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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and humidity overhead we have the heat advisory that stays up for philadelphia that i-95 corridor and especially for points to the west of east of the region the advisory is up until 8:00 this evening, keep in mind we can find heat indexes in these locations near 100 degrees, currently in philadelphia 94 degrees, making it the hottest day so far this year and 90 in allentown and 90 in dover 74 in beach haven and 73 in sea isle city. when you look at the heat indexes it feels like 101 in dover current heat index in philadelphia of 99 and feeling like 95 currently in reading. with that building heat and humidity we are tracking showers and storms stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you west of
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lancaster county, we have activity moving into honey brook and into reading as well as berks county, these showers and storms are moving north and east at 30 miles per hour. talk about what we can expect, near record heat in some locations oppressively humid as with well and with that the isolated showers and thunderstorms, it will turn slightly cooler into the weekend and we'll talk about the numbers and let you know if we hit 90 tomorrow and that will officially make it a heat wave then nydia. the details coming up with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. >> we mentioned earlier that the philadelphia school district let out earlier. for construction workers and firefighters, and today had had to feel like a long one, especially for conditions that are dangerous. john it's brutal out there and people have to take precautions. >> it was miserable out here today nydia, a hot humid
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miserable spring day, when you walk out of an air conditioned car or building it's like opening an oven door, the school district decided on a noon time dismissal. henry came to pick up his three grandsons, my daughter called me to come and pick them up. >> what do you think of that? >> the school is too hot. too hot. >> the heat was on today firefighters faced with intense conditions using water to hydrate and trying to cool down, in center city these utility workers cleaning up after installing new gas mains had no choice but to be outside. >> hydrate the night before. >> i'm used to it i go to the gym a lot and try to stay in shape. >> at dutch dessert near the barnes foundation the 400 pound crepe pan heating up the tiny
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kitchen and tough on the staff and tough on the gelato and sorbet which was selling today. >> not used to freezers working in 115 degree kitchens. >> you heard right, it was a 115 degree kitchen he was working in and a relief to step outside into the sun. live in sent steer john rawlin, channel 6 "action news." >> all right john take a dip in that upon behind you there. >> philadelphia public schools were not the oath ones to send kids home early they were taking precautions in camden county, new jersey the action cam was in haddonfield where the district let out at 12:30, and canceled afternoon kindergarten and preschool. and the best place to keep cool on in a place like today was
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splashing in water. new jersey correspondent, nora muchanic, is live today. not a bad spot to be. >> not at all lots of happy people here today, you could call it the great escape because if you are outdoors a dip in the water may be the only way to forget about the stifling heat. >> we when outside and it was unbearable. we got here it was amazing. just to get in the water. >> taking a dip is the ultimate way to cool off on a scorcher today. >> the wave world in clementon park works just fine and you don't have to get sand in your shoes. >> the heat is crazy the wave pool feels so good right now, you get in the water and it's so enjoyable, you get to the point that it's so hot and you feel like you will melt in the sun. >> it's brutal today and the park has all kinds of attractions to help you cool off, no matter your able, including a 450 gallon bucket
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that spills over every few minutes. >> it's like a huge bottle of water coming over my head. >> how does that feel on a day like this. >> if you want to slide or climb or just wade in the water you can do it here. this is what we hope for every day. >> the hotter it is the more people we have come out. >> yesterday 2,000 people pack the park, many on school trips and today it was not quite as crowded. >> we are on a field trip and our safeties and fifth graders and i'm under the canopy. >> thankfully there are umbrellas to shield people from the sun but most people wanted to float sit or sand in the water, to hear them tell it it's the only way to escape the heat. >> it feeled great, it's good. we brought the two girls out here and they enjoy the weather. >> you are having fun too? >> yes i am. >> whether it's dipping your toes or going all the way in
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everybody feels better in cool water on a hot day, the park will be open seven days a week today. brian we can all jump in i'm ready to go. >> if only i could nora. the 6 abc mobile apps can help you stay with changes the weather, you'll find storm tracker street level radar and our live sky 6 cameras will give you a look at the weather. one woman is dead and another in the hospital after a fire in the somerton section of philadelphia it started on avon street at 3:30 this morning a father mother and adult daughter were inside at the time. firefighters found the mother on the first floor by the door and they gave her cpr and rushed her to the hospital in critical condition the daughter was found up stairs in a bathroom
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dead. and the father got out safely. >> he got out through the basement. >> someone helped him? >> we have a report that the neighbor kicked in the basement door. >> crews say the family may have tried to fight the fire on their own and that the house had no working smoke detectors. from our delaware newsroom. prosecutors called their first witness today in a cyber stalking trial. david matusiewicz and his mother and sister are accused of stalking amy belford and her friend when the pair showed up for a custody hearing in 2013, and then killed himself. they denied knowing that thomas would carry out that crime. more than a dozen stray cats turned up dead in a lee shy
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valley community. police say they found all the cats near riverside drive in saucon township. they have no signs of injuries so they think they may have been poisoned. police believe that someone left antifreeze out for them. a torch run arrived at its destination today. the action cam was at wilmington police head quarters as the olympics flame of hope made a pit stop on the way to delaware. these are some of the 500 law officials that escorted the flame 160 miles across the first state. the special olympics summer games is officially under way there. time to pass the torch for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pellman is standing by in the traffic center. >> people are feeling like they have been torched this afternoon, it's so hot out
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there. on an afternoon friday afternoon in june like this, things get really busy as they get out of dodge especially down the shore, we are looking live at 42 there goes a bird flying along. right here at creek road on the southbound side it doesn't look horrible. back at the walt whitman bridge it's substantially slower on i-95 and it breaks up past creek road and the a.c. expressway, 65 miles per hour headed eastbound by hammonton. and if are you one of those folks that takes route 30 the white horse pike, watch out for a crash in hammonton and woodlawn avenue a vehicle fire earlier this afternoon in the northbound lanes of 295, in florence columbus and southbound with the gaper delay where the speeds are even worse in the 20s. a big picture, a crash at pennsauken at the betsy ross
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bridge and across the river in center city we are watching a big delay on the vine street expressway expressway. a crash off to the right shoulder. lets go the commuter report grab the icht pad moderate traffic on 95 southbound. and we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead here today uber is working on a brand new set of rules in our area, and what they are learning from a prison employee that may have helped with the inmate escape from the maximum security prison escape in new york. and a live look with live with kelly and michael. alicia vitarelli lead a group of fans from philadelphia to new york. what kelly said about having a taste of philadelphia in the audience and what michael says about the chance to wear eagles green.
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blood hounds have pickeded up the scent of two killers in upstate new york, to fine richard matt and david sweat and now they are getting more information from prison employee, joyce mitchell sources say she was suppose to drive a get away car for the two men saturday morning and never showed up and checked herself in the hospital complaining of a panic attack. >> today we learn more and more information from her as far as her involvement was and what her relationships were with both matt and sweat and from that we are developing leads that we continue to investigate. >> the d.a. said that mitchell did not give the men the power tools they used to escape and so far she has not been charged. police made another arrest in connection with the terror plot in boston they moved in in
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rhode island and took one man in custody, police say rahim was part of an isis plan to attack police officers in post and although the group originally planned to behead political blogger pamela geller they caught up with rahim and they shot him saying he went for a knife. >> and he has been posting pro isis on the internet. president obama makes a plea for a high-profile parade deal that didn't work, nancy pelosi announced that the deal was dead, it comes to a major blow to the president who was seeking power to establish global trade deals that congress could agree to or reject.
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but organized labor staunchly opposed it fearing it could lead to the loss of thousands of american jobs. and temperatures now the do you down 140 points and the nasdaq down 31 points and s&p down 13.75 for the day. and the surprise announcement on twitter, means the cofounder jack dorsey will take over as interim chief on july 1st after shareholders continue to pressure twitter to shake up leadership, and grow numbers. they grow behind facebook and snap chat as far as adding new users. alicia vitarelli served aas a tour gold for contest winters that got a chance to see an episode of live with kelly and
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michael. and alicia got a chance to talk to the show's hosts. >> and boy did we gather a fun bunch of contest winners to board the 6 abc fun bus before the break of dawn. >> we are going to see live with kelly and michael. >> about 50 news viewers traveled with us up to new york for a behind the scenes look at the show. >> hi mom and dad. >> our 6 abc viewers filled the audience with serious philly flair. >> therery at love people from philadelphia in the audience today. [ applause ] >> and kelly ripa always shows us extra love. >> i love to have philadelphia in the audience i feel like i'm at home when philly is in the house. >> we brought your home to you. >> and michael not letting sports rivals get in the way. >> they are rambunctious and the same that would boo me and they
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tell me now that they love me on the show and i am happy for that. >> our fun bus snapped tons of selfies with the hosts and had tons of fun >> i'm wondering if pinks have more fun? >> i think they do. >> are you next? >> yes. >> you could do joins blue or eagles green. >> that ain't happening. >> eagles green would look good on him. >> it's time for the accuweather forecast, lets go to meteorologist, melissa magee. still in the heat advisory. >> that is right quite hot and steamy across the delaware and lehigh valley the high in philadelphia so far coming in at 94 making it the hottest day so far this year, and it looks like the building heat and humts will continue for part of our
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weekend, currently outside in philadelphia, 94 and 90 in allentown and the lehigh valley here at the coast is where you'll fine the relief and sea isle city 73 and atlantic city 73 and out to the west 80s, 84 for lancaster and 84 in reading now check out the dew points a level of the moisture in the atmosphere, any time you see the scale climb to 70 or higher it's oppressive overhead and that is what we have to deal with one again this afternoon. here is satellite 6 along with action radar it's partly cloudy and dry and quiet across the region and off to the west we are tracking the showers and storms and severe weather watch boxes popping up for areas in ohio and into upstate new york and we'll go in tighter with stormtracker 6 live double scan this is what i want to put your attention on we have isolated but pop-up showers and storms so
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some activity out of lancaster county and pressing to the north and east. 20 miles per hour as we track the showers and storms moving into reading with the heavy rainfall for that location as well. the call from accuweather for tonight, it's a very warm one, dropping down to just 74 in the city 71 inal ep town and warm and muggy and we are tracking a thunderstorm out to the west and it's possible we'll fine more activity after midnight here is the story as we head into the weekend the warmth continues future tracker 6 shows you 7:00 in the morning, numbers along the 95 corridor close to 80 here in philadelphia and as that advances as we get into the core of the heating by saturday afternoon, temperatures will be in the upper 80s and even the upper 70s in the poconos. so it will be very warm and toasty across much of the region tomorrow. the four day at 4:00 showing you hot and steamy for saturday a high temperature near 90 if we hit that it will be official
4:21 pm
with the heat wave, first one of the year. and sunday some sunshine over head a high of 86 not as bad and on monday showers and storms still unsettled and a high of 84 tuesdays sun and storms overhead and 89 degrees, it's hot and steamy do what you can to keep it cool. >> lots of water. thanks melissa. a day like this a glass of lemonade hits the spot, at franklin elementary school alex's lemonade stand opened up to raise money for children with cancer, their goal today was to raise $30,000, they found kids happy to donate and get something cold to drink. >> this was graduation day for kids at the melmark school teachers and staff held a
4:22 pm
special ceremony they cater to kits with disabilities and autism. they overcame a lot to get to this day. they enjoyed the accomplishments with their proud families. >> extra special milestone for them. >> congratulations. uber is working on a new set of rules in our area, and a massive shopping complex is getting ready to open its doors. and that means hundreds of new jobs, and huge crowds of people came to fill the jobs, you can still get one we have a live report coming up.
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the world is filled with air and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at secretary of state john kerry, is about to lever the hospital with a broken leg he is expected to speak publically
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when he leaves the hospital and will remain in boston while he recovers he broke his leg in a bicycle accidents in france and was originally taken to switzerland beforing with taken home. uber is getting approval for delaware, the delaware law does not address services like uber, that means there were no rule, under the new agreement there are clear regulations including background checks and insurance requirement,s. still ahead they have braved the heat in hopes of finding a job details on the opportunities that had hundreds standing outside in camden county today. plus two colorado restaurant owners new they sported their fair share of outrage with a white appreciation day. how the mexican american business owners used the
4:27 pm
controversy to promote a day of unity. >> and why people are turning to professionals when it comes to their bridal parties.
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with her ever saying a word. plus, this washington state woman says she is black but her parents they say she is white. the reason this is making news, she is the head of her local naacp chapter and now under investigation. and it's a warning from police in montgomery county don't drive 106 miles per hour while wearing a go pro camera if you don't know much about the roads. >> we'll start now with three words all of them starting with one letter. all of them starting with h. hot hazy and humid. it's putting the fry in friday. when do we get relief from this steam bath. melissa magee has the answer. >> it's not coming for the start of the weekend, we'll have to wait until we get into next week until we get relief from the oppressive humidity that is why we have the heat advisory that stays up and it's up along the
4:30 pm
i-95 corridor and it stays up this evening, for locations just to the west and immediate suburbs 25 miles west of philadelphia and 25 miles to the east as well. keep in mind when you have an advisory like this, we say heat indexes, they will be near 100 in some locations we had a high today so far at least in philadelphia of 94 degrees, making it the hottest day so far this year. here is stormtracker 6 live double scan and you can see on street level we are tracking some activity west of philadelphia it's currently coming out of lancaster county and moving to the north and east, we are finding showers and storms in honey brook and 25 lightning strikes within the past 15 minutes with this thunderstorm currently moving to the northeast at 20 miles per hour and now pressing into elverson and with the pressing heat and humidity overhead we'll have to watch out for pocket thunderstorms and showers
4:31 pm
isolated in nature coming up we'll let you know if the heat and humidity will persist into the weekend and two days in the 90s and one more day to make it an official heat wave, we'll let you know if that happens tomorrow with the full and ac cluesive accuweather forecast. and our mobile apps can keep you ahead of the weather no matter what happens, whether you are at the beach or the mountains our live cameras give you a look at what is going on outside. what would get to you stand out in the heat for hours and for some people it was the opportunity to fine a job they were at the new gloucester stores in blackwood. vernon odom is live now. is it. >> reporter: hi there the long lines that were out here but there are plenty of job seekers
4:32 pm
outside of civic hall at camden county college and they are still applying for jobs and continuing to apply for jobs that are starting in mid-august. the construction continues at this site of a new outlet mall coming to south jersey, in two months the mall will open in gloucester township 90 top outlets to open that day, they brave long lines in the sweltering sun to apply for the jobs that will be generated here. >> i am looking for a job for two months now i hope this is it. >> you are willing to stand in line to apply for it. >> you have to do what you have to do to get the job. >> applying for a job. >> are you out of work now? >> yes i am since 2009. >> really? are you hoping for a retail job? >> something like that anything to help pay the bills. >> the mayor is pleased as punch to see this boom in his town.
4:33 pm
>> this is the biggest thing in the history of gloucester township bringing in 300 jobs and construction jobs going on right now. the crowd of job applicants reached into the thousands by mid-day. >> i'm looking for an assistant management position in any of the retail establishments here. >> i have 20 years experience in retail and 10 years experience in management. >> i am looking for any type of entry level position, to get my foot the door. >> you have your degree? >> yes i have my bachelors degree. >> this job fair continues until 7:00 tonight. all already the estimates are some 5,000 people job applicants are here trying to apply for jobs today. live in gloucester township new jersey vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thanks very much
4:34 pm
don't drive to a dead end wearing a go pro camera in this video a man on a motorcycle is seen speeding down light cap road passing cars as he accelerates, that say problem but the bigger problem the motorcycle does not know that the road ends in a t intersections and he hit so hard he went flying into the crash charges are pending and police released the go provide yo. now a member of the naacp accused of misrepresenting her race. >> this is rachel, she claims to be african-american but her family says she was born to white parents and has been lying about her back grown for years.
4:35 pm
here is what she said when confronted with the alligations. >> in spokane rachel is phone as an advocate for african-american rights and serves as president of the local naacp chapter, she has said she is black and that is called into question by her own parents. >> we are her birth parents and we do not understand why she feels it's necessary to misrepresent her ethnicity. >> now they are launching an investigation into why she used her -- she referenced the man in this picture on the local naacp facebook page as her father. >> is that your dad? >> yes that is my dad. >> a different man, larry told the station that they are
4:36 pm
rachel's biological mother and father and they are both white this is her birth certificate and these are pictures as a white teenager she was interviewed on wednesday and it senterred around hate crimes she and her family were a victim of in resenyears. >> i don't understand the question i did tell you that yes that is my dad. and he was unable to come in january. >> are your parents are they white? >> in a statement the naacp said one's racial is not a requirement for leadership. >> and the city is determining if any policies have been violated. for channel 6 "action news," in los angeles. a monument in honor of martin luther king jr. is going to be built in maple shade new jersey, it will go with mary's
4:37 pm
cafe will be and an incident there helped to launch martin luther king's initiative. they were refused service there and they thought it was based on race and they approved a marker at the site. a date for the installation is not been set. governor jack markell will decide whether to expand the medical marijuana laws to treat children with epilepsy the bill is named for a 9-year-old, whose epileptic seizures could only be controlled by the active chemical in marijuana and the first dispensary is set to open on july 26th. now it turns you a similar incident happened here decades ago, rick williams is in the newsroom with more. >> that is right more than 60
4:38 pm
years ago inmates at eastern state penitentiary escaped through a tunnel. it it took them almost a year to actually dig it out, it was so unstable the inmates could have died trying to escape. coming up tonight at 5:00, annie mccormick walks us through how the prisoners got to freedom six decades ago. and it's fitness friday ali gorman will introduce you to a local man involved in the annual gary papa walk-run thanks to a personal connection. coming up at 5:00, until then lets go back to the studio. students at pennridge high school in perkasie celebrated the end of the school year in a memorable way students in the life skills classes played television game shows and pulled off quite the surprise, during the "wheel of fortune" game
4:39 pm
students helped him propose to his girlfriend, they spelled out lindsay will you marry me and she said yes. and to the happy couple we say congratulations. >> still ahead. want to beat the heat with paddle boards this weekend, we'll tell you how to do it for free. and united in outrage how two mexican american business owners used a white appreciation day to bring people together. and she is touching the hearts of others without saying a word you how she decided to share this message. and next the hot accuweather forecast. when "action news" continues on this friday afternoon.
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like, those little activities that are kind of fun and educational. i think with williamsburg, you have all of that educational part rolled into the fun. it's already here. this is probably the most fun i've had all summer. several california police officers are being investigated today after surveillance cameras
4:42 pm
captured them behaving badly during a raid at an unlicensed marijuana dispenseary. the group moved on to the dart board before eating some of the product. and a legally blind woman that volunteers told officials that they were joking about kicking her out of that wheelchair. over here at the big board with big talkers, we begin with the restaurant promotion designed to spark outrage, a barbecue join hosted a white appreciation day because all americans should be celebrated. both owners are mexican-americans, it was less about singling out one race and more about celebrating every culture equally. >> we are going through the hurdle and there is still racial
4:43 pm
tension and we are all americans and we need to come together and work together as americans and love and respect each other. >> despite the backlash that includes both death threats and bomb threats the day went on without a hitch. he said that was his goal using the controversy to promote unity and fill his restaurant. now to a surprising wedding day trend jen glance is a bridesmaid for hire. the real life wedding ringer is brought on to make sure the brides big day is a piece of cake. from speech writing to coordinating the shower. glance says that contrary to popular belief her services are not for sad women without friends, she says she is just the organized calm selfless gal pal that brides never knew they needed. >> and look at this the woman
4:44 pm
empowering women around the world without saying one word. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> mom holly kitchen is sharing her battle with breast cancer and it has more than 46 million views in a week, the video was set to rachel's hit song. and she was diagnosed in 2012 and had chemo and radiation and a double mastectomy, that was not enough breast can on her bones, when her doctor diagnosed her, she had no idea what that was so she made the video hoping to educate others. >> the lord said it's time to share this message and i woke up
4:45 pm
the next morning to like a half million views it was mind blowing. >> now kitchen says her family keeps her going and her goal is to watch her kids graduate high school, and among her million supporters are the women behind the song, thank you for educating us on. matt pellman is in the traffic center with a look the roads for us. >> we are watching pretty big problems for your evening ride home like this crash westbound bypass, right here by the off ramp for 340, just the left lane squeezing by it's not squeezing by quickly as you come west with of exton you are on the
4:46 pm
brakes in the afternoon a downed tree in valley form national park. now 252 is blocked. 25 of course is closed because of the bridge work, it's a mess in this area any way, stay on gulf road to get around the closure, but upper mar one there say crash at kroeton road and eastbound side of the schuylkill back on to eighth street a delay on the shoulder spilling back to i-76 with speeds like 10 and 12 miles per hour. and downed wires to watch for in upper darby on springfield road and mcdade boulevard and taylor swift is in south philadelphia that means i-95 is super packs and super busy and people are heading southbound and we see a delay at cotman and a crash off to the side i could keep going but we'll do it again at 5:00. >> we need to get you your own
4:47 pm
show. >> i would watch. if you think the scariest part of flying is taking off then you won't like this one one bit. boeing just released the new video of its new aircraft. the jet liner can take off at nearly a vertical angle soaring at 90 degrees it carry more passengers while using less fuel and is scheduled to perform next week at an air show in paris.
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it's oppressive out there the heat advisory until 8:00. >> it's steamy and sultry. >> another s word? >> 50 shades of the forecast. >> lets get to it then,
4:50 pm
stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see that we are tracking pop-up showers and storms to the west with of philadelphia we'll go in tighter with the building heat and humidity overhead we have the activity we are tracking and you can see it's coming out of lancaster county pressing into northern chester and southern berks county as well. just to the north of 322 and also along 76 and south of elver andson and lightning strikes about 42 this storm system is moving to the northeast at 20 miles per hour, and expect this activity to continue as we go throughout the evening hours with so much building heat. and building humidity as well. how to stay so far in philadelphia coming in at 94 degrees, and reading 92 and 91 in trenton and atlantic city and 90 so far today when you factor in the humidity why you have
4:51 pm
the heat advisory up it feels as hot as 100 in philadelphia and 101 the highest in dover and feeling like 96 in trenton and upper 90s in atlantic city currently outside this afternoon 94 in philadelphia and 84 in reading and you are getting rain cooled showers and storms, and the place to be 83 in sea isle city and here is satellite 6 along with action radar we have a partly cloudy and off to the west we are tracking showers and storms and tapping into the very warm southwesterly winds today and a warm front lifting to the north that is where you find the bulk of unsettled weather currently. it's warm and muggy and as we get into the overnight hours 71 in the suburbs, and just that into philadelphia, the overnight low, it stays hot, a high
4:52 pm
temperature of near 90 degrees, and the first heat wave of the year here, hot and humid with a stray thunderstorm popping up especially with the boundary dipping down to the south as we go throughout the afternoon hours, now on sunday still humid and we'll fine a nice mixture of sunshine and clouds and the frontal boundary wants to dip to the south at that point and there could be an isolated shower or thunderstorm and the best bet is south and west of philadelphia with the humidity overhead you can't rule anything out. the call from accuweather 78 degrees tomorrow and 74 on sunday with sunshine and clouds and down the shore the ocean temperature coming in at 66 degrees and on the beach and sand it's warm and humid and a high of 86 and 76 degrees on sunday looks much better by then. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, hot and steamy tomorrow and temperature near 90 and as we get into sun, 86 degrees and not as warm and still unsettled on
4:53 pm
monday and we stay in the 80s all next week guys. >> i want to remind you this is a family show. >> daytime television. freebie friday coming up next.
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what is better than kayaking and ice-cream, free kayaking and ice-cream, it featureses a petting zoo and hot dogs and tomorrow is national get outdoors day, the national forest service is waiving entrance fees at 150 of its forests but providing recreational and educational
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activities and free outdoor movies starting with a field of dreams in manayunk. head to dillworth park to watch night at the museum and thursday the wizard of oz on the schuylkill banks they begin around dusk. now a freebie just for men, sams club is celebrating men with a free health screening including vision testing and body fat percentage and more and a deal for members of military target is offering a free 8 by 10 photo from its portrait studio you can fine that and details on all of our freebies at and finally at 4:00 today here is what happens when the family pet discovers the joys of jumping on the bed two little girls were bouncing around when the pit bull came over and took
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notes and the dog got a hang of it quickly this video by the way comes to you courtesy of the pit bull facebook page and has 5 million views and counting. you can't tell that dog to stop jumping it will do whatever it wants. >> that does it for "action news" at 4:00, join us each and
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. the heat is on. it's sticky and humid and officially the hottest day of the year in philadelphia, the oppressive heat and humidity has forced people around the tri-state area to find ways to stay cool any way they can. and the big story is the heat gripping the tri-state area, the heat is hovering near 100
5:00 pm
degrees in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware and right now the heat advisory is in effect for the i-90 corridor until 8:00. annie mccormick is at the shore but lets begin with cecily tynan at the big board with the latest. >> reporter: hi rick and nydia, today is officially the hottest day so far this year, the high in philadelphia, 94 degrees, the heat index up to 100 earlier this afternoon that is dangerously hot. 93 right now and 92 in dover and wilmington 90 and allentown and trenton 91 you'll notice with the winds off the ocean and the shore more comfortable and temperatures there in the low 70s, you add the humidity and the heat index right now, the highest heat index in the region. today dover reporting a heat index of 101 degrees, philad


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