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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 13, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 5:30, saturday june 13 eva is off i'm nydia han. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" glrkts it's another hot day to start off the weekend. a pick up trashes into nine -- crashes into nine parked cars. it's the first court appearance for a woman charged in connection with the prison
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escape in upstate new york. >> we might have a heat wave today, but you think it will be short. , i think we'll fall short of the technical definition. let's get you outside it's warm and sticky. temperatures close to 80 degrees in the city. in the # -- 70s around the suburbs. we have the sun coming up. 78 degrees officially in philadelphia at this hour. millville, 74. trenton, a muggy 75 degrees, cooler conditions up to the north. there's a cold front that's slowly drifting towards the south. that will you ultimately put an end to all this heat and misery we've been dealing with. feels like 80 degrees, as the temperatures continue to climb. the heat index will climb along with it. we're not expecting anything as intense as yesterday.
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we had feels-like temperatures close to 100 degrees in a large portion of the area. satellite and radar, that is your cold front draped across the keystone state that will drift to the south over the next few hours forecast for today. look for a combination of sun and clouds, it will be humid out there, but not as bad as yesterday. 89 degrees in the city. technically this will not be a heat wave, but it's close. if we manage to hit 90, yes it would be a heat wave. we have numerous chance for showers and storms i'll have the details in ten minutes. nydia. >> the atmosphere conditions were ripe for thunderstorms they called considerable damage in bethlehem last night. high winds turned over 13 tractor-trailers on broad head road. the nearby crayola warehouse suffered damage to the roof. and
5:33 am will keep track of storms in the neighborhoods. our live sky 6 cameras give you a look at the weather before you head out. philadelphia police are investigating a home invasion thatted in a shooting. -- that ended in a shooting. it happened in the city's olney section. a 46-year-old homeowner was asleep when his girlfriend when they heard a noise. he woke up to find a man in the bedroom. the man grabbed a gun and fired. the intruder was shot in the stomach. no word if there will be any charges against the homeowner in the shooting. new this morning, police say a drunk driver slammed into nearly ten parked cars in philadelphia's somerton section causing extensive damage. as you can see the cars were left a mangled mess.
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investigators say a man lost control of his dodge ram and hit 9 parked vehicles. he was arrested and charged with dui. nobody was hurt. the action cam was on the scene of a nasty crash in doylestown bucks county last night. 8 people were injured when three cars collided at peple hill and spring valley road. one of the injured was flown to temple university hospital. no word ton what caused the crash or the severity of the injuries. firefighters battled a multi-alarm house fire in cumberland county last night were contending with the heat and humidity. chopper 6 was over the 900 block of hogbin road in cedarville when the fire broke out. the home is a total loss, but nobody was hurt. philadelphia firefighters found no work be smoke detecters from a blaze that killed a
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woman. the victim's mother was taken to the hospital, no word on a calls. a woman charged with helping two men escape from a maximum security prison is due back in court on monday. she entered a not guilty plea. meanwhile, the man hunt continues for fugitives. >> reporter: prison employee joyce mitchell facing a judge. missilele who supervised the tailor shop smudle in some kind of contra ban to help david sweat and richard matt break out of the prison. last year mitchell was cleared into a investigation whether she was having a relationship with one of the fugitives. authorities are looking into whether the 51-year-old was to pick them up in a getaway car
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but never showed. >> you have to assume they are cold wet tired and hungry. that makes them more dangerous and desperate. >> reporter: officers on atvs combing the woods near the prison. bad luck helicopters -- blackhawk helicopters scanning from above. people are urged to lock their doors. >> i'm scared, i have a loaded shotgun next to the bed. >> reporter: investigators say they are talking to other prison workers who may have helped the fugitives always joyce mitchell faces 8 years in prison if convicted. federal prosecutors want to keep some evidence against former house speaker dennis hastert secret. if a judge agrees, the information would only be disclosed to people involved in
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the case. dennis hastert's lawyers are not opposed to the request. the charges grew out of his alleged sexual abuse as a high school wrestling coach and his efforts to pay $3.5 million in hush money to a victim. we're learning information about a massive cyber attack targeting millions of federal employees. two officials say as many as 14 million civilian employees dating back to the 1980s were compromised. hackers stole social security numbers from all in the data base. u.s. officials say it originated in china. china denies any involvement. there's a tentative agreement between philadelphia archdiocese school teachers and the archdiocese. if accepted the contract would take effect in september.
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details of the new contract won't be released until after members vote. thousands of people with resumes in hand turned out at camden county college hoping to qualify for one of 800 jobs at the gloucester premium outlet stores. the mall is scheduled to open in 2 months. in addition to providing hundreds of jobs, officials hope the mall will be a boon to the local economy. atlantic city casinos are something of a winning streak. the 8 had your surviving gambling hall also increased their revenue 5%. overall for 2015 revenue is up 4%. four casinos closed leading to thousands of layoffs. flying could be more of a pain why you may have to buy a new smaller bag to carry on your flight. we'll tell you about new recommendations considered by
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airlines. a driver is rescued after his truck is swept away by a rain-swollen river. >> reporter: coming up in weather, nydia it's going to feel humid out there but not as bad as yesterday there's relief in in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with cooler temperatures, i'll have the details coming up after this.
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>> a scary scene in denver, colorado where a rain-swollen
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river swept away a pickup truck. a passer by jumped into action and rescued driver. nobody was seriously hurt. in our area we are dealing with the heat. a little bit cooler today. >> reporter: a little bit wetter. it will be better as we get into monday so on an so for the. beautiful shot -- so forth. beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge. look at the temperatures in the lower right-hand side of the screen. 77 degrees that doesn't take into account the humidity. factor that in it's worse. there's the dewpoint, this was two weeks ago this would be awful. this is better than the last two days where we were stuck in the 70s. we're doing thanks to a cold front that's dropping to the
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south. temperatures it will knock it down five or six degrees. the bigger change the humidity comes down. trenton, 75. millville, 74. yes, it does feel humid out there, but i want to stress this has been in the owe pressive category over the last --ressive category. binghamton 58 degrees. washington, 76. there's the cold front right there. that will continue to drift to the south over the next 24 to 48 hours it will temporarily bring relief to the area before another surge of heat and humidity moves in here next week. we have a ridge or huge area of high pressure down to the south. there's another one to the north. this is the good one this is the bad one. this one on the south carries the heat. this to the north cooler temperatures, they are both kind of fighting each other, we have
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a tug of war going on. for today this will be the stronger of the two features that will push to the front to the south, as we get into sunday we drop off the humidity levels a little bit high temperatures drop into the mid 80s. come monday this flexes its muscles, we get into the hot sticky air malice with temperatures closing in on 90s and high humidity levels. 3:30 this afternoon, look for a combination of sun and clouds. we should keep things dry around the delaware valley. tomorrow morning looking okay, combination of sun and clouds, tomorrow afternoon we'll see the thunderstorms flaring up, you can see the modeling starting to show the reds and maroon colors which would indicate drenching downpours. today we're in the clear tomorrow we have to keep an eye to the sky after 4:00 p.m. poconos less humid delightful in the mountains 76. 74 sunday, combination of sun and clouds, jersey shore not too bad. ocean temperature in the low to
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mid 60s look for combination of sun and clouds this afternoon. should stay dry there's a slight chance of a shower, warm and humid, 82 on the sand. sun and clouds, 76 tomorrow. our western suburbs look warm, as well. note the temperatures are they are in the 80s no 90s reading, 88. allentown, 8 #. lancaster, 86, cape may we'll go 83 or 84. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 86 degrees tomorrow, you can see how the temperatures drop off a little bit, still going to be humid but not as oppressive as what we've been dealing with. late-day thunderstorm a good bet, especially the western suburbs. monday showers and storms, 85. tuesday, hot 89. wednesday, thursday, friday, 86, 83, 86. it isn't even summer and we've been stuck in it. >> tall ships of america sail
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down delaware river june 25th. here's jamie apody with a special fyi preview. chef walter staib has spent more than 40 years traveling the globe researching and recreating 18th century cuisine in 18th century dining was much more art form than we know it today. and when the tall ships come to town in a few weeks, the chef is preparing a very meaningful meal. on june 26th we're celebrating a great, great party here at the city tavern in honor of marquis lafayette. the marquis de lafayette came to america aboard the tall ship hermione to announce the french fleet was on its way •.to help the us fight the british in the revolutionary war. the city tavern dinner will include four courses of traditional 18th century fare. the food we serve is all made here on the premises, from scratch, everyday the first dish is "salmagundi", a salad course made with european cucumbers bib lettuce and a traditional shrub dressing. and it's all topped off with a customary colonial ingredient
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there is something i've never done in my entire life. eat a flower. the entrées showcase ingredients that were plentiful in the eighteenth century•.like seafood from the delaware river. everything in the 18th century is very labor intense, so it really was from the farm to the table or in philadelphia from the river to the table. and for dessert, they use thomas jefferson's crème brûlée recipe. mmmmhmm they gotta come to the dinner just for that. cheers to a taste of history! >> i love that place it's a fun, fun restaurant. you can see more on the tall ships on 6abc at 7:00 p.m. we'll be right back. ew line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. all things mobile. all in one place. at longhorn what's in season doesn't last. we make sure of that. introducing longhorn's new grilled tastes of summer.
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>> welcome back we are taking a live look via sky6 live hd in cape may. is that a bird out there enjoying the cool ocean? i think the birds need to stay cool right. it's going to be a high of 88 degrees, so the beach is certainly the place to be. "healthcheck" this morning johns hopkins graduate students are developing a head band to help relieve the symptoms of parkinsons disease. it's similar to the deep brain
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stimulation available for years without the trauma and and he knows of surgery. human tests are getting underway, but lab trials were a big success. a new report from johns hopkins school of public health find that some hospitals markup their prices 100%. chestnut hill hospital. pottstown, and easton. most patients don't pay the full price because the government and private insurance companies negotiate prices. anyone receiving workers compensation or auto insurance benefits will face the full price. experts say federal regulations are needed. hundreds of new health trends are touted online or magazines. usually they are word of mouth. are they really healthy for just
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hype. ali gorman checked out three of the latest trends. >> reporter: it's the latest edition to juices, charcoal added to lemonade and levy greens and vegan protein. we did a taste test. >> reporter: first activated lemonade. this is good. as for the others they might be an acquired taste. so why add charcoal to drinks in the first place. the claim it draws toxins out of the body to make for better digestion and cleaner skin. they will bind to the digestive track and clear it out but it
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binds to everything. >> it binds to the good stuffer and takes it out defeating the purpose. next up the product doctors say boosts weight loss, lipo injections it's a mixture of b12 with minerals and amino acids. her doctor explains how the injections help. >> it allows the liver to work more efficiently and met zach mettenberger -- met tablize -- metabolize everything. can it help in conjunction with other things. positively. >> reporter: our last health trend is not new but found new popularity. this tea boosts metabolism and can help you lose weight. it's pure, whole tea leaves.
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>> instead of steeping the dried leaves in hot water we're grinding it up in a powder form. >> so we have fiber and packs a high antioxidant punch which boosts heart health and lower your risk for some diseases. as for helping with weight loss that's never been proven. but lindsey said in chaibt times it helped -- ancient times it helped people slow down and be more mindful. >> if it gets us to be present that's a good thing. >> reporter: you can also find it at coffeehouses, if you get it mixed with milk and sugar it loses some of its health benefits. as for the charcoal drinks, the maker says they cruise the recommended dosage which they say is not enough to flush out the good nutrients.
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>> welcome back on this saturday. it is 5:56, 77 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. we tied a record yesterday we hit 95 degrees, today will be a little bit better. the high will be 88. still hot but looking better at least than we have been this week. there could be a big change many americans were planning to fly this summer. your carry-on bag may need to shrink in size. there are new recommendations for one universal size across all airlines. >> reporter: you're the last to board, there's nowhere to put your bag in the overhead. you're not happy and neither is the airline. the problem is all the stuff the bags we are carrying on and stuflg into the overhead compartments it takes time.
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time is money so tonight, they have an idea let's shrink the carry on so everybody can find a space in the overhead. they want to lose a half inch in height and width and half inch in death. it's a recommendation and only handful of international carriers are shrinking the standards. as saturday night live suggested something things haven't changed. daviddavid kerley abc washington. new york city tavern on the green is no longer tavern on the green. it will be renamed tavern on the park. it says after the restaurant of the former owner and operator
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won the rights to the name in federal court. the owner is planning to open a tavern on the green in florida. it checked out in 2009 several years after it first opened it's doors. you plus, if you're heading to the movie theater this weekend get ready for a sleepness night after playing with dinosaurs we'll have a preview of jurassic world. stay with us we'll be right back.
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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday, june 13, eva is off i'm nydia han, here's some of the stories we're upon on "action news," beating the heat, a dip in the cool ocean water may be the best way to cool off as the temperatures soar once again today. new overnight a man was hurt after he lost control of his car and slammed into five parked cars. but philadelphia police launched their curfew crackdown along south street. meteorologist chris sowers joins us with a look at accuweather. a little cooler today, we're taking baby steps, but anything


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