehigh
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valley. that sort of goes off the board. the closer severe weather is north of the poconos today. that's not a part of the potential package. the big story is the heat and humidity. again we'll go for a high of high of 95. we fell short of that yesterday but there's a better chance of getting there today. hot and humid and more humid than yesterday. spotty thunderstorm can't be ruled out. but very spotty and mainly up north. as we roll through the day 80 degrees at #-- 8:00. 93 by 2:00 p.m. 95 at 2 or 3:00. and 93 at 5:00 p.m. record heat a part of the potential package. that 95 if we hit we'll tie the existing record. allentown has a shot of tieing the existing record. we're forecasting a high of 95
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in wilmington. reading has a shot. animal atlantic city a shot, on the beaches 82 degrees mix of sun and clouds, warm and humid at the shore today but you get a break at the ocean. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows you have to get through today, things start to get better. today miserable air quality is poor. heat advisory is in effect. 95 is the sticky high. tomorrow is humid looking at a high of 89 which means we'll miss the season's first heat wave if we hit 90. not a washout on saturday by any stretch partly sunny on sunday 86. mainly dry slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm as well. clouds and sun on monday, probably feeling a little more comfortable in the mid 80s. warm and humid on tuesday late thunderstorm and staying in the low to mid 80s as we go through the second half of next week. >> sticky weather. okay. 5:09.
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we have new video of a scary scene down south. a pick up truck plunges 6 stories from a parking garage narrowly missing pedestrians. school officials are answering confess about a video of a staff member mistreating a child. we have reports of a truck fire and we saw police and fire crew at the scene out of the camera view. watch for this on state road and ash burner street. we'll take you to delaware county coming up. a teen discovers a new planet possibly making him the youngest to do so. that's later in the morning buzz.
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>> reporter: it's friday! suburban traffic report, let's gets you out the dwoor. this is the ramp ramp i-95 476 northbound are we're clear and dry no construction going on in this area. in delaware county we're looking good. you want to take you to bucks county though, we have this downed tree on river road. they have shut it down old ferry road and point pleasant pike. in bucks county we have a railroad gate stuck in the down position railroad road at township line road.
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that could cause you an issue. as we go to the commuter traffic report. people are talking about the pothole. 68 in allentown it's warm already in the 70s in millville. we have another day where we've got a shot at tieing the record 95 degrees, it's hot and humid with spotty thunderstorms later on. you'll be turning up the ac in the car later erin. >> but it's friday. thanks karen. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the moments a pick up truck fell 6 stories on a busy new orleans street. vehicle plummeted from the parking garage. people tried to get to the 49-year-old driver but unfortunately he died at the scene. police are investigating the incident. a video of a child getting roughed up by a preschool worker
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in north jersey has led to several firings. the video was taken a month ago the officials at the school in hoboken just saw. it's a frustrated worker shoving a 2-year-old down after having trouble putting on her hat. a director and assistant director and teacher's aid has been fired. pitch who signed on monday makes phillies debut. nba is tied two games apiece. the warriors won a victory over the cavaliers last night. labron james needed stitches on his head after banging into the camera the first half of the game. the series heads back to oakland game five watch it sunday night
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on 6abc. researchers suggest a simple solution for a tired cranky child that will cost you nothing. we have a fire north of the border wind driven flames threaten a community. >> reporter: we'll check out the severe weather chances across the country for those of you flying when we come right back.
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near british columbia province grew to 1500 acres in size and yet to be contained. evacuation orders have been issued in some areas. dozens of firefighters are fighting the fire along with helicopters and air tanker sport. >> reporter: we have a truck fire you cannot see it in the
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camera view. this is holmesburg state road at ash burner street. stick to torresdale avenue instead. here we can see police on the scene. north philadelphia, a fire location here at 6th street. has cleared. mass transit looking okay septa buses new schedules take effect sunday and monday. >> reporter: already feeling humid, karen, 83 by 9:00 a.m. today's high, 95 degrees, very hot and oppressively humid heat advisory through the afternoon and into the evening and urban centers. a slight chance of a spotty spotty pop-up thunderstorm mainly in the northern suburbs across the country severe weather in kansas, oklahoma, and more unsettled weather in the great lakes and gulf coast region today.
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and severe weather is up to the north in northeastern pennsylvania and saint louis and panhandle of texas and out to the west. check with the airlines to make sure there are no delays. there is rain in chicago everybody else is dry. erin? >> on "healthcheck" water may be an easy cure for a moody child. most kids may not be getting enough water everyday and they are dehydrated. a surprising 54% of children fell below the recommended hydration levels low enough that thinking mood and alertness may be affected. more than one in four youngsters surveyed drank no plain water at all. boys at ages 6 to 11 are at most risk. under-age drinking is on
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the decline. drinking between 12 to 20 dropped 6% between 2002 to 201. under age binge drinking fell 5%. one in every five people questioned between the ages of 12 and 20 said they recently drank alcohol. whole foods has a new chain of lower-priced stores. >> reporter: topping america's money, a name for the lower price whole food change. 365. whole foods hope budget stores bring in the other customers amid growing competition. they open next year. jurassic world could be the summer blockbuster expected to rake in $125 million this weekend. that would break a june record. finally check out this extreme move by boeing pilots this is the new dream layer
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soaring into the sky at a much sharper angle than it would if it were full. it carries more passengers, farther using less fuel. it debuts at the paris air show. that's america's money. >> 5:22 up next in the morning buzz, the galactic discovery being credited to a teenager. at first glance this guy looks like a marine now he is being called out for being a fraud. that story is all new and coming up at 5:30. a-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps.
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>> welcome back, 5:25 at on this friday morning, it is already 78 degrees. it is going to be a hot one, if you like to sweat you'll like today. we're supposed to to have a high of 95. it will feel much hotter at some point throughout the day. police in bucks county say this is the man who is responsible for a two month long crime spree. john sarina was arrested for allegedly shooting a bb gun. he confessed to spray painting a school and slashing tires and firebombing a church. >> i feel good for the people who were victims. a lot of people who have their tires slashed that comes out of their pocket.
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we'll not get any money back, but we'll get justice for them. he served time for kidnapping two juveniles. more charges are equity whiched to come. it's hard to find another planet out there. the you can't just point the telescope. a teenager did this, they think he is the youngest to have discovered another planet. when he was 15 years old he was doing work experience at the university in england. what he noticed there was a tiny dip in the light of a star, what they determined that tiny dip is a planet orbiting and when it gets between the star and earth it dips the light. they think that tom wagg at 15 was the youngest to discover
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another planet. it's i 1,000 light years away. >> i think he'll have a lot of the college scholarships. someone is deliberately killing cats in the lehigh valley. >> police found possible signs and follow new leads as they zero in on two escaped conviction from upstate new york. "action news" continues. earth to tom! just day dreamin'. about an in-ground pool? yeah! i am! with a hot tub? uh-huh. and a waterfall! how did you know that? you've got that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. oh yeah! super $1,000 frenzy.
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>> happening now on "action news," preparing for a second straight day of near-record highs. tomorrow could mark you our first heat wave. year. >> an apartment fire in delaware county displaces dozens of people. how the red cross is helping out. the lehigh valley is on the look out of a feline felon suspected of poisoning stray cats to curb the population. go to work, tam is off, erin o'hern is here, david and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: as you step outside, it's warmer than yesterday. we're looking at cloud cover just enough to provide us with
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hazy sunshine and there's the chance of pop-up shower in the northern suburbs. the heat advisory kicks in at noon the urban centers in the central portion of the region. it doesn't expire until 8:00. might feel like 100 at times this afternoon. take it easy. the humidity itself is so shy with dew points up over 70. it will be oppressive humidity across the region today. for the second straight day we have an air quality alert. ozone orange action day means sensitive groups mean to limit your outdoor exposure and exercising. 73 in millville. upper 60s down the shore and lehigh valley and reading. heading out the door to catch the school bus, what could be the last day my kid finished yesterday. by 8:00 a.m. already 80 degrees. tgif kids,


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