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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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he hot humid conditions that continue across our region. >> and we've got another chance for pop-up storms tonight. let's get the very latest from meteorologist cecily tynan and accuweather. hey, cecily. >> hi, rick and monica. this is the last week of spring and it certainly already feels like summer. double scan live showing that we are looking at a few pop-up downpours but they're very isolated not widespread. one of one cluster right now moving through the lehigh valley just north of 22, south of 512 heading towards easton just north of bethlehem. no cloud to ground lightning strikes with this cell, it's just a heavy downpour with all the humidity in the air it can really pull down a lot of rain in a short period of time. another one through gloucester county right now right over coles mill road moving through the east. that's beginning to die down as it does. but it is certainly hot and humid and the live look on double scan, the wider view showing what's going on. there's a warm front up to the north so most of the focus of thunderstorm activity is missing us to the north. however, i am watching this
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cluster moving through near washington, d.c. if that stays together, it will be moving through delaware and south jersey later on tonight but all of us are feeling the heat and humidity. temperatures in the mid to upper 80's but the dewpoints around 70 degrees so the heat index makes it feel like 94 in philadelphia, feels like 93 in wilmington, 94 in dover and even in sea isle city with that land breeze, not a sea breeze feels like 93 degrees. this is what to expect through the overnight hours. some pop-up thunderstorms with the heavy downpours, even localized flooding, gusty winds, a lot of lightning. tomorrow likely will be more active before we do get a break in the heat and humidity. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. monica. >> all right, thank you, cecily. we have an important note to pass along to you because of the excessive heat, all public schools in the philadelphia school district will dismiss early tomorrow. students will be let out at noon. and as severe weather does move through you can check in
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often at you'll find the latest forks plus live storm tracker six radar imagery matches and follow us at 6abc on twitter for live updates from the entire "action news" weather team. >> in other news a 12-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl who each lost a him in separate shark attacks in north carolina are both in good condition. and tonight we're hearing the first calls from the scene for help. >> the two were swimming in waste deep water yesterday when the attacks took place. they happened about 2 miles away from each other and less than 90 minutes apart. officials say the bystanders o beach quickly jumped in to help the victims and that played a big role in saving their lives. >> we had a very quick response from our 911 center who assisted with bleeding control over the phone and things like that. and our first responders were very quick as well.
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>> deputies who were monitoring the water after the attack saw a 7-foot shark in the area where the attacks happened. "action news" reporter david henry joins us live from atlantic city with reaction from beachgoers and how likely a shark attack is here in our area. david. >> reporter: yeah, hey, rick the shark attacks in north carolina don't appear to be keeping beachgoers away from the waters down here at the jersey shore. and that may be because shark attacks here are extremely rare. >> very rare. i can't ever remember one. i've been here 47 years. >> reporter: there were no shark bites in new jersey last year. there was one in 2005 and another in 2006 and it's been almost 90 years since someone was killed by a shark here. that's not to say there are few sharks here. there are plenty but they only come around when the water gets between 65 and 75 degrees and they don't often come close enough to the shore to
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bother beaglers they can come on shore, they can be off shore. most of the time they stay off shore because that's where their food is. >> reporter: he says sharks are not hunting humans they like to sample their food first. they prefer marine animals way lot of fat and bulbar. humans are too bony so they take a bite and move none most cases. lifeguards in ventnor have been told to be a little more watchful just in case. >> we did tell them to keep a little extra vigilant eye out there look out a little further, keep an eye out in between beaches and just be a little bit more aware about what we're hearing on tv. >> reporter: an extra measure of caution but apparently not much concern among beachgoers today. >> i've been a scuba diver around sharks and they never bothered me, so i'm not terribly concerned by it. >> reporter: make you any more cautious about going into the water? >> no, no, it doesn't. i just -- i'm just careful. i watch how far i go in, too. >> reporter: no shark
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sightings here at the jersey shore. last season there were 53 shark bites in u.s. waters including hawaii, most were in florida. none in new jersey. and just one in delaware. live in atlantic city, david henry, channel6 "action news": monica. >> thank you, david. a woman was killed and four adults hurt in a devastating house fire in lower salford township montgomery county. chopper 6hd shows you just how badly this house was damaged by the fast moving fire. it's in the 100 block of skippack creek road. officials say the blaze started about 2:00 a.m., more than 50 firefighters worked to put out the flames and because of the remote location of the home water tankers had to be brought in. the folks who suffered -- survived suffered minor injuries. and the woman killed has now been identified. she was 62-year-old peggy armato. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. a fast moving fire here also damaged three houses early this morning in philadelphia. flames broke out in the middle of several row homes at
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4:30 a.m. in the city's mount airy section. flames spread along the front porch to the neighboring houses. no reported injuries. >> police in norristown want your help tonight in finding the man who robbed a 7-eleven at gun point over the weekend. take a close look. the suspect was captured on surveillance cameras sunday morning just before 6:00 a.m. at the 7-eleven on sandy street. police say the man is between 6-foot six and 6-foot 3-inches tape. he was last seen wearing a zip up hoodie with stripes on his shoulders and was also wearing distinctive bright blue sneakers. still not clear what the suspect stole but he was last seen running away on cedar lane. anyone with information is asked to call norristown police. >> the prison worker who allegedly helped two convicted murderers escape from a new york prison was back in court today. joyce mitchell is accused of sneaking illegal items into the jail for the prisoners. prosecutors say she eventually supplied richard matt and
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david sweat with tools they used to escape as well as offering to drive the getaway car. mitchell allegedly backed out of the plan at the last minute. instead checking herself into the hospital because of panic attacks. meantime the search for the inmates has now reached day 10. >> at the "action news" big board now the attorney and family of brandon tate brown gathered today to call for the investigation into his case to be reopened. tate brown was shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer but friends and family say there is new evidence that shows the shooting was not justified. the attorney for tate brown says video evidence shows the 26-year-old was not reaching for a gun burg a traffic stop in december that led to him being shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer nicholas carell lee. tate brown's attorney says dna evidence from the scene was also contaminated. now today's press conference comes just days after commissioner ramsey stated that there is no evidence tate
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brown was reaching for a gun when he was shot and killed that day. of course a stark difference from initial statements from the police department. but district attorney seth williams has stood his ground on not filing charges against the officer. >> we don't have confidence in this department or in the city government to do it by itself. ask it's like asking the fox to guard the hen house. >> seth williams, you are here to protect we, the people. now, we, the people include the fop 'cause they're people. we can't keep doing this. stop ignoring it. stop ignoring police brutal. it is real. it has happened and it should not be allowed. >> da seth williams issued a statement today saying what happened to tate brown was tragic but not criminal. he says he has no plans to reopen the case but again the attorney for tate brown says the city needs to take a second look. supporters of tate brown rick, are also calling on the federal government to get involved and to review the
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shooting death. >> all right, sharrie, thank you. two vehicles were smashed when a large tree came crashing down on a bucks county roadway this morning. happened along river road near bow man's hill to you worry road in new hope. the male and female drivers were both hurt but injuries were nonlife-threatening. the roads were closed so crews to could clear the damage and the tree debris. >> time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman in the traffic center. was your weekend dramatic. did you see taylor swift? >> no, it was a lost sleep involved. a little beach, too. nice and relacky lacking and hopefully yours and your vacation monica was as well. along 95 nothing too dramatic. a vehicle broke down on the northbound side by allegheny avenue now moved out of the way but that means we're still extra heavy on 95 north of penn's landing up to cottman avenue.
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watching a new crash in north philadelphia by temple north at diamond. one in haverford at manoa road. repairs continue on that water main break in west philadelphia so 52nd street is still blocked and if you live in the city, be advised they're going to be working on the streets doing some paving nights this week starting tonight especially around rittenhouse square and washington square you're going to find some blockages. still have that crash in chester county southbound side of the route one oxford bypass giving us speeds in the 20's as you head towards 796 and if you're a septa trolley rider you're not riding the trolleys your riding the buses through labor day weekend because of big construction projects got under way today. we'll check it again rick and monica in the next half hour. >> matt see you then. thank you. much more still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight. the work continuing to fix a massive water main break in west philadelphia. one day after the streets were flooded homes evacuated we're live on the seen coming up in our next half hour.
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>> one pennsylvania man is recovering after being struck by lightning inside his home and believe it or not this is not the first time he was struck. his story next. cecily tynan has details on your stormy forecast and storms that could pop up later tonight. that's all coming up next. right now verizon is offering unlimited talk and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. (yeah, 10 gigantic gigs.) for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed.
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>> pope francis has a ccepted two resignations after charges were filed against the archdiocese claiming it failed to protect children from a pedophile priest. now, archbishop john steph. it does allow resignations before retirement due to illness or some other reason that makes a church leader unfit for office. charges allege the archdiocese ignored repeated reports of inappropriate behavior by a priest who who was later convicted of molesting two boys. >> turning to health check you would think choosing your own diet would help you stick to it better but doctors have found that's not necessarily so. >> health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman at the "action news" big board to explain. hi, ali. >> hey, guys yeah, it was even a surprise to the doctors leading the study but they found that choosing your own diet plan may not help you reach your goal. a team in north carolina found
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that patients assigned to either a low fat or low carb diet did better than those who were allowed to pick between the two. they followed it better and lost a little more weight. people tend to choose diets with foods that they like which could lead to overeating and it makes it harder to make the changes that they really need. >> it might be more effective to match them based on other factors like metabolic profile genetic profile or other factors. >> with that it might be better to ask your healthcare provider to pick a plan for you. we know that if you're overweight, even a small reduction in weight can improve your overall health. and you probably noticed that we are now in thunderstorm season so we have a few reminders about lightning safety. first of all every year more than 400 people are struck by lightning and more than 50 are killed. obviously the advice is if you're outside go inside. but that doesn't mean that you are 100 percent protected.
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jim laney of pennsylvania was struck friday night and survived. it's the second time in six years he's been hit. laney says when the storm started he went inside his house. he was doing the dishes when he got the jolt. >> i just was doing my thing here and next thing i know -- i don't even know how i got from here to there. >> reporter: he was taken to the hospital and he's okay but still have some effects. the first time he was hit, he was in the shower. so here's what safety experts say. they say that water pipes conduct electricity so they recommend that you don't take a bath or shower or soak your hands in water for a long time during a lightning storm. also, you want to stay away from electrical equipment and wiring and if you hear thunder, you don't want to use a phone with a cord because lightning can follow those lines. however, cordless phones and cell phones are okay. rick and monica. >> all right. thank you ali.
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quick break. more news when we come right back. stay with us. music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪♪ ♪♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪
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helping protect that world takes state farm. jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks
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everyone's nola is different. follow yours. >> ♪♪ >> target is getting out of the pharmacy business. it announced it plans to sell
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all its pharmacies and clinics to cvs the sale worth $1.9 billion. customers will tom lamaine still be able to get flu shots and prescriptions filled at target stores but the pharmacies will be rebranded with the cvs brand name and they will operate within a store within a store format: it affects target's more than 1600 pharmacies and 80 clinics. >> wilmington's summer jobs program got a big boost today. bank of america donated $50,000 to the city's summer youth employment program. the check presentation was made at city council chambers this morning and scores of teenagers who will benefit from the donation were on hand as well. wilmington city officials say the money will be used to create 45 new summer jobs giving young people valuable work experience in various professional settings. education activists kicked off a statewide bus tour today in hopes of rallying voter support for for public school funding. they're taking their message across the state stepping at
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rally points along the way. this afternoon was the very first stop in philadelphia's spring garden section. the tour will make stops in delaware chester montgomery, bucks and lehigh counties before heading west. the final stop is two weeks from today in harrisburg. >> coming up next at 5:00 we'll check in accuweather forecast on the steamy side. >> meantime looking live outside from sky 6hd at philadelphia international airport. it is a busy evening but a normal one as well that we know of. meteorologist cecily tynan has the accuweather details for you when we come right back.
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>> double graduation time for folks at george washington high in northeast philadelphia. the senior class has always donned caps and gowns to get diplomas while proud friends and families were watching. the original graduating class 50 years ago came back to school and walked down the aisle again all part of the school's 50th anniversary celebration. congratulations to both sets of seniors. how fun. >> wow. >> and it was a nice day at least part of it for graduation. fortunately they had that ceremony early. >> that's good because it was really hot in the caps and gowns especially the dark ones this afternoon with that heat and humidity and double scan live showing we do have some isolated downpours really not widespread there's one that's really evil involve into a line of some downpours from
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just south of easton through regalsville heading into milford moving generally towards the southeast just drifting but it is dropping some heavy downpours and this intense cluster this is right over folsom south of the atlantic city expressway and that has moved out of gloucester county into western atlantic county and that is small but it is dropping a very heavy amount of rain. part of the reason why we just have so much humidity in the air. the thunderstorms can pull that out of the atmosphere. this is why satellite6 along with action radar showing this ridge of high pressure and you can see how the thunderstorms are riding up and over the ridge so most of the storms are missing us and what it's also missing us is the core of the heat. it feels hot here right now. it feels like 94 degrees with the heat index but charleston and hatteras and richmond the heat index 100 degrees so that's as hot as it was here this past friday, so we're really missing out on the bulk of the heat but it will get
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hotter and more humid tomorrow. so, for tonight a very warm night with a few pop-up thunderstorms, not widespread. 74 degrees the low in philadelphia. allentown 70 millville 72 and wilmington 73 degrees. so, you'll want the air conditioning to run overnight or at least open up the windows and crank up the fans. future tracker showing tomorrow afternoon this is when it is going to get dangerously hot. we're looking at the heat index mid to upper 90's, perhaps even in the triple digits across parts of south jersey. so, really do take it slow tomorrow. it's going to be oppressive. in the meantime, this is hurricane season and tropical satellite showing this cluster of thunderstorms in the gulf of mexico really beginning to get organized. that's a 90 percent chance of becoming tropical storm bill. it won't mee traffic center very long, it will be moving into southeastern texas by tomorrow and then look at what happens as we head towards the week. look like some of that tropical moisture will ride up and over that ridge. if it stays together we could be dealing with tropical
5:27 pm
downpours by the weekend especially saturday night so i'll keep you posted on that. the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms. 90 degrees. they will be scattered but i think they'll be more widespread than today. behind that system, though, it's less humid. it feels pretty nice on wednesday, 84 degrees. late wednesday night into thursday morning another round of thunderstorms possible, 81. friday partly sunny 87. saturday some scattered thunderstorms, 85 degrees and then the heat is on for sunday and monday. adam will talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. sunday father's day also the first dave summer. happy father's day in advance rick. >> thank you very much cecily. nice day. much more still to come in the next half hour of "action news" at 5:00. the search is on for a not so clever thief who tried to pull a fast one with a check cashing clerk. we've got that story. >> the embattled naacp leader accused of lying about her race is now stepping down. >> and leaders announce big plans for vacant lots that pepper the city.
5:28 pm
we'll explain. >> those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass.
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>> hello again here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. water crews finally get to the heart of that massive water main break in west philadelphia. we're live with more on their next move coming up. also investigators are searching for the knife wielding crook who targeted a local business and it was captured on surveillance cam ranch plus delaware is getting ready to open the first medical marijuana dispensary. sharrie williams has that story coming up. >> now the details residents of a west philadelphia neighborhood are drying out following a massive water main break. it looked more like a raging river flowing near vy 52nd and wyalusing. officials say a 36-inch transmission main tour wide opened and they're still trying to figure out why it happened. "action news" reporter john rawlins live the at the scene with the latest on all of it. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, monica. officials of the water department focused on the ditch behind me which is where most of that big main still rests. owners of waterlogged homes here looking to the city to
5:31 pm
step up and help given it was city water that caused their headaches. crews today reached the ah actual water main an ugly garb could be seen where the pipe split in two. this was the source of the torrents of water chester ko'd cars and dozens of homes. this morning part of the broken pipe was moved. it will be examined by experts looking for why it failed. the water department says the pipe was put in service in 1885 but the 19th century main had just been inspected using a 21st century high tech device just two weeks ago. >> it was recently inspector. upon that inspection there was nothing that showed a leak on that main or any indication that this was going to happen. >> reporter: while some workers were focusing on the damage others were repairing a storm sewer. residents and property owners also overwhelmed as they waited for water department claims agents to arrive going
5:32 pm
door to door. there must be inspections and information collected before the city can even consider a damage claim. some here remember past water main floods and say red tape can make to are slow cumbersome process. dawn rice owns a triplex with water still in the basement and mud on the first floor. >> where is the workers? where is everybody at, that's my big concern. can we get something started. baker jackson and his wife say they have been through this several times. >> you'll see what the city does. i've been through this three four times already and it's always a tug-of-war so to speak. >> reporter: 29 the number of homes that do not have electricity at this point. their electrical service circuit breakers had been under water and before the power can be turned on they have to be deemed safe and it has to be done by an expert. that is likely -- well, we know that will take money and will likely take days to do. live in west philadelphia, john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> thank you, john. in other news a man was
5:33 pm
killed in a tractor-trailer crash in salem county today. chopper six over the scene in clinton township on route 540. the crash happened just before 7:00 near cool run road. police say a 39-year-old man from glassboro lost control and hit a utility pole. that caused the tractor-trailer to flip over. the name of the driver has not been released. >> a former philadelphia police sergeant bled guilty in a deadly drunk driving accident. he pled guilty this morning. he was off duty when he caused a crash that killed 55-year-old david ferry. he was fired from the police department shortly after his arrest. he'll spend the next two to seven years in state prison. philadelphia police are asking the public to take a close look at the man in this surveillance video. they say he robbed a fishtown business at knife point last wednesday. this video is from inside lelie's beauty supply store along the 2500 block of kensington avenue. the suspect walked up to the
5:34 pm
counter pointed a knife at the cashier's head and demanded money. he got away with several handfuls of cash. no one was hurt. but if you recognize the thief, you're asked to contact authorities. in north philadelphia, a thief tried to use a fake gun to pull off a robbery here at a check cashing store. this surveillance video is from inside olney check cashing on the 3200 block of north front street last friday. authorities say the suspect cased the business first then returned a few minutes later holding another employee hostage. the man allegedly threatened to kill the worker if he didn't get any cash but once the clerk realized the gun wasn't real he refused. the suspect ran off without getting any money. >> we have an update to a story "action news" first brought you over the weekend. a raid on a home in philadelphia's somerton section has now landed a woman behind bars. 33-year-old erica rivera was taken into custody after swat teams stormed her house in the 800 block of edison avenue. authorities say rivera created a fake company with fake
5:35 pm
employees in pennsauken. she then allegedly collected $300,000 in unemployment benefits. investigators believe rivera's alleged scheme stretches back to october of 2012. she is currently being held on $75,000 bail. well, trains carrying crude oil through the garden state may soon have to work harder to preventer explosions and leaks. this is video coming up of a deadly rail disaster right there in quebec canada that killed 47 people back in 2013. a new jersey state senate committee is considering a bill that would require train operators to have emergency plans in place and have their bridge inspection records available when they carry crude oil. that oil is regularly transported to prerefineries in paulsboro and linden. >> at the "action news" big board with a story that our delaware bureau has been following. the state's first medical marijuana dispensary is getting ready to open its doors later this month.
5:36 pm
today "action news" went inside the first state compassion center in wilmington. well, this is the one and only marijuana dispensary in the state and it's been in the works since governor jack markell legalized medical marijuana back in 2011. approved patients will have access to marijuana oils, ointments as well as the type that is smoked. officials say that the safety of patients and staff is a top priority along with prove have i hadding quality care. >> we will offer discounts on the medicine to our patients that are on ssdi, low income, elderly, military veterans and we will also have a compassion program where end of life or terminal patients will receive free medicine. >> officials say there are 340 delaware residents who carry cards allowing them to use medical marijuana. it's approved for use by patients who suffer from chronic pain as well as cancer hiv/aids, als and also
5:37 pm
alzheimer's disease. now, patient orientations are planned for june 18th and june 19th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and the official hoping day for the first state compassion center is june 26. the program is only available to delaware residents. over to rick and monica. >> thank you sharrie. time to see what's going on out there on the roads. >> we go to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. how we looking matt. >> i don't think our friendly neighborhood police officer is catching a lot of speedsters on the schuylkill expressway on the eastbound side because we're parked as you travel past the blue route into the conshohocken curve. just normal afternoon volume though. no accidents in your way. coming off the schuylkill or heading toward it on the vine street expressway, also jammed conditions in both directions. and again, a friendly reminder that the vine will close in both directions again tonight and each night this week starting at 11 o'clock for construction. in new castle county a couple crashes to avoid this afternoon. there's one along red mill road at luther drive, also one in new castle along 273 at
5:38 pm
airport road by the walgreens and new construction began today closing middletown road by dickinson high school through mid august. stick with kirkwood highway linden hill road as analysis. wilmington newark or norristown manayunk regional rail lines new schedules went into effect yesterday. rick and monica, back to you. >> matt thank you again. much more still to come on "action news" this evening. the president of the spokane washington naacp chapter makes a move in the wake of that scandal concerning her race. >> and a third member of the bush family is hoping to make presidential history with a run at the white house. we'll have more on jeb bush's announcement. adam. >> monica, it was a very uncomfortable day with the heat and humidity and we're tracking a few storms on double scan live radar especially a cluster heading towards delaware. we'll have the latest plus a brief break in heat and humidity coming up in accuweather. >> adam thank you. those stories, jaime apody standing by with eagles news also a break down of last night's game five of the nba finals when "action news"
5:39 pm
continues in a moment.
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>> the embattled leader of an naacp chapter in eastern washington state has stepped down amid controversy over her racial identity. rachel dolezal made the announcement on social media
5:42 pm
this afternoon saying she's not quitting that the move is here al "continuum." she's under investigation for lying about her ethnicity on a government application. she said she identifies as black but her family says otherwise. >> rachel's faults and malicious fabrications this is definitely the worst. rachel is desperately trying to destroy her biological family. >> dolezal's parents said on good morning america they have have been aware of their daughter's misrepresentation a long time but only decided to go public when they were questioned by reporters. >> jeb bush has entered the race for the white house. he announced his bid some miami. he addressed the audience in both english and spanish and delivered a message of optimism. push's father and brother both former presidents were not in the audience. he is the 11th republican to announce their candidacy for president. world news tonight with david muir will have more on jeb bush's race for the white
5:43 pm
house as well as the resignation of rachel dolezal. watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> improved but it's not where it needs to be. >> here at home members of two congressional committees visit veterans affairs facility in philadelphia's east falls section this in the wake of a scathing report earlier this year highlighting major problems with management of thousands of veterans claims. house reps who toured the office today say there have been improvements but much more needs to be done. >> philadelphia's vacant lots will be transformed into new homes for thousands of families. council members made that announcement today in the 800 block of north 16th street in north philadelphia. the plan is to create 2,000 new residential units both for low income and wealthier residents. officials say with so many open properties and so few affordable options left that it is time to put those opened spaces to use. >> all right. turning to sports tonight former philadelphia eagles is
5:44 pm
weighing on the current roster for this season. >> jaime apody live in the "action news" sports center with the latest. >> hi, guys. eagles start mandatory some inknee camp tomorrow. evan mathis won't be there much he's not on the team. they did sign a guy to replace him today. office lineman named jared wheeler. he's his fourth team. he's never played a game. here are a couple guys who played a lost games. picture perfect day for the eagles quarterbacks of the past michael vick and donovan mcnabb any among the host of former nfl players on hand to support ron jaworski. number five a better sport than golfer he happened to be playing way broken shoe. these guys warren sapp, look at those pants helping to raise money for at-risk youth in the community but also spent time to talk about what ever one is talking about the moves chip kelly has been making like getting rid of mathis. >> i think it's clearly weakened the team. i don't know how these young guys are going to step up, how they're going to play when they're thrust into game action. a lot of guys are good in spot duty but no one is ever the same when they become a
5:45 pm
starter. they're either better or worse. >> he kind of want to put his starch on things. if he win everybody is going to glorify him. if he doesn't he'll be just another coach that didn't make it. >> does this team look better on paper to you than last year. >> on paper, no. >> are you following what chip has been doing here in philly? what do you think. >> i've been following it. you know, it's a lot going on. i guess he's trying to do it his way and you got to respect him and hopefully a lot of good come out of it. >> along with the football talk a bit of trash talk at the blue herron pines course in egg harbor township. donovan and jaws did agree on one thing, who plays a better game of golf. >> jaws. >> who is better on the golf course. >> i am. i play a lot more than he does. easy answer and i'm right. >> he'll say the same thing right. >> he better. >> so what advice did mcnabb and vick give to sam bradford. hear from them rat 6:00. form ertz flyers fan favorite is one win, kimmo
5:46 pm
timonen away from ending this career by lifting the cup. amazing. the 40-year-old is a four time all-star, five time olympian still missing that one if i think piece on his resume and after coming back from the blood clots in his lungs and legs just for one last shot how incredible would it be for his fairytale to end this way. >> it's easy to look at the end of the results and easy to dream about it. you can dream about it but you you can't let are your mind want. >> andre iguodala one win away from a championship. iggy helping his team beat the "best player in the world last night." he had 14 points eight rebounds seven assists. instead of curry was also sensational scored 37 as golden state won it 104 to 91.
5:47 pm
iguodala thrilled to be in this position. >> just being in the league for 11 years and never being in this moment and knowing how hard it is i'm just excited to get back on the court and just playing as hard as possible and win lose or draw just knowing i gave it my all. >> he has a chance to win it all tomorrow night cavs-warriors game six of the nba finals 9 p.m. immediately followed by "action news" at 11:00 sharrie back to you. >> we will be watching. jamie thank you. students in the brandywine school district will have access to free healthy meals all summer long thanks to a new program the kicked off today. the action cam was at ps dupont middle school in wilmington for the kickoff party. the program offers free breakfast and lunch for low income children across the district weekdays through the end of july. >> it's important that the kids have food to eat healthy food to eat a time to come out and we're going to have fun and games this summer as well as the program goes on.
5:48 pm
>> sounds like a great program. organizers say the meals will offer balanced nutrition including fruits and vegetables. students will also get to enjoy the meals in an air conditioned cafeteria allowing them to beat the heat. the program is both sponsored and funded by the u.s. department of agriculture. >> ♪♪
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some people go to greece and bring back a statue. me, i went to greece and brought back a pizza. the greek pizza is back. a large for $12. and try our new garlic knots or our new cinnamon knots for just $5 more. better ingredients. better pizza. >> big news for all you musikfest fans.
5:51 pm
duran duran will return to the stage. they rocked a sold out crowd 15 years ago back in 2000. ticket for the show go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for select art quest members and general public tickets go on sale the 19th. 6abc is one of the proud sponsors of music fest. if you have never been it is worth the trip. it is so much fun. >> time of the season for all the outdoor concerts. first day of summer. >> on sunday, father's day so it's a big weekend ahead. although it felt like summer for a month and a half now. started in may pretty quick and we're dealing with some of those pop-ups. they're typical during the summer season. they're not everywhere, they're in a couple of locations. most of us in the dry at the present time but as we close in a little closer on double scan live radar, most of the action right now is closer to the lehigh valley and on the fringe of the northern part of bucks county just to the south and east of bethlehem, the hometown of musikfest and milford you see about five lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. but these are moving along
5:52 pm
quick enough that they're not dealing with any sort of flooding rains. as we take a look at the action cam, it was in center city earlier today at dillworth park. place to be on a hot humid day as those girls are walking do they realize that these fountains start to bubble up behind them. they know what they're doing walking in between the two but a cool place to cool off. as we take a look at the almanac for today 89 degrees in philadelphia. above that average of 83 degrees. 10 degrees above normal for that low, a very warm sticky morning at 74. and nowhere near that record high, we missed it by 11 degrees which was the century point but how it feels outside, it feels extremely uncomfortable. 94 right now in philadelphia is the combination of the air temperature and that dewpoint. 93 in wilmington, feels like 94 in dover and even on the sand in both not only delaware but in new jersey, it feels like the low 90's right now. and it's all because of high
5:53 pm
pressure to the south. basically winds rotator that high clockwise so you get that ring of fire, the storms to wrap around the high. we're on the northern fringe of the high right now but south and west of that high pressure we are watching this circulation over the open water of the gulf. it has a 90 percent chance of becoming tropical storm bill as it chugs its way towards southern texas, south of houston, near corpus christi and again more than likely it will become tropical storm bill but then quickly make landfall during the day tomorrow in texas. but for home, feeling tropical here pop-ups around, not everyone will see them but if you do, heavy downpours. otherwise it's warm and sultry with overnight lows in the 70's and that high remains in place through much of the week. in fact tomorrow the jet stream to the north, we have some ripples of low passing by. 90 tomorrow or so, low 90's for air temperatures but it will feel between 95 and 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon. in the morning it's quiet but in the afternoon we have that peak of that heat and humidity with a cold front approaching.
5:54 pm
there will be some scattered and isolated downpours and thunderstorms to develop again attorney little more in the variety of a hit as opposed to a miss like we're seeing this evening but it's something we'll continue to track tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 90 feeling close to 100 tomorrow with those afternoon downpours and thunderstorms in spots. and then we get a one day break here on wednesday much less humid sun and clouds, the pick of the week at 84 before it turns very humid again thursday, unsettled thursday with many downpours and storms around of 81. we dry out friday, 87. and then some scattered storms as summer begins over the upcoming weekend. hot as we go back to 90 degrees and still sizzling here a week from now at 91, so the summer season already setting up to be pretty hot. >> okay. thank you adam. this reminder as severe weather moves through check in often at you'll find the latest forecasts plus live storm tracker six radar imagery matches and be sure to follow us at 6abc on twitter for live
5:55 pm
updates from the entire "action news" weather team. janet jackson is getting ready to bring rhythm back to the nation. the grammy award winning singer announced a new world tore for the first time in almost a decade. according to janet's quarterback site the so-called unbreakable world tour will kick off in vancouver on august 31st. she'll perform in 36 cities, no word yet if philadelphia will be one of them. tickets for many of the shows will go on sale june 22nd. janet jackson also has a new album due out in the fall. >> ♪♪
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if you want a paint with no harsh fumes. if you want a paint without harmful chemicals. if you want a paint that's safer for your family, and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. >> jim gardner and the "action news" team with these stories up next at 6 o'clock. firefighters continue to search for a cause of an early morning fire that killed a woman in montgomery county. beachgoers at the jersey shore react to the shark attacks over the weekend in north car line. >> plus trenton residents now have a new option when it comes to buying fresh produce and those stories coming up. for the entire "action news"
5:58 pm
team i'm i'm monica malpass. have a great night. >> good night.
5:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> monday night the 2015 marian anderson award recipient is announced today and a hatboro man is sentenced to sending a ricin laced card to a rival. deadly flames in montgomery county. fire attacked a home on skippack creek road. it happened at 2 o'clock this morning and a 62-year-old
6:00 pm
woman was trapped inside. the collapse of a floor prevented firefighters from getting to her and she died at the scene. she has been identified as peggy corinne armato. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at the scene and walter you've got the full story. >> reporter: jim, as we take a live look at the scene i can tell you that mrs. armato's surviving family members returned here. they were devastated by their loss. they also say the hero in this story is the family dog. >> the house is a shell. there's nothing left. neighbor charles read says he still has a hard time believing how fast his neighbor's home went up in flames. >> it was shocking to see everything develop so quickly. one of the things, it's just -- it's happening right in front of you and i think it's just tough to wrap your head around it. >> reporter: it started around 2 o'clo


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