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tv   Action News 1130 PM  ABC  June 13, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> chip kelly could careless who is working the owe ten live line. jared wheeler never played nfl down auto according to an agent. who knows what to expect come week one after he ripped apart this roster. despite all the changes former eagles offensive lineman tra thomas says this comes down protecting quarterback sam bradford. >> we know we have soled running backs in backfield and the question will be how is secondary going to produce and with offensive line will we be able to protect the quarter bag back out there. he cannot tate hits a lot of guys have been taken.
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we've gone two years without starting quarterback making it through the season we don't want to have a third. >> former flier kimmo timonen says he has only five days nrevrt nhl career and he's dreaming about hosting stanley cup and that dream is closer to becoming reality tonight. chicago in tampa for game five and silence the fans. first period. lightning goalie what happens here. runs into own guy. former flier patrick sharp scores blackhawks up 1-0. third period.. tied 1. another former flier sets up antoine verymet chicago wins 2-1 hawks take 3-series lead and a win away from third cup since 2010. >> speaking of game five the nba finals continues right here on 6abc tomorrow night at 8:00. the series shifts back to oakland golden state cleveland. >> looking forward tore it. >> thank you, jeff. >> "action news" at 11:30 done continues n the mother of
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embattledspeaking out when she says bornls her most about the deception. >> 33 weeks in making for local high school students and how two small boats give them important insight to math and science. those stories and more when "action news" comes right ♪♪ i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed.
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>> hillary rodham clinton deliveries her first official cam pain speech and what she had to say about her quest for the whitehouse. >> a man from philadelphia takes matters into his own hands after spotting an intruder and standing in his bedroom in the middle of the night and slowest speed pursuit you'll likely ever see. why a state trooper followed this grandmother on her scooter all the way home. >> but first tonight the day 8 of search for two escaped convict mean sightings or new leads. while these two convicted kill rerz free the woman accused of helping them escape is behind bars. philip mena has the latest. >> joyce tillly mitchell seen here in her mug shot trading sko job as prison employee for a
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place behind bars the 51-year-old was escorted in handcuffs late friday accused of helping two convicted killers escape their new york prison. >> she's charged with promoting prison contraband class d and criminal facilitation fourth degree class a misdemeanor. >> mitchell in the taylor shop barely uttering a word in court and her lawyer entering plea of not guilty. in court documents obtained by "action news" investigators believe that five weeks before the escape mitchell provided tools like hack saw blades, chisels, punch and crew driver bit to richard matt and david swaet. one week ago they escaped out of prison through steel wall and pipes before timely surfacing out a manhole. >> this does not happen and if you do it you willing con vked. >> despite mitchell's arrest
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police have no confirmed sightings of runaway convict. >> we have been prisoner in our own home base liing for about the last week or so. you know it's scary. >> mitch sell now at a county jail in albany. local sheriff in clinton county telling "abc news" the move out of town was to avoid distractions during the manhunt. philip mena "abc news" west platsburg, new york. >> spokane naacp leader rachel dolzoil will break her silence monday that she falsely portrayed herself as black when she is white. her parents are speaking out about her race and credibility. her parents are white and they say she's been lying about her ethnicity for years. >> the deception part of it her saying i'm african-american woman or i'm black or have a black father those are things that became via largeing because there was no basis in reality or truth. >> her parents say she was born
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in montana and her ancestory is chez and der man. in 2007 she started changing her appearance and then she identified her race as black on an official volunteer job application. she graduated from howard university and in this photo called this man her dad. naacp issued a statement on friday supporting her. >> to our vote, 2015 coverage thousands of supporters came out to u.s. former secretary of state and precedential hopeful hillary clinton. >> america cannot succeed unless you succeed. >> is that the why i am running for president of the united states. >> that rally was held roosevelt island, new york. she called for new era of shared prosperity saying
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american workers can trust her to fight thor them. she was running for president more than two years ago and today was her first major campaign speech. >> former congress woman gabrielle giffords attend aid meeting to chris ina ship with her name. u.s.s. gabrielle giffords is 16th naval vessel to be named after a woman and 13th ship since 1850 to be named after someone still living and joe biden's wife jill was there hope invasion suspect remains criticaldition tonight inside his home on the 5900 block of b street in the city olney section to find an intruder standing in the bedroom doorway. a struggle ensued and homeowner fired his weapon. suspect was shot in abdomen and rushed to sign sign hospital.
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no word on possible charm oz suspect identity >> investigators say the man drove a pickup truck to nine different vehicles parked along the 200 block of mandena terrace. this all unfolded last night 10 p.m.. the driver was arrested and charged with dui. >> and in camden overnight a similar scene along the 700 block of walnut street and investigate towards say before 3 a.m. a driver reportedly high on heroin lost control of his car and slammed into at least five vehicles. the driver was rushed to cooper hospital. no word tonight on his condition. no other injuries were reported. >> and well special pranl for local high school students finished with a launch into the delaware river today outside the independence seaport museum. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more on how educators linked science, math and building a boat into a
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unique learning experience. >> these high school students are christening the maco vendetta on delaware river ending a program where the kids made it themselves. they called is the taylor program. >> it is acronym for science art innovative learning on the river. >> they used this to advance pro efficiency in stem subjects science, technology, engineering, sglaj it's unique program where they bull the boat and by building boat they're learn about stem and hands on engaging way. >> from winter to summer where we just work with the different materials and work with different people and we collaborate toy make this boat. >> learning history and skills and meeting new mem is definitely part of site exciting part and how many people can say they worked in museum when 16, 17. >> young adults are title one eligible middle and high school students and independence
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seaport museum became a workshop. ship right mentors and stem instruct towards became their teachers and hand crafted duck boat became the thes' final scam they started with blueprints an a backbone. >> these are all the students that helped participate in that process to create these boats that you see in front of you. >> and on graduation day the young builders gathered together for the first time swoping champagne for sparkling sideer some say a glimpse into both buildings may launch into a career. >> ever since then i kept my relationship with these people at the museum and worked summer as a dock hand and continued with same or program. >> annie mccormick "channel 6 action news." >> still to come on "action news" tonight a slow speed chase doubled as act of kindness why washington state trooper provided police escort for grandmom on scooter. >> like father like son royal
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first for little prince george and why this photo may seem familiar to fans of royal family. melissa. >> walter partly to mostly koudy tonight across much of the delaware and lehigh valley we're tracking threat of showers airport storms for second half of the weekend. some of which could be severe. we have details with the
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>> the summerlike conditions today didn't stop these guys from playing hoops. despite the heat and these cuteyes decided to stay cool sitting under umbrella. no doubt th next summer they'll want to join the big kids splashing in the water.
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this say great place to beat the heat. >> time for a check on accuweather forecast. meteorologist melissa magee. have i mentioned before some potentially unstable conditions. >> especially if you're west ever city tomorrow and it's as we get into late evening and into tomorrow night. we'll talk about details walter and stormtracker 6 live double scan radar showing you it's dry tonight and this picture will likely change as we get into tomorrow night as we're tracking unsettled weather moving east ward. so we'll show you picture outside this is place to be. look at all these folks enjoying gorgeous saturday night at the spruce street harbor park and you can see we've got a partly to mostly cloudy sky and things lighting up and looks fantastic. enjoy if you are outside this saturday. was not as hot today as past couple days. thursday high of 92 and yesterday hottest day so far this year at 95. and today in philadelphia not a heat wave because we need three straight days temperatures in 90s to have that and we came in
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at 88 and above average of 8 for this time of we're year. it's 80 currently in philadelphia and 75 and town and lehigh valley and 78 trenton and 67 in poconos and to the west dover coming in at 73. and now we'll check out dew point. it's a level of how much moisture is in the atmosphere and slightly humid outoutside right now. especially philadelphia and points north had this is level of moisture. any time you have temperatures upper 60s and dover 0s you can tell we have humidity overhead. that isnd occasions of a change that moisture off south and west will work its way east ward. that's why storm prediction center placed our region in low probability of finding severe weather. biggest threat damaging winds and hail tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours and major concern will be west of philadelphia through wilmington to plan ingt care and poconos. here's satellite 6 along with action radar partly to mostly
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cloudy across the region and tracking frontal bounty going to lift to the north of our region as early as tomorrow. and so the showers and storms braking out south of i 0 and west and south of 76. here's the setup for us sunday. high temperature in philadelphia 85. turning more humid with threat of showers and storms firing up by the afternoon and again it looks like majority of the day tomorrow will be dry. after 5, 6:00 west east sgrex well have showers and storms. the call from accuweather. not as cloudy, warm, 65 suburbs and 70 in philadelphia. in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast humid tomorrow turning more humid as the day wears on and late day shower or thunderstorm likely high temperature at 85. biggest concern with some of these thunderstorms in addition to damming winds and hail will be the possibility of heavy rainfall as well. monday stays unsettled with
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showers and storms high 86 and on tuesday still sticky outside high of 89. very warm. on wednesday finally some relief on the way. sunshine and clouds and 86 and thursday it is seasonable high of 85 and friday clouds and sun and 86 and on saturday it's warm with sunday storm possible at 88 degrees we then. overall walter tomorrow during the day dry and we'll track showers and storms from west east direction. >> okay. >> thank you melissa. >> topping "people scene" the foo fighters have been forced to cancel two concerts after lead singer david groll probing his leg. he injured it when he fell off stage middle of concert during a recent concert tour. they were on tour in sweden tonight. he was able to actually finish the song and paramedics tended to him back stage afterwards and believe it or not an hour later he then finished the set from a chair. >> today prince george of cambridge joins family for the
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first time on balcony of buckingham palace and royal watchers may have noticed something familiar with the outfit. the blue roomper was worn by his dad. that was 1984 when george's age and family was together to celebrate queen elizabeth birthday. tradition in england to celebrate her birthday during the summer vacation season. >> police chases rarely end well. this was a very low-speed chase moving 6 miles an hour and this ended quite happily. deploreia rivera explains. >> can you pull over into the opening right there for me. >> it took one patient washington state trooper and one silver heard speedsster live moving along at 6 miles an hour. >> no license plate. >> an unusual high i would confrontation was made sweet.
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>> this grandmother lost on her way home. >> you're four miles this way. >> officer hint offering her a careful police escort and assistance and reassurance. >> just don't tip it. >> insisting to the end there was no need for fuss. >> i would have gone home. >> you were going the wrong way. >> officer said he was just doing the right thing. >> i just treated her the way i would have wanted spb to treat my mom. >> instead of ticket his advice no more driving on route 56. >> okay. no more out on the state route. >> flooria rivera, "abc news," washington. >> there you have it. >> much more to come on "action news"tonight and phillies pay
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>> joel embiib's right foot is not healing as well as expected. they were hoping to see him in nba summer league. ct scan revealed stress fracture in his right foot is not healing properly and they're shutting him down for now. this could require another surgery. he missed all of last season after sixers drafted in third overall. moving on to baseball phillies have fewest wins and fewest runs in bail and things don't get any easier today in pittsburgh after playing until 1 a.m. last night and trying to snap out of the function on little's sleep. no you don't have to worry about cooling off the phillies they're ice cold. down 1 in the 8th. bases loaded. miguel franco grounds out. next batter cody ashe.
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and another force out at the plate. force is not with the field. 1 for 1 runners in scoring position and freddie gal vin grounds out to end the inning. phillies in a major function. 4-3 dropped nine straight on the road. >> dom brown heating up and phillies are calling them. brown will rejoin the phillies in pittsburgh tomorrow for series finale. darin ruf is odd man out. brown is hitting .257 in month of june and batting over 300 and two home runs but they come this week. . will get a chance to start according to ryne sandberg. >> chip kelly may joke is eagles team is better by 1,000%. let's face it who knows what to expect come week one after eagles' coach ripped apart this roster this off season. khip has done a ton of
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construction on the roster parted way with nine starters last season including five pro bowlers. tra thomas we asked to weigh in on big and bold moves there's head coach's name. >> right now he's making it his team. at the end of the day you'll be responsible for how the season pans out and what you want to do is have your guys there the guys you brought in and decision you made and the end results of what is happening. if they win big they don't have to look back and say which is what i did. if they lose you have to be the person that has to take that on the chance. >> all right. arena leg football soul in orlando. 4th quarter, marco thomas, what a catch. over the wall. yeah that's good. but he's still not good enough for the win. soul losses second time this an 45-4 final they're best shot for
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a parade into the city now. it's sad walter, back to you. >> "castle" is next on channel 6. "action news" con didn't at 6 tomorrow morning with nydia han. eva pilgrim and chris sowers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team here is comes i'm walter perez and melissa have a good
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