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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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morning and a 62-year-old woman was trapped inside. the collapse of a floor prevented firefighters from getting to her and she died at the scene. she has been identified as peggy corinne armato. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at the scene and walter you've got the full story. >> reporter: jim, as we take a live look at the scene i can tell you that mrs. armato's surviving family members returned here. they were devastated by their loss. they also say the hero in this story is the family dog. >> the house is a shell. there's nothing left. neighbor charles read says he still has a hard time believing how fast his neighbor's home went up in flames. >> it was shocking to see everything develop so quickly. one of the things, it's just -- it's happening right in front of you and i think it's just tough to wrap your head around it. >> reporter: it started around 2 o'clock this morning
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here on the 100 block of skippack creek road. the family that lived in this house says it was their dog barking like crazy when the fire started that woke them up. five members of the armato family lived here, four escaped. neighbors say mr. armato tried saving his wife before rescue crews arrived. >> he he tried to get a ladder from the garage. it was too short. it didn't reach. >> it was clear there was one woman trapped in the rear of the house. we attempted to enter the house when the floors collapsed underneath us. >> reporter: despite the floor collapse no firefighters were injured but 62-year-old peggy corinne armato was killed. it took 50 firefighters from nine different companies nearly two hours to get this one under control. in the end the home was destroyed and what remains will have to be demolished. neighbors say this comes as a devastating blow to their tight knit community. >> there's a mix of families and people that have lived here for 40, 50 years so it's just -- it's such a tragedy.
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>> reporter: back out live on the scene now the four people who survived are mrs. armato's mother husband and two adult children who are recently returned from college for summer break. no serious injuries to report. for now the cause of the fire remains under investigation. walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you walter. marple township police are looking for a fourth man involved in a home invasion this afternoon. police say the suspects assaulted a man who opened the door and forced their way inside home on the 2600 block of old cedar grove road. authorities say the four robbers ransacked the home and stole cash and jewelry from a safe. this happened at 1 o'clock. police caught up to their vehicle and arrested two adult men and a juvenile a short time later. the fourth suspect got away. police say they did recover cash, jewelry and a weapon. we face the possibility of heat advisories tomorrow and with temperatures at or surpassing 90, the philadelphia school district will take no chances.
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the decision has already been made to dismiss students at noon tomorrow. as for tonight we're looking at the possibility of pop-up storms that could produce heavy downpours and no, there will be no relief from oppressive humidity. we're keeping our eyes on double scan radar as is meteorologist cecily tynan. cecily what's the latest there? >> jim double scan live showing most of the activity is focused on a warm front that's north of our region so most of it is missing us. we had one cell working out of the lehigh valley into bucks county near milford, 611 and there's another line that i'm tracking that's moving towards baltimore right now. this has a lot of lightning strikes. you'll notice with the bowing, it does have some gusty winds so if that does stay together that will be moving over delaware and south jersey later on tonight. but one thing that we're not escaping at all, the humidity and the heat. the dewpoints right now are in the 70's so that's oppressive humidity. that's a near tropical air mass right over us.
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you combine it with the temperature, the heat index currently makes it feel like 93 in philadelphia, even on the beaches with that land breeze you don't have that sea breeze the heat index currently in the low 90's and that will be intensifying tomorrow. so, this is what to expect overnight. we'll see some pop-up thunderstorms generally they're isolated but any of them could have some heavy downpours isolated flooding, gusty winds and lightning. they will be more widespread tomorrow with a front that will bring us some relief from the heat and humidity. i'll talk about that in the accuweather forecast. jim. >> thank you cecily. of course that severe weather moves through, you can check in often at you'll find the latest forecasts plus live storm tracker six radar imagery matches and be sure to follow at 6abc on twitter for live updates from the entire "action news" weather team. other news at this hour, the family of a man killed by philadelphia police wants district attorney seth williams to reopen the case. they held a news conference outside city hall today. last week commissioner charles
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ramsey admitted that the original narrative of brandon tate brown's death was not accurate but ramsey said there was a gun in tate brown's car. tate brown's family says new evidence shows that he was not reaching for the weapon when he was shot. williams has cleared officers of any wrongdoing. the montgomery county man who couldn't felsed to sending a ricin laced greeting card to a romantic rival learned his fate today. a bucks county judge sentenced nick loss helman to 20 to 40 years in state prison. helman admitted to sending the deadly poison to his former girlfriend's new love interest in warminster. the 20-year-old was arrested in march 2014 after police found ricin in his hatboro home. helman also faced charges of solicitation of murder and terroristic threats. authorities say helman tried to get a fellow inmate to retaliate against prosecutors witnesses and a detective in the case.
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governor tom wolf's nominee to lead the pennsylvania state police has withdrawn his nomination. marcus brown was rejected by the republican controlled senate. brown will serve as acting commission are until a new nominee is confirmed. brown served in law enforcement for 25 nears and was superintendent of maryland's state police force. he faced criticism here because he never attend he the pennsylvania state police academy. there is new information tonight about the damage caused by the massive water main break in west philadelphia. yesterday tens of thousands of gallons of water filled the 500 block of north 52nd street flooding cars and basements. we've learned that at least two dozen cars were damaged. 40 homes were affected, 29 houses are still without power and today the 36-inch transmission pipe that was nearly split in half was removed. the water department says the pipe was put in service in 1885 but it was just inspected two weeks ago.
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lifeguards at the jersey shore and elsewhere are taking note of the latest news out of coastal north carolina. the two victims of yesterday's shark attacks were standing in water that was just waist deep and just 20 yards off shore. live in atlantic city tonight "action news" reporter david henry and david what kind of reaction are the limb losing attacks getting at the jersey shore? >> reporter: well, jim folks are obviously horrified by what happened in north carolina but keep in mind that was 500 miles away from here and the shark experts say these waters along the jersey shore are relatively safe and shark attacks here are very rare. >> better chance of getting struck by lightning or having a vending machine fall on you than you have of a shark biting you. >> reporter: what happened in north carolina 500 miles away has gotten the attention of some safety personnel here at the jersey shore. two shark bites in one day. the lifeguards in ventnor are on the alert.
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>> did tell them to keep a little extra vigilant eye out there, look out a little further, keep an eye out in between beaches and just be a little bit more aware about what we're hearing on tv. >> reporter: bill howard has been a lifeguard for 47 years and has never seen a shark attack here. there were no shark bites in new jersey last year. there was one in 2005 and one in 2006 but it's been almost 90 years since someone was killed by a shark here. that's because the experts say they don't hunt humans. they like to sample their food first. >> a lot of times when sharks bite it's just by accident. they're just checking to see if you're food and then normally they let go. if a shark really wanted to kill you it would be able to kill you. >> reporter: the attacks in north carolina may be unnerving but it's not keeping beachgoers away from the water here. >> we keep an eye on things. so, just stay say. hasn't discouraged you from coming to the beach. >> no, i only got a couple days vacation so i got to use them tup.
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>> i'm not really concerned. the little crowds that bite your toes are probably the biggest concern or maybe the odd jellyfish but sharks, no, i don't worry about a shark. >> reporter: and it's still a bit early for sharks here at the jersey shore. they don't come around until the water temperature is consistently between 65 and 75 degrees and even then, they tend to stay a little bit further off shore because that's where the food is. live in atlantic city, david henry, channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you david. democratic state leaders in new jersey have proposed legislation to overhaul the state's voting laws. the bill calls for automatic voter registration when residents apply for a driver's license. lawmaker also wants to increase early voting periods and print preelection materials in more languages. governor chris christie has vetoed similar measures in the past. if he does so again supporters plan to put the issue before the voters in 2016 as a proposed constitutional amendment.
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coming up on "action news" tonight, a new option for fresh and healthy food opens in trenton. we'll see where a new farmer's market set up shop today. and former eagles quarterbacks have some advice for sam bradford. ducis rodgers with that story in sports and cecily tynan with the late word from accuweather when "action news" continues tonight.
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and the environment... only this can. natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. >> this year's prestigious marian anderson award is going to a grammy winning jazz artist. mayor michael nutter announced wynton marsalis will be accorded the honor this year.
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the award of course named after the legendary opera singer who was from philadelphia and recognizes artists for their humanitarian efforts. marian anderson an activist for many, many years. marsalis will receive the award at the kimmel center on november 10. a major transit hub in north philadelphia just got an upgrade. septa and community leaders cut the ribbon on the bus loop loop. the improved loop features repaved sidewalks new lighting. the $1.7 million renovation was paid for with federal funding. it is colorful, it is filled with healthy produce it tastes great and it's good for you. the greenwood avenue farmer's market in trenton began operations today and needless to say new jersey correspondent nora muchanic was right there. >> reporter: colorful fresh produce was a big draw at the opening of the new greenwood
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avenue farmer's market in trenton a venture designed give local residents him healthier choices and easy access to fresh food. >> one of every two children in this city are overweight or obese. it was really boy access. >> reporter: many people can't or won't leave their neighborhood to find fresh produce. >> mostly what we see are corner stores that don't have a whole lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. having a farmer's market is vital. >> reporter: spearheaded by the new jersey partnership for healthy kids and several other groups farmers will bring their just picked goods to a parking lot at greenwood and hudson. >> we try and keep everything as fresh as possible. >> we just picked the rad dishes this morning. all of our greens got picked this morning and our onions got pick this morning. >> reporter:. >> good for me because it's not where i live because i'm disability. >> reporter: you can walk here. >> yes. >> reporter: locals will be able to get fresh food here but this farmers market is offering so much more. including exercise classes nutrition lessons and even health screenings. the idea is that. >> the idea is that this
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becomes a communities place, they can get their fresh produce, physical activity its a one stop shop. >> seniors, moms with kids, families on snap can come here and use their benefits to purchase wonderful new jersey fresh foodism located near the train station senior housing and a preschool, the greenwood avenue farmer's market will be opened every monday from 2:30 until 6:30 through the end of october. in trenton i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news"." woman: i was tired of my chronic constipation and the way it made me feel
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>> it is not voluntary this week. eagles get back to work. >> this is called mandatory mini camp jim and it runs through thursday for the eagles. but today there was a golf event featuring former birds and it was optional because it's for a good cause. the celebrity golf ben fidget money raised benefits at-risk youth. jaime apody caught up with a couple of former eagles
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quarterback. they have sage advice for the new eagles qb sam branford. >> if he can stay healthy that's the first part. after that he better be ready to have some strong skin 'cause if it ain't going right for him here they'll let him know. >> tondonovan said his advice is to have thick skin. >> every quarterback in philadelphia needs thick skin. >> the birds have many questions that immediate to be answered if they are going to be a legitimate championship contender. espn's sal delves into that. >> reporter: let's focus on the only full school district mandatory mini camp of the eagles. there are three issues the coach the offensive line the quarterback. i'll get to the quarterback in a second let's focus on the offensive line especially the interior. why is chip kelly mixing and matching players in the interior. he wants to get a push up front in the middle, move those nose tackles out of the way so he can have demarco
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murray take one step and explode through the middle of the line and that's something lesean mccoy did not do well last year and that has to improve in 2015. >> ♪♪ why is chip kelly willing to make so many changes so quickly on this football team? he missed the post season. it's been 11 years since chip kelly missed the playoffs in either college or the pros. so, he's not used to this situation and he wants to get back. that's why you see him moving players on and off this roster. he is a prideful man he's doing anything it takes to get back to the playoffs. >> ♪♪ as for sam bradford everybody's focused on the wrong date. everybody thinks he's got to be ready for the season opener at the falcons monday night football september 14th. no way. he's got to be ready 16 days earlier. saturday night at green bay week three of the preseason. that's august 29th because the quarterback who starts week three of the preseason is the
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quarterback who's ready to start the regular season. so that's the date to worry about is sam bradford going to be ready august 29th. for 6abc i'm sal pal antonio ebbs pn. >> baseball now. phillies in baltimore to begin a set with the orioles. the phils have lost six in a row. they are indeed the worst team in baseball. instead of curry was baseball. steph curry scored 37 points to pull golden state within one victory of the title. lebron james may be down but he's not worried. >> i feel confident 'cause i'm the best player in the world. it's that simple. >> no humility there. game six of the nba finals. cavs and warriors kick off at 9 p.m. from cleveland. catch it here on 6abc and in the stanley cup finals the blackhawks can close out the lightning tonight in chicago in game six. >> thank you ducis. a ball field in south
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philadelphia may be just a field of dreams come true for the tri-state's top high school baseball players. this morning young players had the opportunity to show off their skills. scouts from more than 60 colleges and professionals teams were in the stand they played on the new showcase field at the recently mlb urban youth academy at fdr park. the 30th annual phillies carpenter cup got under way, the 15 game tournament features the region's best high school baseball teams. >> ♪♪
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>> if you're expecting it to really cool off and get some relief tonight it's not going to happen.
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>> it will happen wednesday. tomorrow will be tougher than today. heat and humidity up a notch tomorrow. storm tracker six live double scan showing that most of our region is rain free. most of the activity with showers and thunderstorms has been across bucks county, the lehigh valley. you can see one line of showers moving south of milford i should say south of flemington but there's another one closing in on bethlehem right now and this has some real heavy downpours right over hanover road, route 22, heading towards easton avenue. this is all moving to the south and the east and with all the humidity we're looking at some heavy downpours with these cells. let's go to where the action cam was today in love park and tomorrow you may want to try to get close to some water or a fountain because it is going to be tough. even right now it's 87 degrees in philadelphia. down from a high of 89. allentown 82. millville 85. wilmington 87. sea isle city 84. we're getting that land breeze
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not a sea breeze on the beach. then you add that humidity. the heat index feels like 93 in philadelphia, 92 in sea isle city, 93 in wilmington and 92 in reading and that will be increasing tomorrow. satellite6 along with action radar showing the reason why we have high pressure to the south. that big ridge that ring of fire with the showers and thunderstorms developing along it. i also do want to point out what's happening in the gulf of mexico. you see this swirl. this is a cluster of thunderstorms that has a 90 percent chance of becoming tropical storm bill. looks like that will bring some flooding rains to houston tomorrow and if that continues to move up to the north and east we could be tapping into some of that tropical moisture by the weekend. tonight, though, just a few pop-up thunderstorms, a warm and a very steamy night. 70 in the suburbs 74 degrees for center city. tomorrow the heat is on. the afternoon high up to about 90 degrees but you add in the humidity and the heat index will feel 95 to 100 so it's going to be very similar to last friday. and with the showers and
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thunderstorms developing in the afternoon we could see some heavy downpours. so, future tracker showing know 9 o'clock in the morning it's just warm and humid but into the afternoon we will see some scattered showers and thunderstorms. no everyone will get them but it looks more widespread tomorrow than this afternoon and this evening and that's with the cold front that will provide us some relief for the middle of the week. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, hot and humid tomorrow, the high 90 but feeling 95 to 100 with the heat index. some afternoon and this evening thunderstorms with a cold front and then behind that front on wednesday we get some relief, 84 degrees, noticeably less humid feeling much better on wednesday than tomorrow. late wednesday night into thursday morning another round of showers and thunderstorms unsettled 81 degrees. friday partly sunny 87 degrees and saturday 85 degrees a humid day and we could be tapping into some of that tropical moisture from the gulf of mexico. saturday night into sunday morning, summer begins at
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12:38 in the afternoon but it's father's day all day. it's going to be a warm one with a high of 90 and monday we are set to sizzle with an afternoon high up to 91 degrees with scattered showers and thunderstorms. i really think the best day this week will be wednesday 84 degrees low humidity. that's going to feel pretty nice. >> all right, cecily. abc's world news tonight with david muir is next on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff adam joseph and ducis rodgers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. >> ♪♪
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tonight, multiple shark attacks along the coast and the new sightings now. two children in separate attacks minces apart. both of them losing arms. three attacks now in just a week. sharks spotters armed with rifles and we fly overhead tonight, families still in the water. also breaking the plane on the tarmac the cdc rushing in. a dozen passengers getting sick on the same flight. the tropical system barreling toward the coast tonight and the storm from texas to pennsylvania. flash flood watches in new york. it's official jeb bush is in. and taking aim at hillary clinton. at mrs. clinton talking about age and breaking a barrier. and the resignation, the naacp leader who allegedly claimed she was black, her siblings now speaking out tonight. they say she's white.


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