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tv   Action News  ABC  June 16, 2015 1:35am-2:11am EDT

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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage. it is monday night ape the big story on "action news" is breaking news right now. fire has attacked a
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residential building in west chester, the flames erupted at 9:00 o'clock tonight the fire has new spread, officials have just called a third alarm you can see the the flames coming through the roof. authorities say that there are multiple buildings involved here and we now know that there is at least one that is an apartment building that big building on the corner and it has retail on the first floor. the exact location the corner of market street and north church street. we have not heard about any injuries, at this time. let's take a live look from chopper six, hd as fire fighter, continued their efforts to extinguish this blaze, the scene is just a block away from the chester county courthouse. this video was shot by a bystander, at the scene and put up on twitter. needless to say it is much too early to know what caused this fire, we will continue to monitor developments, and tell you about them, as soon as we learn them. and when you see news breaking
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you can send it to us by e-mail, to join the action at six or post it on social media with the hash tag six abc action. we have some very nasty weather. it has hit the lehigh valley this evening. we have talk earlier tonight about the threat of pop up storms, and heavy heavy rain tonight, dump as many as 1 inches in parts of the bethlehem area. this is video near route 191 and oakland road. they had to evacuate the oak house assisted living facility by means of the giant truck that was able to go through high water. easton avenue and willow park road turned into a river tonight surrounding the keystone park like a mote. the heavy rain also affect travel on route 22, i78 and 33. flash flooding and flash flood warnings are posted until 11:30 tonight. let's check with meteorologist cecily tynan at the "action news" big board for latest facts and figures
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from accu weather cecily. >> jim it was ace narrow band of torrential rainfall, thinks our double scan rainfall totals and it shows between bethlehem and easton from northampton county from 220 22 through regalsville we're looking at 4 inches of rain falling in a very short period of time. the air is saturated. that is what caused that flash flooding. only takes 2 feet of water to carry a a car and suv or pickup truck away. flash flood warnings, continue. it is going on until 11:30 near bethlehem just south of east ton until midnight for parts of the northern bucks county, even though the storms have moved on, the flooding is still taking place. double scan, much wider view showing it is quiet across our viewing area looking to the west though is there conveyor belt of moisture. so more showers and thunderstorms will be moving in tomorrow, and late tonight when they were very isolated i think tomorrow will be widespread. part of the reason why we are
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seeing so much rain in a short period of time, dew points show our air is saturated dew point is above 70 degrees, oppressive. seventy-five in dover. that is tropical air. i will talk about the heat humidity and time out storms in the full accu weather forecast jim. >> thanks, cecily. because of all this heat and humidity the school district of philadelphia has decided to dismiss students early at noon time tomorrow. schools with graduation scheduled have the option to stay open so parents should check directly with the school and please join "action news" tomorrow morning in case any additional school district post early dismissals or closings overnight. morning team is on the air from 4:30 until 7:00. search continues tonight for a fourth suspect in the violent home invasion in broomall delaware county. a "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live in marple township police and sharrie, what is the very hate
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-- latest there. >> reporter: police believe four in men were involved, three of been caught, one is a 17 year-old juvenile, and the other two are being held behind these doors here at the police department. police also telling us that the victim are an asian family and they believe that the family was targeted because they own a bar that produced a large sum of cash and that may be the connection. >> it is a reason and we have a very safe community our crime rate is very low and it upsets people. >> reporter: residents upset because of what happened inside this marple township home. it was in the middle of the day around 1:00 p.m. in the quiet neighborhood where there was a knock at the door. >> seventeen year-old answered the door, they forced their way in smacked him in the head with the weapon, and he screams, mommies alerted by his screams, she comes running. >> reporter: it was a home invasion, this is video of the teen recovering after he was beat with a pistol. the intruders ordered the teen and his mom upstairs, at
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gunpoint, and then ransack their room until they found a safe, full of money and jewelry. >> they forced mom to open up the safe, they take the proceeds of the safe which was a a large sum of money. >> reporter: men tied up their mom and son using clothing and extension cord before taking off. blaine lives in the neighborhood. >> it is scary to think in the middle of the day your house can be invaded and robbed and you can have your life threaten. >> reporter: it turns out one of the tied up family members got a good description of the getaway car and able to call police. minutes later an officer spotted the vehicle. >> we will go to stop the vehicle the vehicle comes to the stop the doors fly open and four black males bolt. >> reporter: cops gave chase on foot. one of the men tried to hide under the deck in broomall. in all three of the four men were caught. rebecca woodland saw it all. >> i came outside and i saw ten cop cars outside the house
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down the street and all i saw was a cop bring out a guy in handcuffs. >> reporter: so one person is still on the run tonight also, by finding the getaway car police say they were able to recover a large sum of money. also jewelry. they say they also recovered a gun on the scene. now we do expect for the two men who have been identified that are new being held here their names jermaine and sterling wallace of yeadon. they are expected to be arraigned in the morning. they are facing a long list of charges, jim. live from marple township, sharrie williams for channel six "action news". thanks sharrie. discovery of the a naked dead partially dead decomposed man has prompted a full out investigation tonight in the grays ferry section of philadelphia the 51 year-old victim was found on the living room floor of his home. on the 1500 block of south hollywood street at 7:00 o'clock. they believe the man had been dead several days but he had no visible signs of trauma
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they are awaiting autopsy results to see if this is indeed a case of murder. investigators are still trying to find out what sparked a deadly fire, overnight at lower salford montgomery county. blaze broke out at 122 skippack creek at 2:00 a.m. four members of the family managed to escape the the flames and smoke but six two-year old peg i karen armada was trapped and pronounced dead at the scene. it took 50 fire fighters from nine companies to get the blaze under control. it did destroy the house. restoration and repair crews will return in the morning to the west philadelphia neighborhood flooded after a massive water main break. yesterday morning 10 million gallons of water filled the 500 block of north 52nd street, flooding cars and basements. today crews removed a 36-inch transmission pipe that was split nearly in half. claims agents with the water department spent the day going door to door talking with homeowners, many say they
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have lost high valued items. >> our water heater, our oil heater, my air conditioning, my bikes. >> generator. >> generator i had. >> the water department says the pipe was put in service in 1885, and it was just inspect two weeks ago. philadelphia police say they have timely foiled a motorcycle theft operation with the arrest of two men today. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live at 4225 mill street in holmesberg a house that turned into an alleged chop shop and chad, you've got this exclusive story. >> reporter: yes, jim, police tell me 15th district officers actual a rested the two suspects as they were trying to steel a motorcycle earlier this morning. that led officers to this home on mill street, and the motorcycles are gone but only "action news" was here as police came here looking for stolen goods. detectives say that the high
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performance suzuki and triumph motorcycles were stolen found cover outside 4225 mill street. inside the home and on the front porch police say they found more motorcycles and all kind of parts. all part of an alleged chop shop. >> out here, an ignition, hardness that plugs in they ripped it out. they cut it i guess and they tried to put their on piece to it. >> reporter: leonard harris and walter jacobs tried to steel david's gleaming yellow motorcycle around 4:00 a.m. on the 3200 block of cottman. vote was asleep but two cleaners for a neighboring bar saw the alleged theft in motion and called police. >> i got my clutch set up, they could not get it started. >> they had a dark colored suburban that had been used in previous theft throughout the city. >> reporter: this is surveillance from an attempted motorcycle theft on june 4th on the 800 block of north 28th. police released it earlier this month hoping to get leads
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and say jacobs and harris are the men in the video. another man who had not been apprehended kept a look out. they were unable to cut the lock and eventually ran away but police say the suburban in the video is the same used in this morning's alleged theft. >> we have a lot of legwork to continue with this investigation. there is multiple charges we expect additional people to be charged but we're still real early in the investigation. >> a couple hundred dollars but i'm just glad i got my bike. >> reporter: jacobs and harris are charged in this morning's attempted theft. at last check detectives were interviewing them and more charges are expected. live from holmesberg, chad pradelli for channel six a "action news" jim. thanks chad. crozer-chester nurses have healed long standing differences with the hospital and agreed to a new four year contract. their labor dispute had involved a five day strike
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last september but now the 550 rn's voted to ratify a new deal. the agreement includes terms for the pension plan, health care benefit pay scale years of service overtime bonus and how many nurses the happies required to have on staff. philadelphia police say that the fbi and fbi are on the hunt for this man who robbed a wells fargo branch this afternoon while armed with a gun. it happen at broad and glenwood in north philadelphia at 12:15. a reward may be available for tippers who provide information, leading to the capture. tonight friend and family gathered to remember the four year-old girl who drowned in a delaware pond over the weekend. mariah sellby wondered from the george wilson community center from a picnic on saturday. fire fighters pulled her from a retention pond but she later died at the hospital. during the vigil tonight
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people left balloons and stuffed animals police say her death remains under investigation. well water looks tranquil off the north carolina coast tonight but lurking beneath the surface is a shark or a group of sharks that attacked two youngsters playing in waist deep water. authorities are searching by air, by land, and in the water, armed with a green light to shoot on site if they can find marine predator. it is rare for sharks to bite swimmers close to shore even more unusual for the attacks to have taken place just 2 miles apart just an hour and a half apart, they have both happened at oak island north carolina yesterday a 12 year-old girl and 16 year-old boy both lost limbs in the shark attacks. people on the beach, jumped in to action to render aid and new we are hearing some of the 911 calls
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officials admitted today they did not do a good enough job to warn people up and down the beach after the initial attack. doctors say that both the boy and girl are listed in good condition, but they have a long recovery ahead. tourism did not suffer, a serious wound today, many people got right back in the water. still to come on "action news" tonight decade after the danger become so very well men a new report details just how deadly smoking remains, as far as cancer in the united states. plus it is no secret we will hear why jeb bush, is running for president now that it is official. >> heat, humidity and storm is tracking tropical storm bill that just formed in the gulf, we will have the latest in the full accu weather forecast. ducis rodgers with the phillies trying to crawl their way oust of the basement with the orioles. that and much more when
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"action news" continues tonight.
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embattled president of the spokane washington chapter of the naacp has resigned amid questions about her racial identity. in a facebook post, rachel dolezal, wrote that it is in the best interest of the naacp, last week, dolezal's parents came forward saying that the 37 year-old is white and has been falsely port trailing herself as black for years. saying he is the out identifier jeb bush entered the race for president. bush chose miami dade college for his announcement a diverse school that bush aid said reflects the nation jeb bush seeks to lead. >> our country is on a very bad course and the question is what are we going to do
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about it? the question for me the question for me is, what am i going to do about it. i have have decided i'm a candidate for the president of the you had of america. >> bush is the former governor of florida and he lash out at the washington insiders in the race. both republican and democrats say that we're not going to clean up the mess in washington by electing the people who either help create it or proven incapable of fixing it. on health check another warning about cigarette smoking. new study shows that nearly half of all deaths in the united states from cancer can be attributed to smoking. most of these cancers are in the lungs or throat. but a significant number of smokers died of bladder, liver and mouth cancer. researchers caution that the number could be even higher, because their study didn't include, non-smokers whose cancers came from secondhand smoke. cvs is buying target's
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farm ease for nearly $2 billion. cvs health is second largest drugstore chain and says nowadays customers want to make fewer trips between stores. by joining forces, cvs will fill prescriptions inside target stores a twist on the retail turf wars, they are trying to be all things to all people. deal includes at minimum 1660 pharmacy locations. it was a monster weekend for jurassic world new movie beat all expectations stumping its way to the biggest box office opening ever. prehistoric beasts pulled in a historic 2.8 or -- let me get this right, all right. 208.8 million-dollar in the first week even. that is phenomenal. and that is just barely beat original avengers movie in 2012 which grossed 1 pint 4 million less including international ticket sales jurassic world has already
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made over a half billion dollars and that is another record. >> wow. >> it goes so far back in time. all right. cecily tynan with the accu weather forecast. >> if you have the day off tomorrow but people who may have a day off want to find air conditioning, movie theaters, great place to go. >> and jurassic world. >> yes, or whatever other movie. sometimes you freeze in there. storm tracker six live double scan, showing that most of our region is rain free but we do have a heavy downpour right now east of trenton and it is moving over the new jersey turnpike and route 130 it is moving east and it looks like we will have more activity, tomorrow, the the flooding, rains across the lehigh valley, have now moved on and you can see whether that does, rain cooled 71 in trenton. seventy-three in allentown. i saw showers earlier but philadelphia is 83. eighty in wilmington. seventy-nine in sea isle city. factor in the humidity and dew points in the 07's, it is a
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tropical air mass and still feels like 88 degrees in philadelphia. tomorrow afternoon the heat index up in the mid to up are 90's, perhaps even a hundred degrees in parts of our viewing area it will be a tough day. satellite six with action radar showing high pressure to the south helping provide the heat pump and it is also bringing this conveyor belt of moisture this ring of fire over the ridge and part of what is helping to pump up the moisture is the new tropical storm. tropical storm bill was formed this evening with 50 miles an hour maximum sustained wind but problem with bill it will not be the wind but its moisture. bill will make licensed fall near corpus christie early tomorrow and then we are looking at a wide band of four to 8 inches of rain, from texas, through oklahoma, and even moving into the midwest over the next three days and that is going to cause some widespread flooding, as far back as home tomorrow we have got the summer sizzle even though it is officially still
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spring afternoon high soaring up in the lower 90's, the heat index and dew point in the 70's. ninety-five to 100 and with that low series of low pressures riding up to the north we will get showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. future tracker showing around 1:00 o'clock, quite a bit of activity north and west of philadelphia, that will continue in the evening across out jersey around 6:00 o'clock and then things will quiet down and cool off a little bit on wednesday. so the the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, hot, very humid tomorrow, take it easy, afternoon showers and thunderstorms with a potential for heavy rain that could cause localized flash flooding, behind that system though on wednesday, we have a breath of fresh air less humid, cooler, 84 nicest day of the week. late wednesday into early thursday another round of showers and then are storms. eighty-one the high on thursday friday, partly sunny 87 on at day 85 degrees, scattered thunderstorms developing, and it looks like
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late in the day and sunday with summer officially begins at 2:38 in the afternoon and as fathers day here's the heat to 90 degrees and monday we are set to cyst with the a high of 91 degrees. heat index tomorrow upper 90's to near 100 so another day to take it easy. philadelphia's prestigious marion anderson award presentation will have a jazzy feel this year. mayor michael nut's announced this years recipient will be grammy award winning winton mar salees. he will receive the honor on november 10th. the anderson award, merion anderson award recognizes artists whose work has improved the world beyond just their power to
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another night of absolute frustration for phillies fans, not to mention the phillies. >> by any measurement they are a bad baseball team right now. phillies have worst record in baseball partly due to the fact that they have the worst offense in baseball and that holds true tonight in
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baltimore. one of the orioles lead in the sixth inning aaron harang faces matt wheater. three run home run breaks game wide opened. phillies trail four to nothing. top of the seventh miguel franco with the man on second, that is called a strike. phillies strike out 11 times tonight. franco says, magic word, he is tossed. phillies haven't scored in 21 innings. also, they have lost seven games in a row. eagles have signed free agent offensive lineman jared wheeler to a one year contract. the 24 year-old is joining his fourth team but yet to play in an nfl game. couple former eagles weigh in on the change that he is chip kelly has made. >> in today's game talent wins. everyone talks about culture structure but you have to have talent. evan mathis had talent. it is time for one of those younger players to step up and we will see if they can do it. >> he wants to put his stamp on him. if he wins, they will galore
2:05 am
file him. if he doesn't it is just another coach that just didn't make it. >> donovan and jaws, caught up with donovan at jaw's 33rd annual celebrity golf challenge at blue harring pine golf course in egg harbor township. money raised benefits at risk youth. still to come hear why lebron james is in the worried being down three-two in the nba finals. former flyer g
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now when you purchase one of these affordable plans get a $100 gift card. all things mobile. all in one place. i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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stanley cup finals, black hawks looking to close out tampa bay in game six. one to nothing chicago in the third period, patrick cain so quite it this year, he nets the insurance goal, two to nothing. that would be the final, count, black hawks take the series in six games for their third title in six years. former flyer kimmo timonen hugging fellow former flier brayden coburn, timonen finally gets his moment and gets his stanley cup, it was delayed having been stuck in chicago traffic and he finally made split. game six of the nba finals warriors depart with the championship on their mind. up three games to two, golden state is on the brink. >> we for the hard all year and put ourselves in good position to to cleveland and hopefully close it out. we're confident. we are not getting a head of ourselves. >> i feel confident because i'm the best player in the world, it is that simple. >> i would say i'm the best sportscaster on television.
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>> absolutely right. >> but that is bragging. six coming up tomorrow on six abc. finally tonight another addition of mascots behaving badly, arena football, spokane in las vegas spokane in offence what could be a t touchdown is ruined by a mascot. what the in world are you doing on the feel. officials throw a flag but later decide to replay, the down. socks the fox got too excited. thanks mr. best. finally tonight, it was a big night for seniors from strawberry mansion high school. the graduation ceremony was held at, the temple performing arts center. prout parents other family members and friend were on hand to witness the big event we congratulate all of the seniors. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six, for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, good night.
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