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tv   Action News  ABC  June 13, 2015 1:36am-2:11am EDT

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>> friday night airport big story on "action news" tonight is braeinging news from bucks county we go right to video a violent head on collision injured at least eight people this is how it looked from chopper 6 just a short time ago. and it happened an hour and a half ago on peble hill road and spring valley road doylestown firefighters had to cut the roof off vehicles to rescue those trappeded in. they were rushed to trauma centers at temple abington and st. centers at temple, abington and
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st. mary medical center f we get any more information during this broadcast we will let you know. >> this was the sun setting on a bliingtry hot day in philadelphia. not since 1947 did it hit 95 degrees on june 12 until today. there was no real feel measure in 1947. there is now and it hit 100 today. meanwhile the atmospheric conditions were right for thunderstorms and tonight they caused considerable damage in bethlehem township high winds overturned 13 tractor-trailers at the ostrum sylvania warehouse and the nearby crayola warehouse suffered damage to the roof. cecily if you have fact and intergity figures. >> jim today was hot oingt so far this year. 95 tying record high. and you add humidity with due minutes 70s it was oppressive. heat index soared up to 100 degrees and even tonight right
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now, 11:00, it is 85 degrees in philadelphia. and 82 wilmington and 83 in trenton and cooler in allentown. a rain cooled 75 degrees. dew points are still very high in the upper 60s and low 70s. that means heat index the way it feels still 90 degrees in philadelphia. feels like 88 in dover. the place to be today really down the shore where the temperature and heat indexes stuck in the 70s all day long. now, double scan live showing the storms across the lehigh valley all associated with a cold front that's pushing in. it does have a history of severe weather. but these storms are really weakening as they move east since our temperatures are dropping. so they're losing a lot of their punch. double scan live zoomed in showing earlier this was a thunderstorm but we had a batch of rain moving across northern berks, hamburg now knowledge of reading. we will see a few thunderstorms in the overnight hours. really the big story will be drop in temperatures.
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it's warm tonight with spotty thunderstorms. but i'm tracking lower humidity and cooler air this weekend. i'll run it all down for you in the full accuweather forecast. jim. >> and as cecily said it was a more pleasant night down the shore. folks werele stroll ago roun the boardwalk in atlantic city and getting a helping hand pushed along after winning a stuffed animal at an arcade game. and 6abc mobile apps can help you stay ahead of changes in the weather throughout the weekend. you can access street-level stormtracker 6 radar for any rain plus temperature maps by neighborhood and liver sky6 cameras give you first look at the weather before you head out of the house. >> today's intense midday heat led to early dismissal for the philadelphia public school system. many older buildings don't have air conditioning. this was scene in overbrook as students were let out at 12 noon. last day of classes before summer break is next thursday.
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"action news" reporter dann cuellar is live on south street tonight where many same youngsters liked to spend their friday night. but, dan they have got a city curfew for the first time this summer. >> yes jim, with start of hot summer police wanted to get early start and hit the ground running with south street curfew and they stress it's meant as much for safety as young people as to reduce the potential of incidents like in years past. >> this is what happened on south street back in 2010. flash mob of 3,000 teenagers con vermed across the city knocking down pedestrians to the ground and causing under the circumstanceser chaos leaving residents in a state of terror. >> i closed everything, locked it, put a chair in front of my door so in case i would have time to get out the back. >> philadelphia police put in place a plan to put in large number of officers across the city owe south street on
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weekends to keep things from getting out of hand. since that time they enforced annual summer curfew. beginning tonight minors 17 and under musting off the south street corridor. >> we don't look at interaction we'll have with juveniles negatively in any way shape or form we look at it as opportunity to keech. i consider this to be teach ashl moments. >> police have new cameras and officers at the realtime crime center monitoring events. they also monitor social media web sites for any signs of trouble so police can react proactively rather than just reactively after something happened. >> that alone is contributed major to making south street just a safe place in a place where if you decide to come down here and do something that is against the law, you will be held accountable. >> so what do some on south street think about the curfew. >> fridays and saturdays nights there's no it need for under age people to swap the place. >> i like that idea. i have a 16-year-old. i think it's perfect.
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>> they're off the street, home safe. >> police say since the new curfew has been in place there's no major incidents to report. dann cuellar "channel 6 action news." >> dann thank you, firefighters battled a multi-alarm house fire in cumberland county tonight while contending with heat and humidity. chopper 6 was over the 900 block of hogben road in seed areaville where fire broke out 8:00 in the roma peers to be a total loss. but at least nobody was hurt. >> and philadelphia firefighters found no working smoke detectors today after skivrping wishing a blaze that killed a woman this morning. the blaze broke out in 600 block of avon street in summerton section of city and the victim's mother was taken to the hospital. there has been no word on a cause. >> a prison worker has been arrested in new york state on charges she helped two convicted killers break out of their cell
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last weekend. they had been on the run ever since. joyce mitch sell accused of providing material support to david sweat and richard matt. officials have not said what kind of support that was. and while richel could not face years behind bars the men she allegedly helped are still at large and officers are going door to door, searching backyards, woods, roads. >> we have a message for sweat and matt, we will not stop until are you caught. >> they're more dangerous than ever. at this point the men are "cold tired and wet." >> franklinville new jersey, man admitted today to scam scamming more than 6 million for billing for math an language books. nearly 1,000 schools sent money to him anyway. 44-year-old robert armstrong
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bled guilty in court and will serve 44 months in frizz wron. authorities already seized money from his bank accounts and new ford mustang. >> teacher union reached a agreement with philadelphia archdioceses that affects all teachers in the archdioceses 17 high schools. details of the deal with being kept confidential until put up for ratification by the end of month. if accepted the contract would take effect in september. >> thousands of people turned out to camden country college today withes are mays in hand hoping to qualify for one of 800 jobs at the new gloucester premium outlet stores and the mall which contains 90 stores is scheduled to on in two months time. in addition to providing hundreds of jobs officials hope the mall will be a boom to the local economy. atlantic city casinos are on something of a winning streak all eight surviving gambling
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halls and increased revenue by 5% in may compared to a year ago. so far in first five months of 2015 overall revenue up nearly 4%. of course four casinos closed last year leading to thousands of job layoffs. >> there is nobody bigger on the music scene and she did the first of two concerts tonight at lincoln financial field. taylor swift may be reimagineing her image these days and based on what was going on tonight in south philadelphia everyone seems to is proof. >> "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live outside the link. chad, one of the biggest concerts sfrld seen in some sdmrim yes, sdwrim appears have been a great con sfrert those that left it looks like taylor swift is winding it down. obviously she's loved around here and around the world this concert sold in a few minutes.
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>> taylor swift got 70000 strong going with a leadoff song welcome to new york. the wyomissing nate ivt is arguably the hottest act in the world especially among the little ladies. >> we love taylor. >> a walk around the linc parking lot before the concert and you were bound to hear. >> that's what people say . >> i'm really excited. >> she's really nice and she likes her too. >> being a swifty is not just for the girls. jeff say fan as well. concert was a christmas gift for the family. >> big taylor swift fan. >> what do you like. >> i think now bad blood. >> yeah? >> yeah, kenrick lamar version not album version. >> emily took tookerty spent the last six months in the hospital with a blood disorder and it was a wish of here's. >> i like her because she sings good songs. >> what's your favorite song. >> shake owe off.
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>> it's been a long 'roid and to be here is just amazing it's very emotional very emotional. >> katie harris and chris eyeserman are such is swift fans they decided to get hitched outside the concert yes there's no bad blood here just a lot of fans of the 25-year-old singer. >> we love taylor swift. >> and for those swiftyes who want to do it all over again. they can do it again tomorrow night is that the if they can getic tickets. live in south philadelphia, chad pradelli "channel 6 action news." >> thank you chad. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, it's not so nuts. a new study make the suggestion for a very healthy snack and that's coming up. plus another cyberattack on u.s. government employees and this one may i have exposed spies and sensitive information. also the naacp standing by this woman who is opened up a national debate because she may be posing as an african-american and even though she is
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caucasian. cecily. >> after record heat today it's a warm night. i'm tracking relief from the heat over the weekend. i'll have details including shore and poconos in the accuweather forecast. >> and jeff skversky hears from eagles players about the release of starting guard evan mathis and that and more when "action
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>> u.s. officials are now revealing a second data breach of government computers where the hackers accessed even more sensitive background information than the first sign area tack. and they are worried china was behind it. this time data was from forums that intelligence agents and military service members fill out when applying for security clearances and the worst case scenario hackers know eyetive secret fraingts cia and nsa and
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special operations forces and experts think this is not an effort of financial gain and use this information for blackmail or be used for future sign area tacks to plant spyware to steal classified information. >> authorities in boston chargeded two men with conspiring to help isis by noting to be head a conservative blogger. nicholas ravinsky made an appearance in court today and 25-year-old david wright was arrested last week. charges say they were scheming with usama ra theme be head pamela geler who campaigned against a mosque at the world trade center and organized prophet mohammed cartoon con nest dallas. >> raheem was killed by agents last week when he allegedly lunge beinged at them with a knife. >> naacp president from spokane
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is under fire because of her race. she falsely portrayed herself as african-american. her parents from whom raicher is estranged released pictures showing her at blonde hair blue eyed child. >> are you african-american? >> i don't understand the question. >> we are her birth parties. and we do not understand why she feels it's necessary to misrepresent her ethnicity. >> the naacp is standing by dull saying one's racial identity is a factor to lead the on a commission. >> and from our delaware newsroom tonight uber is now official in the diamond state. it is technically been operating since last year but it was unregulated and only today received at approval of deldot. the agreement sets requirements for background checks and
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insurance minimums and drivers also cannot take fares from train station orr's airports where taxi cabs do some of their biggest business. >> heading into the second weekend of june, "action news" attended chester high school's graduation tonight and it is school's 141st commencement ceremony. quite an accomplishment for school and certainly a big milestone for class of 2015. a younger school september off its senior class tonight as well. this is just the 11th commencement exercise for camden academy charter high school. they held a graduation in gymnasium with keynote delivered by alum us in jonathan wigfall. >> on "healthcheck" at 11 more evidence piling up for benefits of nuts. after tracking diets of 2500 them netherlands those who ate nuts have lower mortality rates and lower risk of developing
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several chronic diseases, cancer and diabetes. don't go nuts. improvement was seen when eating ten grams a day a third of ounce and while peanuts did help eating peanut butter did not. more jelly. >> assure cancer center in atlantic city held inaugural fundraiser tonight and visits visit was on hand to help. theme of tonight's dinner was cause for celebration. it was also silent auction to help raise money to improve the quality of life and care for people with cancer. >> we've got another hot one tomorrow. could be the third day of heat wave. >> exactly tomorrow the high 90. today was 95. heat index 1 0 0. tomorrow do you point dropped to 90. it will feel 10 cooler tomorrow. it will feel better. stormtracker 6 double scan showing that i amtraking showers that are moving across northern
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berks county right now. heading into lehigh county. no lightning strikes associated with this. this is a batch of showers and it's north of reading now. slatington under the circumstances kutztown heading to allentown and this is ahead of a cold front that brings us relief from oppressive heat and humidity. it started thursday with a high of 9. today a record tying 95 degrees. that heat index made it feel like 100. tomorrow if we hit 90 this is officially the first heat wave of the summer. and of the year i should say since actually not even officially sxher yet. 58 in philadelphia, 11:00 very warm out there. wilmington 8 2. allentown 75. a lot cooler on the beaches. temperatures in the 70s. you factor in the humidity do you points 7 0. uncomfortable. philadelphia 90. behind that cold front that is moving through as dew points really dropping through the day tomorrow. it starts humid but it ends a lot more comfortable. satellite 6 along with action radar showing here's the cold
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front you can see how as the storms are rolling into the cooler air they're really dying off. we will see isolated thunderstorms tonight mainly north and west of philadelphia and otherwise just a warm and muggy night overnight low 71 in suburbs and 74 in center city and for tomorrow, with this front pressing through here that means humidity will be dropping as we head through the day and still a hot day high up near 90. mixture of sun and clouds. on sunday the temperature drops to 86 degrees. however, the humidity will be rising through the day so it's kind of a tradeoff. it is muggy day and not nearly as warm, 86. this front is over us on monday and that brings us showers and thunderstorms. if you head to the poconos nice this weekend. less humid tomorrow. 78. sundays partly sunny and 74 and on beach ocean temperature 65. tomorrow you gets a land breeze. it will be on the humid side. 86 degrees.
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that sea breeze kicks up sunday dropping temperature down to 76. good amount of sunshine on the beaches this weekend. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast dropping humidity and still hot home with high of 90. on sunday temperatures down to 86 degrees and humidity will be increasing through the day. and that leads way to showers and thunderstorms on monday. 84 degrees. tuesday, it's warm and muggy 89. and another cold front moves through late in the day tuesday with a round of storms and this brings us a breath of fresh air by wednesday. mostly sunny. low humidity. 84. we drop down to 8 on thursday and before some showers and thunderstorms return on friday with high of 58. the worst of this heat is over and it will improve as we head through the day tomorrow. >> have a good weekend. >> you too. >> well it was prom night with sweet theme in camden county tonight. this was the fantastic friends candy land prom. young people with special needs enjoy dinner and dancing at
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voorhees and in keeping with the theme some character from candy land came to life and joined guests on the dance floor. fantastic frondz was started with 18-year-old girl inspired by autistic
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>> these two dancers twirling above the ground delighted in audience in fairmont park philadelphia the performance an aerial dance is called invisible river and combines art, voting and environment later this summer two dozen people create a stage using paddle boards and these dancers haging by strawberry mansion bridge. >> and there's as much trauma
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in dugout as on the field. >> things heated and phillies are having their worst season home in 7 years and good luck trying to steal a few if the pirates this weekend. fivls had more trouble than any other stadium they visit. ryan howard, klais utley not in the lineup. phils looking for first run of the year. gregory polanko what a catch. he breaks the scoreboard. in a scoreless in the 8th. he's a little upset and forced to intentionally walk a batter and gets out of trouble with bases loaded and two out. then look at the exchange in the dugout. manager ryne sanberg pitching coach bob mcclure and phillies pirates now scoreless in the ninth. wow. protecting eagles quarterback sam bradford and bad left knee has to be a bigger concern and
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of course todd herremans. and replaced by alan bashry and matt tobin with a combined 15 year start and that's why team later connor barwinn was surprised they released matt even though he was in contract dispute. >> ands it's a bad ending for everyone. i'm very confident in guys that have been here all summer and tobin. gardner, dennis killly, they've all had a good off season. we're moving forward. >> wondering why barwinn is wearing a hard hat. he's doing community work today. helping install solar panels at a home in cherry hill and look at them government up the ladder with the thing. panel weighs 50 pounds.
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wow. chip tell sli done a ton of construction on this roster and he parted ways with nine starters last season including five pro bowlers we asked tra thomas to weigh in on all the moves chip kelly made. >> you can tell that he's like bringing in his crew. he's getting rid of anything that wants to oppose any feelings he has in the direction he wants tonight go. so if you speak up against it or any action as not in movement where where we're -- in the direction he wants owe the team to go in then he's getting rid of them. >> still to come in sports, carli lloyd and u.s
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>> delran native carli lloyd of the u.s. women's soccer team trying to score their second w in the world cup against former coach and sweden. abby wambach is not in the starting lineup. she comes off the bench. carli lloyd a great shot for goal right here just misses header. lloyd does hit her head on another player and she's okay. sweeten with a shot. meghan klingenberg off the head and off the cross bar. you sa and sweden a scoreless draw. they lead with four points. another state tight until baseball. this is dine agenty north penn wins third championship. they beat wyoming valley west. they finish the season twelve
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game winning streak. >> thank you jeff. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel 6 followed by "nightline". "action news" continues at 5:30 for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. have a good night and great weekend
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